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  • Leif Elsmo
    Leif Elsmo 2 minutes ago

    This interview is very very reassuring. Gilligan has this confidence where he knows he struck gold again. He knows he made a masterpiece. I’m watching the second it’s released.

  • THemadbro
    THemadbro 4 minutes ago

    Its not breaking bad without heisenberg

  • CragScrambler
    CragScrambler 6 minutes ago

    1:07 If you need to know just how cool VanDamme is, he just received and survived a roundhouse kick from.Chuck Norris and shrugged it off.

  • cneddy22
    cneddy22 6 minutes ago

    Looks like Vince has packed on a few pounds and looks twice as old... he needs some of that good ole blue

  • Mr.L.A.
    Mr.L.A. 9 minutes ago

    El Camino will be on AMC omg i can't wait

  • Jmund97
    Jmund97 10 minutes ago

    "Why did you want to revisit Jesse's story now?" "Money." At least hes honest xD

  • Thatonefilmmaker
    Thatonefilmmaker 15 minutes ago

    I feel so bad not realizing that Vince Gilligan is hilarious as hell.Hope his next project is just as amazing as breaking bad was!

  • wow717
    wow717 16 minutes ago

    Okay this actually made me so excited about the movie

  • bumfree
    bumfree 22 minutes ago

    I really hope Pinkman gets a happy ending

  • Laura King
    Laura King 23 minutes ago

    You couldn't find a single woman? Or more than one person of color?

  • Dynomite
    Dynomite 24 minutes ago

    bryan better be in the movie too, it'll be a disappointment if he's not

  • Andrea Desmier
    Andrea Desmier 26 minutes ago

    Why does Ellie Kemper look so perfect in this?

  • Mithaq
    Mithaq 29 minutes ago

    Jesse is on the run, police use Walter White to catch him. The End.

  • Suleiman C.
    Suleiman C. 30 minutes ago

    Paul looks a little bit tipsy, Amazing actor)))

  • Havockeer
    Havockeer 31 minute ago

    Vince Gilligan has the exact same voice as George Lucas and it freaks me out.

  • GriPhone
    GriPhone 31 minute ago

    Why does Vince Gilligan look like Little Finger from Game of Thrones?

  • Supanjibobu
    Supanjibobu 36 minutes ago

    Aaron is 40 and he could easily play a high schooler.

  • Vera Howard
    Vera Howard 37 minutes ago

    Love you Mike, but Grandpa Sanders wants to take away your guns also. Don't let him fool you.

  • Arif
    Arif 38 minutes ago

    bryan paul still look same as past

  • aka MEGO
    aka MEGO 40 minutes ago

    They haven’t aged at all.

  • Ahad Siddique
    Ahad Siddique 40 minutes ago

    Vince Gilligan looks like Fat Brad Pitt

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 42 minutes ago

    Oh my god oh my god this is actually real YES YES YES

  • Andie Robinson
    Andie Robinson 43 minutes ago

    Can’t wait!

  • Ashish Shukla
    Ashish Shukla 45 minutes ago

    Bruh I love Aaron's shirt.

  • nick schmidt
    nick schmidt 46 minutes ago

    This was a fucking weird wired autocomplete interview

  • Chicago Ron
    Chicago Ron 47 minutes ago

    Not gonna watch the movie you and your buddy got involved with politics and you’re gonna lose half your fans and half you’re gross. Remember we can boycott just as good as you can but it doesn’t hurt my bottom line

  • Ostkreutz Rox
    Ostkreutz Rox 47 minutes ago

    The real question is, is this movie a good excuse to binge watch Breaking Bad once again? *Yes*

  • Buenomars
    Buenomars 49 minutes ago

    I can sense Bryan Cranston appearing in flashback scenes...

  • Lynsey Pearson
    Lynsey Pearson 49 minutes ago

    Can’t wait!

  • Theo Schommer
    Theo Schommer 50 minutes ago

    I have a feeling I’ll be crying multiple times during this film. 😂

  • Naraj 85
    Naraj 85 54 minutes ago

    Please make a series out of Jessie yo

  • E san
    E san 57 minutes ago

    "Plus every episode of the x files too" hahaha damn you Vince my phile heart is still broken!

  • M McMahon
    M McMahon 58 minutes ago

    I thought that was Gus Johnson with Arron in the thumbnail

  • Colineo
    Colineo 59 minutes ago

    Renée is so lovely! Hopefully this movie gets her another Oscar.

  • Flexe Felux
    Flexe Felux Hour ago

    El Camino>Shawshank

  • Mtg Mtg
    Mtg Mtg Hour ago

    She"s a pretty lady but unrecognizable.

  • Mathew Yager
    Mathew Yager Hour ago

    Need for Speed 2 movie at any point?

  • MMA Fan7
    MMA Fan7 Hour ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Jesse Pinkman..I click

  • cljackson778
    cljackson778 Hour ago

    Am I the only one who didn't know Craig Brewer was white?

  • Maverick Crow
    Maverick Crow Hour ago

    3:14 I was thinking which episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun, which also had Bryan Cranston guest star in the series :D

  • Payon de
    Payon de Hour ago

    Better Call Saul needs more attention, it's the best show on TV right now

  • Nølimit Trunkß


  • spookyryu
    spookyryu Hour ago

    Come on everyone jump into the hype train

  • Shahin Tajeri
    Shahin Tajeri Hour ago

    I'm not gay but Aaron Paul makes me wish I were...

  • cool catdude
    cool catdude Hour ago

    i hope walter jr now stopped eating breakfast and start cooking some meth..

  • Andrea Desmier
    Andrea Desmier Hour ago

    I love these interviews. Even if the actor/director/producer/comedian doesn't finish a sentence and makes weird noises, everyone else at the table still understand them. They're speaking a language that only they understand.

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap Hour ago

    I love them soooo muchhhhh !!!

  • Max Steineke
    Max Steineke Hour ago

    Vince Gilligan's beard looks like he has 2 chins one small and one big.

  • Phani Kumar
    Phani Kumar Hour ago

    I honestly don't want to watch a breaking bad movie without hiesenberg 😭

  • Vincent Cole
    Vincent Cole Hour ago

    If you watched this an assumed anything about Black u are dum as the host of this show. Dude rides anyone that's conservative.

  • david chappel
    david chappel Hour ago

    He was 28 whe he did breaking bad..hes now 40.. Feel old yet?

  • Guillermo Castillo

    Aaron Paul looks like he's wearing his girlfriend's clothes since all of his was dirty.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga Hour ago

    I'm ready but I wonder if it's going to answer questions like is Heisenberg alive is saul going to be in this

  • S. Iacomus
    S. Iacomus Hour ago

    *Assless chaps*

  • J-b as Detox Damalix

    Wow now that’s a forehead.

  • Chémax
    Chémax Hour ago

    Recuerden que una gran parte de los fans de Breaking Bad son latinos y mexicanos, donde están los subtítulos al español?

  • Corey Lucas
    Corey Lucas Hour ago

    I LOVE this woman! Alita was beast! I will watch anything with her.

  • C Levy
    C Levy Hour ago

    Give me a move, bitch.

  • Rickalicious1
    Rickalicious1 Hour ago

    I want this movie to be 3 hours long. I just need more Breaking Bad in my life.

  • Monique Douglas
    Monique Douglas Hour ago

    BREAKING BAD is one of the all-time best television shows ever! Can't wait to see the new movie!!! Have to see what has happened to Jesse Pinkman!

  • Boomie789
    Boomie789 Hour ago

    Better call Saul was so boring. I didn't finish it. I tuned out at the beginning of season 3 and haven't watched it since.

  • zdevos
    zdevos Hour ago

    Cant believe its been 6 years since the show ended!! 😮 Greatest show ever!!

  • Fupayme4ever 47
    Fupayme4ever 47 Hour ago

    I have no idea why i thought of this but Aaron Paul would be a great character for a gta 3 movie as claude 😆

  • arrd 18
    arrd 18 Hour ago

    Actors get fat or not age well or at least look a little different but these two have remianded the same

  • Maud Trenité
    Maud Trenité Hour ago

    tbh I just want 2 hours of skinny pete playing the piano

  • Shivam Summiter
    Shivam Summiter Hour ago

    What up Biatch

    MIKAEL ATON Hour ago

    Man can oct 11th hurry the hell up and get here. This is like waiting for the avengers endgame all over again

  • Skull Grunt Ruffe

    If you're a fan and you haven't seen Better call Saul for whatever reason.... Go watch it now, it's so much better than you're probably thinking.

  • Tactical Scouser 27

    I can't shake the idea Walt's left a tape with 'instructions' great throwback to where it all began in the dessert

  • Societyne
    Societyne Hour ago

    HAHA...Oh sorry. That was a typo...

  • ella bella
    ella bella Hour ago

    “..and moving on” 👀

  • Kristien Whitneyjohns

    All I can notice is how short arons sleeves are.

  • ThirtySixZed
    ThirtySixZed Hour ago

    FUCK CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gratuitous Thespian

    yEAH bitch

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 Hour ago

    This video should've been longer😭

  • Ali Balbars
    Ali Balbars Hour ago

    Vince are you idiot, you are suppose to sell meth to earn money

  • Made Ari
    Made Ari Hour ago

    I might subscribe for netflix just for this

  • ssebastian
    ssebastian Hour ago

    jesse looks good for 40

  • A. C.
    A. C. Hour ago

    Aaron looks literally the same

  • Ali Balbars
    Ali Balbars Hour ago

    tell me the cameraman was cranston

  • RunningBlade2184

    Vince Gilligan sounds like Badger

  • Hanamichi Sakuragi

    I clicked so fast...

  • edryna zarif
    edryna zarif Hour ago

    He should’ve said ‘give me that damn script Bitch’

  • Tarrowah Tessla
    Tarrowah Tessla Hour ago

    I love the way he puts it that Nate is a frightened boy. That’s really what it comes down to for “men” like this and how they behave and the violence they inflict. The internalized hatred of self, his objectification and possessive abuse of woman, all the violence. It’s all systemic. If he had not been exposed to such dark and vile things as a child (I mean his father abusing CHILDREN....Not gay sex, just to clarify. One can be hot and consensual, the other disgusting and worth a jail sentence. 🙅🏻‍♀️) then perhaps he wouldn’t have ended up who he is. It’s crazy to think this is someones true story. Someone out there lives their lifes like this, drowning in this much evil. Kuddos to Jacob for portraying this side of the male story. Incredible work.

  • verz
    verz Hour ago

    vince looks kinda high here

  • Gui Porto
    Gui Porto Hour ago

    They confirmed at least 10 Breaking Bad characters in the movie. I wonder who they are.

  • Mason Albert
    Mason Albert 2 hours ago

    Breaking Bad and Mad Men are the best series I've engaged in. Sopranos excellent, but just a notch below the above. I'm not up to date but I'm not a supernatural script guy. I'll watch Star Trek to let my imagination run rerun, er wild.

  • Clasher Miyad
    Clasher Miyad 2 hours ago

    Yooo bitcchhhhhhhh!!"

  • mark harmon
    mark harmon 2 hours ago

    yo netflix, move up the release date of this movie to like, tomorrow. bitch

  • MatiZ815
    MatiZ815 2 hours ago

    I have to get caught up on the "X-Files" then.

  • Maggot2019
    Maggot2019 2 hours ago

    Aaron "You think you'll see me again?" Vince "No. Why would I ruin a good thing?"

  • Neal Goris
    Neal Goris 2 hours ago

    The HYPE is unreal

  • Branden Loeser
    Branden Loeser 2 hours ago

    Breaking bad should have had a 6th season staring jesse

    R3VO7UTION 2 hours ago

    Well this was a tease tickle to my ballsack and a complete waste of time with zero climax

  • Bruno Nicanor
    Bruno Nicanor 2 hours ago


    R3VO7UTION 2 hours ago

    Vince hired Aaron due to his performance on The Price is Right

  • Tyler Kidder
    Tyler Kidder 2 hours ago

    Its coming up on 10 years already!? Such an incredible show. What I'd do to erase my memory so I could watch it again for the first time.

  • Saad Amin
    Saad Amin 2 hours ago

    I'd seriously want Saul to have a good ending too. That guy's literally done a lot and deserves the best in the end.

  • Giuliano Mango
    Giuliano Mango 2 hours ago

    This must be the most composed Tracy i've ever seen. But I'm only at 16:00 minutes in. :)

  • soul acorn
    soul acorn 2 hours ago

    Vince more brilliant and talented than William Shakespeare. He and the actors will go down in history.