Star Wars
Star Wars
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We're Heading To D23 Expo!
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  • Hayden Johnson
    Hayden Johnson 7 hours ago

    Mark Hamilton

  • Jerry McPeake
    Jerry McPeake 7 hours ago

    I can see my money flying away from me now

  • Nex
    Nex 7 hours ago

    No just no!

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 7 hours ago


  • Wardenfromhell 11
    Wardenfromhell 11 7 hours ago

    Wait was that kid doing a fortnite dance in 2015?????? How does he know

  • 34upbeatcon_xxx Offing

    2019: the saga ends 2020: adventures of Rose & Jar Jar Binks: a star wars story

  • ShadowKrueger
    ShadowKrueger 7 hours ago

    The only great Disney Star Wars film. I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years..

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 7 hours ago

    and then everyone becomes friends!

  • Nothing
    Nothing 7 hours ago

    In nine days

  • K. Kistler
    K. Kistler 7 hours ago

    I wish I cared about the new characters. Even one of them. But I just don't.

  • Fatih Aslan
    Fatih Aslan 7 hours ago

    Hey Everyone, Get your ticket now or Disney probably release ending of the movie as a 30 second Tv Spot Video. Get Tickets Now that is enough Tv Spot "Spoilers"

  • holycow92883
    holycow92883 7 hours ago

    I love that first scene!

  • Joseph Imperia
    Joseph Imperia 7 hours ago


  • Ryhs C
    Ryhs C 7 hours ago

    Darth cat Vader is so cute yet so destructive

  • Matthew Purdy
    Matthew Purdy 7 hours ago

    So you guys got rid of the clone wars... for these shows? Excellent job 👏🏻 good thing you going to make another season... which is probably going to be one episode a month.

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 7 hours ago

    George Lucas is laughing to the bank. Star Wars is the most overrated series in history and countless talented artists never get a break while he is a billionaire. Tens of thousands of homeless suffer in LA alone.

  • Valiantcat7780
    Valiantcat7780 7 hours ago

    The worst thing is that ep 9 won’t be this good

  • AngryEchidna
    AngryEchidna 7 hours ago

    I don't know why this exists, but it's better then the 2 movies we've seen in the Disney Trilogy

  • Luke Buzenus
    Luke Buzenus 7 hours ago

    Finn:we take the war to them Random resitance dude:Do you even remember the battle of starkiller base?

  • Ryusuta
    Ryusuta 7 hours ago

    As much as this looks like hot garbage, it will probably coast to success based on its branding and the consumer public.

  • black bird
    black bird 7 hours ago

    I love how only recently were there so many dislikes. Probs the rabid disney haters rallying to try to attack this movie too without watching it first

  • The Curious Monkey Elliott

    This movie is going to stink!! No thanks...

  • Dat1Wizard246
    Dat1Wizard246 7 hours ago

    I thought they said they weren’t going to CGI Carrie fisher

  • Alan David
    Alan David 8 hours ago

    Great scene!

  • Lordaramiz
    Lordaramiz 8 hours ago

    I cried when the owl died.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 8 hours ago

    Why are so many people hating on this film. like,,, it's just a film, not real life.

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg 7 hours ago

      There's nothing too small to get riled up over these days. People can't tell the difference between what matters & what doesn't because we treat _everything_ like it matters.

  • Myron Stokes
    Myron Stokes 8 hours ago

    What I liked about this trailer was that the duel of the fates soundtrack was added to the The Rise Of SkyWalker tv spot.

  • FarmYard Gaming
    FarmYard Gaming 8 hours ago

    Perhaps one of the best trailers of all time. I have spoken.

  • Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones 8 hours ago

    U talk about friend ship but not show Anakin and obi wan then had such a great friend ship that deserved a mention

  • Nick Brewin
    Nick Brewin 8 hours ago

    Saw this at the movies before Ford v Ferrari I thought we were getting a Star Wars documentary was a little disappointed it was just a trailer for the new movie

  • Ollision
    Ollision 8 hours ago

    We need your help, Skywalker! Palpatine has declared war!

  • Hispanic at the Disco

    She also voiced peters boss at the brewery on family guy

  • Julián Paredes
    Julián Paredes 8 hours ago

    Eric Forman should be in this video

  • David Soto
    David Soto 8 hours ago

    Friendships that last forever Except Disney’s friendship with the Prequels GOD KENNEDY UNDERSTAND WE LIKE THE PREQUELS!!!!

  • Axle Watson
    Axle Watson 8 hours ago

    Star Wars is such a great community

    ANEL REANCONT 8 hours ago


  • Navi noodle
    Navi noodle 8 hours ago

    Honestly one of the best things of the prequels were obi wan and anakins relationship which made the betrayal so much more heartbreaking. Sad to see it not included.

  • Zack Lee
    Zack Lee 8 hours ago

    We want to here the chosen one back

  • Nisarg Thakkar
    Nisarg Thakkar 8 hours ago

    Haven't watched any of the star wars movie don't know anything about these movies.. still love the trailer keep coming back to watch it😁

  • Jourdy Fortune
    Jourdy Fortune 8 hours ago

    That sounds like Snoke lol

  • TigerClaws44
    TigerClaws44 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one that ships Ben Solo and Rey together? I WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO BAD..

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 8 hours ago

    Several movies later and Chewbacca still doesn't have any pants on. You guys are sick.

  • IN_Finity
    IN_Finity 8 hours ago


  • Jacob Dawson
    Jacob Dawson 8 hours ago

    In IV’s days expect another trailer with yet more spoilers.

  • Bella EXE
    Bella EXE 8 hours ago

    Ruined the whole story arc for the skywalkers

  • spinningninja2
    spinningninja2 8 hours ago

    BB-8 never emerged from that hole...

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 8 hours ago

    That man said "Do you have any power converters?"😭

  • José
    José 8 hours ago

    Lamest lightsaber battle ever.

  • Leftenent Crittendon

    Hail Doomcock!

  • Leftenent Crittendon

    Hail Doomcock!

  • Leftenent Crittendon

    Hail Doomcock!

  • Leftenent Crittendon

    Hail Doomcock!

  • The Dark Side
    The Dark Side 8 hours ago

    1:02 there is also the mandalorian’s ship underneath the Falcon

  • Leftenent Crittendon

    Hail Doomcock!

  • Mister Guy Dude
    Mister Guy Dude 8 hours ago

    These movies are a big pile of "whatever" at this point. This was actually prophesied to us back in 1978 when the The Star Wars Holiday Special was released to human sensory organs. We should have known.. WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!!!

  • Carlos NA
    Carlos NA 8 hours ago

    It's such a pity that SW ended right before the social boom of the internet, I would have loved to read the reactions to this back then!

  • baldwinslab
    baldwinslab 8 hours ago

    What a disappointment it turned out to be.

  • The Dark Side
    The Dark Side 8 hours ago

    0:21 to 0:50 Rogue one trailer music

  • The Platypus
    The Platypus 8 hours ago

    If Jar Jar does not make a return in this then i'm going to sure Disney.

  • CavemanBuck
    CavemanBuck 9 hours ago

    As long as its not loaded with cringey "I am woman hear me roar!" jokes

  • Supernintendro
    Supernintendro 9 hours ago

    I thought Disney had decided to cancel Resistance?

  • Leo 7o6
    Leo 7o6 9 hours ago

    There is more than one skywalker

  • Gerardo Reyes
    Gerardo Reyes 9 hours ago

    Cool more first order

    GAZMO 9 hours ago

    *In IX days* Me: *Laughs in Australian?*

  • Banana OG
    Banana OG 9 hours ago

    why did you ruin such a great franchise

  • Javier Luna
    Javier Luna 9 hours ago

    I’ve been watching all Star Wars movies since Disney+ has all of them and I still don’t understand why people don’t like the prequels. Episode 3 broke my heart seeing Anakin switch sides 😭 “You were my brother Anakin”

  • Fulcrum
    Fulcrum 9 hours ago

    The movie comes out the 18th of december, not the 20th.

  • Daniel Teichroew
    Daniel Teichroew 9 hours ago

    Of course porkins is a pig 😂

  • John MILLER
    John MILLER 9 hours ago

    31:59 Macaulay Culkin, set crew. George Lucas originally had him scripted as Anakin, but found his help behind the camera was more effective. He did the exact opposite with Harrison Ford in the first Star Wars. George has a knack for that.

  • Jrock Novus
    Jrock Novus 9 hours ago

    Isnt that the same guy who played jabba the hutt original scene when they cut him out? 0:56

  • hoob
    hoob 9 hours ago

    I DIDN'T THINK THE BATTLE OF YAVIN COULD'VE BEEN ANY MORE HEARTBREAKING also this was hands down my favorite episode of the SWS yet

  • Mathew Flott
    Mathew Flott 9 hours ago

    This has turned into Kathleen Kennedy’s personal crowning celebration

  • _Nikas_Arts_ _
    _Nikas_Arts_ _ 9 hours ago

    Who Else watches it only days before the Rise of Skywalker? Like of yes

  • Tobaao Boi
    Tobaao Boi 9 hours ago

    Lando Calrissian and Emperor Palpatine returns POG

  • Supreme Leader Smeagol

    I love just how much fun Richard E. Grant is having

  • kawaii slav
    kawaii slav 9 hours ago

    This Movie isnt canon. It will never be, to me, or the true Star Wars fans.

  • Psychopoulpe
    Psychopoulpe 9 hours ago

    I swear to god if Palpatine is the villain I’ll burn the whole theater

  • Sodaygo
    Sodaygo 9 hours ago


  • IronFromIce Y
    IronFromIce Y 9 hours ago

    I want geonosians

  • smack daddy
    smack daddy 9 hours ago

    Love Adam Driver, repping that USMC 😍