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  • Fish Face
    Fish Face 2 months ago

    good bye fisher

  • Alan Rogers
    Alan Rogers 2 months ago

    where's the new rebels episode, andy said we'll be back NEXT week, and it's been two weeks now

  • Alan Rogers
    Alan Rogers 2 months ago

    hey guys

  • Vincenzo Verro
    Vincenzo Verro 2 months ago

    I want a new trailer!!!

  • Dylan Butler
    Dylan Butler 3 months ago

    its time for Finn Rey and Luke to battle and end Snoke Kylo and Von forever

  • David Ragan
    David Ragan 3 months ago

    Will we ever see Mister Bones in Rebels? :D

  • Alan Rogers
    Alan Rogers 3 months ago

    please let the new trilogy be set in the old republic with darth revan, it would be a great movie if the take the events of kotor with the star forge darth malak and everyhing, it WOULD BE SO GREAT!

  • BlueFuse
    BlueFuse 3 months ago

    I LOVE STAR WARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bad Tem
    Bad Tem 3 months ago

    I can't wait any longer for the Last Jedi! When the movie will come in France , i'll bring my lightsaber and play as a jedi (from the dark side because my lightsaber belong to Vader...) But... i am really sad about Carrie Fisher... she was a beautiful actress , and she live in our hearts of star wars fan forever ... R.I.P dear Carrie...

  • Sarah Abdelwahab
    Sarah Abdelwahab 3 months ago


  • anderson khan
    anderson khan 3 months ago

    hey about battlefront 1 why is the at--at pickup camoflaged as a at-st thx hope can improve in 2

  • samuel attias
    samuel attias 3 months ago

    Can We KEEP Star WARS?

  • originalplayg
    originalplayg 3 months ago

    bravo continua cosi'

  • Dogsteeves
    Dogsteeves 3 months ago

    where is Rebels Recon

  • Judah Kurpjuweit
    Judah Kurpjuweit 4 months ago


  • Johnathan Morgan
    Johnathan Morgan 4 months ago

    Solo: A Star Wars Story...hmm...

  • Quodaax
    Quodaax 4 months ago

    Here's my BEST list and I'm sticking to it... 1. V: The Empire Strikes Back 2. IV: A New Hope 3. III: Revenge of the Sith 4. VI: Return of the Jedi 5. II: Attack of the Clones 6. VII: The Force Awakens 7. The Phantom Menace I figure VII: The Last Jedi will fall either behind Return of the Jedi at 5 or behind Attack of the Clones at 6. Also, if we could digitally remove Hayden and replace him with, oh, I don't know, a young Leonardo, then Attack moves behind Revenge at 4. Hell, if we could get rid of Jar-Jar and that horrible kid then The Force Awakens drops to last place.

  • ggttuuxx
    ggttuuxx 4 months ago

    How come Supreme Leader Snoke is not in the poster?

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 4 months ago

    good lord watching the vikings play the bears in a 2-0 snooze fest is comparable to watching a pod race in a prequel movie.... you are going straight to hell star wars, lucas film, disney, nfl for making us star wars fans endure this...

  • tomjedi9
    tomjedi9 4 months ago


  • Haydar KEŞİŞLEME
    Haydar KEŞİŞLEME 4 months ago

    sen ne diyon nerde?!

  • SgtRocko
    SgtRocko 4 months ago

    Hit me with that Last Jedi Trailer Deliciousness!!!!!

  • Awesome JediE
    Awesome JediE 4 months ago

    From "Disneyland Resort Join your fellow Star Wars fans at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, the place where Star Wars lives, to watch the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on a giant screen outside AMC Downtown Disney 12 Theatres in the Downtown Disney District. The fun begins at 5:00pm with a live DJ, games and giveaways, counting down to the trailer release. Stay tuned to for more on Star Wars: The Last Jedi!" So, the trailer will be coming soon after 5:00pm, maybe someone can live-stream the countdown.

  • Hola Mundo
    Hola Mundo 4 months ago

    What do we want?! The Last Jedi Trailer When do we want it?! Now! What do we want?! The Last Jedi Trailer When do we want it?! Now! What do we want?! The Last Jedi Trailer When do we want it?! Now! What do we want?! The Last Jedi Trailer When do we want it?! Now! What do we want?! The Last Jedi Trailer When do we want it?! Now!

  • Martin Huňáček
    Martin Huňáček 4 months ago

    wellll we are waiting

  • omazard 7
    omazard 7 4 months ago

    when are you going to release trailer 2 for the last jedi???!!!!!comment written on 10/9/2017

  • Alejandro Delgado
    Alejandro Delgado 4 months ago

    Release the trailer now!!!

  • Guy
    Guy 4 months ago


  • Andres Canan
    Andres Canan 4 months ago

    I'm awaiting for the new trailer of The Last Jedi!!!

  • Sophia Perez
    Sophia Perez 4 months ago

    We're 2 months and a half away from the last jedi and still no trailer. Why is this?

  • Chrinan
    Chrinan 4 months ago

    Will there be another trailer for the last jedi when we come closer to the release date of the movie?

  • ReaperHW
    ReaperHW 4 months ago

    As a fan i'm really dissaponted that Science and Star Wars series is not available in all countries, i understand that you want us to suscribe to all your channel(Star Wars Latinoamerica for example) but the content in the other channels almost non existent. I don't know if is your decision or is TVclip, but disney usually condemns racism, and this is a kind of racism.

  • Dude Somthing
    Dude Somthing 4 months ago

    Hi i am from Europe and i wanna see science and star wars but i cant go into it

  • G1G4
    G1G4 4 months ago

    bring tr 8r back into one of the movies

  • toasty muffin
    toasty muffin 4 months ago

    and look at the comments and also watch it

  • William Watters
    William Watters 5 months ago

    Ok this is ridiculous. Why is your Science and Star Wars video not available in Canada! You sure have not problem taking subscriptions from Canada but you will not show all the videos?

  • elad lerner
    elad lerner 5 months ago

    Why is Science and Star Wars not available in my country? :(

  • Khanthiilas
    Khanthiilas 5 months ago

    Well that sucks i get shown all the teaser trailers for the science of star wars and then the actual show isnt available to view in AUSTRALIA!!! boo! that sucks star wars should be for everyone!!

  • hexhowl
    hexhowl 5 months ago

    I am not mad, but I want to ask why is the Science and Star Wars series exclusive to USA and other countries except for f. example here in Norway? Is it your own decision to do this (we want to see it we too) or is it something TVclip has reasons for? Again I am not mad, but I am a bit confused.

  • Maciej B.
    Maciej B. 5 months ago

    Lightsabers | Science and Star Wars - not available in my country? WHY?

  • Jess Shu
    Jess Shu 5 months ago

    umm sorry for bothering you but why does the new lightsabers science video say "The uploader has not made this video available in your country"? I'm watching from Canada

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 5 months ago

    I watched a trailer for the latest tomb raider movie that will come out soon.... It piqued my interest! I may watch it.... as opposed to YOU star wars.... who choose to hold out releasing a full trailer and now me a die hard life long fan has grown tired and frustrated with you asn I am contemplating not seeing the last jedi 17 times in theatre like I did with the force awakens..... maybe I will wait a bit and watch a pirated download just once or twice...? making you no $$$ Disney! Disney=Evil Empire VS fans=rebel alliance.... join the rebellion

  • Ken Peerapairoj
    Ken Peerapairoj 5 months ago

    give me the Last Jedi 2nd trailer!!!

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 5 months ago


  • Hilton Driver
    Hilton Driver 5 months ago

    how about a spin off film showing the film about the game The Knights Of The Old Republic have you seen the fan film about the short story its on You Tube The Knights Of The Old Republic Short Film blows me can someone from Lucas films Disney look into yes its a fan film about a game but it's so good.

    AWESOME STUDIOS 274 5 months ago

    when are you releasing the last jedi official trailer?

    AWESOME STUDIOS 274 5 months ago

    you are the best STAR WARS. I am a big fan! STAR WARS are the best movies in the WORLD. please do the clone wars again, I loved the clone wars so much, PLEASE DAVE FILONI, GORGE LUCAS AND DISNEY I beg you to bring back the clone wars. everyone missis it. I am so disappointed that you did not get to finish the clone wars season 6.5 and season 7. It would of been great to show how cad bane died and how boba fett got his ionic dent on his helmet. REBELS is still a awesome series probally the best tv seriese in the world today, but the clone wars was 100000000000000000000times better. the graphics were way more detaild at more realistic looking and the story was a sensation, I is very inportant that you dod rebels because there is a 19 year cap between a new hope and revenge of the sith, but I would of love to see the unfinished episodes finished. ALL STAR WARS MOVIES ARE AMAZING EVEN THE PREQUEL'S THAT EVERY ONE THOUGHT WAS A LET DOWN BUT I THOUGHT THEY WERE AMAZING, OUTSTANDING. I have loved STAR WARS since I was 4 years old and I will love star wars for ever one. By the way Rebels is very good it does not matter if people keep complaining about it, Rebels is very important in the star wars saga, but next time don't make a really good show (the clone wars) and sudentally cansal it when you have not done a proper ending, but it was not your falt exactly it was disney I am a bit angry at. I herd in this bookazien that you were going to make eight seasons up till the end of 2015 which would of been AMAZING AT BEING AWESOME! PLEASE DO THE BOBA FETT MOVIE that would be so COOL. THE COMPLETE STAR WARS SAGA (EPISODE 1-8) AND ROGUE ONE ALSO THE HAN SOLO AND OBI WAN KENOBI STAR WARS STORY DON'T FORGET THE CLONE WARS MOVIE ARE THE BEST MOVIES IN THE WORLD NOTHING CAN REPLACE STAR WARS, NOTHING CAN REPLACE STAR WARS AS THE NO.1 MOVIES STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS AND STAR WARS REBELS ARE THE NO.1 TV SERIES IN THE WORLD NOTHING CAN REPLACE THAT LABLE. ANYTHING STAR WARS IS THE BEST. can you watch my star wars videos I have made and tell me if they are good or not, it would mean a lot to me if you did. YOU ARE THE BEST

  • collin
    collin 5 months ago

    Channel banner just get updated?

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 5 months ago

    I hate you for not releasing a trailer last night or today..... I hate you!!! ~ Anikan

  • Steve Mills
    Steve Mills 5 months ago

    please want anikan in star wars battle front 2

  • CT-7567 Rex
    CT-7567 Rex 5 months ago


  • Guy
    Guy 5 months ago

    Anakin has a father?

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 5 months ago

    I heard the 2nd trailer may be released this thur before force friday... this better be true... the emperor is not as forgiving as I am.....

  • dpizza dpizza
    dpizza dpizza 6 months ago

    בלה בלה בלה מני

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 6 months ago

    2nd trailer?

  • Sebastian's Mind
    Sebastian's Mind 6 months ago

    Where's the Next Last Jedi Trailer??

  • SuddenDeath
    SuddenDeath 6 months ago

    Still waiting for the next trailer

  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson 6 months ago

    Great video Mate, keep smashing it! View my channel we both love to train!

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 6 months ago

    August 1st.... crickets.... release a 2nd trailer, respect your fans!

  • Jelani Tate
    Jelani Tate 6 months ago

    OK I think in a future star wars film Luke should have a canon red lightsaber of some kind similar to how he had a red shoto short saber in legends. Maybe in a canon movie, t.v. show or novel. Please let me know what you think.

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 7 months ago

    justice league has a 2nd trailer out star wars..... all you keep releasing is images..... bts doesn't count (although that was cool) we're waiting........

  • Samuel Cole
    Samuel Cole 7 months ago

    Yoda's story needs to be explained in one of the future films ( like going back to when the Jedi's were created and having a whole story about his race and what happened to him) please please please please please please please please :-(

    MELOMANO NICO 7 months ago


  • Emeraldo
    Emeraldo 7 months ago

    Star wars is the best go first order!!!!

  • Exotic butter gamer
    Exotic butter gamer 7 months ago

    I love force awakens: )

  • Video Addict
    Video Addict 7 months ago

    Just can't wait!!

  • Lee Pluthero
    Lee Pluthero 7 months ago

    I am looking forward to Forces of Destiny. I am also hoping that it won't just be focused on the women of Star Wars. I am not trying to bash women at all. I just would like to see some male characters in main leads also. Equality for all. May the force be with us all.

  • MovieNerd3000
    MovieNerd3000 8 months ago

    Will you guys comment on Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo Anthology movie? Seems like Howard has now the high ground.

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor 8 months ago

    "Love your page"

  • Arnold Johnson Jr
    Arnold Johnson Jr 8 months ago

    Star Wars: The rule of two. Darth Bane and Zannah stories along with the extinction of the red skinned aliens sith race. Star Wars: The Huntress final contract. Darth Bane captured and imprisoned along with the birth of Darth Cognus. Star Wars: The dark ladies of the Sith. Darth Zannah kills Darth Bane and becomes Darth Cognus new master along with fooling the jedi in thinking the sith are no more. I'd love to see a trilogy focused on the sith showing them as much more then one dimentional power hungry villains along with Jedi history padawans and masters before the first trilogy example Padawan Yoda and his Jedi Master

  • Storm
    Storm 8 months ago

    Honestly I don't expect for you guys to respond or anything, but I had an interesting idea. A lotta people love the EU right? Well how about we make that canon while having the old canon still canon, how? Simple! We could have the EU be in an alternate universe or dimension or something, so you could make movies about the old EU, the new canon, and make everyone happy. Again, I expect this to be lost in a sea of comments but I thought it was worth a try to show you my idea!

  • the super mario bros
    the super mario bros 8 months ago

    im celebrating your anniversary

  • Charles Olivo
    Charles Olivo 8 months ago

    rest in peace carrie you will be missed *sad music in background* :'(

  • Charles Olivo
    Charles Olivo 8 months ago

    Hey, you guys should make a movie about Finns (FN-2187) training. like if you agree!

  • Andrew Chapman
    Andrew Chapman 9 months ago

    Happy 40th Anniversary, Star Wars. I'm celebrating today by watching all of the original trilogy.

  • Роман Павлов

    Мне очень понравился канал.

  • Yorgos Balian
    Yorgos Balian 9 months ago

    Congratulations on having same tittle as transformers

  • Mr Batpug
    Mr Batpug 9 months ago

    star wars sucks

    • Storm
      Storm 7 months ago

      Why are you here then?

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman 9 months ago

      I think you took a wrong turn.

  • ItzShinyShuriken
    ItzShinyShuriken 9 months ago

    Violets are blue, Roses are red, last time I checked, Carrie Fisher was dead :(

  • Sam Roberson Jr
    Sam Roberson Jr 9 months ago

    I was just watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and could the new Leader Snoke be one of the Camino Cloner Engineers? They are about 8 to 9 feet tall with the same shaped heads, eyes, long skinny limbs and thin Bodies. Also, their planet is located way out on the edge of the known Universe where the Emporer was feeling something pulling him to the unknown parts of the Universe?

    • Storm
      Storm 7 months ago

      A unique Snoke theory, but I think its wrong, I think Snoke is just a brand new character.

  • Sithware
    Sithware 9 months ago

    Happy star wars day everybodyp

  • Ryan Castles
    Ryan Castles 9 months ago

    Will there be a new trailer today.... yes or no? Let me know, so I can stop refreshing this page all day please. LOL.... but seriously?

  • Damsel in Damnation
    Damsel in Damnation 9 months ago

    Any word on this year's Star Wars Fan Film contest?

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 9 months ago


  • Doge102 1
    Doge102 1 9 months ago

    Almost May the 4th, :D

  • SuddenDeath
    SuddenDeath 9 months ago

    Anymore teasers or trailers on it's way?

  • Joseph Roy
    Joseph Roy 9 months ago

    May the force be with you.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 10 months ago

    Did you ever hear the Comedy of Darth Revan the Awesome? Its not a story Disney would tell you...

  • greymobvmp
    greymobvmp 10 months ago

    I once killed a man with a chicken bone...((O_o))

  • Legend of Link
    Legend of Link 10 months ago

    last jedi trailer is the best thing ever

  • Dartanbeck
    Dartanbeck 10 months ago

    I'm a huge Andi Gutierrez fan, and she's been awesome throughout the whole show, as was the incredibly enthusiastic Anthony Carboni! But I'd also like to give huge kudos to the rest of the Star Wars Show interviewers whom have all done an incredible job with interviews and showing off the excellence of the celebratory realm at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017! Bravo All!!!

  • Mr. RunningMan
    Mr. RunningMan 10 months ago

    Any hope of the 40th Anniversary panel being uploaded?

  • Mr. Luke Altman
    Mr. Luke Altman 10 months ago

    will the title crawl be used in episode 8?

  • El MexicanoTV
    El MexicanoTV 10 months ago

    Is it possible to pay homage to Carrie Fisher in every city in the world?

  • Dartanbeck
    Dartanbeck 10 months ago

    Why aren't they showing the screens from the panels at Celebration? We're missing all of the subject matter!

    • Dartanbeck
      Dartanbeck 10 months ago

      Okay... Tales from the Dark Side is much better, showing the visuals. I wish they'd have done that with Filoni/Hidalgo's panel :(

  • Bruce White
    Bruce White 10 months ago

    Boy, I would sure love to see the images being shown at the Animated Origins panel.

  • DarthBlooBlahBlee
    DarthBlooBlahBlee 10 months ago

    Question.When will we get the trailer for episode 8?

  • The_Boss4635
    The_Boss4635 10 months ago

    when are you guys starting the live stream?

  • Irbz21
    Irbz21 10 months ago

    when do you guys start live streaming?

  • Charlie Higgison
    Charlie Higgison 10 months ago

    who else is waiting for the god dam live stream to start?!

  • James Davies
    James Davies 10 months ago

    Please don't hide the chat for the SW Celebration livestreams.

  • Ballistic Pics
    Ballistic Pics 10 months ago

    can't wait for the 17th you know why?

  • sefi
    sefi 10 months ago

    star wars is the best movie ever made! (mostly the empire strikes beck(

  • Ballistic Pics
    Ballistic Pics 10 months ago


  • Mateusz Pawelczyk
    Mateusz Pawelczyk 10 months ago

    I am waiting for the "Last Jedi".

  • I am Sindearyin
    I am Sindearyin 10 months ago

    is 1313 ever coming out it might win over some gamers to the star wars franchise plus it would make a lot of players happy to get a new/cool star wars game otherwise there's going to be a lot of people who won't get off your back about 1313

  • Дмитрий Карпов

    Очередная Санта‑Барбара. Одни лица, один сюжет, один главный антигерой, Всё то же да потому же. Кто нить заметил что нить новое в фильме? Вместо съемок односюжетной политической, полной кровавых сцен и супермегажестой пародии на звездные войны, Да‑да, именно пародии, сняли бы лучше завершение, а лучше продолжение «Звездных врат».

  • Marcus Lex
    Marcus Lex 11 months ago

    Star Wars is set to never end and gets more boring as time goes on. The last episode was ok(with Harrison Ford). Rogue one was super boring to the point that I wasn;t able to finish it.

    • Union Jack-
      Union Jack- 10 months ago

      these new star wars movies are trash

  • Hablo Verdi
    Hablo Verdi 11 months ago

    Star wars rebels need a small love story. Ezra Bridger falling in love with a cute imperial officer from Lothal would be an interesting side story.

  • Hablo Verdi
    Hablo Verdi 11 months ago

    I hope that Agent Kallus gets a Rebel officer uniform in season 4. Similar to the one Crix Madine had in Retur of the Jedi. But a lot more awesome.

  • Pham Duc Hieu Nhan
    Pham Duc Hieu Nhan 11 months ago

    My Google+ has Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vader.

  • Death of a Carer
    Death of a Carer 11 months ago

    Rebels Recon for Twin Suns!!! When???? :)

  • Umanfly
    Umanfly 11 months ago

    Will Rebels ever have the quality Of Clone Wars or will this continue to be a childs version .

  • David Ragan
    David Ragan 11 months ago

    I wonder if PERCEPTION of Gungan would change any if the Rebellion had a compete Gungan make appearances. So that they are not all painted by the Jar Jar light.

  • Charlie Higgison
    Charlie Higgison 11 months ago

    Where is Rebels Recon of the latest rebels episode!

  • fernando gevawer
    fernando gevawer 11 months ago


    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 11 months ago

      The Clone Wars is *not coming back*. People need to accept that and get over it. I liked TCW as much as the next guy but even I've accepted that.

  • Shu Sasaki
    Shu Sasaki 11 months ago

    I have a question, what are the chances of getting to see X wings in star wars rebels?

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack 11 months ago

    Make another movie already!

  • Galactic Lama
    Galactic Lama 11 months ago

    I really wish STAR WARS would make a STAR WARS APP only for mac just like the one on Iphone and andriod

  • Seung-Un Jin
    Seung-Un Jin 11 months ago

    does someone know when the last jedi's trailer's coming out?

    • Seung-Un Jin
      Seung-Un Jin 11 months ago

      yayyyy!!!! XD

    • Eoghan
      Eoghan 11 months ago

      I'm asking the same question and probably everyone else here! xD can't wait

  • Nicholas Germain
    Nicholas Germain 11 months ago


  • DarthDevin studios

    R.I.P Carrie fisher😥

  • Trend Merch
    Trend Merch Year ago

    Saw the story about having to re-film some scenes because of Carrie Fisher being gone. Really missing her right now.

  • Ultra Kman
    Ultra Kman Year ago

    Is there going to be a fan film awards this year?

  • Ira Myhalchuk
    Ira Myhalchuk Year ago

    Why hasn’t the second preview for Through Imperial Eyes aired yet?

  • unsociablesocialite

    check out nathan butler channel its great all about star wars

  • Nikchaid's Gaming


  • Erik Thompson
    Erik Thompson Year ago


  • Paul Tasmock
    Paul Tasmock Year ago

    we want a new episode of star wars rebels

  • T0mN7
    T0mN7 Year ago

    I don't get why you people do these 3 weeks hiatus it's seriously annoying. Do you at least have a good reason other than stretching out the season?

  • David Ragan
    David Ragan Year ago

    I wonder what happened to certain clones in between Clone Wars and Rebels? Dogma was under arrest during Order 66 Slick was also in prison during Order 66 but might have been pardoned by Palpatine. I wonder if Rex has any new contact with Cut Lawquane?

  • Philtmnt
    Philtmnt Year ago

    I`ve made some Star Wars Videos on my page. please check them out, I hope you like them

  • RebelMilitiaElite

    The title of ep8 implies that Luke or Rey will be the last Jedi, I hope it only means that Luke is the last remaining Jedi in EP8 and doesn't die and afterwards in ep9 Rey becomes a Jedi, too, and there are two Jedi, who after ep9 will reestablish and reform the jedi order. There could be even a chance that Luke in ep8 isn't the only Jedi, since the plural of Jedi is Jedi, as well.

  • Leo Lim
    Leo Lim Year ago

    happy 40th anniversary

  • drew polaris
    drew polaris Year ago

    I really liked "Star Wars: Rogue One". I think Lucasfilm /Disney, Inc. working on storylines inbetween the main episodes is a good idea. Ewan McGregor is stil around (Hint! Hint!). It would be nice to see live action versions of "Knights of the Old Republic" or "Tales of the Jedi" on the big screen or on television. I was thinking about some comics I've collected in the past and video game movies I've seen as well. Just an idea. :)

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex Year ago

    When will "The Star Wars Show" be back?

  • kevin thewookiee

    Where are the star wars show videos last one was before Xmas

  • Bella
    Bella Year ago

    ♥❤♡ Thank you for all the priceless memories. ♡❤♥

  • T.O.Y.Z for fun1

    PLZ STAR WARS RESPOND When is the next Star Wars Show? #StarWarsShow

  • darthbill68
    darthbill68 Year ago

    where are the new Star Wars show's? are they done since Rouge One came out? Please say no.

  • Jordan Pickner
    Jordan Pickner Year ago

    Are the JT-12 jetpack cannon? They are listed under legends on the star wars Wiki. It appears in Attack of the Clones and the Clone Wars (TV Series/ Movie). Would like a answer thanks.

    • DylanRocket
      DylanRocket Year ago

      If it appears in the Clone Wars or a movie, it's canon.

  • Lilah Akin
    Lilah Akin Year ago

    I am pulling my hair out in anticipation of the next SW: show. :-(

  • Rafael Henrique
    Rafael Henrique Year ago

    star wars is good

  • Erik Thompson
    Erik Thompson Year ago

    Hey... Star Wars is pretty cool

  • Maryland Business Video Sharing

    Love the movies!

  • Chris Carleton
    Chris Carleton Year ago

    No Star Wars Show this week?

  • Paul Tasmock
    Paul Tasmock Year ago

    HI! We're waiting new posts :)

  • Junior Ogun
    Junior Ogun Year ago

    Mid-Season trailer pls?

  • AirForce
    AirForce Year ago

    I love Star Wars. There is a Star Wars roller coaster video on YT as well.


    Your video material has been stolen and monetized. I send you a message.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Year ago

    Do you know when we could be seeing a Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Soundtrack for ITUNES????

  • Vorlitra
    Vorlitra Year ago

    rip carrie too bad we couldn't meet ya at 2015 indy comic con

  • Lindsay Reynolds

    Also RIP Carrie Fisher, and may the force be with you :'(

  • Lindsay Reynolds


  • Naminski
    Naminski Year ago

    This year in 2017, 20th Century-Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd. celebrates the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

  • star wars 7
    star wars 7 Year ago

    STAR WARS forever

  • star wars 7
    star wars 7 Year ago

    happy new year everybody ! goodbye 2016 and welcome 2017 !

  • Avery Marcellus
    Avery Marcellus Year ago

    R.I.P you will always be with us Carrie

  • star wars 7
    star wars 7 Year ago

    carrie fisher now Debbie Reynolds it's a tragedy . She wanted find his daughter. May you rest in peace. may the force be with you.

    NIGHT SHADOW Year ago

    In the next movie could have an hour that a jedi will invade a base of the empire there he fights with some clones and he wins there comes a fortao or something like that the jedi says: Second, according to saber.

  • star wars 7
    star wars 7 Year ago

    My thoughts go to his family, mother and children

  • star wars 7
    star wars 7 Year ago

    yesterday millions of fan lost a mother. may the force be with you thank you very much carrie fisher. we shall never forget you. rest in peace

  • Megan
    Megan Year ago

    I feel great disturbance in the force. R.I.P to the beautiful lady, Carrie Fisher.

  • Adel Alyoorby
    Adel Alyoorby Year ago

    Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher and May The Force Be With You R.I.P

  • Darth GrumpBert
    Darth GrumpBert Year ago

    Bless you Carrie. You will be missed. Sending love to all your family, co-stars and fans x

  • WarsInAction
    WarsInAction Year ago

    May the mass x acceleration be with you Carrie.

  • WarsInAction
    WarsInAction Year ago

    Carrie Fisher will be missed.

  • Drawing with cam

    may the force be with you Carrie Fisher♥♥

  • Eddy Gonzalez
    Eddy Gonzalez Year ago

    I just hope that Hamill, Ford, and all the people that work with Miss Fisher endure this...... will be waiting for your response for this horrible exp and i, so much as the Hardcore, old school and new gen fans of SW we wish you the best of luck and please, be strong, be brave and never lose hope, after all she was one of the many symbols of the whole SW universe, a universe that change the life not only on the movie bussines, but also on the lifes of every person who always dream on having an adventure on the space far and beyond. RIP Carrie Fisher and once she said long ago, May the Force be with You

  • Sire
    Sire Year ago

    <3 Carrie Fisher, RIP, we will be cherished, loved and missed always.

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky Year ago

    RIP Carrie Fisher.

  • Hossain Khan
    Hossain Khan Year ago

    Im just lost for words now. How could this happen. How could this even Happen. Yesterday she was with us, never did I suspect that this would happen. My heart goes out to the entire Fisher family and to all effected by this tragedy. Carrie Fisher was an angel sent to us the change the world in a way I can not describe. This is a terrible time for the Star Wars community. I hope we can get through this dark time and come together. Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher you were an amazing actress and a kind hearted person. You have our prayers and May the Force Be With You, always.

  • FlamingNightfury

    Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher. An amazing and beloved woman, wife and mother. A Star Wars Princess.

  • MovieNerd3000
    MovieNerd3000 Year ago

    R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

  • Mindd Kidzag
    Mindd Kidzag Year ago

    Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher.

  • Alex M
    Alex M Year ago

    Does Pao and Bistan survived Scarif ground Battle? Does Admiral Raddus survived or died? They didn't show it

    • The Dill Pickle
      The Dill Pickle Year ago

      some people didn't see it yet. i did but just saying SPOILER ALERT

  • ClassDojo Australian Youtube Channel

    I don't like this movie.

  • ZIELJAN 007
    ZIELJAN 007 Year ago

    I have seen the movie rogue one,but I'm not satisfied cuz everyone died killed by the Death star

  • TrashWang Shabbaz

    Rogue One has the best Saber Action in Star Wars history A round of applause to Gareth Edwards.

  • UltimateHeroTube 101

    Is their a going to be a story about Ben solo?

  • Rob Roy Aero
    Rob Roy Aero Year ago

    Rogue 1 premiere in IMAX Warsaw Poland. My Young crew maked model Death Star. #deathstarimax

  • Static
    Static Year ago

    he guys who run this channel! Question: will you release that final scene where Vader kills the rebels? I NEED to see it again!

  • naughts'an Kcrosses

    Rogue is number One..........luved it.........

  • Michael Lu
    Michael Lu Year ago


  • Henriette Schweiger

    There´s is really no star wars 8 trailer? Strange ...

  • Charity Fales
    Charity Fales Year ago

    Rouge One hyppppeeee

  • Gilligan Seems
    Gilligan Seems Year ago

    Star Wars Writer Tweets: 'Empire' a 'White Supremacist' 'Organization'

  • Hess Studios
    Hess Studios Year ago

    Hi Star Wars. Quick question. I will be doing a stop motion and just wondering if I could record sound from revenge of the sith. Just making sure it is all right with you.

  • Kurb1n Swag
    Kurb1n Swag Year ago

    When will the next installment of Star Wars Rogue One

  • Loge
    Loge Year ago

    SO SO SO SO SO x100 Excited for Rouge One

  • Faze Ghost
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    I love starwars I like it sense I was 2 now I'm 13 and my room is starwars

    FULCRUM Year ago

    suscribe mi

  • Daniel Yerkes
    Daniel Yerkes Year ago

    As a big fan of STAR WARS and the STAR WARS games, I would love to see the return of rebel mercenary and jedi knight, Kyle Katarn.

  • ТОШA
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    путен хуйло)))) ла ла )

  • ТОШA
    ТОШA Year ago

    руки э ?

  • David Ragan
    David Ragan Year ago

    I wonder how the Lawquane family is doing in by the Rebel's time-period...Interesting that the children confirm that Twi'leks and Humans can interbreed (even if they are step children to Cut) Was watching a random Clone Wars blurb.


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