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New intro!!!
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Celebrate good times!!!
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New vlog. Ok.
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The worst 1v1 ever!!!
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My new outro!!!
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100 Grand (Episode 1)
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1v1 me in Fortnite???
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1v1 me in Fortnite???
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An announcement!!!
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Oh... Look what I found!!!
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Head soccer (Gameplay)!!!
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Have you ever had a dream?
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Will we hit 40!?!?!!
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  • MadGameBoy
    MadGameBoy 4 minutes ago

    Im 100% certain arthur didnt allow you to repost his work, nor would he allow such blatent clickbait

  • London Hook
    London Hook 17 minutes ago

    I like the old trailer better.

  • lostgame81 robloxplayer
    lostgame81 robloxplayer 36 minutes ago

    Which trailer is better?Old or new?

  • TouchedBigfoot8
    TouchedBigfoot8 2 hours ago

    This real?

  • Secretfoxy123 :3
    Secretfoxy123 :3 6 hours ago

    It’s still trash :c

  • Skilled -herní kanál

    Idk why, but when I look on new trailer I like old one more.

  • Luis Jaimes
    Luis Jaimes 7 hours ago

    First one is way better

  • Matthias Petelo
    Matthias Petelo 10 hours ago

    The new trailer looks like it's fake

  •  17 hours ago

    Uuuuuuuhhhh......meow “insert laugh here” No..... not from me good sir

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis 17 hours ago

    Nobody Me: *Sees new trailer* Also me: *gets a bunch of Sonic boom and other Sonic cartoon nostalgia* Dejavu is a powerful thing is it not?

    • Eli Davis
      Eli Davis 2 hours ago

      @selvis Cruz yes I know, I was just adding onto the already hilarious comments

    • selvis Cruz
      selvis Cruz 2 hours ago

      Eli Davis btw it’s not the real trailer this is just a fan made trailer

  •  19 hours ago

    3:59 Heal is real and were all in it

  • Craig Stevenson
    Craig Stevenson 23 hours ago

    That's sooooooo much better now!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  Day ago

    Anyone understand the second trailer is fake?

  • Wolfie 555567
    Wolfie 555567 Day ago

    the first won is better

  • Dániel Halmos

    The first trailer is a good the New is very poor

  •  Day ago

    I like the "Old" trailer a bit More

  • Gordoycabron !

    Menuda cargada el nuevo se ve súper falsisimo

  • Super Nerd
    Super Nerd Day ago


  • joseph miller
    joseph miller 2 days ago


  • Junior Sal
    Junior Sal 2 days ago

    The fanmade trailer is cool and all but he looks too cartoonish. Like if he came out of the show. I think the idea they were trying to go with in the original is like what if sonic was a real being and not from some cartoon.

  • Tza Gav
    Tza Gav 2 days ago

    I cant login !

  •  2 days ago

    I hope the incorporate metal and super Sonic. Maybe knuckles and shadow as well.

  •  2 days ago

    I don’t know why you guys don’t like the first one because it looks good they can just add the gloves you can’t judge what it looks like or not think about it bye 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😒😒😒😒

  • Rodrigo playz
    Rodrigo playz 2 days ago

    Eyes could be better, but still awesome!

  • Nelson Lorenzo
    Nelson Lorenzo 2 days ago

    Jim is such a legend

  •  2 days ago

    Well i didnt know that it could get any worser than the original but everyone is wrong sometime. Just say that it is a cartoon sonic instead of the real one AND STOP LIE

  • Aishath haany
    Aishath haany 2 days ago

    I like old one because sonic like real I don't like new one because sonic like cartoon

  • Jev
    Jev 2 days ago

    Lol the fan one looks ugly as hell

  • Soundwav373 Kill
    Soundwav373 Kill 2 days ago

    I wished this was the movie so it will not be like transformers the bay series

  •  3 days ago

    You guys realize this is fanmade right?

  • aniyah garcia
    aniyah garcia 3 days ago

    i like the old trailer better no cap

  •  3 days ago

    u got it the got it the wrong way idiot

  •  3 days ago

    The new trailer looks better thank you!!!

  • Chip mati
    Chip mati 3 days ago

    Just letting people know this is fake and the second one is fan made so yeah

  • Julia Olguin
    Julia Olguin 3 days ago

    This is most likely fan-made! Don’t dis the movie just yet!

  • GamerMasterDaniel
    GamerMasterDaniel 3 days ago

    Whoever thinks the 2nd trailer is better must have autism

  • Julien Saldinger
    Julien Saldinger 3 days ago

    Let's admit, most people want metal sonic in that movie

  • TheMrMatrix
    TheMrMatrix 3 days ago

    I thing sonic from old trailer is better :p

  • Pj_Flamez_Boy
    Pj_Flamez_Boy 3 days ago

    Oh nvm it is different

  • Pj_Flamez_Boy
    Pj_Flamez_Boy 3 days ago


  • Josh D
    Josh D 4 days ago

    The second one looks awful Sonic look terrible

  • Jack The Demogorgan From Outer Space :D

    I gotta say, the first time I saw this trailer the design looked like something crawled out of hell. But overtime, he kinda grew on me. I still don't like it, but it's not as bad anymore.

  • Yngmetronome 199
    Yngmetronome 199 4 days ago

    He warned us.... SAMMY WARNED US!!!!

  • Palatic MuralBug
    Palatic MuralBug 4 days ago

    The "new one" was worse

  • Matt Ramos
    Matt Ramos 4 days ago

    I like the old trailer better it looks so real

  •  4 days ago

    The first one is better. The second trailer is discustang

  • Arsa Gaming
    Arsa Gaming 4 days ago

    The old one was better

  • Elara Nova
    Elara Nova 5 days ago

    I was actually genuinely surprised about how different they look, but I wished the new trailer was worked on and developed a lot more. Not gonna lie, but it looks real rushed. But I do understand that they had to rush because they basically had to completely redo Sonic, I just wish they started out with the second Sonic.

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez 5 days ago

    The new one is a fake 100%

  • Travis Phelps
    Travis Phelps 5 days ago

    It don’t even work bro

  •  5 days ago

    To al the old haters they did their best to make him look realistic. Im sorry but if he was real he wouldn't have the connecting eyes .if he was mor realistic he would look like the first one. And because of u assholes it is gonna take longer for the movie to come so i hope u mofos are happpy.🖕🖕🖕😡

  • Randi Cetta
    Randi Cetta 5 days ago


  • Kim van der Linden
    Kim van der Linden 5 days ago

    this is fan made ya'll .... ( You really shoulda put that in the title or something..... )

    • Val Kendrick
      Val Kendrick 6 hours ago

      Kim van der Linden the trailers real, but the new design is just a rumor right now

    • Kim van der Linden
      Kim van der Linden Day ago

      @Super Nerd well not to 70% of the people in the comments lmfao. People actually think it's the real thing

    • Super Nerd
      Super Nerd Day ago

      It's kind of a no brainer

  • Gabriel_005gamer
    Gabriel_005gamer 5 days ago


  • OwO This Is Gud Stufz

    The 'New Trailer' in this video is fanmade. It's made by Artur Baranov, you could even see a water mark/link to his channel. Go check him out and his video! His Channel: His Video:

  • Bell Hearne
    Bell Hearne 5 days ago

    I’m confused did they make a new trailer or is it fan made?

  • David Acosta-Santarrita


  • Draw with YuB is awesome

    Everyone likes the old trailer. Paramount: Am I a joke to you?

  •  6 days ago

    It still looks bad

  • Wizard Gaming
    Wizard Gaming 7 days ago

    I'm literally not going to watch the movie because of how unrealistic sonic looks the first trailer was the best

    • Drek Is KrEk
      Drek Is KrEk 2 days ago

      @Wizard Gaming Yes it does. It's called "Uncanny Valley." His proportions and facial design are objectively bad.

    • Wizard Gaming
      Wizard Gaming 2 days ago

      Raff Rouser yes just because it is an unrealistic thing doesn’t mean it would be bad being realistic in a movie

    • Raff Rouser
      Raff Rouser 2 days ago

      Your looking for realism... in .. Sonic..?

    • winxclub998
      winxclub998 6 days ago

      The trailer showed was a version done by a fan thats why when he bounces the bullets and rockes they frozen stiff its not thw offical one. Thats why u can clearly see the fan edits ifu look closer

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 7 days ago

    I'd like to see critics make it look better. Yeah right. 😂

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 7 days ago

    It didn't even look that bad. Sheesh

  • أمينه أمينه

    Love the fan made sonic!

  • Darkman9478
    Darkman9478 7 days ago

    I heard rumors that the CGI for Sonic The Hedgehog was being redone, and alas it was confirmed true. Either way, I am so hyped up to seeing the new live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

  • CalebAttwood Gamer
    CalebAttwood Gamer 7 days ago

    Me: the old one wasn't that had Every one else: Kill this man Me: NO NOT THE COMUTIY!!!!😂😂

  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams 7 days ago

    I can definitely see a 3D darkwing duck movie.

  • Animoshin
    Animoshin 8 days ago

    the new trailer was fan-made you dumbass, a cartoon remake someone made. NOT official.

  • Tiwohh
    Tiwohh 8 days ago

    New one is so much better, still not great but better than that disgusting abomination knockoff sonic

  • Rupan Rai
    Rupan Rai 8 days ago

    its just a fan made

  • Zia Astele
    Zia Astele 8 days ago

    u can say creature for the new one

  •  8 days ago

    I like wene sonic said moew 🐈🐱🐱

  • Katarzyna Osadzińska

    New trailer id feake

  • Krishna Readdy
    Krishna Readdy 8 days ago

    New Sonic is the worst

  • Krishna Readdy
    Krishna Readdy 8 days ago

    The Sonic spider

  • LEGOLegendbawse
    LEGOLegendbawse 9 days ago

    I like the first sonic hey made for this movie

  •  9 days ago

    the old one is the better one because it's realistic but the new one is also good because it's the og sonic the hedgehog

  • Blitz
    Blitz 9 days ago

    Eating ramen dry is so good lmao

  • pitfppyc kh bk9olc
    pitfppyc kh bk9olc 9 days ago

    2:55 is the moment you were waiting for

  • anie Izhme
    anie Izhme 9 days ago

    I like the first one because it's realistic he might look weird but he ain't human🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Twisted Wolf
      Twisted Wolf 7 hours ago

      @fabian orozco that was uncalled for

    • anie Izhme
      anie Izhme Day ago

      fabian orozco wtf is fort nite


    Does it take away revenue from video makers?

  • Mrs. Duckalot
    Mrs. Duckalot 9 days ago

    The new one looks a bit less well animated, and a bit too slow. (Pun unintended) tho i would 100% choose it over the other one.

    • Mrs. Duckalot
      Mrs. Duckalot 2 days ago

      @Nick Reinders glad to know, i thought you were going to be a toxic mf for a second there, yeah i hope they take it too. Like seriously, what did they do to Sonic?!

    • Nick Reinders
      Nick Reinders 2 days ago

      @Mrs. Duckalot iknow and i respect ur opinion dont see it wrong. i like the fan made version and i hape the big studio take that design and make its much better

    • Mrs. Duckalot
      Mrs. Duckalot 3 days ago

      @Nick Reinders i'm kinda feeling a toxic vibe in here.. I know its fan made and indeed it is not as perfect as the other one. I just wanted to share my opinion.

    • Nick Reinders
      Nick Reinders 3 days ago

      @Mrs. Duckalot for a fan made yes for a big studio in this time NO

    • Mrs. Duckalot
      Mrs. Duckalot 5 days ago

      @Nick Reinders its still amazing tho

  • Dearen Gonzalez Sanchez

    I like the first trailer because the second trailer was less realistic

  • Ch1378 THE BEAST
    Ch1378 THE BEAST 10 days ago

    Your turn it from realistic to like a game like if u make it just the eyes and shoes like the new trailer and the body stayed like the old body it would look better

  • Sugar Glider
    Sugar Glider 10 days ago

    When I saw the new one my immediate thought was ‘Oh Sonic, you’ve been fixed! That ugly mess is gone’

  • Aksiyon Bizde
    Aksiyon Bizde 10 days ago

    I think the first one is better

  •  10 days ago

    I like the old one

  • Herbie Langtry
    Herbie Langtry 10 days ago

    He still looks horrible

  •  10 days ago

    The old one is okay not fully bad but the New one is much better from my opinion. Sure the edit is a bit bad but I think if, they would be able to fix it to make his mouth move more and his eyes. I think it would have been better 👍

  • Bip-Bap
    Bip-Bap 11 days ago

    I hate both of these. Why does the first one move so fluently but looks disgusting and the new one looks good but moves like he has a stick up his ass and staples in his mouth?

  • hope7096
    hope7096 11 days ago


  • DarkRSonicStyle
    DarkRSonicStyle 11 days ago

    Btw I like granny (the game)

  • Fortnite Gamer Girl
    Fortnite Gamer Girl 11 days ago


    • Motrex
      Motrex 10 days ago

      Well we don't actually hate you the cartoon trailer will never happen the only reason they created that is to see what would happen if sonic's original character design is implemented on the trailer

  •  11 days ago

    The second trailer is more trash than the first somehow

    • Motrex
      Motrex 10 days ago

      Gee dude give the man a little credit for a hardwork he did. Besides the only reason he did that is to see what would actually happen if sonic's original character design is implemented on the trailer

    • Fortnite Gamer Girl
      Fortnite Gamer Girl 11 days ago


  • higgorgao1
    higgorgao1 11 days ago

    4:10 you can see its fanmade bc the clouds get messed 10/16/2019=uhhmmm 40 likes? Something wrong isn't correct...

    • higgorgao1
      higgorgao1 10 hours ago

      @Ember McCormick If I didn't know that it was made by a fan I would believe it \_(ツ)_/

    • Ember McCormick
      Ember McCormick Day ago

      higgorgao1 ya gotta admit though it was pretty convincing

    • Super Nerd
      Super Nerd Day ago

      No shit sherlock

    • Kaysar Marttria
      Kaysar Marttria 5 days ago

      U are correct this was fan made

    • Leo Lord
      Leo Lord 5 days ago

      Saw that. Thanks for the info

  • Jack Allen
    Jack Allen 11 days ago

    I like the old trailer

  • Boetacular
    Boetacular 11 days ago

    so yeah the redesign sticks to the old look BUT THE MOUTH MOVEMENT LOOKS DELAYED AND BARELY VISIBLE lets hope they fix that in the actual movie

  • Jim Wood
    Jim Wood 12 days ago

    I like the old trailer as well why doesn't any one like it

  • endm
    endm 12 days ago

    New trailer sonic looks better design wise but looks out of place in a real world setting, hopefully they add more texture to his fur

  • Sina Bücheler
    Sina Bücheler 12 days ago

    The new trailer is really better 👍👍👍

  • SimplySoul
    SimplySoul 13 days ago

    I liked the first trailer because it’s more realistic and the animated version just gives an off feeling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Mrs. Duckalot
      Mrs. Duckalot 9 days ago


    • Min Yoongi
      Min Yoongi 10 days ago


    • Caitlin Faye
      Caitlin Faye 10 days ago

      Yeah 2nd isn't more relistic

    • SimplySoul
      SimplySoul 10 days ago

      Motrex exactly The point I was trying to make

    • Motrex
      Motrex 10 days ago

      Hmm well the normal trailer is ok but paramount should change sonic's character design into the original one like we've seen in tv, games, etc.