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  • Юрий Папуницкий

    This is awesome

  • Юрий Папуницкий


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  • Дмитро Нищий

    I like this music

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  • Josh Withrow
    Josh Withrow 4 months ago

    Great channel!

  • harveybruh
    harveybruh Year ago

    yoo wassup


    Great channel man

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters Year ago

    Awsome channel

  • Almog ben baruch

    where's one more light? u said it will be out in 19 and now we are in 20

  • Binary
    Binary Year ago

    Happy 41th birthday Chester :))!

  • Mikhail Gorovoy
    Mikhail Gorovoy Year ago

    Happy birthday Dear Chester!

  • Battle SYmPHonY
    Battle SYmPHonY Year ago

    Hoping ONE MORE LIGHT willblow up everyones MIND up

  • DDibilardenick
    DDibilardenick Year ago

    i have lost my faith

  • john pedersen
    john pedersen Year ago

    What is this stuff you guys are producing these days??? You have gone commercial on the true fans... Hybrid theory, Meteora, Minutes to midnight......then it fell apart (IMO).. Only two good song on A Thousand Suns... Now hear this lolliepop music... I was an avid fan of Linkin park but now only listern to your first few albums. Such a shame you have travelled this road, another group comes too mind Metallica where are they now?? Wish the old school LP will surface again.

  • Hime_soldier
    Hime_soldier Year ago

    The best Band ever <3 <3

  • Maestred
    Maestred Year ago

    Linkin Park thank you for sharing your art, that art that gives peace and tranquility to my soul. From Argentrina live !! Linkin Park !! Linkin Park gracias por compartir su arte, ese arte que le da paz y tranquilidad a mi alma. desde Argentrina viva !! Linkin Park !!

  • Aniket Hiremath
    Aniket Hiremath Year ago

    please remaster all the old videos...

  • Batman13730
    Batman13730 Year ago

    Hey can you guys be like you once were the Heavy song doesn't sound like you I like What I've Done better

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park Year ago

    Watch the official video for "Heavy" (feat. Kiiara):

  • Bibhatsu Kuiri
    Bibhatsu Kuiri Year ago

    Where is the Music Video .. its 3pm .. will it come today ?

  • Dan Trun
    Dan Trun Year ago

    In the eeeeeeend ♪ ♫ ♩.........of linkin park

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor Year ago

    linkin park can I use your songs to make these video i can send you gays the link to that video that I made. if it is OK with you gays.

  • magic magic Year ago

    i want to listen rise up music

  • Manic Chaotic
    Manic Chaotic Year ago

    Even if this profile has nothing to do with the real LP i just had to say, thank you cos growing up with nothing but crap that only speaks about screwing the biggest sket would of driven me to go postal on a lot of people, just having those relatable messages to show me not everyone deserved punishment for the BS that made me rage and that most the world is in the same boat helped me more than can be put into words. Wether you started LP with those values or not, thats the effect you've had on the world, so thank you. You've saved more lives than any faith ever has.

  • Rohit Ghosh
    Rohit Ghosh Year ago

    i love u guys

  • Angry Chinese Noodle Salesman

    Would be awesome if you would do another album in the style of the first 2 ones.. just one last time.. real heavy songs not like huntingparty.. like hybrid theory and Meteora.. for a last time..

  • Estefanía Izquierdo

    Hi guys, I´m not willing to be rude, but with the new song I feel you´ve lost your essence, I´ve been following you since your first album and I always loved te energy you guys have and the strength that you put in each song. With this last song it feel like you just want to sell a bit more and you just put too much pop on it, I mean, its ok to evolve music and style but dont lose the identity in the process. Lot of love from Colombia. Please come back as the excellent band you are.

  • Jako TC
    Jako TC Year ago

    Good luck with alienating the fans who've supported you guys through all these years. What happened to the guitars, drums and rap? Heavy isn't more than a mediocre pop song, there's nothing artistic about it.

  • ProducerWaves
    ProducerWaves Year ago


  • Lucas Peres
    Lucas Peres Year ago

    Meu sonho é o Linkin Park voltar as raízes Hybrid Theory and Meteora forever

  • Lucancer
    Lucancer Year ago

    As I hurt Linkin Park more abandoned to his main audience he has followed since its inception and that music shit because only think of money. Only the FL Studio is heard, chester and kiira. A 15 years of "in the end" an incredible song perfect talking about things And they make a fucking song like "heavy". My God only one day realize what really was already no and do not do commercial nonsense like pop what they all do. :'( Like shit You can be proud of that song crap.

  • Tomboy Tomboy class

    Pop singers are many and with hundreds of millions of visits ... What can you offer to new fans who can not offer these pop singers who have millions of fans and visitors? nothing. Justin is better than you Ariana is better than you Rhiana is better than you Pittbul is better than you Forget it and go back to the metal

    • Really Real
      Really Real Year ago

      +Reda Lhioui, metal sucks, but most of the genres you mention suck much more.

    • Shinn Kamakura
      Shinn Kamakura Year ago

      @Slipknot x Babymetal : Not able to spell Rihanna and Pitbull correctly? ... Forget it and go back to school !!

    • Reda Lhioui
      Reda Lhioui Year ago

      Metal sucks you close-minded asshole, grow the fuck up and listen to great genres like punk, country, pop, avant-garde, jazz etc...

    • B A B Y M E T A L Death
      B A B Y M E T A L Death Year ago

      Linkin Park sold of shitty, already is not metal forget it... Babymetal already is better that this shitty... metal AF.... Linkin Park "metal" fart.

  • epic sandwich
    epic sandwich Year ago

    .... linkin park is dead. you just need to stop. getting worse and worse, used to be great, but you stopped doing the things that made you what you were.

    • Reda Lhioui
      Reda Lhioui Year ago

      I don't see anything wrong with their newer music... Why you're so upset?

  • alex reynoso
    alex reynoso Year ago

    linkin park por favor que tu musica no muera!

  • elpatito madafacaxd

    Since when did they become a piece of music?

  • BayArea510
    BayArea510 Year ago

    Holy crap LP, what has happened to your music? It makes me so sad inside. When I feel like this I pop in Hybrid Theory.

    • Mr Invader
      Mr Invader Year ago

      ive never heard a bad lp song... and mike shinoda is pure awesome!! lp/fm 4eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BayArea510
      BayArea510 Year ago

      Who said they were selling out? I completely understand that artists grow and changed, they just changed into something much softer than they used to be.

    • Malcolm Morin
      Malcolm Morin Year ago

      They've been experimenting for 14 years, since Minutes To Midnight. Why do people always think just because they aren't making something that sounds like Hybrid Theory or Meteora, they're sellouts and that's all they're going to do from now on? Making Hybrid Theory 3 and Meteora 2 would be selling out. “We’re still growing. We’re not stagnant at all. We’re not going to make the same album every time, so don’t even expect it. We lost fans along the way intentionally. We intentionally let them go. We said, ‘If that’s all you guys want to listen to, we made two albums for you. You’ve got those two albums and you can always listen to those. If you decide to come along for the ride, though, the good news is that there’s going to be a lot of fun surprises.”

  • toonia a
    toonia a Year ago

    What the hell have you just done?? "Heavy" is not YOU, cmon. You guys can do so much better than this. I can't believe it. Hope that the new album will be a TRUE linkin park's work, just like you guys can do.

  • Matt Simons
    Matt Simons Year ago

    i love what you guys do and i always love your music. You guys can pull me out of any depression or bad day every time i listen to your music. love the new song

  • Hime_soldier
    Hime_soldier Year ago

    today they will release a new song <3

  • Almog ben baruch

    New Linkin Park 2017 is your next step or album?

  • Bhupendra Berdia

    when r u creating ur next album

    SAM WATSON Year ago


  • Prashant Rao
    Prashant Rao Year ago

    LP plz come to India!! We are eagerly waiting for you!! #DieHardFan

  • Hugo Lievano Porras


  • iceman3317
    iceman3317 Year ago

    I know it takes time to make an Album, but I really wish yall could get it done quicker... I thought yall intended for a new album to be out in 2016, but that didn't happen. I wish at least yall would release some new songs to at least give your fan base something.

  • Edemir C Menezes

    Chester Make a new album I love the band

  • The white Wolf
    The white Wolf Year ago

    when will you release your new album

  • Matias Saldaña
    Matias Saldaña Year ago

    #LinkinParkChile!! aqui los espero con ansias f

  • wael wattar
    wael wattar Year ago

    hey guys my name is Wael from Syria i just wanna say that today listening again to your songs here and it reminded me of my university days when i felt that your songs were my only friend then i recognized that i really grew up with your music. At that time 2006 i started with meteora album since then i had big crush on you and following you until the war broke out then we lost any mean of life. when i moved to Turkey i started listening again and your songs reminded me of the days before war reminded me of PEACE. BIG LOVE SALAM ( peace )

  • Prehistoric Attack

    your my favorite band

  • DA-K1NG
    DA-K1NG Year ago

    Linkin park is my FAVORITE band

  • uwe s
    uwe s Year ago

    You speak right from my soul

  • Ally Unknown
    Ally Unknown Year ago

    when are you guys coming out with a new album?

  • Jenny Cubberley
    Jenny Cubberley Year ago

    OMGG I love your music you rock!

  • Blago
    Blago Year ago

    Dear LP, please release the album already. Happy Holidays

  • mInI nImI
    mInI nImI 2 years ago

    hey. I just wanted to use 12 seconds from a song(War) of your's in one of my videos. Are you people going to copyright strike my video, containing 12 seconds of your song, if I upload it to youtube? Or may I be granted permission to use the song for less than 12 seconds? I'll leave the link of the song and the channel in my description.

  • Canadian Beaver
    Canadian Beaver 2 years ago

    Almost 7,000,000 subscribers

    • Jason Duncan
      Jason Duncan Year ago

      Not enough they need way more. *question for the group* ?!?how many people are in the world?!?

  • Stealthy Archer
    Stealthy Archer 2 years ago

    its actually been a while since ive heard Linkin Parks music. Whens the next album coming out?

  • Tanzil Rafin
    Tanzil Rafin 2 years ago

    why linkin park stopped making new albums? are they working for any album?

    • MJ
      MJ 2 years ago

      Yeah! they do it drops 2017.

  • Canal DF Fotografias

    Hello you allow me to use the faint music track in a video of mine?

  • Etherious E.N.D
    Etherious E.N.D 2 years ago

    where is the music video of linkin park new devide with the Transformers in it????

  • robert luis de la vega pedro

    Hello your songs are beautiful and they are soft I like their rhythm and their lyrics never change goodbye

  • Diego Valencia
    Diego Valencia 2 years ago

    #LINKINPARKenPerú2017 !!

  • La La La Msp
    La La La Msp 2 years ago

    happy thanks giving :D

  • Ayush Singh Solanki
    Ayush Singh Solanki 2 years ago

    This is a heartily request to you please have a concert in India before every Indian Fans die....

  • Bodya Haponchak
    Bodya Haponchak 2 years ago

    Linkin Park can use your song in my video channel.

  • Jordan Samir Torres Diaz

    Hello my name is Jordan and I am 13 years old about to cumulate 14, I am your biggest fan number 1, I live in Ecuador and I listen to them everywhere and I always listen and sing their songs on my cell phone, on the computer, on the School and every place that goes, are the best group in the world and someday I would like to visit, Excuse me my true language is Spanish, only that you use English because you do not speak Spanish, good greetings from Ecuador, and I would like to please !!!! I would like you to send me the greetings as ElHerobrine-Jordan in the next video upload, Please, I'm asking! I am your biggest fan number 1 !!! Well I go I wish you much happiness in everything and greetings from Ecuador !!! Bye !!!!!!!!!

  • James Morris
    James Morris 2 years ago

    hey whats up brothers im having a rough time over here in AZ feel like everybody is out þo hurt me they draining my energy bad and i really need some were to go thanks keep your heds up and god bless you

    REXXUS 2 years ago

    -------------------------------------------------- === L I N K I N P A R K === LOVE YOU!!! ---------------------------------------------------

  • Kakorot Skywalker
    Kakorot Skywalker 2 years ago

    linkin park could u add a new instrument which is launchpad

  • Darshan A
    Darshan A 2 years ago

    This is a challenge from me to LP haters go click any random LP song i bet u it is going to entertain u guys LP for life

  • Giovanni Bello
    Giovanni Bello 2 years ago

    i like turtles

  • Wuk
    Wuk 2 years ago

    If you're at Lincoln Park's channel, have a depressing name made up of symbols, say "whatever" in every sentence, and meet me here, you will receive an award of edginess.

  • Austin Rauch
    Austin Rauch 2 years ago


  • genesis Ic
    genesis Ic 2 years ago

    vengan a Perú

  • Banana-Buck
    Banana-Buck 2 years ago

    Am I in the correct place? I thought this was linkin park, the band that made songs like ''What I've done'', ''Numb'', ''New Divide'' and others not commercialised crap.

  • Ho LP
    Ho LP 2 years ago

    tôi ở Việt Nam muốn gặp được các bạn chắc là khó lắm...yêu các bạn...

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Happy 15th Birthday "In The End" - Watch the lyric video:

    • Battle SYmPHonY
      Battle SYmPHonY Year ago

      U guys keep that in your memories?

    • Malcolm Morin
      Malcolm Morin Year ago

      So after one released song, you're calling them a pop band. Even if the album is pop, how is that meant to imply that they're only doing pop from now on? People literally thought they were going to be doing dubstep after releasing Recharged, and then they pushed out The Hunting Party a year later. After enough time, your rhetoric is going to become bullshit.

    • Jako TC
      Jako TC Year ago

      Back when LP wasn't just another pop band

    • Diego Valencia
      Diego Valencia 2 years ago

      #LINKINPARKenPerú2017 !!

    • Kakorot Skywalker
      Kakorot Skywalker 2 years ago


  • Wonder and Phänomen proven God

    Elektro Rentner Kid! To Acid Rain! Problems?PS: Beat is FETT of TVclip making!

  • Mohsin Asghar
    Mohsin Asghar 2 years ago

    Hello?any of Linkinpark guy?

  • Jens Hendriks
    Jens Hendriks 2 years ago

    Congratulations on 6,666,666 subscribers!

  • Samuel de Freitas
    Samuel de Freitas 2 years ago

    hi my name is samuel am Fan of you to three years and I hope someday you guys watching a show and find you guys in Camarín I die in Brazil I hope to live in the United States when it reaches full age

  • The Science Guys
    The Science Guys 2 years ago

    I never got to talk to someone that is famous before!!!!!

  • The Science Guys
    The Science Guys 2 years ago

    Wait are you really linkin park?

  • Cristiano Gomes Menezes

    efff u guis can not be better then my boy zoio , thats for the boys

  • hinata roxi hiuga lopez

    my faborit music group linkin park

    BERTILLA LONGHI 2 years ago

    I love you Linkin Park

  • PearryMaruMaru
    PearryMaruMaru 2 years ago

    Wish You come to Thailand again. The 1st and 2nd time that you've live concert in Thailand....I couldn't go there. So I wait for my opportunity. Overall, I'm waiting for you around 10 years. You always be my best band forever. PS.Sorry for my writing skill.

  • krishna shashank
    krishna shashank 2 years ago

    LP please come to India we are having a huge fan base here and we are waiting since Hybrid theory.

  • tiffany farnsley
    tiffany farnsley 2 years ago

    i think yall should do a song with yelawolf ..traviz barker has did many songs wiht him...if you havent heard of him you should check him out llike till its gone or best friend..or even american you..i love yalls music so much ..i hope near my birthday that you will tour again..

  • Almog ben baruch
    Almog ben baruch 2 years ago

    new albom?

  • Lightningman Uchiha_TV

    Linkin Park i remember hearing your song for the 1st time in the Transformers movie. It's the song New Divide but Crawling in my Skin is my favorite song by all of you. From your fan

  • Patrizia Zampieri
    Patrizia Zampieri 2 years ago

    One would point at What I've Done as if it were another song of protest, instead I myself was caught by surprise, there’s a chance we can still forgive ourselves and start again, renovated in heart and mind. Mercy we have from above, it’s time to believe it, so we don’t have any more excuse, although we can still see what we once were (erase is more divine than human), we can change way to go. LP = from the outside a great band, from the inside, even greater.

  • Jordan Samir Torres Diaz

    Hola soy de sur america Hablo español linkin park Les saludo desde Ecuador-El Oro-Huaquillas Hagan musicas por fa y saludemen en su otro video. :)Soy su mayor fan Tengo todo de linkin park.

  • SpiritFox_1000
    SpiritFox_1000 2 years ago

    Hi i need to ask can i use your music in my role play? I'm going to put your songs and channel in the description.

  • Mazz _ HR
    Mazz _ HR 2 years ago

    its also sad that just less and less people are listening and supporting Linkin Park

  • Mazz _ HR
    Mazz _ HR 2 years ago

    its sad that Linkin Park has only 6 mil. subs...They should have more than PewDiePie!

  • grassroots
    grassroots 2 years ago


  • sophia sucks
    sophia sucks 2 years ago

    My first lp song was {[|ÑÜMB|]} :D I heard it first when I was listening to theme songs and the chorus of numb came on. At the time I was about 9 or 8 and I only listened to Katy perry and Rihanna, but when I heard the chorus of numb, everything changed. I kept playing the chorus over and over, but I was crestfallen because I had no idea who sang the song or what it was called. Then I remembered "My cousin listens to this kinda stuff, maybe he knows!" So I grabbed my kindle and dashed to his room. I showed him the chorus and he told me it was Numb by a band called Linkin Park. After that it was my number one priority to GET A LINKIN PARK ALBUM! And so I did and that's the story of my first lp song, now I'm obsessed I have posters, jackets, t shirts, and bags that are all lp themed. I know you guys don't care enough to read or respond but I love you! It'd be awesome if anyone reading this responds with their stories of their first Linkin park song. -SophiA

  • Andrew Valdez's UFO/Biblical Revelations

    Can any one help with this?

  • Andrew Valdez's UFO/Biblical Revelations

    Need to post. Global.

  • Joseph LaPonsie
    Joseph LaPonsie 2 years ago

    I know this is going to sound corny, stupid, and irrelevant, but I need to say this. It's been eight years since I discovered this band. This music. Back then, it was just something different from what my parents let me listen to. A small rebellion. I just listened to a number of my favorite songs from Linkin Park recently, and they touched me in a different way. I've felt my pain. I've given my all. And there have been times when I just want to give up. These songs... these shards of a heart and soul... They remind me. Of who I was, who I wanted to be, and who I am. I wouldn't be surprised if this comment simply disappeared into cyberspace, never seen, never acknowledged. If it is seen? If it is shared? Just know that there is one person. One individual. Who has been changed thanks to these lyrics. This music. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

    • Mr Invader
      Mr Invader Year ago


    • Ayush Singh Solanki
      Ayush Singh Solanki 2 years ago

      Same here bud, My teenage was all because of Linkin Park. Whenever I felt down, broken, alone their songs held me up and what I am right now is all because of LP and it was my dream to meet them since then. I am from India and LP never came in India for concert and I am still waiting for it.

      THETOOT 2 years ago

      If it wasn't for Linkin Park music would mean nothing to me right now

    • sophia sucks
      sophia sucks 2 years ago

      That's deep. Too bad Lp doesn't respond. The only comments they ever make is them advertising their videos :(

  • yosuke hanamura
    yosuke hanamura 2 years ago

    you guys are a big inspiration thank your for making this beautiful content xoxoxox<3

  • josue cruz
    josue cruz 2 years ago

    yous music is spiration for my linkin park

  • Celestial Mage
    Celestial Mage 2 years ago

    Being listening to you guys for almost 10 years.. but, I think that sometimes people don't appreciate just how amazing the music still manages to get the crowd fired up!

  • Ali Alvarez
    Ali Alvarez 2 years ago

    Hello Guys! I would like you to perform "All for nothing" in one of your concerts please...

  • anton 97
    anton 97 2 years ago

    +Linkin Park I want to ask, when the concert in Indonesia again in this years?

  • Filosofia Agora
    Filosofia Agora 2 years ago


  • Иван Васин
    Иван Васин 2 years ago

    Гастроли будут? The tour will be?

  • Александр Троцкий

    I liked the band Linkin Park is still the fact that the clips are made of fantastically cool. what we saw in the anime about robots, science fiction and fantasy world of the future, all that they have done in their videos. their first clip that I saw - Points of Autnority - for me it was the most epic symbiosis of rap, rock, and science fiction. Linkin Park - you gave us a fantastic world and our children. I'm sorry if the translation is wrong. This Google translator

  • Александр Троцкий

    Linkin Park is now very similar to Depeche Mode ( this is my personal opinion) . Previously, the group combines the still sharp and powerful as they originally wanted to call - Hybrid Theory - it is they happened. I heard them first, who sang and played rap and rock. and these guys in my 16 years just turned my reality ... but now they no longer have moved electronics ( ( (I hope that they will remember their beginnings , and someday will make a remake of their first album , which will explode in our minds the most pure light . Linkin Park, I love you.

    • Reda Lhioui
      Reda Lhioui 2 years ago

      They are similar to System of a Down only!

  • joshua harding
    joshua harding 2 years ago

    hi linkin park are you guys going to have a concert in Australia? if you guys are can you please let me know when:)

  • squzz acozz
    squzz acozz 2 years ago

    That was be amazing if, we can hear remastered ver. of Rhinestone or fuse :D I know the crew was changed but that tracks are awesome : D

  • M.R Joke
    M.R Joke 2 years ago

    I am a fan of your group since your beginnings.I appreciate enormously your musics.

  • mkmgramirez
    mkmgramirez 2 years ago

    Do you have any new music coming out?

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Take a tour of the studio in 360 degrees with Mike Shinoda:

  • deborah hedges
    deborah hedges 2 years ago

    i was wondering if i could get tour schedule keep waiting for them to come to indianapolis if anyone nos i would appriciate the info

  • The Lion
    The Lion 2 years ago

    Hi linkin park. You are my favourite band I have the whole album of meteora and i listen to it every day as well as your other songs from the other albums. I would just like to ask you 2 questions: 1. Do you know when you will release the singles of their new album? 2. Please come to the city of Patras in Greece for a concert

  • ZedCrix
    ZedCrix 2 years ago


  • Adam Nexus
    Adam Nexus 2 years ago

    the youtube logo looks like the gracie jiu jitsu logo

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Phoenix talks New Album, Issues, Warped Tour & The Lonely Island with Front Row Live:

  • FatherStack
    FatherStack 2 years ago

    Hey, there! I'm currently working on a short video about Nu-Metal/Alternative Metal. could I please use 30-60 seconds of you "In the End" video? your channel will receive credit for your contribution in helping me develop my video and a link to the your original video will be put in the description to my video. You will also receive a link to the finished video when it is uploaded.

  • Maxi
    Maxi 2 years ago

    Stop posting on your discussion site LP.. Its for the viewers not for your sale. God dammit. Old songs rulez, new songs shit.

  • Conejo Rc
    Conejo Rc 2 years ago


  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez 2 years ago

    You guys should make one about step parents plzz

  • v
    v 2 years ago

    This is were all the memes come from

  • Gazi Rafi
    Gazi Rafi 2 years ago

    what the hell are you guys doing? keep us more updated through youtube!

  • Genji Lokao
    Genji Lokao 2 years ago

    Chester Bennington is dead?

  • Dead Parroting
    Dead Parroting 2 years ago

    "Wretches and Kings" #FeelTheBern

  • Askary Miranda
    Askary Miranda 2 years ago

    a question that happened with the viscera album on youtube this wing sale this album

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Watch Mangroves Trip with Linkin Park and Pro Surfers Koa Rothman and Koa Smith:

  • Ulfberht 999
    Ulfberht 999 2 years ago

    Amazing amazing amazing bandIt's the best in the world😊😍☺I adore its subject...

  • Dr Chipitongo
    Dr Chipitongo 2 years ago

    ¿you let me use your song in the end in one of my videos?

  • Rizqi Muhammad's LP'S

    when rellase of new album?

  • Ренат Рафиков

    привет ребята, мне очень нравится ваша группа и ваши песни, слушаю вас с 17 лет, рад видеть вас, мегион ханты-мансийский АО Россия Hi guys , I really like your band and your songs , I listen to you on 17 years , I am glad to see you , Megion Khanty-Mansiysk Russia

  • OriginalDarkMew
    OriginalDarkMew 2 years ago

    Hey LP. I was wondering how I can go about using your band's copyrighted music in my video's intro while still being able to Monetize my videos. I have grown up with your music and love every song, and It would be awesome to use that in what i love to do as a hobby in a way of expressing who I am and the kind of videos I make. Please tell me what I need to do to use your music in my intro and still make money off it so I can continue to make epic videos on youtube. After all, how can It be epic without a taste of LP, right?

  • DaInferno
    DaInferno 2 years ago

    *Crawling in my skin*

  • Patrick Milla
    Patrick Milla 2 years ago

    Come to Peru that's my dream linkin park greetings mike and chester

  • Apomonomenos
    Apomonomenos 2 years ago

    why are you guys so sad :( your mother still loves you

  • Emely _MKS
    Emely _MKS 2 years ago

    Linkin Park come to Ecuador

  • Emely _MKS
    Emely _MKS 2 years ago

    Come To Ecuador please !!! :( +Linkin Park

  • kevin morales
    kevin morales 2 years ago

    likin park in Costa Rica or America center

  • Juan CV
    Juan CV 2 years ago

    Hello! I want to use your song in the end for my video. Can I use it?

  • Juan CV
    Juan CV 2 years ago

    Hello! I want to use your song numb for my video. Can I use it?

  • Tara Mattox
    Tara Mattox 2 years ago

    actually great

  • Tara Mattox
    Tara Mattox 2 years ago

    nice songs

  • Screeper & Bendy Conversations

    Hi Linkin Park! My name is Dale Neff and i'm a HUGE #1 fan ever since I first heard your song " What I've Done" on the first Transformers movie and I also got the "Minutes to Midnight" soundtrack that has your name on it. Also, i'm one of your subscribers on your channel. Keep up the good work and have fun.

    • sophia sucks
      sophia sucks 2 years ago

      Sorry but I'm their #1 fan....girl. My first song was numb.......IRRELEVANT!

  • Black Alligator Official

    hello linkin park would make a mix of your song "Final Masquerade" I hope your answer. (Serious song sounds the same but with added)

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Happy 13th Birthday Meteora:

  • khoudir amina
    khoudir amina 2 years ago

    happy birthday chester, wish you all the best . LINKIN PARK is the best , i've been in love with this great band for 15 years and my love remains tghe same , no i guess it's growing each and everyday

  • Distorted Virus
    Distorted Virus 2 years ago

    Oh my glob I love your songs even if I'm a girl

    • sophia sucks
      sophia sucks 2 years ago


    • David Martin
      David Martin 2 years ago

      +Flaming pickles productions EDGY

    • Tia-Leonie Lockwood
      Tia-Leonie Lockwood 2 years ago

      +Flaming pickles productions ur not the only one. one of my closest friends let me listen to one linkin park song and im now addicted.

  • Анна
    Анна 2 years ago

    Hello! I want to use your song Burn it down for my video. Can I use it?

  • Knowle
    Knowle 2 years ago

    Son los mejoresssss, vengan a uruguayy!!!

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    unintended 2 years ago

    Why isn´t the Lying From You audio anymore? :(

  • Marcelo Marin
    Marcelo Marin 2 years ago

    hola linkin park

  • Daryl King
    Daryl King 2 years ago

    I'm 52 (OLD) LOL!! But in good shape! hah Anyway, would be sooo stoked if LP is able to do some smaller markets in support of their new album (next year, 17' I assume) and would be able to come to Boise. If not, I'll definitely travel to...wherever. LP on my "list of things to do/see before I die". I've seen a lot of era's of music and the music of LP is some of the absolute finest - the music, the introspective lyrics, the interplay between Mike and Chester (MIke is one of the most amazing rap artists/singers ever) and Chester's MELODIC, powerful voice and overdrive melodic screams. Joe "Chairman" Hahn, Brad, Rob, Dave - the driving rhythm section. The combination of all you bring is just....really something special. You have the staying power of U2, which is good, because I hope to be still listening to your music when I'm 82!

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Record Store Day 2016. Details:

  • Reasonable Roof Repairs

    I'm a believer magical sounds

  • Michelle Schermesser

    Why is the Live in Texas video not available in the UK? Or maybe Europe?? Thanks for letting us know!!

  • mari marquez
    mari marquez 2 years ago

    Please come to Andalucía, Spain!❤❤

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    Get a free copy of Hybrid Theory on GooglePlay. US Only. Details:

    • Alex Naruto
      Alex Naruto 2 years ago

      +Linkin Park I made a remix For you like to see it

    • Alex Naruto
      Alex Naruto 2 years ago

      +Nicole Sales Linkin Park I made a remix For u You want to see it .

    • Nicole Sales
      Nicole Sales 2 years ago

      +Linkin Park you sing too

    • Emely _MKS
      Emely _MKS 2 years ago

      +Linkin Park Come to Ecuador please !!!!

    • kevin morales
      kevin morales 2 years ago

      +Linkin Park likin park in Costa Rica or America center

  • Linkin Park
    Linkin Park 2 years ago

    TBT to ReliefLive - watch the video:

    • kevin morales
      kevin morales 2 years ago

      +Linkin Park likin park in America center

  • TKR2015
    TKR2015 2 years ago

    Wow, You are actually very good. We Loved this, Well done.

  • judodoju
    judodoju 5 years ago

    Do they still songs? btw. new divide vs boulevard of broken dreams

  • alphaking336
    alphaking336 5 years ago

    give it a new album or is it the last ? i hope it gives a brand new album with mind. 12 new titles

  • Misery Emotion
    Misery Emotion 5 years ago

    I miss hybrid theory please make for your new album 3-5 nu metal songs like faint or in the end... million of peoples agree with me.

  • ChaliblueTails
    ChaliblueTails 5 years ago

    Green Day vs Linkin Park

  • Raniah Khan
    Raniah Khan 5 years ago

    LP's songs are my jeaaam XD

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    OLD linkin park fan here!

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    Bel 5 years ago

    Exist another band better than Linkin Park? I don't think so.

  • 3234cool
    3234cool 5 years ago

    Why is there no vevo in your channel?? you are an amazing band!!!!

  • Bryan Caswell
    Bryan Caswell 5 years ago

    also heard mark walberg wants to beat his butt, but he was fraid to fight him

  • Bryan Caswell
    Bryan Caswell 5 years ago

    heard the blonde guy like peepee in his mouth

  • Killswitch ShadeN
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  • Killswitch ShadeN
    Killswitch ShadeN 5 years ago

    I just want to learn,how i can scream so sharp like you please! please my band rely on me!!! i need your advice! leave a comment here and i wil see him!

  • 3Stack Ninja
    3Stack Ninja 5 years ago

    It's so sad that AWESOME band groups like Linkin Park NEVER come to Korea :( Linkin Park is literally the ONLY group that I actually bought a CD for. Normally, I download stuff from the internet, but Linkin Park is WAY to AWESOME!! I HAD to spend money on this AWESOME band group!! I might not be interested in any other music band or genre than Vocaloid or Anime OPs and EDs (so basically J-Pop i guess), but LINKIN PARK IS AWESOME!!!!

  • Ola Alexana
    Ola Alexana 5 years ago

    P O L A N D ! ♥♥

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    wow still so are the best their music is the maximum

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    Well its 18th nov 2013 5:30pm Where is LPUXIII?

  • FederSim
    FederSim 5 years ago

    You're my life <3

  • Winona Crystella
    Winona Crystella 5 years ago

    Question for Chester if he reads this: Do you have ADHD? You're almost always bouncing all over the place in your videos, especially Papercut and Burn It Down.

  • Winona Crystella
    Winona Crystella 5 years ago

    There is no old or new Linkin Park, just Linkin Park. They are in touch with their past, present, and future, they are what they've always wanted to be and they adapt to fit in with today's style of music.

  • orlando ibarra
    orlando ibarra 5 years ago

    Come To Mexico PLEASE!!!!!

  • oussa OZ
    oussa OZ 5 years ago

    linkin park you re my favourite i love you

  • PirateAngelPL
    PirateAngelPL 5 years ago

    When will you again visit Poland ?????

  • Ayeesha Rana
    Ayeesha Rana 5 years ago

    #rechargedalbum : awesome album........after a long time...............loved it!!

  • matmicm1
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    Satan's Short Story at , PEACE ...

  • Greg King
    Greg King 5 years ago

    Saw you guys near San Diego last year. Awesome performance

  • Nenad Kuzmic
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    LINKIN PARK - Iridescent