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The Girl Who Never Grew Up
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Why Do We Smile?
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When Two Species Mix
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These Fish Eat Scales
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The Male Biological Clock
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I Can't Believe It's Not Wood
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How Big Can Black Holes Grow?
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Firehawks: Nature's Arsonists
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  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 5 hours ago

    I'm the one person that doesn't have/had and hopefully never will have a cellphone!!!!!!!!!!

  • KarhuKonkari
    KarhuKonkari 5 hours ago

    Oh boi. Prime time for the fps debate.

  • Rocket Science
    Rocket Science 5 hours ago

    Olivia, someone has been drawing on your arms . A child, it would seem. I do hope it washes off easily. I would hate to think you would have to go through the rest of your life with those inane scribbles all over you.

  • ShiDaFu
    ShiDaFu 5 hours ago

    You are an annoying woman.

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti 5 hours ago

    Best joke xD

  • Peter Schaeffer
    Peter Schaeffer 5 hours ago

    Sorry, but sex in mammals (humans are mammals) is binary, not bimodal. I know that this will hurt some people's feelings and they may have a snowflake meltdown, but it is still true. Type ‘bimodal’ into Google and look at the images. Do any of them even remotely match the distribution of sex in humans? Of course, not. It turns out that it is highly relevant how common something is to determining if science will call it ‘bimodal’ or ‘binary’. Let me quote (again) from Jerry Coyne. “Once again: Why sex is binary” ( “I also criticized the NYT article, as did psychologist Debra Soh. My own criticism concluded that sex-defined as either “male” or “female”, each of which has a correlated suite of primary and secondary sexual traits connected with (and the evolutionary result of) the production of large or small gametes-is pretty much binary, and certainly strongly bimodal, with only a very small fraction of people who don’t fit neatly in the slots. For all practical purposes, sex is a binary, and it should be, since evolution produced (in most animals) two sexes that must mate to produce offspring. If you’re neither, or an intermediate, you don’t leave offspring and you don’t leave your genes.” Let me repeat that “For all practical purposes, sex is a binary” He goes on to describe the science deniers who claim sex isn’t binary “Why, then, do people harp on the non-binary nature of sex? It’s clear: because if they see sex as a spectrum, then that supposed continuum will help eliminate discrimination against transgender people (who still, I should add, adhere to one biological sex or another) or against those rare intermediate folks who don’t fall into the sex binary. But, as Byrne points out, you don’t need to twist biology to construct a caring and inclusive morality. But have a read:” Byrne makes a deeper point. There are (apparently) no intermediate cases at all (genotypically, not phenotypically) “He concludes that yes, there are some intersex conditions, but also that, arguably, “there are no clear and uncontroversial examples of humans who are neither male nor female”. By that that he also means that there are no humans who are both male and female, though I’d think that if there are true hermaphrodites and intersexes-which there appear to be-those would qualify.” That makes (genotypical) sex a pure binary, with zero intermediate cases at all. Coyne goes on. “But it doesn’t matter. If you adhere to the gamete-based definition used by most biologists, sex is effectively binary. In his footnote #2, Byrne argues that intersex individuals have a frequency of 0.015%, or about 1 individual in 6700. That would be the number of individuals falling in the “valley” between the male and female frequency peaks, making sex almost a pure binary. And that frequency, or even the 1% touted by Fausto-Sterling, neither effaces the binary nor should have any bearing on how we treat transgender or intersex individuals.” “sex is effectively binary” I know that snowflakes tend to melt at temperatures about 0 degree (Centigrade). But sometimes the truth is just too hot for snowflakes to handle and they are doomed to melting down. But don’t worry, the Earth will still orbit the Sun even after all of the snowflakes turn into liquid water.

  • Andrea Salindato
    Andrea Salindato 5 hours ago

    This making me more paranoid

  • Couldntthinkofaname
    Couldntthinkofaname 5 hours ago

    My eyes are blue but they have green mixed in

    SKYFALL 5 hours ago

    there has to be space first

  • Rebecca Pizarro
    Rebecca Pizarro 5 hours ago

    They’re trying their best ok

  • im blackopspro 141
    im blackopspro 141 5 hours ago

    Note turn off video when she starts talking if not you'll loose brain cells😂😂😂

  • nya_e22
    nya_e22 5 hours ago

    love your tattoos

  • HoshiSanada
    HoshiSanada 5 hours ago

    I have an albino bristle nose named Valentine.

  • Semmeh
    Semmeh 6 hours ago

    Im so happy to see these squiggly bois getting a bit more attention. They're a large focus of my research in Stockholm. They're incredibly diverse but tricky to properly capture and classify unless you're a true nematode veteran. So my team and myself are currently using metagenomic (metabarcoding) techniques to get a better feel for their diversity. This way we hope these guys can tell us more about the environments they inhabit.


    I look at these fish & then I look at her.......and the fish don't look ugly anymore. Interesting.

  • Chaos Gilleon
    Chaos Gilleon 6 hours ago

    A catfish with a beard and mustache to woo the ladies well played. 👍

  • wKeyCooper
    wKeyCooper 6 hours ago

    Who searched this up because of the corona virus?

  • Bamster0007
    Bamster0007 6 hours ago

    @Scishow can you talk about the Corona virus

  • EXO 2xii
    EXO 2xii 6 hours ago

    Not sure what u changed, but you glow of prettyness now :D

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 6 hours ago

    Parasites: it's free real estate 😏

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 6 hours ago

    I can’t stand these guys.

  • gdh1984
    gdh1984 6 hours ago

    I get the “exploding brain” it’s either glass shattering extremely loud, a gunshot in my ear, or the worst and for some reason the scariest... paper shuffling... I’m not all the way asleep, but out of nowhere paper will start shuffling. It sounds weird lol, but it’s scary. I have a ton of books so the only thing my mind can think of is “there’s demons or ghosts all around!!” But I can’t do anything about it because my body half asleep/half awake... sometimes, even if I open my eyes, I can STILL hear it for a minute or so until it finally stops and I realize nothing is there.

  • William Morgan
    William Morgan 6 hours ago

    What an ugly buglin

  • Ramil Jimenez
    Ramil Jimenez 6 hours ago

    Flounder Fish is not even on the list SMH!

  • Bea R
    Bea R 6 hours ago

    Reminds me of Junji Ito's "Layers of Fear"

  • Ed Gar
    Ed Gar 6 hours ago

    "why do people have periods" umm, I'm a man and I don't. What is wrong with using the scientifically correct term "women"? I thought this channel was called Sci(ence)Show?

  • Ren Tristan dela Cruz

    Ugly fish (after seeing the video title): wow, rude!

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris 6 hours ago

    Oh hey, a sci show vid to sit down and eat my lovely hand made dinner with *thumbnail loads* Oh... I see

  • Hufflepuff The Magic Dragon

    Redlipped batfish. IMLOVE HIM!!!!

  • J Paterson
    J Paterson 6 hours ago

    All creatures are beautiful. It’s people, who are ugly, thinking we have the right to judge anyone or anything.

  • Sticky Finz
    Sticky Finz 6 hours ago

    There is more nematodes then nematode scientist by aloooot !! Lol. The emphasis had me laughing

  • Nicholas Stevens
    Nicholas Stevens 7 hours ago


  • Dr. McStuffins
    Dr. McStuffins 7 hours ago

    If you live in Ohio and are having issues with bed bugs, give Southeast Ohio Pest control a call. They are fantastic and got rid of an INFESTATION in one of my rentals in 1 treatment. These people had lived with the bugs for almost a year and never told me till they trashed my house and moved out. 740-209-2315

  • slapperorange
    slapperorange 7 hours ago

    Im really happy you uploaded this video, given that in academia there still is a bit of a taboo about researching the topic (just compare the publications on menstrual problems versus erectile dysfunction), so I think your video helps break through that stigma we have as humans about it :)

  • Unknown Viewr
    Unknown Viewr 7 hours ago

    Why is the sunfish pretty in Finding Dory? 😂

  • Sticky Finz
    Sticky Finz 7 hours ago

    Do a coronavirus video please

  • Poulomi In A new City

    I am hear having pain from my cramp... PMSing, missing my day from job and watching this video🙌🙌

  • Carlo Lim
    Carlo Lim 7 hours ago

    Because they are just dumb. They are stupid, brainless, and just want to end their lives. Don’t try interacting with them because their stupidity is very contagious. They are ONE of the worst forms of humanity.

  • Wildcute
    Wildcute 7 hours ago

    Your intro mesmerized my kitten

  • On My Table
    On My Table 7 hours ago

    Sunfish isn't ugly, man!

  • Katarzyna Kowalska
    Katarzyna Kowalska 7 hours ago

    They’re so lovely <3

  • Yora
    Yora 7 hours ago

    The Greeks were pretty big of denying any new ideas because their concepts without any proof were "obvious" and "everybody knows it". Which is why Aristotle is a science "expert".

  • Toe Beans & Kindness

    Sun fish are adorable!

  • Fwix Gamer
    Fwix Gamer 7 hours ago

    Im waiting for the lgbt fish activists to defend 😁

  • Chelsea Shurmantine
    Chelsea Shurmantine 7 hours ago

    This video made me so happy

  • Aluminum Chicken
    Aluminum Chicken 7 hours ago

    You have a booger hanging from your nose.

  • Zedant
    Zedant 7 hours ago

    Does always get eaten as breakfast count?

  • Uber Wulf
    Uber Wulf 7 hours ago

    I'll play fetch!

  • Dan Litt
    Dan Litt 7 hours ago

    If you had a presenter called Bob would they be Scishow Bob?

  • Skywise
    Skywise 7 hours ago

    Show off your Tat more :D

  • Brenda Krieger
    Brenda Krieger 7 hours ago

    Love ocean life

  • Skukkix23
    Skukkix23 7 hours ago

    Just realized that my face maybe just a "incredible example of evolutionary innovation"

  • Laggy Acer
    Laggy Acer 7 hours ago

    Neotenic Complex Syndrome - NCS NoCopyRightSound - NCS

  • Hifty Long head
    Hifty Long head 7 hours ago

    Why isnt imjaystation on this list

  • Dennis Goodayle
    Dennis Goodayle 7 hours ago

    finaly sumbody who knows what here talking about told us that diamonds are almost worthless

  • CD7
    CD7 7 hours ago


  • Rasmus n.e.M
    Rasmus n.e.M 7 hours ago

    If you think too much about it, humans aren't really that pretty either.

  • Okimura Manabe
    Okimura Manabe 7 hours ago

  • Sorgutentarer
    Sorgutentarer 7 hours ago

    What a useless channel. How are you different than Buzzfeed?

  • PAPI Lights HD
    PAPI Lights HD 7 hours ago

    the ugliest animal on Earth is the human. prove me wrong

  • Veggy
    Veggy 7 hours ago

    Pink... fleshy... embodiment of moist?? Ahh K got it 😉😂

  • Opaque Motives
    Opaque Motives 7 hours ago

    You also have the face of radio.

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe 7 hours ago

    I had to have a DNA test for diagnostic purposes late last week. (Still awaiting results.) This stuff amazes me. We've come quite far in medicine, it's nice to stop and marvel at that now and then. Cancer used to be a death sentence, period. Now there are types of cancer they can actually *cure!* I hope it's the same for these toddler-people. Being a toddler must be frustrating.

  • andrewesquivel
    andrewesquivel 7 hours ago

    1:37 no, it helps them survive the pressure of being swiped left on their Plenty of Fish account. They're just deflated from being rejected so much. Have some compassion

  • Blaze
    Blaze 7 hours ago

    We had to watch this I'm biology and some ugly girl said "see it's just evolution" and I said "then you can find a prom date at the bottom of the ocean." They didn't take my phone in detention, but my parents are making me film myself asking her to prom now

  • Rockspoon
    Rockspoon 8 hours ago

    Sounds like devil work to me.

  • Nyar 23
    Nyar 23 8 hours ago

    "Oh noes, this wondrous animal does not look like I personally imagine cutesy things to be based on my personal arbitrary standards of beauty! HOW UGLY!" ... 😒

  • Xander Madrid
    Xander Madrid 8 hours ago

    Thier peculiarities are what make them cool. They're just awesome the way they are.

  • DragonSheep
    DragonSheep 8 hours ago

    It's kind of amazing that the crab body plan is so successful that even fish evolved it.

  • David Rice
    David Rice 8 hours ago

    So, just slap the name vaccine on it, and you're convinced...

  • KAT Ayanami
    KAT Ayanami 8 hours ago

    Man, were you guys trying to break a record on how many jokes per video you can make?

  • A J
    A J 8 hours ago

    *when will we all die?* Coronavirus (coV): *Let me introduce myself*

  • Monica Apt
    Monica Apt 8 hours ago

    Periods are a bloody pain

  • ImMayorMcCheese
    ImMayorMcCheese 8 hours ago

    Ironic that Olivia would host one of these videos about ugly creatures.

  • Evie House
    Evie House 8 hours ago

    Blobfish are beautiful...

  • PandaDaisy
    PandaDaisy 8 hours ago

    I find freckles is quite cute actually, idk why I really wanted freckles lol

  • James Parker
    James Parker 8 hours ago

    for the calculators: why were vacuum florescent displays not talked about?

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 8 hours ago

    Hognose snakes are so extra.

  • NunSuperior
    NunSuperior 8 hours ago

    They have no alibi.

  • Micah Todd
    Micah Todd 8 hours ago

    I think the second one only eats “bile” on accident. I mean, if you’re hanging out at the bottom of the ocean, you’re going to encounter a lot of it

  • Wade227
    Wade227 8 hours ago

    Electro-magnets. Matter and Antimatter act like magnets. So as magnetic fields are created from planets, stars, black holes, etc. create anti poles.

  • Robert Panis
    Robert Panis 8 hours ago

    Corona: ill avenge you all

  • Morgan Weeks
    Morgan Weeks 8 hours ago

    "there's not a lot of heavy things walking around on the Ocean floor" *that we know of*

  • Fenna Dikketetten
    Fenna Dikketetten 8 hours ago

    Why are nose rings so U.G.L.Y?

  • budlaaat
    budlaaat 9 hours ago

    "Ugly Guys Like You" No offense but this is what it mean on my mind

  • Nic
    Nic 9 hours ago

    “People”? 🙄 Couldn’t use a more specific term? Oh ok gender neutral (albeit unscientific) title it is.

  • roygalaasen
    roygalaasen 9 hours ago

    ...because the notion of beauty is in the eye of the beholder...?

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman 9 hours ago

    It's always nice to see Olivia having fun and flashing that mischievous smile on one of these videos.

  • Ok Boomer!
    Ok Boomer! 9 hours ago

    Her pierced nose makes her as homely as the fish.

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 9 hours ago

    There should have a prop 65 label on the state of California.

  • Sam F
    Sam F 9 hours ago

    All these years and all it took was a kid, and some time off.!

  • Anisha Salsa Amalia
    Anisha Salsa Amalia 9 hours ago

    2020? Corona virus?

  • Elvir Redzepovic
    Elvir Redzepovic 9 hours ago

    Unless this cumguzzler (narrator) intended to date fish, this video is stupid. But it is a good source of income for otherwise unemployable basement dwellers/part time Uber drivers.

  • Dan Franco
    Dan Franco 9 hours ago

    Make fetch happen. Good one.

  • How Unfortunate
    How Unfortunate 9 hours ago

    I mean I think I drink and get high more when I'm around friends then when I'm alone. That's just me tho

  • Jake Elliott
    Jake Elliott 9 hours ago

    I like this presenter soooo much more than Hank, Hank = annoying

  • Adr Raz
    Adr Raz 9 hours ago

    >Fish shaming :P

  • smiler
    smiler 9 hours ago

    The mice have gone into nasel shock lol

  • snookie g
    snookie g 9 hours ago

    I live in southeast Kansas, not too far from a superfund site: Pitcher, OKlahoma. It was a mess to get cleaned and a mess to get people evacuated and resettled. The whole thing, soup to nuts, was a chaotic mess. My heart really went out to those people. Great video!!

  • Ash Catchem
    Ash Catchem 9 hours ago

    "It's just so pink and fleshy" basically the embodiment of how people feel when they hear the word "moist" Hehe this phrase makes me think of something completely different. 😳