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The Male Biological Clock
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How Tall Can Mountains Get?
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  • Von duMozze
    Von duMozze 21 second ago

    Much more interesting than "Elephant Talk" by King Crimson.

  • Богдан Неизвестный

    2016: TVclip: Too early to show it in the recommendations. 2017: Still early. 2018: NOPE, I SAID. 2019: HEY DUDE! I HAVE BRAND NEW VIDEO YOU SHOULD WATCH!

  • EliyahRose Nkranz
    EliyahRose Nkranz 5 minutes ago

    Did they say Thailand? I’m from Thailand

  • Punkrawk
    Punkrawk 7 minutes ago

    Imagine being the dude who's like "Yeah, we need to account for the inevitable flood due to climate change," but then deciding to go ahead and build a mile-high tower that only the wealthiest 0.001% of human beings will ever touch anyway.

  • Jaimie Martin
    Jaimie Martin 8 minutes ago

    Watching this while drinking beers.

  • Doug Graves
    Doug Graves 8 minutes ago

    your septum is a deviant!

  • Michael Scheel
    Michael Scheel 20 minutes ago

    hasn't researchers documented that giraffes were communicating in the same audio range and getting the same mileages with theirs?

  • A Leo
    A Leo 21 minute ago

    Thumb down dude you need more pictures.

  • Jasmine Flores
    Jasmine Flores 28 minutes ago

    So cool

  • Alex Bones
    Alex Bones 30 minutes ago

    Hank Green may be a left winger coming at the sex question from a progressive stand point, and promoting a left wing message throughout the video, but the actual facts in this video support the right wing view that biology determines sex. Hank perfectly explains and proves this point with the various examples of sexual anomaly's he goes into, He explains how the sex of a person is completely determined by their biological composition including their chromosomes, hormones, gonads or genitals. Then he explains how chromosomes determine sex, and He shows that changes in chromosomes can lead to sexual anomaly's. Which are these rare sexual conditions of biological nature that are disorder, syndromes, these outlier sexual conditions can cause both male and female genitalia to develop, a mix of male and female characteristics, sterility, retardation, deformed genitalia .etc These sexual anomalys are largely harmful . They show the superior XX and XY binary system to be a vastly more successful system of sexual selection and healthy growth, the binary is clearly the way nature intended human beings to develop sexually, this is the natural mechanism of sexual determination and healthy sexual development. Here is the defintion of a spectrum: A spectrum, is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary, without steps, across a continuum. There is simply no supporting evidence of a continuum of infinite possible sexes that cover male and female including all possible variations of male/female hybrid in between the two binarys, this is nonsense there is no infinite variations of sexes, and there is no possible way to become said variations in a healthy consistent manner. This video does not show any evidence of a spectrum of human sexes, this is an ideological term that is bandied about by the left regarding gender spectrum theory usually, the use of this term is unscientific and very incorrect. There is no sex spectrum, there is only a sex binary, anything outside the optimal XX or XY chromosome binary system is a biological mistake which will lead to genital deformity, disorder, retardation and strange sexual anomaly's. The only healthy, consistent sexual development strategy is the chromosomal binary selection system (XX, XY, male, female) this is an automatic process that engages the DNA to start the optimized sexual development program.

  • Rob Abramz
    Rob Abramz 33 minutes ago

    The ship being shown is not the ancient wreck, but is the SS Thistle Gorm, an armed merchant ship that sunk October 6, 1941. That was very confusing as I was listening because of all the modern building technology showing while your talking about an ancient vessel. Please edit this video to explicitly state that this is just showing what the photogrammetry technology could show. Not what it did show for the sunken Ancient Greek vessel actually looked like!

  • Azphreal
    Azphreal 34 minutes ago

    Or get the Hulk to punch it lol.

  • Light 5
    Light 5 38 minutes ago

    Oh this is something i learned but after awhile it doesn't matter it over simplifies humans and over taxis our brains i don't want to ask their sex takes up too much time too much energy its better to do what i do nowadays just keep to yourself people today love to gloat about their sexuality and gender even the month they are born so they feel special thats fine but let you say sir around a manly looking ... person and you will hear about it till the end of your shift and then some I just don't talk unless around friends Perhaps this is best

  • bwvids
    bwvids 40 minutes ago

    Easiest fix: 1) keep the “ear buds” ends together with a clip (on some iPhone cables) so it is 1 string vs “Y” string and 2) roll up from audio end in the center with buds on the outside of coil. That DRASTICALLY minimizes knots and eases unraveling.

  • Tfue
    Tfue 42 minutes ago

    I need to forget 1 guy 1 jar

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie 43 minutes ago

    African Union HQ in Addas Ababa is going to have to move, before they get flooded.

  • Joshua Wise
    Joshua Wise 44 minutes ago

    Settings --> Playback Speed --> 0.75 :D

  • Alejandro Barreto
    Alejandro Barreto 44 minutes ago

    Play this video at .5 speed. *Spoiler:* He sounds drunk AF. xDD

  • Zes
    Zes 45 minutes ago

    wrg, any be any interesx, coolx etc no matter what

  • Sleeve Of Wizard
    Sleeve Of Wizard 56 minutes ago

    I can believe hormones. I know a woman with autistic male child. She eats crap. High fat. Animal has to die whenever shes hungry. Sleeps 12 hrs a day. No exercise. No fruit n veg. No sunlight. No fresh air. Complains. I'm sure her hormones are screwed...🤔

  • Olusola Adegbite

    This is what science fiction is all about

  • gartner10112
    gartner10112 Hour ago

    Fun-jai. Lol

  • Jake Zepeda
    Jake Zepeda Hour ago

    Inb4 copystrike by elephant

  • guifré mampel
    guifré mampel Hour ago

    what can they smell

  • Wutdoesthefoxsay

    2:36 ur welcome

  • Alexander Campbell

    Transphobes die mad about it!

  • Marcus Phillips
    Marcus Phillips Hour ago

    It's thought that T-rexes spoke like this, but even louder.

  • Dave Kirkeby
    Dave Kirkeby Hour ago

    This might be the oldest *intact* Shipwreck in the world. According to Wikipedia the oldest shipwreck in the world is this: Link to a piece of Greek pottery that has an image of a ship that is similar to this one:

  • samiamrg7
    samiamrg7 Hour ago

    I think I remember an episode of “House MD” where the big twist was that the patient turned out to have complete androgen insensitivity and so appeared female but had underdeveloped testes hanging around inside of them, and that this was somehow related to whatever mysterious ailment they were suffering from.

  • snoןnǝɯǝɯ
    snoןnǝɯǝɯ Hour ago

    yes I knew my gender which is a Toyota Corolla was accepted by scientists

  • snoןnǝɯǝɯ
    snoןnǝɯǝɯ Hour ago

    The reason why dogs can’t eat chocolate is because they are already too sweet.

  • AleXanDraPR369
    AleXanDraPR369 Hour ago

    We often comment about how each other might ‘see’ the world differently, well, elephants hear the world differently And for me, that just add another layer of beauty to Mother Nature

  • Christopher Gomez


  • Christopher Gomez


  • imaGINAtion
    imaGINAtion Hour ago

    MSG itself is not that bad, but when it goes hand in hand with oily/greasy food like Chinese cuisine, the result will be quiet bad. Eating Panda Express food certainly often causes stomach upset, indigestion, headache or nausea vomiting. It's the oily/grease food in addition to MSG, which clearly explained the complaining of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome".

  • imaGINAtion
    imaGINAtion Hour ago

    MSG itself is not that bad, but when it goes hand in hand with oily/greasy food like Chinese cuisine, the result will be quiet bad. Eating Panda Express food certainly often causes stomach upset, indigestion, headache or nausea vomiting. It's the oily/grease food in addition to MSG, which clearly explained the complaining of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome".

  • PlayfullySound
    PlayfullySound Hour ago

    Either one is mostly male on the spectrum or mostly female on the spectrum and if you go further it's just called "splitting hairs". One could play the sub-type of sub-type and variation of variation game to infinity technically but if it starts costing money it should probably be of low-priority unless you personally want to pay the money then....get a life.

  • Kevan Chetty
    Kevan Chetty Hour ago Says sugar is bad

  • Yellow Stain
    Yellow Stain Hour ago

    I am triggered by the name Russia, they are ungood

  • Iroquoisgirl 7919

    I loved the salt n peppa reference! "Push it, push it real good."

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Hour ago

    So... Genetic dead ends... So it's self correcting over time?

  • Jewellab0113
    Jewellab0113 Hour ago

    I thought the symbiotic relationship of mitochondria and humans would be in this video

  • Praxilla's Cucumbers

    Just a quick correction HeroDOTus not HeroTODus (typical anglophone pronunciation: Heh-rod-ott-tus). Otherwise, great point in a great video!

  • Will Winn
    Will Winn 2 hours ago

    Male & female ..

  • emteespace
    emteespace 2 hours ago

    Beer emits CO2 and it's the alcohol they used for the study. Did they even consider that the CO2 from the beer might be the cause?

  • dvxAznxvb
    dvxAznxvb 2 hours ago

    Something appeared from the dark, a sh*t

  • Sagacious Eagle
    Sagacious Eagle 2 hours ago

    Why is there a large number of dislikes? Religious people?

  • Ananya Ravikumar
    Ananya Ravikumar 2 hours ago

    I didn’t really need yet another another reason to love elephants - but now I have one :)

  • Hawk one
    Hawk one 2 hours ago

    Just a reminder that after being up for six minutes, this video already had 500 downvotes. This video, that is 13 minutes long. And that contains 31 sources in its description. Take a wild guess if any of those 500 downvotes came from anyone who'd actually watched it, much less checked the sources.

  • PaleBear
    PaleBear 2 hours ago

    It's hard to take someone seriously who chooses to have a metal booger hanging out their nose.

  • Aeturnalis
    Aeturnalis 2 hours ago

    There are 21,000+ bigots out there right now with their fingers in their ears yelling at their phones, "I can't hear you, I can't hear you, I'm still a straight man like god made me, no matter what Hank says." Don't worry, 21k bigots, we support you whenever you're ready to come out of that closet.

  • Alan L. Simmons
    Alan L. Simmons 2 hours ago

    What a load of deep deep poo

  • Michael Bernardo
    Michael Bernardo 2 hours ago

    Haha ferric funny.

  • Robert R.
    Robert R. 2 hours ago

    While you are nice, I want to see the ship not you.

  • Ripped Torn
    Ripped Torn 2 hours ago

    So some guys fried up and ate some synchronised vulture vomit ?, fair enough all they knew was it was a random meat shower but i still feel that's the main point of that story ?

  • Flozy
    Flozy 2 hours ago

    Bruh I just need to revise and I can’t cause this one thing is bothering me

  • Brinx
    Brinx 2 hours ago

    Micro brain can be a problem.

  • Kaotiqua
    Kaotiqua 3 hours ago

    As much as I love the Bros. Green, the SciShow dismissal of GMO and eco-conscious food practices always makes me grit my teeth. Don't get me wrong- I'm well aware that there's nothing inherently wrong with the splicing of genes, and most reasonable people _wash_ their produce before they eat it. A much bigger reason for the concern with GMOs and with the pesticides and fertilizers widely in use is concern for the ethics and practices of the companies using them. A concern for the environment. A concern for indigenous species. A concern for farmers' rights to their own crops and seeds. No, that fertilizer might not make my tomatoes any worse for _me_ , but what is it doing to the fish? The birds? The native plants? That corn might not be poisoning us, (it's not,) but is it destroying a farmer's ability to maintain his crop season to season? Is the company he is fairly obligated to buy his products from extorting him, by engineering plants that will not produce viable seed for the next season's crops? And if he chooses to buy from some other company, are they going to sue him within an inch of his livelihood because the neighboring farm's pollen was carried into his field by the wind, bees, and wildlife? And if his crop is accidentally cross-pollinated with a terminator crop, will he be damned to lose next year's crop despite his efforts to the contrary? These concerns are not trivial, and they do not deserve to be dismissed as "hippy nonsense" given the current decline of the world's ecosystems.

  • Roshan Rokaya
    Roshan Rokaya 3 hours ago

    Its work in nepal

  • EsCosadeJOCS
    EsCosadeJOCS 3 hours ago

    amazing video, keep it up! <3

  • Cian McCabe
    Cian McCabe 3 hours ago

    I love elephants.

  • Suedocode
    Suedocode 3 hours ago

    0:45 This means nothing though. If you replay *anything* faster and at a higher frequency (presumably both do the same thing?), you can make anything as noisy as you want. You are squashing the total energy of the wave into something shorter, making it more energy dense. Squash it to a singularity and suddenly elephants are noisier than aircraft!

  • Trey Jones
    Trey Jones 3 hours ago

    I guess I could have the trash DNA activated and grow a tail. so cool!!!

  • Purp Haustier
    Purp Haustier 3 hours ago

    Owwie my bwain hurts cuwz it interfews wif my cuwwent wowrld view uwu

  • Maire Ni Laoi
    Maire Ni Laoi 3 hours ago

    Are u photo shopped

  • Amor Doyogan
    Amor Doyogan 3 hours ago

    My partner asked me to watch what is the reason why her poop is green and so I watched this. Hearing this too fast talking and I am not that smart enough to understand what he is taling all about cause Im not American and can just slightly undertand that it has nothing to worry about. So I just said, it says its ok and she got to sleep quickly like she did not happen to worry earlier.

  • mike jones
    mike jones 3 hours ago

    I'm a real life Chewbacca I'm so hairy, I like dreadlocking my back hair, it looks so cool 😊

  • gowzahr
    gowzahr 3 hours ago

    It sounds like all of these calculations assume monogamous relationships. Is that true? If so, how do estimates change if you assume, for instance, that every woman bears three children, each with a different father?

  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 3 hours ago

    How do we know that the fish hang out in caves during the day????

  • judy churley
    judy churley 3 hours ago

    From a biological point of view, is this true? If 'sex' is seen from a biological/reproductive point of view there is asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction; the point of sexual reproduction is a kind of biological diversity; and the only viable form of sexual reproduction is male and female of a species providing the necessary components. No other pairing of imagined sex or gender can produce any offspring. Are these other 'types' actually genders?

    • baeumchenfaeller
      baeumchenfaeller 2 hours ago

      yes, it is true. it is a little more complicated than you think, thats all im gonna say, for more information you can try to do some extra research

  • Usama Iftikhar Butt
    Usama Iftikhar Butt 4 hours ago

    wow amazing

  • Harsh Dhindsa
    Harsh Dhindsa 4 hours ago

    Can use it in missile

  • Mamu MauMau
    Mamu MauMau 4 hours ago

    Yea but needy, neurotic, insecure fashionistas love buying a little six ounce bottle of "anti-aging serum" with a French name because it is a status symbol. They are already at the mall, A.K.A. their house of worship, so they might as well pop into Macy's and drop forty five-fifty dollars on a bottle. It makes them feel....what girls? How does it make you feel? Like a super model or an actress? You should feel like a fool.....

  • SpaceCadet
    SpaceCadet 4 hours ago

    Can't wait for my soundwave waifu :-)

  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 4 hours ago

    Arent we the definition of an invasive species?

  • Keith Hargraves
    Keith Hargraves 4 hours ago

    When did the trend start for ladies to shave their arms legs an armpits start?

  • Charles Lease
    Charles Lease 4 hours ago

    #Hemp #Bamboo

  • Charles Lease
    Charles Lease 4 hours ago

    Bamboo and hemp are excellent phyto-remediators and grow very quickly.

  • Kat Martin2016
    Kat Martin2016 4 hours ago

    I was not aware Harry Potter had a gender change.

  • Gimp
    Gimp 4 hours ago

    Excellent vid and I'd also like to know the kind of wood...…..and a most friendly reminder to the lovely presenter, as a grandparent, be careful with all hooped jewelry when holding babies and very young children...….....

  • Lone Sage
    Lone Sage 4 hours ago

    Been around for 40 years with no ill results you say. I'm old enough to remember 40 years ago. Back then Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, inability to walk through the store, and so emotionally unstable you needed to have your pet in the store with you wasn’t common. The government officials who approve GMO food once worked for the companies that made them and go back to them later and sit on the board of directors making millions. I’m sure no conflict of interest enters in. I’m sure Monsanto wouldn’t hide the fact if the food was unsafe. Knowing Roundup caused cancer and hiding the fact was just a fluke. I’m sure that the plants being able to absorb more Roundup and not be killed off doesn’t affect the person that eats it. Probably the countries who refuse to let GMO foods into their country just hate America and want less food available for their citizens. I’m sure any tests they have made show the food above reproach and safe to consume.

    • David Adcock
      David Adcock Hour ago

      Your post is total garbage and Glyphosate has been proven NOT to cause cancer. GMO technology is about farmers like me using much much less pesticides and much much safer pesticides with the pesticides even safer than many of the pesticides that Organic growers use. The CBS Evening News had a piece 8-30-2017 on how gmo technology was being use to cure some cancers. They showed exactly how is being done and they are also working on other cancers trying to cure them. Man has been breeding plants in all different ways for thousands of years to help benefit mankind. 500 years ago a carrot was pure white. GMO technology is use in many things to better the world. Almost all Insulin used today by diabetics is GMO insulin. GMO rennet has been used for decades to make cheese. The cheese making enzyme breaks down proteins and separates them from whey. Golden Rice to benefit vitamin A-deficient children. & BT CORN AND COTTON. GMO proteins include blood- clotting factors to help Hemophiliacs, the hepatitis B vaccine, thyroid hormones, laundry detergent enzymes, and many synthetically produced amino acids used in nutritional supplements. There are many many many more benefits of GMO technologies. We all should give thanks to GOD for giving us the wisdom of GMO and stand up to those that tell lies about GOD's blessings trying to play GOD themselves trying to take away his blessings.

  • LexiDizzle
    LexiDizzle 4 hours ago

    When he started describing the plot of Waldo, I thought "Heinlein invented Stephen Hawking?" But turns out Hawking was born 8 months before the story was published.

  • Ryan Boscoe
    Ryan Boscoe 4 hours ago

    I can tell at 117 db... I'm actually training to get the world record. I'm not even joking

  • Junior Mynos
    Junior Mynos 4 hours ago

    Life is complicated

  • Theo Suharto
    Theo Suharto 4 hours ago

    Are you telling me that when I get cut, some cute lolis in my cells are there to heal me ? Suddenly I'm not afraid of getting cut wound anymore

  • LexiDizzle
    LexiDizzle 4 hours ago

    Do the humours sound like hormones to anyone else? Fluctuating fluids that affect your mood?

  • Jay Gigidy
    Jay Gigidy 4 hours ago

    When I'm fully on the Male side of the spectrum can I undo that by simply identifying as a female? If I look like Hulk Hogan can i undo that and be female by the simply willing it?

    • Fritzious 7
      Fritzious 7 Hour ago

      @Jay Gigidy you're so close

    • Jay Gigidy
      Jay Gigidy 2 hours ago

      @baeumchenfaeller if I can shuffle sexes like that then why is there any sex at all? The statement I am a man or I am a woman becomes worthless. This flies in the face of the trans community since it celebrates being a certain sex but if sex becomes like an amoeba then what's the point?

    • Jay Gigidy
      Jay Gigidy 2 hours ago

      @Aeturnalis well if I can change my sex that way then can i will myself to be a dog?

    • Aeturnalis
      Aeturnalis 2 hours ago

      We support your decision to assume the gender you identify as whenever you're ready.

    • baeumchenfaeller
      baeumchenfaeller 2 hours ago

      we both know thats now what he meant and it isnt exactly how it works, that doesnt mean you cannot be a female if you are a male, you can be what you feel you are. so if you are a male but feel like you are more of a female you are a so called Transgender and can identify yourself as a female person.

  • Justine Mesa
    Justine Mesa 4 hours ago

    It is not a secret anymore :(((

  • Artistic Endeavors
    Artistic Endeavors 4 hours ago

    Everything Apollo is a bad idea. Always has been. Takes a while to figure it out that Apollo is just another name for the devil...true!

  • Brian Meyrick
    Brian Meyrick 5 hours ago

    4:45 Why in God's teeth are you duping people into believing that the images being shown here are of the actual one found. This is simply disgraceful!

  • Legace 34
    Legace 34 5 hours ago

    Septum piercing looks fuckn stupid. Take it out.

  • aking032962
    aking032962 5 hours ago

    Keep this host he is good and he doesn't scream or act like an idiot to hear your content. I like your channel information, but your hosts or maybe the writers are questionable, just saying...

  • Claude Tasquier
    Claude Tasquier 5 hours ago

    Your genetics will also determine the structure of your comment on this video😂😂

  • kik kaka
    kik kaka 5 hours ago

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  • General Durandal
    General Durandal 5 hours ago

    I love learning about nature. Here's hoping humanity's ignorance doesn't doom the planet. Claimant change is real, it's already past the point of no return. Last winter I got over a foot of snow. Every year before that, only an inch or two. The following spring broke all the fire records for the last 3 summers combined. We don't have 10 years to fix this, we need to do it now. The biggest culprits are cars, factories, cows, and humanity it'self. We need more electric cars, over gas cars. We need more green energy. We need less cows, over 40% of the meat goes to waste anyway, just reduces the mount of cows per farm by 40%, less wasted meat. Regulate human reproduction. I doubt anyone would though.

  • bryn mitchell
    bryn mitchell 5 hours ago

    As soon as a human , whether young and limited as is this guy , or old and set in their ways, like many , Start talking about imaginary beings in the sky [ Gods] They lose Any credibility about anything they have to say .

  • breimalislobodnoime
    breimalislobodnoime 5 hours ago

    But do they have a proper language? Are there dialects like with whales?

  • Taste like china had a baby and named it America

    oh so be like the homeless?

  • Vedika Singh
    Vedika Singh 5 hours ago

    I thought it happens when you travel to parallel universe in a deep sleep

  • matthew Williams
    matthew Williams 5 hours ago

    I take L-Dopa and a multivitamin