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  • Marc Abelha
    Marc Abelha Month ago

    Hey Hank, what about a video on magnets in space against solar wind?
    I read a NASA white paper about 1-2 Tesla dipole on L1 lagrange to protect Mars atmosphere from being stripped by the sun, should we ever try to terraform it.
    I also suggested this for Real Engineering, you could team up :-)

  • Alex462001
    Alex462001 Month ago

    why is milk bad for yo and it dosent
    make your bones string

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee Month ago

    What happened to the unused electricity if it is excessively produced in power plant?

  • ABC
    ABC Month ago

    This looks interesting, I would love to see what truth you can find about this:

  • Cristina Hargrave

    Do marshmallows actually help treat sore throats/coughs? If they do, what is it about modern marshmallows (that don't use marshmallow root) that makes them work as a treatment?

  • AntaresLight
    AntaresLight Month ago

    Just had this thought: If Newton is defined as "the force that would give a mass of one kilogram an acceleration of one meter per second per second", and 786.83129855116 calorie [burned] equal 1 newton. Does that mean if I throw a 1 kg weight past 1m/s (assuming takes less than a second to throw it). I burned at least 786 calories?!! That can't be right? Anyone care to point out where the flaw is? Thanks.

  • Ted Cameron
    Ted Cameron Month ago

    If dark matter is(probably) all around us and dark energy too, how can we see "through" it to see stars and galaxies past it? Does that make it "out-of-phase" which our reality or what?

  • Veganophob
    Veganophob 2 months ago

    Video Idea: Why do we have 60sec/min and 60min/hour. wouldnt 100sec/min and 100min/hour and lets say 10h/day make more sense? We would only need to change the duration of a second.
    Edit: The french already tried this in the past: (

  • RaRa Leaire
    RaRa Leaire 2 months ago

    If you could have the woman who wears glasses with the nose piercing learn to better articulate and project her voice that would be much appreciated. Despite the topic I cannot listen to the videos that feature her; they are rather irritating.

  • Brandon Hamer
    Brandon Hamer 2 months ago

    please review this!!
    I'm almost certain its missinformation

  • Inbal Elmalech
    Inbal Elmalech 2 months ago

    Video idea - is cooking with olive oil bad for you?

    ROGAR11 ROGAR 2 months ago

    Is there any truth in studying cancer cells human imortality can be achieved. eg. the rogue cancer cells live longer etc?

    ROGAR11 ROGAR 2 months ago

    What are the properties of water freezing solid, specificaly... when it expands to form ice 'what is the psi?' can it become a solid if it cant expand etc.

  • jcaprara
    jcaprara 2 months ago

    Would love to see one on creaky voice phenomenon.

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 2 months ago

    SciShow, with the coming legalization of marijuana in select states, could you another followup program on why illegal drugs were made illegal, and even if a drug is made legal why it isn't a good idea to that drug and others that are still illegal?

  • cool story brah
    cool story brah 2 months ago

    what happens when someone in Archaeology or Paleontology finds something it not related to any theory out there or history that contradicts the archaeology community semmelweis effect how would we know if they had hidden the fact , can this happen , i ask my collage professor that and to end this story short i did not pass his class he was so offend and said it was impossible that he was not going to even bother

  • Casper O'Hane
    Casper O'Hane 2 months ago

    Okay so does anyone know why some people get sick (as in vomiting) after waking up from being anesthetized? And is it something you can inherit? (I ask because my mom and brother both have this reaction.) And is there a way to prevent it?

  • Richard Hassinger
    Richard Hassinger 2 months ago

    Unrelated to a request, I just wanted to thank the staff at SciShow and SciShow Psych for being an awesome, educational Youtube Team! I love enriching my brain with more and more knowledge from the videos that your team produce. Seeing how accessible the information you have been using to make these videos is has inspired me to one day become a scientist myself, so that I can contribute to the collective of human knowledge and maybe make life better for others one day.

  • Shannon Bradbury
    Shannon Bradbury 2 months ago

    I tried to use the link but it says "page not found'

  • For The World
    For The World 2 months ago

    how did cheap mp3 players become such cheap and even give that amazing performance

  • Karl Steinkopf
    Karl Steinkopf 2 months ago

    Why haven't we invented body odor control clothing yet?

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 2 months ago

    Compilation video idea: Climate change. All these deniers out there claim the science is inconclusive, and I know you've covered several aspects of it. How about a compilation that we can point to as a primer for those non-believers.

  • Cinderbloom
    Cinderbloom 2 months ago

    Hey Scishow, I was wondering if you could do a special episode at some point, talking about ways to get involved with helping out in science. Things that everyone can incorporate into their routine. It could be a great way to raise awareness on citizen science, like with the episode you did, but more ways to do it perhaps.

  • daphnie cheung
    daphnie cheung 2 months ago

    chalk is weird, when we use the eraser on the blackboard, it just pushes the chalk around. whats the point of the eraser?

  • Patrick  Wilcox
    Patrick Wilcox 2 months ago

    why does hot chocolate powder mix better in hot water or milk then cold

  • John Graboski
    John Graboski 2 months ago

    Hey guys, if you're reading this please cover the Kyshtym disaster - this documentary was about as good as I could find - ( . Anyway all the vids I saw so far just throw the facts and info out but you guys have such in insightful way of portraying your stories. MANY THANKS!! ROCK ON!!

  • bobet jobe
    bobet jobe 2 months ago

    Video Idea: Grass Bubbles/Lawn Blister

  • butterhigh
    butterhigh 2 months ago

    Hey SciShow. I love your videos! I have a question for you: Do I have a lot of hair because my hair grows very fast, does my hair grow very fast because I have a lot of hair, or are these not related at all?

  • Tamika Millar
    Tamika Millar 2 months ago

    Why does my dog roll in dead animal remains?????? :)

  • ClareBear
    ClareBear 2 months ago

    Question: how do underwater "lakes" work? Like pockets of very salty water at the bottom of the sea; why does the salt not just disperse into the rest of the water?? I really want to know D:

  • Kaleigh F
    Kaleigh F 2 months ago

    If anyone knows: Why does making sounds when lifting weights help?

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 2 months ago

    Scishow, could you do a show on how charcoal or coal works? I don't get how material is burned to make the stuff, and then you can burn it again to fuel machines or cook food. How do you burn the same thing twice to get more energy out of it? Thanks.

  • Atongmorot
    Atongmorot 2 months ago

    Maybe Scishow can talk about quantum computers and security/encription. This article has some worrisome news:

  • The General
    The General 2 months ago

    How much would Earth's water levels decrease if every living plant and fish (or water animal of some sort) were removed from it?

  • arodreth
    arodreth 2 months ago

    will you talk about the poll you have made recently? we are also curious about the rest of the audience

  • Dev Desai
    Dev Desai 2 months ago

    Q. We cant see air, nor can we see light. Then how can we see the sky?

  • Rattacko
    Rattacko 2 months ago

    sish show

  • Matt U
    Matt U 2 months ago

    I have been watching your videos for some time now and I end up noticing over and over that the presenters talk with their hands. Some do it a little and some do it a lot. One girl even bounces up and down and moves her head all around while gesticulating. Are you guys instructed to make these hand movements as part of a visual aspect or does it just happen to carrying degrees depending on the presented?

  • Jenalyn McLin
    Jenalyn McLin 2 months ago

    Video Idea: Are Plesiadapiforms from the Paleocene Epoch considered in the primate order or are they proprimates? According to Jonathan Bloch's discovery, Plesiadapiforms are primate ancestors because they have very similar characteristics. However, Philip Gingerich classifies them as Proprimates because they don't have enough similarities and they have a potential relationship with the first true primates.

  • For The World
    For The World 2 months ago

    can you make a video on what are grass bubbles and how and why are they formed? like the ones in this video

  • Matt Motiff
    Matt Motiff 2 months ago

    Topic idea, explain bitcoin mining

  • Michelle Giedt
    Michelle Giedt 3 months ago

    Video ideas: Model organisms in research or Drosophila melanogaster gene names (there are some pretty entertaining ones like ken and barbie, faint sausage, fuzzy onions, and my all time favorite I'm not dead yet)

  • Thomas-L L
    Thomas-L L 3 months ago

    Happy SciShow Anniversary!

  • Ari Scalzo
    Ari Scalzo 3 months ago

    Hi everyone! Iv spent hours trying to find out if i discovered a new Type of Phalangioides Spider but im struggling to find where to start. can you help me and maybe more potential people in my situation? I cant even find somewhere to upload and submit my Photographic evidence. Id be so grateful if you could explain the correct process that are required for submitting a potential new discovery? Thank you all so much for sharing these videos across the globe, SciShow has given me to knowledge and tools to now help make a positive impact on my local community and my plant. Thank you Everyone

  • TheLonePeasant
    TheLonePeasant 3 months ago


  • Ιωάννης Βροχίδης

    can satellites orbit earth vertical?

  • deepmoni hazarika
    deepmoni hazarika 3 months ago

    Can one get heart attack from nightmare?

  • TuplaTeeKoo
    TuplaTeeKoo 3 months ago

    A question, perhaps, for some future episode; do intoxicated people really "see double"? Is there any truth to being able to sober up more quickly with sports and exercise?

  • Mehdi Zarei Jorshari
    Mehdi Zarei Jorshari 3 months ago

    Another one: Why between all the vitamins just vitamin D synthesises in human body through Sun light. And do we have any other organisms to do the same thing.

  • Mehdi Zarei Jorshari
    Mehdi Zarei Jorshari 3 months ago

    Video idea: evolution of the shape of nose in humans and for example why primates have flat nose while humans not. And what was the advantage of shape of human nose in our evolution history..

  • Espresso Emperor
    Espresso Emperor 3 months ago

    you guys should do a show format based on video games such as HALO, Titanfall, etc

  • Troy Chastain
    Troy Chastain 3 months ago

    Hank... need a video on this

  • Paul Malana
    Paul Malana 3 months ago

    Yo! love the show, big fan of your videos. Just have a few concerns though, English is my second language and I had a bit of trouble understanding the videos. I believe it would be helpful if you guys slow it down a little bit cause I actually had to rewind a couple of times just to be able to understand the videos. Just thought it would help you guys to teach and reach more people, specially people whose main language isn't english.

  • Sarah Van Horn
    Sarah Van Horn 3 months ago

    I was out at my local national park and I saw a guy walking his dog around the dirt paths with no shoes on and the first thing that popped into my head was "Hookworms, sooo many hookworms..." So my question is this: Are there any benefits for humans to walk around barefoot, versus wearing shoes, and if there are, how do they weight in against the risks that come with going shoeless?

  • Luis Andrade Ayala
    Luis Andrade Ayala 3 months ago

    Why penguins swim so fast underwater? please

  • Juan Ignacio Alvarez Melinger

    How does ageing affect plants ?

  • Tony Rietwyk
    Tony Rietwyk 3 months ago

    I've watched a few of these videos recently after subscribing to Futurism. I don't understand why the video is edited in such a way to remove any gaps between sentences. It's really disconcerting and gets annoying after a few minutes - most times I just give up! Such a shame because the content is still interesting.

  • Steven Beresford
    Steven Beresford 3 months ago

    Misleading title to one of your clips "What really happened the first time we split the atom"- The atom was first split by Ernest Rutherford (not mentioned) in 1917

  • mike ploeg
    mike ploeg 3 months ago

    can you guys do a video about how zyklon b works ???

  • riikeh
    riikeh 3 months ago

    Hello SciShow crew and thank you so much for all these great videos! You've already talked about blood types and transfusions. How about a video about the effects of blood donation on the donor? Benefits, risks, why males usually are allowed to donate more often than females, why you shouldn't run a marathon 5 minutes after donating blood... (This isn't really science, but I find it really weird that in some parts of the world people can be paid for donating blood. In Finland that's not allowed and I think it's good. I would hate to see somebody lie about their health just because they need money.)

  • rai x
    rai x 3 months ago

    I have a question - why do some people who are speaking in front of the camera usually have their upper lips sids ways when speaking

  • Baili Zhong
    Baili Zhong 3 months ago

    What would happen if you put alcohol in a humidifier? Or bleach?

  • Clark
    Clark 3 months ago

    can you make a video why in surveys or polls the sample size usually is around 1000 people only regardless of the total population of a country for example, is 1000 the maximum sample size? what about the usual minimum sample size?

  • artemkras
    artemkras 3 months ago

    someone stole your video (

  • TheFuriousGent
    TheFuriousGent 3 months ago

    Video Idea: "Can Hot Showers Be Toxic" I heard from a friend that apparently that since most people don't have shower head filters that things like Chlorine & Chloramine can be toxic to you. I call bull but I wanna see what you guys can find.

  • Stone Ro
    Stone Ro 3 months ago

    Um so I'm guessing you wont probably do a video on this, but if anyone knows that would be cool of you to comment and explain. Why do we say "my head hurts" v.s "there heads hurt" or "my arm hurts" v.s "my arms hurt" why the random S at the end. what is the linguistic reasoning behind this. Is it related to why one pair of pants isn't called a pant. Is there a name for this weird thing in the English language. Is it found in other languages? COOOOOL thanks :D

  • Andrew Ditcharo
    Andrew Ditcharo 3 months ago

    What happens to a material when you tear it? do the atoms separate or...?

  • DaveNF2G
    DaveNF2G 3 months ago

    Why is rabies treated with a series of injections to the abdomen?

  • Katharina Newman
    Katharina Newman 3 months ago

    how does egg, coconut oil and honey make hair grow faster?

  • Lucky Kitty
    Lucky Kitty 3 months ago

    Scishow I have a video idea:
    Can the body differentiate between hunger and thirst?
    PS. I read that adults lose their thirst sensation, is that true?

  • Vathana Dianna
    Vathana Dianna 3 months ago

    video idea; how activated charcoal works to purify

  • Alyssa Alyssa
    Alyssa Alyssa 3 months ago

    Hi SciShow, can you do a video about what music sounds like to animals and other beings which are not humans?

  • Eddie Dunckley
    Eddie Dunckley 3 months ago

    Suggestion: when editing your videos: do not cut out the short silences between paragraphs. It feels both unnatural and turns a nice talk into a verbal flood.

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 4 months ago

    SciShow, any chance you could do a video on why plants don't have brains or a nervous system like other life?

  • Chris Hoopes
    Chris Hoopes 4 months ago

    Video idea, or just a crazy thought: Would digging a trench/canal from the east coast of America to the west coast "solve the water crisis" where ever there might be a water crisis along it's path? Would the water traveling that far across the country become desalinized enough to be safe to drink? What would happen to the land in the middle of the country? Would we end up flooding a bunch of states? Which way would the water flow? Would there be a tide/rising water levels?
    Let's say the trench is 100 feet wide by 50 feet deep. Then let's theorize about a trench of a different size, maybe a mile wide by half a mile deep.

  • Chris Eaglin
    Chris Eaglin 4 months ago

    I love the show. Keep up the good work. Here is a show idea: Is your water safe?. What is the white residue that builds up after boiling water?....maybe transition into water quality in the us. I believe many people will be interested.

  • Chad
    Chad 4 months ago

    can you do a show on this report on climate change . I pretty sure deniers will use it to back up their claims.

  • nomen nominandum
    nomen nominandum 4 months ago

    please make video about the physics of "steling gas" movie-style with a tube. merci

  • Shaun J
    Shaun J 4 months ago

    I love the show and watch it as much as I can to feed my hunger for knowledge. With that said I would like to know and I may have over looked it in my search but with all the satellites that are launched out into space for research and when they get close to the end of its service life. I noticed that they tend to either let it continue to drift on or send it to a collision course to some planet or object in space. Would it be possible for the NASA team to use the last bit of the life to redirect the satellites back to earth or something so it can be repurposed or salvage? I'm just curious and was wondering if anyone could answer that question...I could be asking something dumb but I just wanted to know. Thank you all for your replies in advance.

  • Te Hash Ce
    Te Hash Ce 4 months ago

    Ive been watching each and every video on your channels, I really enjoy all of them, I was actually thinking of supporting on patreon...but...when I saw the title of this video, i was 150% sure you were going to talk about the fact that Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells, fact that the National Institute of Cancer has recently recognized, and the DEA has recently deleted some pages that said Cannabis has no medical values.
    I trully hope this was a joke or something, cause if not you just lost a lot of credibility.
    WTF ???

  • Wesley Filips
    Wesley Filips 4 months ago

    How do urinal cakes work?

  • Zerkbern
    Zerkbern 4 months ago

    About Hurricanes. Tell me this.
    When a new storm is forming off of the coast of Africa, why can't we drop Bunker-Buster bombs....perhaps many of help slow down or stall the storm? Or Chill Bombs? Is there nothing we could do to locally drop the water temperature to take the umpff out of a storm?

    Even if it was a fleet of aircraft dropping them for days, this would be much cheaper than the aftermath of a storm.

  • Te Hash Ce
    Te Hash Ce 4 months ago

    Ive been watching each and every video on your channels, I really enjoy all of them, I was actually thinking of supporting on patreon...but...when I saw the title of this video, i was 150% sure you were going to talk about the fact that Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells, fact that the National Institute of Cancer has recently recognized, and the DEA has recently deleted some pages that said Cannabis has no medical values.
    I trully hope this was a joke or something, cause if not you just lost a lot of credibility.
    WTF ???

  • נטע רשף
    נטע רשף 4 months ago

    what is more hygroscopic salt or sugar

  • Andrey Mikhaylov
    Andrey Mikhaylov 4 months ago

    Question for a video: why do my fingertips tingle when I get jump-scared?

  • Ellie Zelik
    Ellie Zelik 4 months ago

    Could you cover how adipose tissue functions as a thermal insulator?
    In one class I heard that it insulates the body but not how.
    I looked it up and found an article that claims it has low heat conduction but I've also read articles that state that people with obesity lack any advantage to staying warm as well as articles that debunk the idea that applying grease on the body helps retain body heat when swimming in really cold water. Can all of these claims be true at the same time?

  • mohab gharieb
    mohab gharieb 4 months ago

    what makes the birds still flying and its muscles even if its tired don't fall ?

    • Andrew Ditcharo
      Andrew Ditcharo 3 months ago

      Probably the same thing happens when we walk. We don't get tired walking

  • Dorothy Isdead
    Dorothy Isdead 4 months ago

    I would like to see a video on how fast stomach acids kill live prey. Pelicans swallow fish whole. Prey moving inside the stomach would mean injury, I assume. What is the mechanism from live prey to prey inside stomach, dead?

  • Maksym Panibratenko
    Maksym Panibratenko 4 months ago

    Please turn off autoplay on landing page. Thanks!

  • Emin Karayel
    Emin Karayel 4 months ago

    Video Idea:
    How does Internet from Space work? ... - Why do they need so many satellites (800)?

  • Stewart O
    Stewart O 4 months ago

    Okay, during the solar eclipse I notice how much cooler it seemed to get because the suns rays were not getting to the earth. So, since we are facing a global warming/climate change crisis, why can't we build a orbiting solar farm to shade the earth (at least part of it) and give us power at the same time? This would give us the needed time to convert over to an electrical society and get away from fossils fuels that are causing the problem.

  • Narine Ramdihall
    Narine Ramdihall 4 months ago

    QQ: Why does sprinkling water on an unconscious person's face revive them?

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish 5 months ago

    *_the science show_*

  • OrmyKickz
    OrmyKickz 5 months ago

    what a lad

  • Jason Beer
    Jason Beer 5 months ago

    If i were able to drill a hole completely through the earth, and due to my amazing awesomeness it stays a hole through the mantle, core, etc. what happens if the other end of my hole is at the bottom of an ocean?
    does the pressure and velocity of the water cause it to shoot through?
    will it reach a state of equilibrium?

  • Labeeb Ahmad-Sanni
    Labeeb Ahmad-Sanni 5 months ago

    BTW this channel was brought to you by youtube

  • Corey Doyle
    Corey Doyle 5 months ago

    Did anyone else just watch an episode on photographic chemistry, and find out it's been removed?

  • José Luis Fernández Somarriba

    Why did you upload a video only to take it down?

  • vbplayar
    vbplayar 5 months ago

    Can I add suggested topics here? If so ... can you explain what in coffee (if anything) makes it an appetite suppressant? I drink it mainly to help curb my appetite (which it seems to do) but I'm curious what in it causes that effect and in what other drinks it may exist. Thanks for your great work on this show ... love it.

  • LowKey Beats
    LowKey Beats 5 months ago

    Why did you delete the new video xD The Sharknado one

  • Mo Shehri
    Mo Shehri 5 months ago

    guys I have a question from where di iron come from or how did it form. I know some how it came from outer space, but I am not sure can you please make a video about it

  • Krishna Allam
    Krishna Allam 5 months ago

    Does hypoxic training works if it works what's the most effective way and how much change it may create

  • Doctor Zeuss
    Doctor Zeuss 5 months ago

    Do a video about AI creating their pwn language?

  • Shattuck Springer
    Shattuck Springer 5 months ago

    Happy Shark Week Scishow here is a video for you all.

  • Danielle Standford
    Danielle Standford 6 months ago

    HI, I am writing a paper, on the over view of the LBGT community. in the attempt to give people a better understanding of Why people are the way they are. I would love to hear your take on the differences of Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sexuality, and Individual's Attractions. I am willing to share my paper with you. I just need to know if you want it?

  • avada banada
    avada banada 6 months ago

    I am hearing a lot about “stem-cell therapy” where "real" doctors in other countries are sucking fat out of your gut and then injecting it into your knees. This treatment, supposedly, causes your body to regrow new knees. Everyone I hear from says this treatment works. I am dubious. Can you do a vodcast on this?

  • Pope Dope XVI
    Pope Dope XVI 6 months ago

    Ok, BACK TO SCIENCE!!!!!!!!
    I've noticed the from time to time everything goes black (like the world "blinked"). Its happened day and night, inside and out. Plus my friends have seen it at the exact same time. What is this?

  • kalkin powale
    kalkin powale 6 months ago

    What will happen if you add lots of water on venus? will it be habitable?

  • colin stephenson
    colin stephenson 6 months ago

    You're scientists...of sorts. The way human speech works on the brain has beautifully evolved over a very long time. It has to include certain kinds of intonation, pauses and beyond a certain natural speed of delivery, it becomes increasingly difficult for the brain to process. Your presentation is done at such a rate with all pauses edited out, that it becomes tiresome and stressful to keep up concentration. This is a style that seems to be unique to YouTube material. There is also a kind of weird glottal thing going on. It's like you've all practised a received speech technique, sheep like, without really considering whether it's effective or not. I think it evolved out of the time limitations on YouTube videos that I believe is no longer in place. Try talking normally and don't edit out the gaps and pauses. Give your subscribers brains a chance to actually take in the material you're presenting. If you're not relaxed, your listeners won't be either.

  • johny quach
    johny quach 6 months ago

    why do you need to do a compression on chest for the purpose of CPR? what are the risk of breaking a bone while doing the compression, and how dangerous is it?

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 6 months ago

    SciShow, could you do a show on gravity? Specifically there's a theory that the "graviton" is the particle responsible for gravity, and that it moves at the speed of light. But if that's the case, then how do black holes work? I mean, how do gravitons even escape their own gravity to grab other bits and pieces of mass and light to pull into the black hole if nothing can escape a black hole? I am very confused, and am wondering if you can help confused people like me with a cool show on the topic.

  • Joe P
    Joe P 6 months ago

    Can you do one about leprosy and why armadillos carry the disease and why does it affect Polynesians more than any races?

  • Joe Wittkop
    Joe Wittkop 6 months ago

    you should do a vid on why you shouldn't pick your nose (or why we should start).

  • Mihail Skvernoslov
    Mihail Skvernoslov 6 months ago

    I still find this channel quite above the average and with good presentation skills, not to mention the interesting topics.

  • Stewart O
    Stewart O 6 months ago

    Since approximately 2/3 of the population have HSV!, and it's so easily transmitted, why isn't there a cure or vaccine for herpes yet?
    Even though this is not a deadly disease it is isolating which can lead to depressing which is at time life threatening...

  • Autumn Klein
    Autumn Klein 6 months ago

    Also, can you guys make a video on why I don't poop during vacation? I just came back from a week trip to Three Lakes Wisconsin, and I didn't poop the WHOLE time I was there, but right when I get back I leave 5 turds in the toilet... WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT!?

  • Lord Hawkeye
    Lord Hawkeye 6 months ago

    You can add me to the growing list of unsubscribers. Enabling a verbal abuser to blow smoke at your own stated rules is not only unacceptable, it calls the credibility of your show into question.
    Integrity is important, as is not taking your audience for granted.

  • DanieleGiorgino
    DanieleGiorgino 6 months ago

    The owner of this channel supports a bully and a scam artist. Unsubbed.

  • Tetrapharmakos
    Tetrapharmakos 6 months ago

    How dare Hank invoke the word "discourse" in defense of someone's act of shutting down discourse; someone whose discursive methods are well known to be in a constant state of proceeding in bad faith.

  • nefarioustoast
    nefarioustoast 6 months ago

    im staying subscribed for science but hank ya gotta tell bully anita to GET OUT

  • Rainbow dashbro
    Rainbow dashbro 6 months ago

    I will be unsubscribing as a protest in Mr. Greens actions. Sorry it has to be that way.

  • Dennis Isenberg
    Dennis Isenberg 6 months ago

    I'm out but I wish you best luck with your marxist friends (spoiler alert: it won't work in the long run).

  • Tezla Alchemia
    Tezla Alchemia 6 months ago

    Unsubbing... YOU KNOW WHY!

  • Rip0k
    Rip0k 6 months ago

    I Hate hypocrites. UNSUB. F. U.

  • boon steson
    boon steson 6 months ago

    Hank, I thought you were about science and facts? What happened at Vidcon doesn't show a person that is interested in facts in the slightest, only a person that would rather be PC or assume that the woman is correct just because they are female and will jump to conclusions. You actions have seriously put your channels credibility at stake, how can I believe a person talking about science and facts that doesn't even follow what he preaches or follow his own rules? This is truly upsetting, I can no longer recommend your channels to people in good conscience :(

  • littlegirlinplad
    littlegirlinplad 6 months ago

    So back to Science yeah! I saw an article on Science Alert this morning that the Yellow Stone volcano is having more aggressive swarms. I am sure the crazies are already saying we are gonna die. The article was explaining how this is not unusual. You guys do an awesome job thank you.

  • A Nano Augmented Super Soldier From The Year2052 To Become god But Only After Fusing With Helios

    I'm unsubed no do to the poor handling of vidcon and I will unsub from the following as a lot of us have felt that you need a boycott. vlogbrothers, DFTBA Records, project for awesome, crash course, and eco geek

  • zargondm
    zargondm 6 months ago

    So point out the flaws in someone thesis (or blatant lies) is licence to intact violence against some one at your conference. And you endorsed it, and spit out untrue statements with no backing to support it. Unsubscribed your bias is garbage. Anita put it best in her attack, "You are a garbage human" for supporting attacks on some one because they disagree with you intellectual. Unsubscribed, and anyone with integrity would too. #Garbagehumans.

  • tal
    tal 6 months ago

    I'm sorry Hank. You handled this incorrectly. I love your channel. Scishow was one of the first channels I've ever subscribed to way back when, but I've unsub'd. Man up man and correct your, I'm sure, honest misguided mistake. Until then I will not watch scishow or sci anything.

  • Maximum Black
    Maximum Black 6 months ago

    hi, my name is trash person lol. unsub from you manginas

  • My Ingroup Idol Did Nothing Wrong

    Hi Hank, I just dropped in to let you know that I find the official vidcon response to The Sark's harassment and insults towards the majority of the audience of a panel that she was part of disgusting. Not only did you blame the victim, you also erased all the victimized women from the story. Your family name is now a disgrace to humanity.

  • Archtechnician
    Archtechnician 6 months ago

    Im unsubbing you vids are interesting but a channel that protects bullies and even apologies to them even tho they are the aggressor (on a anti bulling panel no less) is despicable. I am sorry to the other creators of this channels videos but the way Mr Green has handled cut and dry abuse of power, bulling of paying attendees and even panel members is sickening.
    If this was reversed I am 100% sure you would still side with the wrong person. FYI being called names is harassment going to attend a talk and sitting there is not. Going after another panelist and swearing at them because you disagree with something they said is down right verbal assault.

  • capq57
    capq57 6 months ago

    Just call me garbage too, I can not support hypocrisy.

  • corpsefenn
    corpsefenn 6 months ago

    I'm unsubbing over how you guys think it's okay for pannalist to attack people. How DAre you take the side of someone who ATTACKS BOOGIE Like that!

  • TarmokLP
    TarmokLP 6 months ago

    Really ashamed about how you reacted to the entire Vidcon situation and can't follow you anymore.

  • ShaunBonJovi
    ShaunBonJovi 6 months ago


  • santi traun
    santi traun 6 months ago

    Unsubscribed since the Green Brothers and Vidcon support harassment and verbal abuse.

  • gonecoastal4
    gonecoastal4 6 months ago

    UNSUB. You know why, John. #Garbagehumans.

  • Thomas Korn
    Thomas Korn 6 months ago

    While this channel is awesome... the Green brothers are disgusting. Giving Anita Sarkeesean a free reign of terror is sickening

  • Doug Reed
    Doug Reed 6 months ago

    Hey Hank, just wanted to let you know that I have to unsubscribe from all your channels, including this one. This is because you placed an openly known sociopath and cyberbully above the law at VidCon 2017 and excused her harassment and bullying of other panelists and paying attendees, while expelling one of her victims from the event. Such victim-blaming and double-standards are, to me at least, wholly deplorable. I simply cannot support a channel run by a person that acts in such a way.
    Also, I read you response to (part of) the situation. Based on the complete lack of factual evidence, objectivity and critical thought displayed therein, the decent thing to do would be to shut-down this, and any other science/academic channels you may run.
    Best wishes in the future, and best of luck becoming a rational person that is worthy of respect.

  • Sericen De'Whami
    Sericen De'Whami 6 months ago

    after seeing the out come of vid con, i will no longer sub to your channels. i have enjoyied your content over the past few years and generally like the hosts and subjects you cover, i cannot watch or condone your actions regarding the breaking of your own policies with the whole anita thing. she clearly broke your own rules and you apologized to her? i would like to say i never heard of her before this happened and am not a fan of the other person involved, i just cant stand the letting one continue with the convention and removing the other.

  • Soulios Atrika
    Soulios Atrika 6 months ago


  • coal james
    coal james 6 months ago

    I'm unsubbing, I subscribed to this channel because it seemed unbiased and scientific in it's methodology.
    I was shocked to hear that Mr. Green and his brother's extremely popular VidCon would not condemn and follow their own rules when it come's to harassment and all because the victim holds political views the brothers and the aggressor do not agree with.
    Disgusting behavior, when the whole world is watching and the video evidence is clear and uncut. If I cannot trust Mr. Green to tell the truth and follow the rules he's has set for his event... then why should I trust science videos he put's out.

    • xXevilsmilesXx
      xXevilsmilesXx 6 months ago

      there will come a day. When they say, "Where did it all go down hill?" VIDcon 2017 will be the pitiless reply. You had the opportunity to DO something. SAY something. And you compromised your integrity, the only thing anyone really has, for nothing. I expected this from a morality bankrupted christian like John, but not a scientist like Hank. The shame of this will follow you to the grave boys.

    • Onyx Drake
      Onyx Drake 6 months ago

      In full and total agreement. The Green Bros have disgraced themselves.

    • jemielnic
      jemielnic 6 months ago

      thumb up. It's no use to be interested in science, when the whole 'progress' start to depend on what somebody has NOT in its crotch... Unimaginative de-generation is on rise. r/K selection confirmed.

    • Loyalist
      Loyalist 6 months ago

      Genuine shameful behavior.

  • Onyx Drake
    Onyx Drake 6 months ago

    Well it looks like I am going to have to unsub from this channel. Mr. Green you seem to have no moral compass. When someone breaks you own
    code of conduct for VidCon and you side with the transgressor over her victim you seem to have lost your mind. I hope other people follow my
    lead and you understand how fair play actually works. To borrow a line from your apparent best buddy you are a Garbage Human Being. I hope you
    well in the future but it will sadly not be with me as a subscriber. tootles

  • Daniel Bridgman
    Daniel Bridgman 6 months ago

    question, Causality vs the speed of light. causality propagates at the speed of light, but the speed of light isnt constant, so could light be slowed through a medium in which it moves slower so as to have the causality arrive before the light?
    example gravity propagates at the speed of light, if the sun disappears it would take 8 minutes before the earth started floating off into deep space, could the light be slowed (through water, air or anything that isnt the vacuum of space) so that the effect arrives before the light disappears?

  • J. Moonstorm
    J. Moonstorm 6 months ago

    Hey SciShow, I have a question for you: Could we see genetically engineered trees in the future that produce stronger wood than steel, titanium, and the strongest types of stone? Would technology like this be feasible or are there inherent problems with the core concept? Could we splice the DNA sequence in spiders they use to make the super strong proteins that gives spider silk it's strength with the DNA sequences trees use to make the proteins and fibers that make up it's wood structure?

  • MrWardonis
    MrWardonis 6 months ago

    Could quantum entanglement be uesd for superluminal communication?

  • NorwayGladiator
    NorwayGladiator 6 months ago

    Question: Why do computers make colors with Green, Blue and Red instead of Yellow, Blue and Red?

  • John New
    John New 6 months ago

    Colloidal silver- Hey SciShow, I thought it would be neat if you did a piggy back video on the Bacteria Killing Metal... A video about Colloidal silver and how best to use it and what it does! Thanks!

  • Sam's luvin
    Sam's luvin 6 months ago

    Hey what's up with allowing anita scamkeesian to be a panelist and literally be on stage insulting other people completely violating the "rules" you have at VIDCON? How is it that you are allowing that kind of harassment to happen while attempting to have "panels" to talk about literally that exact same concept and ways to fight it. WTF mate?

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 7 months ago

    SciShow, could you do a video on why animals with larger brains don't develop our kind of intelligence? Thanks.

  • Danielle Case
    Danielle Case 7 months ago

    nonylphenol ethoxylates, what are they? And what damage do they do? They are currently being removed from the milk industry. It was used in cleaning products for cows udders but now they are being required to switch to NPE free stuff.

  • Osama Abdallah
    Osama Abdallah 7 months ago

    ?may I ask what happens to dead body in space
    and for how long it will stays ?

  • Freeman
    Freeman 7 months ago

    Why have older sci show videos vanished from my "Subscriprions" tab?
    PS: I have the bell thing turned on.

  • Ray Camplin
    Ray Camplin 7 months ago

    Is drinking distilled water bad for you?

  • Cory Matsumoto
    Cory Matsumoto 7 months ago

    video idea: why do body parts become so sensitive when they "fall asleep"

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 7 months ago

    Scishow, could you do a show on charcoal and how it differs from regular coal? And how is it that we burn stuff to make stuff that'll burn? I don't get that.

  • Krish Nair
    Krish Nair 7 months ago

    Can you please add a video with this topic: How do Chromosomes and genes from a father go into a baby being made in a female?

  • Thomas-L L
    Thomas-L L 7 months ago

    Video suggestion: RIFE Machines, Do They Work?

  • Thomas-L L
    Thomas-L L 7 months ago

    What if you made a playlist with all of the SciShow videos on it, so someone could make sure to watch them all by going through it like a Crash Course subject.

  • K Anderson
    K Anderson 7 months ago

    I would love to see a video on rare or newly discovered medical conditions/disorders/syndromes. I have Hemicrania Continua and wanted to not only learn more about my own, but others as well. Also, I love your channel.

  • Christian Cecere
    Christian Cecere 7 months ago

    QQ: why do i vocalize when i vomit?

  • Jasim Al-Rufaye
    Jasim Al-Rufaye 7 months ago

    I have a strange question, as we know the creation of the fetus need sperm cells come from a man into the egg cell inside the woman however can you create artificial sperm cells so that we can modify it by adding superman DNA or waterbear DNA or whatever you need to add just like a mini-god?

  • gianna kopulos
    gianna kopulos 7 months ago

    Hi i'm Leonardo, I live in Italy and I'm 19 years old. I'm doing a sort of "senior thesis paper" here in italy about Theremin. I surfed the net and I found your video about it. The animation about the inductor-capacitor circuit is really interesting. Can you please tell me where did you find it? Thank you for your attention to this matter. Leonardo

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 7 months ago

    Please do a video on magnesium sulfate (epsom salt). I hear it helps remove toxins through your skin and that it's good for migraines, which sounds possible but kinda farfetched. Dispel the myths!

  • Dino Saurus
    Dino Saurus 7 months ago

    Hi Scishow love your videos, my question is how does Bugspray kill bugs? What does it do to them to make them die from the spray? I'm curious because I needed to use some today. Thanks!

  • Miguel Teixeira
    Miguel Teixeira 7 months ago

    What are the differences between the 5 brain waves(Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gama, Delta)?

  • David Gutowski
    David Gutowski 7 months ago

    I remember an episode on correlation; it detailed a study where subjects were asked a huge number of wide ranging questions and the researchers specifically went looking for nonsensical correlations just to prove the old adage that "correlation does not mean causation." One of the random correlations was that people who like banana and peanut butter sandwiches are more likely to fall out of bed.
    I can't find the episode, can anyone help me?

  • Clark
    Clark 7 months ago

    can you do a educational video about cost of preventing climate change vs the cost of climate change impact
    we have alternative sources of energy already that is getting as cheap as fossil fuels as coal so it will not cost a lot of money to simply reduce/remove fossil fuel use
    meanwhile the impact of climate change are more powerful natural disasters like storms, heavy rain, sea level rising, droughts that can cause food shortages, worldwide migrant crisis, diseases/epidemic from pollution of burning more fossil fuels, social conflicts/wars, etc and when you total the cost of them all it will be much higher
    i hope you can expand on those things i said

  • Scott Pugh
    Scott Pugh 7 months ago

    Idea for a possible series of videos: laboratory tests and how they are used to diagnose diseases.

  • maxime therrien
    maxime therrien 7 months ago

    Hello Scishow. I'm very proud to say that I watch many if not all of your videos! I was wondering if you took suggestions for future episodes; I think that an episode about thunder and plant growth could be an interesting idea, since I don't think many people know about that. Anyhow, thank you for all the good stuff that you put out on YouTube!

  • Josh Dyer
    Josh Dyer 7 months ago

    I know this may not be good enough for an episode, but maybe you could explain to me what is going on?
    There is this post on Facebook that when you scroll it on your news feed, the words pop out from the background, but when stationary, they are much harder to read. It is a checkerboard pattern with words written in a light gray between the black squares. Why does motion cause the words to pop out like that becoming visible. I know it isn't changing, but scrolling causes my perception of it to change. If you do this as a vid response, maybe you could include other similar illusions. Thanks. If you need an example, I could provide a link, but I've found many popular YouTube channels auto delete comments with links, and I really want to know what is going on here.

  • Manuel Falcon
    Manuel Falcon 7 months ago

    Hey guys! How about a video on the implications of the US' withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement? You rock btw

  • Victoria Tewell
    Victoria Tewell 7 months ago

    *Ideas for new show segments* ...but I would appreciate a reply from anyone who has an answer in case the producers don't think these questions would make for good content. (ps. I'm a big fan of the show, and I think Hank Green is great!!)
    1. What causes the slime when you're cooking meat--mostly ground beef and salmon--and is there a way to stop the process?
    2. Why do people feel chilled when we get a fever? Does it happen to other mammals?

  • Vincent Proxy
    Vincent Proxy 7 months ago

    My girlfriend is very very very skeptic about the health benefits of garlic. Specifically whether or not it boost immune system. She says there haven't been any studies confirming it (and I wasn't able to find anything she deems credible) and we cannot agree on the matter. We both found that there have been studies showing some benefits of garlic in either preventing or battling cancer, but that isn't the same as "boosting/improving the immune system". Could you look into this question and make a video about it?

  • Matheus M. M.
    Matheus M. M. 7 months ago

    A good question for a video: Why tires with more grip are wider if the friction equation is μ times N ?
    N = normal force
    μ = coefficient of friction for the two surfaces
    I'm a material engineer and I always need to explain this for friends...

    • Matheus M. M.
      Matheus M. M. 7 months ago

      To be honest with you VIctoria I know the answer and yours is incorrect/inaccurate. I proposed it because this question is very common when we are talking about friction at high school here in Brazil. I'm going to teach tribology ( the study of friction) for undergraduated students and some of them will answer like you... probabily... I guess.... Anyway, thank you for trying to help !

    • Victoria Tewell
      Victoria Tewell 7 months ago

      If you have a narrow tire, friction is only applied to a small surface area. In comparison, the wider the tire, the more surface for the application of friction.

    • Victoria Tewell
      Victoria Tewell 7 months ago

      I haven't studied physics since college 18 years ago, but I wanted to give you a (probably wrong) idea in case you didn't get any other responses (since no one ever responded to my question.)
      In order to calculate the force, you should need the amount of area over which that force is being applied. If you're looking for where the size of the tire comes into play, you might want to take a look at what goes into calculating N.

  • bruce lee
    bruce lee 7 months ago

    Yo SciShow: How do Fillings work?

  • Bhupendra Singh
    Bhupendra Singh 7 months ago

    why Hardgainers had hard time to gain muscles , make video on it

  • QueenSelphie
    QueenSelphie 7 months ago

    I would like to know the reason behind craving a food that you don't like. An for me would be soft shell crab sandwiches. When ever I smell them cooking I want one, and I will get one. As I am eatting though I remember why don't like them.

  • Mudkip909
    Mudkip909 7 months ago

    what makes mint "Minty"? is it a chemical?

  • Ammar Ahamed
    Ammar Ahamed 7 months ago

    how can cockroaches stay without their heads for days ?
    this is a question that my brother Abdullah anted to ask

  • Lift Pizzas
    Lift Pizzas 7 months ago

    I'd love to see a study that determines whether people can actually comprehend/retain anything on videos that are edited such that there are no pauses between sentences/phrases. I find it super annoying and really hate this trend in video editing.

  • stoner4010
    stoner4010 7 months ago

    Unsubbed due to nosering girl. There is no way to tell if she's the host or not.

  • Ethan Carlos
    Ethan Carlos 7 months ago

    can you use a virus as a DNA injector or something?

  • Mendeli Allouche
    Mendeli Allouche 8 months ago


    • Victoria Tewell
      Victoria Tewell 7 months ago

      Communicate, maybe. Talk, no. They don't have our vocal cords, so they can't make the same noises.

  • Mendeli Allouche
    Mendeli Allouche 8 months ago


  • Kallion
    Kallion 8 months ago

    Hey, I have a question. What would happen Jupiter suddenly became the fourth planet? and was at the same distance as mars.

    • Puppy Pi
      Puppy Pi 4 months ago

      It would eat mars XD
      Probably; I mean it depends on the relative positions of it and mars.
      It would also throw off a *ton* of things in other orbits! Jupiter isn't called "king of the planets" for no reason! ;D

    • Thomas-L L
      Thomas-L L 7 months ago

      The fourth planet? It is a planet and we have way more tham 4 already in the Solar System.

  • MAX
    MAX 8 months ago

    if bats produce ultrasonic sounds then why dont we become deaf when they are near me??

    • Lift Pizzas
      Lift Pizzas 7 months ago

      Ultrasonic is just a pitch higher than your ears can detect. Why would that make you deaf?

  • Hailey Hazelwood
    Hailey Hazelwood 8 months ago

    Can you do a video on virtual particles and their properties?

  • Gerson2021
    Gerson2021 8 months ago

    Can you do a qq on applied kinesiology? Does it actually work?

  • Dreamin' Derek
    Dreamin' Derek 8 months ago

    Make a video about the INTERNET OF THINGS?

  • Tiago Mota
    Tiago Mota 8 months ago

    Video idea, through a question: how did the first lifeforms on Earth survived? Or, to put it another way, what did those organisms survived on, what was its energy source?

  • Alex CyaniDe
    Alex CyaniDe 8 months ago

    Superhabitable Planet

  • Brian Wyters
    Brian Wyters 8 months ago

    Do snake songs really work?

  • S mol
    S mol 8 months ago

    will a cat jumping over a corpse create an electrostatic strong enough to make the corpse move?

  • Lord Smee
    Lord Smee 8 months ago

    PLEASE do a video on "heart science" my friend showed me a video and i personally think its lacking real evidence and needs more peer reviews , but would love to know what you guys find. EPIC SHOW!!!! keep it up.

  • Mark Tweedie
    Mark Tweedie 8 months ago

    Episode Idea What is the blood/brain barrier? How does it function?

  • Norris Bennett
    Norris Bennett 8 months ago

    Great video

  • Victoria Tewell
    Victoria Tewell 8 months ago

    Q1: What causes the slime on cooked ground beef and salmon and is there a way to stop the process?
    Q2: Why do we feel chilled when we get a fever?

  • Haitham Elatrache
    Haitham Elatrache 8 months ago

    First off, I love your channel, well actually I love science thus your channel ;-)
    I have a question for you:
    when you get your DNA analysis results and goes like, 40% of this 25 % of that ... etc ? what is exactly meant by that % ?
    what is 100% ? we all know we share our DNA with all living creature for instance more than 98% with chimps so then only about 2 % identifies humans ? is that what constitutes the 100% reference ?
    How did we identified the major traits like x% European , y% sub-saharian, middle-eastern , asian ...etc?