Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright
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  • Phone Book
    Phone Book 11 hours ago

    Fucking slappers

  • Anne Phair
    Anne Phair Day ago

    If someone EVEN looks. Drunk should NOT be allowed on plane

  • Tony Hill
    Tony Hill Day ago

    Nout wrong with Norwegian air just had a fantastic flight back from jfk

  • Daniel Aviation Ireland

    I swear to god I’ve seen the red haired one at window seat on Jeremy Kyle anyone else

  • Mr English
    Mr English 3 days ago

    Its Ryan air... What do you expect ????? Cheap crappy airline ... Successful because they are cheap and crappy hence attracting these people.. im no snob but come on ladies and gentlemen this airline really is shite to transport shite !!!

  • WHUFC71
    WHUFC71 5 days ago

    The best reason to have sterilization for old hags like that!!

  • Alex t
    Alex t 6 days ago

    She sounds like an Irish woman she's calling the other guy a paedophile that sounds right as all paedophiles in Ireland

  • Aaron Stubbs
    Aaron Stubbs 6 days ago

    Drugged out of her eyeballs on Pharma Meds that one, in my opinion.

  • mr lucky
    mr lucky 6 days ago

    Bye bye Britain Stay at home nobody wants you Good riddance

  • Jack Cannon
    Jack Cannon 6 days ago

    Don't put your camera down fella

  • Boeing 720B
    Boeing 720B 6 days ago

    AGAIN!!!!! Travelling British people + alcohol = troubles! They live at home in a system that compresses the human individual. People are annihilated in their individuality. All this existential frustration explodes already on the plane that leads them towards "freedom"!!

  • Bloodgod40
    Bloodgod40 7 days ago

    Ryanair planes really ought to have a brig.

  • rapturous day
    rapturous day 7 days ago

    Its a dive bar at 30,000 feet.

  • Sound Gardener
    Sound Gardener 7 days ago


  • Ed Holohan
    Ed Holohan 7 days ago

    All because of a fat ugly twat.....

  • Martin Mouncher
    Martin Mouncher 8 days ago

    What happens when you pay out to much in benefits.

  • EpicPenguStudiosCompany

    This week on the Jeremy Kyle show

  • Lloyd Hillier
    Lloyd Hillier 8 days ago

    The woman that came over probably her Mum proper divvies

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker 8 days ago

    This is what budget airlines have created. They allow the underclasses affordable air travel while once upon a time it was an actual luxury and people like her would have been priced out. I can't exactly imagine her being in any form of employment either. She is clearly a brain dead thug who should have ended up in the bottom of a condom.

  • Carlito Brigante
    Carlito Brigante 9 days ago

    Alicante that bad?

  • Stephen Barnes
    Stephen Barnes 9 days ago

    I really thought this was a skit from Harry Enfield and that was Wayonetta Slob

  • Phone Book
    Phone Book 9 days ago

    They didn't need to turn the plane around...just one full force punch to the face and knock IT out.

  • 2 pac
    2 pac 9 days ago

    What a piece of shit, should be a door just to throw her out ,

  • dsmyify
    dsmyify 9 days ago

    That's what happen when you fly in a call centre.

  • william f
    william f 9 days ago

    The flight attendant gay in the black jacket is a bit of a sex kitten

  • william f
    william f 9 days ago

    Why the hell do they let garbage like her on a plane - same goes for the fat dark haired woman defending her - it really is terrible peoples holidays were spoiled because of trash like them

  • bb bbb
    bb bbb 10 days ago

    All that is wrong with certain parts of our society.

  • Mike Hooley
    Mike Hooley 10 days ago

    smack her in the mouth and knock her out, that will shut her up.

  • xx ooo
    xx ooo 10 days ago

    i hate english people they are ugly

    • william f
      william f 9 days ago

      Yes - im Scottish by the way

  • Itsablackline 7566
    Itsablackline 7566 10 days ago

    2:47 He got told to put his phone down

  • alpha 21
    alpha 21 10 days ago

    Thats why u never get drunk before flight..Bitch

  • Felix s
    Felix s 11 days ago

    women who shout 'paedophile' into a mans face like this for no reason (other than they're drunk, frigin' nasty or mentally retarded) should be beaten so bad they can't even say the word again - the same goes for the mouthy bitch at the end shouting 'dickhead' ....a severe beating would do them a world of good (imho)

  • Mo Khan
    Mo Khan 11 days ago

    Only happens on flights with easy jet Ryanair cheap flights to Ibiza Majorca,piss pot chavs

  • Bertie Esposito
    Bertie Esposito 11 days ago

    Typical Ryanair not letting family sit together

  • jezball
    jezball 11 days ago

    British Airways crew would have been much more professional at dealing with this.

    • Typhoon Whirl
      Typhoon Whirl 8 days ago

      Are you sane? They are paid differently!

  • tracy hull
    tracy hull 11 days ago

    Not everyone in the uk are dicks I am British and I hate this fucking country I believe Britain should die and the people like this should join them too. I agree with everyone when they say the brits are narsacistic. They are a bunch of wankers who think they are someone in life

  • Gary Barrett
    Gary Barrett 11 days ago

    Too many cocktails.

  • anaviveri
    anaviveri 12 days ago

    Is this Klingon?! Wtf is this

  • Theo Showacre
    Theo Showacre 12 days ago

    Drunk, stupid AND ugly...

  • Countmaster0
    Countmaster0 12 days ago

    Hillbillies, mentality of a stump jumper. We will settle this by whom ever can scream the loudest!

  • Google User
    Google User 12 days ago

    I think a year is a lot for a little slap and shouting match bearing in mind drunk yobs beat people half to death and get away with just a caution

  • Tim Boland
    Tim Boland 12 days ago

    "Im the embarrassing one love? Have a word!"

  • Francesco Avila
    Francesco Avila 12 days ago

    Great Britain must a really depressing country to live in. Per capita,I believe GB pruduces the most alcoholics

  • David S Blacc
    David S Blacc 13 days ago

    The only reason you get Ryanair is because of the in flight entertainment displayed here

  • Cribb
    Cribb 13 days ago

    Wonder what punishment the man would of got if he assaulted her? Be more than the 12 months she got the fucking hag.

  • Thom Breslin
    Thom Breslin 13 days ago

    I think she's diabetic and she was having a hypo

  • James f
    James f 13 days ago

    Only uneducated ones is the people in sum of these comments😅 noone should be filmed ever its terrible these scum hv to get a phone out to capture everything they see, mind your !@#$ buisness

  • Simeon Selmon
    Simeon Selmon 13 days ago

    English mongs

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez 13 days ago

    Too much yellow in there!

  • Ryan Sheerin
    Ryan Sheerin 13 days ago

    I think a rear naked choke would of been the job for both of them

  • sansa drake
    sansa drake 13 days ago

    These middle aged typical Brits 😂.

  • Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    Tbh just knock her the fuck out

  • Denise Santini
    Denise Santini 13 days ago

    Should’ve put her in the cargo hold!

  • teresa carter
    teresa carter 14 days ago

    Sheila’s friend was just the same potty mouth drunk

  • colin stewart
    colin stewart 14 days ago

    ..The English on Holiday...Haaaaa fact..lets just leave at ...the English ...Haaaaaaaaa

    LL FINN LL 14 days ago

    Set 8s be like

  • Solitaria Nihilista
    Solitaria Nihilista 14 days ago

    Where's al Queda when you need them?

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 14 days ago

    Come to Patiala chavs, inchallah we will teach you glass kissers how to drink properly.

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 14 days ago

    Give the underclass their Brexit. Get trump to build a wall, and don't let the little Englanders out of their cage.

  • velveetaslingshot
    velveetaslingshot 14 days ago

    Fly the trashy skies!

  • J H
    J H 14 days ago

    You get what you pay for unfortunately. If you want to pay £30 for a flight then expect to be surrounded by tramps.

  • james franks
    james franks 14 days ago

    Who thought yellow was a good idea?

  • Nix Moretta
    Nix Moretta 14 days ago

    What a wonderfully positive example of British mentalities.

  • Simon
    Simon 14 days ago

    French surely

  • North9JD
    North9JD 15 days ago

    Exactly the reason why I never fly on budget airlines.

  • Karthik J
    Karthik J 15 days ago

    This guy is a gentleman- showed excellent restraint in a very provocative environment . The drunken woman should consider herself lucky not to get punched on the face .

  • Stephanie Colbourne
    Stephanie Colbourne 16 days ago


  • Stephanie Colbourne
    Stephanie Colbourne 16 days ago


  • Stephanie Colbourne
    Stephanie Colbourne 16 days ago


  • Michael Crabtree
    Michael Crabtree 17 days ago

    It's time to take passports off Jeremy Kyle "families" 😨😨🤣🤣

  • Rod Gray
    Rod Gray 17 days ago

    Glad they kicked her out, but it's not right and it's selfish to caused distruption to over passengers who are on the plane to return and have to go back to Alicante. I hope the other passengers did have a nice holiday at the end of this appauling performance by one passenger who was not clearly fit to board the plane in the first place.

  • Ted Nguyen
    Ted Nguyen 17 days ago

    There goes my soda and snack bag. The crew is tied up

  • Lew Cifer
    Lew Cifer 17 days ago

    I'd of had her around the throat on the floor. My reason? She touched me, assault.

  • Toby Rose
    Toby Rose 17 days ago

    Hopefully the woman at centre of this Disgraceful behaviour was Horse wiped. And never allowed to fly by Ryan Air..Unless she had a rocket firmly Implanted In her Big mouth and another up her Arse... Also her friend. Who called the Sensible Person to film this Drunk. ...she should of been Removed also...Planes should have trap door...!!!!

  • Nick Thorp
    Nick Thorp 17 days ago

    The golden age of air travel! ;)

  • Alican Harry Reilly
    Alican Harry Reilly 18 days ago

    Why is she is swearing at him

  • Gunter Dierickx
    Gunter Dierickx 18 days ago

    Where are all those high class British citizens? I only meet drunk tattooed morons on holiday...

  • Diarmaid Hanley
    Diarmaid Hanley 18 days ago

    She looks like a slug

  • AB_11 _
    AB_11 _ 19 days ago

    Throw her in jail.

  • Ttony Payne
    Ttony Payne 19 days ago

    These and any passenger that creates these problems should be fined heavy and have there passports stamped

  • peter
    peter 20 days ago

    Typical english on holliday,,,,

  • Tommy®😎✌️
    Tommy®😎✌️ 20 days ago

    ha ha ha normal wit British people in plane ✈ air port not to long 31 October bye bye

  • Shed 70
    Shed 70 20 days ago

    They should carry cattle prods on planes for stupid cows like that

  • Premium Playz
    Premium Playz 21 day ago

    I live in bristol lol

  • Richard Crowell
    Richard Crowell 21 day ago

    Ha ha this fat ugly loudmouth yells, rants and curses for half an hour, and finally all the staff come running up out from hiding. The funny part was that cunt yelling at the man filming like he was the one causing the trouble. What shit traveling has become, from the good old days when people behaved in public.

  • Hal
    Hal 21 day ago

    I'd kick her out of the plane midflight. With no parachute.

  • Rob Nolan
    Rob Nolan 21 day ago

    Anyway somehow I agree with the sweet not sweet women at the end ...there is always a dick head who feels to record shit ...but hey thanks for the video

  • Bandido894
    Bandido894 22 days ago

    Just drop her our with parrachute. :)

  • lockandloadlikehell
    lockandloadlikehell 22 days ago

    Is this This Country?? 😂

  • gb 74
    gb 74 23 days ago

    Horrible cunts why decent folk have to listen and put up with them,they should all be put on an island and then bombed

  • whyistomatoafruit
    whyistomatoafruit 23 days ago

    Time to yeet her back into the wild with the rest of God’s glorious creatures.

  • N B
    N B 24 days ago

    Irish ...

  • SamXgamer 2015
    SamXgamer 2015 24 days ago

    If I was on the plane I would’ve fucking smacked her swear down scumbag she is an absolute screwed

  • Farzana Nadeem
    Farzana Nadeem 24 days ago

    She is drunk, they shouldn’t serve drinks on flight at all.

    • DAWN
      DAWN 9 days ago

      Unfortunately, most of them buy duty free and open it up on the plane. Alcohol should be banned completely on planes. The crew have enough to do without dealing with drunks.

    • Farzana Nadeem
      Farzana Nadeem 18 days ago

      Pie Cutie I didn’t use the word alcohol but that’s exactly what I meant.

    • Pie Cutie
      Pie Cutie 18 days ago

      No they should serve drinks because it might be a 5 hour flight and they might be dehydrated, but they shouldn’t serve alcohol. Everything with alcohol in it should be banned

  • New Thought
    New Thought 24 days ago

    Chavvy cunts.

  • gabbsdad
    gabbsdad 24 days ago

    What can you say about behaviour like that?

  • Andrew Piatek
    Andrew Piatek 25 days ago

    Feminism is overrated.

  • CNC O
    CNC O 27 days ago

    What a looser, her friend same. You should open the door and throw the garbage out.

  • ian holland
    ian holland 27 days ago

    I'd be the same if I was sat next to a paedophile !

  • tom58569
    tom58569 28 days ago

    Fat english drunk old slapper