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  • dnaesq
    dnaesq 4 minutes ago

    Kurt Cobain would have loved these guys.

    OLGA MARTI 4 minutes ago

    Amazing performance!!! Yebba I can’t stop listening to your voice, just incredible. Thanks to Mark Ronson to promote you so well.

  • Ray Lee
    Ray Lee 6 minutes ago

    Not the best version i've heard........

  • Kelly Moon
    Kelly Moon 8 minutes ago

    The guitarists should really go wireless...I'm sure they get tangled up with all that dancing and movement. Great band!

  • Wagner Silva Cerqueira
    Wagner Silva Cerqueira 15 minutes ago

    Top #Brasil

  • HaruoASecas
    HaruoASecas 17 minutes ago

    I’d be losing it right there, tough crowd I guess…

  • Whenallwozkool
    Whenallwozkool 20 minutes ago

    Dire. The best thing about this is the blonde backing singer.

  • kevin byrne
    kevin byrne 31 minute ago

    Ronnie has overtook Keff when it comes to looking rough.

  • memeix K
    memeix K 33 minutes ago

    always love deego's shirt choices

  • Andrew Carpenter
    Andrew Carpenter 35 minutes ago

    Fucking shite , if that was a pub band everyone would walk out

  • Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
    Elmas Nasıl Bulunur 40 minutes ago Link Was De Eerste Van De Video 'S Van Onze Video Momenten Van Het Vinden Van Diamanten Kimberlite Deposito' S In Vulkanische Rotsen Ik Vond Diamanten Je Vindt Diamanten

  • Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
    Elmas Nasıl Bulunur 45 minutes ago Link Was De Eerste Van De Video 'S Van Onze Video Momenten Van Het Vinden Van Diamanten Kimberlite Deposito' S In Vulkanische Rotsen Ik Vond Diamanten Je Vindt Diamanten

  • Captain Nautilus
    Captain Nautilus 51 minute ago

    Song of the year.

  • Carrie Newton
    Carrie Newton Hour ago

    Crowd: its the price i pay Brandon:denstiny is calling me

  • Cerise Jones
    Cerise Jones Hour ago

    I am not professional by anymeans... BUT the singing and the guitar playing holy fuck!

  • Carrie Newton
    Carrie Newton Hour ago

    Eyaaa did you hear him egar eyaaaaaa

  • Argyle
    Argyle Hour ago

    nice song great legs

  • Eqmal Rased
    Eqmal Rased Hour ago

    liam : f**k youu man !

  • Mariano Gorjon
    Mariano Gorjon Hour ago

    Jim Capaldi son's ??

    GIVMEMUZIC Hour ago


  • Eric Marie Barthes

    J'sais pas pour vous mais le seul moment délicat c'est quand ça s'arrête...

  • Karen Kouari
    Karen Kouari Hour ago

    I love this song. Mr Brightside is the name of my car... Lol...

  • Cyrus Bisan
    Cyrus Bisan Hour ago

    This song is spiritual.

  • Bone Bloke
    Bone Bloke Hour ago

    Love this

  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood Hour ago

    Keep it up

  • Bing Andrew
    Bing Andrew 2 hours ago

    Perfect live performance at any age

  • Marlene Amey
    Marlene Amey 2 hours ago

    I’m gonna be alright, this morning!

  • Andrea
    Andrea 2 hours ago

    What happened with the video of Party in the USA and Old town road?😫

  • RonsonDenmark
    RonsonDenmark 2 hours ago

    Damn.. He seems genuine and happy, grateful that people loved and still love this song, still has that smooth and soft bedroom voice, nails the vocals and he is obviously not tired of performing this song.

  • Never Not Music
    Never Not Music 2 hours ago

    Ronnie Dylan

  • Doddy Leonard Andaya

    Wah... Klo Claudia Emmanuel bawain lagu ini bareng fteya, bisa tambah gokil kali ya Final the voice of germany kemaren

  • abrigospardos
    abrigospardos 2 hours ago

    Tina Turner cover or rather Bonnie Tyler cover? I think Bonnie recorded it first. I realize I'm showing my age, oh well hahaha

  • Gerencsér Ágnes
    Gerencsér Ágnes 2 hours ago


  • Teo Monico
    Teo Monico 2 hours ago


  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 2 hours ago

    This shit sucks Wood ain’t no guitar player and this bitch can’t sing for shit .

  • Huga Buga
    Huga Buga 2 hours ago

    love her <3

  • Alexander SPARKIN
    Alexander SPARKIN 2 hours ago


  • Ferenc Toth
    Ferenc Toth 2 hours ago

    still wondering where the other guy wanted to go when dave clearly said the guy with the PSG shirt... fair play to alex👍

  • 7Gritty7
    7Gritty7 3 hours ago

    Gotta be the most contrived punk music going. All been done before, nothing new Zzzzzzz

  • steven beard
    steven beard 3 hours ago

    America take note ! UK Goat 🐐

  • Runner Up
    Runner Up 3 hours ago

    Great music. Shit singing. Is she on drugs with Ronnie?

  • walter raul blanco
    walter raul blanco 3 hours ago

    Increible la musica de amy macdonald una verdadera artista

  • Kristian David Torres Bautista

    You can tell Brandon is enjoying every second of it. Playing with a legend. My favorite song from The Smiths

  • emily79Xx
    emily79Xx 3 hours ago

    I love this version! ❤️

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 3 hours ago

    they not reddaa

  • Fabio Seregli
    Fabio Seregli 3 hours ago

    Beautiful new song..and cd. Complete'number one top

  • Isadora Criativa
    Isadora Criativa 3 hours ago

    Scissors Sisters!?!???

  • James Simwaka
    James Simwaka 4 hours ago


  • Kill3r 1345
    Kill3r 1345 4 hours ago

    Can y’all stop being pervs and just enjoy the music? Please.

  • YvieT
    YvieT 4 hours ago

    I love this! Especially the part at 2:17 literally music to my ears. Wonderful 💓

  • Bjb 233
    Bjb 233 4 hours ago

    Oasis legend

  • Konan ST
    Konan ST 4 hours ago


  • Dominique SanMagana
    Dominique SanMagana 4 hours ago


    DIDCOTTWIST 4 hours ago

    Pretty good.Loved the show at Oxford 9/11/19 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Kenneth Fox
    Kenneth Fox 4 hours ago

    Ireland's finest

  • Darren Dharmai
    Darren Dharmai 4 hours ago

    What a disgraceful mix..

  • Tasnim Anuar
    Tasnim Anuar 4 hours ago

    well, sir...

  • Marinho Fonseca
    Marinho Fonseca 4 hours ago

    A energia dessa música amazing!

  • Gerard Vizer
    Gerard Vizer 5 hours ago

    c'est beau...

  • Ella Bloemendal
    Ella Bloemendal 5 hours ago

    I cry every time i see this video. I had this song in my head stuck for the past 4 years since you first sang it Love you girls❤️

  • Mostafa abolila
    Mostafa abolila 5 hours ago

    I came here from Fifa 20 best song on the game

  • Lawrence Whelan
    Lawrence Whelan 5 hours ago

    Please Jesus Christ I love u forever

  • FullVolume Favorites

    Listen 2019 👍

  • john ross
    john ross 5 hours ago

    beautifull woman with a beautifull voice may JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU amen

  • Lara Franziska
    Lara Franziska 6 hours ago

    if he sings this on tour then i´m not gonna drown myself in a bottle of his perfume but in the river of happy tears

  • Paula Alberola Zaragozá

    daniel voice is so perfect omg

  • Sophia
    Sophia 6 hours ago

    Who’s here from Jane’s cover on the voice?

  • Lewis Orr
    Lewis Orr 7 hours ago

    Everything about this screams a hapless misunderstanding of "God Only Knows". The tacky CGI, laboured beams and multiplicity-of-celebrity-appearances-novelty-charm are inappropriate; its an extremely pained piece, of which the continuity of Carl's wounded voice is a critical feature, but the dunderheads who didn't get past "Wouldn't Be Nice" when they skim-listened Pet Sounds (perhaps on the Rolling Stone magazine's recommendation) either wilfully ignore or fail to detect Wilson's neurosis. Apparently, Brian's brain has turned to gloop. Perhaps he made a few bucks watching some of his best work pumped with that classically British sentimentality, unabashed and unsolicited... his fine art turned to syrup.

  • Chloe Mcwilliam
    Chloe Mcwilliam 7 hours ago


  • Jon Oliver
    Jon Oliver 7 hours ago

    Black black Black. Yeah we get it. Are we allowed to write songs white white white? No we are not

  • Replying is futile
    Replying is futile 7 hours ago

    This is england but sings with an american accent. Righto

  • Sean Crowe
    Sean Crowe 7 hours ago

    Give me Glen's version any time

  • Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

    Back again!! Big up my Flava FM 87.6 crew from back in the day and all the Deja Vu FM 92.3. That was where it happened.

  • Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

    Big up the heads that remember Kano from Nasty Crew on Flava FM 87.6 and Deja Vu FM 92.3.

  • Khandoker Mohammad Shahadat Hossain

    Pes 20. Best song

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 7 hours ago

    I think I'm more puzzled that people don't know that this song was originally sung by "Little Big Town". It was written by Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, and Liz Rose. It's about a girl who is wishing to be all the things that another girl is, so the guy can be with her instead. I see it as a girl who has a guy but knows he is thinking of someone else.

  • Brit-Pop Snob
    Brit-Pop Snob 8 hours ago

    I love his voice!

  • Tim Jacuzzi
    Tim Jacuzzi 8 hours ago

    Jesus this is terrible

  • ELY Ela
    ELY Ela 8 hours ago

    super song👏👏

  • Foals
    Foals 8 hours ago


  • Shahana
    Shahana 8 hours ago

    always keep coming to this video

  • Garfield7250
    Garfield7250 8 hours ago

    my first album was "New World Record", from then on i had every following

  • LMilleniumT
    LMilleniumT 8 hours ago

    I expected this cover album to be unnecessary and mediocre but I actually like it a lot!

  • Molly Cooper
    Molly Cooper 8 hours ago

    i’m seeing him in concert today lol 🥳

  • tharani mercado
    tharani mercado 8 hours ago

    i love this song but ariana is afk haha

  • Genius J18
    Genius J18 8 hours ago

    What A TUNE

  • ふぁるふぁる
    ふぁるふぁる 8 hours ago

    めっちゃイイ声‼︎ 声がかすれる感じも好き╰(*´︶`*)╯

  • Doutor alexandre mansur real

    Go Ronnie Go

  • Trev Gibb
    Trev Gibb 8 hours ago

    Superfluous lady in black

  • Patrick Huertas
    Patrick Huertas 9 hours ago

    Make's me happy that he found his sound 👌

  • smiley central
    smiley central 9 hours ago

    she's amazing!!

  • Juen Loch
    Juen Loch 9 hours ago

    lo siento, mi es un rambler pero she is like a mime artist 👀🎩on one level, who also on another level adds a layer of amazing expressive sound ideas - to surprise herself and us, the sound awakes to something unique she reaches for, mirrored through her personal theatrical gestures 😛🤤🙃😇

  • Mel Aussie
    Mel Aussie 9 hours ago

    Geez he’s a good looking guy

  • rochi bazante
    rochi bazante 9 hours ago


  • ET killer
    ET killer 9 hours ago

    Beat song ever take it from me

  • H Kay
    H Kay 9 hours ago

    The song they always wanted to be.

  • H Kay
    H Kay 10 hours ago

    Always done good covers

  • {어공주덕후}롄이

    한국인은...나뿐인가...? 아닌가...?

  • cinnamonsugardoughnut
    cinnamonsugardoughnut 10 hours ago

    Nice to see some different music coming out when there's so many that just sound the same!! Also, PES 2020!!!

  • Tanjas Ton
    Tanjas Ton 10 hours ago

    Whow 😯 love this version 🤩