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  • Emrach te Riele
    Emrach te Riele 43 minutes ago

    Poo poo oh ooh

  • Martin Vera
    Martin Vera Hour ago

    There's a bug that crashes the game, particularly when you trade for a card that you have enough of (enough as in can no longer have more), but haven't maxed out yet.

  • Дима Осипенко

    Nothing is bad only for those who win, because the opponent can be a few parents less health and he loves, it's not fair, update 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎At least the legendary arena was added back

  • Gamer Xox
    Gamer Xox 2 hours ago

    this how many people replayed video for princess👇

  • Marie Natacha Payet
    Marie Natacha Payet 2 hours ago

    was not for a landing was 100 for a level of acorn very well not understood I do not like clash royale okay bye 😈

    DIAMOND ANIMATION 3 hours ago

    Please join our clan FAR FROM HOME

  • The All rounders
    The All rounders 3 hours ago

    I like it

  • samurai JI
    samurai JI 4 hours ago

    Baby dragon said: GG

  • BASTY Brawl stars
    BASTY Brawl stars 4 hours ago

    Nerf him!

  • amith teja
    amith teja 4 hours ago

    Well make clan leader rotation for lesser days

  • Wonbin Choi
    Wonbin Choi 5 hours ago

    Why did I get this in my recommended in 2019 lol

  • Antonio Monticelli
    Antonio Monticelli 5 hours ago

    Its incredible how this is your work and you are totally incompetent to make balance!!!! Do you think the witch is not broken?!?! Damn it's so difficult to make a good study to balance a card?

  • Yasin Balacayev
    Yasin Balacayev 5 hours ago


  • Ancient Keyboard Warrior

    Came back to show the rascals some love.

  • Ammar Wardeh
    Ammar Wardeh 5 hours ago

    Where the new emojy

  • Plankton S’kull
    Plankton S’kull 5 hours ago

    There big brother rascal use as their shields

  • Ashesh A
    Ashesh A 5 hours ago

    Everyone talking about the princess when no one is talking about the excellent music! 😭

  • Pâmela Gonçalves
    Pâmela Gonçalves 6 hours ago

    Meda a recompensa grátis no Clash royale e aumenta minha chama-se de ganhar brawle lendário e mítico ja tá na hora de ganhar braler

  • lex dequina
    lex dequina 6 hours ago

    Stupid update 2v2 mode is crazy just like the founder of this game.

  • Sawan Hang Limbu
    Sawan Hang Limbu 6 hours ago

    If that's what a baby can do I can definitely see why they are not adding adult drags

  • Boss Puppet
    Boss Puppet 7 hours ago

    Das ist herbe kaka das die Hexe jetzt so langsam ist das närft könnt ihr das nicht ändern

  • Артём Барихин

    А я вот только начал играть Clash Roymle

  • Benas Mazeika
    Benas Mazeika 8 hours ago

    Nerf Royal Giant you idiots

  • سيد عبود
    سيد عبود 8 hours ago


  • Andrei Farcas
    Andrei Farcas 8 hours ago

    Nerf witch range

  • red Tree. rex Vlogs and more!

    Oh no! Its royal air mega knight and minion horde!!

  • red Tree. rex Vlogs and more!

    0:25 what the fffff

  • alpha gaming
    alpha gaming 9 hours ago

    WHO LOVE MLBB hito liko Wonderful

  • djcome
    djcome 10 hours ago

    Enyone from finland ?

  • Peruvian Potato
    Peruvian Potato 10 hours ago

    The only season I got Pass Royale for

  • Pajić Sreten
    Pajić Sreten 10 hours ago

    Losser and noobs clash rojale noobs

  • Quinq _
    Quinq _ 11 hours ago


  • Creative Team
    Creative Team 11 hours ago

    Make ROYALE PASS event..... Royale pass free for 12 wins....

  • Dipti Ranjan
    Dipti Ranjan 11 hours ago

    You can make your game fancier but if you don't fix the basics, then it's a worthless game. I am telling again, take some steps to match suitable opponent. All maxed cards against all level 11 cards, that's unfair and shows the failure in your matchmaking ability. It's like buying cards makes someone better player than good gameplay or may be that' your tactic.

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team 11 hours ago

    Increase the damage of golem..

  • Игорь Коваль

    понятно кто лаги в клэше делает

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team 13 hours ago

    Bring Gem Rush back

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team 13 hours ago

    Please make lighting card as like it is in Clash Of Clans ....... Clash Royale😅😅😅

  • Mike Rotti
    Mike Rotti 13 hours ago

    Game is patched to crap. Matchmaking destroyed. Setting units lags extreme. Please fix it.

  • Tyler Ferrara
    Tyler Ferrara 14 hours ago

    Why does it say $200,000 when it’s like 60k

  • Carlo Gwapo Sarmiento
    Carlo Gwapo Sarmiento 15 hours ago

    Since this release, its very hard to play 2v2 due to you are paired with a player with the same trophy range vs a higher trophy range with you all have same level cards. Currently at 37xx, encountering 4k above duos. Can you fix this, or queue with higher trophy range

  • Rainbow_Derp -
    Rainbow_Derp - 17 hours ago


  • Amy Diatikar
    Amy Diatikar 17 hours ago


  • Amy Diatikar
    Amy Diatikar 17 hours ago


  • Waluigi 4smash
    Waluigi 4smash 18 hours ago

    I love the elixir golem

  • Adolf Stalin
    Adolf Stalin 19 hours ago

    How is he saying pancakes I hear pawn derby

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Quero só ver o que os desenvolvedores desse jogo vai fezer em relação a essa nova atualização que travou o jogo essa merda de supercel ID que eu pra joga tenho e desinstalar o jogo e instala novamente que merda foi oque vocês fizeram eu só fiz esse ID por causa do emote por que se não fosse por isso tinha deixado como tava

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Se não tinha deixado como tava essa porra

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Eu só fiz esse negócio do ID por causa do emote

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Toda vez tenho que desinstalar o jogo e instala novamente por causa dessa merda de supercel ID

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    E a outra que esta nessa conta que é gladiado

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Tenho uma conta vingado no nv 13

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Quero só ver o que vocês vão fazer para resolver esse problema

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Estou sem joga direito por causa dessa bugada da supercel

  • luis carlos
    luis carlos 19 hours ago

    Ficou uma merda isso

  • Julian Loaves
    Julian Loaves 20 hours ago


  • lajugadoraNin12 imagination :33

    No entiendo porque a casi todos se enamoraron con la princesa men xd

  •  20 hours ago

    Astro Royale mx. Unance nuevo clan

  •  20 hours ago

    Astro Royale mx. Nuevo clan unance

  •  20 hours ago

    Astro Royale mx. Unance. Nuevo clan

  •  20 hours ago

    Astro Royale mx. Nuevo clan. Unance.

  •  20 hours ago

    Astro Royale mx. Nuevo clan. Unance.

  • StarFishMan lol
    StarFishMan lol 20 hours ago

    Finally a mega knight in an animation

  • Soldier _76
    Soldier _76 20 hours ago

    Oh man that princess tho...

  • ha Đỗ
    ha Đỗ 20 hours ago

    what music is that name:?

  • Thiago Silva
    Thiago Silva 22 hours ago


  • Nathan Kittredge
    Nathan Kittredge 22 hours ago

    Man if only we had this in real life

  • Unknown Human
    Unknown Human 23 hours ago

    The Golden Princess has the energy i need in my life

  • rafael ribeiro
    rafael ribeiro 23 hours ago

    By the time the match starts, I have one less tower or I have already lost the battle. I can't play a full game at all. Either it starts for me with the game in progress or the game in progress, it comes out and when I come back I already lost. Can anyone tell if they are doing anything about it to fix it? There are many people commenting that they are experiencing the same problem.

  • Penny - Brawl stars
    Penny - Brawl stars 23 hours ago

    Mine combo:Giants! Cards need:giant and real giant

  • rafael ribeiro
    rafael ribeiro 23 hours ago

    Quando começa a partida já estou com uma torre a menos ou já perdi a batalha. Não consigo jogar uma partida sequer completa. Ou começa pra mim com a partida em andamento ou com a partida em andamento sai e quando volta já perdi. Alguém sabe dizer se estão fazendo algo a respeito pra concertar isso? Tem muitas pessoas comentando que estão passando pelo mesmo problema.

  • Sammy Wammy
    Sammy Wammy 23 hours ago

    *I F S H E B R E A T H S*

  • Ali Balghou
    Ali Balghou 23 hours ago


  • Corrinha Almeida
    Corrinha Almeida 23 hours ago

    Devia ter mais tempo nas batalhas

  • Marcelthebeast McDaniels

    Wow, elixir golem? This is new

  • Sashimori
    Sashimori Day ago

    Rip spear goblin number three

  • Epic Shots
    Epic Shots Day ago

    Please make a XP challenge so you get to a higher level faster but make it for any level

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Day ago

    Red dead redemption

  • Dipti Ranjan
    Dipti Ranjan Day ago

    Hey so called talented match maker!!! U want me to buy all the cards by money or dirty geming.. that's y u r putting the opponents with all maxed out cards ... Is it a dirty strategy or failure in your algorithm.. I've complained many times but you don't give a ****.

  • Kaan İnan
    Kaan İnan Day ago

    Ya mad bruh

  • F8_Bristlerske

    My favorite card 😄

  • Muko Osas
    Muko Osas Day ago

    Arrows and skeletons its enought for defeating this tactic (bad english)

  • JackoPlayx
    JackoPlayx Day ago

    Mega Knight: Lands at the power of 1000 moustaches! PEKKA: smashes at the power of 100000 butterflies

  • MEGANDROIDXD112 El Ruco :v

    Ive wachted this video 381 times to see every characters reaction

  • Sahel Kamhieh
    Sahel Kamhieh Day ago

    Nobody will ever read this comment

  • Ad ihaimninja
    Ad ihaimninja Day ago

    Hey Supercel can you PLEASE un-ban my account IHAIMNINJA YT(3377 trophyes)

  • Frenz7y
    Frenz7y Day ago

    why do i drop challenger 3 to challenger 2 if there is a arena low where they said you cant drop below

  • emil stolotz
    emil stolotz Day ago


  • Gameninja Plays

    Everyone: el primo Me: 2:00


    Рашека сдесь!!!!

  • Fierzaa
    Fierzaa Day ago

    Why does the night witch emote from the witch draft challenge uses Mario 64 sound?

  • RistaHD ツ
    RistaHD ツ Day ago

    log+goblins(or even zap if you dont have log)

  • HallioSchnecke

    fix the balance...

  • ainul yaqin
    ainul yaqin Day ago

    please nerf witch and royale giant

  • poh shiow.woan

    join my clash royale clan name CR Millionairs

  • poh shiow.woan


  • poh shiow.woan

    guys if you need clan join my clan name is CR Millionair

  • Saltanat Montoya

    Ahh yes cowboy noises even though its jungle related