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Return of the Jedi
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  • Oululainen
    Oululainen 18 minutes ago

    For me, there’s one extra sad moment beside these that you’ve mentioned. It’s about the last fight of the night sisters to defend themselves against the separatists (or count Dooku). I thought with the resurrection of the fallen sisters, the night sisters could have won the battle. At last, they have totally lost. That’s sad, even Ventress is on the dark side.

  • Sam Beck
    Sam Beck 32 minutes ago

    Or jar jar dark plagues as plagues might be able to take forms or the living through the force and Palestine says he kills plagues in episode 1 but who’s to say plagues take form within jar jar and there fore that’s why palpatines so close to jar jar is because he is still learning from him master throughout episode 1-3 and palpatine is using jar jar aka plagues to manipulate anakin as well as the Jedi them self’s

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J 50 minutes ago

    I haven't heard anyone mentioning this, but the Trandoshans who attack the Mandalorian in episode 2 can be seen eaves dropping in episode 1 when Greef Karga tells him about the job...

  • Kev Bro
    Kev Bro 2 hours ago

    Baby Yoda trying to eat the lizard is a nod to guardians of the galaxy 2 where baby Groot tries to eat the bug in the opening fight scene.

  • Olivia Marallo
    Olivia Marallo 3 hours ago

    Yes you will

  • James Bullo
    James Bullo 3 hours ago

    A detail you missed. Baby eats an amphibian not a reptile. #Toada

  • PS4 Gaming
    PS4 Gaming 4 hours ago

    Remember in empire strikes back if you didn’t read the news papers they spoiled Darth Vader being Luke’s dad being spoiled before the movies

  • Alemla Longkumer
    Alemla Longkumer 4 hours ago


  • Jack Kelley
    Jack Kelley 4 hours ago

    3:00 sorry I gave up on rebels quickly YOU ARE TELLING ME THEY GAVE A TEENAGER A FULL SET OF BESKAR?!

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter 5 hours ago

    The Jawas could stil be wearing masks, just because you can eat doesn't mean you have no mask on.

  • Champion Dragos
    Champion Dragos 6 hours ago

    People have said it might be a kal dagger, which would be cool.

  • chris kostopoulos
    chris kostopoulos 7 hours ago

    The rifle misfired in the mud. He was trying to clear the breech. A professional Mercenary Like the Mando would not make a mistake of having an unloaded rifle.

  • ExoMorphed
    ExoMorphed 8 hours ago

    Well everyone hates starlord forever now

  • first name last name

    Thanks for refreshing my memory of the animated series, reminded me to not watch it.

  • Molulu11
    Molulu11 10 hours ago

    Mark 39 was lit

  • Mockingbirdkiller
    Mockingbirdkiller 12 hours ago

    why do you need to give the running commentry? it spoiles everyting for peopls wanting to catch up!!!!

  • Mockingbirdkiller
    Mockingbirdkiller 12 hours ago

    i love the video but why do people have to talk over the story? i mean it in the nicest way shut up!!

  • Mike Oden
    Mike Oden 13 hours ago

    1 thing, and 1 thing only... Han shot first

  • John Williams
    John Williams 13 hours ago

    He's the big reveal in episode 9. Notice they haven't shown the face of the Emporor in any of the trailers yet ? ?

  • Rich M
    Rich M 13 hours ago

    I can't get over the cuteness combined with darkness in this series.

  • Fatin Jabro
    Fatin Jabro 14 hours ago


  • famousamos0
    famousamos0 14 hours ago

    Where the hell is all ur content dash ur an easy 5 mil subscriber dude !

    • Dash Star
      Dash Star 4 hours ago

      Thanks man, very much appreciate it

  • Jacob Henderson
    Jacob Henderson 15 hours ago

    Nanotech was the best suit up ever

  • J W
    J W 15 hours ago

    the absolutely funniest scenes in the episode are when he tries to speak Jawa and they say "You sound like a wookie" and the whole scene where the jawas are throwing stuff at him trying to knock him off the barge also resembles the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when they go too close to the canyon wall to try and get rid of him

  • J W
    J W 15 hours ago

    Let's see tiny details that we missed.... hmm the horned monster that fights The Mandalorian was the exact same monster that fought Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones and they even recreated the exact same scene from Attack of the Clones too... I guarantee it's the same

  • SupremeOwnage
    SupremeOwnage 15 hours ago

    I think you've made a mistake here, in assuming the rifle wasn't loaded. The fact he pointed it and tried to fire proves as much, and that it was rather the fall and all the mud that has jammed up his weapon.

  • The Count of Monte Disco

    I think it's pretty clear that Sabine is actually the Mandalorian from "The Mandalorian" and she's secretly searching for Ezra as a bounty hunter because clearly a jedi and/or an imperial grand admiral would have rather high bounties on them and the bounties she takes both potentially provide clues whilst paying the bills. There, called it.

  • man0z
    man0z 15 hours ago

    Life Day seems rather Satanic

  • Della Oats
    Della Oats 19 hours ago

    I belive loki deaf i belive

  • Robert Lockard
    Robert Lockard 20 hours ago

    Couldn't ALL of the users of the Eye of Agamoto / the time stone be brought into literally ANY story set in ANY time? Think Dr. Who - how did 1990s humans get to ancient rome, or to the heat death of the universe? Any plot holes could be carpeted over with "this is what the ancient one was up to BEFORE she met Dr. Strange" or "This is one of the things Strange did while figuring out how to beat Thanos via trial and error time travel shenanigans." *I'd abuse the holy hell out of The Eye of Agamoto, think about it - as long as the mistake doesn't kill you, you have a "do-over" switch that can let you go as far back as you want*

  • Silver Toddler
    Silver Toddler 20 hours ago

    Jesus it’s like nobody can spell Beskar

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 20 hours ago

    Splendid, I really enjoyed it!, check my guitar(with ending solo)+vocals cover of 'iron man',channel link tvclip.biz/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ, you can try :)

  • Donald Vincent
    Donald Vincent 21 hour ago

    I always thought the soul stone might be in or used by Heimdall which was why he was able to see everything and everyone.

  • rcmgamer218
    rcmgamer218 21 hour ago

    I never really liked how Rebels showed the Mandalorians dislike of Ezra suggesting they make their armor out of something other than Beskar. Especially considering the situation they were in. One of my favorite Mandalorian proverbs was “A Mandalorian is more than his armor.” To me, it always emphasized what made the Mandalorians so deadly, and their ability to survive near extinction; their adaptability. If a Mandalorian’s honor, life, or loved ones are at stake, they’re not going to avoid a fight just because they’re out of their armor, they’re going to fight just as hard as if they were wearing the armor. But in Rebels, you take away a Mando’s armor, you take away their courage, and that’s a pathetic shadow of the Mandos I love. I hope this show does something about that,

  • My beautiful and amazing Princess

    to further develop the point at 7:32 to 7:39 that jar jar purposely led qui gon and obi wan to meet anakin. the star wars lore says that anakin was developed and planned by the sith to be the downfall of the jedi since the beginning, that the 2 sith lords, darth sidious and his unknown master [probably jar jar himself] manipulated his mother, Shmi skywalker, and groomed anakin since he was a baby. and it is theorized that they impregnated anakins mother with the force [a reference how god impregnated mary with the holy spirit], creating a child with extraordinary midclorians and force potential. thus jar jar leading the 2 jedi to the planet Tatooine and making them meet anakin, he was there to make sure qui gon took him back to the jedi temple and agreed to train im as a jedi and his pupil. [the other jedi like yoda and mace windu were completely against accepting and training him as a jedi, but they gave in and accepted it ultimately], all work of jar jar. he was always numerous steps ahead to destroy the jedi

  • David Marzella
    David Marzella 22 hours ago

    Bobb fett got his ding from a duel with cad bane I think

    • Zacandrews -
      Zacandrews - 13 hours ago

      David Marzella he’s trying to make the point that his Armour shouldn’t be damaged since it’s veskar, but he doesn’t know that bobas armour is durasteel

  • Michael Murphy

    I'm impressed with the show so far. I like how it has a lot of the look and feel of the early movies. Star Wars seems to have got back to its roots finally.

  • I am a loaf of Bread

    Yoda, windu, obiwan and qwuigan together could kill jar jar, but jar jar knew of this and planned for the death of each master 1 by 1 getting them killed. Jar jar is a smart and clever bastard.

  • Kyle Morgan
    Kyle Morgan Day ago

    I believe all the circuitry and wiring in the Mando's armor is some kind of magnetic shielding. Which is why the shots he took didn't seem to hurt him at all, despite it being really quite thin metal. And we all know how effective personal armor is in Star Wars.

  • 6 June
    6 June Day ago

    Making jarjar the boss of The Last Jedi should've been better.

  • Noah Vazquez
    Noah Vazquez Day ago

    Tony was and always will be my favorite

  • Night. Walker
    Night. Walker Day ago

    Hope I got

  • TimeIzMonies
    TimeIzMonies Day ago

    I hope Disney is at least paying this guy for the shilling.

  • Renaissance Nerd

    Steel is an alloy, you get it by mixing iron with carbon. Beskar steel would be made the same way.

  • LinkLich
    LinkLich Day ago

    Pointless video

  • Tristan Ziobro

    Black mask Scarecrow Bat queen Solomin grundy Calnder man Humpty dumpty

  • Heidi Kroetch
    Heidi Kroetch Day ago

    the larger weapon that the mandalorian carries isnt a blaster, its a disrupter, which disintegrates any organic material it hits

  • Konner Orebaugh

    My favorite suit was the nanotech suit. I even wish I had it.

  • Kendall deDelley

    Lol sorry man frogs are amphibians not lizards

  • hipernice 123
    hipernice 123 Day ago

    The true is 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕 i am iron man

  • Rob Soruco
    Rob Soruco Day ago

    He ate a frog, not a lizzard! LMAO

  • Victor Escamilla

    by the scene of he shooting the storm troopers, to me seems like he turn in the quest, go and upgrade his armor and then kill the holder of the quest to keep the item... thats what i would do too.

  • Mitch Baldry
    Mitch Baldry Day ago

    Boba and jango aren’t mandolorian so of course they wouldn’t have beskin 🤷‍♂️

    • Chris S.
      Chris S. Day ago

      Why are they not Mandalorian?

  • Kaye Hand
    Kaye Hand Day ago


  • Zagica
    Zagica Day ago

    Thess series, it is awesome. I have spoken.

  • Danyal Mujtaba

    Stan Lee created Thor in order to make someone powerful than the hulk, he said that only a god can be physically powerful than the hulk

  • Lost cause
    Lost cause Day ago

    He didn’t try to fire an unloaded rifle. The rifle malfunctioned from the mud. He was not trying to load it after the malfunction, he was trying to clear the malfunction.

  • Sean O'Connor
    Sean O'Connor Day ago

    I wonder why the baby yoda has all black eyes?

  • Natane Shoulderblade

    The video was awesome it was like I never knew that


    So not even a trade war then?

  • Jonathan Watts
    Jonathan Watts 2 days ago

    Wish they would pick a show length because If trend continues next episode will be 25 minutes

  • Ben Whitney
    Ben Whitney 2 days ago

    Realy hope the season ends with the baby Yoda being claimed as a foundling by the Mandolorian

  • Filip Molczyk
    Filip Molczyk 2 days ago

    the fact that multiple bounties were issued is not a tiny detail, you could only miss it if u've not seen any of it

  • Yora
    Yora 2 days ago

    Weird choice of footage.

  • kryo Boy
    kryo Boy 2 days ago

    Bloody hell i forgot about dash stars channel!!! Hey m8 i'll sub to u.i have spoken

  • Mighty Thor
    Mighty Thor 2 days ago

    Jabba the Hot

  • gabriel pack
    gabriel pack 2 days ago

    something people forget to notice is the musical motifs during the injury mending scene, as the mando fixes the gash on his arm the baby yoda approaches him with his arm extended, the whirring sound you hear is the same sound filoni uses in star wars rebels to clue you into ezra’s force sensitivity, you hear the whirring here to and i heard it and instantly turned to my friend and says “yep it has the force.” Then i explained what I explained above and I wasn’t wrong

  • Barry Timmer
    Barry Timmer 2 days ago

    Im a American, weapons are a part of my religion

    • man0z
      man0z 16 hours ago

      @Aleix Riera remember how the communists won WW2? Well they just rebranded as democracy, that's why we have political correctness, the far right have a point. The far right now how corrupt the governments are, the US and the UK are amongst the most corrupt. It's better for citizens to be armed then governments.

    • Aleix Riera
      Aleix Riera 16 hours ago

      did you know here in europe only far right extremists want weapons to become legal again?

    • man0z
      man0z 16 hours ago

      Shame grammar isn't. You better look up the 45 Goals for the Communist Takeover of America and Yuri Bezmenov's interview and you will see how "great" your religion is.

    • Oompa Loompa
      Oompa Loompa 21 hour ago

      FREEDOM !!!

  • Seano W
    Seano W 2 days ago

    Great job man love your show keep up the good work

  • Lachlan Fanning
    Lachlan Fanning 2 days ago

    Well technically we've never seen somebody reload a blaster in the films before, we have seen people interract with ammo. In the episode "The Hidden Enemy" Rex unloads blasters to trap a traitor.

  • MagicianFlip69
    MagicianFlip69 2 days ago

    So far off

  • sharkfinbite
    sharkfinbite 2 days ago

    Ig-11 maybe the series' arch rival for the character from that act. It is to reference the legends' similar rivalry

  • Trojan D
    Trojan D 2 days ago

    Sorry good ole aus mate. I need thumbs down alot of mistakes in the lore.

  • Trojan D
    Trojan D 2 days ago

    Geez. And you compare boba and jango to the mandalorian. The fetts are not from mandolore. Seriously Dash

    • Trojan D
      Trojan D Day ago

      @TheSeattle SoyKing jango the father stole the armor. Serious. No one knows from who but from that one clan of Death Watch

    • TheSeattle SoyKing
      TheSeattle SoyKing 2 days ago

      @Trojan D you seriously gonna tell me to read statwars when both jango and boba became the mandolore not to mentian fett is a clan dating back to the old republic era.

    • Trojan D
      Trojan D 2 days ago

      He is. He is raised to be mando. Like all foundlings. That are what they are called when they are taken and train as a mandolarian. The Fetts weren't "adopted" or even care to be of mandolore civilian. Janjo just use the armor for his bounty so it made it look like Mandos did whatever crimes he did. Seriously read the star wars or even just watch some clone wars shows or rebel and it will tell you. Don't make a false statements like this, sweriously

    • TheSeattle SoyKing
      TheSeattle SoyKing 2 days ago

      Neither is the mandalorian

  • Trojan D
    Trojan D 2 days ago

    When you mention the tech under the armor it's help it be for fit for battle use. since his beserk is just out right it was forge (the light you see isn't to enhance the armor, it's just there for in line ment*. Compare to chess plate it isn't using whole servo of electronics to "enchance" whatever metal he had before.) Come on man this is just common since. In canon lore like rebel or clone wars maybe even legends , beserk by itself can handle blaster, bolts to lightsaber they don't need enhancements

    • Trojan D
      Trojan D 2 days ago

      Sorry o'mate you Aussie. I go to thumbs down video.

  • xxJustaGhost
    xxJustaGhost 2 days ago

    If Disney makes Jar Jar a Sith in episode 9, like he was meant to be, I will wholeheartedly forgive them for episode 8 😭

  • hellbilly69101
    hellbilly69101 2 days ago

    Welcome back Dash!

  • Rickshaw Tom
    Rickshaw Tom 2 days ago

    "After failing to save rhodie due to lack of speed, adds considerably more speed" ALSO GIVES SPIDEY A PARACHUTE!

  • Andrea Douglas
    Andrea Douglas 2 days ago

    ironman kills thanos in ENDGAME.But ironman dies because he snaps his fingers

  • Kimberly Gaeta
    Kimberly Gaeta 2 days ago

    Why is your voice 7x louder than the audio????? Thumbs down.

  • P W
    P W 2 days ago

    bobofet wasnt a mandalorian!!!!

  • Jason Gallaway
    Jason Gallaway 2 days ago

    Thanks for getting us all up to speed on the Mandalorian culture (according to Disney) Dash. With that being said - this new "Canon" is total OSIK. There is a wonderfully crafted Mando culture that was fleshed out over the years in the novels/comics. Why they decided to scrap it all to create another cookie-cutter civilization is utterly confounding.

    • Dash Star
      Dash Star 2 days ago

      You're preaching to the choir

  • Nicole Lynch
    Nicole Lynch 2 days ago

    I think

  • rtcodypr
    rtcodypr 2 days ago

    The rife needs power cell rounds when your using the disintegrator shot cause there so dam powerful, also Yoda eats a frog at the farm not a lizard tracking his force energy!

  • iiWillyWarfStashe :3

    Screw stormtroopers, *Bring the clones back-*

  • Piromonkey313
    Piromonkey313 2 days ago

    just a heads up, the interview voices are super low. Overall great job on the video!!!!!

  • ArtemiusTGM
    ArtemiusTGM 2 days ago

    good to have you back brother I know its been hard for you..

  • Trauma MPD
    Trauma MPD 2 days ago

    Looks like the same style flashlight the clones use on there helmets in the clone wars

  • William Wolfcastle
    William Wolfcastle 2 days ago

    Could it be Jango Fett's clone even though Jango Fett is not a Mandalorian left in some kind of suspended animated state cryogenically frozen when the Republic was still in-power

  • William Wolfcastle
    William Wolfcastle 2 days ago

    If its Sabine Wren it be awesome that means Ahsoka Tano found Ezra I was getting close to finding azra Ezra might have located home planet of Yoda and finish they're training Ezra become the Libra the balance of light and dark he went to the dark and look Beyond it he is also teaching Grand Admiral Thrawn to go beyond the dark side and that it's only part of a whole that is greater than the individual sums nothingness returns to nothingness

  • DCB Productions
    DCB Productions 2 days ago

    I never noticed but you would probably be able to do a good Temuera Morrison impression

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 2 days ago

    I win.

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    Another good bro!!! keep rockin this fun positive and informative stuff!!!

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan 2 days ago

    The Lizzards did not scatter because they noticed baby yoda's alert to an impending ambush. The lizards were following the child because they are scavenger creatures, and that's a small child. They scatter because THE LIZARDS sensed the approaching hostiles, and the Mando noticed, so he stopped.

  • DENI Azeredo
    DENI Azeredo 2 days ago

    if they keep it the way its been going it will do well... felt like a space western episode of Rebels with lots of fan service...

  • JackHammer Salm
    JackHammer Salm 2 days ago

    Good to hear your voice my friend

  • B Z
    B Z 2 days ago

    They should have made it R rated..........Pussies.

  • Matt Tillman
    Matt Tillman 3 days ago

    Thought you were done with Disney Star Wars...

  • chrismas
    chrismas 3 days ago

    Gandalf The White.

  • Patricia Besa
    Patricia Besa 3 days ago