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Toy Story 4 Ever
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Toy Story 4 | Now Playing
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Toy Story | "Meet Forky" Clip
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Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts
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Purl | Pixar SparkShorts
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Toy Story 4 | Big Game Ad
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A Pixar Fireplace
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  • -This Life of Mine-
    -This Life of Mine- 3 hours ago

    I swear black people cant survive cartoon movies either 😭

  • njdmanok
    njdmanok 3 hours ago

    You CAN say “Black” you know. There is a difference between black people and African American people.

  • markdpane
    markdpane 3 hours ago

    I find it funny how Sully keeps missing his cue.

  • The Princess Gaming
    The Princess Gaming 3 hours ago

    why are black ppl in animated movies always turning into something

  • StratosBebop
    StratosBebop 3 hours ago

    Disney 2020:What if Black People had Feelings

  • Splash
    Splash 3 hours ago

    I- so what's the plot?

  • 9 Plus Y
    9 Plus Y 3 hours ago

    what? Why is everyone so upset??? It seems fine... I'll watch it.

  • Kalpit Veerwal
    Kalpit Veerwal 3 hours ago

    Steve Jobs would be proud.

  • Cole Walker
    Cole Walker 3 hours ago

    How did the moped guy drive over an open manhole

  • Fortress Master Dissolved guy


  • MalcRich
    MalcRich 3 hours ago

    Faux espoirs.

  • Timothée Capot
    Timothée Capot 3 hours ago

    The Dream Studios!

  • DLNN shadow
    DLNN shadow 3 hours ago

    This would be sick

  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty 4 hours ago

    Which one is your favorite finding nemo character? My favorite is Marlin Nemo I like dory

  • Eni Plays
    Eni Plays 4 hours ago

    When they do Joe like this?

  • Clamshell Studios -Anna Muir

    Must go there must watch the professionals ahhhhhhh must work there aghhhhgg

  • Ellis Guy
    Ellis Guy 4 hours ago

    you really had to ruin it didn’t you

  • Fist Power
    Fist Power 4 hours ago

    Graphics too real I thought everyone born misshapen..

  • HowlWolf production
    HowlWolf production 4 hours ago

    People thik pit bulls are a dangerous breed of dogs its not true its the owners fault i have 2 pit bulls and both are kind and sweet one is even a lap dog. And have you heard of sergeant stubby he is a pit bull and save many live. If you agree pit bulls are amazing animals leave a like. | v

  • bread ;;
    bread ;; 4 hours ago

    só vou assistir por causa do ajr e fds

  • BagelMaster5000
    BagelMaster5000 4 hours ago

    Literally thought he turned into a pigeon and had some PTSD flashbacks to the Spies in Disguise trailer

  • Neil Rivera
    Neil Rivera 4 hours ago

    Another stupid Disney film that feeds lies.

  • TasTimeAndSpace
    TasTimeAndSpace 4 hours ago

    0:23 Failed attempt 964 to craft an unusual

  • Ethan Maphosa
    Ethan Maphosa 4 hours ago

    The houses are like the Smurfs houses

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams 4 hours ago

    What they should’ve done, was his hands got hurt in a car accident, and couldn’t reach his “already given life dream” and he has to go through all these challeneges to find a new purpose, and truely finds the meaning in his life

  • chubby - chan
    chubby - chan 4 hours ago

    Forky: **confused noises**

  • Explolsive Cake
    Explolsive Cake 4 hours ago

    Did they just made fantasy high on a bigger Budget? This is gonna be great

  • Great Skua
    Great Skua 4 hours ago

    Super excited about this and then he turned into a sperm squid thingy like what where the designers thinking on this one

  • lil
    lil 4 hours ago

    rly thought this was gonna be african american representation but 😐

  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton 4 hours ago

    music is meaningfull for idiots, the rockefellers knew that...that's why they heavily financed mtv...so we had a bone to bite on

  • Cookie Sans147
    Cookie Sans147 5 hours ago

    This looks beautiful

  • Coffee Junkie
    Coffee Junkie 5 hours ago

    this movie looked like it had soul until he turned into a smurf booger

  • Mr. Night
    Mr. Night 5 hours ago

    Reverse *PewDiePie*

  • Yonk
    Yonk 5 hours ago

    :43 lmao adult randall

  • Joseph Choi
    Joseph Choi 5 hours ago

    This is ganna be leaked footage

  • Elli E.
    Elli E. 5 hours ago

    I'm just happy that AJR's overture is the background

  • Adrian Maulana
    Adrian Maulana 5 hours ago

    remember when this first came out and people freaking out

  • Fermion Physics
    Fermion Physics 5 hours ago

    This actually looks good...glitch in the matrix?

  • Doodle dummy
    Doodle dummy 5 hours ago

    I feel like this movie might be better than everyone thinks it will be. Have faith everyone, this is Pixar we’re talking about! Yeah ok, that cowboy dance thing was cringey, but I have never not enjoyed a Pixar movie, and that is not gonna be ruined by this movie!

  • Lakeira Randle
    Lakeira Randle 5 hours ago


  • Willow Knight
    Willow Knight 5 hours ago

    This is something I’m actually excited for

  • TheOnlyPlayer 101
    TheOnlyPlayer 101 5 hours ago

    The song played in the trailer is AJR - OVERTURE

  • Random Productions!
    Random Productions! 5 hours ago


  • El Lobito Kawaii :3
    El Lobito Kawaii :3 5 hours ago

    I am feeling so many Avatar vibes right now and I don't know why

  • ItzMeØmega
    ItzMeØmega 5 hours ago

    Me: has a class presentation My red blood cells: 1:57 Why am I here 6 months after the movie came out

  • SpaceMemo
    SpaceMemo 5 hours ago

    I replayed the cowboy dance more than 50 times the voice acting is just great!

  • Thorin mendoza
    Thorin mendoza 5 hours ago

    Hey what's up inenen!!!

  • Liv T
    Liv T 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait for this movie 🥳

  • Gnomie The Gnome
    Gnomie The Gnome 5 hours ago

    That was it, until it wasn’t it, chief

  • TheInkJester -
    TheInkJester - 5 hours ago

    Anyone else bopping out to the AJR music?

  • nae rangel
    nae rangel 5 hours ago

    This is so cute

  • OxforD
    OxforD 5 hours ago

    0:45 ese no es el perro de la vida secreta de tus mascotas??

  • Mr. Squiggle
    Mr. Squiggle 5 hours ago

    Adorable deserves no dislikes and a hundred million more likes

  • 50% LOGIC
    50% LOGIC 5 hours ago


  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 6 hours ago

    Name of song used?

  • LegendOfAvee _
    LegendOfAvee _ 6 hours ago

    Dang it Pixar this little video makes me cry at least twice every time I watch it

  • TheWassupFilms
    TheWassupFilms 6 hours ago

    I’m not gonna hate on it too much before it’s even out but I feel like the movie would of been fine without turning the main character into a naked smurf

  • S Schmit
    S Schmit 6 hours ago

    Musicians: make soul music soul: I’m going to end this mans whole career

  • ALX1M1K
    ALX1M1K 6 hours ago


  • Albz
    Albz 6 hours ago

    That must be so cool

  • Mr_Wack :/
    Mr_Wack :/ 6 hours ago

    Ah yes AJR.

  • Ricky
    Ricky 6 hours ago

    People! We did it with Sonic, let's try it with Soul! This looks like suck wasted potential. I completely lost my hype when that generic blue thing popped up. Make this a story about the real world, with real struggles and have it inspire people to chase their dreams rather than turning it into something generic. I'm sure it'll still be good, but the trailer went down the drain when the main character did.

  • Aliya Schwerner
    Aliya Schwerner 6 hours ago

    I cried through this whole thing. I hate the way people treat pit bulls and I am glad that both the cat and dog found a family at the end.

  • Ariel Arias Petzoldt

    Where’s The Animated Humans In Onward?

  • Mickey Stickey
    Mickey Stickey 6 hours ago

    I thought this would be a movie about how he lets his feelings out by playing jazz music but NOOOO it was about him turning into a blue blob.

  • Agustin Dominguez
    Agustin Dominguez 6 hours ago


  • Foggy Pebble
    Foggy Pebble 6 hours ago

    The trailer personally bummed me out about my own life because I’m sickly and don’t have the opportunities that other people have. Not everyone can make the most of their lives and seize the day like the lead character says. And the one dude who does away with his computer at work is probably not in a financial situation to be able to enjoy his days either. He’s there for a reason. A lot of people can’t constantly live life to the fullest even though we try.

  • Pigggy 4235
    Pigggy 4235 6 hours ago


  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty 6 hours ago

    Toy story : buzz Toy story 2 : Jessie and bullseye Toy story 3 : Bonnie's toys Toy story 4 : forky

  • Sougo Rikiya
    Sougo Rikiya 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who gonna like this movie even when his turned into soul? It look so beautiful even in soul world!

  • Thu Ta Oo
    Thu Ta Oo 6 hours ago

    this looked promising. then he fell in a hole.

  • andyyy wu
    andyyy wu 6 hours ago

    "We only have a short time on this planet." He wasn't wrong when he fell down the manhole.

  • kitobear1
    kitobear1 6 hours ago

    I think this looks amazing. I am not thrilled about the prospect of the black character being a blue spirit the entire movie, but we don’t know that will be the case. I can’t wait for the full trailer.

  • Just A Calm Beach
    Just A Calm Beach 6 hours ago


  • Eric Dean
    Eric Dean 6 hours ago

    hel·lo (hĕ-lō′, hə-) interjection Used to greet someone, answer the telephone, or express surprise. noun pl. hel·los A calling or greeting of “hello.” intransitive verb hel·loed, hel·lo·ing, hel·loes To call “hello.” [Alteration of hallo, alteration of obsolete holla, stop!, perhaps from Old French hola : ho, ho! + la, there (from Latin illāc, that way).]

  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty 6 hours ago

    TS: woody gets lost TS2: woody gets stolen TS3: woody gets away TS4: woody lost again

  • 『 Swinoux_ Studio 』

    S O C U T E A N D S A D

  • MemphisLonghornOdyssey

    So is this just gonna be a series of social experiments and pranks?

  • cactus
    cactus 7 hours ago

    This looked super good until the main character became a blob

  • InkSwarm Nation
    InkSwarm Nation 7 hours ago

    I was interested until the hipster turned into a mutated blueberry

  • princess R
    princess R 7 hours ago

    I thought this was a live action up Would’ve cringed

  • Zesty God Rhys
    Zesty God Rhys 7 hours ago

    “Ready to contribute something meaningful into this world” This movie wouldn’t know much about that.

  • Niko Štajner
    Niko Štajner 7 hours ago

    What if black people have feelings

  • Adrian Andrade
    Adrian Andrade 7 hours ago

    Wow! I think this is a sign!

  • JDL
    JDL 7 hours ago

    Pixar please listen to us and make the movie just what the begging of the trailer was

  • Renzo Arturo Romero
    Renzo Arturo Romero 7 hours ago

    The trailer ends at 0:49

  • •The daughter of the mad hatter•

    That cowboy dance made me feel the same joy I had when I was watching the emoji movie

    • BagelMaster5000
      BagelMaster5000 4 hours ago

      It made me feel the same joy I feel seeing 12 year olds doing the fortnite dance at McDonalds

  • Phsychopatch
    Phsychopatch 7 hours ago

    This genuinely looks good, nice one Pixar

  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty 7 hours ago

    I didn't know toy story 4 Was a final chapter Because woody Remove his voice box I didn't cry of woody die Well what the heck Good bye woody HAPPY trails

  • BeansILike86
    BeansILike86 7 hours ago

    you already know this sound track is gonna be fire 🔥🔥

  • danny rios
    danny rios 7 hours ago

    Iam noticing a pattern with pixar 1995:what if toys had feelings 2005:what if cars had feelings 2007:what if rats had feelings 2014:what if feelings had feelings 2020:what if black people had feelings

  • Ryuzaki Blue
    Ryuzaki Blue 7 hours ago

    *Onward >>>>> **_Fullmetal Alchemist._*

  • TripleAAA :GD:
    TripleAAA :GD: 7 hours ago

    Nobody: The Motorcycle: *goes over a pothole casually* Honestly I can’t stop thinking about it.

  • ٠L U C I F E R٠
    ٠L U C I F E R٠ 7 hours ago

    Why a lamp ?

  • Z2ZProductions
    Z2ZProductions 8 hours ago

    Funny how this movie feels like it has so soul

  • Alex Grg
    Alex Grg 8 hours ago


  • Unknown Skate421
    Unknown Skate421 8 hours ago

    Who was watching sponge bob 2020 trailer and found this in recommended

  • Stereo Paint
    Stereo Paint 8 hours ago

    2001 Disney - what if monsters had feelings? 2005 Disney - what if cars had feelings? 2015 Disney - what if feelings had feelings? 2019 Disney - what if black people had feelings?

  • bayu mahendra
    bayu mahendra 8 hours ago

    Awright where's my hero po?

  • Rudy Martinez
    Rudy Martinez 8 hours ago

    OOf 00:00