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  • star car
    star car 6 hours ago

    You can't be Mohammad Ali, unless you change your name Anthony Joshua,

  • mham83
    mham83 6 hours ago

    Still don’t understand why people criticised AJ for this fight!? Ruiz is a decent fighter with only one controversial points loss to Parker and would give ANY heavyweight a fight!

  • Bud The Chud
    Bud The Chud 6 hours ago

    Peak Povetkin would have smashed this dude in a couple of rounds

  • Chappie
    Chappie 7 hours ago

    I hate both of these amateur shitters but how’s the referee letting Logan throw kidney punches

  • Chappie
    Chappie 7 hours ago

    Nothing I hate more than when commentators compare shit stain boxers to the legend Muhammad Ali

  • Sparkle Ska
    Sparkle Ska 7 hours ago


  • kell ali
    kell ali 7 hours ago

    So the UK has a " clean dbol" without roids in it 😂😅

  • Rock Steady
    Rock Steady 7 hours ago

    I love how AJ never went when Ruiz called him in the last ten seconds of the last round

  • matthew dixon
    matthew dixon 7 hours ago

    End of rd 10 povetkin had no idea where he was 🤣

  • Bereshit bara Elohim

    Even after a 12 round fight they don't let him rest

  • tawhare wharepapa
    tawhare wharepapa 7 hours ago

    Good sportsmanship 👏👏

  • Norsaipi Rahman
    Norsaipi Rahman 7 hours ago

    I like you

  • KaGaZ k PHoOoL
    KaGaZ k PHoOoL 7 hours ago

    بسم اللہ IN THE NAME OF ALLAH

  • Leighton Mcvaigh
    Leighton Mcvaigh 7 hours ago

    Sky sports repeats every word four a full 36 minutes..if this was Tyson fury they would ov sead it's boring tipical sky bull shit

  • karma is a bitch
    karma is a bitch 7 hours ago

    Wilder will knock him inside 8 rounds.......... plsssss joshua don't go after wilder💪💪

  • Alex Gemi
    Alex Gemi 7 hours ago

    Run nigerian RUN. The Mexican Tank didnt get to power off on you this time but the Wilder in the bush is coming for you

  • Dzifanu Agbenya
    Dzifanu Agbenya 7 hours ago

    Naturally humble, no fakes. Genuine. Will go higher.

  • ASpecialnobody
    ASpecialnobody 8 hours ago

    Two times.. If you got friends or you anywhere near it cause mf aint stupid. You could go do that over there in the u.k and dont bring that shit to america. But its not only him. Povetkin suanders canelo joshua miller . like thats a little fishy to me. Now you need wilder.. We not stupid. You stupid

  • Emmanuel Garza
    Emmanuel Garza 8 hours ago

    Mexican Pillsbury Doughboy: “I gained too much weight!!!”

  • Robby Basi
    Robby Basi 8 hours ago

    Ethan needs to be an anyalyst

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue 8 hours ago

    That title was exaggerated. He asked him the question he didnt interrupt him

  • Emmanuel Isaac
    Emmanuel Isaac 8 hours ago

    Y’all keep talking about AJ does not have a good chin, I’m still waiting for the day wilder will fight a decent fighter. Ruiz will knock Ortiz out, and give fury a big trouble. Usyk should have fought wilder.

  • kamran khan
    kamran khan 8 hours ago

    Ruiz didnt gane 16 pounds in a week, by eating wrong and not getting proper sleep.. c'mon

  • spencer raglan
    spencer raglan 8 hours ago

    Hunter vs Parker hunters a top guy. humble as they come and fights any name at any time.

  • LFC markeb
    LFC markeb 8 hours ago

    I think Ruiz did better than the judges cards stated, Joshua just kept grabbing and holding!

  • Ingaz
    Ingaz 8 hours ago

    Perhaps the most over-hyped boxer ever.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 8 hours ago

    Looked terrible. Probably what happens when you have to stop taking drugs once you've been caught and let off.

  • Toon Legend1986
    Toon Legend1986 8 hours ago

    Wilder still Ducking Whtye even in this fight,big shit house he is,on the other hand fury is claiming to me lineal world champion but won’t face Aj Or Dillian ,I think Dillian Ko’s Aj fury and wilder,Dillian has become a much better after the 1 loss to Aj

  • Don Schillaci
    Don Schillaci 8 hours ago

    Better than AJ fight 😁

  • oceans19711
    oceans19711 9 hours ago

    Joshua was afraid of Ruiz's big power and faster hands so he stayed on the outside. Ruiz could have gone another 12 rounds. Quite frankly, Ruiz is still champion

    TOM MIS 9 hours ago

    Joshua is bigest shit i ever seen. I think that Adam Kownacki Will win if They Will fight together.., joshua was hidden, Ruiz was more flexible, more clever and brave. What is absolutny fantastic is differenrs between body of joshua and Ruiz., i mean that muscles of joshua are shit. I am fat too arround 120 kilo and 184 cm.

  • Jenna Nora
    Jenna Nora 9 hours ago

    Joshua did exactly the same thing at first fight

  • alupigus lupu
    alupigus lupu 9 hours ago

    Speed beat power.

  • Michael
    Michael 9 hours ago

    bens spot on poor mans tyson fury

  • bon bon
    bon bon 9 hours ago

    This man will get knocked out by Ortiz that's why he keeps running. Whyte is the steroid king.;)

  • ystre hggui
    ystre hggui 9 hours ago


  • Xcite Comedy
    Xcite Comedy 9 hours ago

    Thanks brother if u did it now u can do it again God is with you

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue 8 hours ago

      A J is a gentleman fighter, businessman Uk is benefiting from his art and very well mannered,happy for him not fighting Deontay which of you would love to have the American

  • Keddy Peeps_504
    Keddy Peeps_504 10 hours ago

    Congratulations but we need them straps back on US soil💪🏿💪🏿 BOMB SQUAD

  • Tito Daman
    Tito Daman 10 hours ago

    Maybe he's in UK to sign for matchroom!

  • bon bon
    bon bon 10 hours ago

    Whyte shut the mouth and fight Ortiz next!!!

  • terrence samps
    terrence samps 10 hours ago

    Dillian Whyte looks stupid as fuck I want to see him get his face bashed in.

  • K1NG Crus4d3rZ
    K1NG Crus4d3rZ 10 hours ago

    Jesus Christ man this comment section 🤢🤮

  • xZamaq
    xZamaq 10 hours ago

    When Eddie said Andy Ruiz is not a good puncher how come andy Ruiz droped Anthony Joshua and not Joseph parker

  • Chumlee
    Chumlee 10 hours ago

    Porky wants get beat again

  • Rafu Chief
    Rafu Chief 10 hours ago

    the real man anthon joshua may Allah giv u new lif of islim AMEEN

  • kyle sandford
    kyle sandford 10 hours ago

    People say running cus there stuoid😂😂its called boxing ever heard off it

  • The Snookerist
    The Snookerist 10 hours ago

    Glad I didn't waste 25 quid to watch that bollocks


    Out of this world video, I like it so much !!! Best part is 1:15. *I uploaded 1 twerking, Plsss come and tell am I good* ❣ 🖤 🔥

  • Joseph Sonaike
    Joseph Sonaike 10 hours ago

    Big baby, my man you talk a lot of BS and pap pills behind closed door ass

  • Barry Dutch
    Barry Dutch 10 hours ago

    I think he will beat Joshua yes. Iam not impressed by Joshua in his latest fights. He is not that powerfull and confident as he used to be.

  • Pr0diga1$0n
    Pr0diga1$0n 11 hours ago

    WTF with this headline? You're welcome for the cents I earned you. Look at your soul. 🖕

  • Mr Naz
    Mr Naz 11 hours ago

    Ruiz: Who wants to see the third fight ! Joshua: If you heard we gonna do a third ! 🥊


    Breathtaking production, I like it so much ... Most Desirable part is 1:54. *I uploaded 1st twerking, Plsss check it out and comment your opinion* 💖 💖 ❤

  • Achmel Temple
    Achmel Temple 11 hours ago

    Causals speak like as if AJ is the best HW pound for pound 😂

  • Chan Singh
    Chan Singh 11 hours ago

    Hunter is a very disrespectful fighter. No grace, no elegance, just animalistic behaviour the way he throws himself at povetkin. What a shame

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister 11 hours ago

    A technical victory and class shown ! Towels made in Ayrshire Scotland !

  • Jose Protectores de El Salvador

    Canelo = i told you stake not cake

  • Huang Simon
    Huang Simon 11 hours ago

    Why those guys looked a lot older, like Joshua’s dad!

  • David Hemmings
    David Hemmings 11 hours ago

    If Ruiz is saying he didnt train hard enough and he ate too much for this fight he doesnt deserve a third fight, no rematch. I for one wouldnt want to watch it.

  • Jake K
    Jake K 11 hours ago

    Dillian looking more and more like chisora with a shaved dome

  • James
    James 11 hours ago

    Float like a bee sting like a dragon fly

  • James
    James 12 hours ago

    Anyone here a lip reader??

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 12 hours ago

    He says he didn't prep for this one, why should he deserve another?

  • Jason Patterson
    Jason Patterson 12 hours ago

    Now andi needs his rematch

  • Samuel Kwarteng
    Samuel Kwarteng 12 hours ago

    I thought you said Andy was going to win easily. What happened ?

  • Stanley Daley
    Stanley Daley 12 hours ago

    Dillon is a friendly guy out of the ring and going on Celebrity Masterchef was his problem, he made too many friends and tried their cooking plus the meals he made were not for slimmers

  • Visio
    Visio 12 hours ago

    If it bleeds we can kill it

  • Joe Boe
    Joe Boe 12 hours ago

    Nassem was a arrogant prick outside of the ring too, he also had a glass Jaw. I'm from Sheffield and I remember when he became world champ and came in to pub where I were drinking at time and started bragging, he's up in some blokes face given it big I am and next thing you see is Nasseem absolutely sparked out in one lol. That wasn't the only time either, he got Ko'd in a few pubs

  • Lee Nicholson
    Lee Nicholson 12 hours ago

    If the defender don't give up and he don't get knocked out, he shouldn't lose..! AJ didn't win, he just ran away the whole time, fucking pussy..! He should've kicked fuck out of him, but he was obviously told to keep his distance and win by points, hollow win if you ask me..! Fight till someone quits or gets knocked the fuck out..!

  • catman1234ish
    catman1234ish 12 hours ago

    Me and my brother calling a truce after fighting cause mum threatened to clap both us 20:03

  • Map Time
    Map Time 12 hours ago

    This is what you get for eating pizza everyday until the rematch

  • Cheeco Ms13
    Cheeco Ms13 12 hours ago

    Aj is shit he can't fight

  • ::: :::
    ::: ::: 12 hours ago

    Contrast Hunter's silly warthog look with the sensible Povetkin.

  • The Realist
    The Realist 12 hours ago

    Someone should have got Chisora a pillow and a duvet after that.

  • Google User
    Google User 12 hours ago

    Chess style boxing.

  • ucanthandledatruth01
    ucanthandledatruth01 12 hours ago

    Whoever put together the idea of the predator costume and the speech in the beginning was EXTREMELY intelligent. Too many won't understand

  • haziq am
    haziq am 12 hours ago

    jj's mom is so skinny now what the fuck

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins 12 hours ago

    Like mike hunter,seems a good boxer and humble guy,so different to other american hype heavyweights

  • adagbon kingsley
    adagbon kingsley 12 hours ago

    Joshua will kick his ass and KO him in 8 rounds

  • Pablo 1065
    Pablo 1065 12 hours ago

    commentary @53:50: “Andy has so much heart and pride and GUTS”. He most certainly has!! 🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Paul
    Paul 12 hours ago

    He was better in the lower weight div he’s lost most of his speed. He may look fast against witherspoon but come on the kids like a double decker bus and moves like a sloth. Think the top boys in the div will have him down.

  • hells surprise
    hells surprise 12 hours ago

    *Incredible* Thank You Anthony Joshua thank you Andy Ruiz Jr. Amazing fight. Pleased for you Saudi Arabia this went well. How many boxing matches has Saudi Arabia hosted? Anthony Joshua VS Deontay Wilder next!! I want it in my turf though United Kingdom, *ROCK AND ROAR* the stadium my Brit's.

  • Anon nonymous
    Anon nonymous 12 hours ago

    29:20 If that shot landed

  • MRhoodmoney20
    MRhoodmoney20 13 hours ago

    Back to fighting bums for aj to pad the stats lol 😂😂😂 come back and fight in the us

    • MRhoodmoney20
      MRhoodmoney20 12 hours ago

      The Kross lol yea over there in the uk he do lol

    • The Kross
      The Kross 12 hours ago

      MRhoodmoney20 lol usyk far from a bum. he has ability to defeat every name at HW.

  • Leonora Ncube
    Leonora Ncube 13 hours ago

    Fighting another old nobody..Dylan

  • Harry Rock
    Harry Rock 13 hours ago

    I’m sorry, this does not appear to be a box office boxing match. Joshua jumping around and hardly boxing. Although I’m a fan of AJ but Ruiz seems more eager to fight .imagine those who paid big bucks but got only this?? Very disappointing. Expected more from AJ.

  • Justin Price
    Justin Price 13 hours ago

    That must be one of the most boring fight I’ve ever seen

  • Paul
    Paul 13 hours ago

    Not surprised he was dropped. Lazy ass fighter that doesn’t put his gloves up.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 13 hours ago

    josh wheres your right hand man shocking bruv

  • Fred Mo
    Fred Mo 13 hours ago

    There should be a final match a third one

  • Mark Vince
    Mark Vince 13 hours ago

    Shit fight

  • John Singleton
    John Singleton 13 hours ago

    I love whyte, just not sure why he wont condition train! if he lost 2/3 stone and got in awesome shape he would give anyone a match! Dont get the fat gut fighters

  • r a
    r a 13 hours ago

    @ 48:24 the punch in the corner almost made bellew fall over the top rope out the ring head first.

  • moses adetola
    moses adetola 13 hours ago

    When Klitschko was holding the belt then,Wilder or Parker were no where to be found to challenge him and after Joshua did it,they turned into a running tap water

  • Alan Bush
    Alan Bush 13 hours ago

    he brought a big fat knife to a gun fight

  • Daniel Phoebe
    Daniel Phoebe 13 hours ago


  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams 13 hours ago

    Nobody wants to see a third fight.....

  • Baphomet Satan
    Baphomet Satan 13 hours ago

    SIMPLE:"A PIG"🐷👎👊

  • nich p
    nich p 13 hours ago

    no steroid exemptions for this fight and dillain nearly got kod by some old man

  • andy
    andy 13 hours ago

    Anyone know hunters walk in song