Deshae Frost
Deshae Frost
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we addressed the comments...
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she told me she loved me...
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I think I like this girl...
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  • blu Garcia
    blu Garcia 8 minutes ago

    Her sayin DESHAAAAAAE is funnier than her wig gettin snatched😂

  • Kevz ThaRealest
    Kevz ThaRealest 23 minutes ago

    I'm 5'8 And I dated two females One was 4'10 and the other one was 6'0

  • Nae Wickliffe
    Nae Wickliffe 34 minutes ago

    She got so much self respect & really ain't one of them other TVclip females who don't care who it is they're with it 😂😂😂

  • Sharon Green
    Sharon Green 36 minutes ago

    Such a cute little boy 👦🏽💙

  • Sharon Green
    Sharon Green 44 minutes ago

    Brooklyn cracks me up. I love her care free personality.😂💕

  • LinDuhh TimesThr33

    Deeeshaaaawnnnnnuuhh! Omg girl is brave lmao another hilarious collab

  • Aden Abdikadir
    Aden Abdikadir Hour ago

    Where did she get the hoop at tho

  • YGN Vazquez
    YGN Vazquez Hour ago

    On god that’s @ayonatheartist

  • xxx chelse
    xxx chelse Hour ago

    Bruh this manz tried to plan a robbery the whole time

  • Felicia Hlongwane

    Whyyyy 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Deshae has a good guy persona & this music video is the total opp 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Artist God
    Artist God Hour ago

    Girl why don't he talk? Girl why you so worried about it?

  • Artist God
    Artist God Hour ago

    Deshae you gonna make those girls catch a case lieing bout Mel Mel's age

    GENESSI Hour ago


  • Jaylen-VI
    Jaylen-VI Hour ago

    Dash has to have diabetes

  • Zurisadai Hernandez

    *Nicole* : deshae!!! *Me thinking she said* : *-the shayyyyyy-*

  • hello flex
    hello flex Hour ago

    "shake me up"

  • hello flex
    hello flex Hour ago

    "but, you know"

  • Stupid Young
    Stupid Young Hour ago

    Deshae better than ddg 🚫🧢

  • Nicole Pacheco
    Nicole Pacheco 2 hours ago

    Danny Duncans boy lol

  • Artist God
    Artist God 2 hours ago

    Brooklyn is so adorable and precious She got you Deshae

  • Sh0rt. Kenn
    Sh0rt. Kenn 2 hours ago

    Deshae said “if I seen him I’d be like dang I mean she did break it” 😂😭😭

  • Artist God
    Artist God 2 hours ago

    The mom and dad obviously see it as incest and they have the right to react like this They obviously don't play when it comes to this stuff and nobody should

  • Gilbert Ledesma
    Gilbert Ledesma 2 hours ago

    Big bank big bank 😂

  • Dominique Edward
    Dominique Edward 2 hours ago

    that girl like you

  • mikey productions
    mikey productions 2 hours ago


  • Artist God
    Artist God 2 hours ago

    Omg Ja is on All def

  • Sharon Green
    Sharon Green 2 hours ago

    Mel Mel is heated I was afraid he would hurt Brooklyn bad especially after the head butt🤬😡🥵

  • MonChereMimi
    MonChereMimi 2 hours ago

    I’m always bumping this song on my radio. 🤟🏽 I love it! ❤️

  • Babydoll Tv
    Babydoll Tv 2 hours ago

    Let me get you some thing to eat 😂😂😂😂😂 sent me straight to heaven lmfao

  • La’cole La’cole
    La’cole La’cole 3 hours ago


  • Faith Denise Haydu
    Faith Denise Haydu 3 hours ago


  • Faith Denise Haydu
    Faith Denise Haydu 3 hours ago

    Deshae is funny

  • Jewsh469
    Jewsh469 3 hours ago

    When the trainers girl compliments ur shoes i thought u were gna start trashin ur girls 😂😂😂

  • Magdalene Miru
    Magdalene Miru 3 hours ago

    YOOOO the fact that he squeezed her butt....

  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor 3 hours ago

    What’s her IG?

  • Kay Nation
    Kay Nation 3 hours ago

    I ship just dateeee👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 .

  • IQ Caps
    IQ Caps 3 hours ago

    Bruh go to 6:30 so funny 😂

  • Kxng Dgdt
    Kxng Dgdt 3 hours ago

    the girl in yelllow got a whole buttplug in lmao

  • Liberty Johnson
    Liberty Johnson 3 hours ago

    This is hella fire

  • Layla and Liyah
    Layla and Liyah 3 hours ago


  • Aaliyah J.
    Aaliyah J. 3 hours ago

    Nobody: Deshae screaming at everyone to shut up: That one lady was getting me mad, “ we have it in film, we have it on film “

  • Daniel Gari
    Daniel Gari 3 hours ago

    it feels like this thing actually happened 🤔

  • salvador llamas
    salvador llamas 3 hours ago

    Yo wtf was the first sparring g ? 🤣

  • Roxy Pena
    Roxy Pena 3 hours ago

    Dude Deshae got me mad like 🙄 no hate thooo

  • Light Gaming
    Light Gaming 4 hours ago

    Bro deshae leaving 2019 with banger

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh 4 hours ago

    Yall should do more videos together yall to funny together

  • NikkiFlexx
    NikkiFlexx 4 hours ago

    @5:28 that little kid “you should have glued it on”. 😂

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh 4 hours ago

    Deshae like me Deshae: 5 minutes over oop add 5 more minutes 🤣

  • Itztalia hd Ikuenobe


  • Olivia Garcia
    Olivia Garcia 4 hours ago

    14:02 what song was he singing?

  • Esteban Reyes
    Esteban Reyes 4 hours ago

    The intro when he said it should go boom boom boom had me dead😂😂

  • Toya Mills
    Toya Mills 4 hours ago

    Smfh Deshaaaaaeeeee!

  • Butta Tresses
    Butta Tresses 4 hours ago

    That sponge bob music while she was moving her body like a snake had me weak 😂😂😂😂

  • Madison Woods
    Madison Woods 4 hours ago

    You White

  • Samuel Dieujuste
    Samuel Dieujuste 4 hours ago


  • Artist God
    Artist God 4 hours ago

    The bro ain't got no type that is cool he ain't racist or colorist or sum

  • Bekah Nelson
    Bekah Nelson 4 hours ago

    Her kids are very “free”

    BIG SKEPP50 4 hours ago

    Yooo Ezee be man handling frost lmao

  • cool girl1728
    cool girl1728 4 hours ago

    U can’t rap just stop

  • official juma
    official juma 4 hours ago


  • D. Roze
    D. Roze 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or when girls are tall they seem taller than guys that are the same height idk if I’m making any sense but... 🤷🏽‍♀️ anyways she’s beautiful.

  • Serena Devine
    Serena Devine 4 hours ago

    They really be on they mom head clowning her 😂my mom woulda been popped me upside the head

  • Teresa Essue
    Teresa Essue 5 hours ago

    Lol she sounds like Jesse from toys story

  • theladymaster04 gaming

    “Aye don’t touch it your gonna make the pubes fall off” LMFAOOOO😭😂😂

  • KazMariKayson Stutgis


  • Eileen Mitchel
    Eileen Mitchel 5 hours ago


  • Juney Atkins
    Juney Atkins 5 hours ago

    @8:21 smart😎😎🔥😂

  • jaell joseph
    jaell joseph 5 hours ago

    He affecionate because they are forcing him

  • Sarah Trasibul
    Sarah Trasibul 5 hours ago

    If I was her I would have known it was you by the time you said let me finesse them cheeks

  • theladymaster04 gaming

    “Your penis is detachable”😭😂😂😭


    Mom:Pulls Curtains Up* Me:DA SHADEEE DA SHADEEEE


    Someone Ask Me Why Only One Of Her Eye Lash done😂😂😂

  • Blizz GHOST
    Blizz GHOST 5 hours ago

    Deshae you been to jail Brooklyn...yea

  • xBlastYou W
    xBlastYou W 5 hours ago

    Young Frost in the party ayyyyyye

    DRAMA QUEEN 123 5 hours ago

    Bruh she look like somebody from truth or dare

    KING JAY 6 hours ago


  • Je Ss
    Je Ss 6 hours ago

    Imagine two funny people being together, it would be awesome. You’d never be bored lmao She’s funnier tho

  • Lynn Whylly
    Lynn Whylly 6 hours ago


  • Vsjdjx Svhsvsks
    Vsjdjx Svhsvsks 6 hours ago

    What type of friends ru 😂😂

  • ferny livin
    ferny livin 6 hours ago

    don’t play with DDG like that !! cmon!!

  • ismail amjid
    ismail amjid 6 hours ago

    i bet she uses him for his money

  • fresh jay
    fresh jay 6 hours ago

    BEST VIDEO 2019

  • irratating Buggies
    irratating Buggies 6 hours ago

    I think this is the same Gas station/7 Eleven that Emaza and Saiyr(Ceraadi) went to. Where they made their Lit Vlog

  • irratating Buggies
    irratating Buggies 6 hours ago

    DASHAE FROST's channel is LITTTTT No Kap🚫🧢

  • KazTheKing Ent.
    KazTheKing Ent. 6 hours ago

    Wowwwwwwwweeewww she really letting him grab and smack that shii

  • JazMads Productions
    JazMads Productions 6 hours ago


  • Hamed Mohammadi
    Hamed Mohammadi 6 hours ago

    Bedroom movie 😂🥒

  • Shelly Toussaint
    Shelly Toussaint 7 hours ago

    And she always making that crying voice 🤣

  • Kae Je’Ne
    Kae Je’Ne 7 hours ago

    3:15 . You’re welcome

  • Skinny Black
    Skinny Black 7 hours ago

    Who’sthe ghost writer

  • Darth Dank
    Darth Dank 7 hours ago

    Man I'll date tf outta that I'm 6.7 let's have some tall children tf

  • bluebardi 999
    bluebardi 999 7 hours ago


  • Ray D.
    Ray D. 7 hours ago

    “Daryl and Deshae, how does that sound” 😂🤣

  • Triston Strudwick
    Triston Strudwick 8 hours ago

    had me rolling the whole time lmaoo

  • Trevon Starr
    Trevon Starr 8 hours ago

    I liked song 🔥🔥

  • Julius White
    Julius White 8 hours ago


  • Charles Wiley
    Charles Wiley 8 hours ago

    Desha I love your channel but y a lil bit overprotective over your sister not a bad thing keep her safe

  • Kelsey Ford
    Kelsey Ford 8 hours ago

    My brother,s name is Brooklyn

  • YSRDxsh
    YSRDxsh 8 hours ago

    Nah she looked at the camera

  • Shakir A
    Shakir A 8 hours ago

    “ you got a pimple on ur upper lip” now dahshae