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my dad passed away
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  • uwu
    uwu 2 hours ago

    Still better than London 😂

  • Emma S.
    Emma S. 11 hours ago

    Love everything! So cuuute!! Thank u!!

  • heike simu.
    heike simu. 16 hours ago


  • ItsMyLife
    ItsMyLife 16 hours ago

    So helpful ☺️ All of them especially the one with the lamps !!

  • Max Beauty
    Max Beauty Day ago

    Hey girl!! Where did you get that natural wood stick for the wall handing?! I’ve been looking for something similar so along time! 🌲🌲🌲

  • Elba Hernandez

    IKEA here I come!! Loved everything.

  • Max Beauty
    Max Beauty Day ago

    Can you share the link of the wall bracket you use to hand the macrame?!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Caroline Amador

    I got the napkin holder about a couple months ago and I’m using it on my night stand to as a catch all tray! Works perfectly and it’s so stylish!

  • Melanie Vang
    Melanie Vang Day ago

    Thank you!! I’m definitely stopping by Ikea tomorrow!! I have been looking for a storage solution for my kitchen and that serving tray is exactly what I’ve been looking for! You always have practical, yet stylish ideas 🙌🏼🙏🏼

  • Michelle Tomasello

    Can you do a DIY Rose water video soon? I use it everyday in my skincare routine but would love to make it myself less expensively.🌹💧

  • Stefanie Rose Beauty

    You inspire me to make home decor videos on my channel. You do such a good job! 💕

  • Mommy Garcia
    Mommy Garcia Day ago

    Great ideas !

  • PrincessLeah187 xx

    I see that you have the kate walsh boyfriend perfume. That's my favorite perfume and she re-released the scent so you can get it again.

  • Esmeralda M.
    Esmeralda M. Day ago

    Looooved this so much.

  • John Paul Bausa

    This is the kind of video I was looking for. Thank you!

  • Leah Roe
    Leah Roe Day ago

    Love all of these AND...I would like to know where you got the tree behind you! 😁 What is it called?

  • laughterislife1114

    What essential oils so you use?

  • Kathryn June
    Kathryn June Day ago

    Want that basket so bad! But I also wish it was black haha it would match my room so much better

  • Dani Lore
    Dani Lore Day ago

    Awww...we don't seem to have the black metal boxes in Swedish Ikeas. I kinda wanted those :(

  • yourstrulynataliez

    You make the best home decoration videos!!

  • Cindy Sang
    Cindy Sang Day ago

    Great content as always ! Love Love ikea in general and all the hacks 😊

  • Bertha Andronie

    wow never been so early <3

  • Catherine Akemi

    Who thumbs downed this!? These are all great ideas 💡

  • Cherry Li
    Cherry Li Day ago

    First viewer 😀

  • ThorC
    ThorC 2 days ago

    Really cool how you do it and how you give all the companies the shout outs for what they did♥️

  • Bury Me In Chanel
    Bury Me In Chanel 2 days ago

    Definitely doing the cinder block diy

  • joanna prevost
    joanna prevost 3 days ago

    Love the abstract art ! The cinder block vase is a cool idea . Thanks 😍

  • Sarah Hines
    Sarah Hines 3 days ago

    Love these pieces! FYI, Gesso is pronounced with a soft “g” like in “giant” or “giraffe.” Love from Canada! 💕

  • SimpLee Beth
    SimpLee Beth 3 days ago

    Love the idea of using a cinder block on your table! (P.S. The G in gesso is pronounced as a J)

  • sportangelv Berry
    sportangelv Berry 3 days ago

    Great job

  • Genaeve
    Genaeve 3 days ago

    You are extremely talented. Thank you!!

  • Trisna Eko Wiyatni Kawaii

    perfect !!!

  • ItsMyLife
    ItsMyLife 4 days ago

    Love them all ❤️

  • Eli Home
    Eli Home 4 days ago

    good ideas thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Raquel Kutsch
    Raquel Kutsch 4 days ago


  • Baby Goats
    Baby Goats 4 days ago

    Hi honey I was wondering is the table limited edition?

  • Carlos Olea
    Carlos Olea 4 days ago

    You videos are super legit DIYs. Love it!

  • Corrin Kalani
    Corrin Kalani 4 days ago

    i love your DIY and amazon finds videos!! :)

    • Nastazsa
      Nastazsa 21 hour ago

      Thank you more coming soon!

  • Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

    Hell yes with the power tools!

  • Alexandra Warzee
    Alexandra Warzee 4 days ago

    Love the cinderblock DIY! Very cute!

  • TaraLuvdiva TV
    TaraLuvdiva TV 4 days ago

    Great idea.... LOVE YOUR DESIGN!! I just moved into my place July 25th and was undecided oink what i want in my living room walls. Thank youuuuu for sharing.

  • Arie Gobellan
    Arie Gobellan 4 days ago

    Wow! This looks amazing! Awesome job 😁

  • Amalia G
    Amalia G 4 days ago

    What do I need to do to be considered for a room makeover? We have the same style in decor and I can use a lot of help.

  • Kathryn June
    Kathryn June 4 days ago

    Literally in love with how all of this turned out😍

  • Romano Gitano
    Romano Gitano 4 days ago

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great job & thanks for the tips......... Abrazos

  • Minka Gaston
    Minka Gaston 4 days ago

    I really enjoyed the video! Great diya! You did an awesome job!

  • Tiffany Aleman
    Tiffany Aleman 4 days ago

    Love love love love!!!!!!

  • Cheye one
    Cheye one 4 days ago

    Nice! They look great together👍🏼

  • Seana M
    Seana M 4 days ago


  • Kaylie Olsen
    Kaylie Olsen 4 days ago

    I love the art piece!

  • Kaylie Olsen
    Kaylie Olsen 4 days ago

    First! 💕

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma 4 days ago

    Good 👍👍🇮🇳🇮🇳🌻🌻

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma 5 days ago


  • Mike Niemeyer
    Mike Niemeyer 5 days ago

    I'm so sorry. My Dad just passed away unexpectedly on the September 4th. It hurts so bad and is so hard to deal with.

  • medean empire
    medean empire 5 days ago

    so sorry for your loss i know it's been some time but i also lost my father when i was a kid and two of my brothers and a sister i feel you pain keep strong 🙏🙌

  • Marco Parra
    Marco Parra 6 days ago

    Great Space Nastazsa. I'm thinking about purchasing this sofa as well and wanted to ask you how it's holding up? Would you recommend it?

    • Nastazsa
      Nastazsa 5 days ago

      It’s holding up great so far, it’s amazing quality!

  • Jimreen Suka
    Jimreen Suka 8 days ago

    Please share the link of the plant you purchase on Amazon! Amazing living room set up 💚

    • Nastazsa
      Nastazsa 7 days ago

      It’s linked below :)

  • Savannah Adair
    Savannah Adair 8 days ago

    What size is the bunk bed /what size is the bed on the top (king gueen full twin)???

  • Jjong moon7
    Jjong moon7 8 days ago

    My dad passed away couple days ago in on Tuesday is his service and later on his funeral......I just feel like giving up idk what to do ......idk i don’t even know why the fuck I’m on here on TVclip I try to distract myself and etc but I just end up crying and getting sick I can’t do this idk what to do...

  • Barbara Gordon
    Barbara Gordon 10 days ago

    I really need to know where to get that vase @15:46

  • Keren Mintz
    Keren Mintz 12 days ago

    Such a great video!! I’m moving to an apartment next week and this is so nice and relatable. Thank you

  • Kathryn June
    Kathryn June 12 days ago

    Love how the macrame hangs! It looks so good in the space 😍

  • Beesweetbeeyou
    Beesweetbeeyou 13 days ago

    I love your energy!!

  • Adryan VW
    Adryan VW 13 days ago

    HeY! wHeRe Is YoUr BeD fRoM?!?!?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • judy mcfadden
    judy mcfadden 13 days ago

    Love your choices, added the rug to my cart. Someday I will get the plant. Trendy choices, but cozy.

  • Judith Chavarin
    Judith Chavarin 13 days ago

    Love the rug!

  • Drake Sotelo
    Drake Sotelo 14 days ago

    Omg where do you get your oils from? 🖤☁️

  • Stockholum Central Staytion-Noruway

    Loft bed is of my all time favorites 😭♥️

  • Toni R
    Toni R 14 days ago

    Cool idea to decorate with all amazon furniture

  • stanley jones
    stanley jones 14 days ago

    You have a great eye in details.......we are twinning in that way.I think you did a wonderful job.I need that plant.....thank you for sharing

  • Amber B.
    Amber B. 15 days ago

    Great video ! I'm a fairly new subscriber and I have been really enjoying your content !

  • Mufi Bugaje
    Mufi Bugaje 15 days ago

    My deepest condolences. Stay strong and make him proud ❤

  • Amel Zaia
    Amel Zaia 15 days ago


  • DenimAndLeather
    DenimAndLeather 15 days ago

    You are so talented!!!

  • Joseph Walusimbi
    Joseph Walusimbi 15 days ago

    I feel like changing my room after watching 🙄

  • cynthia Smith
    cynthia Smith 16 days ago

    Love the coasters!

  • Minka Gaston
    Minka Gaston 16 days ago

    Love the Amazon makeover!

  • Sarah GH
    Sarah GH 16 days ago

    Love love love!

  • Chellebelle1621
    Chellebelle1621 16 days ago

    Beautiful macrame piece that you putt behind you couch.

  • Maria Bautista
    Maria Bautista 16 days ago

    New Nastazsa video PLUS Amazon tips = MOST AWESOME WAY to unwind after a 13.5 hour shift!!! 😍😍😍

  • BaileesPaige
    BaileesPaige 16 days ago

    The wood pole and bracket system, where’d you get that? I actually have the same macrame hanger and would love to use the same rod and brackets. Thanks!

  • Karen Jiminian
    Karen Jiminian 16 days ago

    Hi what size rug is that

  • CocktailsMakeupandLife

    Love that faux plant, what size pot did you put it in?

    • Nastazsa
      Nastazsa 16 days ago

      I have the 8” and 10” it fits in both beautifully.

  • Lehlohonolo Khumalo
    Lehlohonolo Khumalo 16 days ago

    Absolutely love your content and decoration style Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Maxime Poulin
    Maxime Poulin 16 days ago

    the flower you put in the black vases, I don't see them on amazon :( I've been looking for those for SOO long.

    • Nastazsa
      Nastazsa 16 days ago

      Just added them to the link :)

  • eilidh urquhart
    eilidh urquhart 16 days ago

    Your hair is so pretty!! omg!! 😍😍😍

  • Julia
    Julia 16 days ago

    I live for amazon! And your videos 💕

  • Mommy Garcia
    Mommy Garcia 16 days ago

    Wow girl ! You have great home decor skills !! The room looks beautiful !

  • Romano Gitano
    Romano Gitano 16 days ago

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great job plus good info: regarding Amazon, have a great holiday weekend... Abrazos

  • Tina J
    Tina J 16 days ago

    You have such great taste! Thank you for making this budget friendly & featuring staple pieces! Those concrete tables! 😍

  • Kristin
    Kristin 16 days ago

    Really cool, thanks for sharing

  • ArtistMN
    ArtistMN 16 days ago

    Love the 2 coffee tables so much more!

  • S Lois
    S Lois 17 days ago

    Wow great items, I totally forgot to customize my box so It will be a great surprise. Maybe I’ll get your box LOL.... great items

  • Stefan Crosby
    Stefan Crosby 17 days ago


  • Cat A
    Cat A 17 days ago

    So cute and simple, honestly best tutorial💕

  • Kathryn June
    Kathryn June 17 days ago

    That yoga mat looks so nice!!

  • Hayley
    Hayley 18 days ago

    Damage remedy is one of the best conditioners next to olaplex it has saved my fine easy breaking hair and makes it smell good and feel soft 😊

  • 제이미Ordinary
    제이미Ordinary 18 days ago

    you and i got the same box! I love this fall box variation. soooo good 😍

  • Eli Home
    Eli Home 18 days ago

    hello!!!!!!!! =)

  • Marinela Roman
    Marinela Roman 18 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your FFF box with us. Do you have any ideas how to DUI the round white mirror from Ikea? It’s less expensive but I don’t like the white. You have it in your apartment, I forgot what color frame you have. Thanks!