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5 years ago

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  • superfanofsuperman
    superfanofsuperman 2 months ago

    OK so i have a couple questions first i want to try this at home but you guys have the equipment like cooling table and warm table is this possible with out all the fancy equipment second could you tell me whats in your sugar mixture is it just the basic corn syrup sugar and water third could you use something like molasses or maple syrups as a flavoring rather than the regular flavoring bottles and last but not least what is the exact temperature the sugar mixture needs to be I love your videos and this looks like so much fun i wanted to attempt this at home maybe in a smaller batch of course thanks for whatever info y'all can give me your fan from Tuscaloosa Alabama ROLL TIDE

  • Knorkooli
    Knorkooli 3 months ago

    I got my candy order from you guys today... The Black Currant candy was one of the best hard candies I have ever had. I was not expecting it to taste so good. I won't lie the Irma candy was awesome too! This is honestly the first time I am actually loving hard candies... so will be back to buy again! Candy love from Michigan!!!!

  • Thaendril
    Thaendril 3 months ago

    Hope everythings okay after the hurricane. Miss seeing your videos.

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 3 months ago

    Wanted to stop by and thank you, both for the videos and for the email updates on order status. Totally wasn't expecting it, definitely a very considerate gesture! I appreciate all the work you do to bring both entertaining and informative videos and great candy.

  • somewherelse
    somewherelse 3 months ago

    I miss you guys! Hope you can get back up again!

  • M Lawrence
    M Lawrence 3 months ago

    did you guys all die in the hurricane ?

  • Zepherius Cole
    Zepherius Cole 3 months ago

    Can you make Giant Jawbreakers?

  • Leananshae
    Leananshae 4 months ago

    All of your videos are so peaceful and relaxing EXCEPT your Humbug video, which is terrifying and made me tremble for several minutes afterward. I think of little children tuning in and those who put your channel on autoplay to fall gently asleep to the sound of your voice talking about the wonders of candy making. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, re-edit the Humbug video and get rid of the scary animation of Scrooge at the beginning. It reminds me of the old click-bait zombie videos that used to be all over youtube. I'm so upset by it I can't even go back and leave this message there. Thank you for all you do.

  • William Dunbar
    William Dunbar 4 months ago

    can someone pls make a playlist of the music in their videos it would be very appreciated

  • dingo king 5
    dingo king 5 4 months ago

    you should make a video showing how you make your suckers, i greatly enjoy your channel keep it up.

  • Laura
    Laura 4 months ago

    There's just something soothing about your voice. i love watching your videos with my feet on my desk and my headphones on for some Me time right when i first get home from work. my husband always teases me because i hate sweet things. but i think i might cave and actualy come visit you guys next time i'm in florida. working on convincing my dad to make a day trip up from Crystal River.

  • Lenny H
    Lenny H 4 months ago

    hey! Love the channel! just wondering, here in the UK we have rock which if you ask any British person the sweet has a place in their heart. You get if by the sea-side and it's your hard candy but in long uncut tubes

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 4 months ago

      +Lenny H that is called Blackpool Rock. Or at least its technical name as. It was developed in Blackpool and it is the progenitor of the candy we make. They cut it like this too and they will call it cut rock. For various reasons that term does not work in the United States so I call it image candy.

  • Rachel Locke
    Rachel Locke 4 months ago

    Love your channel, the stuff you work on is amazing. I wanted to know, do you ever make butterscotch candies? is it a rolling machine like the drops kind of thing to make?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 4 months ago

      +Rachel Locke not yet. I od'ed on butterscotch cough drops when I was about 6. Can't take the flavor any more. :(

  • Richard McJordan
    Richard McJordan 4 months ago

    I have to say I have enjoyed watching these videos and also the fact that Lofty Pursuits is a Doctor Who Fan (at least from what I have seen from the videos the Candy Man (Greg? Gary? Apologies for not catching the name... did see it on the gloves but can't quite remember). Also from the mention of Enterprise 1701 and its proprietor. I spent many a dollar and hour growing up in Orlando at that store... so always a nice touch to see local color getting it's due.
    Frankly, I think you guys are awesome in keeping this craft alive and I truly appreciate what you are doing as well as passing that gift along.
    Now.. from a 49yr old anime scifi geek... would you ever consider doing a hard candy (cinnamon I would think suit best) for Gundam? The antenna chevron on the titular mecha might work out quite well!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Vapeingismyname13 TheVapeUser13

    hey ! here a good i dea make a slime mod from minecraft

  • Cora PPunkt
    Cora PPunkt 4 months ago

    with every video I watch I love your channel more and more. great content!

  • Helpful_Corn
    Helpful_Corn 4 months ago

    It's oddly calming to watch while you explain the same process over and over again for different designs.

  • TheRoomy
    TheRoomy 4 months ago

    I went looking, but I couldn't find any video done or option to buy at the store for Butterscotch hard candies. I'm surprised that hasn't been done yet. Something along the lines of a Werther's. Maybe the video could talk about the differences in caramels and butterscotch candies, talk about what you have to do to make soft candy vs hard candy, etc.

  • karchon
    karchon 4 months ago

    i love this channel~ pure and simple

  • ramrod132
    ramrod132 5 months ago

    I love the videos, thank you for sharing them! I don't know if it would be practical, but with all the temperature changes in candy making it would be really cool to see one of these filmed with a thermal imaging camera.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 5 months ago

      +ramrod132 The interesting thermal changes are in the middle not the surface of the candy.

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson 5 months ago


  • North of Reality
    North of Reality 5 months ago

    Hi Greg! I absolutely love your channel. it would be a great treat if you could make a candy for the solar eclipse on the 21st.

  • Jessica  Stephens
    Jessica Stephens 5 months ago

    I found your channel by accident while browsing through ASMR videos. If you aren't familiar with those, it may be worth checking out. Watching your videos gives me 'unintentional ASMR' and maybe if you had some ASMR titled videos with soft spoken words or just the sounds of you working, it may fetch you some more subscribers! I'll continue to watch anyway out of curiosity and appreciation for your skill!

  • Zaxorn
    Zaxorn 5 months ago

    All of the videos are pretty much the same thing yet it's so mesmerizing, and I don't know why.

  • Michael Sandell
    Michael Sandell 5 months ago

    I can't seem to be able to access your website! I'm just discovering your videos and am super interested in checking out what candies you have for sale, but I can't access the website in either Chrome or FIrefox :( It's not a problem with my connection (obviously, I can access youtube with no problems). Do you have, like, an amazon profile or something? I live on the west coast, or else I'd come visit in person!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 5 months ago

      We were down due to a power outage. Up again. Sorry about that.

  • declan clarke
    declan clarke 5 months ago

    why there no flavors in hard candy

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 5 months ago

      +declan clarke flavor was added before the candy was poured.

  • Mr Meeseeks
    Mr Meeseeks 5 months ago

    When is the next video coming up!? I cant wait.

  • Chloe Elliott
    Chloe Elliott 6 months ago

    Can you make a design for the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017? It's going to be a huge nation-wide event. I bet a lot of people would buy candy for it. I definitely would!

  • ThePyromania13
    ThePyromania13 7 months ago

    Where could I find the coupon codes for your online store?

  • Manu Nacache
    Manu Nacache 7 months ago


    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 7 months ago

      Ok. I just posted one. Just because you asked.

  • OJ The Aviator
    OJ The Aviator 9 months ago

    I wish you did more livestreams

  • Ian Cherico
    Ian Cherico 11 months ago

    Can you please do a video of making loganberry candies, I love the classic taste of loganberry and if you could put an artistic, Victorian spin on a design for them that'd be awesome and I'd totally buy some because I love all of your candy.
    ps: Hello from Buffalo NY

    • Ian Cherico
      Ian Cherico 11 months ago

      It's a popular drink in the northeast at least, I'm from Buffalo and you can't get abuger and fries or beef on weck without loganberry. The best is either Aunt Rosies or Crystal Beach loganberry. Loganberry is an actual fruit as well, you could probably just google everything and get a general idea.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits 11 months ago

      I wonder what Loganberry's taste like.Its hard to get a flavor right if I dont know the flavor.

  • Caeli Knight
    Caeli Knight 11 months ago

    Hi guys I just wanted to say I got my order and the candies are soooo yummy.
    Not sure if you will see the picture but I put the link in. Can't wait to place my next order

  • Grim Hazzard
    Grim Hazzard 11 months ago

    Hey is it possible to order you candy from abroad? Wouldn't mind to pay extra for shipping! :)

  • Randall Parker
    Randall Parker 11 months ago

    Why do you only have sugar less candy at christmas time?

  • chibicosplaybunny

    Hello! I'm very happy that I've found this channel. Ever since I was a kid I've loved to watch candy being made. I'm curious to try it for myself now and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for glove use (non-latex is preferable). Thank you very much!

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott Year ago

    Can you show us how we could do candy cane's at home? I want to make them and other candy's and pas them out with the Christmas gifts next year. Thanks for all the awesome videos.

  • Razen Elfen
    Razen Elfen Year ago

    Will you guys kindly show us how you guys make the peppermint pearls?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits Year ago

      +Razen Elfen it's OK n the lost of videos we want to make. Peach is next.

  • Sorrenti J
    Sorrenti J Year ago

    The candy man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world feel goooood

  • ulasht1
    ulasht1 Year ago

    a few years ago a friend brought me some acid drop candies that were various mellow citrus flavors but what was interesting as after awhile their insides would start to fizz out, is there any way to create those with your current acid drop setup?

  • Not Very Good
    Not Very Good Year ago

    Loft Pursuits is one of the purest channels on youtube. I'm glad content creators like you guys exist!

  • icychill105
    icychill105 Year ago

    congratulations on getting 100,000 subscribers. i hope to someday visit the shop in person

  • Morgan
    Morgan Year ago

    Anyone know if they ship to Canada? I can't find any info :(

  • Elisabeth Pearson

    What are you guys up to? Would love to see a new video soon. <3

    • BlackThunder885
      BlackThunder885 Year ago

      They recently moved locations (across the street) so they've probably been busy with that.

  • Charlie Dan
    Charlie Dan Year ago

    Are you ok? My wife and I miss your videos. We'd love to see what you're making!

    • BlackThunder885
      BlackThunder885 Year ago

      They have a facebook page, and they've just recently moved into a bigger store. So my guess is with moving they have been a bit busy with that. Though hopefully they will be back shortly with videos.

  • Nausi Windstrider

    I love this channel. It's entertaining and inspiring. I've never wanted to go to Florida before, but now I do just to see your shop!

    • Nausi Windstrider
      Nausi Windstrider Year ago

      Oh Florida is generally fine, I don't by into the headlines. It's just hot, and aside from Disney there was nothing else I would want to do. Amazing candy, friendly people, nerdinesss, that's something I can get behind. I'm looking forward to more videos and ordering some candy from the site come payday. <3

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits Year ago

      Well were barely in Florida. If you come down 319 fro! Georgia you will only have to tolerate about 30 minutes of this lovely state :)

  • Victoria Doyle
    Victoria Doyle Year ago

    Hi Lofty Pursuits! Do you guys have any personal stories about working in the shop? Any crazy things ever happen or accidents? Any favorite jobs? Also, if I were to do a personal order, do you guys have clove and licorice flavors? I can't find those anywhere!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits Year ago

      We do an anise (licorice) in the humbug assortment. We tell stories when we do a live feed, but it will be a bit before we do another one of those.

  • Henrik Merstrand

    Hi. I know you mention it on one or more of your videos, but the table that you first pour the sugar mixture onto is that cooled? I've made a 2 pound batch at home and poured it onto a granite slab of 3cm thickness. It cools down very fast and almost solidified within a few minutes. I had to re-heat it in the oven to work with it. How do you keep your mixture at a good temperature while working with it? Thank you for all your videos, they are very good and instructive.

    • Henrik Merstrand
      Henrik Merstrand Year ago

      My kinds will love me.. larger batches, more candy :) Thank you

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits Year ago

      We use a much larger batch. More thermal mass and a lower % of surface area to volume. I cant work that small.

  • Olivier Nicole
    Olivier Nicole Year ago

    Hi, have you ever considered making candy with zodiac images? There are simple form that should be achievable and you have a new design every month.
    Plus that could be a nice present.
    Then there are the Chinese zodiac and 12 more designs.

  • D M
    D M Year ago

    You guys are great to watch from Toronto Canada...if you can dp a panda face...why not try the faces of The Beatles from Yellow Submarine?

  • Allison Tipton
    Allison Tipton Year ago

    I love watching your videos. They relax me. I'm hoping for another live stream. I have a chemistry background so I love all the sciency stuff that comes with candy making. I'm the one who makes caramels. I do want to learn how to make other kinds of candy too.

  • crumb9cheese
    crumb9cheese Year ago

    Darn how can I ask questions for the live stream?

  • Cami L
    Cami L Year ago

    Need to check this out - They have used your Footage - No credit to you. I've watched all your video's and there is very little in this video that isn't your footage and full credit is given to "Produced by Lizzy Halberstadt, written by Cait Munro."

  • Cami L
    Cami L Year ago

    Love your videos - have watched them all - so couldn't find anymore to watch so watched another. Watched this one and all I could think was - This dude must have no feeling in his hands - he had to be handling VERY hot candy with uncovered hands! This is in England and they have a bit more automated equipment - so was a little different and I was glad I knew what was going on from your videos as it had no information. but was interesting and on a different scale.

  • Deb Ovall
    Deb Ovall Year ago

    Hello! I was showing my husband your videos and we got to the Humbug one and he shocked me when he said that he has one of those Humbug machines!! His mom had a candy store when he was born but she closed it shortly after and put everything in storage. She sold most of it over the years but the humbug ended up in his dad's garage and my husband got it when they downsized. It's in perfect original shape, just needs a little cleaning up. It moves as smooth as silk when you crank it. We would like to sell it but only have one example on ebay to judge it's worth (!). Is there any chance you would be interested in it or know someone who would be? Thanks!

  • TC
    TC Year ago

    I stopped by Lofty Pursuits the other day to see them make candy, and i was not disappointed. The store is a whole lot more than just candy, i would highly recommend stopping in and saying hello. You will probably end up getting some ice cream while you are there. The owner and the staff were all awesome people.

  • DeliaLee8
    DeliaLee8 Year ago

    Really enjoyed the videos - history and process. Would have enjoyed them way more without the distracting and annoying background music. Can I suggest something without vocals and trumpets?

  • Scott Vanden Heuvel

    I don't like candy, but I love seeing how things are made. Wonderful channel and it actually makes me want to try some of those sweets - keep it up!

  • tim wrigley
    tim wrigley Year ago

    You thought about maybe putting your business info in the "About" section.

    • tim wrigley
      tim wrigley Year ago

      Awesome. Going to be in your city soon: plan on stopping by.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits Year ago

      +tim wrigley Ok, I'll admit I did not even know that was there. Just added it. Thanks.

  • xam3580
    xam3580 2 years ago


  • Ben Kadavil Alexander

    you guys put a picture for your channel, like a logo or something.
    and great videos by the way.

  • 3 EEE
    3 EEE 4 years ago

    i like ur videos n i really enjoyed it ! but i was eager to know that how much quantity of colour n extract or candy oil should we use ! can u please teach us this ratio fact so that we can try this at home ! we would be thankful to u . looking forward to hear from u ! remain god bless ! anit

  • Meghan Roy
    Meghan Roy 4 years ago

    more candy making videos!

  • shortnsuite3
    shortnsuite3 5 years ago

    You're so passionate about what you do, and you're a fantastic educator too! One of these days when I get back to the states, I'll definitely try to come out to the shop to see this first hand!