Lofty Pursuits
Lofty Pursuits
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  • Kiwi Spot-tail
    Kiwi Spot-tail Hour ago

    It is really hard to see anything going on.

  • tcrazygirl
    tcrazygirl Hour ago

    I just love how you make such large batches in a large SS pot. Your color is always so light.

  • Michael Walraven

    Hate it

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider

    I like this format and would like to see more of it in the future, but preferably mixed in with primarily normal style videos. Also, id be interested in seeing an origin video of the “blue” raspberry flavor if it doesn’t already exist. If it does, please point me in that direction!

  • oshbaaya
    oshbaaya 2 hours ago


  • Mary McCowan
    Mary McCowan 2 hours ago

    Love This but then always enjoy your videos

  • عالم الابداع والفن

    What kind of machine this sweet and how manufactured

  • mw25893
    mw25893 3 hours ago

    I love those!!!! They are perfect for halloween two!

  • Jon Schmuke
    Jon Schmuke 3 hours ago

    That was fun!

  • UtopiaLtd
    UtopiaLtd 3 hours ago

    Interesting. Not sure the drastic reduction in quality is justified by the pan ability (watching on an iPhone).

  • Stephani Schiren
    Stephani Schiren 3 hours ago

    😮 I tried to may fimo canes ones ( polymer clay rods cut up and the pieces are used in nail design. Same process just a different material) and it was an epic disaster. Your skill and patience levels are mind boggling.

  • Stephani Schiren
    Stephani Schiren 4 hours ago

    Omg I need this in my life

  • georgH
    georgH 4 hours ago

    Now i understand their video!

  • Anna Sitterly
    Anna Sitterly 4 hours ago

    Hi Greg!

    GEORGE 5 hours ago

    I like being able to look around the shop just wish you could zoom in

  • Rich Glenn
    Rich Glenn 5 hours ago

    Sorry, didn't get 1080, I got 1440. Looked awesome.

  • Turtle Wurtle
    Turtle Wurtle 6 hours ago

    I want 360!!!

  • Robert Hindle
    Robert Hindle 6 hours ago

    This just results in really really poor video quality. Lots of MPEG artifacts. Also the action on the heated pads is in the vignette at the edge of the scene.

  • Klipkultur
    Klipkultur 6 hours ago

    360 maybe. but I'll take whatever you give us. I love you.

  • Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT

    Wait, you have a video of this table being made in 1891? How do we watch it? On one of those olde times watching video things, the TVclip of the 19th century?

  • oncenterline
    oncenterline 7 hours ago

    Works. The candy making action is not centered, but is off to the left limits of the VR panning capability. I stopped watching because I didn't feel like watching a skewed image of my tilted device.

  • Hairpie69720
    Hairpie69720 9 hours ago

    Hey Greg I see Hercules candy just got it a water cooled candy making table

  • Valerie Pallaoro
    Valerie Pallaoro 9 hours ago

    Is my computer too old to see this? All I see is black ... music is great though, so there's that.

    • Valerie Pallaoro
      Valerie Pallaoro 9 hours ago

      Actually, the best music selection ever. I'd watch black for this ...

  • Kelly Carpenter
    Kelly Carpenter 10 hours ago

    Could barely see what have was doing to my left no matter how much I turned my phone

  • Kelly Carpenter
    Kelly Carpenter 10 hours ago

    Eh it's okay I guess

  • Carina Tromp
    Carina Tromp 10 hours ago

    Big no no, sorry, but love all your videos, and will skip this one, makes me dizzy

  • Tanner's Wisconsin Railfanning Adventures

    I need to get a used drop roller

  • Paint it Black
    Paint it Black 12 hours ago

    Best recommendation ever!! Banana facts!!

  • Trisha Petropoulos
    Trisha Petropoulos 12 hours ago

    I couldn't watch it. Because I watch on my phone any small movement bumped the view around. Please just stick to a regular video.

  • McKenzie Brennan
    McKenzie Brennan 13 hours ago

    I personally don’t like it. It makes me dizzy because my hands shake too much. And I see that others are also on the end of “dont like it”. I think it’s a cool experiment but it was not a format fit to the type of content you make.

  • Eatmagnificent
    Eatmagnificent 13 hours ago

    i got distracted by the music

  • Maple leaf
    Maple leaf 13 hours ago

    Honestly found thie VR really cool especially with how it gives way more depth to the store. Although its only the tiniest bit cut off from the edge for being able to see the rolling process for the candy it really doesn't take away from the video. Anyhow, cheers from Canada

  • Meowium99
    Meowium99 14 hours ago

    14:02 *I HAVE BEEN MOVED*

  • Jordon Brewer
    Jordon Brewer 14 hours ago

    I enjoy this more than I thought I would. These would definitely be a nice fix in between the regular videos. A close up of the canvil action is required though.

  • TbspO'Yikes
    TbspO'Yikes 14 hours ago

    This is a cool concept, but I like watching the candy creation. Why didn't you put the camera towards the main table?

  • smokinrebel
    smokinrebel 14 hours ago

    Cool video but I had to hold the phone sideways just to watch him and another video without your commentary. 😥

  • Barb Barbie
    Barb Barbie 15 hours ago

    Those roses are time consuming. But look delicious! They're beautiful too.

  • logan kellogg
    logan kellogg 15 hours ago

    good vid lofty

  • Elieza Jane
    Elieza Jane 16 hours ago

    Yeah....... NO

  • Melissa Phillis
    Melissa Phillis 16 hours ago

    Can't see up close candy cutting, but overall it was good. Good job Mr Jake SugarSmith

  • Jarrius
    Jarrius 16 hours ago

    Personally I don't like it sorry

  • Stevie Schoelkopf
    Stevie Schoelkopf 16 hours ago

    See I loved this. I love to see a company continue to build their social media accounts by incorporating new technologies...BUT I do miss hearing gregs wonderful voice walking us through everything. I dont think this was awful at all or that the quality was awful at all. Its just something new and different. I do prefer being walked through everything and getting close ups in the edited version. But hey, i enjoyed jake as eye candy ;D

  • Sarcastic Nacho
    Sarcastic Nacho 17 hours ago

    Try turning the camera 90° i can see the ground and the ceiling but not much of the sides.

  • Aron Air
    Aron Air 17 hours ago


  • I Share U Watch
    I Share U Watch 17 hours ago

    I love Lofty Pursuits. I love candy and I love making it too...

  • Barry Fields
    Barry Fields 18 hours ago

    He’s like way over to the left, almost off camera. It’s really hard to see. If you moved the whole rig to the left so he’s in the middle it would be a lot better.

  • Daqwita
    Daqwita 18 hours ago

    I didnt know greg=heisenberg?

  • Live from my bunker
    Live from my bunker 18 hours ago

    Very difficult for me to watch, I’m blind in one eye. Love your videos, just not this style. Could see the candy maker.

  • gsdfgshertyerh
    gsdfgshertyerh 18 hours ago

    VERY low quality image

  • the N.Ayisha
    the N.Ayisha 18 hours ago

    it works, but the camera position is not ideal to actually see most of the candy making.

  • Margalus
    Margalus 18 hours ago

    It's a novelty. But your normal videos are a hundred times better. The image quality framerate of these vr videos just isn't good enough.

  • neptunesvortex
    neptunesvortex 18 hours ago

    I love this video

  • Lydia Story
    Lydia Story 19 hours ago

    Very cool idea! Not very clear picture. But fun to move around to watch.

  • April Wilson
    April Wilson 19 hours ago

    I like the VR aspect but it’s quite blurry on my tablet.

  • Stefan Nikola
    Stefan Nikola 19 hours ago

    I hate it. Please just make regular videos.

  • Nicolaas van Rijn
    Nicolaas van Rijn 19 hours ago

    I don't like it.

  • The Band Soul
    The Band Soul 19 hours ago

    The banana issue is actually extremely present right now.

  • Alyssa Arroyo
    Alyssa Arroyo 19 hours ago

    I think once in a while this will be cool to do, especially a full 360 rather then a 180 degree angle. I like the music, but I do prefer your commentary.

  • Ryujin Darkblood
    Ryujin Darkblood 19 hours ago

    The amber candy blob looks like the Millennium Falcon

  • Melon Seed Studios
    Melon Seed Studios 20 hours ago

    I do understand why they wanted to hear your voice, its so soothing

    MARILYN MANSON 20 hours ago

    I just want to eat all that. ugh looks DELICIOUS💕

  • Aaron Spielman
    Aaron Spielman 20 hours ago

    Works for me in 180 on my iMac desktop.

  • SpiderGirl42
    SpiderGirl42 20 hours ago

    It still makes me nervous how much the heater on the batch roller shakes lol

  • Kevin Krenger
    Kevin Krenger 21 hour ago

    IT IS a cool Idea but a bit wierd at The First moment

  • Cathy Brown
    Cathy Brown 21 hour ago

    I still like the normal format best! I also miss Greg's voice!

  • marian hoblyn
    marian hoblyn 21 hour ago

    Don't like this at all, slightest movement of my phone caused the picture to move, only a few minutes in and getting motion sickness. I'll wait for the normal ones. Thankyou.

  • shhhhyeahright
    shhhhyeahright 21 hour ago

    This was cool on my phone, but I was initially watching on a smart tv & couldn’t see what the heck was going on. Interesting to see the full work area, but miss the “up close & personal” feel. Overall...neat! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • PkRaGedPk
    PkRaGedPk 21 hour ago

    this is terrible sorry, cant watch it.....

  • Marissa N
    Marissa N 21 hour ago

    I think VR is really cool and I really appreciate you guys trying new things! That being said, the quality isn't great, even at 1080, and the camera needed to be positioned better in the first place. However, I'd totally watch more if these issues were ironed out! It makes me feel like I'm in the shop!

  • J14beer1
    J14beer1 22 hours ago

    Can't see the candy making...maybe move it above the warming table? Definitely prefer the old format of videos best...seeing them in action, Greg's voice and wisdom, upclose shots. VR is fun, but not my cup o' tea. ❤

  • Blue Red Ice
    Blue Red Ice 23 hours ago

    What's next inside a candy shop vr the game

  • Graham Merkop
    Graham Merkop 23 hours ago

    No problems here. I watched this on my home computer and was able to pan left and right. Looked great.

  • Jojo’s Kitchen
    Jojo’s Kitchen 23 hours ago

    That’s cool how u can move it to where u want to see wd greg

  • Highlordratick
    Highlordratick 23 hours ago

    Like the old format better.

  • renatwin
    renatwin 23 hours ago

    Please no VR or audio stuff. No need to fix (ruin) something that is not broken.

  • Joanna Plummer
    Joanna Plummer 23 hours ago

    Can't do it gives me a headache

  • Laila Villemo Kellin
    Laila Villemo Kellin 23 hours ago

    You cando better then this!!!! Not used to soooo bad quality from you!

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M Day ago

    So cool!

  • Faylina Meir
    Faylina Meir Day ago

    Personally I enjoy the normal style much better than this

  • Onyx
    Onyx Day ago

    I want to see a candy with a different flavoured center

  • Patricia Green

    I liked this. It was interesting being able to follow the candy maker around and I loved the sound track. I loved the 40's & 50's music, it was beautiful. But I do miss Greg's repartee. If I had to choose, I would pick Greg's repartee most of the time. And the 180 a few times in the month. Wonderful job guys.

  • Moonstatue
    Moonstatue Day ago

    Shout out to kill bill

  • RogueShadowTCN

    Secretly this isn't about entertainment at all. It's so they know if employees are slacking off. That employee ain't cleaning because they are bored.

  • Charles Thoreson

    It's always good to stay creative and open minded, especially if you are sticking to one subject or trade. This experiment is interesting, I would recommend doing what speaks to you. Obviously you are trying to keep your audience as immersed as possible, and that speaks to who you are Greg: a kooky, creative, eccentric that makes young and old alike happy through your imagination. To me you are the Fred Rogers of candy making. Continue making delicious and interesting creations!

  • vapordub
    vapordub Day ago

    Who's singing Georgia on my mind?

  • Matt V
    Matt V Day ago

    Naw... edited video is best; you're a natural story teller and editing compliments that well.

  • Tea, Sugar, Salt

    You gotta aim the camera so the majority of the work isn't happening at the very edge of things. Also if I pan to look at the candy the candy maker warps really weirdly.

  • BH5 Mods
    BH5 Mods Day ago

    You can click and drag the screen, this is cool!!

  • Luis Robles
    Luis Robles Day ago

    I like the ingenuity but I can't watch this lying down :/ Still keep making these :) They are cool

  • Just Me
    Just Me Day ago

    Great video! I love watching the candy making process and listening to the commentaries🙂

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago

    Can't see the candy making at this angle even turned all the way to right. The cooling table is spot on. need to shift over.

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy Day ago

    The future is now.

  • choirkitty
    choirkitty Day ago

    Woah that was cool! Kinda felt like I was there in the shop with you guys! :) thanks for sharing this new experience with us :)

  • Ha Ha Haa!
    Ha Ha Haa! Day ago

    I'm LOVING THIS!!!

  • TheAverageGlasses

    The panning works just fine, but the image quality isn't that great. Even when cranking up to HD, it still looks like... 480p? At best.

  • Ann Wooton
    Ann Wooton Day ago

    I have my great grandmother's caramel recipe.😍 It is so tricky we only make I around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would love to see a caramel video if you make it! My Grandma was born in 1915 and we use her mother's recipe!

  • Josh Malkinson

    Greg this is a headache my cam was shaking so bad

  • Betty Watson
    Betty Watson Day ago

    Sorry, I can't watch, too shaky.

  • Karri Tate
    Karri Tate Day ago

    Can really only see the batch roller best. The rest was a lot of hard work to watch.

  • mickhick95
    mickhick95 Day ago