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  • Hafizh WK
    Hafizh WK 8 hours ago

    I wish Albania won that year. He shall come back and bring Albania's first victory.

  • George Baltzis
    George Baltzis 15 hours ago

    That Norway girl is just salty the Cyprus was the best one in the entire contest. Norway sucked. It was cringe, the dude was obnoxious, and the lyrics were just horrible. Cyprus went above and beyond, and we all can agree. It was one of my only favorite songs. Israel was the worst, right next to Norway.

  • Levander
    Levander Day ago

    That Chloe girls is just one of those lame haters! Sweden could send the best song ever and she would still hate it.

  • Paul André Sommerfeldt

    Why did you skip the 4th place? 😜🇳🇴

  • Nånting Aah
    Nånting Aah 2 days ago

    ngl, Chloe is so boooooring... complaining and whining about every song

  • Funkoboy Jerry
    Funkoboy Jerry 2 days ago

    What a small dude with a big voice Wait until you see Melani Garcia

  • naz giril
    naz giril 2 days ago

    where is turkey 2010???😭😭 they deserved it so much

  • R_ A_ F
    R_ A_ F 3 days ago


  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 3 days ago

    Personal taste is personal taste and Norway 2019 was my winner.

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 3 days ago

    Spain 2019 was good

  • Casper van Leeuwen
    Casper van Leeuwen 4 days ago

    ‘I’m too gay for this’ 😂😂 So is he darling

  • Tom Euro
    Tom Euro 4 days ago

    Loving you reacting to old editions. I’d love to see you guys react to an even older edition. 1998 perhaps ? Dana international, Chiara...

  • Yusuf Uzun
    Yusuf Uzun 4 days ago

    Seeing Daeva and Adele loving Turkey this much makes me so happy as a Turkish guy who is obsessed with Norway 🇳🇴❤️

  • Today Skies
    Today Skies 4 days ago

    why you didn't react to Poland Ich Troje - Keine Grenzen / Żadnych Granic. It's my second best this year and sounds as early 2000s ballad with a strong message of No Borders. It became 7th but for me was underrated. Still love coming back to it

  • Asier Sánchez
    Asier Sánchez 4 days ago

    I hate when people say they don't like any songs thinking that makes you a music expert... :rolleyes:, then normally they listen to what everyone else does but hidden in their room, but feeling shame.

  • Anonimous
    Anonimous 5 days ago

    This is when Eurovision was starting to dying and became what it is now !!!

  • Phoenix gamer
    Phoenix gamer 5 days ago

    Hi, maybe you should react to Roxie - MVP under reacting to esc artists new song

  • Dennis From Germany

    Why she hates Germany so much? 😕😢🇩🇪❤️

  • jlhabitan50
    jlhabitan50 5 days ago

    Only few quality songs that year. And Sweden's songs from the 2000's really aged terribly.

  • dinopugliesedok
    dinopugliesedok 6 days ago


  • IlluminatedSiha
    IlluminatedSiha 6 days ago

    Belgium, Turkey, and Russia were the only songs that really stood out in 2003.

  • Jude Kennedy ATCL
    Jude Kennedy ATCL 6 days ago

    Hello Bella, Joan and Rachel amazing job in your first reactions!!

  • TH2714
    TH2714 6 days ago

    Joan, I feel you. I love Gemini. It's so bad that it's good!

  • Tuğrul
    Tuğrul 6 days ago

    Greetings from Republic of Turkey , my favorite band was Manga in eurovision

  • Louise
    Louise 6 days ago

    She stands under moonlight She touches her hair Her smile adds emotions And her love fills the air And I know you're my every tomorrow And I know that you'll always be there!!!!! We've got the world tonight Lets hold on together And we've got a love that's right So open your heart 'Cos we've got tonight We move even closer, With hope in our eyes, 'Cos love is the answer To the hurt and the lies And I know you're my every tomorrow, And I know that you'll always be there!!!!!! We've got the world tonight Lets hold on together And we've got a love thats right So open your heart We've got the world tonight Lets hold on together And we've got a love thats right So open your heart Ask me why, the sun and the moon go round Ask me why, my feet never touch the ground Tell the truth and take my breath away We've got the world tonight We've got the world tonight Lets hold on together And we've got a love thats right So open your heart Cos we've got the world tonight Lets hold on together And we've got a love thats right So open your heart Cos we've got tonight <3 <3 <3

  • Luuk Leunissen
    Luuk Leunissen 6 days ago

    Baah baah sheepy that should be the new lyrics.

  • bgrvidz
    bgrvidz 6 days ago

    I’m very disappointed. I wanted to see your reactions to the Polish entry (Keine Grenzen - Żadnych Granic)…

  • Fabian Backes
    Fabian Backes 6 days ago

    Lets get happy and let’s be gay

  • Abdullah Akyıldız

    Daeva=Come Back Turkey Turkish fan like me=We want it so much

    • Abdullah Akyıldız
      Abdullah Akyıldız 6 days ago

      Daeva Tollnes I hope we will come back one day

    • Tuğrul
      Tuğrul 6 days ago

      ​@Daeva Tollnes 💙💙💙

    • Daeva Tollnes
      Daeva Tollnes 6 days ago

      Abdullah Akyıldız When Turkey make their comeback I’ll be decked out in Turkish flags on all my clothes!! needs to happen!! I miss Turkey so much it feels like you broke up with us and now we have to go to the family reunion looking sad and alone... (Also now realizing I love Turkey a bit TOO much)

  • Riqu
    Riqu 6 days ago

    I missed Norway in this video. 😭

  • Cameron Singhclare
    Cameron Singhclare 6 days ago

    The winning song was great but the overall standard of composition & performance rapidly progressed in the contests after this!

  • Mahir Chelsea
    Mahir Chelsea 6 days ago

    We want Turkey back in the Eurovision Song Contest Also, react to ESC 2012, one of the best years ever :D

  • Kutay Küçükalp
    Kutay Küçükalp 6 days ago

    A big hello from Turkey. Thanks for your comments about Sertab(p). She is a legend.

  • fabb4i2
    fabb4i2 6 days ago

    Austria was amazing! <3

  • NockeyNoo
    NockeyNoo 6 days ago

    i feel like not ready for their react to uk 2003 coz i liked the song (if i ignoring out of tune), i feel nervous'n sweat, obviously they did say negative edit: after watching, i knew it

    David RUIZ GARCIA 6 days ago

    HAHAHHHA Joan I night be the another only person in the world who TOTALLY LOVES Cry Baby hahahahhaha Pity they sand so bad live but the song was amazing!!!!!!! PS: Saludos desde Brasil!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 6 days ago

    2003 is a terrible year. However, I do like Cry Baby by Gemini, if only she sang in tune it probably would've scored a bit higher.

  • Murphy 903
    Murphy 903 6 days ago

    Turkey, Belgium and Germany were my favourites from 2003.

  • Yusuf Can Kuşgöz
    Yusuf Can Kuşgöz 6 days ago

    Aww what a great day to be Turkish 🇹🇷 Love and kisses to all the reactors in the video from Turkey ❤️

  • Jose Uribe
    Jose Uribe 6 days ago

    Too much negativity. If you hate 9/10 Eurovision songs, you’re not a fan.

    • Srdjan Savic
      Srdjan Savic 5 days ago

      All of those songs were bad though execept for Turkey. Before 2005 Eurovision used to be much more cheesy. For me it's way better now.

  • Jonathan Frese
    Jonathan Frese 6 days ago

    TURKEY 🇹🇷❤️ Every Way That I Can is one of my favorite Eurovision entries ever 😍

  • arashikawai
    arashikawai 6 days ago

    I want more! 2002 maybe?

  • Ricardo Sánchez
    Ricardo Sánchez 6 days ago

    Ok, Daeva loves t.A.T.u., I like her now

    • Ricardo Sánchez
      Ricardo Sánchez 6 days ago

      @Daeva Tollnes I know! I'm a Big fan

    • Daeva Tollnes
      Daeva Tollnes 6 days ago

      Ricardo Sánchez It’s a crime not to like t.A.T.u !!! I still have some of their songs on my playlist today! 💯

  • Emanuelė Malaiškaitė

    I am from Lithuania, and I am Lithuanian. I really love this song! And... Why so negative? But I see this: Luke loves this song and now he listened this song every day! I am so happy, because Luke loves this song :)

  • Zulal Monbebe’Army’Nctzen’ExoL


  • Armen Vartanyan
    Armen Vartanyan 6 days ago

    Yaaaay. Miko is back.

    • Miko & Crew
      Miko & Crew 6 days ago

      yasss, I'm excited to be back 🇦🇲

  • Euro- -Towelie
    Euro- -Towelie 6 days ago

    YOU LEGENDS OMG YAS OLD ESC You have made me so happy! My favourite is Austria... king Alf was so iconic. He actually received 12 points from our Irish televote but our televote could not be delivered and was replaced with back up jury. My top 5: 1. Austria 2. Ukraine 3. Estonia 4. Israel 5. Latvia

    • Katie
      Katie 6 days ago

      Me too. But then I’m old so old Eurovision makes me very happy. Well maybe not 2003. That’s not old enough!!! 😂😂😂

    • Euro- -Towelie
      Euro- -Towelie 6 days ago

      I wont lie I actually got a little tear in my eye when I saw the notification for this video. I love that a popular ESC channel actually cares about old Eurovision. Love you all so much!

  • ESC Vegi
    ESC Vegi 6 days ago

    I don't get why Daeva is a Eurovision Fan.. She hates 6 of 5 songs...

    • Rasmus Andersson
      Rasmus Andersson 5 days ago

      @Katie im just a little sad that Sweden get a lot og hate. We love ESC and take it 100% serious every year and we have millions of voters in Melfest who only wants the best song to go. So hear then every year that we are overrated, abba copies, jury bait,generic its just sad to hear. it just makes me sad.

    • Katie
      Katie 5 days ago

      @Rasmus Andersson we are definitely not all Swedish song haters (ok I'm not a fan of 2003 but I didn't like much of that year!) Sweden consistently sends quality songs and personally I am a fan. However, the reactors are not involved in the editing - we each record videos of approximately 7 minutes that are then edited into one short video - obviously that's a lot of reactions and comments that are never seen or heard and lots of short snippets that are chosen. You are a regular contributor to the page so don't go! PS You could always get the UK to represent you if you want to do badly!

    • Rasmus Andersson
      Rasmus Andersson 6 days ago

      @Miko & Crew we are sorry. i hope we send a song like San marino 2019 to the Netherlands. Horribly dated with a singer who dont sing that great. so we can come last with 0 points:)

    • Miko & Crew
      Miko & Crew 6 days ago

      @Rasmus Andersson people expect some countries always to have low scores based on experience of that country and also to be always in top like Sweden. I guess is human nature to complain and sometimes might be tiring to be always good or always not so much :))

    • Rasmus Andersson
      Rasmus Andersson 6 days ago

      @Miko & Crew maybe but then its weird why only the neagative comments about Sweden is in the videos always. why do they edit out the positive? one time could someone say something nice i feel. we are not the worst country in ESC.

  • Miko & Crew
    Miko & Crew 6 days ago

    yasss Turkey, yasss! 🇹🇷

    • Tuğrul
      Tuğrul 6 days ago

      💙💙💙Greetings from Istanbul dude

  • Andrew
    Andrew 6 days ago

    React Eurovision Song Contest 1995

    • Euro- -Towelie
      Euro- -Towelie 6 days ago

      Agreed! Some incredibly unique songs and plus you see the start of king Kirkorov at ESC haha

  • mrflamboyant221
    mrflamboyant221 6 days ago

    If I was in one of these videos, I'd just sing along to every song, no matter how bad it is. Good job guys, the lack of love for Alf Poeir and Lou was upsetting, not gonna lie, but y'all did great anyways! Eagerly awaiting the next throwback.

  • Romania Channel
    Romania Channel 6 days ago

    Romania, no Romania, last day was our Birthday 101 years, you should do a video with our entries, and we had verry good song in 2003 7th place ...

  • Daeva Tollnes
    Daeva Tollnes 6 days ago

    Welcome to our new members!! 💯🙌🏾

    • Filip Grön
      Filip Grön 6 days ago

      @mrflamboyant221 I wonder that too! =D

    • Rasmus Andersson
      Rasmus Andersson 6 days ago

      All the new members hated Sweden in 2003. so the new members melt good in with the rest with negative comments about swedish songs and artists. I will not watch Eurovosion hub anymore. Very bias. Sweden just have to come up then it starts.... If you taped over the name Sweden then react. Do a test and see. Promise you woulld love it if you didnt see the counties name.

    • Katie
      Katie 6 days ago

      Hello everyone 🎉👋🏽

    • mrflamboyant221
      mrflamboyant221 6 days ago

      Welcome! But I have a question, how does one become a part of the Eurovision Hub reactor?

    • Eurovision Hub
      Eurovision Hub 6 days ago

      Welcome Joan, Bella & Rachel!

  • Mirror Onthewall
    Mirror Onthewall 7 days ago

    I like every Italian song this decade. It’s super hard to rank them.

  • Mirror Onthewall
    Mirror Onthewall 7 days ago

    They are the best Nordic country 🥰

  • Callum
    Callum 7 days ago

    Still salty we didn't see Maruv on the Eurovision stage

  • Callum
    Callum 8 days ago

    I think the BBC has a half arsed attitude with Eurovision and hopefully will change now they're working with BMG for 2020. If not, maybe it's time for ITV to take over seeing as they actually host successful talent shows in the UK (BGT, X Factor etc)

    • Callum
      Callum 8 days ago

      2010 - Awful (Actual wtf) whoever chose this in the BBC needs shooting. 2011 - A big improvement on 2011 (wasn't hard) but still dated. 2012 - Safe performance but nothing special 2013 - Same as 2012, safe performance from another older well known act 2014 - Really great song for UK standards but Molly acted like she didn't want to be there half the time 2015 - Appreciate the different approach but really wasn't done well (terrible vocals and stage presence) 2016 - Standard pop song. Nothing stands out but at least it wasn't embarrassing. 2017 - Amazing performance and staging, Lucie deserved a better score! 2018 - Really boring song. Only interesting thing was the stage invasion. 2019 - Great voice from Michael but terrible song/staging which ruined any chance it had to gain points. 2020 - PLEASE BE GOOD Brexit has nothing to do with voting against/for the UK. we just don't send many great songs to Eurovision.

  • blibah
    blibah 9 days ago

    Italian singer has an awful voice. Can't stand it even if it's a good song. 😂

  • NoGertsNoGlory !
    NoGertsNoGlory ! 9 days ago

    Norway in 2016 was absolutely amazing.

  • danymalfoy82
    danymalfoy82 12 days ago

    Ma come si fa a criticare questa canzone??? Ermal Meta e Fabrizio sono bravissimi. Andate a leggervi la traduzione e poi vediamo se non vi fa alcun effetto... MAH! 😡

  • Explosive Music
    Explosive Music 12 days ago

    Popular Kazakh singers (Dimash Kudaibergen, Erke Esmahan, Zhanar Dugalova, Aidana Medenova, Moldir Auelbekova, Kamshat Zholdybaeva etc) asked their million of Instagram followers to vote for Kazakhstan through their Instagram stories and posts. Kazakhstan might have a small population, but they have a large JESC followings. Also, Yerzhan Maxim already has a big Instagram fanbase before JESC started. Keep in mind that last year, Kazakhstan also did well with the online voting, coming in 3rd place with 103 points. Last year's Kazakhstan entrant Daneliya Tuleshova also has a large followings on Instagram.

  • David Landon Cole
    David Landon Cole 13 days ago

    Argh! No love for Mei Finegold! I loved that song and the performance. I had it down as a contender to win!

  • David Landon Cole
    David Landon Cole 13 days ago

    The studio version of Emma Marrone's song was much better. She started randomly crawling across the stage in the live performance iirc and it was just a bit uncomfortable.

  • David Landon Cole
    David Landon Cole 13 days ago

    The last two years we had really good singers, but the songs were, frankly, bad. Surie did the absolute best she could do with Storm, but it was just not of sufficient quality. There's a song she wrote, Kolibri, that I absolutely love. The same with Michael Rice last year - he's clearly a strong singer, but the song was generic trash. Both he and Surie deserved better songs and better staging. The BBC managed to get away with it for Surie, but they were clearly trying to save money both years, and it showed. I felt Lucie Jones' song, Never Give Up On You, was similarly generic and lyrically uninteresting. Ultimately, I think the problem is the selection process; they have groups of writers coming up with a song that has to work for some random artist. The result is that any connection between lyrics and artist is coincidental and forced.

  • Niffler
    Niffler 13 days ago

    I agree that the voting system does need to change, but I do not want to see any entry in the JESC receive 0 points. Voting for your own country could potentially alleviate this but I can’t imagine what would be going through the child when they get 0 points as an aspiring artist... so I don’t think the standard Eurovision televoting would be a good idea. Remember that they’re all children.

  • Olympic Song Contest

    IRN BRU. The most important thing in the world.

    • Olympic Song Contest
      Olympic Song Contest 7 days ago

      @EurovisionChloe I am gonna make Scotland a global powerhouse. I am Tracey Ullman pretending to be Nicola Sturgeon and I approve this message. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • EurovisionChloe
      EurovisionChloe 7 days ago

      Olympic Song Contest agreed!

  • Åsa S
    Åsa S 13 days ago

    "You Let Me Walk Alone" is the only one of these I really like. I never understood the Lena hype btw. She has such a weird pronounciation. And it´s not an accent thing. It´s like she just decided to sing "leove" and "taell" instead of "love" and "tell" (for instance), and think it sounds cute, but in my ears it just sounds like some kind of speaking disorder. I don´t hate Cascada as much as everyone else seem to do either, it wasn´t my favorite in 2013 by any means, but it was far from the last too. I think it´s really catchy and it makes me want dance and sing along, and sometimes that´s all I want from a Eurovision song. The staging with that weird staircase was terrible though. With some good staging, dancers and some nice choreography I´m sure Germany would´ve scored higher than 21st.

  • Narek Asatryan
    Narek Asatryan 13 days ago

    I was just amazed: it was clear that Victoria was singing audio in many places, the sound was not enough even in falcetto, which was a shame, her performance on the previous day really disappointed me when she was singing one of my favorite Arabic melodies during a rehearsal, , but the live performance disappointed me. Melanie had a real slap in the face with her strong vocals, as well as Armenia, Macedonia, and this year's top hits were not so appreciated. It's just a shame. Not to mention Malta, Serbia and Albania, they were lower than Portugal.

    • Jan Frankowski
      Jan Frankowski 12 days ago

      Fortunately, you are nobody ... and your opinion does not count ... pour your regrets into the pillow

  • Mohammad Bashir
    Mohammad Bashir 14 days ago


  • Dick van den Broek
    Dick van den Broek 14 days ago

    Deava & Christal you're missing the point about Aracade in my opinion, yes that's my opinion.....boring? Worst winner?

  • Dick van den Broek
    Dick van den Broek 14 days ago

    The funny thing about Sineke is that when Dutch are abroad they all sing a very merry way...I didn't like that song too but guilty pleasure when in a Dutch café/pub everyone sings along...crap or not it's the entertainment of it..Oslo went crazy with it.....just like Miki in Tel Aviv greenroom...

  • Shinobu Tsurubushi
    Shinobu Tsurubushi 14 days ago

    Politics was always in eurovision and Poland always suffered in senior Eurovision because we have no ally countries. Our diasporas are not enough. That's why we strongly upvote our contestants if we have chance. Every country would do it. And Viki was 2nd after jury vote, she would win anyway.

  • SoupearJ
    SoupearJ 14 days ago

    I'm just sad you didn't get to react to my fav Eurovision song of all time (Et S'il Fallait Le Faire). Just amazing. Also I love everyone's reactions, especially Danie. You're hysterical!

  • A Nø̈rd
    A Nø̈rd 14 days ago

    Let's be honest Kazakhstan representative has a Voice, an opera voice. I'm shocked 👏

  • Joseph Larkin
    Joseph Larkin 14 days ago

    Voting via a new junior eurovision app may be the way forward. So In a sense it would be an app similar to the eurovision app. When it comes to voting there's a number of free votes in there and once their submitted that's it. Then it's linked to device/play store account therefore they can not only track overall numbers but it grants a greater insight overall as to where the votes are coming from. And eliminates a huge amount of ways to get around the system

  • Lucía Gil
    Lucía Gil 14 days ago

    1)The scoring system is honestly a mess,no one should be allowed to vote for their own country. 2) What are the standards for the Jury Scoring? Because it all seems as if politics has gotten in the middle of a fair scoring once again

    • jlhabitan50
      jlhabitan50 14 days ago

      @Lucía Gil Being able to like something correlates to being objective, especially if you're a kid juror (who makes up two-fifths of the national jury from each country). JESC is not solely about vocal performances but the over-all package that helps enhance a song in a live setting. Spain actually did well despite having only returned after more than a decade, and likewise for relative newbie Kazakhstan. Their respective places in the top 3 are well-deserved, alongside Poland.

    • Lucía Gil
      Lucía Gil 14 days ago

      @jlhabitan50 But jurors have to be objective,you just cant give more points to a performarce just because you like it. Kazakhstan ans Pain were the best voices,Spain jad one of the most elaborate stagings but jurors suddenly went deaf or blind when having to judge her. And it always happens that no one gives points to Spain.Not in ESC,not in JESC. Melani deserved a lot of 12,12 others countries didnt if you have standards to judge. Then you have to stick to them and not giving 12 to a performance just because you like it. The online vot is for that

    • jlhabitan50
      jlhabitan50 14 days ago

      As of 2019: The jury from each country is made up of three adult music professionals and two kids. They are to vote based on vocal abilities, song and performance quality, among others. Basically, if you, as a juror, fancy a performance, then of course you will give them top marks. It's only politics when we make it about as such.

    JOSTGO 14 days ago

    10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than the chicken song!!

  • Гульбаршин Султан


  • Гульбаршин Султан


  • henry riley
    henry riley 15 days ago

    Wow the redhead is very negative 👀 like chill let people enjoy the video. Why take part if you didn’t like any of the songs?

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 15 days ago

    One of my favourite countries at Eurovision. I love all of the songs except 2017.

  • ליאב אלמליח

    Golden boy is the best Eurovision song ever ! 😍

  • Belmin Salihovic
    Belmin Salihovic 15 days ago

    Louise 😒😒😒

  • James Bond
    James Bond 15 days ago

    This boy from

  • TheDouzePointe
    TheDouzePointe 16 days ago

    I need Daeva's positivity in my life!

  • Raymond Kaumoana
    Raymond Kaumoana 16 days ago

    Daeva was hilarious in this video! Couldn't stop laughing every time she said "I hate this song".

  • NoGertsNoGlory !
    NoGertsNoGlory ! 17 days ago

    I think that other countries should be fighting for her as their act in 2020.

  • Simplethings
    Simplethings 17 days ago

    Wales does compete in Eurovision as the Uk ???? 🤷🏼‍♂️ (remember Uk is Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland AND England)

  • Simplethings
    Simplethings 17 days ago

    Seriously for Ireland - “the video was boring???” Seriously !!!! Listen to her power. (Official Video out now)

  • Lion
    Lion 17 days ago

    Daevas favourite country at esc gotta be Germany I assume xD

  • turblijura
    turblijura 17 days ago

    shitty song. emptyness. israel sucks

  • Jordan Munn
    Jordan Munn 17 days ago

    "You can't just vote for sympathy this isn't X Factor..." No, but you can vote for something that moves you and that you may connect with. Having unfortunately lost a parent Michael Schulte's song struck a chord with me. I'm not saying you have to like it or whatever, you're perfectly entitled to not enjoy it, but just respect that others do like it and it did off the back of that. Saying he only finished fourth because of sympathy is incorrect and unfair in my view. There is more to Eurovision than dance bangers and LGBT anthems. All music is welcome.

  • In Deed
    In Deed 18 days ago

    Ann Sophie was just super hot with her jumpsuit and big hair bun ❤️ her song was not as catchy as Lena's though... but 0 points are probably preferable to 1 to 20 points in terms of attention 😂

  • Tony Johansson
    Tony Johansson 18 days ago

    Sweden usually delivers okay songs well performed and very polished. But they seldom shine or surprize us. A bit boring. Like a glass of milk in a cafe full of lagers, champagne and sodas. 2010: 6p, smooth and cute 2011: 3p, dull lyrics, weak performance 2012: 12p, this is Swedens best entry since 1996 2013: 4p, an okay entry, very well performed 2014: 10p, I love her vocals, a bit too polished 2015: 7p, a great entertainer with a charming glint in his eyes 2016: 8p, cool and "unswedish" 2017: 1p, hate this. Plastic. 2018: 2p, weak as water. Charming guy, though. 2019: 5p, good performance, but in the middle of the field for me.

  • Tony Johansson
    Tony Johansson 18 days ago

    2010: 4p, cute but a bit average 2011: 7p, catchy and nice 2012: 6p, jolly nice 2013: 5p, not my cup of tea 2014: 2p, nope 2015: 12p, I still love this entry 2016: 1p, dull and boring 2017: 8p, Very nice 2018: 3p, sad to watch 2019: 10p, great entry, so catchy

  • Jestem Barbara
    Jestem Barbara 18 days ago


  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones 18 days ago

    Lets just say Daeva hates germany apart from the Ed Sheeran one

  • Karen Hovhannisian
    Karen Hovhannisian 18 days ago

    1. Armenia 🇦🇲 2. Ukraine 🇺🇦 3. Russia 🇷🇺 4. France 🇫🇷 5. Poland 🇵🇱 Good Luck 👍🏻

  • Adil Karadza
    Adil Karadza 18 days ago

    I don't think some of these reactors realize how much strong is word 'hate'. They say it so easily and I'm not pleased by that. Too much hate for some songs or artist, chill guys. Or maybe they should improve their English and express their opinion in better way. Especially, Daeva.

    • Dick van den Broek
      Dick van den Broek 8 days ago

      I agree, hate should be, don't like!!! Instead screaming "HATE IT" say don't like or not my taste..I didn't like Hatari, especially showing Palestinian scarf in the Eurovision, they support gay issues but forget to to see that gay people are murdered by Hamas and that is something I HATE.....

  • Adil Karadza
    Adil Karadza 18 days ago

    React to Mahmood - Barrio, please.