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Human Anatomy Education
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ALL except ONE
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Cerebral Cortex
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The Vertebral Column
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Types of Cartilage
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Female reproductive system
Views 1.3K2 years ago
Male reproductive system
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Urinary system
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Digestive system 2
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Digestive system 1
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Lymphatic system
Views 6512 years ago
Respiratory system
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Endocrine system 2
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Endocrine system 1
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Motor systems
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General senses
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Brain and cranial nerves 1
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Nervous tissue
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Muscular system
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Muscle tissue
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Skeletal system joints
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Integumentary system
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Tissues 2
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Tissues 1
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Cell 2
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Cell 1
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Introduction to anatomy
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Heart location and CPR
Views 1.1K10 months ago
Heart doughnut
Views 88710 months ago
Tongue Innervation
Views 3.4K2 years ago
Choking while eating
Views 1.4K2 years ago
Innervation of teeth
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    I was just thinking about that new dracula series and how some people are trapped in their bodies after death and can feel everything

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    Lindsey Gayle 7 days ago

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    Penny The Clown 7 days ago

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    Mao Her 8 days ago

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      altamix_ 7 days ago

      It's a cadaver. A dead human that donated their body to science

  • Mao Her
    Mao Her 8 days ago

    So this is not a real human because no blood

    • MsLittleUnicorn
      MsLittleUnicorn 6 days ago

      no blood because that is a dead person who donate their body for science

  • andrea giambrone
    andrea giambrone 9 days ago

    The Doctors who did this autopsy believe that they are excellent Florentine doctors, working with few means and with little money I believe that the best doctors are those who come out of this do-it-yourself internship with divine grace to their writings and how they assimilate anatomy, Great India, Great Doctors

  • Rishi Tripathi
    Rishi Tripathi 9 days ago

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      @Arthur Khayrullin its called the state of ketosis. Its much healthier than having your insukin spike from eating each small meal accumilating fat from glucose

    • Joe Gurko
      Joe Gurko Day ago

      @Playfulcook you are a smart person.

    • Arthur Khayrullin
      Arthur Khayrullin 4 days ago

      @Playfulcook Hi, your opinion seems interesting to me. Do you have any links to scientific resources about this? Not telling you are wrong, I just want to research the subject. Thank you.

    • Playfulcook
      Playfulcook 7 days ago

      despite what the health and fitness industry tell you to eat 5 to 6 meals a day, it is actually the recipe for disaster. The more and frequent you eat, the more insulin is released in your body. If too much energy from food is stored in your body, they turn into fat as stored energy. if you don't burn them, they keep accumulating. To much insulin in your resistance can lead to diabetes. The best way to stop fat from accumulating is burning those stored fat to begin with. Thats where intermittent fasting shine over the other fad false diet that's been circulating the globe for decades. if you want to end up like this guy, keep eating 5 to 6 meals a day. If you want reduce body fat and keep it off forever, try intermittent fasting and eating good quality healthy food reducing sugar and refine carbs intake. on top of that, you need to be active as well. i hope this helps.

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    Hanan Basheer 28 days ago

    Doctor what is the vertebral level for IVC when it enters the right atrium ? one of the questions asking about thankkks

    • Human Anatomy Education
      Human Anatomy Education 28 days ago

      It is the same, T8. The right atrium is so close to the central tendon of the diaphragm, barely leaving an extremely short segment of ivc in the thorax. T8 body maybe 2-3 cm thick and the ivc can penetrate the thin central tendon then enters the atrium in one or less centimeters.

    • Hanan Basheer
      Hanan Basheer 28 days ago

      @Human Anatomy Education Thank u doctor, but in Question 6 it is asking about the vertebral level of IVC when it enters the RA:(

    • Human Anatomy Education
      Human Anatomy Education 28 days ago

      IVC-T8, Esophagus-T10, Aorta-T12............... I ate 10 eggs @ 12

  • Majd Muhannad
    Majd Muhannad 28 days ago

    for the question at 11:41 is the structure 3 the anterior cardiac vein?

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    Majd Muhannad 28 days ago

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      Majd Muhannad 28 days ago

      Human Anatomy Education Thank you so much doctor. Your resources have been a great help 🙏🏻🌸

    • Human Anatomy Education
      Human Anatomy Education 28 days ago

      It is the AV bundle in the membranous part of the IV septum. The other anomaly is tetralogy of fallot.

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