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  • DewAholicSC
    DewAholicSC 2 hours ago

    Holy shit that was badass

  • SuperSaiyan4Broly
    SuperSaiyan4Broly 21 hour ago

    I used to think the Gracies were amazing until I actually learned how to fight and now I realize they’re all trash

  • dsahsdouga
    dsahsdouga 2 days ago

    Royler got stomped like a bag of shit that he is

  • Scott Parsons
    Scott Parsons 3 days ago

    Wow! Quick stoppage! Way too quick, love both fighter though.

  • MrMan MrMan
    MrMan MrMan 3 days ago

    Sum ppl u wish age wasn't a factor

  • Marcelo Saitama
    Marcelo Saitama 3 days ago

    No final do vídeo o Sakuraba desafia o irmão mais velho pra luta, no caso o Rickson que não é besta de enfrentar a fera caçador de Gracie rs

  • Joseba Apellido
    Joseba Apellido 7 days ago


  • Chaka
    Chaka 8 days ago

    something annoys me about people who refuse to tap even when they have 100% lost but jesus christ, royler is a tough fucker

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 8 days ago

    Royce Gracie isn't a man. He's a cheat and a liar. Fuck him.

  • - Jimu の Nightcore -

    . Sanda is not a kung fu style - it is a combination of various styles of kung fu

  • DP watkykjy
    DP watkykjy 11 days ago

    the legend that legendary f1 drivers talk about..

  • helsinki
    helsinki 17 days ago

    China needs to back Shuai Jiao instead of nonsensical martial arts like wing chun.

  • gessle gonzales
    gessle gonzales 17 days ago

    In Sakuraba's new dvd wtih Bjj Fanatics. He has explained how to execute them and remembers how he sets them up against his opponents during his prime.

  • Jesse Hardin
    Jesse Hardin 18 days ago

    Fight was stopped way to early

  • David Zhang
    David Zhang 20 days ago

    Kung Fu is a traditional martial art. In fact, Sanda is a modern form of kung fu.

  • nobuckshot
    nobuckshot 21 day ago

    I'm in the middle of reading Kendo Nagasakis' book. He is the Peter that is mauling the lad on the mat. It's very cool to have found this.

  • Amida Buddha
    Amida Buddha 22 days ago

    I wonder if Josh grabbed the pad of the hand, twist first then apply DWL, would the arm brake easier? I see the tap, but I want to snap.

  • Dark. scenes3578
    Dark. scenes3578 27 days ago

    this is the weird side of youtube

  • Tymut
    Tymut 27 days ago

    Siema dokurviator

  • Baptista Mercado
    Baptista Mercado Month ago

    1:35 Mifune is +60yrs old on this demonstration and he flips that fool like he’s made of clouds. 1:20 that head and arm choke was fucking beautiful. But the way I was shown in BJJ was to flex left arm’s bicep (e.g.💪🏽 ), place right arm around neck (palm on top of bicep), then squeeze & lift left arm (bicep flexing arm). The way I was shown, you had to have the technique correct or it wouldn’t choke them out. Mifune’s way seems like the technique doesn’t have to be exact, but requires more strength, especially when the technique is sloppy. I always believed, and still believe, that the whole “Gracie family reinvented Judo Newaza into a completely different martial art”, is complete bullshit. An academic researched the development of Brazilian jiu jitsu, and Helio Gracie wasn’t even the student whom Mitsuyo Maeda bestowed the right/his fill support to open another school and start teaching Judo Newaza; that student was a Brazilian Professional biker. Helio Gracie and his family was just good at marketing the martial art. Gracies rebranded Judo Newaza as BJJ and peddled bullshit such as: “Helio’s form of Newaza AKA BJJ helped turn the sickly crippled boy he was into a healthy fighting machine.” However, there are pictures of Helio as a teenager shirtless and posing with medals (he was a champion rower before BJJ) and he was far from a sickly cripple. The founder of Judo sent 5 of Kodokan’s top groundwork (Newaza) experts to other countries to spread Judo. Two of those experts established schools in Brazil, and the narrative that the “Gracie’s reworked Judo Newaza moves to reduce strength needed through different technique”, was already modified by the aforementioned Japanese Newaza experts which the Gracie’s copies, verbatim, and marketed as “Gracie Jiu Jitsu”. So there is some truth in that BJJ differs from Judo Newaza b/c the moves were changed to require less strength through technique.... however those modifications were made Maeda (and the other Kodokan Judo Newaza expert whom opened a school in Brazil), and all the Gracie’s did was steal credit from the innovations and market it as their creation 😒😑.

  • G-dseekr
    G-dseekr Month ago

    used strikes to set up the submission, Sakuraba made it look so easy

  • Jesse will
    Jesse will Month ago

    Why was he complaining gracie got his ass destroyed !!

  • M F
    M F Month ago

    Ken slamcrock always winning like little biache after every loss

  • Camil Dumitrescu
    Camil Dumitrescu Month ago


  • Vesuviuz Cannonball

    Absolute legend

  • Jani Ykskakskolme

    Light, fast and pure...

  • Denis Mutabazi
    Denis Mutabazi Month ago

    Why did Hiroki get a red belt?

  • Gérard Magnien
    Gérard Magnien Month ago

    Fangio driving a V8 Lancia Ferrari(1956) on the circuit of Monaco, in the second part of the 1960s (see parked cars dating from the 60s, and a Peugeot J7 van), on open road (in open streets !), probably early in the morning . Who can say when exactly was this document shot?

  • L. Blanton
    L. Blanton Month ago

    Wish him and Rickson could have fought

  • Neville Allen II
    Neville Allen II Month ago

    4:29 is that Stephan Kesting in the red shirt? Shit, if that is then I just gained even more respect for that dude.

  • Eric Kdawg
    Eric Kdawg Month ago

    Even at his age maybe 1 guy Khabib can’t ground n pound and I see why nobody ever has Who’s here after Khabib GSP hype?

  • jlmarc01
    jlmarc01 Month ago

    Respect to Royler. At least he took it like a man and didn’t quit. Unlike Royce

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K Month ago

    Saku's single was lightning..

  • Dr. Ether
    Dr. Ether Month ago

    Sakuraba made Royce look like a fucking moron at 2:53

  • 5150 mats
    5150 mats Month ago

    beautiful!! i love this move!!

  • Marcelo Correa Alves

    Vamos aprender a perder familia gracie o royler foi um guerreiro mas perdeu

  • Carlos Roa
    Carlos Roa Month ago

    Verdadero espíritu del karate

  • danni ragu
    danni ragu Month ago

    So sick i love this video shows the gracie didnt invent anything they did great market ing thays all

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk Month ago

    Still in early UFC the Gracies ducked many wrestlers.

  • Amateur Wrestler 21

    Alright I'm coming back nah nah nah

  • adamo triveri
    adamo triveri Month ago

    Amazing. Tanks

  • Reeky Debbarma
    Reeky Debbarma Month ago


  • Carlos Lages
    Carlos Lages Month ago

    Tomou uma surra kkkkkk...se fudeu kkkkk

  • Eric YEH
    Eric YEH Month ago

    3:35 smooth like the stroke of a paintbrush. I could watch fangio take lines and hit the Apex all day. A brilliant artist of a driver!

  • Eva S
    Eva S 2 months ago

    I love JetLi!

  • go nova
    go nova 2 months ago

    Makes his own rules, no this no that but he's allowed to quit anytime he likes 🤣

  • ya boi
    ya boi 2 months ago

    Weird match. He definitely wasn’t anywhere near knocked out but it looks like he tried to jump out of the ropes.

  • Liam Birch
    Liam Birch 2 months ago

    Rare footage of master splinter 1984 decolourized

  • 义璇Soon
    义璇Soon 2 months ago


  • Yeyien 23
    Yeyien 23 2 months ago

    The commentary just SHUT UPP !!!!!!!!! He can t stop talk how he can talk and the tv don t exist !?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • absdaddy
      absdaddy 2 months ago

      You should leave. How dare you say that shit about Murray Walker

  • Phil Hendy
    Phil Hendy 2 months ago

    I have no Marshall arts knowledge but you have to KNOW Mifune was clearly one if not THE greatest exponent in his art, absolutely mesmerisingly good.

  • condorman1971
    condorman1971 2 months ago

    Chicken pots watching this... no hear do, no tatoos, no earings, no safety belt, own life in risk on each corner on each lap on each race, just leather helmat, pair of googles and race!!

  • Yanushka Gunawardena
    Yanushka Gunawardena 2 months ago

    666th like from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 2 months ago

    Sanda is not from kung fu

    • Zheng Yee
      Zheng Yee Month ago

      Yeah it is, it's was a form of wushu at first, then molded into this during the Japanese occupation to kill them.

  • Luis Camara
    Luis Camara 2 months ago


  • Blije Bij
    Blije Bij 2 months ago

    Jiu jitsu is a specialism as all old classic fighting styles are. MMA is a assemblage of styles, so in the end its more allround if fighters are equal fit physically. But modern MMA has ofc jiu jitsu in it for all ground work and locks&breaks. So MMA absorbed classic styles like jiu jitsu but not the other way around.

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy 2 months ago

    he is a real wong fei hung of today

  • Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno

    Understeery AF

  • Stoned Canines
    Stoned Canines 2 months ago

    I watched this like, a few dozen times already and I never get bored!

  • pay2021
    pay2021 2 months ago

    Still the GOAT, period

  • AhmaD AyNieh
    AhmaD AyNieh 2 months ago

    Fake as fuck not that his defense technics isn't good but the attacks are so weak and when he attacks they pretend to be pulled heavily. 10th dan doesn't mean that the guys has supper human powers. Go check the world championship matchs and you can easily see the difference between a real attack and fake one. They are just showing respect for their master nothing more.

  • Paul Polpiboon
    Paul Polpiboon 2 months ago

    "Be like water, my friend" You can't flip water!! Lol

  • Sid Masey
    Sid Masey 2 months ago

    Notice how Mifune san only ever attacks once and nails each opponent with that single attempt. Just astonishing.

  • Eoghan O' Reilly
    Eoghan O' Reilly 2 months ago

    I’m not convinced this is actually sparring footage it looks to be more demonstrative (no doubt the man is incredible skillful as his timing for the Tomoe nage is literally perfect)... I just think that it’s a bit weird how as some of the students attack hip throws their grips magically disappear and they fall over, these students would have been conditioned and trained in such a way that they would have insane grips strength ... idk I’m just not buying it

  • MrBluemanworld
    MrBluemanworld 2 months ago

    The referee should have allowed Royler to have his shoulder broken so he couldn't open that stupid mouth of his. The referee saved him a great deal of pain!

  • jlmarc01
    jlmarc01 2 months ago

    Always fighting bigger men, ruined such career of the greatest of all time. Not Gracie hunter, but GOAT period

  • kizen
    kizen 2 months ago

    Everything is changing

  • Radiant Mind
    Radiant Mind 2 months ago

    Damn... This is legit. No butt scooting whatsoever. Love it.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      @RageAgainstTheMacDream That's the problem. The sport's rule format is too restrictive to allow even a very skilled and talented competitor to defeat a larger opponent.

    • RageAgainstTheMacDream
      RageAgainstTheMacDream Month ago

      @John Doe Wrestling, just like any aggressive sport, is a matter of attrition and endurance. So of course an opponent is not going lay down for you to win. The one with most strength, cardio and smarts wins here.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      Put any of them against a larger intelligent resisting opponent and tell them to perform these techniques. Then talk.

    MERDOK 2 months ago

    sakuraba fucked all thier hyper ego

  • Antonio Salazar
    Antonio Salazar 2 months ago

    Impressive. Sakuraba is my all-time historic favourite.

  • elias gill
    elias gill 2 months ago

    Mas de un hombre seguro salió llorando después de esa azaña

  • Imperador Do Brasil Dom Pedro II, O Magnânimo

    I'm a huge Senna fan, but maybe Fangio was the goat, the man became champion with 4 different teams, plus driving these electric chairs, and managed to survive all that.

  • Louis Fair
    Louis Fair 2 months ago

    Poor old Davey Boy Jr!

  • Josef Wolff
    Josef Wolff 3 months ago

    They quit like the bitches they are with their fake blow job juice martial art also known as BJJ. .

  • Josef Wolff
    Josef Wolff 3 months ago

    Gracie's are gay dick sucking bitches who cheat and use steroids.

  • Robert Matthews
    Robert Matthews 3 months ago

    george do you like it?

  • Dusan Gladovic
    Dusan Gladovic 3 months ago

    I love judo

  • cykameister
    cykameister 3 months ago

    LOL so obviously fake. every single one of them could have thrown that old man around like a sandbag, but of course someones making a documentary so they have to make him look good. its the same shit as all the other martial artists "instructors" who pay their students to act like imbeciles. if you believe this you are just as brainwashed as his "high level" students. lmao i could knock this old man on his ass without knowing what judo was

  • Tippotipo
    Tippotipo 3 months ago

    For those complaining about the early stoppage, it was a excellent call from the referee which saved Ken Shamrock career. Ken was KOed, turned his back and laid on the rope defenceless while Sakuraba was about to finish him off. Even Frank Shamrock praised the call because he knew his brother was in serious danger.

  • Suarez Martial Arts
    Suarez Martial Arts 3 months ago

    Any idea where can I see the whole episode?

  • dano
    dano 3 months ago

    Gracie thought he was unbeatable but got his ass beat down. Gracie's clothes screwed him wearing them in this fight . Sakuraba the Gracie killer

  • Ruy José
    Ruy José 3 months ago

    E o nome dele é SAKURABAAAA!!!🎌🇧🇷🇯🇵🥇👀🥋🤙🏽🙃😜Royler aprende a aceitar uma derrota meu🤪🗣️ ÍDOLO!!!

  • Shou Aun Lim
    Shou Aun Lim 3 months ago

    I cannot help but think of how many times he had to be thrown or to lose in his youth for him to have this type of intuition. The way he can smell throws is scary, each countered with a perfect jump or leg hook. Beneath each master lies decades of mistakes and loses, all learned from.

  • Kris Chillinsky
    Kris Chillinsky 3 months ago

    Kind of looks like the fox trot dance lolhes holding onto the center mass of opponents and cuts off the arch of movement they need to throw him.thats a cool video. Stick to the waist is what I’m taking away from this

  • Kris Chillinsky
    Kris Chillinsky 3 months ago

    The first guy kinda sucks.lol I guess it’s technique over force tho cuz the way he throws the old guy in front of his body is confusing to me

  • Hieu Dinh
    Hieu Dinh 3 months ago

    Beautiful reenactment. BTW, they finish him of with a tanto judging from the length. Not a wakazashi. But I could be counting the pixels wrong.

  • Trill Smith
    Trill Smith 3 months ago


  • yousei morino
    yousei morino 3 months ago

    Sakuraba said “They said he didn’t tapped. So I want to know how do you escape from the position.” Gracie families never learned how to respect from Jugoro.

  • Arun Valluvan
    Arun Valluvan 3 months ago

    A great driver 👏 👏 👏

  • HarbingerOfBattle
    HarbingerOfBattle 3 months ago

    Just look at Royler laying on the ground like a coward. So fun to see those Gracies get spanked like bitches.

  • the best one
    the best one 3 months ago

    the legendry ferrari by the legendry fangio

  • nico merker
    nico merker 3 months ago

    What many people don´t know or didn´t want to know is that Chuck´s fighting weight was actually 16 pounds less. The producers begged Chuck to gain weight in order to make him "bigger". Chuck did them the favor. Chuck said in his memoir that he felt uncomfortable to shoot the fight scene because he was overweighted. After the shooting he gained his former weight.

  • Leandro Netto
    Leandro Netto 3 months ago

    Tomou um coro e ponto! Assunto encerrado

  • Ravash Sphinx
    Ravash Sphinx 3 months ago

    How did they fit his massive balls into a tiny car? thats great engineering right there!

  • Igor Evaristo
    Igor Evaristo 3 months ago

    Na minha humilde opião sakuraba não passa de pau no cu o cara de origem japonesa e se nomea caçador da propria arte Marcial da sua propria cultura , se ele fosse tao bom criava sua propria arte marcial isso para mim nap faz jiu jitsu menos eficiente em nada ... Jiu jitsu melhor saber e nao precisar usar ... Que precisar usar e não saber oss!!💝

  • maxpower252
    maxpower252 3 months ago


  • ya boi
    ya boi 3 months ago

    I don’t like it when people just upside down turtle on the floor cause your just gonna get kicked. Case in point.

  • D R
    D R 4 months ago

    How's that rotation!? So smooth.

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith 4 months ago

    Royce couldn't take him to the ground so he knew he was fucked. still would have taken the L instead of throwing in the towel though.

  • Mick Kennedy
    Mick Kennedy 4 months ago

    Tail-out drift, power slide, opposite lock steer, throttle steer,...........Fangio