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Beachy Star Timelapse | HD
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How To Fix A Frozen Laptop
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  • D J
    D J Day ago

    The last vidio made me cry

  • katie138a
    katie138a 2 days ago

    Thanks for helping me get into Snapchat but I am only 9 year's old

  • gab sas
    gab sas 6 days ago

    my nigga

  • Alyisha Gillespie
    Alyisha Gillespie 9 days ago

    It worked! Thanks

  • clout getter
    clout getter 10 days ago

    My man's recorded with a Nintendo 2ds

  • Kinza Shah Shah kinza

    Thank you so much it turmed out a miracle

  • Harsrith Nayani
    Harsrith Nayani 13 days ago

    Thank u

  • Hi XD
    Hi XD 13 days ago


  • Lazy Lynn
    Lazy Lynn 13 days ago

    Bro his mail has 16 thousand

  • Frantic
    Frantic 13 days ago

    He missed the hdnsjsnajansjansjwjsjnsjwnsja part

  • Shiraz Sattar
    Shiraz Sattar 14 days ago

    Sick app cheers for that

  • Ancient Gamer
    Ancient Gamer 15 days ago

    Thanku so much😊

  • Douglas Elliott2
    Douglas Elliott2 15 days ago

    You can just shut it down then turn it on again lol

  • CoopCraze
    CoopCraze 16 days ago

    Omg this actually works thanks

  • Liam Tomlinson
    Liam Tomlinson 16 days ago

    Does this stop any app? Bark or MMguardian specifically

  • OverGlow95
    OverGlow95 16 days ago

    This worked for Me

  • Caitlin cassidy
    Caitlin cassidy 17 days ago

    thank you sooo much my laptop form school i thought i lost!!!!:) thank you thank you i subscribed:)

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro 20 days ago

    Fucking Klickbait dude....

  • Malora Star
    Malora Star 21 day ago

    It just says there is no app to open my video

  • Nukagreed
    Nukagreed 21 day ago

    Clown in the chat just keeps saying trash because hes white wtf

  • Shielded Spartan
    Shielded Spartan Month ago

    Does anyone else not get the text or the call?!

  • infinite infinite

    Look at messages heute Gott 15868 messages daaaaamn

  • Minecrafter Jo
    Minecrafter Jo Month ago

    Thank you for help me to sign up

  • War Hog
    War Hog Month ago

    This is to play on the screan not xbox live fucking moron

  • james Labelle
    james Labelle Month ago


  • Kurumi Blood
    Kurumi Blood Month ago


  • Matthew Liang
    Matthew Liang Month ago

    i holded the power button then my computer turned off then it opened by itself and the computer just unfrozed well i did not have to do the rest of the steps

  • SkyMine Minecraft

    i wonder why she hase her leg up all the lime

  • Imranahmed Ansari


  • Angelo morgos
    Angelo morgos Month ago

    It's stuck forever

  • Dj Fusion
    Dj Fusion Month ago

    he sounds like a young tom holland

  • Suwyane Wilson
    Suwyane Wilson Month ago

    Thanks you for the video 👍❤

  • Suwyane Wilson
    Suwyane Wilson Month ago

    it work for me

  • david beckenbaugh

    This is old. Clicking her export button no longer gives you the 'theatre' option. I have used that for years. The new OS's do not let you do that. And I need to learn the NEW OS (high sierra) way to do that...

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez Month ago

    Thanks bro

  • ItsRetroTv
    ItsRetroTv Month ago

    what if didn't finish downloading how you still save it

  • Shawn .S
    Shawn .S Month ago

    Thanks so much!

  • Haris Hussain
    Haris Hussain Month ago

    U missed the best bit (FAST ASS RAP)

  • Youtube Sisters
    Youtube Sisters Month ago

    This idea was the only one that worked thank u soo much!

  • Ali Taimoor Gaming Channel

    No I found it on the furnace option there was no up and down system

  • Shaheen Drokhshan
    Shaheen Drokhshan 2 months ago

    Omg thanks

  • Manuel Barrera
    Manuel Barrera 2 months ago


  • Mintina Mint
    Mintina Mint 2 months ago

    Mine froze while playing roblox xD and then I did this and it worked so thank you!

  • Sana's blog for life
    Sana's blog for life 2 months ago

    Informative video

  • Borutran Uchiha
    Borutran Uchiha 2 months ago

    Thanks you my friend was going to a different high school than me so I need snapchat to keep talking with him :)

  • Let's Explore together

    Thanks a lot !

  • Luljeta Lilo
    Luljeta Lilo 2 months ago

    Thank you very much you are the best😉😉

  • gang g gang
    gang g gang 2 months ago


    PÚSHIN 2 months ago

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zaira Basaran
    Zaira Basaran 2 months ago

    You made my fay

  • Zaira Basaran
    Zaira Basaran 2 months ago

    Thank you thank you

  • Farhan Khurshid
    Farhan Khurshid 2 months ago

    Quadeca is better than him ...🤣👍

  • Glory Dennie
    Glory Dennie 2 months ago

    It worked well with . Search reliablespy on google the Best Hackers Alive message him via IG

  • Noypi Haha
    Noypi Haha 2 months ago

    Thank you🤣

  • Slash 777
    Slash 777 2 months ago

    He didn’t even react to the diss just a few seconds of it

  • Senay Göc
    Senay Göc 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Dux Mason
    Dux Mason 3 months ago

    Don't what insecure

  • Slack Cellar
    Slack Cellar 3 months ago

    Thanks bud

  • Dexmeyy Roblox
    Dexmeyy Roblox 3 months ago

    I have a Mac book so no battery-

  • XxSyLvErXx wow
    XxSyLvErXx wow 3 months ago


  • Ian legendary Gaming
    Ian legendary Gaming 3 months ago

    Thank you so much that helped me

  • Vanshika srivastava
    Vanshika srivastava 3 months ago

    It really works!!! Thanks

  • Macho_Pale _
    Macho_Pale _ 3 months ago


  • Exstactic
    Exstactic 3 months ago

    you are a legend

  • wilIis
    wilIis 3 months ago

    stupid video, watch the track bitch

  • XxxAnxiety69xxX
    XxxAnxiety69xxX 3 months ago


  • snowman playz
    snowman playz 3 months ago

    Mine says my email is taken and when I try to do the I forgot my password thing it says no users found

  • Nabeel ahmad
    Nabeel ahmad 3 months ago

    Thank you so much !!!!

  • Macky And Cheese
    Macky And Cheese 4 months ago

    How do intro?

  • do Ve
    do Ve 4 months ago


  • XXRex x
    XXRex x 4 months ago

    Get a better mic please

  • The Complaining Guy
    The Complaining Guy 4 months ago

    ya sound like ugly bitch ass

  • Fatema Travadi
    Fatema Travadi 4 months ago

    Thank you so much

  • Fatema Travadi
    Fatema Travadi 4 months ago

    Yar it's really worked

  • Miguel Lerma
    Miguel Lerma 4 months ago

    Gay shit

  • Vaishnavi Bajaj
    Vaishnavi Bajaj 4 months ago

    Thank u so much it worked a lot ❤️🤩

  • The - Gamer - Guy
    The - Gamer - Guy 4 months ago


  • Nickolas Franco
    Nickolas Franco 4 months ago

    He’s a fucking nerd cobra Kai reference Who Who else is watching in 2019

  • uuummm cool
    uuummm cool 4 months ago

    Ur are big brain

  • Ndileka Mafuya
    Ndileka Mafuya 4 months ago

    How do you name the title, then one minute later, nah screw that

  • Ndileka Mafuya
    Ndileka Mafuya 4 months ago

    What the fuck is wrong with this dude, how u Finna miss all the dope bars, that's just disrespectful

  • Elenna GARRETT
    Elenna GARRETT 4 months ago

    Just got clickbaited

    SPHINX 4 months ago

    Thank you

  • Illia Vuika
    Illia Vuika 4 months ago

    is this guy taking the piss?

  • Darin Mazik
    Darin Mazik 4 months ago

    I can easily hack that acc

  • Alpha-sama
    Alpha-sama 4 months ago

    Thanks bro! You're awesome!

  • Stonehaven
    Stonehaven 4 months ago

    My computer says no

  • From Olympic
    From Olympic 4 months ago


  • It’s me Chara
    It’s me Chara 4 months ago

    *you got scammed*

  • Seth Harrison
    Seth Harrison 4 months ago

    My guy saved me £800 I was about to buy a new one

  • Shiny Party
    Shiny Party 4 months ago

    Omg thank you so much I was about to pay 5,000 bucks but thank you

  • Sirin Love Fashion
    Sirin Love Fashion 4 months ago

    I tried but nothing is happened

  • CallMeFaris
    CallMeFaris 4 months ago

    Thank you so much

  • Bib Flin
    Bib Flin 4 months ago

    thanks also for more features and faster saving, google ZillaTube, it works great

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  • Dawnoughd Williams
    Dawnoughd Williams 4 months ago

    Take care

  • Marcus
    Marcus 4 months ago

    This isnt even a reaction dislike

  • Phil Foster
    Phil Foster 4 months ago

    Thanks bud, iv'e been messing around for ages with all the fancy dan How To vids.......Press the start button and hold it down worked perfectly😂

  • KOBroRyan
    KOBroRyan 4 months ago

    He only reacts to 1/12 of the video

  • waterfall 3962
    waterfall 3962 4 months ago

    if you have to be 13 why does it say on the App Store 12+???