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311- Flowing
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Code Hero Segment
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Code Hero- So Far
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  • El Jae
    El Jae Month ago


  • the jax of all games

    Damn, I'm glad I smoke weed with most other 311 fans cause like this comment section is full of stoners and I know I'd get along with most of you

  • Aaron Schneider
    Aaron Schneider Month ago

    311 is great music high or not. Facts

  • Jared Myers
    Jared Myers 3 months ago

    Smoked weed to this all the time senior year. We jammed this album a lot back then. Good times.

  • mtnbike4life maxxis
    mtnbike4life maxxis 4 months ago

    This song cured my insomnia

  • gkarjala
    gkarjala 5 months ago

    Turn this shit up!!!!

  • Bonafide Bloom
    Bonafide Bloom 6 months ago

    I hear Diddy Kong in the background

  • Mike Northrup
    Mike Northrup 8 months ago

    The last time I heard this song, I kept falling asleep then waking up in weird places......although it was cool when that cute raver girl kissed me when I woke up at the club! I think SA was the DJ that

  • Jhostin Breibat
    Jhostin Breibat 8 months ago

    Alice in chains(?) Jaja

  • Francisco Cabrera
    Francisco Cabrera 10 months ago

    Along the way to close my eyes I lost where I was going The more it will spin the more that I try To stop my mind flowing away, away To all that I despise Along the way to close my eyes You can’t be let down if you don’t expect the world Expect to lay awake there by your sleeping girl If somebody cares then there is no way you can tell Cursed consciousness it’s your private hell Along the way to close my eyes I lost where I was going The more it will spin the more that I try To stop my mind flowing away, away To all that I despise Along the way to close my eyes Tick tick tick the clock bludgeons your mind Endlessly replaying times that were unkind Go away sun I’m not prepared for you today It seems you are it seems you are Along the way to close my eyes I lost where I was going The more it will spin the more that I try To stop my mind flowing away, away To all that I despise Along the way to close my eyes

  • Ty D
    Ty D 10 months ago

    Flowing and sever are the best songs they do, absolute$$$$$

  • zeroo56
    zeroo56 11 months ago

    I passed out in the middle of a 311 show for anxiety reasons. Once I woke up, I couldn't walk, talk, or remember what was happening but once they started playing this song, it brought me back to life. Singing, dancing..shit, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Couldn't help but to cry, it was such a fucking magical moment. This song makes me think of my struggle with anxiety and depression so what better track than this one to make me feel better again. Thank you 311!!!

  • Dany Carbs
    Dany Carbs Year ago

    Reminds me of being 15 in '99 . Thanks G I still look something that age

  • Eric Hootman
    Eric Hootman Year ago

    Mystic sound

  • Daniel Miranda
    Daniel Miranda Year ago

    Soundsystem best311album fuck what abybody says!

  • Julia Castellanos

    i just imagine a surfer, near south padre when i hear this

  • Dallas Smith
    Dallas Smith Year ago

    headphones+this intro=bliss!

  • Resist
    Resist Year ago

    HAPPY 311 DAY 2018

  • jorge riojas
    jorge riojas Year ago

    Happy 311 day 2018 !!!!!

  • Iaam No0ne
    Iaam No0ne Year ago

    Haha niice.i traded my sister a joint for the CD.lmao I was like 13

    • El Jae
      El Jae Month ago

      So I'm guessing this song is your favorite

  • Rita Holden
    Rita Holden Year ago


  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Year ago

    Is it me or is this like one of their heaviest songs?

    • Fatt Managan
      Fatt Managan Year ago

      Maybe one of their *heavier songs. “Down” on Letterman was epic

    • Rita Holden
      Rita Holden Year ago

      I think it is.

  • lucas henry
    lucas henry 2 years ago

    Seen 311 live 4 times and they always put on one hell of a show for their fans

  • Jericho
    Jericho 2 years ago

    WWF Royal Rumble 2000 Brought me Here

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone 2 years ago

    Is it just me, or is the guitarist one of the most underrated in music?

    • Guy Incognito
      Guy Incognito Month ago

      Music is my favorite album. This is 3rd though. And yes Tim kills

    • Magnum Mountaineer
      Magnum Mountaineer 3 months ago

      Not trying to be a dick here... I love Tim Mahoney and his guitar style, but this is literraly so easy to play that even if you've never touched a guitar id have you crunching this song in 10 minutes.

    • Hans Brixt
      Hans Brixt 4 months ago

      311 rig rundown. Tim seems like a cool guy. Been listening since 95

    • Norseman
      Norseman 5 months ago

      Mit rocks. 40+ peddles when gun slinging on stage.

    • CoTheReal
      CoTheReal 9 months ago

      Dallas Smith he’s definitely the tits!!! 🔥😂🔥

  • Leon Menezes
    Leon Menezes 2 years ago

    this make me feel like in colege stoned all time

    • MrJacobaaaaaa
      MrJacobaaaaaa Year ago

      Leon Menezes you went to collards last year?

  • natemoone
    natemoone 2 years ago

    Hey, i did a drum cover of Livin & Rockin from this album. Check out and sub to my page as 311 are my idols and ill likely cover more of their stuff. Facebook as well:

  • 1Anthony 3 enriquez
    1Anthony 3 enriquez 3 years ago


  • theCrpldOrphnPrjct
    theCrpldOrphnPrjct 3 years ago

    This song always cheers me up :) i dont know what exactly I was stressed about

    • Joey Darko
      Joey Darko 2 years ago

      theCrpldOrphnPrjct that's funny because I mi d was racing, and I just had an urge to listen to this song. funny how people can be so similar.

  • Resz7
    Resz7 3 years ago

    This is the song that got me into 311. I smoked for the first time with my college roommate while this song was playing.

    • Diego Garcia
      Diego Garcia Year ago

      awesome bro

    • Brandon Hendrixson
      Brandon Hendrixson Year ago

      Smoked to this alot 311 for life

    • Vinny Mac
      Vinny Mac Year ago

      Started late

    • Dallas Smith
      Dallas Smith 2 years ago

      Resz7 I was in Corpus Christi Texas, and my cousin and I had just smoked. We were on our way to the Beach, and he asked me if I have ever listened to 311 , and I said yea, I like their song "down". so he grins and puts in transistor, and right to beautiful disaster. The chorus kicks in, and that was it, blew my mind.

    • jesus chagolla
      jesus chagolla 2 years ago

      +Craig Mcgeehan hu t

  • Hell Cat
    Hell Cat 3 years ago

    Remember old hacking days

  • LIL CRCTPrep
    LIL CRCTPrep 3 years ago

    wwe 2000 royal rumble?

    • LIL CRCTPrep
      LIL CRCTPrep 3 years ago

      @Harlem Deschamp Benson yea

    • HarlemBenson
      HarlemBenson 3 years ago

      Well it's not the official theme but hey I have heard this from a highlight of the royal rumble 2000

    QUIZFILTER 3 years ago

    The chorus parts (..."to close my eyes...") always makes the hair stand up on my arms... goosebumps... weird, but those parts of this song are beautiful

  • Josh Smitty
    Josh Smitty 3 years ago

    this brings back memories

  • NoValues
    NoValues 3 years ago

    This song reminds me of one of the first times I ever got high. I was in my room and this song came on a BOOM suddenly the weed hit me hard...intense shit lol. Oh junior year, good times

  • David De La Torre
    David De La Torre 3 years ago

    ......The best album for my ........

  • Luis Felipe Martinez Cruz

    se escucha tipo greenday

  • Kip Drordy
    Kip Drordy 3 years ago

    great rainy day song. always brings me back up

  • Papa Rocks
    Papa Rocks 3 years ago

    happy 311

  • NOX spYZor
    NOX spYZor 3 years ago

    This is driving to the coast to go surf. Then bbq'ing and having a beer after surfing.

    • Iaam No0ne
      Iaam No0ne Year ago

      NOX spYZor fuck yesses.. beach bummin

  • ivano garcia saldivar

    usualmente no comento, a decir verdad nunca comento , pero me gusto mucho la musica :v

  • Andrew Noll
    Andrew Noll 3 years ago

    The newer albums are not as good as this one, this might be the best album they have ever released.

    • Chris Reynolds
      Chris Reynolds 3 years ago

      well I mean it's a decade of greatest hits. I think all their albums before this were great

    • Will Leffler
      Will Leffler 3 years ago

      +Andrew Noll The Albums before this were even better I think

  • RLSkipooch
    RLSkipooch 3 years ago

    Such a good song.

  • Terry Houmard
    Terry Houmard 3 years ago

    had this CD back when it first came out miss the good old days

  • Skotabig Johnson
    Skotabig Johnson 3 years ago

    LOVE this album!!

    • Andrew Noll
      Andrew Noll 3 years ago

      +Skotabig Johns The newer albums arnt as good as ones like soundsystem and transistor.

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 4 years ago

    One of their best songs

    • Erica Barcroft
      Erica Barcroft 3 years ago

      +Rusty Shackelford i agree AKA Dale Gribble lol

    • Loki44220
      Loki44220 3 years ago

      +Rusty Shackelford that you rusty?

  • FRIGHT night
    FRIGHT night 4 years ago

    reminds me of the first week of sophmore year in highschool...not sure why...probably listened to it a lot back in 2001

  • Steve Shwibb
    Steve Shwibb 4 years ago

    fucking love this band

  • Artemisia K
    Artemisia K 4 years ago

    LOVE 311```````````````````````````

    BIG BOSS 4 years ago

    to me ...311 and Tiesto marked the beginning of the 21st century infinite memories of friends and love ones..long gone...this album the soundtrack of my early life

    • JJ
      JJ 3 years ago

      Yeah Soundsystem is probably my second favorite of their albums, behind Transistor, with Grassroots in a close third. I haven't heard Flowing in forever.

  • Zamira
    Zamira 4 years ago

    *Along the way to close my eyes I lost where I was going*

    TEDDRICK KLASSIK 4 years ago

    Chris Sabin

  • warren cave
    warren cave 5 years ago

    This is my favorite 311 song 100% very close second......."I told myself" ....."beautiful disaster" third...

  • Godspeed657
    Godspeed657 5 years ago

    born 1998. soundsystem out in 1999. this is pretty fucking nostalgic to me

  • lancezimmerman
    lancezimmerman 5 years ago

    such a bad ass song!!

  • Mago Vago
    Mago Vago 5 years ago

    I LOVE THIS ALBUMN 1: it was made in1999 2: I love there music

  • Juan Jose Vasquez Sesteaga

    me gusta

  • Nophera
    Nophera 6 years ago

    I'm not hating, i've smoked my fair share of weed. I'm just sick and tired of people putting songs down because you need to have an altered mind to enjoy it.

  • borrachoyfumar
    borrachoyfumar 6 years ago

    i think listening to the music is cool and i'm not high.... but i will be in five minutes and i'll listen to something else :]

  • ajpthree
    ajpthree 6 years ago

    Plenty of people disagree with you, since such a thing exists - stop with your hating.

  • Nophera
    Nophera 6 years ago

    Because there shouldn't be such a thing as weed friendly music.

  • Nophera
    Nophera 6 years ago

    Why is there Zero in the beginning?

  • ed garner
    ed garner 6 years ago

    The more it will spin The more I will try

  • Leo Bessette
    Leo Bessette 6 years ago

    hhahha ikr how can you not 311 !! woop wooop

  • Donovan Carlson
    Donovan Carlson 6 years ago

    Loove it x )

  • igotbones123
    igotbones123 6 years ago

    This song makes me happy :)

  • emily waun
    emily waun 6 years ago

    hey do you play oldschool? jw ^-^

  • emily waun
    emily waun 6 years ago

    lmao XD

  • Natalie Whitehurst
    Natalie Whitehurst 6 years ago

    awsome lyric flow at the beginning

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 6 years ago

    Ok, it's not that bad of a song. But it got pretty played out a while back.

  • UltraTaco223
    UltraTaco223 6 years ago

    Are you kidding?

  • Shelby Zacher
    Shelby Zacher 6 years ago

    They're playing in Kansas City at the starlight theater on the 2nd of July of this year <3 and I get to go :D

  • SapoPrime
    SapoPrime 6 years ago

    What a great song after all these years!

  • jason robinson
    jason robinson 6 years ago

    Sick song the start is a little rough but it's awesome good band good music

  • Ivan Cervantes
    Ivan Cervantes 6 years ago


  • 420topramen
    420topramen 6 years ago


  • no bueno
    no bueno 6 years ago

    I've seen Down live, it is pretty good imo

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 6 years ago


  • Nick Pascale
    Nick Pascale 6 years ago

    Love this song

  • andrew goynes
    andrew goynes 6 years ago

    They gave amazing stage performances seen them quite a few times haha

  • ron d
    ron d 6 years ago

    omg i live in fargo and yes please! saw them at the target center and it was epic!

  • Hey You
    Hey You 6 years ago

    I rember going to this Tour.

  • Gonzalo Barrera
    Gonzalo Barrera 6 years ago

    amen, bro...

  • Cicada
    Cicada 6 years ago

    oh no?! smoke in their lungs?? weed contains almost 0 carcinogens, unlike cigarettes. also, when asthmatics are hospitalized for asthma attacks, they're hooked up to a nebulizer which blows smoke down their lungs to relax and enlarge their bronchial passages - a very similar effect to marijuana smoke. ever stood in a sauna? not all smoke in your lungs is as bad as it sounds, einstein...

  • KidAJonni
    KidAJonni 6 years ago

    To be honest,, even a sucky song is one of their best, lol

  • opethinchains
    opethinchains 6 years ago

    really? you smart cookie, you...

  • Eric Lutz
    Eric Lutz 6 years ago

    Because they can enjoy it without inhaling smoke in their lungs.

  • opethinchains
    opethinchains 6 years ago

    why do people think its so cool to NOT get high with weed-friendly music? haha

  • jEtSforLiFeDoG
    jEtSforLiFeDoG 7 years ago

    the answer is no, friend.

  • David
    David 7 years ago

    Evolver had some good songs, but Don't Tread on Me was the beginning of the end of their amazing muical, lyrical,instumental, and harmonic talents that we came to love and expect from 311. In my opinion, of course. I just played Applied Science for my coworker who is a drummer, and he said Chad Sexton is now in his top three drummers in the world. He had never even heard of 311 before I introduced him. Hell yeah, spreading the vibes.

  • David
    David 7 years ago

    I feel the exact same way. Well, not that they ncecessarily suck, but yes, after From Chaos, I stopped loving every single song from every single album. I don't even listen to their new stuff. But I am still a die hard 311 fan for life, because of the impact their first many cd's had and still have on me. I love Music, Grassroots, Blue Album, Soundsystem, Transistor, Omaha Sessions, From Chaos, LIve, etc., but after those, they took a strange turn. They don't even "rap" any more.

  • BloodyBlonde Baby
    BloodyBlonde Baby 7 years ago

    311 are the best , always. Smoking or not. <3

  • Molsten
    Molsten 7 years ago

    311 is the BEST stuff to smoke to. This one's my favorite.

  • anthony enriquez
    anthony enriquez 7 years ago

    ohhh i see, thanks!

  • Maja Ajhorn
    Maja Ajhorn 7 years ago

    This song reminds me of old Hoobastank :D

  • anthony enriquez
    anthony enriquez 7 years ago

    fuck does 'imo' meAn?

    • Vinny Mac
      Vinny Mac Year ago

      4 years and 50 weeks late, hopefully he figured it out by now,

    • Christina Kaur
      Christina Kaur Year ago

      anthony enriquez "in my opinion" ☺

  • SiickSaVage
    SiickSaVage 7 years ago

    no but seriously, this is crazy while high...

  • DanMCrisisX
    DanMCrisisX 7 years ago

    Speak easy is annoying imo.

  • wojanman32
    wojanman32 7 years ago