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  • Rascally Rellic
    Rascally Rellic 6 hours ago

    Monte Ellis will FOREVER be a bucket

  • Isaiah Waddell
    Isaiah Waddell 6 hours ago

    Whoever likes this will have an amazing 2020 👇🏾

  • C_Rob Dog11
    C_Rob Dog11 6 hours ago

    Julian has no iq he does bailout passes all the time in the paint he just looks down to go but doesn't stop and float for spacing to the foul line for a floater or as a spacing/passing options to his bigs on the low block.

  • محمد
    محمد 7 hours ago

    10:01 this step back how good it is

  • King Boss
    King Boss 7 hours ago

    And that why Nate Robinson not in the league

  • Shang- ChingChong
    Shang- ChingChong 7 hours ago

    Do Mikey Williams, he has more Ingame dunks

  • Adryon Bourbon
    Adryon Bourbon 7 hours ago

    this dude just discovered what whistling was and decided to show it off 🤦‍♂️

  • Gamzovera
    Gamzovera 7 hours ago

    This just the beginning

  • Kalon Brown
    Kalon Brown 7 hours ago

    2:03 wow 🤯

  • sirsylk
    sirsylk 7 hours ago

    Ohhh if he ever get tha _Non-LeBron_ dog in'im 🥶🥶🥶

  • LD5260
    LD5260 7 hours ago

    how tf does 24 on prolific get burn , he ass

  • Devin Chambers
    Devin Chambers 7 hours ago

    stop using bronny to keep ur channel alive

  • TubeCt
    TubeCt 7 hours ago

    Class of what

  • Kglo Sjsj
    Kglo Sjsj 7 hours ago

    #5 tough 🤣

  • steve G3
    steve G3 7 hours ago

    overrated af , y’all hype him up so much fam 😂

    • Samurai _ Official
      Samurai _ Official 6 hours ago

      steve G3 come on bro he only 15 and look how good he is think about it

  • Eli Smalls
    Eli Smalls 7 hours ago

    6:26 that block was definitely clean 😂

  • Trill Seno
    Trill Seno 7 hours ago

    This gives me hope since I’m 5’5 and 15 and already taller then my parents hard work over height 💪

  • Rick Rijuana Productions

    Once he hits that growth spurt 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • theteleology22
    theteleology22 7 hours ago

    bryce gonna be better than this bum

  • umaru sesay
    umaru sesay 7 hours ago

    This game look so dead 😂

  • Sahid Koroma
    Sahid Koroma 7 hours ago

    they say top dunks but put all of homeboys dunks 🤣

  • Butta 119
    Butta 119 8 hours ago

    I had to pause the video at 2:57. That nigga Posh Alexander is VALID. Aight now lemme finish watching.

  • Brock Purdy
    Brock Purdy 8 hours ago

    Wait till he hits that mid teen growth spurt. Dude gonna grow like 6 inches in 5 months

  • iDonny3x
    iDonny3x 8 hours ago

    He stay so humble ‼️

  • LabRatz
    LabRatz 8 hours ago

    Can we see more of Bryce James’ games?

    • Flyesthuman
      Flyesthuman 7 hours ago

      LabRatz we will soon, who knows what kinda player he will be.

  • Liz
    Liz 8 hours ago

    Sorry, never a fan of someone who’s cocky after every play

  • Cali Smooth
    Cali Smooth 8 hours ago

    Real bounce 6’2 and flying high.. looks much better thin 6’8-7’0 dunker ..

  • Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews

    A lot of kids my age who are 14 under 6 feet can dunk I'm 5 10 and 14 and I wish I had those hops Bronny is 15 and he's 6 2 and he's just dunking with ease and it's fun to watch because he's my favorite basketball player

  • Maxi dape
    Maxi dape 8 hours ago

    the song on 1:35. what song is?? CAN YOU TELL ME PLS

  • Darick Barnett
    Darick Barnett 8 hours ago

    Another great white hope.

  • Narikial
    Narikial 8 hours ago

    7:35 my man just did so many damn steps lebron be getting competition.(no hate on lebron or this guy tho)

  • Leroy Candler
    Leroy Candler 8 hours ago

    Somebody tag OSN lol

  • Gabe Skwara
    Gabe Skwara 8 hours ago

    Those shorts are borderline sexual

  • Samurai _ Official
    Samurai _ Official 8 hours ago

    Yo guys what is the instrumental for the intro?🔥

  • Colin
    Colin 8 hours ago

    His potential is really reliant on those Lebron genetics. If he gets that growth spurt he will be a deadly scorer, if not I could see him just being a playmaker.

    • Colin
      Colin 6 hours ago

      @Nathan Toney Never said he wasn't going to be fine. Not like I said he was going to be a bum. Just not as talented.

    • Fuzion
      Fuzion 6 hours ago

      I hope he stretches alot

    • Colin
      Colin 6 hours ago

      @Jamal Husbands Now that is a reach

    • crip34983
      crip34983 6 hours ago

      I think he’s just learning the actual game you know . Like how to be a true point guard which is why You see the passiveness sometimes. But when that growth spurt kicks it over lol

    • Jamal Husbands
      Jamal Husbands 6 hours ago

      @Colin He gonna be taller than his father. People got to wait into his junior year. He getting better at dunking now. He gonna be aight

  • tuzzo tuppo
    tuzzo tuppo 8 hours ago


  • Lil Dooder
    Lil Dooder 9 hours ago

    Genes 🧬 are out this world

  • Karl JIMENEZ
    Karl JIMENEZ 9 hours ago

    (B)Ronny J(ames)

    TROLL KING 9 hours ago


  • Plugboy Loso
    Plugboy Loso 9 hours ago

    Wait tell he get around 6’8 he goin to be a monster!

    • Fuzion
      Fuzion 6 hours ago

      These doctors can only give u an estimate my doctor said I'll be 5'9 now I'm 6'1 and still growing and I'm 17.

    • crip34983
      crip34983 6 hours ago

      Duff Hammer this is a dumb take cuz his Dad was around his height around the same age . Between the bounce he has gained nd the way his body is framed you can tell he’s going to be 6’8

    • xyz
      xyz 7 hours ago

      @Duff Hammer you can't tell what a kids height will be when they just turn 15 sorry. Your only guessing 6'5 cause you know what his mom and dad look like. Go use your "eye test" on a random 15 year old kid and you'll be wrong every time.

    • Duff Hammer
      Duff Hammer 7 hours ago

      xyz u just being stupid and x ray isn’t a genetic test you wanna be right so bad bro hahah how tall are you just wondering

    • xyz
      xyz 7 hours ago

      @Duff Hammer actually there is doxtors can measure your growth plates. Once again you don't know what your talking about so just quit. Noone knows how tall a kid that just turned 15 is gonna be unless you do tests. Stop it

  • Genius Munee Shakur
    Genius Munee Shakur 9 hours ago

    Bronny is already showing early signs of potential greatness.

  • Michael Dawodu
    Michael Dawodu 9 hours ago

    Just waiting on the growth spurt , what is he now like 6'0 6'1 minus the hair ? I see definitely 6'6 maybe 6'7

    • Michael Dawodu
      Michael Dawodu 7 hours ago

      @Colin exactly! Being super tall unless you're playing sport, heck even being super tall at basketball doesn't always mean you can play

    • Colin
      Colin 8 hours ago

      @Michael Dawodu Same, I couldn't imagine being any taller. I already struggle with sitting in a lot of cars.

    • Michael Dawodu
      Michael Dawodu 8 hours ago

      @Colin same I was 6'1 in hs grew to 6'3 by the end was told I'll be 6'6 cause of my Khawai lenored size hands and feet I'm 24 so 🤷🏾‍♂️ I'm happy at 6'3 so

    • Colin
      Colin 8 hours ago

      @Gabriel Lyles I was 6'2 going into High School, was told I was going to reach 6'5. Never grew once again. I still have a year until I'm 21, so who knows.

    • Gabriel Lyles
      Gabriel Lyles 8 hours ago

      I'm 6'0 at 13 and my oldest brother is 6'6 so I might end up taller than him because he was 5'10 at my age

  • Rolly Jolly
    Rolly Jolly 9 hours ago

    Julian is a cocksucker Better stop playing basketball he is too little for it

  • llong3316
    llong3316 9 hours ago


  • Giuliettone Giulione

    The 3 is underrated

  • Ethan Viveiros
    Ethan Viveiros 9 hours ago


  • Ethan Viveiros
    Ethan Viveiros 9 hours ago

    Yo like my comment

  • Richard Flynn
    Richard Flynn 9 hours ago

    The cuffed dunks are pretty nice!

  • Kream The Dream
    Kream The Dream 9 hours ago

    Do Mikey next

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 9 hours ago

    Ahh ballislife, giving me that VINTAGE mixtape reel in the beginning. THATSMYSON! #LaFamilia

  • Pedja Nikezic
    Pedja Nikezic 9 hours ago

    Song 1:38

    • BrrBerry
      BrrBerry 9 hours ago

      Pedja Nikezic Hot - Young Thug and Gunna

  • the king
    the king 9 hours ago


  • Matt Cormier
    Matt Cormier 9 hours ago

    What number is bronny he has like 20 different numbers

    • Lil Dooder
      Lil Dooder 9 hours ago

      Matt Cormier he usually wears 0 because he likes Westbrook

    • Jet Li Blunts
      Jet Li Blunts 9 hours ago

      Matt Cormier good question ha

  • Richard Flynn
    Richard Flynn 9 hours ago

    Great vid BallisLife! Look forward to more videos!

  • Richard Flynn
    Richard Flynn 9 hours ago

    27 views, 20 likes. Now that's a good ratio.

  • Natey Nate
    Natey Nate 9 hours ago

  • Richard Flynn
    Richard Flynn 9 hours ago


  • Beezy Talking Shit
    Beezy Talking Shit 9 hours ago

    "Look at that boy with the daisy dukes on, I want you to look at that boy with the days dukes on......EVERYBODY!"

  • Kermit Shrimp
    Kermit Shrimp 9 hours ago

    This is Bronny James skill level 👇🏻

  • Huncho Menace
    Huncho Menace 9 hours ago

    Like if briny will be better than lebron

  • Jet Li Blunts
    Jet Li Blunts 9 hours ago

    LeBron and bronny playing with or against each other Is going to be gold. 🏀

    • King Kooks
      King Kooks 6 hours ago

      @theteleology22 as a freshman playing varsity on a loaded team...i thinks he's doing okay

    • v z
      v z 7 hours ago

      @iPlaceConesill Subscribe

    • theteleology22
      theteleology22 7 hours ago

      bronnys avging 6 points in high school

    • Dawid Ozlanski
      Dawid Ozlanski 8 hours ago

      Bron ain’t gonna be in the league another 5 years lmao

    • LeGoat JaGoat
      LeGoat JaGoat 8 hours ago

      Jet Li Blunts imagine trading your own son... oh wait.

  • Donovan Tullock
    Donovan Tullock 9 hours ago


    • iPlaceCones
      iPlaceCones 9 hours ago

      Donovan Tullock can you sub to me

  • kigufliks
    kigufliks 9 hours ago

    second 👑

  • Dylan Robson
    Dylan Robson 9 hours ago

    Kids are actually evolving

    • Darrell Shropshire
      Darrell Shropshire 7 hours ago

      Not really, just genetics. You're seeing the top 0.0000001% of kids in this video.

    • iPlaceCones
      iPlaceCones 9 hours ago

      Dylan Robson can you sub to me

  • __yannx
    __yannx 9 hours ago


  • Beezy Talking Shit
    Beezy Talking Shit 9 hours ago

    dHe's the number 1 player yet sorry ass Bronny James gets more coverage than him lol! #SAD

  • Łpb šavøę
    Łpb šavøę 9 hours ago

    When melo brought the kid out to the halfcourt line i wish he broke that kids defensive stance to a split those kids could not play basketball against an “overrated” team that blew them out by 50 without even trying

  • Inday Garutay
    Inday Garutay 9 hours ago

    way far from kai sotto. dont expect him to go to NBA. kai sotto willkick ass in NBA. not than old fashion moves.

  • Łpb šavøę
    Łpb šavøę 9 hours ago

    Kinda wanna punch that kid in the mouth “SHOOOWWWWOFFFFF”

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder 9 hours ago

    My boy got booty shorts on

  • Thomas Nelson
    Thomas Nelson 10 hours ago

    If posh dunked it 6:35🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • GFire
    GFire 10 hours ago

    Who is that #3 on the warriors

  • Randall Smith
    Randall Smith 10 hours ago

    This game took place at Vermillion High School in Vermillion, Ohio. It is a fairly wealthy, most white suburb of Cleveland.

  • tmacfan16
    tmacfan16 11 hours ago

    "We started off really strong and it was looking good for us, but then it all came crashing down..." Next time on Hello Newmans

  • CJ Key
    CJ Key 11 hours ago

    Montrez Harrell looking like Hakeem in Rico Hines but the opposite in the league lol

  • Marlo Newkirk
    Marlo Newkirk 11 hours ago

    Get you a bucc then #3!

  • King Xfade
    King Xfade 11 hours ago

    #5 is going RIGHT...EVERY TIME..... LITERALLY

  • Alex Delvalle
    Alex Delvalle 11 hours ago

    Skillz off the charts

  • Arceno
    Arceno 11 hours ago

    That boi is nice.. The Spurs can use him right now instead of weakass Dejounte Murray..

  • VvV
    VvV 12 hours ago

    3:25 my mans tried to give the other team a high 5 DONT THINK I DIDNT CATCH THAT

  • Dymond WINGFIELD
    Dymond WINGFIELD 12 hours ago

    All the people saying he’s a hard worker ...all players work hard when trying to get signed but 90% become horrible once they make it . I’m not impressed until I see him working after achieving that’s his true character

    IAN RUSSELL 12 hours ago

    Emmanuel is the true star of the team especially if he bulls up a lil more he's a real problem.

  • Isaac Pieper
    Isaac Pieper 12 hours ago

    8:35 ref got dap

  • IcyyX -_-
    IcyyX -_- 12 hours ago

    2:47 anyone else peep the newmans in the back?

    • Smooth Operator
      Smooth Operator 7 hours ago

      IcyyX -_- Yep I saw his bald headed ass dad lol

  • Paco Abdaallah
    Paco Abdaallah 13 hours ago

    Friday the 13th!

  • JuzMottie
    JuzMottie 13 hours ago

    Emmanuel is a fucking bucket move out the way Julian 😂

  • Zak Mohammed
    Zak Mohammed 13 hours ago

    24 on white deserves turnover badge

  • ProbablyThe1
    ProbablyThe1 13 hours ago

    The black team rlly balled out sure they were undersized but fkin showed heart

  • M D
    M D 13 hours ago

    very bad filming

  • ProbablyThe1
    ProbablyThe1 13 hours ago

    Wait number 3 legit af

  • TyBritt1829
    TyBritt1829 14 hours ago

    And ya'll thought LaVar Ball ruined his sons. smh

  • SODZ
    SODZ 14 hours ago

    Zion Harmon carry tho and he has good some shooters on his team

    BICOLANONG BALISONG 14 hours ago

    Green Young Version of mj😍😍😍

  • Sports Vids
    Sports Vids 15 hours ago

    Can that someone tell him to pull down his shorts

  • Kassa Bars
    Kassa Bars 15 hours ago

    He talk like his nose is stuffed all the time

  • Inday Garutay
    Inday Garutay 15 hours ago


  • Lotolua Fonua
    Lotolua Fonua 15 hours ago

    That one guy hit in the face multiple times ain't a boxer ain't a boxer.

  • Cherrynel Fallaria
    Cherrynel Fallaria 15 hours ago

    The dude cant even make a shot

  • Inday Garutay
    Inday Garutay 15 hours ago

    WHATS YOUR CHANNEL? ballSdeap?

  • Cherrynel Fallaria
    Cherrynel Fallaria 15 hours ago