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  • lavishbts '
    lavishbts ' 3 days ago

    **makes 20 episode taekook ff without taekook** 😑

  • lavishbts '
    lavishbts ' 3 days ago

    the text goes by so fast i have to pause every two seconds🥺

  • Ruhi gupta
    Ruhi gupta 12 days ago

    This is not done 😫😫😫

  • Raja Musa
    Raja Musa Month ago

    Plz ep 2 plzzzzzzz

  • Hanaa Aladel
    Hanaa Aladel Month ago

    When you said who punch and kicked the boy I was like yoongi min yoongi

  • joonie and jiminie


  • BtsXArmy's wrold
    BtsXArmy's wrold Month ago

    You can't stop here make season 2!!! Please someone say me it's only end of season 1 not the full story ending!!!!!! Am I kidding to someone where is Taehyung!!!!

    BTS ARMY Month ago

    I spend my whole day just to see this sad ending how could you do this to us please make special episode or season 2 you can't leave this with a cliff hunger please do something

  • Joyfully Suting
    Joyfully Suting 2 months ago

    Am watching all the epi hoping dat teakook will be together....but aisshhh....never thought bout dis ending n its kinna freak me out....

  • Moonlight mystic
    Moonlight mystic 2 months ago

    U need to read your sentences there like awful you keep making mistakes

  • Dorina Făgaşi
    Dorina Făgaşi 2 months ago

    I want episode 5 plss. This ff is one of the best ff I ever rea! It's wonderful💞

  • Maryam Ali
    Maryam Ali 2 months ago

    next episode plz i can't wait

  • My Yoonminie Shipers Forever

    I love it are you gonna make more ep 😊😊😊

  • Taekook 4Life
    Taekook 4Life 2 months ago

    I cried 7 times.... ......WoRtH iT......

  • Ui Wa
    Ui Wa 3 months ago

    Sis this may ??? May is over darling

  • Ui Wa
    Ui Wa 3 months ago

    Uuu does this mean that we are going to get a flashback on how they met ?

  • rachel conteh
    rachel conteh 3 months ago

    Get ur baby tae back

  • Ui Wa
    Ui Wa 3 months ago

    I like taekook but i feeeelllll in love with this ship now thanks ......

  • Renu Pawar
    Renu Pawar 3 months ago

    Are you going to update next episode😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • ali akram
    ali akram 3 months ago

    when come this ff nxt ep??!!plzzzz make nxt ep😁😁😁💜💜💜💜💜

  • Zoneeqsharif Zoneeqsharif

    Oh no it's incomplete story you must make taekook together ending it's not fair😭😭

  • Mwanje Joweria
    Mwanje Joweria 3 months ago

    It's not fair please season 2 please. Let jk find Tae so that they can have their own kids.

    IBAAIJINGHUN YMBON 3 months ago

    Season 2 please

  • Md. Jamal Hossain
    Md. Jamal Hossain 3 months ago

    I love this episode please make next episodes quickly

  • Raja Mosa
    Raja Mosa 3 months ago

    Plz episode 2

  • Taekook 4ever
    Taekook 4ever 3 months ago

    Dhdhddjlhdhdhkdg I can’t wait!!

  • Tae Smile Makes My Life

    Hhhuuufff first i thought " shit this author killed my tae i will never forgive him. " when i saw that tae is not dead I'm like " writer I'm telling u the three megicsl words that i love u.... But i was really pissed of jk that how he dare to propose someone else 😠😂😂😂😂

  • Tae Smile Makes My Life

    Niw i can sleep soundly i found my tae alive

  • Tae Smile Makes My Life

    Hahahahahaha u stupid author u scared me soooo much

  • Tae Smile Makes My Life


  • Tae Smile Makes My Life

    OMG my heart is beating like crazy

  • Tae Smile Makes My Life

    14:53 naaahhhhhh please no nooooooo stop stop i dare u stop don't 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tae_is_Bae Vkook_is_lyf

    Why can't you complete Any specific ff u always start good stuff then dangg u just leave us too curious for hell............

  • NyNy's World
    NyNy's World 3 months ago


  • Mary Grace Sejas
    Mary Grace Sejas 4 months ago

    Im sorry but i hate this ending....hope you made a special episode..

  • Tari Hobson
    Tari Hobson 4 months ago

    2 months later and you still haven’t listened to your fans begging you to finish this story. Big disappointment author. This story is excellent writing but I’m afraid you made a lot of fans angry 😡

    • ha na
      ha na 2 months ago

      dear Author i am happy you replaid, i was worried i hope you are doing well. And i am waiting for your great work. I love your ff, thank you very much❤❤❤

    • Tari Hobson
      Tari Hobson 4 months ago

      Trix Trinity Great... ty and am looking forward to it💜✌️

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 4 months ago

      Actually I am going to to start new ff with this story line .... Kind of New life story about You will be my last love story .... And this time it will be little bit rough and hard ... 😁😁😁😁

    • Tari Hobson
      Tari Hobson 4 months ago

      Trix Trinity I saw your trailer for new ff. Does this mean you will finish this one at least with one more ep to tie up all the loose ends? I ‘m a little confused with your comment.

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 4 months ago

      Hello dear ....I am sorry for making you all disappointed....but I already uploaded season 2 trailer video .... I am really sorry that I am getting so late for updating new episode.... But give me some more time 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Md. Jamal Hossain
    Md. Jamal Hossain 4 months ago

    Hey make more episodes please

  • Dipashree Pawar
    Dipashree Pawar 4 months ago

    Is it vkook or Taegi... .....and why always Tae is suffering... ......poor taetae.

  • Demi
    Demi 4 months ago

    Cant wait for another episode !!❤️

  • Aktaruzzaman Bindu
    Aktaruzzaman Bindu 4 months ago

    Where’s the next episode

  • heidi lavik
    heidi lavik 4 months ago

    More please

  • Mohona Mourin
    Mohona Mourin 4 months ago

    I am very excited for it 😋😋😋😋🤟🤟🤟😊😊😊😊

  • Yoongi’s Gurl
    Yoongi’s Gurl 4 months ago

    What’s the song that played at 9:01

  • Rose
    Rose 4 months ago

    I really like this😯 and what is the song at 5:25

  • Nightcore Life
    Nightcore Life 4 months ago

    I know how u feel i know she's proud of u she is no longer with you but she will be watching you from heaven and be proud of u to move on life is like this they come and go but she will be proud of you i hope u feel better now but im so sorry to hear this from you and from taehyung 😔😢😢😢

  • Mary Grace Sejas
    Mary Grace Sejas 4 months ago

    Please make the continuation of this story..bring tae to left out hanging....

    JEON JUNGKOOK 4 months ago

    can you do ep-02?please

  • Just a kpop-lover floating in the comments

    Put an age restriction on all of your SMUTS

  • Raja Musa
    Raja Musa 5 months ago

    Plz upload next episode?

  • sam chou
    sam chou 5 months ago

    I'm crying like HELL. I'm so happy for them to be together

  • Umme Halima
    Umme Halima 5 months ago

    Next episode plz. ..when r u going to upload authornimm. ..??

    JEON JUNGKOOK 5 months ago

    i want ep 2 as quick as possible plz

  • Jocelyn Zuniga
    Jocelyn Zuniga 5 months ago

    I said if i were v I will become a total badass and turn all the tables around!!!👊😈

  • Sowmya g.a.
    Sowmya g.a. 5 months ago

    Is this ending it seems so incomplete...even if u wanted sad ending...u could have at least given them closure...none got to have their love ...they fought so hard throughout for it but failed to be with their love....story seems so just doesn't sit well with me....idk maybe I am wrong...anyway ur story ur choice... Are you gonna give same type of ending to all ur stories.... anyway thanks...well written

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 5 months ago

      Dear wait for sometimes ....2nd season coming soon.....

  • Sumaiya Sultana
    Sumaiya Sultana 5 months ago

    it's Taekook story or Baehyung story😶😮😐

  • Sumaiya Sultana
    Sumaiya Sultana 5 months ago

    it is soo nice story.....

  • Bts Purple you
    Bts Purple you 5 months ago

    Please author make season 2 it was just heart breaking, please make suga and especially tae to come to have jungkook again please............ 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Toy Brig
    Toy Brig 5 months ago

    😭😭I just found your this the last episode of the Taegi series??? Please say no PLEASE keep going

  • Kim Taehyung김태형
    Kim Taehyung김태형 5 months ago

    Hi unnie I love your video

  • Olivia Rocha
    Olivia Rocha 5 months ago

    When they kept saying mr.jj I was wondering who could that be but then I jumped from my bed and said MR. JEON JUNGKOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BTS_Taekook is the best

    This is not a 21+.

  • Yana Tans
    Yana Tans 5 months ago

    trix you make me cry and make me happy also

  • my vmin heartu
    my vmin heartu 5 months ago

    nooooooo plz make season 2 plzzzzzz im crying right now plz make season 2

  • my vmin heartu
    my vmin heartu 5 months ago

    my baby jihoon wae

  • Joanne Yiap
    Joanne Yiap 5 months ago

    U really need to upgrade ur English if u decide to be a ff writer. Too many grammar mistakes. Ur command of English is poor but I salute u for trying. Don’t give up. Study English properly and one day u will be a great writer. Follow ur dream.

  • Lory Toothaker
    Lory Toothaker 5 months ago

    Please don’t end it like this! One more episode!

  • Lory Toothaker
    Lory Toothaker 5 months ago

    This was great. I cried! Thank you.

  • Gruff Master
    Gruff Master 5 months ago

    I loved the Mashup in the background

  • Arya Hd
    Arya Hd 5 months ago

    When are you gonna continue this one ??? 🤔😅

  • Gramasree Group
    Gramasree Group 5 months ago

    I'm an Indian fangirl I can't wait for this ❤❤

  • ur favourite baguette
    ur favourite baguette 6 months ago

    When will the next one be uploaded?

  • JUNGKOOK AH marry me
    JUNGKOOK AH marry me 6 months ago

    30 mins...😱😱😲😲😲😨what will happen to tae's a**..I'm jungshooked

  • JUNGKOOK AH marry me
    JUNGKOOK AH marry me 6 months ago

    Top kook is my religion you know😏

  • Fandom of Kpop
    Fandom of Kpop 6 months ago

    What bts song that start at 0:59???

  • Tae_is_Bae Vkook_is_lyf

    How could You do ths with us...??? U leave all of us like ths heartbroken or painfull💔😔 its not done man😢😢

  • Mananga Lauriane
    Mananga Lauriane 6 months ago

    Why to end like this?? 😢😢😢 where is Tae?? Jk 😢

  • Maisarah Adoc
    Maisarah Adoc 6 months ago

    its so sad ending its not fair😭😭😭😭😭

  • Maya Khan
    Maya Khan 6 months ago

    Simply it's not fair....

  • taetae kim
    taetae kim 6 months ago

    is there no more continuation about this ff? A/N?

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 6 months ago

      Yes .....I am now going to make this .....

  • jj love
    jj love 6 months ago

    OMG YES THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW HAPPY AND EXCITED💜 I AM IM CRYING 😭 RN AND even if you did ended the other ff like that I could NEVER hate you you are amazing author 💜 omg I can’t wait for May if you haven’t made anyone bottom yet plzzz plzzz make tae bottom and jungkook top plzzzzz TAE BOTTOM IS LIFE 😍💜

  • JUNGKOOK AH marry me
    JUNGKOOK AH marry me 6 months ago

    I live for bottom v

  • taetae kim
    taetae kim 6 months ago

    please drop this ff tnx

  • Stephanie Villegas
    Stephanie Villegas 6 months ago

    I can't wait but this ff seems like it's going to be super sad so guys get ur tissues ready and tell ur parents not to freak out when they open ur door and find u sobbing💜🤧😋💜🙏


    That can’t be the end

  • teigz
    teigz 6 months ago

    What song did you use it’s so good ❤️❤️also this gc looks amazing 😍😍

  • Monica Alberto
    Monica Alberto 6 months ago

    Omg I'm ready for this series 😍💜 I love your work girl keep it up 😚💜

    BTS LOVER 6 months ago

    I can't breathe....please tell me that he is literally crying😭🙏

  • KimTaehyung 95
    KimTaehyung 95 6 months ago

    Can’t wait 😊

  • Julié
    Julié 6 months ago

    Hey. We don't hate you. Please don't be sad :) you don't need to force yourself about season 2. That was a good end for me :) I love you ♥ (English is not my first language lol)

  • Nikmah Choiru
    Nikmah Choiru 6 months ago

    Such a beautiful trailer 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I'am not mad at you... Your ending with sad story is great, but yeaahh i want happy ending.... Don't force yourself... Please stay healthy,, borahae author-nim 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 초마드 CHOMAD
    초마드 CHOMAD 6 months ago

    Omg... I’m korean fanboy!!! Vkook is worldwide sweet 😂🍯💜

  • I Love Taekook
    I Love Taekook 6 months ago

    Seriously!? I will be waiting for your season 2 😊😊😊 as a taekooker i want a happy ending and im leaving you with no option 🤣🤣🤣 hope you dont push too hard on yourself ✌✌✌ purple yah 💜💜💜💜

  • Mary Grace Sejas
    Mary Grace Sejas 6 months ago

    And its so confusing...hope you made special episode for this....pleaseee...

  • Mary Grace Sejas
    Mary Grace Sejas 6 months ago

    Im so sorry but i hate this kind of left us hanging..we waited this ending to come then this will sorry...

    • Mary Grace Sejas
      Mary Grace Sejas 6 months ago

      @Trix Trinity thank you so it soon please....

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 6 months ago

      I am sorry ..... actually I am going to make Season 2 dear .... So please don't hate me ..... 😭😭😭😭

  • Brooklyn Jade
    Brooklyn Jade 6 months ago

    I don't hate you no reason to, no matter the outcome I'm not leaving I'm sticking around, l like your stories, I am a die hard Taekook fan and always love them together and happy with happy endings.

  • Param Kaur
    Param Kaur 6 months ago

    Who's top? If you have not decided then please make kookie top.

    • Param Kaur
      Param Kaur 6 months ago

      Thank you so much You are seriously the best. LOVE YOUUUUUUU

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 6 months ago

      I already decided it ..... And I will make bottom tae ....... Then now you can clearly understand that who's top 😂😂 😂😉😉 😉

  • Vidya S
    Vidya S 6 months ago

    Oh my gawd 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sara naaz
    Sara naaz 6 months ago

    You will be my last love give me just one special episode please i request you please i want happy ending ahhhhhhhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sara naaz
      Sara naaz 6 months ago

      Trix Trinity oh god you have no idea how much i cried but now I'm sooooooo happy and super excited for this yayyyyy thank you so so so much!!!! I 💜 you

    • Trix Trinity
      Trix Trinity 6 months ago

      Don't worry dear ..... I am just going to make Season 2 .... And this is trailer ......

  • Srinvix Yoonmi
    Srinvix Yoonmi 6 months ago

    Is this Season 2 ????? 😱😱😱😱😱 Omo I can't wait 😭😭😭😭 Plz make bottom tae 😭😭😭😭 Omo my Taekook heart 😰😰😰😰