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3 years ago

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  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 2 months ago

    Nice videos. Keep them coming.

  • Pøtatø Cøuch
    Pøtatø Cøuch 7 months ago

    Moz the monster is beautiful

  • ZalthorAndNoggin
    ZalthorAndNoggin 7 months ago

    WHY wasn't the ORIGINAL version of this song by THE BEATLES [Paul McCartney on vocals] used????? Spoiled the whole damned effect for me. :o(((

  • Dr. Ammar Sammour

  • Trevor Frammingham

    thats what you get for giving your kid a hairstyle like mickey mouses ears

  • Mary Tere
    Mary Tere Year ago

    I was checking the playlist of the Christmas Ads and the 2014 one is marked as "private", please fix it! :)

  • Mervin Xavier
    Mervin Xavier Year ago

    Hi John Lewis - your Christmas advert for 2014 is marked as a private video. Could you please make this public?

    • GuWu
      GuWu Year ago

      It is back in Public

    • Mary Tere
      Mary Tere Year ago

      I second that motion!

  • Sian Farley
    Sian Farley Year ago

    I think this ad offers a more optimistic and caring view of Christmas and beyond. Good will to ALL

  • The Ice Cream Man

    The 2013 bear and the hare Christmas advert was set to private on the official channel for some reason

  • 1faithchick7
    1faithchick7 Year ago

    Could you upload the bear and the hare? It was my favorite, and I cannot find the actual video anywhere.

  • Hettie Jonker
    Hettie Jonker Year ago

    I need to download your breadmaker's recipe book please

  • Chris Mac
    Chris Mac 2 years ago

    Why is the bear and the hare Christmas ad off? youtube?

  • alec smith
    alec smith 2 years ago

    why did they never upload bear and the hare directly to this channel?

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 years ago


  • grace Riley
    grace Riley 2 years ago

    I love the new Christmas advert . All your Christmas adverts are cute and adorable . ILYSM

  • Airotciva
    Airotciva 2 years ago

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  • Airotciva
    Airotciva 2 years ago

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  • Кирилл Рыбасов

    Отлично! Видео супер. Рекомендую своим подписчикам.

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 3 years ago

    May your day be bright and well today! Cheers and regards from SG =)

  • Mark Stickley
    Mark Stickley 3 years ago

    The John Lewis Christmas ad from 2012 still tops them all for me

  • DaBUnaNAKinG
    DaBUnaNAKinG 4 years ago

    Britain's best shop? definitely not

  • Peter M. Adamson
    Peter M. Adamson 4 years ago

    I submitted my song and it came out on my own channel. Oh, well may be they will give another chance next year, and I even bought a camcorder of John annoying.

  • Catherine McFall
    Catherine McFall 4 years ago

    Hello, I uploaded my cover of Keanes song at about 10am this morning, and it said 'thank you for your submission' (or something to that effect!) However, I've been looking for it all day in the entries section and it's nowhere to be seen?... Please tell me it did upload and will be considered in the christmas ad competition! Let me know! Thanks

    • Jeremy Mathias
      Jeremy Mathias 4 years ago

      Me too - uploaded the song successfully at around midday, but it's nowhere to be seen. John Lewis don't appear to be monitoring this discussion, so I doubt we'll ever be much the wiser on this one.

  • Mel SYL
    Mel SYL 4 years ago

    Same thing happened to me for my song..bad internet connection & i missed the deadline from 5mins.. not fair :/ & it also didnt say at what time the entries would close today.. i thought we'd have until 11:59pm or something like this.. i will upload it on my channel anyway but still.. shame :/

  • Natasha Nicholls Music

    Been trying to submit my song but it just says' Error saving submission 'Please try again' or sometimes thanks, but I cannot see my video - could you please advise me if you have received it? Can anyone help me please? I am worried about missing the deadline! I have phoned many times and I been transferred to many staff members who do not know about this competion and transferred me to someone else etc.

  • Aly McGregor
    Aly McGregor 4 years ago

    So, I have been rehearsing with my sister for ages on this working out harmonies and finding people with equipment that can actually record the song and finally managed to get a recording with good enough quality to hear it properly only to find when I try to upload it that in the terms and conditions which I did not see anywhere until I went to upload it that you must be 18 or over. My sister is 15. We really loved doing it and worked really hard on it so if anyone would like to hear it so it doesn't seem completely pointless I will upload it Tuesday evening/ Wednesday. Please visit my account and take a listen, we would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks <3 xx

  • Meg Ella
    Meg Ella 4 years ago

    Not sure if my vid uploaded - how can i check! Thank you! Dont want to miss that deadline..

  • Dirty Scavenger
    Dirty Scavenger 4 years ago

    Been trying to submit my song all day but it just says "Error saving submission. Please try again" .. Can anyone help me please? Really worried about missing the deadline! X

  • Rachel Lloyd
    Rachel Lloyd 4 years ago

    your Christmas advert every time it comes on it makes me cry

  • OutOfSkool TV
    OutOfSkool TV 5 years ago

    Hi, I saw your channel through another subscriber and its pretty cool ! If you have a moment tell me what you think of my channel. Thanks Have an Awesome day :-)

  • dwfmedia UK
    dwfmedia UK 5 years ago

    Gabrielle Aplin Song for 2012 Christmas add....GOOD choice JL.. xx happy holidays

  • Kelly Powel
    Kelly Powel 5 years ago

    Cheers Mate. Great Video You Have JohnLewisRetail Love the channel

  • Lizzy Naylor
    Lizzy Naylor 5 years ago

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  • Samantha Pynn
    Samantha Pynn 6 years ago

    Hi there, great channel! If you like interior design you might enjoy my new channel.

  • Mayerling52
    Mayerling52 6 years ago

    Hi! would you have any videos from the 60's or 70's of Bainbridges? I grew up in Newcastle but now living in California. Thanks! it would be lovely to go down memory lane!

  • Brabantia
    Brabantia 6 years ago

    Great channel and looking forward to your videos.

  • itseasierifispellit
    itseasierifispellit 6 years ago

    They may as well pay my wages in John Lewis products I cant help spending in JL.

  • Craig Patton
    Craig Patton 6 years ago

    Great Ads as always

  • Lara Lewis
    Lara Lewis 6 years ago

    great! We share names!!!!

  • Danielle P
    Danielle P 6 years ago

    please please come to cornwall, you only have a waitrose and I know you were going to go to a shopping mall but you pulled out in devon. please because I love john lewis and I will love you even more if you do :D btw loved the xmas ad!

  • ShannonEckstein
    ShannonEckstein 6 years ago

    this is brilliant .... wish I lived in the UK so I could shop at John Lewis - love from a filmmaker in Toronto Canada x

  • Bean Bean
    Bean Bean 6 years ago

    luv this add soooooooooo cute

  • Ceci Katina Volkova
    Ceci Katina Volkova 6 years ago


  • John Denner
    John Denner 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing

    OTAKULIVE 6 years ago

    We, the people of England and Great Britain - are very pleased there is no Ellie Goulding this year. Keep up the good work.

  • Henry Marshall
    Henry Marshall 6 years ago

    this made me cry

  • blackgib07
    blackgib07 6 years ago

    Brilliant! Going to tug on the heart strings of parents everywhere resulting in a nice big tug on their purse strings too.

  • AnimalNitrateInMind
    AnimalNitrateInMind 6 years ago

    You completely trashed that Smiths song. It was so bad I had to come up with a new word to describe it. Atrocipissola. If you must cover a great song at least make it a GOOD cover. HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME, FOR SALFORD WILL NOT BE BEST PLEASED.

  • jojeba
    jojeba 6 years ago

    What is everyone's problem? If you worked in advertising you'd realise this is flawlessly done. Tugs the right emotions, makes you laugh, and then almost cry. The song choice is great - gentle for the emotion of the ad, but lyrically it sums up the story. (Better than if it was the original Smiths track!) Stop being all Grinchy. @Frankiebean111 Really? You do realise why they used the song "Please please please let me get what I want"? WHY the hell would they use "William it was really nothing"??

  • Comebyanaway
    Comebyanaway 6 years ago

    Well done, its always hard to follow such a successafter last year. At first tho curt you think the advert doesnt have the same message or punch but then what a fabulous twist at the end. Brilliant ;-)

  • Dyno86
    Dyno86 6 years ago

    PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT put that on release.....i beg you. A former Partner of 5 Years that is by far the absolute worst John Lewis Advert or even promotional Material i have seen!!! I must say M&S although they chose a bunch of misfits and untalented, fame hugnry idiots to front thier campaign, it was actually well detailed. I beg you not to put this on release. It would shame the Partnership. Listen to your Partners listen to us the Owners. Send it back re-run something beautiful and mesmerizing. Just like last year! The soundtrack is really great as always with us. But this material is worse than BP2008 campaign. Why dont you just put out Partner Spirit 2005!!! That is truly a great representation of the Partnership and would let our customers see into the business. But please this campaign is horrible!!

  • Sarah Skelding
    Sarah Skelding 6 years ago

    Please tell me you're not broadcasting this rubbish?

  • comesoutinthewash
    comesoutinthewash 6 years ago

    New 2011 Christmas ad is so beautiful - so simple, so sweet, so clever. Hats off to the team at Adam & Eve!

  • changmomo
    changmomo 6 years ago

    So expecting the 2011 Xmas Advert!!!!!

  • Kelly Ling
    Kelly Ling 6 years ago

    shit's bouncin' over here!

  • Helen Cote
    Helen Cote 6 years ago

    just got my new shoes...sounds weird, but shoes make me happy...!

  • Heidi Black
    Heidi Black 6 years ago

    Excellent page here – lovin’ the vibe! are you?

  • GrahamTVdotNet
    GrahamTVdotNet 6 years ago

    So little time, So many Vids. I'm thinking, it's time you watched the rest of those Vids. Tell me what you think and rate them. It's time to Sub GrahamTVdotNet if you like them. How else are you going to know what's going on with Graham !

  • HDanie94
    HDanie94 6 years ago

    I think JL make the best ads out there- so well put together, that they create an emotional bond!

  • TB04CA
    TB04CA 6 years ago

    don't take spots from legit users on the front page with botting plz...

  • eve5033
    eve5033 6 years ago

    just got my new shoes...sounds weird, but shoes make me happy...!

  • goodgirlsguide
    goodgirlsguide 7 years ago

    Nice channel! Is the rcession over? Perhaps for those who can afford to shop at JL... :-) TheNicolecho - how can you tell JL to sub to your channel - do you know what JL is?

  • GOGOPRESS Rotary Heat Press

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  • Fitness Frontier
    Fitness Frontier 7 years ago

    My friend loves his john lewis treadmill...


    Hello :)

    ALLCASTcoUK 7 years ago

    Great site

  • Trent Payne
    Trent Payne 7 years ago

    Great execution but is not inspired by an advert done for Calzedonia with the same conept and even same song done just over 4 years ago?

  • Fitness Frontier
    Fitness Frontier 7 years ago

    I have christmas John Lewis vouchers to spend!!!

  • WinnieFinesse
    WinnieFinesse 7 years ago

    This is a very nice channel. I have never seen a John Lewis shop, but nice videos

  • Lauren Ensign
    Lauren Ensign 7 years ago

    the ad makes me want to cry! :(

  • Al123
    Al123 7 years ago

    Very unoriginal and very irritating.

  • joythornz
    joythornz 7 years ago

    Don't know why the dog is being left outside when it is snowing...calling RSPCA! LOL

  • Rebecca McInerney
    Rebecca McInerney 7 years ago

    ellie goulding - your song <3

  • Georgia Sal
    Georgia Sal 7 years ago

    i love my cup of tea from john lewis!

  • ABabyBorn
    ABabyBorn 7 years ago

    Please click my username to view new John Lewis charity song and video - A Baby Born

  • xxxtessxxxmacxxx
    xxxtessxxxmacxxx 7 years ago

    right.... how does this say santa isnt real? Doesn't your nephew get presents for family aswell... It dont expose anything. Just tell him that mummy and daddy also gets him presents... well i hope they do. not just Santa.. Christmas is about family and love not santa! This is coming from a CHILD! Plus on a better note... I Love this song and Ellie Goulding singing it!

  • andig4
    andig4 7 years ago

    lol shattered your 6 yr old nephew, Thank god he still believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.....

  • polly thornton
    polly thornton 7 years ago

    i am absolutely annoyed at this advert, thanks to john lewis my 6 year old nephew now believes there is no father christmas, he went up to his mum and said " i know the truth mum, there is no father christmas its parents buying presents and hiding them" . i hope john lewis is very proud of themselves that that have shattered a 6 year olds dreams of father christmas

  • HayleyBlue
    HayleyBlue 7 years ago

    haha ... makes me laugh reading this comments :) its an advert ... lol

  • Fiona Rose
    Fiona Rose 7 years ago

    poor dog :(

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson 7 years ago

    its a shame for the poor dog out side in the snow.

  • popstarprincess123
    popstarprincess123 7 years ago

    hey could you plz tell me your favorite thing about magizines and if u want ask ur friends plz tell me thx

  • graemeskinner
    graemeskinner 7 years ago

    I'll not be shopping at John Lewis until they remove the advert that appears to condone animal neglect. Who's stupid idea was this advert?

  • Fionabillie
    Fionabillie 7 years ago

    Leave the dog out in the cold and the humans all snug inside. What type of message does this send? Only the ignorant, cold hearted twatts would think its fine to leave a dog outside on a cold snowy night. And before anyone dis's this message think before you write. Karam might sneak up and kick your saggy butt!

  • Hailey Lauryn
    Hailey Lauryn 7 years ago

    rastaman1106 & 0601554a , Talk about sad........ actually watch a JL Advert on TVclip when you would not have a good reason too (like the dislike of animal cruelty for instance) yep that really does warrant Getting a life you sad fucks, wats the matter you pair of fucking pikeys !

  • Hearty100
    Hearty100 7 years ago

    Yay JOHN LEWIS! I <3 your advert , song goes really well with it! Thx for opening a store in Croydon Purley Way!!!

  • Yanikeuk
    Yanikeuk 7 years ago

    John Lewis please stop making adverts that make me want to cry!!!

  • Dunsash James
    Dunsash James 7 years ago

    Just want to say thank you for showing a shorter version of the AD it is much nicer.

  • Laura Griffiths
    Laura Griffiths 7 years ago

    Oh for goodness sake. Always someone who has got to have a moan about absolutely nothing. Such a nice advert. We should be saying well done John Lewis for giving the dog a lovely home with fairylights and a stocking :)

  • seamonkey41
    seamonkey41 7 years ago

    excellent as usual well done John Lewis partnership, to the moaners its an advert for gods sake

  • barnett682
    barnett682 7 years ago

    I absolutely love this advert it's really well done, and the music is great!!

  • Christy Quinn
    Christy Quinn 7 years ago

    "why not through a fire extinguisher of the roof." *throw *off.......maybe you should of gone to University MrDEEJ1973.

  • RoathRipper
    RoathRipper 7 years ago

    This advert is a DISGRACE! Get the RSPCA onto these people!

  • Dougjar
    Dougjar 7 years ago

    its sad hanging the dogs stocking so high how is it supposed to get his presents now :(

  • Dunsash James
    Dunsash James 7 years ago

    It is just sad to see a family pet alone on Christmas day. I am not going to do my shopping in John Lewis.

  • Peter Edin
    Peter Edin 7 years ago

    Dogs especially large ones do play outside and in the snow and who knows how long it was out there, prob not very long. Also my workm8 has 2 puppies from this dog and knows that this dog is used to being outside. Given that and the fact that animals used in films and TV and monitored I only have one thing to say to the sad ******s complaining about the dog being left out....get a life!

  • Victoria Kinehan
    Victoria Kinehan 7 years ago

    We agree that yes animals should not be left out in harsh weather, and yes maybe john lewis were daft to allow this to be shown, but it is just an advert, lets look at the bigger picture here .Whether john lewis ( or any other company for that matter ) show this sort of thing or not, will not change anything, its not the advert that makes people do it, its the stupid people who havent got a braincell that leave their dogs out. Anyone with an ounce of sense would not do it !!

  • querks
    querks 7 years ago

    Yeah yeah I think we all understand the dog in the add is probably a pampered pooch who generates an added income for his owners but the issue is not about this particular dog is it!!? The issue thousands of animal lovers have with this advertising campaign is that it advocates dogs being kept in isolation in back yards!! This is not acceptable. Dogs are naturally pack animals, they do not thrive when abandoned & chained to kennel segregated from what they see as their "pack". Why anyone would wish to keep a dog if it were not intended to be accepted as part of the family is beyond me. The UK saw temperatures of -19 last year... The advert does not put across the message "For those who care about showing they care" The very opposite is true!!

  • Matthew who?
    Matthew who? 7 years ago

    I know it's fake, but the ending must have been inspired by reality. It makes me feel sad everytime I see that poor dog.

  • romanlad90
    romanlad90 7 years ago

    (*orders kennel for Angelika226 - merry christmas!) Angelika226

  • Angie C
    Angie C 7 years ago

    i think ppl really need 2 get a life complainin bout this advert,its not real its an ADVERT the dog is perfectly fine. im a massive dog lover and this doesnt bother me at all cuz its an advert not real. yes ppl hav dogs in kennals thats there choice like it or lump it thats life. theres more important things happenin in this world we need 2 worry bout than a bloody well looked afta dog whos posin in an advert wiv fake snow. be serious ppl and get a life!

  • romanlad90
    romanlad90 7 years ago

    I had a neighbour who used to leave his little westie out in a kennel in one of the coldest winters ever. The poor little thing whimpered all night. So sorry if this sticks in my throat a bit. The add - posh and fortunates with a lot more cash than most of us during the recession who won't let the family pet in - in case it gets fur on the J Lewis sofa. Yeh dixzie it needs a major rethink.

  • tri509
    tri509 7 years ago

    The child in the car IS wearing a seatbelt, and lots of dogs live in kennels!!! It doesn't mean their owners are irresponsible.... he's obviously loved coz hes getting a stocking! I think it's a lovely ad'...well done John Lewis!

  • FrappacinoLover
    FrappacinoLover 7 years ago

    Hope to see anew version up soon. I can't believe how stupid the ad people have been with this one. Leaving a dog out in those conditions? Wonderful Christmas for him.

  • Ashley Webb
    Ashley Webb 7 years ago

    this is being taken down now anyway JL said they are gonna end it different! yay!

  • lollybird23
    lollybird23 7 years ago

    i hate you john lewis

  • Remoh11
    Remoh11 7 years ago

    well done John Lewis, great ad idea totally ruined by leaving the poor dog out in the snow , be a responsible retailer and reshoot the end with the kid bringing the dog inside and settling him in a nice warm basket

  • w35t51d369
    w35t51d369 7 years ago

    who care's about the dog, it's a brilliant add and i cant wait to go to John Lewis is 2 weeks!

  • Ingrid Haskal
    Ingrid Haskal 7 years ago

    animals are neglected enough during the holiday season - neglectful owners don't need any more encouragement or justification by major advertisers. John Lewis really needs to rethink this ad

  • Judith Broug
    Judith Broug 7 years ago

    The advert is wrong on so many levels... - promoting/highlighting irresponsible dog ownership - not in line with DEFRA's welfare guidelines for dogs and even questionable with the Defra Animal Welfare Act 2007 - also undermining the hard work of many many rescues to promote responsible dog ownership The fact is that too many dogs are left in the cold over Christmas!!!!!! And then end up in resue, I know this is not the message but put in reverse it could almost be an "adopt me" advert for a dog charity

  • Stevie B.
    Stevie B. 7 years ago

    We know media ads work ... the wrong message is being given out here...even the hunting packs of borzois kept in snowy Russia in days gone by were kept in expensive kennels set up by the Czar,.

  • emilyxv
    emilyxv 7 years ago

    love the song. why is everyone complaining about animal cruelty? i didnt even think of animal cruelty i thought it was really nice when the boy gave him a stocking.

  • Lynn Holden
    Lynn Holden 7 years ago

    This is a beautiful ad right up until that poor dog is shown in the kennel - disgraceful indeed.JL you should have more sense. Clearly no-one who worked on the ad from the marketing company who dreamed it up right thru to the people who starred in it and filmed it has any pets or knows anyone who keeps pets or someone would have flagged it. It is very sad that it has taken people like us - the 'mere' public to see how awful the image is. Lest hope that together we can get it changed at the very least. If ads werent powerful marketing tools no one would make any so can we have a better more appropriate ending to this PLEASE.

  • mouseshadow2001
    mouseshadow2001 7 years ago

    hate the advert - to finish on a neglected dog left alone outside in the cold!!!! - How is that Chrismassy, what an example to set to your watchers that it is acceptable to leave a dog outside in weather like that

  • Sheila Eagle
    Sheila Eagle 7 years ago

    I am really upset that John Lewis are showing abuse of a dog and that they would even want it associated with their company!

  • DogCast Radio
    DogCast Radio 7 years ago

    This advert conveys completely the wrong message about the way to treat a dog. Dogs do not belong stuck out in the snow in a ramshackle kennel with no door - even if it does have fairy lights. This is dangerous and just plain wrong. Please let John Lewis know that you will not tolerate them promoting the neglect of dogs. A dog cannot live in the snow with inadequate shelter - dogs belong in the house with their family.

  • cat ross
    cat ross 7 years ago

    hum..... well i do love the song, and like the add, it's very clever, a bit to clever actually, it's insinutating that you show your love by buying people stuff, which we hoenstly all know is not true.

  • Sumayah Alharbi
    Sumayah Alharbi 7 years ago

    I love it the music it lets my think about my family Thanks a lot

  • JoAnn Marie Salmoretti

    Love your music ♫♥

  • Jovani Alfonso
    Jovani Alfonso 7 years ago

    whats this song called?

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 7 years ago

    Download the Ellie Goulding track 'Your Song' from our Christmas advert on itunes now.

  • Shucey
    Shucey 7 years ago

    Love it love it love it! x

  • robert bronowicki
    robert bronowicki 7 years ago


  • Greenstead
    Greenstead 7 years ago

    Unfortunaltely I have found that appliances that use less energy are not the most efficient.

  • Odin Hardt
    Odin Hardt 7 years ago


  • TheUnreasoned
    TheUnreasoned 7 years ago

    wheres the sweet child o mine ad?

  • 89dgh
    89dgh 7 years ago

    wheres the fasion tip for teenagers?

  • goodgirlsguide
    goodgirlsguide 7 years ago

    I saw those wooden chairs in Compton Hospice furniture store.... 2 yers ago... making a comeback are they?

  • drapesy84
    drapesy84 7 years ago

    sad but nice. dont want to grow old! I like the vanilla sky (or the original spanish version) concept of being cryogenically frozen after your death but then being able to live your life continously at the best time of your life, when you were happiest.

  • Stephen Randall
    Stephen Randall 7 years ago

    Hey don't anyone bitch about Fyfe!! The cover is fantastic!!!!! They could never have sung it like him!! Don't be gits to a well and true musician!! Nuff said grrr mr chocolate tea person! Stoners i dunno!! Waste of intellect!! Get a life!!!

  • deano giles
    deano giles 7 years ago

    life is so so short........we're not here long & watching this makes you realise how our time on earth is so precious...........

  • amana no
    amana no 7 years ago

    i love this advert... but its so sad! :(

  • Christopher Warters
    Christopher Warters 7 years ago

    0:45 she has a weird arm as it morphs into her older arm... still an epic ad though!

  • saffy chambers
    saffy chambers 7 years ago

    it was fyfe dangerfield singing that

  • Ebony Winters
    Ebony Winters 7 years ago

    i may be young but i still cry at this advert :') i love it

  • Chad Anthony
    Chad Anthony 8 years ago

    Billy Joel = Legend!

  • t1tania
    t1tania 8 years ago

    This is cleverly done, but I can't help but feel a little depressed by it. It somehow reminds me that I'm only two washing machines and five toasters away from death.

  • eezysqueezy
    eezysqueezy 8 years ago

    So she married the tosswit from uni?

  • Josie Comber
    Josie Comber 8 years ago

    soo cute.. wish real life was like this :(

  • Paul Guezelkuecuek
    Paul Guezelkuecuek 8 years ago

    This advert,beautiful as it is, jumps into the future somewhat. As it shows the woman on the laptop, that must be modern day; then the woman grows older and it must jump forward into the future. Still a fine advert.

  • EskoalaQ
    EskoalaQ 8 years ago

    Alexistarr - politically correct: There's a black person somewhere in every group scene. But there's also a boy and a girl and a dog and a cat in their family, and the girl does cooking while the boy plays football outside. Sometimes stereotypes/tokens are useful, particularly when you've only got a minute and a half. I prefer this version of the song to Billy Joel's incidentally, and I heard his first.

  • 38dragoon38
    38dragoon38 8 years ago

    Do John Lewis sell coffins?

  • BrianbUTS
    BrianbUTS 8 years ago

    I have to be honest this advert threw me, the only other advert that did this was the Hovis one { yes we all know which one } quite superb and in truth I disagree with alot of comments , life is of course very different for everyone and Im sure John Lewis even with there big budget didnt wish to show Divorce , drugs , abortion and credit card bills :) etc,,, In fact this advert really does show the normal persons life.. total genuis to the people behind making it.

  • brenna horrox
    brenna horrox 8 years ago

    The girl who kisses the guy at the party in the advert goes to my school :)

  • grit600
    grit600 8 years ago

    markiting at its very best love it we'll done

  • Alexi Starr
    Alexi Starr 8 years ago

    I love this song, they should have used the Billy Joel original, I hate cover versions. Did you spot the politically correct bit in the commercial? :-)

  • chazzahazza333
    chazzahazza333 8 years ago

    i love this advert. most adverts are really stupid, but this is a brilliant one!!!

  • James Prescott
    James Prescott 8 years ago

    It's Billy Joel's 'Always a women to me' but it's a cover by Fyfe Dangerfield

  • eezysqueezy
    eezysqueezy 8 years ago

    Where's the part where she had the abortion and the drinking problem?

  • Jamie Mckeen
    Jamie Mckeen 8 years ago

    Quality advert and song, however, look at the womens arm as she opens the fridge - FREAKY! :) 0:43

  • Dyno86
    Dyno86 8 years ago

    this add is absolutley amazing. for a retailer who had never put out a radio or tv ad before 2000 look at us now!!! Britain's Favourite Retailer, Best Price, Best Department Store, Best for Quality, Value and Service, its actually interesting that Which? Verdict and all the others have to make up something new for us to Win because our customers suggest for them to do so..........I was a former Partner, but will always be a Partner at Heart, i hope that i may one day Retire with the John Lewis Partnership. I love Our Business. Whens Part 2 being released??? And the comments on any of the ads on TVclip don't compare to the comments that are received on John Lewis ads. Keep up the good work.

  • Jsa1997
    Jsa1997 8 years ago

    it's such a beautiful advert they should make more adverts as believable and memorable as this a fantastic peice of work

  • stind1
    stind1 8 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful and a true work of art. Anything so simple which evokes such strength of feeling. The sense of the ages of woman and the loss of childhood and dare I say the cycle of life. A celebration of womanhood and humanity.

  • Roro Zoro
    Roro Zoro 8 years ago

    I have to say this is the best ad I have EVER laid eyes on!!so plain adn simple and soo deep!!!gosh I cant get enough of it!!=) not tryna be sexy or clever or funny just REAL and soo what we need to see these days!!IGO John Lewis!!JL= CLASS!!!Love it...and the song is amazing!!

  • Dirty Drew
    Dirty Drew 8 years ago

    This advert makes me proud to be a partner :)

  • ricky mistry
    ricky mistry 8 years ago


  • mayahalo
    mayahalo 8 years ago

    this is the best ad I've seen in 4 ever... wonderful.

  • Sunny Patel
    Sunny Patel 8 years ago

    A Billy Joel classic. Fyfe Dangerfield does a brilliant cover. Do you notice that in the video, that she is always is wearing something Red.

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 8 years ago

    i love the advert! :)

  • tee eld
    tee eld 8 years ago

    This is an emotional happy advert of life. Makes me warm inside everytime I watch it.

  • Errol Elliott
    Errol Elliott 8 years ago

    Love this video but everyone womans life can't be perfect even if they shop at John Lewis. I have made my own John Lewis ad. See DeathtoGlamour (google it) of search for: deathtoglamour she's always a woman to me celebrating women

  • Rossco Ross
    Rossco Ross 8 years ago

    its the guy from the guillimots but i forgot his name....

  • Jacbey
    Jacbey 8 years ago

    absolutley effin bloody marvelous. Bloody Well Done JL. And im not ashamed to admit i cried to this. Love you John Lewis xx

  • Bethany Probert
    Bethany Probert 8 years ago

    whos the song sung by?? x

  • Paul Wakefield
    Paul Wakefield 8 years ago

    WOW! What a triumph! Very many congratulations for an exquisite production

  • iEnigmaaa x
    iEnigmaaa x 8 years ago

    advert is amazing. Heartbreakingly beautiful and there could not be one bad thing said about it. iThankYou.

  • TraffordReds9
    TraffordReds9 8 years ago

    Bitter sweet for me, because I know I'll never have that life. But beautiful all the same.

  • dot68w
    dot68w 8 years ago

    stunning xxxxxxxxx

  • Peter Lloyd
    Peter Lloyd 8 years ago

    Brilliant tearjerker!

  • Jamie Moran
    Jamie Moran 8 years ago

    this advert is truly amazing! it bring a tear or two, to my eye each time i watch :') <3

  • oajiboso
    oajiboso 8 years ago

    This is probably the BEST Advert I have seen in Years. The Sound track by Billy Joel summed it all up......

  • tangfastico
    tangfastico 8 years ago

    One of the cleverest adverts I've seen for a long time! Brilliant! Thanks for posting!

  • G4GCX
    G4GCX 8 years ago

    i thought this was a waitrose advert when i first saw it !

  • lfcbelfast
    lfcbelfast 8 years ago

    as far as advertising goes.. absolutely nailed it

  • TheTrueMe
    TheTrueMe 8 years ago

    I watched the never knowingly undersold ad in my media studies lesson the whole class adored it, including the teacher that's why she showed us, I adore the song and it really does speak to everyone, we have people from 15 -18 and the teacher who is 20 something in our class and we all adored this even the guys.

  • coltranes
    coltranes 8 years ago

    I heard this the other day, but didn't realise the source. I just thought, "How come Billy Joel has completely simplified the original piano part, and then put it quite far back in the mix to disguise how much his piano playing has deteriorated?" Now I realise it's not him after all. And I haven't a clue what John Lewis are trying to say about their brand by using a song that actually has quite a biting, laconic lyric.

  • gavsky23
    gavsky23 8 years ago

    Great advert but struck me as a really odd choice of song! The lyrics aren't actually at all complementary about the "woman" in the song, it's mostly really negative. Guess it's like the Polices' "I'll be watching you" - a very dark song that so many people think is a love song. I wonder if the ad creatives for this one are being ironic, and no-one at John Lewis realised!

  • James Hankin
    James Hankin 8 years ago

    He goes from being tall to short at 1.09

  • dorothy vm
    dorothy vm 8 years ago

    i can't stop watching this :) its perfect.

  • Darren Hughes
    Darren Hughes 8 years ago

    It is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful advert that advertises what the John Lewis Partnership is. I can not put into words how I miss working for working for John Lewis (MK).

  • euphena
    euphena 8 years ago

    Yes all the partners at John Lewis and Waitrose are proud of the advert, it is a fantastic place to work

  • olderguyphil
    olderguyphil 8 years ago

    Many thanks nice work Regards Phil

  • David Chriswick
    David Chriswick 8 years ago

    Wow. What an ad. Thanks

  • barrieuk
    barrieuk 8 years ago

    Never knowingly underhand

  • Carrie Wainwright
    Carrie Wainwright 8 years ago

    This is a lovely advert and the man singing it is good, BUT,.... no one sings this like Billy Joel..... :-)

  • bjc102
    bjc102 8 years ago

    I caught my 8 year old watching this advert yesterday, he actually lifted his head away from his DS for 1min 31 seconds, I asked him if he liked the advert and he said yeah that was pretty cool

  • New Media Angels
    New Media Angels 8 years ago

    Wonderful!!!! Good job guys! :) A successful ad is one that stirs emotion... and I think my tears watching this are a testament to that! :)

  • Aktyn87
    Aktyn87 8 years ago

    what is that song ?

  • Marcus
    Marcus 8 years ago

    WOW this advert is amazing and a very good choice of song well done

  • Greg McClarnon
    Greg McClarnon 8 years ago

    absolutely stunning!

    MATTY360ELITE 8 years ago

    Simply Lovely Advert, So Very Nice And Humble. It's My Favourite So Far.

  • Ian Rutherford
    Ian Rutherford 8 years ago


  • Zoe  Dellar
    Zoe Dellar 8 years ago

    i love this advert its soo amazing it makes me want too cryy :')

  • Denver Humphrey
    Denver Humphrey 8 years ago

    This Billy Joel classic always makes my neck hairs stand up on end - an excellent advert which is beautiful.

  • Kel P
    Kel P 8 years ago

    John Lewis, you managed to combine emotion, love, kindness, simplicity and the result is this amazing, truly amazing advert! I love it!

  • Adam Schreiber
    Adam Schreiber 8 years ago

    That is a fantastic advert. The best I've seen for a while.

  • fifi11011
    fifi11011 8 years ago

    John Lewis, you have done yourself pround. A breath taking advert which fills your body with love and emotions. Love it fifi xxx

  • Lotty C
    Lotty C 8 years ago

    Aaah, this version is so beautiful!!! I can't wait a week!!

  • hi_stephen
    hi_stephen 8 years ago

    i emailed fyfe and he said itl b up soon