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  • MARIOX75
    MARIOX75 2 months ago

    this channel is blessed

  • R R
    R R 2 months ago

    Next make a video that has a bunch of one-liners by Meredith xD

  • Justin Shumadine
    Justin Shumadine 2 months ago

    Yo, hit us up with the best of Dwight and/or Best of Mose

  • Brett Kimura
    Brett Kimura 2 months ago

    @ The Office US, What is the episode where Meredith almost gets STRANGLED to death by Dwight while Dwight tries to capture a bat?

  • The Butcher
    The Butcher 3 months ago

    Great channel, why parks and recs can't manage their channel as you do?

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 3 months ago

    love that you still upload these things its great much appreciated

  • Solid Ocelot
    Solid Ocelot 3 months ago

    Please add all the blooper reels

  • The Travel Vlogger
    The Travel Vlogger 4 months ago

    Nice video!

  • Matt Palermo
    Matt Palermo 4 months ago

    Can you please make a compilation of all of the scenes with Hank the security guard? most underrated lesser character on the show.

  • melmene
    melmene 5 months ago

    Hey there. I'm french, and a huge fan of The Office. I was wondering if you could enable the option to add subtitles. I know quite a few frenchies who would love to watch your videos, but don't understand english well enough without subtitles, and i would be very pleased to add the subtitles in french, as i'm planning to work as a subtitler and it would be a good opportunity to practice. Thanks in advance, have a nice day, take care.

  • Cody Harris
    Cody Harris 6 months ago

    Glad to see you putting out more! (That's what she said)

  • K3n3Destroyer
    K3n3Destroyer 9 months ago

    Why did you stop making more episodes? the show was striving. I miss this show because this was one of the only shows i watched and now theres nothing to watch on tv today. The only thing i can enjoy about this is that they put the series on netflix. I BEG for this series to begin again

  • Carlos dos Santos Pereira Malveiro

    It is too bad that you stopped uploading videos.

  • sampee
    sampee 10 months ago

    Why have you guys stopped uploading? I really enjoyed watching The Office clips in HD.

  • davd1986
    davd1986 11 months ago

    Need more videos!!! Need more videos!!! Need more videos!!!

  • Enes Bilgin
    Enes Bilgin 11 months ago

    Please make new eposides. Guyz pls pls pls! Maybe even a youtube/web series will be ok. I need to see real office eposides :D

  • Ezequiel
    Ezequiel Year ago

    Please new content Q_Q

  • Cosmic Sloth
    Cosmic Sloth Year ago

    is this channel dead? ;-;

  • Adventures In The Office - LEGO Skits and more!

    Why is Michael on the banner... it makes me sad.

  • Jay Nyuthe
    Jay Nyuthe Year ago

    Hey. May I use one of your clips on my video?

  • Molecular Poker
    Molecular Poker Year ago

    You haven't uploaded in 2 months you fuckers. I don't mean to swear but seriously, hurry the fuck up.

  • Ilovedogs
    Ilovedogs Year ago

    I love this show and i know this show is just supposed to be funny, but the harsh comedy or what ever it is called actully made me sad in a way but otherwise i loved the show!

  • CoreLegacy
    CoreLegacy Year ago

    If this is not fixed then I will change my country to Zimbabwe, Sweden... I don't know, but I can't take this, I know why it is, there is an automatic Copyright system, but YouTube doesn't know that these guys are the ones that OWN the Copyrighted Content.

  • Jordyn K
    Jordyn K Year ago

    is there a country that you can change the setting to so the video becomes available?

  • Diabolik Dooby420

    Why can I only watch some of these videos?, most of them won't let me watch because it's not available in my country, I'm from Canada we're neighbours for crying out loud!

  • Stefano Vink
    Stefano Vink Year ago

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    WHAT THE FUCK??!!!

  • zack lindrose
    zack lindrose Year ago


  • chris Kourou
    chris Kourou Year ago

    Where are the bloopers ? Why are they off the youtube ?

  • John Startop
    John Startop Year ago

    Whichever idiots are in charge of this channel, do you ever check your comments? Fix the block on North American audiences.

    • Urska Jinx
      Urska Jinx Year ago

      its US show.... theirs a US one then a EU one. 100% differnt shows but same name

    • Ilovedogs
      Ilovedogs Year ago

      it happend to me too, and plus it should work the best for the U.S because wasn't it made in the U.S?

  • Justin7885
    Justin7885 Year ago

    if the next video isn't avaliable, i'm unsubscribing.

  • Chas Belfield
    Chas Belfield Year ago

    I'm incredibly confused as to how clips from the US version of the Office aren't available in the US.

  • poppa wheelie
    poppa wheelie Year ago

    Why are "The Office US" youtube videos not available in the US? i don't understand

  • My Ghost Songs
    My Ghost Songs Year ago

    Can you please post the clip of Michael driving the car into the lake in Dunder Mifflin Infinity? Thanks!

  • immabeamazing
    immabeamazing Year ago

    Please fix the not available in the US videos!! this show is the U.S. version, it's only right that we can watch the show in the country it was made in!

  • CoreLegacy
    CoreLegacy Year ago

    I live in the US, but they restricted it to my country, no big deal, some channels restrict the US, by the way, the channels name is "The Office US" wait a second "The Office"... "US"

  • Peachguy Stone
    Peachguy Stone 2 years ago

    the office us notice i added the U.S is not available in the u.s.

  • Ralph Wiggum
    Ralph Wiggum 2 years ago

    I was gonna sub but then I saw a lot of the videos on this channel are blocked in the US. :( I understand that's not uploader's fault, it's those copyright Nazis.

  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl 2 years ago

    Why are almost none of the videos available to watch? what country are they available in?

  • adalexalpha
    adalexalpha 2 years ago

    Could you upload that scene of the viewing party episode where dwight calms down pam's baby e says to her "but you married my worst enemy" (referring to Jim).That scene was fantastic!

  • playz
    playz 2 years ago

    I think you should really consider uploading outtakes from the episode "Goodbye Michael", people are waiting for years. And also buying me a plane ticket from Turkey to US to meet Greg Daniels because I'm the biggest The Office fan from Turkey (watched the entire show probably 100 times from scratch) and the owner of the top comment which noted that my only wish in the world was to spend a day at The Office set.

  • Sergio Doste
    Sergio Doste 2 years ago

    Hi! I absolutely love the channel, but I have a suggestion: I keep wanting to post these videos everywhere but at the end of them they always suggest the video where Jim and Pam are kissing, and I don't wanna spoil that for anyone. Couldn't that be changed for another video?

  • Rickey Koga
    Rickey Koga 2 years ago

    "The Office US" not available in the US... Great.

  • The Billa
    The Billa 2 years ago


  • penyou
    penyou 2 years ago

    Parkour PARKOUR // The Office US

    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."
    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

    WHY WHY WHY???

  • stevebruleiscool
    stevebruleiscool 2 years ago

    Wow, fix the region settings or make an announcement that you're not able to publish for US viewers. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Logan SJ
    Logan SJ 2 years ago

    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."
    "The Office US"


  • Nathan Flannery
    Nathan Flannery 2 years ago

    4 videos now, I'm unsubbing until you get your shit together.

  • fluffy арахис
    fluffy арахис 2 years ago

    ye the office US and its not even allowed here lol

  • Nathan Flannery
    Nathan Flannery 2 years ago


  • EdibleNonsense
    EdibleNonsense 2 years ago

    Some of the videos are restricted for the US :( I hope you can fix that!

  • Nathan Flannery
    Nathan Flannery 2 years ago

    Guys, you screwed up the region thing again, I'm in the middle of the US and can't watch this.

  • MrScriibblez
    MrScriibblez 2 years ago

    Restricted videos in US?

  • Nathan Flannery
    Nathan Flannery 2 years ago

    Need to correct the region restriction for the last video, I'm from Missouri and can't watch an Office US video (that's messed up, lol)

  • Miami Heat Fan
    Miami Heat Fan 2 years ago

    Put the time when Dwight started a fire.

  • Batool
    Batool 2 years ago

    i was depressed because i just finished watching the series and finding this channel has giving me joy and happiness T_T <3

  • Robert Wilhelm
    Robert Wilhelm 2 years ago

    You should do a show on spinoff antics or reunion show. For example, Michael and his life in Colorado Kevin tries to go to community college. Dwight has a civil war re-enactment on his farm but the re-enactment of the "battle of schrute farms" happens instead. The main part of the show is that PBS does a "where are they now" story to entice them to come back again. One of them finds out there is an unclaimed lottery ticket hidden in the office by Kevin or Creed and they are all going back to find it. I still laugh about "Prison Mike" and the dementors!

  • gaurav deshpande
    gaurav deshpande 2 years ago

    Today I completed watching 'The Office' for the second time, and it still made me the same kind of emotional. Great show guys!!! Each and every once were so amazing in it. The last dialogue of Andy is so heavy man! "I wish there was a way to know that you are in the good old days, before you actually left them". Cheers!!!

  • DaHuzyBru
    DaHuzyBru 2 years ago

    Jim and Pam's wedding scene please!

  • Piscaso
    Piscaso 2 years ago

    I really need to see Dwight's Speech. That is awesome!

  • Matthew Hissong
    Matthew Hissong 2 years ago

    Puttin in Work!

  • AndreiaMRLM200 XD
    AndreiaMRLM200 XD 2 years ago

    you should do a top 10 cutest/nicest moments of michael scott

  • Jeremiah McClain
    Jeremiah McClain 2 years ago

    You should add the Pyramid Scheme opening from season 3.

  • Kavya Mohan
    Kavya Mohan 2 years ago

    please do the scene from scott's tots where michael says he planned on being a millionaire by 30

  • broootalturjo
    broootalturjo 2 years ago

    I'm your first subscriber! Sup!

  • Cornetto Cornetto
    Cornetto Cornetto 3 years ago

    Did some of your videos got removed because of copy right violation? I remember more videos on this channel..?

  • DJspinmaster88
    DJspinmaster88 3 years ago

    More of "The Office US Thug Life" videos please.

  • Neve856
    Neve856 3 years ago

    you should make a video of the episode Gay Witch hunt, where Michael kisses Oscar