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  • r crouch
    r crouch 4 hours ago

    steve looks like that guy from the ricer fail videos. the guy that said he converted from twin turbo to all wheel drive. the "i plead the 5th" dude lmao.

  • tom nguyen
    tom nguyen 4 hours ago

    It is too much camera movements that make me dizzy.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 6 hours ago

    Dam i haven’t seen your videos in awhile I thought you were at like 200k subscribers ... now you at almost 1,000, 000 dammm

  • CaptSlow
    CaptSlow 7 hours ago

    Mike & Jon engagement photos at the 8:30 mark........ LOL

  • SDolemite92
    SDolemite92 7 hours ago

    I've driven automatics my whole life, but I have a craving to drive a manual. I think my next car is going to be a manual.

  • G D
    G D 8 hours ago

    That lil V6 is gona be lugging so hard with them heavy wheels and tires lmao

  • edwardeaton5
    edwardeaton5 8 hours ago

    Hey buddy!! What kind of watch are you wearing in the video? It looks like a sweet mil spec watch.

  • ron baer
    ron baer 10 hours ago

    little known fact. that big fan at 10:35 is from a company called BIG ASS FANS

  • Willy Reynolds
    Willy Reynolds 13 hours ago

    I have the same tires on my Jeep. Pro comp Xtreme mt2

  • Tyler Nolan
    Tyler Nolan 16 hours ago

    We all say it I’m from Burlington Ontario we say McDonald’s Mickey D’s dons Mc dicks

  • Cooper Fellows
    Cooper Fellows 17 hours ago

    Now where’s the Tuesday upload??? 😭😭😭😭

  • John Murgo
    John Murgo 17 hours ago

    She took advantage of you twice. One, she backed out. Two, you let her. In business (transaction) what difference does it make? Female, male? As you say, it’s your car, go get it. You didn’t because it was a female but a male would have made it OK? That’s ridiculous. You obviously don’t feel you did the right thing as your video indicates. You fucked yourself so don’t complain.

  • Will Gulley
    Will Gulley 18 hours ago

    Hoping the strike ends soon for all the workers so they can get back to their job

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Cracked windshield I see @8:01

  • Thomas Libonati
    Thomas Libonati 18 hours ago

    That Jeep ain’t easy on the eyes stock... that’s for sure!

  • Timothy Nelsen
    Timothy Nelsen 18 hours ago

    Ill have a great reaction when i win the gladiator!

  • Americanpatriot2
    Americanpatriot2 18 hours ago

    I would just change the order back to Rapid Blue

  • Vexed Crazyness
    Vexed Crazyness 18 hours ago

    Dang mikes new dmax doesn't even start till November but my dad has had one for a couple weeks😂

  • Jason Lemire
    Jason Lemire 19 hours ago

    Too much$$ enough said !

  • Synthetic Oil Protection

    Sweet, wheels Mike! Looks like a military vehicle🤟🇺🇸🚘

    CHIVANATOR 19 hours ago

    What exhaust do u currently have on your Corvette?

  • Wayne Dimirsky
    Wayne Dimirsky 20 hours ago

    I bet the jeep will ride like shit after the lift and tires. I don't like lifts or big tires so I'm not a fan of the look. But hey, it's your truck so if you like it, that is all that matters.

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    Tell me I’m wrong, but didn’t you already reveal the new mclaren and say you weren’t going to get it because the c8 is also coming soon

  • Connor Bates
    Connor Bates 21 hour ago

    Welp boy it looks like street speed is quitting TVclip

  • Flying Bob
    Flying Bob 21 hour ago

    The C8 will probably end up being a electric car made in China.

  • Brian Saxon
    Brian Saxon 21 hour ago

    John took off the orange pin stripes already?

  • iamaydon
    iamaydon 21 hour ago

    John's alarm going off was great!

  • Gavin Lackey
    Gavin Lackey 23 hours ago

    Its Tuesday what's going on

  • Wolf House
    Wolf House 23 hours ago

    There's way too much stop go stop go around here not to constantly have foot on clutch. I hate my car.

  • Tom Kotulski
    Tom Kotulski Day ago

    So cool he's just 15mins away from us!!

  • James Hook
    James Hook Day ago

    The. Mud from the river slugged up and hardened on 2 gear which makes it impossible to grab the teeth on 3 gear

  • Dean Madge
    Dean Madge Day ago

    First video of yours I've seen enjoying it lol laughed as Sendit Steve walked up

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones Day ago

    BIG shoutout to you for not jumping on the butt ugly Supra(TVclipr) bandwagon!!! I just don't get all the fuss. Toyota & BMW, two of the largest/popular car companies in the world & Toyota can't make their own engine!?! SMH

  • Chris Sweet Productions

    the uk car industry union workers striked in the 1970s now we build hondas toyatas nissans whereas we used to build Ford Vauxhall Chevrolet GMC BL Jaguar Rolls Royce Landrover Bentley now as since the strikes every single car company has moved there production to the continental europe and with EU subsidiaries the last fords to be made here are now made in turkey and the Jaguar Landrover products in Slovakia and the GM products in france. then again when they said british cars didn't have decent electrical systems they were built here whilst striking with parts from all over europe.

  • ProjectZGarage

    Wow that other jeep had the same color on the wheel and eveything. Looking forward to the completed look.

  • cam 717
    cam 717 Day ago

    Hey, how do I install the tattered flag 12 in decal from inshane designs to my camaro back windshield? Does it just stick on?

  • Kings_ Nemesis

    mike says hes ready for news on his truck and i get an ad nice lol

  • Dylan Andrew
    Dylan Andrew Day ago

    Just see if I win one I’ll have the most extra reaction ever

  • Jordan Oue
    Jordan Oue Day ago

    darth vader in the background. waiting for the car to say "i am your father"

  • christopher galvan

    mike the truck need subs and speakers in the truck

  • Ryo _ DK
    Ryo _ DK Day ago

    If you get a newer durmax you should get the all blackout version the look dope

  • Ryo _ DK
    Ryo _ DK Day ago

    The actual torque is 910 and horsepower is 335

  • Gladiator Gang

    It’s funny because people are LOSING THEIR MINDS that a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon MAXED OUT Stickers around 64K, and they think it’s absolutely out of control (which it is high, but well worth the money). And you’re talking about a car that is $360K that you can’t do nearly as much stuff with (not knocking the car). Things are worth what we are willing to pay, if it’s makes us happy and we like it, so what pay it, are they all over priced, yes. WHO CARES, make more money and get what makes you happy! Glad to see you’re having big success. We will be there in a couple years, just FINALLY getting rolling with TVclip, but we are the OG Gladiator Content Creators. Started in 2018.

  • Hector Valdez
    Hector Valdez Day ago

    You are a joke bud.

  • GrinDiesel1969

    Since the C8 is Delayed you might as well change the Color to Rapid Blue!! 👍🏼👌🏼🏁

  • Lamboshot3
    Lamboshot3 Day ago

    Dude put the wheels on the truck already😂

  • Maurya McKendrick

    I absolutely love the spec on your 600LT with the painted A pillar like you had them do its just amazing!! I think there is one thing missing and that is the calipers would look awesome in the same body color as the rest of the car. Do them in the "Nap-imnotevengoingtotryandspellthename Green" and I think that would be like the roof, a small touch but with a major looks upgrade!! Like this comment if anyone agrees with me! Hopefully he sees this and has already thought about doing it!!@

  • PairOfBluePants

    Just bought a c5 z06 and dont even know how to drive it, very intimidatingly 😬

  • Oh Teck Xuan
    Oh Teck Xuan Day ago

    protest on salary in Singapore ends up all sacked new bunch of people brought in to take their place and they get send back to their country and blacklisted in singapore

  • oli12 Shackel
    oli12 Shackel Day ago

    Let down the tires

  • Allen
    Allen Day ago

    oh yea lol kool aid man lol

  • phillycp3
    phillycp3 Day ago

    Do guys that don’t know how to drive a stick sit down to pee??

  • gojo197zero
    gojo197zero Day ago

    A random subscriber ...That bought your crap for a chance to win.

  • c6 king
    c6 king Day ago

    He said a tune youll have me hell naw did yall see them bus links🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luxury4 TheLow

    Love the content on the old cars and how you related them! Awesome content mike! Love the Mclaren!

  • foxracing9143
    foxracing9143 Day ago

    I wouldn't have waited on the lift and through them on it

  • Ryan Hinchcliff

    Grow a pair take your corvette and run that bitch over with it then burn down her house then

  • Carlton H
    Carlton H Day ago

    Put 40s on next

  • Boston Bmx
    Boston Bmx Day ago

    Will you get a offroad build that actually gets dirty and you modify it drastically minus the bro wheels or even get fender flares instead of having your tires exposed to show how big you are smh. Just saying my opinion. Including locking diffs etc.


    Yeah the strike is screwing every new chevy order for sure.


    Yeah the tan is not working for me. Nice wheels though just dont dig the tan.

  • Mark Daughtrey


  • billg1374
    billg1374 Day ago

    How can you forget you have a truck on order?? Jesus! I think he has a little too much going on with buying/ordering cars.

  • Jacob Lares
    Jacob Lares Day ago

    i miss the old mike. the do burn outs in a procharged c7 on the side of the road mike. the step by step manual teaching mike. the humble so fun and cool mike that we used to have.😔

  • Crossfire Detroit

    I give mike 3 weeks tops before he sells the mclaren

  • jakeshvng
    jakeshvng Day ago

    Whistlindiesle colab!

  • Cooper Fellows

    Where’s the Monday upload??? 😭😭😭😭

  • Louis Sanchaz
    Louis Sanchaz Day ago

    Must be nice to be a fucking prick to post you're toys azz hole

  • camomaster94
    camomaster94 Day ago

    Mike I think with all your “ military theme” vehicles, you should probably just join already.

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk Day ago

    i would scream if I won anything

  • tyler pine
    tyler pine Day ago

    The GM strike

  • Adam Hoague
    Adam Hoague Day ago

    Is the entire channel a flex ? Sorry I guess this makes me a hater oh well .

  • ItsPhenomHD
    ItsPhenomHD Day ago

    Did your wheels come with a center cap? I have the same ones for the same exact truck but I can't find the right center caps

  • Kyle Aukerman
    Kyle Aukerman Day ago

    Don't know how anyone would not understand!!!!

  • Micah Riehl
    Micah Riehl Day ago

    Going on strike is so immature

  • Micah Riehl
    Micah Riehl Day ago

    When your so rich you forgot you ordered a new truck

  • Marino Kelsie
    Marino Kelsie Day ago

    If he knew how To drive the hellcat would win

  • jake gravediger

    i think the gladiator will be the next giveaway vehicle

  • Daniel Marmolejo

    That Jeep is so much crap 💩 need big bad boys no stock too much trash

  • Grey Goose 4x4

    I love these videos / it doesn’t even bother me that you’re getting so many awesome vehicles you forgot about your new duramax

  • Hemi vs. Ninja

    So desert camo wrap coming soon right? Or else the tan on the wheels is pointless

  • M&N Distribution

    Last gen was so ugly

  • Gill Silva
    Gill Silva Day ago

    You're a chump. People been driving around with 1500 2000 horsepower for 15 years and reliability.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago

    I was so bummed I didnt win but hope you enjoy it chris.

  • Reilly Templin
    Reilly Templin 2 days ago

    Lol whistling diesel burnt you

  • Don Rossi
    Don Rossi 2 days ago

    What makes you think your truck will even be built this year ???

  • Joseph Renshaw
    Joseph Renshaw 2 days ago

    Matt: and in truck news Mike: ol, oh yea, I forgot about the truck I bought Me: wtf? How much money this guy have? It's apperently beyond his own damn knowledge, he getting a new home even again

  • hrcrwjss
    hrcrwjss 2 days ago

    If you call about the giveaway car and do the warranty thing say we are calling about the “whatever you are giving away” warranty then when they say I don’t have that car say you do now.

  • Big Chevy
    Big Chevy 2 days ago

    Mike mike mike I want your honest opinion. Just stumbled across this video but I like almost every single video because I’m a huge fan from Kentucky. I have a 83 k10 long bed. Will 15x14 look to dumb or to much stance?

  • BigSalP
    BigSalP 2 days ago

    And more bad news Mike... last week the EPA has finally done away with all aftermarket diesel parts that were classified as "off-road/race use only". Which includes tuning for vehicles that allows them to delete anti-smog parts. You've probably heard this news already and it doesn't phase you. But just know it will cost a small fortune to obtain these now illegal parts on the secondary black market. As far as inspection and so forth you may be be able to slip by with your 2005, but lord knows what will happen if you get caught altering your 2020 Duramax. They could issue some very high fines and force you to change it back. I'm just throwing this stuff out there because this is all new and time will tell how this all pans out in the future. But one thing for certain is that absolutely No New Off-Road/Race use Only parts will be able to be produced. The only legal use for those parts production and sale will be for use on trucks that have been completely custom built from the frame/chassis up. You will not be able to put them on a factory built truck even if you just use the frame and it will only be used for off-road/race use. It has to be completely custom built.

  • Jerred Calwell
    Jerred Calwell 2 days ago

    C8 = Acura NSX with body kit

    • Jerred Calwell
      Jerred Calwell 2 days ago

      Everything on it looks too prefabbed and doesn't flow with the body lines its in my opinion fing ugly..

  • CannisCambo
    CannisCambo 2 days ago

    3:09 mike are you okay lmaoo

  • snufflelufuguss
    snufflelufuguss 2 days ago

    I feel you dude, I work at my dads collision center. Can’t get parts from GM unless they are already in circulation at other dealers/wear houses. Cars are just stuck now....

  • Itsthepurp Bu
    Itsthepurp Bu 2 days ago

    That’s what she said .. lol

  • Chris J
    Chris J 2 days ago

    Hi Mike. You mentioned that you were happy with the horsepower gain from the ported blower, but I didn’t catch a number. How much power do you think you gained from having that work done?

  • Steve
    Steve 2 days ago

    Why am I not surprised that Jonathan is OCD??

  • The Blue Angels
    The Blue Angels 2 days ago

    Whislindeisel is way better

    BLACKSHEEP XXI 2 days ago

    I am rebuilding a 1995 Chevy silverado 2500 2wd I trying to use as a work truck. I love the truck.

  • Americanpatriot2
    Americanpatriot2 2 days ago

    I love the old vehicles

  • josh beynon
    josh beynon 2 days ago

    4BTcummins swap the gladiator