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  • Matters Reed
    Matters Reed 46 minutes ago

    I always thought Dandelo and IT were the same character, but same species huh? that’s interesting. Let alone maybe a descendant of Pennywise himself.

  • Anjelo Carey
    Anjelo Carey 2 hours ago

    Every Mothra entrance was just epic!!!!

  • king of memes
    king of memes 2 hours ago

    They needed to fight it's true form but since it's true form are lights the lights needed a "champion" thus he made the half spider/spider

  • GET WRECKED Nightfire Gaming HD

    he forgot eobard thawne or hunter zoloman XD

  • edchan
    edchan 4 hours ago

    Just watched it last saturday. It just doesnt live up my expectations, whats wrong with Jessica today?? Shes good but in this movie shes just cringe weird boring. The story pretty much the same like 1st movie, thats why it become kind of fall flat. They put so many jumpscares, im hoping it is goin to be way more scary creepy but its not

  • Alpha Prime
    Alpha Prime 6 hours ago

    I hope too fucking god that they stay true to the computer games because they were awesome

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett 7 hours ago

    Yes I am

  • ekazah'2 hamzah
    ekazah'2 hamzah 7 hours ago

    I'm crying I'm watch then I close my eyes

  • fabian Lizaran
    fabian Lizaran 7 hours ago

    I thought it was a pretty cool look by combining the two worst things: Spiders and clowns

  • Jason Martin
    Jason Martin 7 hours ago

    Pennywise and Dandelo are probably related.

  • Shadowstalker55
    Shadowstalker55 8 hours ago

    It really annoys me how fanboys are quibbling about IT’s true form with the Deadlights and the Spider creature. They are all the same thing. IT’s Deadlights act as it’s soul, the Spider creature is just the body or psychical avatar on Earth for the Deadlights and the threat of the Deadlights were extinguished after the creature itself died.

  • Shadowstalker55
    Shadowstalker55 8 hours ago

    I don’t know, I would rather have IT go through some kind of transformation were that Pennywise/Spider combo form was just a phase before IT takes off the Clown part completely to reveal the pure spider creature underneath.

  • Nolan Walls
    Nolan Walls 9 hours ago

    jelausy goes far till u make it

  • Nolan Walls
    Nolan Walls 9 hours ago

    he hate the rock but he still trying to be him?

  • shanta swain
    shanta swain 9 hours ago

    YES!!!! Just watched Chronicles of Riddick on Dish a few days ago and was wondering/hoping there was going to be another film. I agree with other comments about being sick of Fast and Furious... Way over it. Super psyched about this though!!! Can't wait and hope they get started ASAP!

  • Bitchslapper316
    Bitchslapper316 9 hours ago

    I honestly don't think the redesign in into darkness was much different than the TNG/DS9 era. It was a bit different sure but for the most part regarding the klingon they showed in detail he just had a shaved head and piercings in his ridges. He didn't look much different from the general Chang design from undiscovered country. Some of the other klingons that didn't take the helmets off had beards hanging down so I'm guessing the bald head was unique. Discovery didn't just go a step further, they went in a completely different direction. They had scale like skin, smooth heads that came to a cone like peak in the back which made them look more like walking fish.

  • Dr.Ferret
    Dr.Ferret 9 hours ago

    I wish they put maturin (the turtle) in it chapter two :-(

  • ღριπεαρρlε ριnεsღ

    is pennywise a girl or a boy?

  • Joseph Casals
    Joseph Casals 10 hours ago

    They showed parts in the film of a toy turtle as a teaser for those that don’t read the book. Or as a clue for those who do read the book.

  • Superhero Buzz
    Superhero Buzz 11 hours ago

    what are your gears?

  • T orious
    T orious 11 hours ago

    Im so disappointed by both films, weren’t even scary & barely creepy. The scary scenes made are so meme funny...I enjoyed Mama so much more than these

  • Flower8
    Flower8 12 hours ago

    this is upseting

    MIKE CUBAS 13 hours ago

    The Only was to kill maturin is with plastic straws

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 13 hours ago

    Give him another chance. I liked his Joker to be honest, other than the look.

  • i love acura integra's

    When the admiral launched the oxygen destroyer to kill ghidorah almost Godzilla but he got knocked out. And ghidorah didn't get phased by it cause he's from space obviously. Maybe kong and Godzilla will face destroyah in 2020

  • shadic's_minecraft
    shadic's_minecraft 13 hours ago

    Pennywise Lives!!

  • smokey liver
    smokey liver 14 hours ago

    All the cast is perfect alita the doctor and nova

  • Fiskmåsen [SWE]
    Fiskmåsen [SWE] 14 hours ago

    i would have loved it and imo it would have made the movie 10x better

  • Joey
    Joey 15 hours ago

    Which makes no sense. Samuals should be physically weaker than the Working Joes.

  • Roger Harris
    Roger Harris 15 hours ago

    Dude it would be gipsy he has a sword and gun on each hand

  • Douglas Bull
    Douglas Bull 16 hours ago

    whats really disturbing is king is a pedophille.he thought it would be a good idea to have a pre teens train gang bang orgy all taking turns on Bev in the sewers.only a pedophille would think of normal non pedo would even think of this yea hes a horror writer but wtf a gangbang involving children is very disturbing and everyone looks past this likes it's funny.when in reality king is a fucking dick pedophille.just like the rest of Hollywood's pedophille weirdos

  • Douglas Bull
    Douglas Bull 16 hours ago

    I wonder if king's gonna write an orgy involving it the turtle and the other.he already wrote pedophilla gangbang.people look past this it's not funny.only a pedophille would think of this and write it.not only is it pedophilla it's a pedophille train bang on Bev taking turns on her in a fucking sewer that's more disturbing than anything he's ever came up with.hes definitely a pedophille otherwise this would never of crossed his mind

  • Julian Marco
    Julian Marco 16 hours ago

    Rico is not a general, he is a colonel.

  • Julian Marco
    Julian Marco 16 hours ago

    I have seen the movie. The scenes are very awesome but they drop the ball kind of hard. But it was great to see her again. I would have loved it if she was an A.I. like Cortana or something. The movie was pretty good.

  • Douglas Bull
    Douglas Bull 16 hours ago

    connected as a pennywise attraction

  • Rwyn the explorer
    Rwyn the explorer 16 hours ago

    I Whis That Minilla Was In The Next Godzilla Movie

  • Ben Sprague
    Ben Sprague 16 hours ago

    There is no way kong could beat Godzilla just watch Godzilla king of the monsters and see that Godzilla could destroy kong easily just one atomic breath could kill or almost kill kong and in king of monsters you could see Godzilla emotionaly connect with some characters you don’t know anything about Godzilla!

  • Kelly Starks
    Kelly Starks 17 hours ago

    The only on target comment about superman in the recent films, was in .justice League where Bruce Wayne tells Wonder Woman the Clark was the most human of any of them. He grew up in a normal family, has a job, fell in love. He part of the real world in a way none of the rest of them are.

  • YinYang20
    YinYang20 18 hours ago

    I just got back from seeing the film. The whole clown/spider form was pretty boring, in my opinion. I would have prefered if they did the spider as it was in the novel: fifteen feet high, black, with two blood-red eyes and pregnant. Along with the whole mental battle between Bill, Richie and IT.

  • Marcus Gradington
    Marcus Gradington 18 hours ago

    So you just made a video about, you're surprised how big this cast is.... basically... why?

  • YinYang20
    YinYang20 18 hours ago

    Just got back from watching the film. Definitely upset they didn't go into the cosmic side of IT and redid the ritual, or touch on anything with Maturin beyond a reference and visual easter eggs. They even changed the Chud door from the novel, making it a trap door in opposed to a three-foot-tall door as a nod to fairytale doors surrounded by children's bones.

  • Pepsi Vs. Coke
    Pepsi Vs. Coke 19 hours ago

    I think they should make the sequel take place after they find the monsters weakness. Even though people think that would be boring, wouldn't you like to see what happened to the first family after fighting off all of the monsters. They couldn't possibly have all survived. I would also be very open to a prequel showing how the family got to where they are now.

  • DogeRitos
    DogeRitos 19 hours ago

    Scylla: I almost killed Godzilla! Monster Zero: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Thanos
    Thanos 19 hours ago

    PLEASE NO! Disney is already ruining mcu and star wars please let this brand live his life without their influence

  • LT. Hedgehog Murderer
    LT. Hedgehog Murderer 20 hours ago

    Fuck no not John Cena. I'm not fucking watching it if it has John Cena fuck that the movie is ruined already.

  • Lilly Plum
    Lilly Plum 20 hours ago

    Did she get raped i dont know please tell me

  • black R0n1n
    black R0n1n 21 hour ago

    Deadshot is a white englishman. Harley quinn wasn't even a member of the best version of the team. The first movie and this one sucks balls

  • evil Deth
    evil Deth 21 hour ago

    Why even make a second part,shit sucked!!!!

  • Agustin Camejo
    Agustin Camejo 22 hours ago

    While I loved Chapter 2 and the final battle was pretty awesome, the spiderclown form was ridiculous and the way they defeat It was so dumb!

  • Sparkle Dog
    Sparkle Dog 22 hours ago

    Don't forget that Dandelo briefly took the form of a psychotic clown and had a robot named Stuttering Bill. Joe Collins, like Robert Gray and Mrs. Kersh, was a made up persona. As he told his story Susannah felt that it was all a sham.

  • Sparkle Dog
    Sparkle Dog 22 hours ago

    I'm glad you guys finally made a video on Dandelo.

  • Graffiti kingdom
    Graffiti kingdom 23 hours ago

    Not good😠

  • isaac thrash
    isaac thrash 23 hours ago

    I wonder if the man in black could control IT, it was implied on that atrocious dark tower movie

  • XSkillz 450
    XSkillz 450 23 hours ago

    I’m suprised Jared Leto isn’t in this. No I’m not

    TAPKING13 23 hours ago

    I wanna see a flash black to T'Challa's grandfather wearing the Caped Black Panther Cawl suit. I wanna see that suit on the big screen.

  • Kym Noïr
    Kym Noïr 23 hours ago

    Since Sony's taking their own route (combining and going off-script w/ lethal protector & planet of the symbiotes), I can kinda see Venom replicating and releasing Carnage while they're still in prison or Cletus takes a piece of Venom and that piece merges w/ him 🤷🏽‍♂️. In a way, Sony's establishing the Venomverse so it's possible we'll get Toxin, Mania, Lasher, Phage, Sleeper (the new natural offspring of Venom), Knull, etc. This ties into Silver Surfer/Glatactus, F4 and a lot...however, we still need secret wars, and maybe CW2, again 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Greetings From Stevieland

    Michael rooker, noice

  • Corey Rivera
    Corey Rivera Day ago

    Ash is In the move,there is an Easter egg when the tv shows a Pokémon fighter dressed like Ash

  • Dex Manns
    Dex Manns Day ago

    His true form looked more like a crab than a spider in chapter 2.

  • YinYang20
    YinYang20 Day ago

    Another great cameo is in 11/22/63, when Jake stops in Derry for a time and IT tries to lure him in: There was something inside that fallen chimney at the Kitchener Ironworks. I don't know what and I don't _want_ to know, but at the mouth of the thing I saw a heap of gnawed bones and a tiny chewed collar with a bell on it. And from inside the pipe-deep in that oversized bore- something moved and shuffled. _Come in and see,_ that something seemed to whisper in my head. _Never mind all the rest of it, Jake-come in and see._ _Come in and visit._ _Time doesn't matter in here; in here, time floats away._ _You know you want to, you're curious._ _Maybe it's even another rabbit-hole._ _Another portal._ Maybe it was, but I don't think so. I think it was _Derry_ in there- everything that was wrong with it, everything that was askew, hiding in that pipe. Hibernating. Letting people believe the bad times were over, waiting for them to relax and forget there had ever been bad times at all.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Day ago

    You have forgotten about mako

  • XVo_rtex
    XVo_rtex Day ago

    Hmmm the turtle might be in the directors cut if so that LETS GO BITCHES WOOOH!

  • XVo_rtex
    XVo_rtex Day ago

    I don't think it was his true form

  • Richard Wolff
    Richard Wolff Day ago

    Warner owns the blade

  • Allen_Walker#0303 Strongest Avenger

    I prefer the original and that's gipsy danger he is more realistic than the new one

  • Baizid ahmed Zidan

    E-Dris not eyedris

  • sadeesha madushan

    Any titans help for Kong?

  • SR Striker
    SR Striker Day ago

    I was told that vandal savage was going to be the main antagonist

  • guyverjay
    guyverjay Day ago

    Suicide squad was fucking horrible

  • V C
    V C Day ago

    A competent detective Replicant would be able to figure out who they are UNLESS they alter their memories. They would use their best detective as the foundation (Gaff), but would obviously remove quirks (cityspeak, origami) and alter their appearance. They're both oddly quiet, prefer to work alone, and they seem to be the only ones considered capable for this particular job ("I need the best"). Gaff doesn't seem interested in the job at all, and instead seems quietly interested in Deckard himself, playing with him via the origami, as if he was seeing if he could provoke him with sly commentary (a detective dropping clues). They don't really seem to interact either, as if there is really only one person there. They don't really enter in to conflict except when meeting the first time, though that wasn't Gaff's idea. The provocation of the chicken origami might have been to provoke him to take the job because his (Gaff's) reputation was on the line as well. The call at the end of the film where Gaff says "It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?" may have been about himself and Deckard, as Deckard may have been Gaff's replacement. Quick note: Where as Gaff made Origami creatures, Deckard carved them (seen in the background of his apartment and later confirmed in Blade Runner 2049).

  • Tim Furnier
    Tim Furnier Day ago

    We're not getting "a-nother", you a-hole! Were getting ANOTHER (ONE WORD)!

  • Gridlock Gamer

    This show was pure SJW garbage. It was so sjw/woke that it was a parody of sjw/woke culture. Better quality horror comes out of clogged toilets than this utter shit.

  • edgar batman
    edgar batman Day ago

    i no what happin to the it clown he was a person but he had a little girl in one picture, he was infected with something that was poison

  • alstinson
    alstinson Day ago

    Stephen King lore is ridiculous... but fun! lol

  • Diyu Drago
    Diyu Drago Day ago


  • ladyarcana55
    ladyarcana55 Day ago

    It is true that Godzilla needs help defeating Ghidora, but that's the sign of a true alpha. A true alpha can rely on his pack to aid him and his pack will help. Ghidora never had that.

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage Day ago

    This better be rated R!!

  • peter tyson
    peter tyson Day ago

    500th thumb up. 😊. Just had to be done. 👍.😊

  • Borga
    Borga Day ago

    I really think making it rated R would help the movie a lot. Venom should've gone down the rated R route too. I mean c'mon, Carnage is a murderer who stays true to his name. Keeping it PG-13 is doing both Venom and Carnage a disservice.

  • Jesus Leyva
    Jesus Leyva Day ago

    I'm looking forward to See Howard The Duck's own show.

  • Jonathan Roberson

    I Absolutely HATE the redesign! It makes the Klingons look like hideous monsters rather than humanoid aliens. Definitely a turn off for me!

  • JacobOlli
    JacobOlli Day ago

    Would be nice to see a spinoff movie with him

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson Day ago

    What remains the same over all adaptations about Alvin Marsh is that he had unfortunate relationships with unfaithful women in the past which led to his misogynistic, abusive tendencies towards Beverly and her mother Elfrida so as to ensure is wife remained faithful to him while alleviating his negative emotions. In addition, he feels jealousy that derives from his implied incestuous feelings towards Beverly which imply that he truly loved is wife, and the fact that Beverly resembles her mother so closely only further cements her role as a sort of perverse replacement for Elfrida after her death.

  • Mohammad Zamin

    Is this from the new IT series or the movie ?

    • Mohammad Zamin
      Mohammad Zamin 17 hours ago

      @Sparkle Dog i meant the clips

    • Sparkle Dog
      Sparkle Dog 19 hours ago

      IT series? No, this is from the It novel and The Dark Tower book series.

  • Zachary Klincko

    Besides it patrick is a psychotic motherfucker

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K Day ago

    People dislike Rey more.

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent Day ago

    Honestly I don’t have a problem with overpowered character that’s one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of Hyperion, The Sentry, Hercules,Captain Planet, Danny Phantom, Ben 10,Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas),Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer!I just want them to be written correctly and not just make them brute who just punched into situations declaring that it over!

  • lori hasert
    lori hasert Day ago

    Just a secret the new one comes out soon was film where i wrk was an amazing thing to have such a big producer film where he filmed

  • jasir lipscomb

    Would I be cool I made my own franchise of predator I call it The Predators . Takes place in New York City . This time my version of the franchise will actually give you what you want this time . Like the predators don’t die.

  • porpus99
    porpus99 Day ago

    Doom would be a fantastic choice for a Marvel movie. He is a chaotic anti hero. His methods are brutal, but he seeks to save humanity from itself. In the comics he made the backwater nation of Latveria into a technological power to rival Wakanda, with a populace that wanted for nothing. Surplus food, water, health care, education. But he was still a dictator and a threat to the rest of the world. He faced off against the Avengers, against Devils and Gods. Hell, he has even been a God twice! Even if it is a story about Dooms rise to power, it would be glorious! Best part is that he can be a villain one day, but if the threat is great enough (or if there is a way to gain an advantage) Doom will work with heroes.

  • schiffwreck99
    schiffwreck99 Day ago

    Can't suck as bad as the last one right? Cause there is no level lower of sucking

  • Dragon sin of Wrath

    Dandelo is it moron

    • Dragon sin of Wrath
      Dragon sin of Wrath 6 hours ago

      He also said he didn't know how he wrote those books

    • Sparkle Dog
      Sparkle Dog 19 hours ago

      King said that they weren't the same entity.

  • Wyatt Fink
    Wyatt Fink Day ago

    I hope that when Cassidy escapes they use the same line from the cartoon;" Cassidy is gone, there is only CARNAGE"!

  • Marc Branden Hayes

    I wish spider man would of meet them all. Waste of potential from disney. Thanks alot marvel studios

  • Ready Player Two

    Peter should be Hugo Strange

  • Frilly Chan
    Frilly Chan Day ago

    Nightmare could be the main villain with Shuma Gorath working behind the scenes. Similar to how Loki was in the first avengers movie w/ Thanos working behind the scenes.

  • Dino A OK
    Dino A OK Day ago

    When Mike drugs Billy to show him then Billy sees IT true form in Chapter 2. That weird transformer thing that you see when staring at the Dead Lights.

  • American McGee’s Collins

    Shuma gorath would be like a rated R character

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Day ago

    Yes. Loved it. And; Excited as can be. 👍

  • Donovan Delaney

    "Uncataloged Tanker DNA detected! Tanker DNA acquired and available!" - Omnitrix.