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AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro
Views 140K2 months ago
iOS 13: Best New Features!
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Hands-On with Apple Arcade!
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Maps: What's New in iOS 13!
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What's New in tvOS 13?
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  • Lucas Holstein
    Lucas Holstein 23 minutes ago

    Bruh who tf is too weak too pull out headphones?!

  • hani alkhalid
    hani alkhalid 2 hours ago


  • terror live
    terror live 3 hours ago

    I got a beautiful white iPhone 11

  • Chandrasekar El
    Chandrasekar El 5 hours ago

    I got a Apple Watch on Christmas 2019 and the video is helpful

  • Dr. Quazi Mehranuddin Ahmed

    i have a ding on the top left upper corner of my apple watch series 5. How to fix it?

  • Howard Davidson
    Howard Davidson 7 hours ago

    Is there an app for a hard day’s work..

  • Meeno Zen
    Meeno Zen 10 hours ago

    I was all interested until I saw subscription. It’s just not the right type of app for the model.

  • Rob Stone
    Rob Stone 11 hours ago

    THANK YOU for showing how to get the new AirPods pro out of the case. 👍🏻

  • Herman Foster
    Herman Foster 12 hours ago

    I thought that it was just me. I absolutely hate this remote. First it's too small and slippery. It's too sensitive even on slow mode. Plus, if you have big hands you can't grip it.

  • ridiqul
    ridiqul 14 hours ago

    enjoyed this video, download sensei and love it!

  • ricky v
    ricky v 14 hours ago

    Good apps there. Especially the first one. That TRIM feature is definitely useful. (:

  • Jesus Rivas
    Jesus Rivas 15 hours ago

    I like apple tv lol this remote sucks or is good for older people

  • Janzen
    Janzen 18 hours ago

    I bought the Powerbeats pro. Friggen loved them. Then I got drunk and bloody lost them!

  • Norbert1975
    Norbert1975 19 hours ago

    If this is a spy tool then every hearing aid is a spy tool.

  • Dwayne Brown
    Dwayne Brown 20 hours ago

    Why am I watching and I don't own a MacBook :(

    • Sergey Z
      Sergey Z 13 hours ago

      Why do people keep on posting such dumb comments duh

  • Lisa Schmit
    Lisa Schmit 20 hours ago

    why does this monitor have such bad reviews everywhere ??

  • Jason Ong
    Jason Ong 20 hours ago

    Would Clew be able to replace Alfred?

    • Jason Ong
      Jason Ong 19 hours ago

      Udara Jay great to hear, looking forward on it! 😉

    • Udara Jay
      Udara Jay 19 hours ago

      @Jason Ong We're looking into that, but that would definitely be down the line.

    • Jason Ong
      Jason Ong 20 hours ago

      Udara Jay sounds sweet! Are also planning to implement local search too like Alfred?

    • Udara Jay
      Udara Jay 20 hours ago

      @Jason Ong We currently don't support iCloud, but we do have plans to add that feature down the line :)

    • Jason Ong
      Jason Ong 20 hours ago

      Udara Jay oh hi! Does this work with iCloud or just non Apple services?

  • Mr. Luigi
    Mr. Luigi 20 hours ago

    It's crazy that an app like Sensai is a subscription service. Looks interesting, but there's no way I'm "renting" an app like that. Just my opinion, of course.

    • Mr. Luigi
      Mr. Luigi 2 hours ago

      @MacRumors Ah, thanks for that info. $60 is pretty steep, but it's better than milking the cow every year.

    • MacRumors
      MacRumors 20 hours ago

      There’s a $60 one time fee instead

  • Mohd Amri Razlan
    Mohd Amri Razlan 20 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing this. 👍🏻

  • Jameica Rolle
    Jameica Rolle 21 hour ago

    Can it be used with iPad Air 2?

  • Pawel Kwasiuk
    Pawel Kwasiuk 21 hour ago

    can they still be connected to ur phone if ur more than 20 feet away, or on a different complete country?

  • Michael Schletter
    Michael Schletter 22 hours ago

    Very early

  • Marty Wilkinson
    Marty Wilkinson 22 hours ago

    Yes, I want one. I hope they offer them in the Us soon!!!

  • Serggusa
    Serggusa 23 hours ago

    What was the iphone app you used to measure Audio quality?

  • That’s so Sydney

    Can someone tell me if I should get this or the Microsoft surface 3? I just need a good laptop for college to write papers and all of that.

  • Beeshyboy MaLiCe -

    It pisses me off that everyone shits on the Apple Pencil 1 for “having to charge on the side” yet I’ve never charged it that way I use the charger cable adapter !

  • Haze
    Haze Day ago


  • Moyora Veasna
    Moyora Veasna Day ago

    I used iPhone XS Max but my camera icon in Text messages doesn’t work at all. I can’t find any solution in years. Anyone can help?

  • zebonaut smith

    I use shortcuts to go to my various Apple TV apps that I run from my ipad.

  • Jonathan Swann

    Doesn’t work ever

  • Nikki Peoples
    Nikki Peoples Day ago

    life saverrr, i just got mine and this helps a lot

  • Samar Abbas
    Samar Abbas Day ago

  • Anthony Anitra

    You could tell your a apple fan boy

  • Ashraf Rosli
    Ashraf Rosli Day ago

    This guy is totally apple fans user no doubt

  • Spaide man
    Spaide man Day ago

    u need to activate iCloud on both device to use it...what thee.....

  • Yoan Pena
    Yoan Pena Day ago

    I got used to the stem of my Powerbeats pro, after using them for awhile now they don’t hurt me. Also I noticed that it was hurting me by how I used to use them, you just need to change the ear tips to a different size and don’t shove it so much into your ears. I wanted the AirPods Pro, but the controls on my PB Pro are better, I not longer have to use my Apple Watch to control the music or volume, in my opinion the PB Pro are more worth buying than the AirPods. The only downside of the PB Pros, is the case, it’s very slippery and bulky, I found myself dropping them more often than my previous AirPods, but at least the PB Pro don’t fall out of your ears 😉

  • Gerry Scotty
    Gerry Scotty Day ago

    *M1ne was done by Hackzman 1n 1nsta*

  • Petar Jordanov

    Hello, can you tell me where did you buy your watch's band? Thank you

  • Joyce Nguyen
    Joyce Nguyen Day ago

    2:00 I have used all

  • Cypher Music
    Cypher Music Day ago

    What a liability that New Mac pro is

  • Colin
    Colin Day ago

    If omly tesla had carplay

  • Kaan Muslu Caga
    Kaan Muslu Caga 2 days ago

    Hello I need help yesterday I bought the new 11 but when I swith to silent mode the ringer not goes to silent and stays at 10%

  • naftyloescher
    naftyloescher 2 days ago

    Why do I even watch this as Android user?

  • Alexander Egiyan
    Alexander Egiyan 2 days ago

    How do you create 3d for your thumbnails?

  • Wade Parker
    Wade Parker 2 days ago

    In Australia the AirPod pros are $399

  • Pablo Gabs
    Pablo Gabs 2 days ago

    Finally something I didn’t know! Thanks!!

  • luciano sellera
    luciano sellera 2 days ago

    any tips on how to change the volume without using my iphone or asking siri? it's unsafe for me to reach my iPhone on the streets, and using siri takes too long. thanks!

  • E Black
    E Black 2 days ago

    It is useless to use 5G to download movies and apps. It's wise to use wifi at home. Why want you to do those things in outdoor?

  • Šime Vidas
    Šime Vidas 2 days ago

    There is long-press on “Done” to do something else. Great idea, Apple.

  • Levi Kim
    Levi Kim 2 days ago

    personally, i think starting with the original apple is better since it just needs a simple plug in and out. of course, it’d be a lie to say this wasn’t biased, since i did use the original as soon as it came out. but if you aren’t good with bluetooth and all that jazz then getting the original apple pencil should be better. to me, they’re both the same except the charging is different :0

  • Muneeb Adamo
    Muneeb Adamo 2 days ago

    I have alien like ears so I desperately need the hooks

  • Gerardo Bello LPS
    Gerardo Bello LPS 2 days ago

    Is this computer worth it now or I should wait?

  • Wilson - The Storyteller

    Ah, a Browns fan?

    • MacRumors
      MacRumors 2 days ago

      Forever and always unfortunately

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 2 days ago

    Learning more about the watch every day, but THIS was the most helpful!

  • 3lite
    3lite 2 days ago

    Peasant, you don't even have 3d touch? 😂

    • apllDgrapllD
      apllDgrapllD 2 days ago

      MacRumors and it blows! 3d touch was faster & had more features & was more accurate. Now you can’t highlight things with the keyboard you can only use the space bar as a mouse, it’s like we went backwards to iso 11 wtf? How can apple take away a feature that was supposedly so groundbreaking and actually worked well?!

    • MacRumors
      MacRumors 2 days ago

      3D Touch is no longer a thing on new devices

    • GMX
      GMX 2 days ago

      3lite You have 3D Touch? What a dinosaur.

  • Ruslan Tulupov
    Ruslan Tulupov 2 days ago

    If you go into Settings and then Safari, you can set tabs to open in the background to avoid navigating away from your current page. After setting "Open in Background" for new tabs, long press on a link, and the option to open in background should appear. Voila!

  • Lee James
    Lee James 2 days ago

    Anybody know the name of the charger pad he’s using?

  • Patricia Mirka
    Patricia Mirka 3 days ago

    My toolbar is greyed out. I can only change the time. The location, flag and photos are all greyed. I’ve tried everything and can’t get them to work. Any ideas?

  • Spounge Panda
    Spounge Panda 3 days ago

    unfortunately there has been no mention of the rather dismal ping results. So far we been promised very very low latency. This seems to bear no resemblance to the tests you carried out here: 23ms... HELLO?!

  • shaun perry
    shaun perry 3 days ago

    Is Tim Cook sucking you off under the table?? I get that you are “viewing these from an Apple user” point of view...but damn are going so hard on them!! I bought the air pods pro...had them for a week...took them back and got the jabra 75t... sound way way better than the AirPod pros...

  • iinxcola
    iinxcola 3 days ago

    Anyone else watching this while their AirPods are on their way

  • Medieval Goddess
    Medieval Goddess 3 days ago

    Ya how do I find my phone from someone else’s iPhone.??

  • Kushagra Nagar
    Kushagra Nagar 3 days ago

    What if we are getting the old one for just over $600?

  • Thomas Barca
    Thomas Barca 3 days ago

    I actually programmed my tv remote to run Apple TV

  • Dee Liora E san
    Dee Liora E san 3 days ago

    Oh its a magnetic apple pencil wow,also,i wish the prize was like just 50

  • Jaci.M Cranelle
    Jaci.M Cranelle 3 days ago

    😊 I need this!

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat 3 days ago

    Which one have ear fatigue

  • Yes it’s Gary
    Yes it’s Gary 3 days ago

    Oh my gosh I love how small it is

  • kazuhiro ishiyama
    kazuhiro ishiyama 3 days ago

    I can see you use slot 8 in this video at 03:28, why? I mean Slot 5 is fastest because of ×16 lanes, or Slot 6 or 7 ×8 lanes. You can get more speed another slot.

  • BH Prototyping
    BH Prototyping 4 days ago

    I really wish people would stop using simulated benchmarks like geekbench. Show the daily programs people will "use" and the different between the two, not some random number on a simulated program that no on will use in a daily bases. Plus you are comparing different tiers of laptops from these companies, either compare both 15in versions with the specs matching the prices or the same with the 13in variants. You also mentioned gaming yet only showed the Razer playing them, then didn't give any information on how the mac side plays them. Then you never gave the frame rate information, just you saying "a non gamer" that you didn't see any frame drops. Last you said that the Razer has no biometric Unlock features but then proceed to show the WIndows Hello feature which is a biometric method of unlocking a device. There are pro's and con's to both of these devices but i feel like you completely ignored those.

  • Aaron Chillen
    Aaron Chillen 4 days ago

    So it’s just another cash grab from apple. You pay subscription. To play a game the way it was intended to be played. With NO adds and No SCAM shop. Apple is a absolutely JOKE now. It doesn’t care about anything other than how to scam money out of ppl.

  • C e
    C e 4 days ago

    Does it work with apps like safari?

  • Bj Parker
    Bj Parker 4 days ago

    Your nothing but a fan boy don't listen to none of this people your air pods and beats have nothing on my jabras

  • hamster hammies
    hamster hammies 4 days ago

    Guys why won’t it let me press the info button to charge the controls

  • Control SixtyFour
    Control SixtyFour 4 days ago

    waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2..

  • oren flotech
    oren flotech 4 days ago

    And how can we buy it??

  • Daniel Fredericks
    Daniel Fredericks 4 days ago

    Actually you can charge it with a connector to your charging brick

  • Aleph Waqze
    Aleph Waqze 4 days ago

    Airpods are for broke people because they cant afford the wire

  • Cjon wickham
    Cjon wickham 4 days ago 8k cheaper

  • Hussain Anwer
    Hussain Anwer 4 days ago


  • Stephen JvR
    Stephen JvR 4 days ago


  • Rama Nrusimhadevara

    They should have made the keyboard and cover one piece, had it connect via smart connector, and put a Bluetooth trackpad from the beginning

  • ErinRose Winter
    ErinRose Winter 4 days ago

  • ErinRose Winter
    ErinRose Winter 4 days ago

    FYI: You have to be currently signed in to your apple ID on both devices for it to work.

    • ErinRose Winter
      ErinRose Winter 4 days ago

      And, make sure you select "trust this computer" and enter your ipad passcode. Handoff also needs to be switched on. That should be it

  • Chuck Watson
    Chuck Watson 4 days ago

    I have the Logitech and my return date is two days from now , I don’t love the girth it adds abs often take out and throw in my smaller case I feel like I’d prefer this one 🤔

  • Mr. Smilez
    Mr. Smilez 4 days ago

    I love Powerbeats pro the hook keeps them in your ear and there louder then the AirPods pro

  • firestorm117
    firestorm117 4 days ago

    "Performance is more important than design, so I'm going to give this to the iPad Pro" (doesn't talk about the performance at all and says that the specs are much better on the Pixelbook) If you're going to make such a statement give actual examples showing the comparitive difference. Don't just make a claim and not provide any evidence to back it up.

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez 4 days ago

    Will this work through a receiver? Also, with rented movies on amazon or Vudu?

  • xXbananlolXx
    xXbananlolXx 5 days ago

    Damn i can't use siri on my Samsung i feel scammed

  • Hunter Maro
    Hunter Maro 5 days ago

    i dont like ur channel but i dont mean it in a bad way tho is just because u like apple

  • Lord Humungus
    Lord Humungus 5 days ago

    ...Just a rehash!

  • Neeghail Francis
    Neeghail Francis 5 days ago

    Lol this guy have Mac in his name apple have payed this guy bye be a real guy next time .....

  • colton
    colton 5 days ago

    Have to save this when i get airpods pro

  • Lisa Schmit
    Lisa Schmit 5 days ago

    would you recommend this monitor or the LG 32UL950

  • melanie hoyt
    melanie hoyt 5 days ago

    What is a vertical dock line and what does it do? Thanks.

    • MacRumors
      MacRumors 5 days ago

      It docks your MacBook to your monitor.

  • ylchongs
    ylchongs 5 days ago

    The most wow thing I've seen in the video is sample cat poo in disc shape. Also if the author has not seen 5G phone less than 500usd, checkout Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G.

  • drushtdyumn yadnyopavit

    Does it work with i pad 7?

  • Troy S
    Troy S 5 days ago

    Can you prevent them from doing a hard factory reset?

  • Rogelio Lesso
    Rogelio Lesso 5 days ago

    Where did u get ur Apple Watch strap ??!