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Led Zeppelin
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Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live)
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  • Vincent Whitley
    Vincent Whitley 3 hours ago

    Do NOT make fun of old people.. They will kick your ass on ANY stage.

  • adriana rueda serrano


  • Cliff Jay
    Cliff Jay 3 hours ago

    I like this version more than the Knebworth one 2 years later, even though the recording quality for Knebworh is better. This version is played more aggressively. Bonham’s drumming here is just amazing, and it seems to me that Plant’s voice is in better form here than by 1979, in terms of his tone.

  • Lindy Lou
    Lindy Lou 3 hours ago

    The great Led Zepplin...no others compare!

  • Phillip Servilha
    Phillip Servilha 3 hours ago


  • Darren Ayles
    Darren Ayles 5 hours ago

    Gives me the chills and brings me close to tears each and every time. Magic!

  • mark white
    mark white 5 hours ago

    If they would only tour once more, they would set and all time record for ticket sales. I guarantee it!!

  • Sheila Bowcock
    Sheila Bowcock 5 hours ago

    One of the best guitar solos ever.love that....chord......it's evil.

  • Evelyne Perrot
    Evelyne Perrot 5 hours ago

    still listening to this overwhelming hit planet

  • Celsuzuki Pulieri
    Celsuzuki Pulieri 6 hours ago


  • Black Room Universe
    Black Room Universe 6 hours ago


  • Kaka Martins
    Kaka Martins 8 hours ago


  • Stela Jones
    Stela Jones 9 hours ago

    Fechei na minha estrada do Rock... Pink Leed Black Rolling Stones. Eu só tinha 14 anos... Valeu!!! Irmãos! É Dilson!!!! Onde quer que vc esteja.

  • Stela Jones
    Stela Jones 9 hours ago

    A melhor música a melhor performance do Leed !!! Quer dizer... uma das... difícil vc julgar... sou suspeita!!! Foi minha Primeira Banda, tinha 14 anos foi Led e o Pink Floyd

  • Blockcamp
    Blockcamp 9 hours ago

    0:12 me after I place the CPU on the motherboard slot

  • rock amir
    rock amir 10 hours ago

    Me: I am so hot Mom: 0:12

  • Hsu Edward
    Hsu Edward 11 hours ago

    Dear Mr. Page, Mr. Plant and Mr. Jones, I'd like to popularize this concert video in China, HK, Taiwan and APAC, by adding Chinese and English sub titles, there are 2 billion Chinese speaking population, but only 5% are with good English comprehension, I believe this is a good way to share your great music video with more fans. Sincerely and with love for Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock band ever, by Edward Hsu 2019.12.10

  • El Dangster
    El Dangster 12 hours ago

    This riff makes me question my sexuality

  • Meeki
    Meeki 13 hours ago


  • Otavio Souza
    Otavio Souza 14 hours ago

    Essa banda é muito mística

  • Franck Turies
    Franck Turies 16 hours ago

    18k d abrutis ... Comment on peut disliker un tel chef d'oeuvre...je leur pisserais dessus

  • Honestly Speaking
    Honestly Speaking 16 hours ago

    F Fabulous!!!

  • Bubba O'Riley
    Bubba O'Riley 16 hours ago

    Why the cameraman wasn't focused interely on the drum section is beyond my comprehension.

  • Justa
    Justa 17 hours ago

    I want your love...

  • Christopher Aguilera
    Christopher Aguilera 18 hours ago

    God someone please help me! I cant stop watching this, I'm stuck!

  • Madhan Anandan
    Madhan Anandan 18 hours ago

    Hey friend see I Composed this music tell me how is it tvclip.biz/video/bO6sobnsXYI/video.html

  • wize gamer
    wize gamer 18 hours ago

    I will lay peacefully and happily in my final resting place, knowing I was part of this talented generation.when music was not just a art form but magical as well.

  • Kevin Band
    Kevin Band 18 hours ago

    Chills from the crowd response

  • Excal abur
    Excal abur 19 hours ago

    Too bad you can only click the like button once...................

  • Vanessa1371
    Vanessa1371 19 hours ago

    Having watched this video so many times, I also feel like bopping my head and making a duck face ala Jimmy lol

  • Rodrigo L.
    Rodrigo L. 19 hours ago

    beautiful video

  • Noah caster
    Noah caster 20 hours ago

    I Want hair like that Now!!!

  • Frankincensed
    Frankincensed 20 hours ago

    You'd think old Zep wouldn't sound that good, but man, it's one of their best concerts. A sober Zep is a good Zep. And Jimmy using modern equipment really brings out that master talent crisp and clear.

    LAST MAN STANDING 20 hours ago

    the sad part about it , is that it can only take you there to another psychadelic realm, to live life you need to be grounded in an non psychedelic realm. anotherwords , wake up america the psychedelic dreams are over. zeppelin is great but life must go on. wake -up and join the team of americans who love life . and what it is to be alive

  • 宮崎佑斗
    宮崎佑斗 20 hours ago

    Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face 太陽に僕の顔の上を照らさせて── With stars to fill my dreams ─僕の夢を満たしてくれる星たちと共に I am a traveler of both time and space 僕は時間の、そして空間の旅人 To be where I have been ─自分が存在していた場所にいるための And sit with elders of the gentle race 優しい民族の年寄りたちと一緒に座る This world has seldom seen めったに見たことのない世界だ They talk of days for which they sit and wait 彼らはじっと待っている日々について、 And all will be revealed そして全てが明らかになる日々について語る Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace 軽快な、そして優雅な言語で話して歌う Whose sounds caress my ear 僕の耳に快く響くこの声は誰のものか── But not a word I heard could I relate 僕が聞いたのはただの言葉ではなかった The story was quite clear その物語は言語の壁を越えて響くものだった Oh, oh Oh, oh Oh baby, I been flying ああ、僕は空を飛んでいた No yeah, mama, there ain't no denyin' 否定することは何もない Oh yeah I've been flying ああ、僕は空を飛んできた Mama, mama, ain't no denyin', no denyin' 否定することは何もない、何もない── All I see turns to brown 視界の全てが茶色に変わる As the sun burns the ground ─太陽が大地を焦がす間 And my eyes fill with sand そして僕の両目は砂でいっぱいになる As I scan this wasted land ─僕がこの荒地を眺めている時に Trying to find, trying to find where I've been 探そうと、自分が存在していた場所を探そうと── Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace 痕跡を残さない嵐のパイロット Like thoughts inside a dream ─まるで夢の中の思考のように Heed the path that led me to that place 僕をその場所に導いてくれたあの道に気をつけろ Yellow desert stream 黄色い砂漠の激流── My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon 夏の月の下の僕のシャングリラ I will return again 僕はまたそこに戻る Sure as the dust that floats high in June 高く漂う6月の砂嵐のように必ず戻るつもりさ When movin' through Kashmir ─カシミールを通過していく時の砂嵐のように必ず── Oh, father of the four winds, fill my sails 四方の風の父よ、僕の航海を満たしてくれ Across the sea of years 幾年の海を渡って行くんだ With no provision but an open face 何の準備もなく、ただ素のままの顔を持って Along the straits of fear 恐怖の海峡に沿って── Oh, oh Oh, oh When I'm on, when I'm on my way, yeah 向かっている時、僕が向かっている時 When I see, when I see the way, you stay-yeah 見つけ出した時、僕がその道を見つけ出した時、君はそこにいる── Ooh, yeah-yeah, oh, yeah-yeah, when I'm down ああ、僕が挫ける時 Ooh, yeah-yeah, oh, yeah-yeah, but I'm down, so down ああ、僕は挫けてしまう、とてもひどく── Ooh, my baby, oh, my baby, let me take you there ああ、君よ、僕と共にそこへ向かおう── Come on, let me take you there...let me take you there 僕と共に、僕と共に行こう──

  • Noah caster
    Noah caster 20 hours ago

    Barber: Ok what style? me: Led zeppelin Barber: which one? Me: Rober plant Barber: Done Me: * on stage with Led zeppelin*

  • M V
    M V 21 hour ago

    I am an imigrant, I come from the land of the ice and snow

  • kathryn McElroy
    kathryn McElroy 22 hours ago


  • Fernando Moraes
    Fernando Moraes 23 hours ago

    Lendário inesquecível que banda de música maravilhosa

  • jp jonesh
    jp jonesh Day ago

    Once again these marketing twots for l.z. obscure half the vid.

  • Michael Kohan
    Michael Kohan Day ago

    0:35 is my favorite part. It sounds great on record, but in this key and with the small syncopations... It's god like

  • El Dangster
    El Dangster Day ago

    This riff makes me question my sexuality

  • nick kapoglis
    nick kapoglis Day ago

    Nr 1 rock song, ever.

  • Levon Marutyan

    Пейдж зажигает!!!! А Плант на высоте, как всегда!!!!

  • rachel wilper
    rachel wilper Day ago

    back when it wasn’t “gay” to have long hair and good style

    • Linda Moore
      Linda Moore 14 hours ago

      It's still not "gay" for a guy to have long hair.

  • rachel wilper
    rachel wilper Day ago

    after all these years they’ve still got it. plant’s voice hasn’t changed much at all

  • Man like Francis

    all this time it wasn’t “kool-aid” :(

  • zanxibar1
    zanxibar1 Day ago


  • Cheyenne cardinal

    Awesome music experience , alright yeah now , ...

  • Bob Murphy
    Bob Murphy Day ago

    These guys for over 5 decades are the quinnestial rock band of all time. Bravo-Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

  • Alexandra Maia de Castro

    I listen since i was 12 😊 i am 60 now and i still love them !😊

  • Helena Estevao


  • Andrea Dimaio
    Andrea Dimaio Day ago


  • James Barker
    James Barker Day ago

    Robert looks cool with the beard

  • 79bonscott
    79bonscott Day ago

    I'd love to know Plant's secret to keeping that amazing voice sounding so good and young after all these decades! Rock the hell on!!!

  • Gary Warren
    Gary Warren Day ago

    blast from the past the best

  • Josiane Raedemaeker

    Machtige song, knappe video, Liefs van Josiane

  • Tomasz Romanowicz

    one of greatest bands ever

  • D B
    D B Day ago

    Love forever 4 runes!!💖😎

  • Manuel Megias Peinado

    Mariano Rajoy...dice que pronto ganara las elecciones el PP....CREO QUE SE EQUIVOCA ADREDE...Es VOX el partido que puede ganar las proximas elecciones y....por mayoria absoluta...Los españoles hemos dejado de confiar en tantisimo politicastro sinverguenza QUE NO VIENE A SERVIR A ESPAÑA,SINO A SERVIRSE DE ESPAÑA Y DE LOS ESPAÑOLES Y ROBANDONOS.

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog Day ago

    Damn that bassline and drums

  • Jennie Gunter
    Jennie Gunter Day ago


  • Hsu Edward
    Hsu Edward Day ago

    Dear Mr. Page, Mr. Plant and Mr. Jones, I'd like to popularize this concert video in China, HK, Taiwan and APAC, by adding Chinese and English sub titles, there are 2 billion Chinese speaking population, but only 5% are with good English comprehension, I believe this is a good way to share your great music video with more fans. Sincerely and with love for Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock band ever, by Edward Hsu 2019.12.09

  • John Brassfield


  • Shabbazz Naturals

    how the fuck do you NOT like this?! who the fuck are you, people? Annunaki?

  • Phillip Rock
    Phillip Rock Day ago


  • Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan, and a $10,000 bet placed at the teller window, aka, an investment.

  • Chinar Kharangate

    "Goosebumps on the back of the neck" kind of music right there :')

  • Badri Shamlikashvili

    Красавчики все респект и уважение.

  • gilberto izaltino silva

    Jimmy Page tá só o pó da rabiola kkkkk

  • Michael Miller

    I would sooner wield a sword of ice than the jawbones of asses. Hahahahaha

  • Truthis Theway

    When you learn the truth you understand why everything happens and what everything is leading up to. You learn what the nature of life is. Google “global truth project “.

  • Liz Jordan
    Liz Jordan Day ago

    I heard this group for the first time on VH1 in the 90s when I was 15. Thank God for t.v.

  • bryan morrison
    bryan morrison 2 days ago

    Every other music video: pop artists lip syncing and constantly switching settings Rock and Roll music video: PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

  • Matt Black
    Matt Black 2 days ago

    Whollle lottalola lovee

  • Sorent Macleod
    Sorent Macleod 2 days ago

    Never seen 4 man making love to 20K people?... now you do! Pure orgasmic music!

  • lou Loubna
    lou Loubna 2 days ago

    That voice😭 MY GOD

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb
    Tim Rubin Halcomb 2 days ago

    I love this song, but I certainly can't understand the editing of it in this video. You should've at least allowed it to extend past Jimmy Page's guitar solo. I'm disappointed!

  • Paul Borton
    Paul Borton 2 days ago

    Wow 😎👍👏

  • Levon Marutyan
    Levon Marutyan 2 days ago

    Плант, Пейдж, Джонс, лунатики или марсяне, но точно не земные!!!!

  • Alex .G
    Alex .G 2 days ago

    Woah 2019

  • bleedy01
    bleedy01 2 days ago

    N. 2 only because of The Beatles

    GLAS ZA BOSNU 2 days ago


  • Степан Бобров


  • Alfie 02
    Alfie 02 2 days ago

    Jason appreciation comment

  • Yvonne Mattila
    Yvonne Mattila 2 days ago

    The Best

  • poppyfields2
    poppyfields2 2 days ago

    I was there, both weekends 🤩

  • trivonol
    trivonol 2 days ago


  • ChaoticChiyo
    ChaoticChiyo 2 days ago

    Wasn’t this song in Shrek

  • Marti Grant
    Marti Grant 2 days ago

    Ok. Everyone is making jokes about the lyrics in this song being AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA and nothing else. This is Led Zeppelin and even their AAAAAAAAAAAA's are genius. Listen to Jimmy Page's guitar chords and you'll get it. Only he could write a song with only one letter in it and make it a genius song that has earned him millions of dollars and is still getting a lot of airplay on the radio and TVclip. Didn't you people just go on TVclip to listen to this song? Who's going to the bank laughing? Jimmy has been since this song first came out a million years ago and always will. His AAAAAAAÀAAA's will always be classic. P.S. I did find all of the AAAAAAAAAAAAA jokes funny.

  • Fredson Oliveira
    Fredson Oliveira 2 days ago

    A melhor banda de todos os tempos puta que pariu som do caralho

  • Moiz Qaiser
    Moiz Qaiser 2 days ago


  • lenny9343
    lenny9343 2 days ago

    Best band ever

  • Jhonny Antonio
    Jhonny Antonio 2 days ago

    Esto es obra d arte led zeppelin y que varvara Jimmy page

  • Jess Ramos
    Jess Ramos 2 days ago

    Still gives me chills 😢🥰🤗

  • Mr70flyer
    Mr70flyer 2 days ago

    18K people are on a whole lotta drugs

  • John lundberg
    John lundberg 2 days ago

    I’m glad I was here to see this live!

  • Richard B. Davis
    Richard B. Davis 2 days ago

    No Guitar 🎸 Solo 😡😡😢😢