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  • Gigi Hide
    Gigi Hide 17 hours ago

    I don’t get it.

  • NRA Fantapapi33
    NRA Fantapapi33 2 days ago

    Is he neutered or is he a girl now

  • apeasskicker
    apeasskicker 3 days ago

    Wtf is this movie

  • Forest Denizen
    Forest Denizen 12 days ago

    Teenage boy playing a woman.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 17 days ago

    What I love is we never actually find out if he actually did rape people

  • J
    J 22 days ago

    Can a guy still jackoff from castration? No, right?

  • Edison Vieravargas

    This is very hostile ASMR,

  • Edison Vieravargas

    How did he feel that if nothing happened

  • madbear3512
    madbear3512 Month ago

    In the movie was he raping a kid or what

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 2 months ago

    Fuck yeah Ellen Page. This is the shit women like to see.

  • Eric Judkins-van buren

    I luuuuuv her!!!!

  • Thabang Tshabalala
    Thabang Tshabalala 2 months ago

    ‘Ok what should I do first right or left testical’

  • Nice Shot
    Nice Shot 2 months ago

    Now I don't have to watch the movie.

  • MrCamw1
    MrCamw1 2 months ago

    This movie is currently free on Amazon prime for whomevers interested.

  • Superior chief TM
    Superior chief TM 2 months ago

    "do you want some souvenirs?" ....... SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • thekillingale 96
    thekillingale 96 2 months ago

    she s the daughter of jim lahey?

  • Phil 372
    Phil 372 2 months ago

    So a few questions. What the fuck is hard candy? Why the fuck is this guy getting castrated? Why the fuck is this in my reccomended? How the fuck is this guy so chill about everything? What the fuck?

  • bored boyo
    bored boyo 2 months ago

    "Do you want some souvenirs?" Lmaoooo

  • 2500 subscribers without no videos

    Human nuteur

  • Rayven bird
    Rayven bird 2 months ago

    Ellen page

  • CamZ CabYo
    CamZ CabYo 2 months ago

    I loooooove this scene

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard 2 months ago

    ohh this feel so good to see the bag guy cry for mercy. Whare was the mercy for the girl. FUCK you scumbag this is just, and right.

  • Moon Queen
    Moon Queen 2 months ago

    Why the hell did she do that for?

  • Dave Francisco
    Dave Francisco 3 months ago

    You'd rather be caught by Chris Hansen 😧😧

  • Joe L
    Joe L 3 months ago

    That poor guy, I feel so sorry for him. That girl is very mean!

  • joek money
    joek money 3 months ago

    Awwww man a another cheap torture gore film smh and I wanted to watch this movie smh I thought we left shit like this in the 80s/90s do thriller/suspense/revenge tales that These Directors make always half to have the head in the gutter, first with gay shit and now back to this.

  • Jeff Ray
    Jeff Ray 3 months ago

    Lol maybe he public would like to see hillary done.lol

  • Vinny Morales
    Vinny Morales 3 months ago

    Is she the bad guy

  • Sophie
    Sophie 3 months ago

    and then you find out it was all just a big show. insane performances from both wilson and page.

  • Travis Walsh
    Travis Walsh 3 months ago

    Funny how lesbians wanna snip off a guys nuts

  • لافي الشمري
    لافي الشمري 3 months ago

    هذي اللي مثلت دور سيليفيا

  • Wes Mallo
    Wes Mallo 4 months ago

    I love balls!

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson 4 months ago

    Honestly, he's not fighting this hard enough.

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson 4 months ago

      @Buttered Toast If you were *actually* in this scenario, you'd be fighting it tooth and nail up until she actually starts. Honestly, I would the whole time. I'd rather be dead than castrated. Also, it turns out that she was just fucking with him and didn't actually do it, so she wouldn't have killed him.

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson 4 months ago

      @Buttered Toast Before she starts. I'm not a moron who doesn't pay attention or listen when I watch something. He doesn't fight the restraints hard enough or long enough.

    • Buttered Toast
      Buttered Toast 4 months ago

      R Nickerson He has to stay still so she doesn’t accidentally kill him during the surgery. She’s not actually castrating him but he obviously doesn’t know that.

  • Friendly little believer

    I would be screaming

    • manabir khangembam
      manabir khangembam 4 months ago

      Randall Scott, nope dont sream. That's family planning shit.

  • bobby beckwith
    bobby beckwith 4 months ago

    That would be terrible

    MrTEHCOMEDIAN 5 months ago

    This cunt still believe jussie smollet? Overrated cunt.

  • cfruge444
    cfruge444 5 months ago

    For the Deltarune crowd, any SusiexLancer fans think they'd break up over this?

  • Al Sp
    Al Sp 5 months ago

    Hard Candy? More like hard penis

  • jack bran
    jack bran 5 months ago

    People are dupes. The dudes character is not a pedo. Here's the scoop: Ephebophilia is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. The term was originally used in the late 19th to mid 20th century. It is one of a number of sexual preferences across age groups subsumed under the technical term chronophilia.

    • Lucy LTG
      Lucy LTG 4 months ago

      @M*rgan it's not the same thing, dumbass

    • El H
      El H 5 months ago

      He still murder a girl

    • M*rgan
      M*rgan 5 months ago

      jack bran it is the SAME FUCKING THING

  • Jeff_Wolf
    Jeff_Wolf 6 months ago

    And his name is Jeff..

  • zekrom boss
    zekrom boss 6 months ago


  • Ian G
    Ian G 6 months ago

    Ocean Master's beef with mankind started here.

  • Ber P.
    Ber P. 6 months ago

    Now that was actually extremely funny! Especially considering that the audiotrack could easily be transferred to videos that don't beat around the bushwhen they can get away with beating(Naa, DW, I didn't mention you). This is where Art meets Humour. Now if I were looking to make America twice as great again and wanted to scream out to Americans all over the country "America, I can hear you , I hear what you think, ...

  • Over 40
    Over 40 6 months ago

    Well, my nuts hurt now

  • Something_to_appease_Google

    I just watched this movie and it was the most unrealistic bullshit ever. Ellen Page is 5’1 and barely over 100 pounds. Patrick Wilson is 6’1 and about 180 pounds. How in the fuck can we be expected to believe Ellen Page moved someone an entire foot taller and almost double her body weight? It’s that key detail that bothered me throughout the movie and made it difficult to enjoy. Great acting but so unrealistic too.

  • KickinWing
    KickinWing 6 months ago

    So did she actually snippy snippy the old twiddly widdly or did she just mess with his head?

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 6 months ago

    Psycho v psycho = psycho

  • J B
    J B 6 months ago

    Hard candy worst movie ever

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 6 months ago

    For people who don't get this movie.... This is a fetish film for men with ball, c0ck torture fetish. They get off on men being ridiculed and belittled by women... and sometimes other men as well for gay men. Hollywood is filled with perverts that pass off their fetishes as art.

  • Milo Morrow
    Milo Morrow 6 months ago

    Every feminazi's wet dream

  • Adam S
    Adam S 6 months ago

    The fuck is wrong with this bitch?!

  • raven scott
    raven scott 6 months ago


  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 6 months ago

    Stop talking just Theon Greyjoy him!

    • Laura Lloyd
      Laura Lloyd 2 months ago

      flukeman022 What happened to Theon

  • john adams
    john adams 6 months ago

    Shades of ' I spit on your gravy '

  • Chris Lim
    Chris Lim 6 months ago


  • Adam
    Adam 6 months ago

    did she give him some type of numbing thing before cutting him? he deserved to feel as much pain as possible

    • Novaa Rogue
      Novaa Rogue 6 months ago

      Adam I agree, but she numbed it only to make him believe she cut it off when she didn't. It was just psychological torture.

  • Sean Douglas1
    Sean Douglas1 6 months ago

    Oh I'm sure the sick fuck man hating feminists touch themselves to this.

  • Doug M
    Doug M 6 months ago

    This is one of the most disturbing scenes in cinema history. I do not care for Ellen Page, but her performance gets under your skin in this (literally and figuratively).

  • Judo Lover
    Judo Lover 7 months ago

    I stopped cheating on my wife after seeing this scene! Who knows who'll you bring back from the bar!!!

    • michael holt
      michael holt 6 months ago

      You mean...you were cheating on her before

  • Josue Bartley72
    Josue Bartley72 7 months ago

    2:23 I find castrations go better if you take pants off first

  • Lin Phenu
    Lin Phenu 7 months ago

    Men are nothing without their dicks , that slug of a thing controls their brain.

  • ACEK 314
    ACEK 314 7 months ago

    Wtf dis bitch crazy asf

  • user
    user 7 months ago

    steps to reproduce a successful rape. 1. drug your victim but don't get drugged. 2. rape as you wish. 3. kill the victim and confirm the death. 4. evade without leaving any evidence. happy raping.

  • Travis Walsh
    Travis Walsh 7 months ago

    That’s it pedo squeal like a pig I wanna hear you SQUEAAAAL

  • SnowyTheBread
    SnowyTheBread 7 months ago

    What the fuck how he gonna nut now

  • Darmody Harrow
    Darmody Harrow 8 months ago

    Harry peratesticles

  • mcartermcd
    mcartermcd 8 months ago

    bookmark 6:05 for monologue rehearsal

  • Kipp Crusoe
    Kipp Crusoe 8 months ago

    So she did the Ramsey to him she got the bit into berries

    HIGHTOWER 8 months ago

    Well he saw it coming but still that HAS to hurt

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 8 months ago

    I’ve had this fantasy since I was 12. This is so hot! I would die to have a girl cut my balls off... OMG!

  • Uncle Dane Wannabe
    Uncle Dane Wannabe 8 months ago

    Wanna souvenir?

  • Poker Fanatic79
    Poker Fanatic79 8 months ago

    This freaks me out and I don't even have balls

  • Jacob Paduch
    Jacob Paduch 8 months ago

    Well .. don't rape a girl you should be fine..

  • Ben Schumacher
    Ben Schumacher 8 months ago

    Wait, is this like actually true

  • Badge Ricketts
    Badge Ricketts 8 months ago

    What a wonderful punishment for rapists and paedophiles, preferably without anaesthetic.

    • TovKafur
      TovKafur 3 months ago

      @qsqua Single life is unimportant, even if it is my own. Welfare of whole is more important than suffering of a tiny part.

    • qsqua
      qsqua 3 months ago

      @TovKafur all fun and games until you're the innocent man being accused

    • TovKafur
      TovKafur 3 months ago

      @bob jones Police state and art of terror are soultions, after all. Read about legalists and Vlad Tepes.

    • bob jones
      bob jones 3 months ago

      TovKafur Your solution is no solution at all.

    • TovKafur
      TovKafur 4 months ago

      @Scott Knieve Better to punish one innocent man than to left one criminal unpunished. As long as every man understands that he has no chance to commit crime and avoid punishment, there will be order in society.

  • Khaled Nahi
    Khaled Nahi 8 months ago

    Dumb feminists

  • AlphaDeltaXray
    AlphaDeltaXray 8 months ago

    Anyone else ever wonder why she didn't actually do it? That's never really explained in the movie (that i know of).

  • Eoghan Feighery
    Eoghan Feighery 8 months ago

    So that's what Kitty Pryde was doing before coming to the Xavier Institute.

  • Chef Soy 51
    Chef Soy 51 8 months ago

    She does cut them off and mix them In a mixer i dont know if its some kind of nice version you all seen

    • El H
      El H 5 months ago

      Chef Soy 51 I don’t know what it was that she put in the mixer but it wasn’t his balls

  • Harley Queen
    Harley Queen 9 months ago

    That's Orm!

  • Paul Hoffman
    Paul Hoffman 9 months ago

    The same feminists want Muslim pedos within our countries.

  • Craig Hauser
    Craig Hauser 9 months ago

    All the people who think this is what should be done to people suspected of crime instead of a democratic process of law and order should move to the middle east or some 3rd world pisshole and form ur own fucked up nation. Fuckin hypocrytes live in a western civilization yet applaud this psycho shit. This is barbarism

  • Austin PaRz
    Austin PaRz 9 months ago

    I love the new orphan remake!

  • Barney
    Barney 9 months ago

    Not my proudest fap

  • Christian Peck
    Christian Peck 9 months ago

    Remember kids, this is what happens when you look at loli fanart. #Youhavebeenwarned

  • Martin S
    Martin S 9 months ago

    DP the bitch

  • Córka Sama Berkowitz
    Córka Sama Berkowitz 9 months ago

    He got what he deserved. He was asking for it, probably he just provoked her.

  • mam ghh
    mam ghh 9 months ago

    please cut off her clitoris. and give her to honor it.

  • Webster Thomas
    Webster Thomas 9 months ago

    So castration to pedophiles sure... What do we do to women pedophiles though? What can we cut off??

    • 50ksavage Good Savage
      50ksavage Good Savage 9 months ago

      Boobs or put the flat or curling iron to the pussy. Of course when hot-crotch, sex-pest teachers doing to boys and THEY promote that shit like the boy deserves a trophy & shit. THAT'S STILL PEDOPHILE SHIT!!! But I don't know why shit is in black & white. Adults should NOT be in a relationship or FALL IN LOVE to children!!! AND I'M STATING FACTS ON THIS

    • M 167
      M 167 9 months ago

      The nips idk

  • 참치오이
    참치오이 9 months ago

    4:32 ahegao?

  • Jade Finn
    Jade Finn 9 months ago

    All women are like this when their faux civility is stripped away. Perhaps men are just as primal and disturbed? Whenever I start to doubt being single and staying the hell away from women I watch this clip and remind myself that the end results of romantic relationships are bankruptcy, emotional castration, the end of ambition, and ultimately death of self.

  • Annabel Nightwish
    Annabel Nightwish 10 months ago

    Guys are so fucking butthurt about one of their own gender appearing to have been castrated despite the fact that he's playing a pedophile and a murderer. I fully support pedophiles becoming eunuchs. They don't deserve to procreate.

    • Annabel Nightwish
      Annabel Nightwish 9 months ago

      @Paul Hoffman where did I even slightly elude to that?

    • Paul Hoffman
      Paul Hoffman 9 months ago

      Yet on the flip side gals like you promote open borders for muslims who engage in grooming gangs.

  • HeartlessHorseman420
    HeartlessHorseman420 10 months ago

    Did she see his penis tho?

  • 0 5
    0 5 10 months ago

    All rapists/pedos should be snipped.

      DEZIIRE Month ago

      @Hexogram :D people who have mob mentality don't deserve their opinions to be taken seriously. Theres a reason why almost every country doesn't allow it

    • Hexogram :D
      Hexogram :D Month ago

      Challenger2 Black night yes they should

      DEZIIRE Month ago

      No they shouldn't lol

      DEZIIRE Month ago

      @Hexogram :D lol no

    • expendableloner
      expendableloner Month ago

      @Craig Hauser pedos are not mentally ill they are pieces of shit. Gasoline et voilà

  • blagh mrblafh
    blagh mrblafh 10 months ago

    Wait she was faking the surgery the whole time? did she actually castrate him?

  • SRT8Driver
    SRT8Driver 10 months ago

    ugh that bitch's voice is truly annoying!

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 10 months ago

    Problem is once he heals he will hunt her down! Think of all the money he will save now!

  • raven scott
    raven scott 10 months ago


  • Cear Rose
    Cear Rose 10 months ago

    Low key got what he had coming.

  • James Bomar
    James Bomar 10 months ago

    What a bunch of garbage.