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TWICE Hidden FilmTWICE Hidden Film
TWICE Hidden Film
2 months ago
3 months ago
GOT7 "7 for 7"GOT7 "7 for 7"
GOT7 "7 for 7"
5 months ago
9 months ago

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  • nahuel torres harnisch


  • Jessica C
    Jessica C 2 months ago

    You should put more of your artists' songs on Spotify and Amazon.

  • Mohd Yazeed
    Mohd Yazeed 2 months ago

    i want to be a trainee of jyp someday , wait for me jyp entertainment!!!!

  • Alisson Monserrat
    Alisson Monserrat 2 months ago

    Podrian publicar el kdrama dream knight !! Saludos desde honduras :3

  • 이서연이
    이서연이 2 months ago

    라인으로 톡줘요 yys567 야톡방으로 초대할께요

  • 이서연이
    이서연이 2 months ago

    라인으로 톡줘요 yys567 야톡방으로 초대할께요

  • 이서연이
    이서연이 2 months ago

    라인으로 톡줘요 yys567 야톡방으로 초대할께요

  • 夜食
    夜食 3 months ago

    TWICE マジ卍卍卍

  • nicolas gaitan
    nicolas gaitan 3 months ago

    i love you

    SANTOSH SINHA 3 months ago

    Your channel is great I have subscribed you :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  • Yanagi Blue
    Yanagi Blue 3 months ago

    Keep Minho from Stray Kids! Waste of talent if he doesn't debut with his team mates! All 9 of them be good together love their video ' Hellevator'. From Yanagi in England!

  • 6ar8o شهوده
    6ar8o شهوده 3 months ago

    Hi, I'm from Iraq and love be a band wagon of Korea can offer on it In teams of 3 girls and we want to be rubber but a single application should be understoodHip-hop enthusiasm as the kids and even clothes please reply

  • Audrey
    Audrey 3 months ago

    민호를 다시 데려와주세요!

  • SaYuTW
    SaYuTW 3 months ago

    This has infringed the music copyright! tvclip.biz/video/O1khOyJzKII/video.html

  • J Army
    J Army 3 months ago

    Please miss A 8th Album

  • J Army
    J Army 3 months ago

    miss A

  • dark alquimia
    dark alquimia 3 months ago

    Quiero a somi en twice y que sea un grupo de 10 integrantes :( .

  • Sophia
    Sophia 3 months ago

    Why can't I find Day6's music on Spotify?

    • Jessica C
      Jessica C 2 months ago

      JYP artists don't have much if anything available on Amazon or Spotify. I'm hoping that will change as those 2 places are where I spend my time and money on music.

  • Seoul Sistars
    Seoul Sistars 3 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/QGFBWBi7tJk/video.html I did a cover of Likey :)

  • Dany Rodríguez
    Dany Rodríguez 3 months ago

    La primera vez que supe del grupo musical masculino surcoreano GOT7 creo que fue hace 1 año a través del buscador de google que diagonal a mano derecha aparece un cuadro donde aparecen los nombres de los cantantes y grupos musicales asiáticos o tal vez fue de aquí de alguna lista de reproducción de algún canal de alguna compañía discográfica asiática.

    LOVE TWICE 3 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/n6og_Lgi6aU/video.html ←Illegal upload URL

  • SimonSkrlec
    SimonSkrlec 3 months ago

    Hello. GHOSTBUSTERS drum cover with mask :) Best regards. tvclip.biz/video/h_zmayS-WZQ/video.html

  • Machismo549
    Machismo549 3 months ago

    LMAO Look at all these Chink bashing by other Slanty eye Orientals. Self-Hatred at its finest!

  • l ようた
    l ようた 3 months ago


  • Seyma Irtam
    Seyma Irtam 3 months ago


  • Seyma Irtam
    Seyma Irtam 3 months ago


  • Seyma Irtam
    Seyma Irtam 3 months ago


  • Seyma Irtam
    Seyma Irtam 3 months ago

    I love day6

  • Seyma Irtam
    Seyma Irtam 3 months ago

    I love day6

  • Nadya Maulidia
    Nadya Maulidia 3 months ago

    Dear JYP I hope 15& can release their new album soon. and let Park Jimin sing often. regards

  • Oce Lmt
    Oce Lmt 3 months ago

    Hello my name is Océane I'm 15 years old and I'm french I'm struggling as I can talk to you. Your beautiful BamBam I'm crazy about you later I'd like to meet you because I'm a huge fan of you and I love your series I hope you can answer me with pleasure. Big kisses to you😘💙 and to the group "GOT7" you are the best 😘💜💛

  • artistaya Lee
    artistaya Lee 3 months ago

    풀 타임 got7 콘서트를보고 싶습니까?

  • artistaya Lee
    artistaya Lee 3 months ago

    Want to see the full-time got7 concert?

  • Sofia
    Sofia 4 months ago

    What about JYP present us an official video of Remember You GOT7 (from 7 for 7).

  • Sofía Pérez
    Sofía Pérez 4 months ago


  • Gabriela Oliveira
    Gabriela Oliveira 4 months ago


  • elisa13668
    elisa13668 4 months ago

    I am a fans of GOT7, Why your company do not post any tutorial for voting GOT7 for winning any kind of Korean Music Charts, such as Melon, Genie etc? Winning Charts are very important to GOT7. You can see EXO and BTS having tutorials in youtube.

  • Chiara Verniccio
    Chiara Verniccio 4 months ago

    Hi. Why don't you make available GOT7's discography on Spotify Italy, please? It's so frustrating I can only listen to a few songs.

  • 남진(JM) 조
    남진(JM) 조 4 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/YfTm2UpOXRQ/video.html 어금니 아빠 사건에 당 소속사 10대 가수의 사진을 이용한 것이 매우 부적절해 보입니다.

  • sirinawee manotham
    sirinawee manotham 4 months ago


  • MT BB
    MT BB 4 months ago

    love you got7

  • ลักขณา พุมาเกรียว

    รักกัซ LOVEGOT7

  • Hilal Cetin
    Hilal Cetin 4 months ago

    got7 send to knowing brother please jyp

  • ahgase
    ahgase 4 months ago

    where is hellevator mv !!

  • 정봉규
    정봉규 4 months ago

    헐... JYP... 오늘 부터 TWICE 가 J-POP Girl Group 이 된거냐...??? 신곡과 MV 가 일본어 버전이 먼저 발표가 되도 되는건가...??? JYP... 넌 자존 심도 없냐...??? TWICE 로 일본에서 돈이나 벌 생각이면 그러던지 말던지 그건 니 자유니깐 맘대로 해라... 대신... 앞으로 TWICE 가 K-POP Girl Group 이라고 떠들고 다니진 말아라... 욕쳐먹게 될테니깐...!!!

  • Ольга Даниленко

    Hello. Why don't you place DAY6 audios in music apps (such as Google music or Deezer)?

  • Julia Cheng
    Julia Cheng 4 months ago

    Hello JYP Entertainment. I've been trying to apply for an audition through your website but it won't let me apply without becoming a member. When I tried to sign up, it wouldn't send me a verification code. What should I do?

  • Maruf Raihan
    Maruf Raihan 4 months ago

    Congratulations on 5 million Subscribers JYP .... <3

  • Andre Mulamba
    Andre Mulamba 4 months ago

    are got7 having another song

  • Dany Rodríguez
    Dany Rodríguez 5 months ago

    La primera vez que me enteré del grupo musical surcoreano Twice fue hace unos meses en el buscador de Google cuando buscaba un grupo musical asiático y apareció este y lo anoté para escuchar sus canciones.

  • Dolunay Asena Yıldızbaş

    twice <3

  • ayano
    ayano 5 months ago


  • GOT7'S IGOT7
    GOT7'S IGOT7 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/VtshK2hYUdE/video.html ALL AHGASES , watch thıs video and support please... ITS A PROJECT FOR GOT7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GOT7'S IGOT7
    GOT7'S IGOT7 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/VtshK2hYUdE/video.html ALL AHGASES , watch thıs video and support please... ITS A PROJECT FOR GOT7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GOT7'S IGOT7
    GOT7'S IGOT7 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/VtshK2hYUdE/video.html ALL AHGASES , watch thıs video and support please... ITS A PROJECT FOR GOT7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jantana mala
    jantana mala 5 months ago

    I need GOT7 comeback i love GOT7

  • jantana mala
    jantana mala 5 months ago

    I need GOT7 comeback i love GOT7

  • jantana mala
    jantana mala 5 months ago

    We want GOT7 We want GOT7 We want GOT7 We want GOT7

  • jantana mala
    jantana mala 5 months ago

    We want GOT7

  • jantana mala
    jantana mala 5 months ago

    come back GOT7 I miss GOT7

  • surbhi vyas
    surbhi vyas 6 months ago

    jihyo's melody project video plzzzzz

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  • Seungkyu Choi
    Seungkyu Choi 6 months ago

    What should I do to meet Twice again? this is the creative director of Twice!

  • Isa H
    Isa H 6 months ago

    JYP please take action to clean and report 3rd party channels distributing your artist's materials on TVclip =_= your management is a mess.

  • Sơn Giáp Thế
    Sơn Giáp Thế 6 months ago


  • ItsJuliannax
    ItsJuliannax 6 months ago


    CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO 6 months ago

    JJP soooooooooon get ready

  • Mohamed Saad
    Mohamed Saad 7 months ago

    I tried a lot to find an email to talk to them but i could not find

  • Mohamed Saad
    Mohamed Saad 7 months ago

    How to contact with jyb entertanment

  • 飛飛濕紙巾魚鰭小魔仙


  • สวัสดี ชาวโลก

    +仔汗 呵呵,说成“三粒”也没错,一粒老鼠屎都可以坏一锅汤,何况三粒,台湾总有一天会死在台毒的身上。+仔汗 呵呵,说成“三粒”也没错,一粒老鼠屎都可以坏一锅汤,何况三粒,台湾总有一天会死在台毒的身上。+仔汗 呵呵,说成“三粒”也没错,一粒老鼠屎都可以坏一锅汤,何况三粒,台湾总有一天会死在台毒的身上。+仔汗 呵呵,说成“三粒”也没错,一粒老鼠屎都可以坏一锅汤,何况三粒,台湾总有一天会死在台毒的身上。

  • สวัสดี ชาวโลก

    +仔汗 呵呵,说成“三粒”也没错,一粒老鼠屎都可以坏一锅汤,何况三粒,台湾总有一天会死在台毒的身上。

  • Trigger Gun
    Trigger Gun 8 months ago

    already sub u..please sub me back

  • 김유진
    김유진 8 months ago

    우리나라를 기쁘게 하는 JYP NATION이 되시길 바래요.

  • 김유정이
    김유정이 8 months ago

    제가 JYP NATION에게 바라는 것은 우리나라를 기쁘게 하는 JYP회사가 되셨으면 합니다.

  • SH Moon
    SH Moon 8 months ago

    JYP회사에게 바래요. 우리나라를 기쁘게 하는 JYP NATION이 되세요.

  • 연승필
    연승필 8 months ago

    제가 JYP NATION (JYP 회사 )에게 바라는 점은 우리나라를 기쁘게 하는 회사가 되어주세요. 감사합니다.

  • Kate The Moo
    Kate The Moo 8 months ago

    Unsubsccribing.. not letting your ragdoll- I mean artists, sleep for 3 days is unacceptable.

  • Abdelrahman Assad
    Abdelrahman Assad 9 months ago

    im suing

  • Mary Grace Espinar
    Mary Grace Espinar 9 months ago

    Please!! add SOMI as 10th member of twice!! she deserved it!! 100% she's perfect for it... :)

  • Laura Burrow
    Laura Burrow 9 months ago

    Still don't understand why Never Ever wasn't featured on the Home page here yet every other artist gets their new videos up there front and centre... bad form

  • Dương Gift Channel
    Dương Gift Channel 9 months ago

    JYP should hide the rating system between Like and Dislike so that haters can't disrupt and distract Twice fans by giving more dislikes. Look at K.A.R.D and try on every Twice's video like K.A.R.D does before those ignorant haters come in and ruin the enjoyment of music on purpose.

  • mahsa.19 s
    mahsa.19 s 9 months ago

    please update you're channel logo! GOT7 & TWICE aren't in it & it's so old!!!!

  • DiMa T
    DiMa T 9 months ago

    트와이스 - 잘 했어! you did well with "SIGNAL" it's cute and weird (in a good way) ;) i liked it!

  • Lishika Pargi
    Lishika Pargi 9 months ago

    signal is great ...

  • YEE
    YEE 9 months ago

    5분 남았따

  • mr ssamja
    mr ssamja 9 months ago


  • Gee
    Gee 9 months ago

    waiting for twice

  • Gee
    Gee 9 months ago

    Not going premium on Spotify because no JYP songs :(

  • Stang
    Stang 9 months ago

    fuck fuck

  • Stang
    Stang 9 months ago


  • ThatOnePerson
    ThatOnePerson 9 months ago


  • sveta.got7.exo.bts
    sveta.got7.exo.bts 9 months ago

    Twice 😍,Got7 💖

  • angela felicilda
    angela felicilda 9 months ago


  • Layla.Whutup101
    Layla.Whutup101 9 months ago


  • erik shalbanov
    erik shalbanov 10 months ago

    smule sing

  • Sabrina Tamayo
    Sabrina Tamayo 10 months ago

    What's with all these comments?? Did jyp do something wrong??

  • Denielton
    Denielton 10 months ago

    15& comeback pls

  • Emily Lam Su
    Emily Lam Su 10 months ago

    can we get a real day6 plis~~?

  • kpop forever
    kpop forever 10 months ago

    i love twice❤❤❤❤

  • Анастасия Царь


  • Selin Pinardag
    Selin Pinardag 10 months ago


  • Rosalya Muse
    Rosalya Muse 10 months ago

    why I can't have an account . I want do the audition !!!

  • Vainiyang
    Vainiyang 10 months ago


  • Agung Empawi
    Agung Empawi 11 months ago

    I hope JYP will making a project for miss A feat. JIA

  • Cylia ben zaouche
    Cylia ben zaouche 11 months ago

    i,m cl and i,m willing to be a trainee on your company .i can rap and alittle sing i,m foreigher.can i become a kpop star. please respond soon

  • emall333
    emall333 11 months ago

    GOT7’s Jackson Health Issues After Collapsing what happening?

  • 루시퍼
    루시퍼 11 months ago

    트와이스 유튜브는 없나요?ㅋ

  • Michelle Thefreeone
    Michelle Thefreeone 11 months ago

    I hope Jackson gets better soon.

  • Mae Mallare
    Mae Mallare 11 months ago

    Please Read The link below. Like, Share and Mention some friends who can relate to the link below #OppaMoOppaKoOppaNatingLahat <3 facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1680244985325755&set=o.1478550645512016&type=3&comment_id=1683979671618953&ref=notif&notif_t=mentions_comment&notif_id=1489401598583383

  • Hariadi Trijati TV
    Hariadi Trijati TV 11 months ago

    JYP Entertainment i have job for your artist, the name is jeon somi. contact me if you want

  • Isabella Pan
    Isabella Pan 11 months ago

    why don't you put got7's never ever music video in home page? why?????

  • Sacrifurious
    Sacrifurious 11 months ago

    Hey JYP give GOT7 more air time international fans love them and they are so sweet to their fans, not just that they promote Korea in a good light how can that be bad. I'm dissappointed that a smart country can't see them as an absolute benefit to the world. I know they aren't all Korean but, I hope they are given a chance by Korea because that's their home.I love Korea not sure it likes me however and, Jackson is the heart of GOT7 please get well soon rest eat well and receive lots of love from us all the boys were awesome on countdown they did you proud but, it's not the same without you everyone is missing and worried about you so I hope you see these messages and it gives you strength to get better soon x

  • tae kook
    tae kook 11 months ago


  • Debora Yaneva
    Debora Yaneva 11 months ago

    where is the got7 mv?

  • - Alyson -
    - Alyson - 11 months ago

    Anyone else here camping for got7 comeback?

  • savagedab22
    savagedab22 11 months ago

    OMG TBH im not a big fan of GOT7 i like there songs but never ever sound good ^.^

  • Rukiye Uzun
    Rukiye Uzun 11 months ago

    JYPE looks like you did a great job with GOT7's new title track :) Btw why the views for the teaser is stuck at 470k?

  • Rahmayani Kusuma
    Rahmayani Kusuma 11 months ago

    jyp please put all your song in spotify :'(

  • hà trang phan
    hà trang phan 11 months ago


  • A.R.M.Y Vkook
    A.R.M.Y Vkook 11 months ago

    I want to become a singer of company.

  • Bishal Datta
    Bishal Datta 11 months ago

    why 2PM is less active in korea? there fan base decreasing rapidly? 2AM is gone?

  • Denielton
    Denielton Year ago

    cade o comeback do meu 15& meu filho, não faça eu invadir a coreia nao viu pfv

  • beatriz jimenez
    beatriz jimenez Year ago

    I miss GOT7

  • 비
     Year ago

    Dear JYP, I would love to know what happened to JB's ( Got7) Wrist. Why? Why? Why? Is that an animal scratch or what? Many fans are worried and shocked. Please take a good care of them please.

  • putri rezky
    putri rezky Year ago

    finally they are comeback !!!! Yeah !!!!

  • Yuutaro Kanabe
    Yuutaro Kanabe Year ago

    JYPE... the twice view count stop? can you tell to youtube what happen?

  • Chrismas eve
    Chrismas eve Year ago

    GOT7 I miss you

  • Hello!
    Hello! Year ago

    twice comeback 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • King IT
    King IT Year ago

    day6 pandora please

  • King IT
    King IT Year ago

    day 6 pandaora mv please

  • kpop forever
    kpop forever Year ago

    twice comeback 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • MOOK. K
    MOOK. K Year ago


  • Tea tea 昀芯
    Tea tea 昀芯 Year ago

    I find in the Suzy "yes no maybe" MV that Chinese writing has mistake!佛典有「云」 this word means "said",so not 「雲」it is could. 回覆

  • Di Natali
    Di Natali Year ago


  • isidora pm
    isidora pm Year ago


  • ZzZzZzain
    ZzZzZzain Year ago

    i wonder what the new album of TWICE is gonna be called, TWICECoaster Lane 2? it sounds kind of boring(but i'd still love it).

  • Aria Mi
    Aria Mi Year ago

    there needs to be a playlist for all jyp music videos only lmao

    APPLE Year ago


  • gude tama tama
    gude tama tama Year ago

    where can i watch an eng sub of sixteen?

  • Amchuz
    Amchuz Year ago

    Hello, I have used Twice TT video and song for editing. Just an FMV. I am not earning any money from it. Just for entertainment. Is it ok ? Or should I delete the video ?

  • isidora pm
    isidora pm Year ago

    miss a comeback I MISS YOU

  • cony opazo
    cony opazo Year ago


  • cony opazo
    cony opazo Year ago


  • Aaron Lardinois
    Aaron Lardinois Year ago

    Hello, How do we create an account on the site jyp, it does not accept any of the passwords that i come in ??

  • BoolBada
    BoolBada Year ago

    2017년은 걸그룹 열풍을 가져온 원더걸스 데뷔 10주년입니다. 텔미같은 기념비적인 MV는 1080p로 새로 업로드 되면 좋을 것입니다.

    MAYBE MOOK Year ago

    I want to yugyeom Got7 and Lisa Blackpink Dance tageter

  • band libya girls

    ممكن تساعدوني انا مغنيه فرديه احبكم tvclip.biz/channel/UCpgvwB8X1lhHbL4zoKZ0u6A

  • zlin su
    zlin su Year ago

    Watched 2016 SBS gayodaejun last night, seriously?!! producer stage ... JYP u need to stop being lazy.... always these old things, those songs are good but not a lit for 2016 stage... especially "Don't leave me",omg.... can you just leave it!!!

  • Genivieve Vasquez

    I wish JYPE will produce another Christmas song with your all artists T_T

  • Genivieve Vasquez

    I wish JYPE will produce another Christmas song with your all artists T_T

  • isidora pm
    isidora pm Year ago

    MISS A i miss you

  • Pat Sosa
    Pat Sosa Year ago


  • Alexandra Eberhardsson

    Hi. How come it does not work to log in or make a new account for JYPauditon.com. I would love to auditon but I do not know what to do?Alexandra, Sweden

  • Shayna Rivera
    Shayna Rivera Year ago

    I...........I....I...I'm such a bad fan GOT7 I didn't now they got out a new album I'm such a bad fan my friends are going to kill me if they now ohhhhh no help me....im to young to die."HELP MEEEEE"

  • Denielton
    Denielton Year ago

    I can't believe you are losing a talent whose name is 15&, if we don't have a 15& come back this year I'm gonna die

  • panda chingu
    panda chingu Year ago

    could you guys pls upload the live version from SBS Inkigayo Twice TT live version as the sbs youtube channel is not available in other countries. plissss T_T

  • 小遊戲 OMoCha

    Official channel

  • Kathlene Ramos
    Kathlene Ramos Year ago

    내가 오디션을 할 수 원하는

  • Christ Granger
    Christ Granger Year ago

    TWICE shouldn't be the perfect. I very hate twice. I'm not jealous at ....... but i'm gonna be in anti twice groups'

  • jhc6608
    jhc6608 Year ago

    JYP, please do consider adding Chinese Traditional as part of your subtitles. Thank you.

  • Elena
    Elena Year ago

    Plz JYP put Somi of I.O.I in Twice plz, plz !

  • 菌納豆
    菌納豆 Year ago


  • j park
    j park Year ago

    오늘은 뜨겟지?

  • j park
    j park Year ago

    트와이스 티저 언재떠요?

  • cleivonisa maria

    got7 come to brazil

  • Mega Punch
    Mega Punch Year ago

    Can someone tell me what happened to the other dance practices by Twice.

  • nina habi
    nina habi Year ago

    I love You 💖 2pm and miss a 💕 im really sad because jia left the group but i hop 2pm dont gonna do it because i love everyone

  • jennifer takanori

    i make you guys a video i hope you watch it it for got7 <3 it a massage to you guys the jyp plz got7 watch my video <3 sorry it very long

  • gladiolus poppy
    gladiolus poppy Year ago


  • KTV
    KTV Year ago

    i wan't to join jyp audition can you do an audition here in morrocco please

  • -天琪 靖
    -天琪 靖 Year ago

    要怎麼上傳影片大家可不可以教我?要用相機還是程式拍?線上報名怎麼報?下一次的徵試是什麼時候?拜託教教我,跪求解答How can I upload my video ? Who can teach me ?Use camera or program ?How can I get the online registration?When is the next time ( audition ) ?Please tell me ! This is very important to me

  • Napassorn Sukkasem

    I wish jimin's comeback would be the BEST, and top up into the music programs since i wanna see her sing live! our jamie, love ya!!!!!

  • jessi hernandez
    jessi hernandez Year ago

    Por sacar a tiffany irán a la quiebra!

  • Christina Stabo
    Christina Stabo Year ago

    Real GOT7 season 4?

  • Yoshinta olivia
    Yoshinta olivia Year ago

    i really glad that jimin is gonna make a comeback! but i really hope i can see miss a perform again as a group even tho Jia already left :( don't waste them jyp. they were really famous :(( please

  • kang ss
    kang ss Year ago

    what"s the name of the guy on got7"s mv of confession song.. please tell me. 3:45 thank you!

  • Denielton
    Denielton Year ago

    I think I'm gonna die without a comeback of 15&

  • Emily Hsu
    Emily Hsu Year ago

    I want to thank the JYP youtube for putting english subtitles on all the videos! It must have been a lot of hard work to do this, but it makes things so much better for us. Thank you!! Bless you guys!

  • Vân Hồ
    Vân Hồ Year ago

    jackson got7 😍

  • Teri'lei Iokua-Williams

    ?..Why is it OK for some members of Got7, to make racist comments and think its OK..??? I guarantee if he has the BALLS to say it to a young Black man..a N***er.....that Korean Got7 member will be living...just saying....Got7 member does NOT!!!!!!! have the right to say the word....its totally DISRESPECTFUL!!!!.... SO MR. JYP, TEACH YOUR ARTISTS ITS NOT RIGHT.......

    • princess momo
      princess momo Year ago

      Yes i do lol

    • Teri'lei Iokua-Williams
      Teri'lei Iokua-Williams Year ago

      No I don't like violence, but just because black people uses the word N word, dosent mean that everybody of non black can use it...do you know whete the N word original came from?

    • princess momo
      princess momo Year ago

      Lmao they're not trying to mimic... just saying They wouldn't have been hurt either cx daamn u like violence don't you

    • Teri'lei Iokua-Williams
      Teri'lei Iokua-Williams Year ago

      I'm good, their young, true they were in LA, but I guarantee YOU if they would have went to South Central, Watts,Inglewood,Long Beach saying the N word..because it's cool to fit in, ..they would have been hurt..by the people their trying to mimic. ... just saying

    • Christina Stabo
      Christina Stabo Year ago

      You shouldn't ever tell anyone what they should and should not be offended by, especially when it's about racist stuff like this. The 'n' word is disrespectful to say if you aren't black, and it was very wrong of BamBam to say, foreigner or not. I'm glad BamBam realised it was wrong and apologised, but he does not have to be forgiven because of it - because it's an extremely harmful word from anyone non-black. You should be critical when your idols mess up, it's the only way they learn.

  • Yoshinta olivia
    Yoshinta olivia Year ago

    you need to make jimin comeback ASAP! it's been so long since hopeless love :((

  • Kaitlyn Cheung
    Kaitlyn Cheung Year ago

    GOT7 I miss you!!!!! please let us know that your ok!!

  • M K
    M K Year ago

    Can we please have a got7 live broadcast.. it's been so long, we miss them :(

  • Khunnie Khunnie
    Khunnie Khunnie Year ago

    Please take good care of 2PM !!!❤~I miss them

  • Khunnie Khunnie
    Khunnie Khunnie Year ago

    2PM 2PM !!!!!!Forever❤

  • emall333
    emall333 Year ago

    The entire Got7 American Tour sold out and the performances totally Rocked!!!! Never let anyone change their unique style! Even the ones who spread gossip and rumours on Bam Bam and Yugyeom helped add fans to their list. They had to check out their music to discover who they were. It is their time and let no one take it from them!!!

  • Jenna Vue
    Jenna Vue Year ago

    I just feel the need to say that G.Soul has been through a lot over the course of time and unlike the majority who debuted in their early 20s, he debuted later. Time is Money.. It's sad to see him go to the military training... But at the same time, we, fans, hope to see him soon with more of his potentials unleashed. A voice like G.Soul cannot and shouldn't go to waste. We'll wait for his "American" debut... If possible. ❤️ So much, but with so little space in JYP...

    • emall333
      emall333 Year ago


  • Napassorn Sukkasem

    JYP please, when will Jimin Park comeback for another solo??? CAN YOU BE MORE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT HER SOLO PERF. TOO! I'm so tired of waiting for her amazing voice and I need it soon!!!! Please plan a comeback for her soon, and I mean SOON!!!!!

  • julz
    julz Year ago

    GOT7 got music videos that are exceptionally good hence a lot of views, BUT GUYS YOUR LIVE PERFORMANCES NEED TO REFLECT THAT AS WELL.....I think you got to find a niche with them flips (find another level to it) and moves, tho not easy but need to find another level to it. Your music, NEEDS TO START GETTING AN UPGRADE....Nothing against it but it is like a very common form, it is like am waiting for a MASSIVE WAVE MUSIC form from GOT7 ooz I don't think they have reached their PEAK YET...

    • Christina Stabo
      Christina Stabo Year ago

      so true!

    • M K
      M K Year ago

      Sameeeee, I feel they have SO MUCH potential but they're keeping it from us! When I listened (and watched) the switched up version of Just Right; my thought were... amazing king of vocals, king of giving me goosebumps... like they need to re-distribute the roles like that more often.. Really looking forward to that wave..

  • CallMePAP
    CallMePAP Year ago

    Twice Twice~!

  • Jangmi Arabic fans

    plz iwant be siner of korea witch my team plziwant be singer but iam girl 15years old and iam from morocco iam arabic girl

  • nikiwonho
    nikiwonho Year ago

    i can never forgive you for what you did to miss A.

  • Denielton
    Denielton Year ago

    hello darkness my old friend...

  • CatLan
    CatLan Year ago

    Has Tzuyu started her stand-up-comedy career already? Her apologying china video was too hilarious :D :D :D

  • upintheabyss
    upintheabyss Year ago

    외국어 자막도 올리시는데 우리말 자막도 함께 올려주셨으면 해요. 듣지는 못하는 분들도 가사를 느껴가며 볼 수 있도록.

  • Denielton
    Denielton Year ago

    jyp you make me cry

  • Denielton
    Denielton Year ago


  • Dave Sung
    Dave Sung Year ago

    Hi,please fix the online audition website for foreigner,i cant send my application,when i hit "enter" it says something wrong with the url,and it tells me to inform to the site's administrator,thank you