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Fuggum Frank (Random)
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genealogical hybrid ✨
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Old Town Road (WEED VERSION)
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What in the algorithm?
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Your My Boy Blue 👊🏼
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Dis My TouYube Channel 🤠
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Fukk Da Nay-Bores
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DIS-TRACK-TED’ (Distrack)
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Chillin in the ChurchCave
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Bullshittin, whatchu durn?
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Lacquer Thinner Larry
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That’s Methed up mane 😂
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Nicola Tessa 😂🤘🏼
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Take that SnMellfie then. Lol
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Don’t laugh skin 😂
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Plastic Fork Adult 🍴
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Yeah Right dude. Lol
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It’s Gone.
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For all my BadLuck skins lol
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Hank Hill by Upchurch
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  • Bud Blazedalot
    Bud Blazedalot 14 minutes ago

    Man i love you wanting to preserve your granpas truck that's fucking top shelf bro

  • Littl3Giant
    Littl3Giant 38 minutes ago

    Dude this song is dope! Keep rollin Church

  • Carol R
    Carol R 42 minutes ago

    So far I've not disagreed with you on anything and I'm sure I wont in future videos either.

  • Digital Riggs
    Digital Riggs 47 minutes ago

    Dude you’re fucking awesome. We hear ya up here in Kansas, brother.

  • Carla Moore
    Carla Moore 55 minutes ago

    Hell yeah everyday life!!! It's killing me 4 days no bonfire fire ban.

  • Lake Dennis
    Lake Dennis 57 minutes ago

    Yo, we got the same truck, mines a 1995 Nissan Hardbody, let me know what year yours is

  • Amanda Beach
    Amanda Beach Hour ago

    I can't believe you named your cock Dave. Looks more like a Pete or Steve.

  • Montana Eddings
    Montana Eddings Hour ago


  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Hour ago

    Whip and hard you can punch me in the face

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Hour ago

    He does have trashy songs

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Hour ago

    Upchurch do you know me Kyle I I want to see you get in a can you do a video of you fighting square body Chevy I want to see you kick his ass

  • stoner 2
    stoner 2 Hour ago

    Hell ya skin

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Hour ago

    You should make a remix of square body Chevy

  • Johnny Frias
    Johnny Frias Hour ago

    Hey man if you get this and you possibly look at my post i am going to play this at my mom and dads wedding because this is a song me and my mom role to when in the truck

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Hour ago

    Upchurch should I make up a song of Old Town Road

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Hour ago

    You are right about I'm going to blaze my butt down the old back road

  • Dillon Walker
    Dillon Walker Hour ago

    You are right that crash talk

  • Dillon Walker
    Dillon Walker Hour ago

    I like your music

  • Bass N’ Buck
    Bass N’ Buck Hour ago

    Lets eat Cheetos and drink chocolate milk and laugh RHEC Tessa skins

  • dennis justice
    dennis justice 2 hours ago

    whats happening man, been a while without a talking vid I know the skins are looking forward to it! hope your doing good man!

  • Amanda Beach
    Amanda Beach 2 hours ago

    I'm dying 🤣🤣 I needed this today. How I just found you, I'll never know.

  • Serena Heck
    Serena Heck 2 hours ago

    I may not followed you for 4 yrs but at least 2. What I L🎶 about your music is you put something out their for all types. Your individuality is audacious being one of my favorite qualities. You speak a little R rated than I can handle at times. That’s you, sometimes need a parent advisory for some content. You may be young but you are wise to know you are influencing children as young as 5yrs or younger who knows. My favorite is still white lighting, bells, and this is with them. #opinionsL🎶❤️

  • Nathan Gibson
    Nathan Gibson 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah every night for me and my buddies

  • Rooster
    Rooster 2 hours ago

    Moms a beautiful lady, with a beautiful voice!!

  • Morgan White
    Morgan White 2 hours ago

    Love you upchurch

  • Big Country
    Big Country 2 hours ago

    I know he’s like talked about it but could someone explain why his music isn’t on the radio?

  • Montana Eddings
    Montana Eddings 2 hours ago

    Your mom,has a beautiful voice..

  • justin brew
    justin brew 2 hours ago

    come to Houston

  • Mindie Hamzy
    Mindie Hamzy 3 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful!! 💙💙 seriously had me in tears!!!

  • Autumnn Rosee
    Autumnn Rosee 3 hours ago

    Ur so damn handsummmm🖤country boy type of wayyy💋

  • Oops Wrong name
    Oops Wrong name 3 hours ago

    pisses me off all you hear about the south. were out in the sticks too up here in NH, ME, VT mutherfuckers. but still love it haha

  • Bryson Scott
    Bryson Scott 3 hours ago

    Waiting for this song to be released 19:03-19:31

  • Race Morris
    Race Morris 3 hours ago

    That dodge is wicked

  • Marshall Dillon
    Marshall Dillon 3 hours ago

    If you like church check this out. tvclip.biz/video/zwMop-7QW_A/video.html

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams 3 hours ago

    Upchurch please come to Maine bro

  • bloodnsteel26
    bloodnsteel26 3 hours ago

    Brother You are the Man, shoutout to mama church, she is an angel, Much love brother

  • Marshall Dillon
    Marshall Dillon 3 hours ago

    Take a listen. tvclip.biz/video/zwMop-7QW_A/video.html

  • Marshall Dillon
    Marshall Dillon 3 hours ago


  • Dave Nell
    Dave Nell 3 hours ago

    You need to send screw a thank-you, he made me your fan lol

  • Jacob Loehne
    Jacob Loehne 3 hours ago

    New fam here

  • Travis Beasley
    Travis Beasley 3 hours ago

    Once again Church your right on time. I recently learned my mama is dieing we dont know how long she has. I just hope she can make it thru Christmas but at the same time I dont want her suffering in pain.. this year has been pretty hard with the passing of a friend that was like a brother earlier this summer.. if anybody reads this send a prayer up for me and my family.

  • Troynchantel Dell
    Troynchantel Dell 3 hours ago


  • Troynchantel Dell
    Troynchantel Dell 3 hours ago

    His label says that he can't say CRACKERS like he wants to lol

  • Jason Grygier
    Jason Grygier 3 hours ago

    2 more days boys! even my mom and sister say im more excited about this album than my own birthday. upchurches music is just somethin that makes me feel better than good and i love it. no other artist does it for me like upchurch.

  • Troynchantel Dell
    Troynchantel Dell 3 hours ago

    What's retarded is that stupid ass dance that cub scout boy does in his stupid ass song........ maybe a sideways brimmed hat will get a like from him lmfao

  • Tailer
    Tailer 3 hours ago

    I play this for my babies mamma church sounds like a angel

  • Michael Buster
    Michael Buster 3 hours ago

    That's #goodstuffrightthere

  • Troynchantel Dell
    Troynchantel Dell 3 hours ago


  • Troynchantel Dell
    Troynchantel Dell 4 hours ago

    I can't believe people even watch flungpoopanda's shit, I feel 10% dumber just hearing him talk

  • Troynchantel Dell
    Troynchantel Dell 4 hours ago

    He's a fucktard, guarantee he doesn't have half the fans you have #ryan ###UPCHURCH

  • Tristin Williams
    Tristin Williams 4 hours ago

    Flashlight Dwight

  • Hunter Welch
    Hunter Welch 4 hours ago

    i love cornbread

  • Gar Hoo
    Gar Hoo 4 hours ago

    I always wanted to hear a deep voice do this song and it may be too much of a stretch for you but at least consider it. Alicia Keys No One. You are people bringing together thank you

  • Hunter Welch
    Hunter Welch 4 hours ago

    funny Lil Nas sucks

  • Dizzy Daze
    Dizzy Daze 4 hours ago

    All these comments from weeks ago when I can leave one everyday with how much I jam this daily

  • juggalo_4_life20
    juggalo_4_life20 5 hours ago

    Wow probably the smartest thing I've heard this fool say so far "I'm not dumb I just don't know how to use this shit" like muthafucka its not rocket science 😂 much love and respect Upchurch ✊

  • Hexted
    Hexted 5 hours ago

    Hey you aren’t badass for commenting that you smoke or what month you’re listening to the song no one cares

  • Brittani Stopko
    Brittani Stopko 5 hours ago

    You are the best

  • bpkjordan
    bpkjordan 5 hours ago

    It is crazy you are so young but so very intelligent..must be the THC...

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young 5 hours ago

    Ryan Upchurch is the Bomb and I personally will not stop listening to him no matter what anyone says! !!! Oh yeah! !!! Church Rules!!!

  • Tanner Cowen
    Tanner Cowen 5 hours ago

    To good

  • Andrea Lindley
    Andrea Lindley 5 hours ago

    Dude, sometimes I watch these videos and feel bad for his mom. Can you imagine him as a toddler? 😂 Fun kid but WOULD NEVER BE STILL! LMAO

  • Tyler Turnbow
    Tyler Turnbow 5 hours ago

    I listened to Kurt Cobain sing it recently and Nirvana Unplugged at New York and he says when did you sleep at first of maybe even a few times. I might be wrong. But just a cool possible fact lol

  • Frintin
    Frintin 5 hours ago

    So sexy

  • KevinCummings Fitness

    Looks like West Virginia

  • Gary C.
    Gary C. 6 hours ago

    #WakeUpAmerica For the love of God and Country 🙏

  • streetracing plug
    streetracing plug 6 hours ago

    We can go to that dumbasses town and stalk him n talk shit to him

  • Weovercome Thedevil
    Weovercome Thedevil 6 hours ago

    awesome totally and completely awesome

  • joes347
    joes347 6 hours ago

    Bro, your mom is hot! Lol

  • Charlie Watkins Mama’s Boy

    hey Ron in the background on the song is that guineas you know that look like a chicken a guinea looks like guinea is sound like guinea sounds

    • Marissa Lark
      Marissa Lark 5 hours ago

      Charlie Watkins Mama’s Boy Who’s Ron dumbass

  • Felicia Lee
    Felicia Lee 6 hours ago

    Why these haters chockin for.....damnit boy that shits still funny😂😂😂😂

  • Derek Flath
    Derek Flath 6 hours ago

    A good jam to start the morning out on the farm thanks brother.

  • Christi Smith
    Christi Smith 7 hours ago

    Damnittt, Upchurch 1st thing with a doobie. Hell naw not gonna click this dude Reaction shit. Ima go back and SEARCH UPCHURCH bc hes not showing up in my subscription list Skins are actually smart enough to find our boy even when TVclip makes its harder.

  • Nomad
    Nomad 7 hours ago

    My real ma abandoned us when I was young, but luckily another woman stepped in and did a phenomenal job raising me. I showed her this song and told her this is what she did for me. Thanks church for making this. And thank you momma church for blessing us with your voice. My adopted mother and I have never been closer. Much love yall

  • Felicia Lee
    Felicia Lee 7 hours ago

    Still one of my favorites

  • Felicia Lee
    Felicia Lee 7 hours ago

    Still listen to this song everyday!!! Church lookin like a whole snack in this video!!💯😂❤ church!!!!

  • HazMatt
    HazMatt 7 hours ago

    “Rock bottom ain’t bad if you need a rock in your life” felt that brother

  • Felicia Lee
    Felicia Lee 8 hours ago

    Damn church!!! Love this tribute!! 💜💯🔥

  • James Mulligan
    James Mulligan 8 hours ago

    " if there's ever a draft you're the one that's gonna go get us cigarettes and dip" , I'm fucking dying. 😂😂😂

  • Lance Allen
    Lance Allen 8 hours ago

    Because the internet gives little guys like you and me a real voice, then to many little guys get together and we grow out of their control. Better be careful on TVclip

  • Billy Bartley
    Billy Bartley 9 hours ago

    I got this jam blasting out the Lincoln window. #DeptfordNJ Ryan Upchurch is hearby officially welcomed to an open invitation to play at Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field and or, Wells Fargo Center.. anytime, any day.. :))

  • Chris Webb
    Chris Webb 9 hours ago

    Thanks for this Ryan made me realise how much my mom means to me bro

  • ian mott
    ian mott 10 hours ago

    I cant wait for this to come out!!!

  • Charleston_Brad
    Charleston_Brad 10 hours ago

    Love this old Truck, ,and bad ass photo!

  • Charleston_Brad
    Charleston_Brad 10 hours ago

    THIS song, is GROWING on me hard!!!!, Fuckin LOVE IT! MAKES me wanna put MY Mom on vocals!I

  • Danny Ham
    Danny Ham 10 hours ago

    Wow great song man definitely hits like a home run momma dukes got a voice awesome stay up yall

  • Devon 17
    Devon 17 11 hours ago

    Still bumpin in 2019🤘🏼

  • LeRoy Evans
    LeRoy Evans 11 hours ago

    Hey its 4 in the morning im getting drunk lol. Ty for rollin stoned. Me and my brother sat in the car for hours smoking to that song bro. It brought me alot of good time.

  • 204moorec
    204moorec 12 hours ago

    Ya I waswondeing what that buiding was at the edge of ur creek

  • Adam Ensor
    Adam Ensor 12 hours ago

    Got an idea

  • White Trash Bandit270
    White Trash Bandit270 12 hours ago

    Wellllllllll. Gooooooooooood!!!

  • Shaylynn Bursey
    Shaylynn Bursey 12 hours ago

    2019 in Sept. listing to this still..god damn

  • Dark Moon Veil
    Dark Moon Veil 13 hours ago

    Bro your mama sounds like an angel you need to bring her in on more of your songs

  • Anthony Catron
    Anthony Catron 13 hours ago

    family or blood its family. look to those who are there to help.

  • Tino jones
    Tino jones 13 hours ago

    Shout outs from Aurora Colorado keep it up Ryan upchurch 🇺🇸🇺🇸👌👌

  • Dustin Griffis
    Dustin Griffis 13 hours ago

    You think he's a friend of shoulder boy.

  • Anthony Catron
    Anthony Catron 13 hours ago

    good music. lets do a duo to bring up some good folk.

  • Tino jones
    Tino jones 13 hours ago

    LMFAO yess thank you up church I love your reaction videos they are so funny I love your music Ryan up church keep it up shout outs from Aurora Colorado🇺🇸🇺🇸👌👌

  • Mike Duggan
    Mike Duggan 13 hours ago

    Wow skin impressive keep going

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero 14 hours ago

    It's kid rock, as a youngster...