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GloveBox Geeses’ 🦆
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Da’ CELL-Uh-Ree 🥬
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Upchurch “Deh SMESH”
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Upchurch “Cargo Head”
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Sup fellers
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Fuggum Frank (Random)
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genealogical hybrid ✨
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DingleBerry Jerry
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Jimmy Crouton 😆
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V-V-Volume Sevin 😆
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Billy Eyelash
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Old Town Road (WEED VERSION)
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Tukashi 6ix8ight
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What in the algorithm?
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Your My Boy Blue 👊🏼
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Fred Skintone 🦕
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Dis My TouYube Channel 🤠
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Fukk Da Nay-Bores
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DIS-TRACK-TED’ (Distrack)
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Chillin in the ChurchCave
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Bullshittin, whatchu durn?
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Lacquer Thinner Larry
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That’s Methed up mane 😂
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Nicola Tessa 😂🤘🏼
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Take that SnMellfie then. Lol
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Don’t laugh skin 😂
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Plastic Fork Adult 🍴
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  • daniel bean
    daniel bean 7 minutes ago

    What happen to the 3:30am stoned upchurch uploads. Let's get one of those don't forget the chocolate milk. Love new song.

  • Suzi Brown
    Suzi Brown 13 minutes ago

    Hey hope we get moved back by then.

  • Mike Protheroe Jr
    Mike Protheroe Jr 22 minutes ago

    Hick hop annopines 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Johnathon Keen
    Johnathon Keen 24 minutes ago

    Who the hell is this reactor? Dude needs to mind his business

  • Chris Morrow
    Chris Morrow 24 minutes ago

    Lol! Y'all just keep doing what you do cause us real fans love the diversity y'all have. I personally really love it when either of you just breaks it down and sing just ad much as when you rap. I hope y'all keep doing both.

  • Mike Protheroe Jr
    Mike Protheroe Jr 26 minutes ago

    Im the guy who says.... "Another one" 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Protheroe Jr
    Mike Protheroe Jr 27 minutes ago

    LOL amazing man, "Another one"

  • Grant Hosman
    Grant Hosman 27 minutes ago

    Hell yeah the two best country rappers doing an album together kick ass #RHEC #CREEKSQUAD

  • Jake Tidwell
    Jake Tidwell 36 minutes ago

    Yes because we all just stand in fields with our confederate flags and talk about how country we are. Give me a break

  • Dew Walden
    Dew Walden 40 minutes ago

    Anyone else notice that his fingers are orange

  • Cooper Williams
    Cooper Williams 40 minutes ago

    Keep doing you brother your changing lives like mine. Keep it real homie

  • Jason Tuttle
    Jason Tuttle 49 minutes ago

    Hahhaha irelevent ... He meant relevant ? Right ? . Lol should do a fan vid of everybody saying your the country g

  • Matina Jazmine
    Matina Jazmine 59 minutes ago

    Just from the title I knew it was a country song

  • Eric Williams0413

    I dont give a fuck who you are if you aint bumping this . you out your mind

  • Hybrid Playz
    Hybrid Playz Hour ago


  • William Grantham

    Who gives a shit, fuggin'? You two just about made this old man cry, fuggin'. Made my mangina ache a lil for being young, fuggin'? I'm headed to a hickhopparty now bruh, peace. 🤣

  • Robert Holland
    Robert Holland Hour ago

    It's the day to day life...how does this numbskull not understand this 😅😅

  • Michael Beasley
    Michael Beasley Hour ago

    That fuggin needs to ease up on the auto-tune. That, more than his bar-less writing, makes it cringy af.

  • Kyndra Cason
    Kyndra Cason Hour ago

    I subscribe to the Grady channel but couldn't handle it after a few minutes. The way he downgraded your new song and pretty much every little damn thing he said 😂

  • Michael Beasley
    Michael Beasley Hour ago

    I do believe you've started using 'fuggin' as a comma skin.

  • utube watcher
    utube watcher Hour ago

    Lol... why give him the time skin? This chuckle fuck doesn't even have 100k subscribers. All his videos with lots of views are people calling him an idiot. Also, that damn car sounds good idling

  • Robert Holland
    Robert Holland Hour ago

    WELLLLL.... you sir just made it on one of his video's 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dumnbass

  • Runboyrun20 Run_20

    Talk about Country this is country. All the country singers be so jealous over the song they be like o hell naaa I’m gonna take lyrics out of this song and Steel his shit to make them look better. lol If I hear any other country singer take lyrics of the song there’s going to be a war.

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill Hour ago

    That's what I'm talking bout!!!

  • Ian the cowboy rv tech

    I guess he never heard dolly and Kenny Roger's or Tim and faith

  • Ian the cowboy rv tech

    That's what is wrong with the music industry u have a hipster looking dude from the city that probly never been off pavement who loves pop country like a 13 year old girl and thinks real country music is out of style

  • Bradley Hollon
    Bradley Hollon Hour ago

    dude looked like a fat ice cube filming his vid in his moms car instead of in her house so she can't hear him using (bad) words I bet he films in her car because she heard him swearing and busted into the basement and started slapping him with a Bible screaming how many times have I told you not to use those devil words ya hear me son

  • Matthew Bowers
    Matthew Bowers Hour ago

    Is he a snowflake?

  • Matt Bowman
    Matt Bowman Hour ago

    I have been listening since 2014 and I can say your music is amazing but since you found your Topanga I would listen to another song with you and Taylor Rae hollbrook

  • Charissa Ingram
    Charissa Ingram Hour ago

    God forbid this twatwaffle do his pathetic ass job and do some fuggin research!

  • Jonathon Richards

    Looked like a behind the scenes 'COPS' episode. too F'n funny

  • Lorene Pulido
    Lorene Pulido Hour ago

    I am a successful

  • Chris brindle LilEvil

    Damn church u don’t know what a hickhop party is!!!????? Like I bet u don’t even yee yee bro😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 91 Fox
    91 Fox Hour ago

    Fuckimg church

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man 2 hours ago

    Kinda want to see a behind the lyrics video on this one

  • Bradley Hollon
    Bradley Hollon 2 hours ago

    oh my sweet jeebus I'm not the only one who loves Steve earl that part made me a even bigger fan keep it up Ryan you always make my long ass work days better with this stuff

  • strgazerlilly
    strgazerlilly 2 hours ago

    Anyone else here old enough to remember when certain problems were handled this way? I am just wondering if the sheriff needed new britches after this song came out ha ha

  • Peyton Nolte
    Peyton Nolte 2 hours ago

    I’m so dead. You killed me with the trailer park boys joke

  • Sandi Raymond
    Sandi Raymond 2 hours ago

    Who's throwing a hick hop party? I need an invite.

  • PNW Patriot arms
    PNW Patriot arms 2 hours ago

    He says upchurch is a school shooter 🤣🤣🤣 and you a welfare queen that don’t take care of yo kids!

  • Les Clark
    Les Clark 2 hours ago

    He honestly sounds like a 13 year old girl who is trying to convince her friends that she isn't a fan and the reasons why but really is your number one fan!!!

  • lewis griffin
    lewis griffin 2 hours ago

    Funny he comments on Katie video of her singing back to Carolina but he wouldn't comment on your video sounds like someone's a little scared

  • 1 is To many Ads
    1 is To many Ads 2 hours ago

    It sounds like this guy is trying to tell people what Africa is like without ever having been to Africa.... He can only reference what he's seen on the internet or what he has been told about it... Good news is a "forgotten country boy" like me and every other person doesn't go to a slow witted gay hipster to be told what we should like.... I don't think this douche could tell the difference between his face and his ass even if he had a map drawn in crayon...... His opinion is like his fart in a windstorm, worthless and a waste of time...... Like the fart it probably makes him feel good though....

    • lewis griffin
      lewis griffin 2 hours ago

      Exactly that was like that Nana rapping rapper that was coming after Upchurch earlier in the summer wild something he was trying to Upchurch how he needs to put his raps together when he wouldn't even know what it's like to rap same concept here

  • brian balla
    brian balla 2 hours ago

    stop crying so much bro what's up weeeeeeeeeeeeee... upchurch wow bro

  • Traci Huddleston
    Traci Huddleston 2 hours ago

    Church I love this song. I think it says things that are real between a girl and a boy which makes it special. That's the reason it was #1 and still up there. Keep making music in any genre you're in the mood for at that moment. Your fans love and support you. Glad he didnt want to make a video about you,so you wouldn't destroy him 🤣😉

  • Fenny Tall
    Fenny Tall 2 hours ago

    Okay, so all we hear is Breanna this and that and now it's just forget all that, this is my girl now? #BARF oh oh, I might get made fun of now. Save it. Just do something.

  • Steve WB
    Steve WB 2 hours ago


  • sporadically thinking

    My brain before bed every night. More like this please

  • Johnny Rebel
    Johnny Rebel 2 hours ago

    Church church church

  • nicky remedes
    nicky remedes 2 hours ago

    You Tube idea: YOU SHOULD MAKE SLIME!

  • Johnny Rebel
    Johnny Rebel 2 hours ago

    Church church church

  • Kameron Kennedy
    Kameron Kennedy 2 hours ago

    Cornbread connor

  • joelsinga
    joelsinga 2 hours ago

    Great tune but not long enough. I see this a lot in young peoples music today. Is it a result of limited attention spans? I don't know but it is unfortunate.

  • Levi Null
    Levi Null 2 hours ago

    I know I'm probably saying this late but Upchurch all of us skins love you in Iowa is a lot of us to be honest I live in a small town called Knoxville Iowa I know quite a few people that love your music keep up the good work all of us can have your back I bet everyone in the comment section can say the same thing I like the song hey boy hey girl keep up the good work you too

  • Juice 713
    Juice 713 2 hours ago

    If you were to look up the word “Douchebag” his picture would be present. #CREEKSQUAD

  • Kristie
    Kristie 2 hours ago

    Well DUDE there u have it... Upchurch u just couldn't leave well enough alone could ya?Now your gonna have to Start putting out track's as{ LACQUER THINNER LARRY}& Can't forget LAC'S Side kick BENCH SEAT BOBBY.. PUT UR QUEEN ON THE TRACK AS BETTY LUE,TAMMY SUE,SKINNY TINA DEW!! LOL,🌀🔥🙈🙉🙊🐓🍯🍻

  • Chad Perritt
    Chad Perritt 3 hours ago

    Throwin UpChunks...katie Noel was doing so much better on her own....wtf

  • Derek Beauchem
    Derek Beauchem 3 hours ago

    I’m ready for an upchurch Noel Calhoun and denum jones concert. Man that’d be great

  • Soulless_Gingie
    Soulless_Gingie 3 hours ago

    This was meant for FB but it wouldn’t tag you. Ryan Upchurch I doubt you’ll see this, but I’m writing this post to show my appreciation for you. My appreciation for your lyrics, your attitude, and your style. The first song of yours that I listened to was “Rollin’ Stoned.” My sister showed me the song, and I thought it was meant to be a joke at first. However, I really liked it and started listening to it regularly. I got bored one day and investigated you further, only to spend the next 2 1/2 years jamming out to your tunes. Ask my friends, they’re all just about tired of riding with me while I’m screaming t lyrics to “Parachute,” “Stuck on 17,” “Fallen,” etc. I used to hate myself, because I had no idea who I was. Who I wanted to be. But through the music of you and a few other artists, I began the transition to become the young man I am today. I am inspired by your ambition, tenacity, and irregularity. You decided to take 2 genres that NEVER bonded well, and made them two peas in a pod. I spent 84 hours listening to you, my 2019 Spotify recap. That’s not counting TVclip. Had I not discovered you when I did, I may never have decided I wanted to be different. I may have never spoken up when nobody else would. I may have never decided it was OKAY to BE DIFFERENT. I don’t like every song you’ve ever made, but that’s okay. The ones that don’t speak to me, may be speaking to others that are at a different place in life. Thank you for being you, Ryan. I’m a Skin for life. I’m lovin’ “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” too. Merry Christmas. CHURCH⛪️

  • Denise Witman
    Denise Witman 3 hours ago

    I knew that was your mama before I really knew that is your mama. Lol. The video I saw had her name, no mention of a relation. However, her voice matches your voice harmoniously! They complement each other. Upchurch you can see how far you have come by your fan base and you did it on your own without the help of big record labels. Now where I come from, we call that generic. You sir have just placed generic above all other categories. Kudos to you!!

  • Rebecca Adams
    Rebecca Adams 3 hours ago

    This actually goes hard though

  • Chris Slaton
    Chris Slaton 3 hours ago

    Yea fuck that snowflake

  • jake myszka
    jake myszka 3 hours ago

    Love you church

  • Joshua Kinard
    Joshua Kinard 3 hours ago

    Church! Love the song man. This is gonna be a little bit of a long comment, but this song brought my brother and I back close again.( Which probably for others isn't a great thing lol) me and my older brother have kinda grown apart over the years. But come across your song and had me thinking this song is telling the story of how me and my brother were coming up. I was gonna send it to him but it was 3am so I was gonna wait. I shit you not God honest by the time I laid my head down(3:30) my brother sends me a text saying miss you little bro and a link to your song on TVclip. I called that fucker and he's got the song just blaring in the background and we started reminiscing of all the shit we did. And how we always had each other's backs and all the stupid shit we've done and wondered how we're even still alive. But since then me and my brother have kept in touch back seeing and fucking shit up again once more. Just wanted to let you know what your music has done for me. You'll never know the appreciation I have for your music and how I can relate to everyone of your songs. Thanks church for staying who you always been and keep killing this shit!!!

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams 3 hours ago

    Ya know fukkin. Fukkin %100

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams 3 hours ago

    Fuck yeah funniest shit all day.

  • Destination Unknown
    Destination Unknown 3 hours ago

    I wanna PUNCH this dude in his beard fuckin!

  • Clay Castleberry
    Clay Castleberry 3 hours ago

    I’m a little late findin this song but I’ve just been replaying it over and over again since 💯💯

  • Dustin Richards
    Dustin Richards 3 hours ago

    Actually upchurch kinda being a dick head I mean most people know you for you rapping 😂

  • Supreme ali
    Supreme ali 3 hours ago

    Full album come on. This shit is like 9 11 ill always remember where I was the first time I heard it.

  • Sean Deenik
    Sean Deenik 3 hours ago

    You should react to in the graveyard by lil dado ft. Lil sean

  • Jonathan Messer
    Jonathan Messer 3 hours ago

    Upchurch probably drives in his own vehicles and cranks up one of his songs that he made


    Bunch of racist shit.

  • Bobby Horn
    Bobby Horn 3 hours ago

    Overlooked country people,ya the real country people not the wanna be's.

  • Alyssa Shores
    Alyssa Shores 3 hours ago

    Church you really need to finish thiz

  • Jeffrey John
    Jeffrey John 3 hours ago


  • Coop From KCMO
    Coop From KCMO 3 hours ago

    Beard oil Little fuggin

  • Coop From KCMO
    Coop From KCMO 3 hours ago

    Dude you owe like $30 bucks for my inhaler prescription, cause I’m over here on the verge of death, the wife is pissed.

  • cojennn
    cojennn 3 hours ago

    Newest favorite from my two fav "Country Rapper's", keep it up skin. And them glovebox geeses' fuggin, this is to that guy. 🖕✌️

  • Sootlife6.0
    Sootlife6.0 3 hours ago

    Hellllll yeah!!!! Keep it up Church!! Straight Fire 🔥

  • clayton
    clayton 4 hours ago

    saw this one comin😭

  • Jim Lowe
    Jim Lowe 4 hours ago

    Good song man there is all ways going to be some one say something about it

  • Tabitha Scriven
    Tabitha Scriven 4 hours ago

    Voice like butter. 👏👏👏

  • rhino 931
    rhino 931 4 hours ago

    Far from over looked dumbass

  • bubblebutt4201
    bubblebutt4201 4 hours ago

    That guy is fuggin idiot

  • Shark/dolphin puppet

    Will you all be quiet about who is listening in 2019

  • Sugy Books
    Sugy Books 4 hours ago

    I thought this guy was being pretty civil in the beginning until he started going on about white pride and shit and being a total douche canoe. He should go review his favorite boy band Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. SMH

  • Madison Rochelle
    Madison Rochelle 4 hours ago


  • Abagale Van Alstyne
    Abagale Van Alstyne 4 hours ago

    Tellin you man you got to just make an album of your TVclip mixes there fuckin fire man keep them rollin!!!! Coming from up here in the snowy mtns of 802VT

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 4 hours ago

    the celery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • casey hill
    casey hill 4 hours ago

    This dude is a real piece of shit the whole time I wanted to punch him in the throat and say who you trying to smell fuggin??????

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 4 hours ago

    This guy destroyed himself when he started that video.

  • Angel Fowler
    Angel Fowler 4 hours ago

    I dont get why he raping about bringing country back 😂

  • Robbie Taylor
    Robbie Taylor 4 hours ago

    Happy for ya

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 4 hours ago

    At least he knew you would destroy him 😂😂😂😂😂. It's sad he brought race into it!!

  • Brian Mcminn
    Brian Mcminn 4 hours ago

    A hick hop party vibing with how country we are ....da fuck is this idiot talking about lol

  • paper airplane
    paper airplane 4 hours ago

    I keep forgetting that whitey is not allowed to be proud. Thanks TVclip

  • Kyle Runkle
    Kyle Runkle 4 hours ago

    This is legit. Great melody and vocals. Goes so well

  • Braedyn Green
    Braedyn Green 4 hours ago

    Hey this song made the top 3 country songs downloaded this week keep it going!!!! 😀

  • Nick Arceneaux
    Nick Arceneaux 4 hours ago

    If I'm correct John Denver didn't use autotune...