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Soccer Tennis Challenge!!
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The Edge Games!!
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Bungee Cord Volleyball!!
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Build Your Own Tank Battle!!
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GIANT Horseshoes Challenge!!
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Baby Sports Battle!!
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BUG Chubby Bunny Challenge!!
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Slippery Tag Challenge!!
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Giant Pac Man in Real Life!!
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Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!
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Apex Legends In Real Life!!
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  • I Black I
    I Black I 6 hours ago

    Part 2

  • Jonah Kral
    Jonah Kral 6 hours ago

    best team edge content of 2020! Keep up the great work!

  • Majid Warid
    Majid Warid 6 hours ago


  • Paula Dimayuga
    Paula Dimayuga 6 hours ago

    I know thw answer to the trivia question a jumping cactus no googling just noledge

  • Bella Youngerman
    Bella Youngerman 6 hours ago

    I’m just getting claustrophobic watching this 😂

  • dankmeme dan
    dankmeme dan 6 hours ago

    Do another slap battle

  • zohraniqbal222
    zohraniqbal222 6 hours ago

    MLG joey said he own his mom 3:21 omg.

  • dRAMdOtCoM
    dRAMdOtCoM 7 hours ago

    Dude i was so stressed watching this I have major claustrophobia

  • Trinity Garland
    Trinity Garland 7 hours ago

    Only the ogs remember those goggles from the debit Coke and mentios challenge where Conner dropped all the bottles

  • Janet Solis
    Janet Solis 7 hours ago


  • Kaden Funk
    Kaden Funk 7 hours ago


  • Bryygade 1212
    Bryygade 1212 7 hours ago

    Let’s go Joe are you guessed it right

  • NovaLagez
    NovaLagez 7 hours ago

    I wouldn't mind if I fall on the nacho cheese

  • pokemon ultra
    pokemon ultra 7 hours ago

    This would have been an epic halloween videos

  • Prince Uriah
    Prince Uriah 7 hours ago


  • Cyc Cles
    Cyc Cles 7 hours ago

    When they put crickets in joeys coffin I NO JOKE when mentally insane for 3secands

  • Kale Yerxa
    Kale Yerxa 7 hours ago

    Clone troopers are good at shooting storm troopers suck at shooting

  • Matt-the-beast
    Matt-the-beast 7 hours ago

    Bryan is a cheater 11:08 leans back against post.

  • A124 Error
    A124 Error 7 hours ago

    Selam coffin pubg mobile Türkiye mi mezarci mi ersin yekin battle var?

  • original
    original 7 hours ago

    team edgy

  • dog cat
    dog cat 7 hours ago

    Bryan:scared to death Bobby:Happy music :]

  • Peanutbutter63
    Peanutbutter63 7 hours ago

    When Joey flipped, I laughed for 8 minutes straight and rewinded it a ton 😂😂😂😂

  • Wyatt Litke
    Wyatt Litke 7 hours ago

    J-Fred sucks

  • MrBass
    MrBass 7 hours ago

    No one: Joey: AaAaAaAaHhHhHhHh!!!!!

  • Vanessa Smith-Graham

    Btw I think joe got it harder

  • Grunkster & Jason
    Grunkster & Jason 7 hours ago

    Last person to kill there selfs wins

  • T.O.P.K YTR Studio
    T.O.P.K YTR Studio 7 hours ago

    Joey: Darth Sideos Matt: Emperor Palpatine Me: Darth Tyranus

  • Fox head Reviews
    Fox head Reviews 7 hours ago

    What’s that song in the background I love it 4:18

  • Marijoyce Pedraza Saucedo

    J Fred suffers too much

  • Wyatt Martinez
    Wyatt Martinez 7 hours ago

    Bruh it's like he was babying joey

  • Stekill Bob
    Stekill Bob 7 hours ago


  • MrLinguini69
    MrLinguini69 7 hours ago


  • MrLinguini69
    MrLinguini69 7 hours ago

    Can you do a video wth Matthias again

  • Spontaneous
    Spontaneous 7 hours ago

    My parents have been doing this challenge for 6 years

  • Ari Romo
    Ari Romo 7 hours ago

    I would freak out I could not do that .

  • austin schulte
    austin schulte 7 hours ago

    11:40 anyone else notice that the music is from Super Mario Logan (SML)

  • Hippo Man
    Hippo Man 7 hours ago

    You guys don't know how to play football but it's funny😃😂😂😂😂

  • joe kenny
    joe kenny 7 hours ago

    RIP J fred's toes

  • idiot.kiyoko
    idiot.kiyoko 7 hours ago

    back here in 2020 😙✌️

  • Sammy Animal
    Sammy Animal 7 hours ago

    I feel like you guys should have a food fight battle

  • MUSTEEK ! The one and only

    Do this again with more people and harsher punishments

  • Ciara
    Ciara 8 hours ago

    Bryan- "Little bro vs. Medium bro" Joey- "Ohhhhh! He ain't call you big doeee!"

  • Mr. Mistik
    Mr. Mistik 8 hours ago

    It was kinda unfair cause somebody got the words that are kinda possible to spell as heard, but some impossible.

  • JJ Stevens
    JJ Stevens 8 hours ago

    Come on bryan hahahahahahaahahaha

  • Greg M
    Greg M 8 hours ago

    Did any one just watch the intro like 5 times or is it just me?

  • Kaya Thomas
    Kaya Thomas 8 hours ago

    Pure torture lol

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores 8 hours ago

    RIP default

  • LB Kuru
    LB Kuru 8 hours ago


  • Natalie Wilson
    Natalie Wilson 8 hours ago

    I feel like that heating lamp with the stuffing in the coffin was the most unsafe thing I’ve seen on this channel 😳

  • Elizabeth Toscano
    Elizabeth Toscano 8 hours ago


  • racefan 27
    racefan 27 8 hours ago

    Is Richie builds still with Team Edge? Haven't seen him on a video for awhile.

  • Dangler22
    Dangler22 8 hours ago

    Joey jumps and takes down whole thing. Bobby “ I don’t think he made it” Me “ I think your right chief

  • Christhian Hernandez

    What happened to j-fred

  • kaitlyn palmer
    kaitlyn palmer 8 hours ago

    costraphobic people be like

  • Liam Fish
    Liam Fish 8 hours ago

    Hi Chris

  • Jarred Jackson
    Jarred Jackson 8 hours ago

    I subscribed

  • kaitlyn palmer
    kaitlyn palmer 8 hours ago

    from dop or nop

  • kaitlyn palmer
    kaitlyn palmer 8 hours ago

    the guy in the white shirt and black pants reminds me off mathius

  • Da Ramporaptor
    Da Ramporaptor 8 hours ago

    13:26 Bobby looks like a baby

  • Heather Molencupp
    Heather Molencupp 8 hours ago

    I think Joey is going to win

  • Emily Rdz!!!!
    Emily Rdz!!!! 8 hours ago

    Bobby pins

  • Spirit
    Spirit 8 hours ago


  • Conner Moody
    Conner Moody 8 hours ago

    what the heck is an eadge point for

  • Sarena Zepeda
    Sarena Zepeda 8 hours ago

    double kill!! 9:57 to 10:00

  • Katie Boulton
    Katie Boulton 8 hours ago

    You should put syrup

  • gacha_ watermelon
    gacha_ watermelon 8 hours ago

    I love j-Fred

  • acim lauj
    acim lauj 8 hours ago

    6:03 and 6:04

  • Neon Kills
    Neon Kills 8 hours ago

    They guessed that there was going to be a desert at 2:08 and it actually happend

  • Mackenzie Vaz
    Mackenzie Vaz 8 hours ago

    If you pause at 8:45 and just look at Bobby just do it (edit - it’s actually closer to 8:46)

  • Corndoggoman corn
    Corndoggoman corn 8 hours ago

    I think the worst was the garlic

  • Wild WolfiePearl
    Wild WolfiePearl 8 hours ago

    The ultimate despair I'm sure Junko proud

  • Sunmer Ann
    Sunmer Ann 8 hours ago

    Bobby ur awesome funny an one of the hardest workers on this u do a lot an not shown off enuff... he is one of the smartest people

  • Chris Richmond
    Chris Richmond 8 hours ago


  • acim lauj
    acim lauj 8 hours ago

    6:23 HEADSHOT

  • Gary Sivyer
    Gary Sivyer 8 hours ago

    I think the first person to talk in your first video was J-fred

  • Rosa Altamirano
    Rosa Altamirano 8 hours ago

    I can just imagine how this feels and my chest feels heavy just watching them place dirt on them

  • NoVa Clan
    NoVa Clan 8 hours ago

    This is how many time j fred said spicy ! ! V

  • etho1810 Yeet
    etho1810 Yeet 8 hours ago

    The video starts at 4 minutes 52

  • Ellie Johnson
    Ellie Johnson 8 hours ago

    Bobby got his first edge point😂

  • Nicholas Mowrer
    Nicholas Mowrer 8 hours ago

    Can you subscribe to my channel my channel’s name is Star Wars God and I have no videos subscribers

  • Joey Baker
    Joey Baker 8 hours ago

    I'm the real joey

  • Itz Galaxy
    Itz Galaxy 8 hours ago

    2:15 Are we all going to ignore the facts that Bryan an adult who has three kids just pissed himself over a 2 second drop on a padded mattress?! 😂

  • Disney Hopper
    Disney Hopper 8 hours ago

    Why can't you give elsa a balloon? Because she will ... ?

  • Ronan Lin
    Ronan Lin 8 hours ago

    Your breaking the bow when you dry fire

  • Bobby Dormer
    Bobby Dormer 8 hours ago

    Would Bobby end up being house mouse

  • Shan Chowdhury
    Shan Chowdhury 8 hours ago

    *J-Fred gets crickets* i am surprised that he did not call it quits there

  • Ethan Wu
    Ethan Wu 8 hours ago

    poison dart frog

  • Ethan Wu
    Ethan Wu 8 hours ago


  • Autumn Bonavita
    Autumn Bonavita 8 hours ago

    I love minesweeper

  • Nicholas Mowrer
    Nicholas Mowrer 8 hours ago

    I like Bobby in the fish

  • Nicholas Mowrer
    Nicholas Mowrer 8 hours ago

    Hi videos are awesome

  • Bobby Dormer
    Bobby Dormer 8 hours ago

    Where'd you guys get the marpat

  • Samuel Cole
    Samuel Cole 9 hours ago

    *sees title* I know you wanted to end it but not like this

  • Puppyboy21 diaz
    Puppyboy21 diaz 9 hours ago

    Heck ya I team edge Video on my birth day even tho it past whoooo

  • Cream Soda
    Cream Soda 9 hours ago

    11:20 there was an attempt...

  • General Empires
    General Empires 9 hours ago

    When’s the next prison breakout

  • Vilmond Pierre
    Vilmond Pierre 9 hours ago

    A phonne call

  • Monica Baird
    Monica Baird 9 hours ago

    2:29 i died

  • Jeffrey Ernest
    Jeffrey Ernest 9 hours ago


  • IxSani NaMo
    IxSani NaMo 9 hours ago

    snip snip