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jester. july 2019
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dads tour2
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tizzy tazzy
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Tazzy's first ride
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tasman 001
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Three B Mount Taranaki
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tasman 007
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Star April 2017
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Star bareback bridleless
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We love jumping!!!
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lex 001
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Minitramp mounting
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My Edited Video
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starry 001
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Alphi Jumping Bare2
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Alphi Jumping Bare
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wee alphi
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Alp 011
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Welsh Cob
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Pony snuggles
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Electra in harness
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Electra in harness
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Welsh cob, putting to
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Harness breaking
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Electra schooling
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Star schooling
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ponies playing
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Stars first jump
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Ben Lomond
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pony playtime
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Romeo june 2013
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romeo short
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alphi leading
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Chester self loading
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alphi and shorty
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socrates backing
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    Giovanna campos 2 years ago

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  • The Filmmakers
    The Filmmakers 2 years ago

    Hey! I work at LADbible on facebook and we'd love to post some of your videos to our page with a credit. We love the making hard sweets and making fudge videos you have. Let me know if you'd be happy with this Thanks Tom

  • Robyn Wilson
    Robyn Wilson 2 years ago

    He is gorgeous

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 2 years ago


  • Hope is The key to happiness

    Cute lil obese pony 😂😍

  • tman111195
    tman111195 2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing!! 😊

  • Luiz Paulo
    Luiz Paulo 2 years ago

    give us more candy, lady!

  • Neal Mine
    Neal Mine 3 years ago

    You just have a new subscriber!

    • sweetalices
      sweetalices 3 years ago

      haha, you like this one? he's pretty cute eh?

  • VaperZen
    VaperZen 3 years ago

    Hello Sweet Alice, Your houses are beautiful! We rescued several Premerin Mares from Canadian Ranchers. Your warm bloods are gorgeous as well as the countryside. Where abouts was this filmed? Thank you very much for your videos! I Love the candy making vids.

    • sweetalices
      sweetalices 3 years ago

      Thank you for the kind comment, we're in New Zealand. Westland. This is a thoroughbred that I bought as a broodie because I felt sorry for her. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to be fertile. But she's a sweet mare and she's gained 100kg, I just need to find her a good home....

    • VaperZen
      VaperZen 3 years ago


  • B.T's DIY
    B.T's DIY 3 years ago

    I love the horse

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte 3 years ago

    cute puppies

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee 3 years ago

    really like how you close in on him on the very last seconds of the video

    • sweetalices
      sweetalices 3 years ago

      Thank you! He was a sweet guy, I'd forgotten all about this video, it was a nice little trip down memory lane...

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee 3 years ago

    beautiful horse

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee 3 years ago

    really nice video

  • intouch
    intouch 3 years ago

    I am So Envious

  • charashanya
    charashanya 3 years ago

    какой прелестный лошарик)))

  • Vellu
    Vellu 3 years ago

    So cute~

  • mariola borowska
    mariola borowska 3 years ago

    Nice horses, do you own them

    • sweetalices
      sweetalices 3 years ago

      Sure do, I have four Welsh Cobs, these are two of them

  • Lulle Loca
    Lulle Loca 3 years ago

    😍😍😍😍i love horses

  • Julian Niemiec
    Julian Niemiec 3 years ago

    Impressive to do it like this, great movement.