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  • ah mecorp
    ah mecorp 22 minutes ago

    The key to Elway's motion was just how fast he was able to load the gunpowder in to his shoulder to fire the ball.

  • Kyle b
    Kyle b 2 hours ago

    Kyle Allen is kind of a Taller Baker Mayfield.. similar arm Whip throw! Carolina looks legit now!

  • Orhun Yılmaz
    Orhun Yılmaz 4 hours ago

    im writing from turkey. how many reps-sets should i do?

  • cs292
    cs292 7 hours ago

    Though Kyle is only 6'0"

  • Xander Duvenhage
    Xander Duvenhage 12 hours ago

    What app are you using for your analysis here?

  • B Swifty
    B Swifty 15 hours ago

    Awesome Looking Throw! Great Vid 👍🏼

  • kekemay 55
    kekemay 55 21 hour ago

    Right! How Good does Carolina look now!! it's all about the throw! 👌🏼

  • Vick M.
    Vick M. 22 hours ago

    do u people not know the freeze is usain bolt u know how one is heght two his speed three his feet

  • JoRasEyez
    JoRasEyez Day ago

    idiot ... so who is he click fing bait ... you ass

  • renegade1234576

    That ball just looks unreal coming out of his hand

  • Basically Eli
    Basically Eli 3 days ago

    I literally picked up football a week ago. I’m trying to be a wide receiver, but I have a really good spiral, so I’m starting to question if I could play QB. I can only throw 35 yards accurate. I’m 13, and my height is 5’ 4”, and I weigh 113lbs. What’s y’alls opinion? (Edit: I’m also in very good shape for my age. I do wrestling as my main sport.)

    • Basically Eli
      Basically Eli Day ago

      CapsFN but I will agree with you on the wide receiver first. I probably catch a lot better than I throw. Not to mention I run a lot, and from my POV I’m fast😂 so it’s either be a WR, or Lamar Jackson lmao

    • Basically Eli
      Basically Eli Day ago

      CapsFN well let’s add on to my “resume” 😂 I’ve watched football ever since I was little. I know most of the simple plays (Hail Mary, switch, etc.)

    • CapsFN
      CapsFN Day ago

      Basically Eli with little football IQ and no past of football it won’t be easy to grasp even if you have a great arm cuz there’s a lot more than just throwing at QB so i say stick to becoming a WR or DB first

  • Mineral Tim 79
    Mineral Tim 79 3 days ago

    tight wind up and high extended release, really quick. this dude is so good coming out of highschool

  • Mineral Tim 79
    Mineral Tim 79 3 days ago

    a future buckeye. we'll take care of you elite.

  • Don
    Don 4 days ago

    Could you go back to incorporating the techniques the sprinters use to run fast? Like arm drive angles, front end mechanics etc. Thought it was interesting that you pointed out all the strong and weak points a sprinter had.

  • Danger X
    Danger X 4 days ago

    -5 lb I'm the same size except I'm 6 ft... In all out Sprint run in my fastest days, I'd have a stroke trying to go as fast as he does when he's jogging or at least it looks like he's jogging. It's like every time you see him run a play oh, you want to scream at the TV saying... Run stop joking around yet it gets results, unbelievable

  • Danger X
    Danger X 4 days ago

    Like everyone else, it looks... It looks like he's not trying. Also, can't figure out how he does it. He literally looks like he's on a jog or just Cruisin yet hardly no one can catch him. He never looks like he is sprinting or running hard at all it's the weirdest shit I've ever seen. He's a freak of nature

  • Skill F
    Skill F 4 days ago

    link is not working!!!

  • WOohoo PLAYZ
    WOohoo PLAYZ 4 days ago

    Ehh Justin ain’t the fastest yet. Still has to beat 9:58. He got 9:94 in this race

  • Creyes971
    Creyes971 4 days ago

    Love the break down! I’m a deep student of the game and around the same size as Russell. I am transferring and hoping to walk on as a QB to my new school. Also if y’all are hiring at all, I would love to get my foot in the door, I have a deep background in performance training if that helps anything.

  • PhreshFunk
    PhreshFunk 4 days ago

    As we see the freeze is running fast hes putting one foot in front of the other the switching sides and putting the other side in front of the other like the other guy who is also running.....

  • stan shaud
    stan shaud 5 days ago

    Pay attention to the feet and the hips it’s all about the torque he produces it’s almost like he combines a side arm with an over the shoulder, Favre was famous for that

  • sydboski
    sydboski 5 days ago

    @ Performance Lab of California How in the blue hell is Sanders who 's best 100m dash is 10.26 F.A.T. faster than any of these players? 1. Jim Hines 9.95 9/14/1968 (Dolphins 1969 - Chiefs 1970) 2. Trindon Holliday 10.00 6/10 & 12/2009 (Texans, Broncos, Raiders) 3. Jeffrey Demps 10.01 6/28/2008 (Buccaneers) Jacoby Ford 10.01 6/10/2009 (Raiders) 5. Bob Hayes 10.06 10/15/1964 (Cowboys, 49ers) Ron Brown 10.06 8/24/1983 (Rams, Raiders) 7. Alvis Whitted 10.07 7/15/1996 (Jaguars, Raiders) 8. Darrell Green 10.08 4/13/1983 (Redskins) 9. Sam Graddy 10.09 5/12/1984 (Broncos, Raiders) 10. Willie Gault 10.10 6/5/1982 (Bears, Raiders) 11. Curtis Dickey 10.11 1978 (Colts, Browns) Mike Miller 10.11 6/5/1982 (Giants, Saints) 13. Tony Brown 10.12 6/7/2017 (Packers) 14. James Trapp 10.14 6/5/1992 (Raiders, Ravens, Jaguars) 15. James Jett 10.16 6/5/1992 (Raiders) Teddy Williams 10.16 5/10/2008 (Cowboys, Colts, Cards, Bears, Jags, Panthers, Giants) 17. Michael Bates 10.17 7/21/1991 (Seahawks, Panthers, Browns, Skins, Jets, Cowboys) Sultan McCullough 10.17 3/6/1999 (Redskins) 19. Michael Bennett 10.18 5/20/2000 (Vikings, Saints, Chiefs, Bucs, Chargers, Raiders) Samie Parker 10.18 5/17/2003 (Chiefs) 21. Tyreek Hill 10.19 5/26/2012 (Chiefs) 22. Terrance Newman 10.20 3/22/2002 (Cowboys, Bengals, Vikings) 23. Mark Duper 10.21 4/15/1982 (Dolphins) Anthony Phillips 10.21 5/29/1993 (Falcons, Vikings) Jonathan Wade 10.21 5/04/2002 (Rams, Bengals, Lions, Dolphins) 26. Brian Witherspoon 10.22 6//8/2013 (Jags, Lions, Giants) Donte Jackson 10.22 4/29/2017 (Panthers) 28. Clyde Glosson 10.23 9/10/1968 (Bills) Jonnny “Lam” Jones 10.23 6/20/1976 (Jets) Herschel Walker 10.23 6/08/1982 (Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles, Giants) Jamaal Charles 10.23 5/14/2006 (Chiefs, Broncos) 32. Renaldo Nehemiah 10.24 6/26/1979 (49ers) Phil Epps 10.24 4/16/1983 (Packers, Jets) 34. Chris Sanders 10.25 5/02/1992 (Oilers, Titans) Reggie Jones 10.25 5/15/1993 (Panthers, Chargers) Tony Simmons 10.25 5/18/1996 (Pats, Browns, Colts, Giants)

    • sydboski
      sydboski 4 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California Your premise is Sanders is the "fastest" of all time. Meaning he is faster than any other player in NFL history. I gave you a list of players that have run faster than Sanders did on his best day. You were breaking down Sanders' running form and getting very technical about how much time his foot was in contact with the ground. Then saying how his top speed was great. Who are the fastest men on the planet? World class sprinters correct? It is well known the fastest men in the world do not reach top speed till about 50m out. But you were talking about Sanders reaching his top speed in the very short distance on the field which is physically impossible. I personally don't see how some one running a 10.26 can possibly be faster than someone who runs 10.10 or faster. Maybe you can explain that to me.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 4 days ago

      sydboski the 100m is a technical race. I would argue that Sanders was not as technically sound as many of the guys you mentioned which impacted his 100m time. Deion’s top end speed was amazing though.

  • psulionz87
    psulionz87 5 days ago

    hector bellerin video, please!

  • psulionz87
    psulionz87 5 days ago

    Hector Bellerin video please!

  • Danger X
    Danger X 5 days ago

    Down here in St Nation or to the tourists... Who dat Nation, we are stoked that he's on our team that's for sure. Sometimes we will kind of wonder what the hell's going on dude put some effort into it. Because you'll have a pack of Defenders on him and it look like he's just jogging and literally and physically it looks like it's effortless and that is not even trying, and you still out runs the fools

  • cs292
    cs292 6 days ago

    Mahomes and Watson.

  • cs292
    cs292 6 days ago

    Torq is the word you are looking for.

  • -Vll-
    -Vll- 8 days ago

    Can you please do a breakdown on Noah lyles 200m as I'm a 200m runner myself it'd be cool to know how he separates himself from the pack at around 150 into the race of course we know he slows down the slowest but it looks like he can run another 100m when he gets to the line

  • Mark Sapyta
    Mark Sapyta 8 days ago

    Noah in the 200 and what does he do to separate himself from the competition.

  • Joshua Ingham
    Joshua Ingham 8 days ago

    womens 400m hurdles

  • Dereck Dean
    Dereck Dean 8 days ago

    You produce some great videos. What would be interesting would be your take on the men's 400 m at this World Champs. Thank you in advance.

  • Stevegharrispro
    Stevegharrispro 8 days ago

    You say DeGrasse catches him...Smh Coleman wins...DeGrasse needs help in his start...It’s the 100 meters not 200! Coleman’s reaction to gun and force production is better thats why he is #1 in the world in the 100!

    • quentin101
      quentin101 5 days ago

      Shut the fuck up

    • Ryan Lee
      Ryan Lee 8 days ago

      Stevegharrispro but the point is he still loses ground in the top end. Nobody is saying he’s not the champ its just an analysis and how you can learn. Even bolt had flaws

  • Dereck Dean
    Dereck Dean 9 days ago

    Steven Gardiner !!!!

  • Marco Restrepo
    Marco Restrepo 9 days ago

    He winds that ball up way too much, thats why he gets strip sacked every game

  • tenoch menekta
    tenoch menekta 10 days ago

    Derek carr has to stop studying favre and study mahomes

  • California Dreaming
    California Dreaming 10 days ago

    I believe that Jimmy would sacrifice release if he changed up some of that hip rotation. If he waited for that back foot to come all the way forward, and open his hips, it would necessarily slow his release time. Maybe he could do it in his follow through but I’m not convinced then that it would help much. But I went back and watched Dan Marino in his early NFL years and he had terrific footwork, I think. Later on even Danny got a bit lazy. But there are similarities between Marino and Garropolo although from memory, Danny had maybe a three-quarter side-arm delivery while Jimmy has a more classic overhand delivery. I think that Jimmy’s arm mechanics in some ways are better than Dan’s were but Marino’s footwork was better. (After I watched a lot of old film of Marino I was pretty convinced his footwork really helped his overall mechanics. He had this little “foot kick” that allowed a really fast weight transfer. But I saw Marino quite a few times live at Joe Robbie and that was fun! He was terrific, of course.)

  • azuquita pa ti
    azuquita pa ti 10 days ago

    “where can he improve on” uh

  • Steve Hammer
    Steve Hammer 10 days ago

    First pure passer? Ever hear of a guy named Johnny Unitas? Y.A. Tittle? A dozen other guys who came before him?

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen 10 days ago

    He just ran 43.48 to win the World Championships in Doha today. Given how strongly he ran the last 100m, I really think he can run under 43 seconds. His form is so relaxed, and his stride length is insane.

    • Dereck Dean
      Dereck Dean 10 days ago

      This would be a huge accomplishment for this young man !! He did shock the competition in Doha with that fast time and the gold medal. World Champion 2019.

    • SAFP_10.60
      SAFP_10.60 10 days ago

      For sure, he wasn't pressed down the home stretch by the likes of Van Niekerk or Norman. He also suffered injuries this year so I'm sure he'll get the WR.

  • Ryan OHara
    Ryan OHara 11 days ago

    In your examples your elbow is pointed sideways, away from the target, and the ball is pointed forward at the target. That type of disassociation between wrist and elbow puts too much stress on the rotator cuff.

  • Jordime
    Jordime 11 days ago

    How come when you spiral your index finger rotates clockwise?

  • kev cowurrd
    kev cowurrd 11 days ago

    Morey can u please explain why Goff throws such WObblers!! ha i mean dude is an NFL QB!! Some throws he throws are nice but Most are Wobblin Ducks! Something his hand is doing slightly it looks like he pinches the ball out is that Right?! lol

  • B Swifty
    B Swifty 11 days ago

    CJ Stroud is Beast 💪🏼

  • Luis D Piedra
    Luis D Piedra 12 days ago

    Marino is the nobody said for you to do this also stop with the numbers

  • Mike Wu
    Mike Wu 13 days ago

    Su is 172cm which is 5'8 not 5'6 wtf...

  • Mike LeBoeuf
    Mike LeBoeuf 13 days ago

    Vid a great idea,....but your repeating monotone monologue was just painful. Sorry.....

  • Alonzo Kincaid
    Alonzo Kincaid 13 days ago

    Tebow had 145 touchdowns in college.

  • Jordime
    Jordime 16 days ago

    How come when quarterbacks throw their hand spins counter clockwise

    • James Stokes
      James Stokes 12 days ago

      yea helps create a better spiral with a follow through

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      For every action there is a reaction. So as you get the ball to spin the hand moves in an opposite direction to follow through and initiate the spiral

  • Manuelcr7
    Manuelcr7 16 days ago

    We know that speed is the result of high force (impulse) in the proper direction. But how is this force developed? Through a fast pull back and high stiffness at ground contact? Wich is more important do you think or wich is the limiting factor. I think it's the pullback of the swing leg.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      Very in depth question where you need much more information in order to make any justification. And a lot of times with sprinting I think of it as where are we not losing force. So when hitting the ground make that efficient, the efficiency of the leg pulling back and transitioning through, the stability of the spine as the hip is going into max hip flexion. All these are important to not be losing force potential, as well as maximizing the force application through the ground and the trajectory of the body with push off. Would have to know more about the athlete in order to know where force is most developed and/or be better developed.

  • Mahdee Ali
    Mahdee Ali 16 days ago

    I think Bret Farve can be one too

  • Bobby Lupango
    Bobby Lupango 16 days ago

    My speed is very good and I want to participate in sprint. I am now 42 but still i dont have the chance.

    • Bobby Lupango
      Bobby Lupango 14 days ago

      Hahaha. I dont compete with those ages. I want to compete with youngters, just to know my limit.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      You can still run. There are olympics for people 70+ years old in sprinting

  • Gaby Solis
    Gaby Solis 16 days ago

    That was the race.

  • Carl Gustov
    Carl Gustov 16 days ago

    GO PACK GO!!!!!

  • Courtney Wallace
    Courtney Wallace 17 days ago

    Its the torso. Not the head.

  • Disgruntled Student
    Disgruntled Student 18 days ago


    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      I understand. I just think his motion of the arm is the best. The efficiency of the actual motion is better in a Brady/Rodgers. Drew Brees is up there though which is why he has been at such a high level for such a long period of time even with a very significant shoulder injury early on in his career.

    • Disgruntled Student
      Disgruntled Student 18 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California yes. The problem is that, throughout the argument, you argue that Drew Brees has sound mechanics. You do a good job of this. However, your ultimate argument is that he has the BEST throwing motion, and because you fail to compare his vs. any other greats (Manning, Brady, Wilson, Rogers, etc...) your argument falls short of being convincing.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 18 days ago

      Disgruntled Student did you watch the video?

  • Albino Harambe
    Albino Harambe 20 days ago

    I’m 5”2 at 13 yrs and I can throw 35 - 40 yards

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 20 days ago

    Might be a stupid question, but it seems Minshew does alot with his body before the throw , can this counter productive? Bortlesesque? Pockets don't get bigger, they get smaller, should he have tighter throwing mechanics?

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      I am all about efficiency so can he be more efficient and would that benefit him is what it seems like you are asking, I would say yes 100%

  • Shae Norris
    Shae Norris 20 days ago

    Can you breakdown Terry Bradshaw?

  • B Swifty
    B Swifty 20 days ago

    Is ur guys index finger under the ball? Or on the side more? 🤔

    • B Swifty
      B Swifty 11 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California Thank You Throw was way better today at least with more power by Curling wrist in 👍🏼

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 11 days ago

      B Swifty wrist should be more curled or stacked on top of the forearm.. when your hand is underneath you will have an inconsistent spiral and won’t generate power through your wrist flick

    • B Swifty
      B Swifty 13 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California it looks as if Brady & Cam "Curl" their Wrists in?? Where as my wrist is Twerked "Outward".. 🤔 How should Wrist be?? I get at the end flick wrist but what about before?

    • B Swifty
      B Swifty 14 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California on release? Maybe my hand is too underneath the ball? Making the spiral spin sideways?? 🤔 I notice even pros spiral it like that sometimes.. But Brady and Cam really spin that ball straight so either their motion or hand is doing something different..

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      During which part of the throw?

  • kekemay 55
    kekemay 55 20 days ago

    Pretty nice throw looks like his spin to the side tho.. Carolinas new Stud Kyle Allen has a Unique throw and he was SPINNIN it!

    • Kyle b
      Kyle b 20 days ago

      They changed cams throw to look like Kyle Allens!

    • B Swifty
      B Swifty 20 days ago

      Kyle Allen Droppin DIMES!!! 👌🏼

  • ajaja aa
    ajaja aa 21 day ago

    THANX !!

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter 21 day ago

    I love the adjustment of releases based on throws in the pocket and with time out of the pocket. His pocket awareness is solid for a slower big guy.

  • GoatZilla
    GoatZilla 21 day ago

    Sit down. Organize your thoughts. Write down what you're going to say. Then rewrite it for brevity and density.

  • kekemay 55
    kekemay 55 21 day ago

    Anyone watch the Rams vs Browns?? That was sidearm vs elbow whip thing 🤣🤣

  • Mike Joyner
    Mike Joyner 22 days ago

    Very quick!

  • Berad Casteel
    Berad Casteel 23 days ago

    This is the MOST fucking annoying video on TVclip! Show the mother fucking throw dude.

  • ImAllInNow
    ImAllInNow 23 days ago

    kind of a youtube sin of analyzing a sprint like this to not show it all the way though at full speed at the end of the video.

  • pretty cure Forever
    pretty cure Forever 23 days ago

    Of you puase and look how many double teams on the oline to his right side that's becuase they're protecting it becuase they know his weakness is to push or interior his motion

    • Maddog Wright
      Maddog Wright 20 days ago

      Yea Aaron Donald is lined up to his right. Might have something to do with that.

  • almadeunrebel
    almadeunrebel 23 days ago

    i think most all qbs use trunk and the feet are taught for direction and accuracy. like an 80/20 ratio; mahomes on the other hand really get his lower body involved, like a punch thrower. so he’s not freakish he has just unlocked 10 more yards with his technique. if some of the other boys copy this it can unlock some big throws BUT can you bring the finesse and repeated accuracy?

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      Through repetition 100%. That is the big separation here is the repetition and practice that is put in.

  • LunarX
    LunarX 24 days ago

    I thought Vince Vaughn was narrating this video.

  • Shae Norris
    Shae Norris 24 days ago

    I think I have a side arm throwing motion similar to L. Jack

    • kev cowurrd
      kev cowurrd 23 days ago

      The REason why Baker playing like crap and Jackson SLANGIN Dimes!!

    • Too much Remy
      Too much Remy 24 days ago

      Lol Shannon got y’all fucked up with it smh its action Jackson or Lamar no one calls him “ L jack” that shit sound retarded

  • Javon b
    Javon b 24 days ago

    Good stuff!

  • kekemay 55
    kekemay 55 24 days ago

    Gonna srart throwing Side Arm cuz Everyone Tua, Rivers, Mahomes.. they All throw Side arm and the ball spins better

    • kev cowurrd
      kev cowurrd 23 days ago

      i been sayin!! That Elbow wind up Baker and Morey Do take too Long!! Side Arm!

  • Abrahambtw
    Abrahambtw 24 days ago

    Can you explain Matt coral from ole miss?

  • Ashish Bain
    Ashish Bain 24 days ago

    You're the best

  • Alek Barrera
    Alek Barrera 24 days ago

    I notice I throw like rivers but if I need to throw a deep ball it’s more like Rodgers. The drags and swing passes are like VY (sidearm) Is it possible to be all 3? Deep balls the back of my delts sore. Intermediate throwing my front delt and forearms are sore.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 24 days ago

      Hey Alex, yeah you can be all 3 but when you do there is an increase chance of hurting your arm. This is because having different arm slots usually means you use more arm during your throw instead of your body

  • Hector Cortez
    Hector Cortez 24 days ago

    When I was like 13 I used to be able to throw 35+ yards, now I'm 28 and can't throw further than 20 feet. I've been focusing on bodybuilding that I forgot how to throw a football.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 24 days ago

      Hector Cortez you can get it back. Just focus on shoulder range of motion and using your whole body to throw.

  • Rapter
    Rapter 24 days ago

    This really helped me a lot with how I throw with my legs

  • Ly Ghun
    Ly Ghun 25 days ago

    Great promise for the future

  • NYG5
    NYG5 26 days ago

    I remember one MNF game back in the day with the Jaguars, they had Leftwich clocked at throwing the ball between 60+ to 80 MPH. Pretty sure it was around 80 MPH because it was so significant.

  • kev cowurrd
    kev cowurrd 26 days ago

    Morey motion is like a Chop? Tua/Aaron Rodgers more like a flick

  • sprintbass
    sprintbass 27 days ago

    Hos start got him a meter at the speed trap by his dead coach Charlie Francis. Its a great book

  • bernard allen
    bernard allen 27 days ago

    Evelyn was clean

    • Jonathan Wallach
      Jonathan Wallach 8 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California Lots of sexist racists here who don't like Flo Jo. Technique means nothing to them. They just know she was on PEDs because Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones were caught. Makes sense to me.

    • Performance Lab of California
  • callitlikeiseeit
    callitlikeiseeit 28 days ago

    Dude its hard to find issues in the TIME!!!!! Look at the clock. She didnt have time for all them changes thats a dam good time

  • Kyle b
    Kyle b 28 days ago

    I been to 2 QB Camps this Summer and all anyone can talk about is Tua so might as well start throwing like that because that's what most coaches and scouts are gonna look for. There is something about it tho Tua's throws are straighter and spin faster. Would Love to see Morey explain exactly how to throw like that.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 14 days ago

      I did a breakdown of Tua. And all the coaches and scouts will say that until Bryce Young comes up then you will have to throw like him then it will be another person after that. Throw like you throw, the results are what we are focused on. You will never replicate Tua because you are not him.

  • B Swifty
    B Swifty 29 days ago

    Awesome vid Morey keep it up! My throws Spiral but kinda turn sideways 🤔 how do i get it more straight?? Should my index be more underneath or on top of ball when released? Thanks!

    • Kyle b
      Kyle b 28 days ago

      Morey that would b a Great vid mine spin like that too ha

  • kekemay 55
    kekemay 55 29 days ago

    Great Vid Morey Awesome to see different release points like that Looks like i have a high release point! 👍🏼

  • dimant
    dimant 29 days ago

    There is this credo, that every body automatically looks for the most optimal form to do a certain task in an efficient way. That means, throwers with less abdominal but more pectoral power would tend to throw sidearms. That would also mean that in order to transition from a side-arm-throwing technique to a high-release-point-throw I have to train my core muscles. I am asking because normally your qb coach tells you to optimize your throwing form regardless of your muscular strengthes and weaknesses. So my question is, does it even make sense to teach a qb pure technique without adressing additional functional training?

    • kev cowurrd
      kev cowurrd 26 days ago

      @Kyle b TRUE THAT!!!

    • Kyle b
      Kyle b 28 days ago

      i been to 2 QB Camps this Summer and all anyone can talk about is Tua he goes against what most coaches teach but Man does that kid Spin it! It really does go straighter and spins faster than most traditional statue QB's like myself. Seems like Days of the Statue qb are done More & More kids starting to throw like Tua.

    • dimant
      dimant 29 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California Thanks for the answer. Are you saying that it's more about forming muscle memory and muscle activation to change form?

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 29 days ago

      It doesn't you have to address the functionality of the muscles in order to truly maximize the technique of the throw.

  • dimant
    dimant 29 days ago

    Great short video with high quality input! Love it!

  • NYG5
    NYG5 29 days ago

    Could you do a video comparing older guys like Kerry Collins, who seemingly had a naturally strong arm, and Kurt Warner, who wasn't a big guy but could really zing it before be kept breaking his hand and fingers?

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 29 days ago

      @NYG5 Yeah we have some good breakdowns on Favre, Vick, Mayfield and Wilson that would be worth checking out.

    • NYG5
      NYG5 29 days ago

      @Performance Lab of California cool. I saw some of your videos on arm strength and it got me thinking about how some "smaller" guys like Warner or Favre or Vick were able to zip it around VS bigger guys like Collins and Roethlisberger threw it.

    • Performance Lab of California
      Performance Lab of California 29 days ago

      I can try and find some good quality videos of that yes. That ends up usually being the problem is just the quality of the video

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Month ago

    Is he pivoting the foot of the drive leg to get kinetic chain started or just pushing and driving the drive leg into the ground to start the kinetic chain?

  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis Month ago

    Sample size of 4 combined throws? 😂😂😂

  • Marc 400UT!
    Marc 400UT! Month ago

    You should do more of these this helps a lot do long and triple jump videos

    ONE_GOD Month ago

    Step one deflate ball

  • Alex Boothe
    Alex Boothe Month ago

    Reminds me of an ostrich. Minor upper body movement. 😂

  • Patrick Alexis
    Patrick Alexis Month ago

    Cam Newton and the panthers seem to be hiding a injury it may be years until Cam shoulder is completely healed he has lost 8 straight games.

  • Aman Singh Thakur

    Please make a breakdown on standing start......

  • Edward Hines
    Edward Hines Month ago

    He needs to get healthy. We have a nice sprint core right now. But adding him into the mix would great

  • gothops
    gothops Month ago

    Do you think Trayvon Bromell will ever get back to running sub 9.90?

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson Month ago

    Question. Why in baseball/softball the front arm is extended out and football they say to keep the arm in? Even fastball pitchers get their front arm out. I was told it helped for balance, but also rotation (kind of what you pointed out). It would force a player to bring that front arm in a somewhat violent matter to help create that upper body rotation.