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  • exepique 1
    exepique 1 49 minutes ago

    J'adore le japonais

  • Режу Графа

    Давай асмр безумный учёный VS русский парень?

  • Lana Gacha
    Lana Gacha Hour ago

    Ma chanson préféré en ASMR ♥

  • Ana julia
    Ana julia Hour ago

    Ele é muito fofinho kkkk 🤣💜

  • Elina Verner
    Elina Verner Hour ago

    i need a 10 hour tingle version at the beginning

  • R3NN4N XPR10
    R3NN4N XPR10 Hour ago

    I have to go fast see asmr

  • Майз :D
    Майз :D Hour ago

    1:17 да это невозможно играть без подключенного джойстика

  • Radmir Kenzhaev
    Radmir Kenzhaev Hour ago

    I glad to see you Pierre)!

  • Ella
    Ella Hour ago

    Wow my Mother has a beard and my Father does to! I wonder why? Is it normal? Where was I born? Will I have a beard to? AHHHHHH THE QUESTIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!

  • Ольга Ермолаева

    Чувствую себя фиксиком😄

  • Grape slime star

    Кто русский?

  • maya s.
    maya s. Hour ago

    great video 😁❤️!

  • ¡Ivory JinX!
    ¡Ivory JinX! Hour ago

    Yo this is the first time i got tingles-

  • なみ【しお民】

    日本人 ↓

  • George O.
    George O. 2 hours ago

    Pierre is so insanely weird and I love every minute of it. We could be good friends 🤪

  • Cookie's Animationz
    Cookie's Animationz 2 hours ago

    The first one ;-; is literally trying to hide from the camera XDDDDDD

  • Letícia Bosco
    Letícia Bosco 2 hours ago

    Pierre: some carrots for little baby... Me: Are you trying to cook me or feed me?

  • Raider Allen
    Raider Allen 2 hours ago

    Ахаахх, ору

  • Mindest
    Mindest 2 hours ago

    I'm feeling like Baby Yoda

  • 옴냥
    옴냥 2 hours ago

    연금술사와 고양이 같은데요

  • Копатель Карл


  • Bayako
    Bayako 2 hours ago

    Man I love you can you put you'r mouth in the lava

  • Xenon
    Xenon 2 hours ago

    Он типо потом съест меня?

    DUTCH THE WOLF 3 hours ago

    *I did not order this* Is what my mom said to me when I was born

  • キルアだお
    キルアだお 3 hours ago


  • 齋藤プリン
    齋藤プリン 3 hours ago

    めっちゃいい音です!! 猫ちゃんがぺろぺろする音だけの動画欲しいです!!

  • Schwarcz Naomi
    Schwarcz Naomi 3 hours ago

    Mom: "you look like me" Oh so now i get why dad needs to cut a little hair (no offense)

  • 연수
    연수 3 hours ago

    사랑해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 귀여워요

  • /-\ NIK /-\
    /-\ NIK /-\ 3 hours ago

    First time ive seen my dad in years since he went to the gas’s station

  • 이영주
    이영주 3 hours ago


  • ᆞ하늘
    ᆞ하늘 3 hours ago

    한국인은 왜 없는가,

  • Top4ik xbox
    Top4ik xbox 3 hours ago

    Привет, попробуй игровой АСМР, допустим варвейс , КС го , ПАБГ и.т.д

  • pudin life
    pudin life 3 hours ago


  • Татьяна Роговцова

    Я сначала подумала просто обычный ролик, но потом я повадила пальцем.... И ахринела. Просто класс

  • Алина Николаева

    👁 👁 👅

  • 삼형제햄토리
    삼형제햄토리 4 hours ago

    한국인이인이이니 없나?

  • Юкинэ Ютубер

    4:49 на злодея из фильма дети шпионы напоминает 👌

  • Юкинэ Ютубер

    Хех прикольные видео, мурашит, это заслуживает лайка и подписку молодец :З

  • mangoo
    mangoo 4 hours ago

    he is so creative to us.

  • Janelle 2354
    Janelle 2354 4 hours ago

    Holy moly when I moved my phone I was like WTF

  • hao gong
    hao gong 4 hours ago


  • rasin bran
    rasin bran 4 hours ago

    Adhd kicks in

  • 최재우
    최재우 4 hours ago

    편집 실력이 날이 갈수록 느시네요!! 보는재미도 있어요!!

  • 최재우
    최재우 4 hours ago

    고양이 들이 너무 귀엽네요!!

  • Dunkle
    Dunkle 5 hours ago

    *I think I’m on acid again*

    КРИСТАЛИК 5 hours ago

    Доброе утро!

  • lewin idony
    lewin idony 5 hours ago

    I bet this is how furbies feel

  • Zach Katalak
    Zach Katalak 5 hours ago

    This sorta looks like when you mess your POV up in minecraft.

  • ConeMLG
    ConeMLG 5 hours ago

    *Tinger haus*

  • Overrated Losxr
    Overrated Losxr 6 hours ago

    I think your turtles broken


    Ay ay ay mi amor~ <3😎

  • Hannah Hollister
    Hannah Hollister 6 hours ago

    i am so confused

  • Omar Medina
    Omar Medina 6 hours ago

    Korean yess i love korea

  • HEXKY _
    HEXKY _ 6 hours ago

    When you open the mysterious Deep Web box .

  • Omar Salvador
    Omar Salvador 6 hours ago

    This video is like a NTR but I Like it


    I laugh so hard with this. I don't Move and He just Act like "MATRIX movie" I just want Some of air

  • Blueberryjam
    Blueberryjam 6 hours ago

    I'm I getting waterboarded

    ÛNKNOWN_GÂLAXY 53 6 hours ago

    He’s me when I capture a bug

  • Школьник Школьников

    Он не русский прост он выучил

  • Quinn
    Quinn 6 hours ago

    “oops! this one wanted to kiss you” 🥺💖

  • Marysol Gonzalez
    Marysol Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    Es muy gracioso el título y el video jajajaja

  • Mess Yoursisi
    Mess Yoursisi 6 hours ago

    cross your eyes on the mad scientist guy he almost looks like VSAUCE

  • lol choke
    lol choke 6 hours ago

    Hah- my dad was in Arizona when i was born so- this is fun

  • Weervle_
    Weervle_ 6 hours ago

    Do you know how happy I am right now

  • Cerise_ Galaxy
    Cerise_ Galaxy 7 hours ago

    I love tofu

  • Andrea Y
    Andrea Y 7 hours ago

    Dad: what is that thing? Mom: my little baby, you are so beautiful. Me: I'm conflicted 😳 Also I feel bad for "dad" that I'm not his, at the end he was warming up to me

  • Sonya Lapa
    Sonya Lapa 7 hours ago

    Теперь я буду говорить всем: Ти ЩюТиЩь!?!?

  • Bob Franklin
    Bob Franklin 7 hours ago

    Wow, this is incredibly creative

  • MelonanTV
    MelonanTV 7 hours ago

    7:21 „Ich freue nich-“ *_no,no,no,no,no_* *_ni,ni,ni,ni,ni_* „ICH.. Freue MICH! sie könnön zu lörnön“

  • Namisana eve
    Namisana eve 7 hours ago

    POV: your this dudes roommate

  • Евгений Винокуров

    Sakha Urui aihal чиэһинэ бүт Салаан! Дьикти ди

  • Noah Alper
    Noah Alper 8 hours ago

    I love the mic scratching

  • Maria Batatinha-chan UwU

    EU AMO GATOS!!!!!

  • Aaron Bayat
    Aaron Bayat 8 hours ago

    Nothing like a 33 year old man with long hair and a beard to help me fall asleep eh?

  • ひなさん
    ひなさん 8 hours ago


  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung 8 hours ago

    A great idea🥰👍🏻

  • Aaron Bayat
    Aaron Bayat 8 hours ago

    Jesus… Is that you?

  • 平和を望むゆーま


  • xxDope edits 101xx
    xxDope edits 101xx 8 hours ago


  • J4fun19 _
    J4fun19 _ 8 hours ago

    Imagine seeing this guy touching a camera

  • Marco Lloyd
    Marco Lloyd 8 hours ago

    I FeEL So StrANgE

  • Hollyititis
    Hollyititis 8 hours ago

    _Megamind is shaking at this video_

  • Hadini Lee
    Hadini Lee 8 hours ago

    It really be like 🦷🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🦷

  • Le Narrator [Society Of Superior]

    Why is this recommended to me

  • Davison Miguel
    Davison Miguel 9 hours ago

    A cada asmr de falando *português brasil* ele melhora o português

  • Maggie C
    Maggie C 9 hours ago

    Pierre saying “baby” is everything I never knew I needed

  • • S K Y •
    • S K Y • 9 hours ago

    6:44 :O

  • My Bae Is awesome
    My Bae Is awesome 9 hours ago

    This is the best asmr because I like how it moves :D

  • Karol Dance Degenerado

    Te cagaron viejo xd

  • AITB gacha and roblox

    I’m more concerned that there is nothing *IN* the package.

  • imi gacha
    imi gacha 9 hours ago

    Bonjour Pierre, je suis vraiment heureuse que vous faite des video en français et je pense qu'il serai intéressant d'en faire d'avantage.😁 Je me demandais (car je vous connais depuis peu) si le français était votre langue maternelle. Continuer vos video car ces vraiment de très bonne qualité.💖 **(et très relaxant)**

    ENZO EUEL 9 hours ago

    is it just me or oh boy instead of toys its paintbrushes

  • JustAKokichiFangirl
    JustAKokichiFangirl 10 hours ago

    “Little baby needs to become big babyyyyy” Obviously, I’m literally smaller than a carrot for goodness sake!

  • Jefferson Vilca
    Jefferson Vilca 10 hours ago

    A la q loco Pero RELAJANTE

  • Weef
    Weef 10 hours ago

    I definitely need to comeback while I’m high to watch this video, I love it

  • Ana Cicak
    Ana Cicak 10 hours ago

    You look like fucking jesus

  • Alyssa Bullock
    Alyssa Bullock 10 hours ago

    You're really out here making my ASMR dreams come true- i love this concept!! Not to mention your adorable cats 💙

  • Arctic Gacha
    Arctic Gacha 10 hours ago

    3:15 - 3:20 *walking on sand in Minecract be like* | | V

  • Jana Alves
    Jana Alves 10 hours ago

    1:58 😴

  • John Ramone
    John Ramone 10 hours ago

    R.I.P Old man