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How South Park is Made
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Baby Yoda vs Babu Frik
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The New Mutants Explained!
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Top 10 Bleach Bankai
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The Ring vs. The Grudge
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Top 10 Anime of 2019
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  • I don't even Know anymore

    People who like friends have a brain tumor

  • Totally Innocent Eater

    -Where is Chase from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?-

  • Raja Vinson Sihotang

    I am a normal guy.... I see JoJo, I clicked it

  • Nathan Huffman
    Nathan Huffman 6 hours ago

    I was seriously considering unsubscribing from WatchMojo if u didn't list the Miracle on Ice, ha.

  • Bartolomé Zuliani
    Bartolomé Zuliani 6 hours ago

    Dustin Huffman?

  • Bob Devereux
    Bob Devereux 6 hours ago

    The Lost Boys, one of the greats.

  • Ana Jelic
    Ana Jelic 6 hours ago

    And who's for blame? People who don't care about nature and what's importmant. Also i hope that Animals and plants won't go extinct. Pray for those who are fighting with fire 🙏🙏 From Serbia 🇷🇸

  • Phoenix North
    Phoenix North 6 hours ago

    Die antwoord are weird

  • 1966425
    1966425 6 hours ago

    "Madonna has proven herself to be a great actress"??? Are you f-ing serious? Great?

  • TheFlock83
    TheFlock83 6 hours ago

    Not going to lie, Judge Doom terrified me as a kid

  • alexae1367
    alexae1367 6 hours ago

    Sorry but this is the worst video you ever made. You interrupted all the funny moments, and left out more than half since like six of them weren't the funniest moments at all

  • Igor Damnjanovic
    Igor Damnjanovic 6 hours ago

    deeeeeeep puuuuurple only one

  • Golden Brothers
    Golden Brothers 6 hours ago

    Its 100 second before midnight

  • Trainboy45 Productions 2019

    Brian is one bad dog.

  • Sean Fairgrieve
    Sean Fairgrieve 6 hours ago

    No love for Aliens: Colonial Marines?

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 6 hours ago

    I would add far cry 3 but still a good list

  • Joshua Lafaix
    Joshua Lafaix 6 hours ago

    This channel is the 100th most subed channel

  • Wet_ToiletPaper
    Wet_ToiletPaper 6 hours ago

    thank you for putting etika is warms my heart to see people still care about him

  • John Hutsebaut
    John Hutsebaut 6 hours ago

    Peggy Lee makes my list as well as Joan Jett and Eva Cassidy, but I generally like your list!

  • Poke Player123
    Poke Player123 6 hours ago

    They put Lars in here but didn't put any songs from ...and Justice for all album.

  • Sensei Eggroll
    Sensei Eggroll 6 hours ago

    Homicidal clone You're the joke

  • Caitlin Norton
    Caitlin Norton 6 hours ago

    "Whoever let the boyband named after a steak sauce" sent me 😂😂😂

  • who lol
    who lol 6 hours ago

    Demon slayer is the best animeee❤️

  • Becky Stealer
    Becky Stealer 6 hours ago

    Heart of Novicane by Halestorm

  • DkryptX3
    DkryptX3 6 hours ago

    Generation Zero is a bit of a guilty pleasure game for me. Only reason Agony isn't on the list is probably the new version the devs released (PC exclusive IIRC).

  • Azrael Reaper
    Azrael Reaper 6 hours ago

    I hate watch mojo, way too much talking. Be one of those uploaders who doesn't say anything, just plays the videos we came to see. Couldn't make it past 27 seconds, thumbs down.

  • Nathan Wood
    Nathan Wood 6 hours ago

    I was looking for the name of "Jessica" in a bunch of different compilations because I couldn't remember it for the life of me; thanks for that.

  • Roman Zh.
    Roman Zh. 6 hours ago

    common blabla bla

  • el giee deee
    el giee deee 6 hours ago

    Ac unity deserves to have a movie

  • Tylor Smith
    Tylor Smith 6 hours ago

    Blair witch was an awful movie that spawned an entire genre of awful movies. Your work is terrible and you should feel bad!

  • Neon_Eclipse 9364
    Neon_Eclipse 9364 6 hours ago

    12:35 And she fell UNDER THE SEA

  • First Last
    First Last 6 hours ago

    Just came to make sure sopranos is number 1

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee 6 hours ago

    Another sweet thing is that Stan throws away his cane at the end of the episode and Michael is seen with it in all future episodes he appears in. I like to think Stan did mean something to him at one point.

  • Archie McDonald
    Archie McDonald 6 hours ago

    The joker from Dark knight Was the best ever villian by far with the catchphrase (WHY SO SERIOUS....), not this 2019 mess up....

  • Faepan
    Faepan 6 hours ago

    Everything Girl was the best! Sadly it doesn't exist anymore. :'(

  • Matthew Palmer
    Matthew Palmer 6 hours ago

    Okay, so... top 10 times Yugi cheated.....Honestly Duelist Kingdom shouldn't be counted in this countdown, EVERYONE cheated in that whole arc. Hell it was even basically stayed. Part of the reason that Joey even had difficulty with Battle City was because he tried playing according to Duelist Kingdom rules.

  • The Common Commentator of Youtube

    The king from vinland saga. Didn't know he was gonna die like that

  • kenny P
    kenny P 6 hours ago

    White Lion were quality. Love this fun melodic genre.

  • Fernando Rizzatti
    Fernando Rizzatti 6 hours ago

    Só guitarristas de merda cadê o edward van halen

  • Drake Lewis
    Drake Lewis 6 hours ago

    Elvis is so Overrated and should not be #2

  • Julio Ornano
    Julio Ornano 6 hours ago

    Moral: dont make songs with family

  • Oliver Gray Plays
    Oliver Gray Plays 6 hours ago

    Lego Batman 2 is a classic 2nd place is city undercover

  • Zandria Coates
    Zandria Coates 6 hours ago

    I learned about the 405, and how busy traffic is in California from The Californians sketches.

  • Ruben Leyva
    Ruben Leyva 6 hours ago

    Career Day and Bodega Bathroom are amazing!!!

  • Philipp
    Philipp 6 hours ago

    saw this now you definetly forgot the death of sakuragi "bro" in Rainbow it was so completly unnecessary at that point.

  • Terminal Lumbago
    Terminal Lumbago 6 hours ago

    Do a top ten side characters in Brooklyn nine nine

  • Eric Beverly
    Eric Beverly 6 hours ago

    Not even a mention of Deadshot? The guy can shoot and fight. He was actually in the marines, like Punisher. Floyd Lawton deserves more respect.

  • SiVlog
    SiVlog 6 hours ago

    Slightly surprised that the Watergate proceedings weren't on this list. Particularly as it was the letter to the judge from lead burglar James McCord read in open court, revealing that there was political pressure from the White House on the defendants to plead guilty and remain silent that lead to the ignition of national interest in the Watergate case

  • PeckedFreshMemes
    PeckedFreshMemes 6 hours ago


  • WouldBe Music
    WouldBe Music 6 hours ago

    I'm here to see the "mobile gaming isn't gaming" comments

  • Assylum 13
    Assylum 13 6 hours ago

    2019 rewinds in order from best to worst (in my opinion) 1. PewDiePie 2. WatchMojo 3. Literally 4. Any 5. Other 6. Flipping 7. 2019 rewind 8. There 9. Is 10. TVclip

  • kenny P
    kenny P 6 hours ago

    I prefer Where's The Love than the Bop song

  • Darren Madden
    Darren Madden 6 hours ago

    oh MOJO you amuse me... OTEP and maria brink as honorable mentions SMH but at least you know who they are now and can make a better list for next time

  • Eric Nareau
    Eric Nareau 6 hours ago

    This list is great for so many reasons. It's nice 2 see the godfathers of anime all in one list also. Note- yes it's missing naruto

  • Scott Charney
    Scott Charney 6 hours ago

    There's a video clip I saw growing up, probably in the mid-90s, that I would love to see again. There was a coach, or other major figure in college sports (basketball, or perhaps football) who becomes so angry at a press conference that he becomes nearly incoherent with rage, and I think some woman comes up to calm him down. When shown later, maybe in a "best of the year" countdown or something, the host simply responds with "Ohhhhkay."

  • Asa Thornhill
    Asa Thornhill 6 hours ago

    These men have had far better lives than any of us will ever have. ☹️

  • m boskovic
    m boskovic 6 hours ago

    Pina Collada, Del Boy... Come on..

  • Jace D'Ambra
    Jace D'Ambra 6 hours ago

    Industrial trust tower providence ri aka the superman building is a creepy abandoned building

  • Rebecca Senecal
    Rebecca Senecal 6 hours ago

    The brown horse incident was hilarious! That's a well-known fail

  • E3 Skeen
    E3 Skeen 6 hours ago

    Ever shot a sub Sonic 45. It's close to a mouse fart

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee 6 hours ago

    Any moment with Kenny and Karen, honestly.

  • Wagner Lutterbach
    Wagner Lutterbach 6 hours ago

    I Can't Fight this Feeling - REO Speedwagon It Must Have Been Love - Roxette

  • Hammer Bruh
    Hammer Bruh 6 hours ago

    I haven’t seen this movie nor heard of it and I love the 80s 😂

  • Jonas Montas
    Jonas Montas 6 hours ago

    Lol grow up with money, have a fair chance in society and the job market. I’m so oppressed. I want more white men in movies not women or blacks.

  • pipo 7000
    pipo 7000 6 hours ago

    I would eat all of those

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 6 hours ago

    I was a REAL lost boy int the 1970's.

  • Error:404 Not found
    Error:404 Not found 6 hours ago

    I feel like this list is what she doesn't like as a kid.

  • pugacraftero 17
    pugacraftero 17 6 hours ago

    The little boy of "the omen" was so cute :3

  • kanavy khith
    kanavy khith 6 hours ago

    The Island scene was a lot better as you can see the guy release the train wheels during the chase

  • Wagner Lutterbach
    Wagner Lutterbach 6 hours ago

    #1 - Always - Bon Jovi

  • Oleg _euro_enthusiast

    Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦

  • typhlosion 787
    typhlosion 787 6 hours ago

    A band where the majority of the best songs aren't music videos and singles: Exists Watchmojo: Wait, that's illegal+

  • 助ッチ。
    助ッチ。 6 hours ago


  • Luv Abby
    Luv Abby 6 hours ago

    Did you smoke weed ? Blue bird is top 7 ? Big LOL this is like top 2 or 1

  • Nihilus
    Nihilus 6 hours ago

    Dad is a total turn off

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 6 hours ago

    Cursed lol... Yet everyone making such good fortune off them.

  • Ten O
    Ten O 6 hours ago

    Where is the kick six? The greatest play in American Sports’ history!

  • marsneedstowels
    marsneedstowels 6 hours ago

    The People's Elbow

  • Ten O
    Ten O 6 hours ago

    Who even watches baseball? Lol

  • Tommy Rosati
    Tommy Rosati 6 hours ago

    “Troy and Abed are in Mourning” “We were saying Mourning with a U?!”

  • Nolan Writes
    Nolan Writes 6 hours ago

    Chris we need top 10s such as: Chris’ top ten fav movies Chris’ top ten least fav Top ten movies of 80s... Etc

  • Bluh 123
    Bluh 123 6 hours ago

    How dare you diss those dance moves

  • The Tennesse Miner
    The Tennesse Miner 6 hours ago

    My top 10 1. Billie Jean 2. Beat it 3. Thriller 4. Bad 5. Speed demon 6. Man in the mirror 7. Wanna be starting something 8. Ghosts 9. Dangerous 10. Smooth criminal

  • Dane Plays Games Badly

    It wasn’t the best me too song. It was the best pop song so yeeeeaaaaahhhhh 🤷🏻‍♂️ Edit: as much as I hate Cardi B the only reason people wanted Mac Miller to win was because he was dead Also back to me too. Casey Affleck won based on his acting not who he is a person off camera. Most of Hollywood wouldn’t deserve sh*t if that was the case

  • hamish ward
    hamish ward 6 hours ago

    Wait so a big hole and a game with simple red stone is on the list?

  • Diana Brown
    Diana Brown 6 hours ago

    i was going to see it as it cats shame tbh

  • janjan de vil
    janjan de vil 6 hours ago

    watching this is giving me inspiration to become like them😂

  • CornOnJaCob 11
    CornOnJaCob 11 6 hours ago

    1. Modern Warfare 2. Modern Warfare 2 3. Black Ops 4. Modern Warfare 3 5. Black Ops 2 6. Modern Warfare 2019 7. Black Ops 3 Those are my favs. The others are all good just not as good as those.

  • Sam Henderyckx
    Sam Henderyckx 6 hours ago

    Jean genie, my favorite?

  • Rebecca Michael
    Rebecca Michael 6 hours ago

    The only reason the teachers keep changing is because Professor Quirrell died, Professor Lockhart lost his memory, Professor Lupin resigned because he was a werewolf, Professor Moody was actually a criminal in disguise, Professor Umbridge got carried off by centaurs. Professor Slughorn is still at Hogwarts.

  • Tyler Bellei
    Tyler Bellei 6 hours ago

    GG Alin was labeled as a performance artist. And that he was. I love Primus. I saw gwar in concert and they were kickass. They put people in a meat grinder and then the buckets of blood would shoot out in the audience! Good times

  • Shahwaiz Cheema
    Shahwaiz Cheema 6 hours ago

    Sometimes i pause eminem's song so he can breathe ❤️

  • gdprsn
    gdprsn 6 hours ago

    Kids keep dying period.

  • BEZ kinght
    BEZ kinght 6 hours ago

    Idk why people hate this movie its amazing

  • Jennifer Stephens
    Jennifer Stephens 6 hours ago

    Why isn't Godzilla on here???

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 6 hours ago

    thank you for not actually putting the raining hamburgers scene on the list

  • Ajmal Hussain
    Ajmal Hussain 6 hours ago

    Fax machines r still in use - I used one to send a prescription couple of days ago

  • Hori Manuirirangi
    Hori Manuirirangi 6 hours ago

    The moment where Raj learns that he can talk to women

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor 6 hours ago

    Here’s 3 reasons why Ben Affleck is a better Batman than Christian Bale: 1. The Voice. -Affleck used a voice modulator to make sure his voice is completely scrambled, so no one can recognize his voice and it sounds f*cking amazing. while Christian Bale just used a dark tone of his own voice that sounds like a retard trying to act tough (no offense, Bale). 2. The Fighting Skills. -Affleck’s fighting is much stronger and more Batman-like while Bale’s fighting was just touching an opponent and they fall on the floor without a scratch. 3. The Batsuit. -Bale’s first 2005 Batsuit was better than 2008/2012 Batsuit, but he couldn’t turn his head while Bale’s new suit is more flexible, but it’s kind of weird looking and kind of gimpy. Affleck’s Batsuit is based off The Dark Knight Returns and is much more badass looking. I don’t care what anyone says. Ben Affleck is the best Batman in every way. Don’t even start about “Ben Affleck kills” because I don’t give a sh*t.

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi 6 hours ago

    I had a crush on Frog brothers and Michael