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The Joker vs. Pennywise
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Top 10 Copycat TV Shows
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Ad Astra Ending Explained
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  • A M
    A M 23 seconds ago

    Why is the narrator chick rebecca always so orange?

  • Deymn ML
    Deymn ML Minute ago

    We never learn does have season 2.. but quintuplets doesn't have 😭

  • Jared Simpson
    Jared Simpson 2 minutes ago

    Honestly the only clown movie that actually freaks me out still to this day is terrifier

  • Amber134 Lee
    Amber134 Lee 2 minutes ago

    Sonic Adventure Series Sonic Unleashed Sonic Rush Sonic Rush Adventure Sonic & Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy Genesis Sonic CD Sonic Generations Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 SATBK Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Mania Sonic Advance Trilogy Sonic Heroes SA2 Battle Sonic Colors Are my favorite Sonic Games ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sonali Srivastava
    Sonali Srivastava 2 minutes ago

    It's wrong to compare two legends 😑😑😑 both are perfect in their way 😑😑😑😑.

  • Ariela Strombeck
    Ariela Strombeck 2 minutes ago

    death note?!?! Mojo come on

  • kaduzy
    kaduzy 2 minutes ago

    In a case of life imitating art, Randy Quaid turned out to be the crazy guy in real life, too.

  • Mr Ronald Mac tonight
    Mr Ronald Mac tonight 2 minutes ago

    =Disney +

  • Andre Diogo
    Andre Diogo 3 minutes ago

    If Oscar doesn´t win a Joaquin, then...

  • Joker
    Joker 3 minutes ago

    King can write a book, but can’t direct a movie, Kubrick can direct a movie but can’t write a book. They had different visions on how to make the story, and as they express it in different ways, it is hard to compare the two. Don’t get me wrong King’s original story of the shining was great but I personally preferred Kubrick’s adaptation as it wasn’t just a general ghost story and it kept me on edge. Jumping to the Shelly Duval topic, lots of people say she did not do a good job at portraying the character Wendy Torrance, and calling Kubrick’s portrayal of her misogynistic, but even though she was seen as weaker than she was portrayed in the books, Wendy tried to protect her son, and as she was in an abusive relationship, but she still loved Jack which is most likely the reason why she defended his actions, as one might do when they are in a relationship like that. In the end she defends herself and her son, and comes out as a stronger character as before, in a way showing people that they can get out of an abusive relationship, and I am sorry if I am kinda ranting but I genuinely think that Shelly’s performance was spectacular in the Kubrick directed shining. Now, as the movie differs from the book it shows us ways something can be differently portrayed. Now as Kubrick took this as a more psychological thriller king had a more direct scare kind of portrayal, once again making them different and incomparable as a conclusion. Sorry if this didn’t make sense, tbh when I go on rants like this I don’t really make any sense lmfao

  • IketheTard
    IketheTard 4 minutes ago

    im suprised donkey kong 64 isnt on tis list

  • Eddy A.
    Eddy A. 4 minutes ago

    Eddie Van Halen??

  • Amber_pops133 Lee
    Amber_pops133 Lee 4 minutes ago

    Sonic Adventure Series Sonic Unleashed Sonic Rush Sonic Rush Adventure Sonic & Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy Genesis Sonic CD Sonic Generations Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 SATBK Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Mania Sonic Advance Trilogy Sonic Heroes SA2 Battle Sonic Colors Are my favorite Sonic Games ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Robby Knapp
    Robby Knapp 5 minutes ago

    why is cavill so highly rated above tim daly?

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson 5 minutes ago

    I definitely felt much more disturbed with Phoenix, which I didn’t with Ledger.

  • Nate Noriega
    Nate Noriega 5 minutes ago

    Im sorry but I love spiderman 3.

  • ItsYah Boii06
    ItsYah Boii06 6 minutes ago

    What about House on haunted Hill

  • terrarion aqu
    terrarion aqu 6 minutes ago

    Could some one give the asian chick a slap in the face

  • Jason Games YT
    Jason Games YT 7 minutes ago

    10: Mom's Spaghetti

  • David Urban
    David Urban 7 minutes ago

    Some of them I've heard of some I haven't thanks for posting it. Have a great day everyone

  • Trevor McLaurin
    Trevor McLaurin 7 minutes ago

    LOST MY SHIT when he was going through who he was and mentioned even ling i figure from FMA:BH

  • Nathan Vondal
    Nathan Vondal 7 minutes ago

    The Eminem one made me laugh because that's clever word play. Seems she was butthurt

  • Sara Jea
    Sara Jea 7 minutes ago

    Sasuke never got his revenge

  • no - doubter
    no - doubter 7 minutes ago

    0:34 hahahahaha speechless

  • TheSwineButcher bastard

    Damn I love to see Nicki manaj slap the fuck outta that little tramp Wiley Miley sirus

  • trixR4kids0205
    trixR4kids0205 8 minutes ago

    Batman is a better superhero than Iron Man because Batmans fucking awesome but Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark is simply amazing

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J 8 minutes ago

    Music Hole ):

  • Fiona Yang
    Fiona Yang 9 minutes ago

    This is why BTS is the best

  • Best Metal and Rock Lists

    How can Yes not be here

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 9 minutes ago

    Todd got F A T

  • CJ Rehv
    CJ Rehv 9 minutes ago

    Victor was better than tyrus. But Walt should’ve been #1 lol

  • Charles
    Charles 9 minutes ago


  • TheSwineButcher bastard
    TheSwineButcher bastard 10 minutes ago

    Lady Gaga hotter than Madonna's gap teeth ever thought make up & a good dentist could make her& I'm not even I fan both are blonde bimbos somehow Madonna's just so much more skanky

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 10 minutes ago

    fuck 12

  • Kirsti Johnson
    Kirsti Johnson 10 minutes ago

    I can’t wait for this movie! Emma Stone was so cute in the first!!!

  • Man Human
    Man Human 10 minutes ago

    Hastag #griffithdidntnothingwrong

  • Dakota Stevens
    Dakota Stevens 10 minutes ago

    Imagine how many diseases Stain has

  • chantiboy
    chantiboy 11 minutes ago

    No. 7 for me! You know what I mean

  • danimal097521
    danimal097521 11 minutes ago

    Spaceballs, Airplane and Blazing Saddles completely left off? Christmas Vacation as an honorable mention? Seriously? The f*ck......

  • Jacob Webb
    Jacob Webb 11 minutes ago

    I love snakes. I see them every single day during the spring and summer at my job. I take pictures of them all the time but I know how to respect them and their territory.

  • Desperedeux
    Desperedeux 11 minutes ago


  • Resasuke
    Resasuke 12 minutes ago

    Soul Eater OP 2 is so much better

  • Mkay Rhyan
    Mkay Rhyan 12 minutes ago

    Does anyone know the name of that one movie where he girl movies to a new town with her mom and she and this other guy meet to try and find her ancestors or her father, the guy almost dies. Her father or ancestors spirit comes alive or something starts glowing and shit . Anyone know the name of that movie?

  • 0815funkmaster
    0815funkmaster 12 minutes ago

    Heath Ledgers Joker is still unmatched and the one I prefer.

  • promokoko
    promokoko 13 minutes ago

    Ex Steel was the best

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker 14 minutes ago

    after watching the trailer to this movie I went back and re-watched the animated one. the new Lion King should never have existed. you can't top that masterpiece. it truly is a disrespect.

  • Deshawn Anderson
    Deshawn Anderson 14 minutes ago

    Season 2 is out and i gotta say im starting to love the show if anyone still talks bad its cause they arent watching it every episode they get closer to the source material

  • TheSwineButcher bastard
    TheSwineButcher bastard 14 minutes ago

    I made a tweet about tailor swift about her accusing a fan of grabbing her ass while she took a pic with him&his girlfriend Twitter said i was bullying her & deleted it lol that's libtards for ya can't voice your disapproval with anyone unless it's conservatives she ruined his life it was cold as fuck she's a witch

  • Feferino Yupanqui
    Feferino Yupanqui 15 minutes ago

    Joaquín Phoenix the Best Joker

  • ChibJenkyns
    ChibJenkyns 15 minutes ago

    Ty-cal? Really?

    ITACHI JONES 16 minutes ago


  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker 16 minutes ago

    can we talk about just how perfect Ryan Reynolds is for Deadpool? everyone *hates* the performances in Green Lantern and X-men but Ryan is so goddamn perfect he gets the biggest fan favorite role in Marvel.

  • Stringbean670
    Stringbean670 17 minutes ago

    Uvogin vs. kurapika from Hunter x Hunter?????

  • Marchell Llehcram
    Marchell Llehcram 17 minutes ago

    gus fring is amazing, i love him so much that i despise walt for breaking up the work relation with him

  • brian sedlock
    brian sedlock 17 minutes ago

    Is the elephant bird the inspiration for the legend of the giant flying roc? The roc was a fabulous bird of prey so huge and strong that's it's been know to carry off large animals like elephants it's favorite prey.

  • Diego Alessandri
    Diego Alessandri 17 minutes ago

    🇲🇽 🥺❤️

  • XiaoGoGo
    XiaoGoGo 17 minutes ago

    Belgariad (& sequels) ? Xanth? Prydain? Dragonlance? Iron Druid? Rivers of London? etc, etc...

  • Romário Carvalho Neto
    Romário Carvalho Neto 18 minutes ago

    Forgot Shakira!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Hoscheid
    Matt Hoscheid 18 minutes ago

    Joaquin wins hands down

  • Shock Dojo
    Shock Dojo 18 minutes ago

    Last Jedi sucks balls! Rey is a Mary Sue. Luke was turned into a grumpy hermit. What else should I say about last Jedi of how much it sucks!

  • mauricio M.
    mauricio M. 19 minutes ago

    I literally don’t know fucking shit about drumming, i don’t know is an instrument that never attached me. But even if i don’t know i anything i atleast have the braincells to know that Lars doesn’t meserve to be above anyone in this list

  • Bionic_Jaden
    Bionic_Jaden 19 minutes ago

    The Guardian Code looks like an Asylum rip-off

  • Nittany America
    Nittany America 19 minutes ago

    Joker is the best Joker !

  • Kyle Groover
    Kyle Groover 19 minutes ago


  • Mihawk D. Yonko
    Mihawk D. Yonko 20 minutes ago

    You should have included the call to his parents.

  • —TheLegend27 —
    —TheLegend27 — 20 minutes ago

    I cried when sandman died

  • Alexander Douglas
    Alexander Douglas 20 minutes ago

    Deadass surprised the Mandarin twist from Iron Man 3 is not here

  • Incommodus 4life
    Incommodus 4life 20 minutes ago

    The way!!!!!!!!! This song has so forever sucked from day one-my ears and soul get acid burned anytime it's unearthed from the dead 90's!

  • Cameron Signorini
    Cameron Signorini 20 minutes ago

    Ummm the dark knight?

  • Kyle Welch
    Kyle Welch 20 minutes ago

    i can see pros and cons to having a sequel and not having a sequel.

  • thedoctrine101
    thedoctrine101 20 minutes ago

    Ok first, Im a professional drummer, and I can confirm to you that Lars Ulrich is SUCKS. Shit even I could effortlessly make Lars look a chump in a drum battle right now as rusty as I am, and I havent touched my drums in three years. Also, there is footage of Dream Theatre playing with Mike Mangini (Mike Portnoy's replacement), so thats just plain WRONG. Also, HOW THE FUCK IS GENE HOGLAN NOT IN THERE??? He is one of the most ACCLAIMED metal drummers of ALL TIME!!!! Also, Tomas Haake should be more than a mere honourable mention. Also, today, there are countless metal drummers that are astonishingly skilled, much more than ALL these drummers on this list, with George Kollias being the best metal drummer of all time, and that is COMPLETELY ABSOLUTE FACT that absolutely UNDEBATABLE. NOT A SINGLE drummer in the metal genre can do blast beats at his speed, which is absolute PROOF that he is the best. George should be number ONE on this list. See for yourselves in the video below. Also, French drummer Romain Goulon should be on this list as he is one of the most skilled metal drummers of all time. Nick Barker should also be on this list. John Tempesta should also be on this list if not an honourable mention. Vladislav Ulasevish is Jinjer should be on this list as he is EXTREMELY skilled. You assholes at watchmojo know absolutely FUCKING JACK SHIT about drumming. George Kollias - Treasures of Nemesis Romain Goulon - Necrophagist Drumming Necrophagist Drumming

  • Moffat
    Moffat 21 minute ago

    You cant say who is better you can only have a preference because they both are just such different Jokers 🤔 , I Love both they both went incredibly deep into their roles and smashed it . I also noticed they never mentioned body shape because the joker is suppose to be very skinny which Joaquin defianty followed through on 😳.

  • trey39
    trey39 21 minute ago

    Just play the clips without the useless narration

  • Bruce Stainback
    Bruce Stainback 21 minute ago

    New number one, soon to come?

  • Clearance Collector 清倉收藏家

    Mortal Kombat II wasn’t that bad. Plot may not be good but it got a lot of familiar characters unlike Super Mario. Dang. I totally forgot about Double Dragon.

  • Aniket Shinde
    Aniket Shinde 21 minute ago

    10. Al Pacino 9. Arnold Schwarzenegger 8. Jeremy Irons 7. Alan Rickman 6. Vincent Price 5. Clint Eastwood 4. Sean Connery 3. Christopher Walken 2. James Earl Jones 1. Morgan Freeman Honorable Mentions... Alec Baldwin Samuel L. Jackson Liam Neeson Tim Curry Sylvester Stallone

  • Yandere Dragon
    Yandere Dragon 22 minutes ago

    He cut his hair also I'm still a huge fan

  • Joe Turck
    Joe Turck 22 minutes ago

    I'm amazed that Waterworld was not on the list at all. 40 quarters was a lot for a game.

  • kalzonenu
    kalzonenu 22 minutes ago

    All i hear is stupid PC complaints on how AWESOME Stan is!!!! Perfect rolemodel!!!! <3 :D

  • Aneurysmsz
    Aneurysmsz 23 minutes ago

    So just top 10 moments in terminator 2

  • Chertograad
    Chertograad 23 minutes ago

    Kind of weird that KKND, Dominion: Storm over Gift 3, Warwind 2 or Battle Realms weren't listed. Or Sacrifice. Or Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

  • Tammy Boldon
    Tammy Boldon 23 minutes ago

    my favorite I I think is cute is *D I T T O*

  • jaimenicanor
    jaimenicanor 23 minutes ago

    Tod got fat

  • Psycho Theater
    Psycho Theater 24 minutes ago

    I love wouldn't it be nice

  • Roman Pecora
    Roman Pecora 24 minutes ago

    5:37 OMG IM DEAD

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 24 minutes ago

    Sad part is some people were banned for pulling political stunts. SNL is nothing but political stunts

  • Aiden Tk
    Aiden Tk 24 minutes ago


  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson 24 minutes ago

    I miss class of 3000

  • David Paulo
    David Paulo 25 minutes ago

    What's behind The Dress and Yanny or Laurel memes that made it controversial?

  • Timothy Colvin
    Timothy Colvin 26 minutes ago

    yo it’s the drifter from destiny 2

  • Khelekmir
    Khelekmir 26 minutes ago

    1:15 hold the phone -- sailor scouts die in sailor moon? what the heck have I been missing?

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J 26 minutes ago

    Slow dance with you? Bad little boy, and everything stays are my 3 favorites, but they weren’t on this list 😅 lol ohhh and the song about dead food is also a classic

  • Frank Footer
    Frank Footer 26 minutes ago

    This movie was cool, could’ve lived without it though

  • Paul Pienkowski
    Paul Pienkowski 26 minutes ago

    I loved Near! Fecking hated Endless Eight though. Dear god wtf was that shit.

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter 27 minutes ago

    I kinda liked 'Grove is in the heart'.... I know you're talking about the video itself but I liked it. I am a simple man. far as black rap videos....there are ALWAYS bitches and hoes ....and expensive cars. NOTHING else

  • AnarkyPlayz YT
    AnarkyPlayz YT 27 minutes ago

    What the FUCK did I watch?!

  • Gru No
    Gru No 27 minutes ago

    Not even Highwayman?

  • Alexandre Átilas
    Alexandre Átilas 27 minutes ago

    Sorry, bad list.

  • Unlimited Amazing
    Unlimited Amazing 27 minutes ago

    Hasta la vista baby? You are terminated? C’mon.