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  • Piper Daily
    Piper Daily 28 minutes ago

    Personal responsibility is key to saving Humanity. The problem is that the definition of personal responsibility is subjective. Fair enough. I suppose at some point it is the basis of Freedom. We are free to be crappy humans driven by greed, molded by our own individual personal experiences and more importantly, at the mercy of our own personal unresolved trauma, pain and feelings of inadequacy. All this made only worse by some peoples overinflated sense of importance. We have far to much history available to us, too much knowledge of both treachery, betrayal and fascism, to not understand how this happens or worse yet how it ends. We must demand of ourselves a path of emotional and social evolution and maturity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We live in a world of memes, yet I feel so many of us fail to really reflect on them objectively. We can no longer be distracted by the bright and shiny sensationalism that we are being handed by those who we have entrusted with the jobs of public reporting, advertising and marketing. Not to mention our government officials. We the people...that's us. We are the voting branch of the government. Passing the buck on voting because it has no affect on a democratic republic, is like saying its ok to leave freezing out of ice cream making. If you ever wondered what its like to live under a dictator, I think we are seeing it. What hill are you willing to die on and for who? No one wants to believe they fell for the lies. No one wants to believe that they were deceived or manipulated. When we value the way we treat the most broken humans around us more than we do power, money and fame, we can then all start walking in a mutually beneficial direction. We are witnessing the affects of internet hackers, trolls, bots and the people behind it all. Its time to put our egos aside and wonder, could I ever be so misinformed that I would follow corruption and sell my morality. What's your price? Where are your boundaries concerning honor, honesty and commitment? Do you even understand our constitution and political system? Its ok, if the answer is no. The good thing about being misinformed, is that there is a solution. We cheat on our taxes today, lie to those around us tomorrow and inch by inch we crawl closer and closer to ruin. I guess some where along the line honesty became uncool. Its a shame really, considering the way we scream about mistrust in others and then are completely cognitively dissonant about our own part. Now I didn't mention a political party, a gender, a religion or an ethnicity in this entirely too long rant, so it can be done. Its about character and behavior period. Humanity is Humanity's role model we teach each other how to act, both good and bad every single day. Act accordingly, our youth are watching. Haven't we all suffered enough?

  • Bjarke Stemann
    Bjarke Stemann 28 minutes ago

    Schiff is a brave intelligent decent heroic man

  • tony sabell
    tony sabell 28 minutes ago

    Your days of deluding the public are over Mika. "Nothing can stop this. Nothing."~Q

    GAIL PORAYKO 29 minutes ago


  • Kay CA
    Kay CA 29 minutes ago

    Truth always prevails 🙏

  • adscri
    adscri 29 minutes ago

    “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party". (Women too of course, but this was 1918 vintage).

  • Marc Rivers
    Marc Rivers 29 minutes ago

    There is something about Tulsi Gabbard that seems off. She seems dark and cold. I don't trust her.

    ROBERT S 29 minutes ago

    RepubliKKKans are complicit in this treasonous act of dictator don. They are protecting a criminal who has no remorse. Vote these corrupt politicians out 2020!

  • Marco Gentle
    Marco Gentle 29 minutes ago

    If a terrorist plot is in motion and thwarted by the authorities can the terrorists then use as a defense that their bomb did not actually explode, therefore they're innocent? And they want nothing? Ludicrous defense.

  • Jon Veitch
    Jon Veitch 30 minutes ago

    Soap opera.. Trump is a strong leader.. Democrats have a very weak argument and there agenda stinks. Trump 2020

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 30 minutes ago

    Republicans want most Americans to be so poor they can't pay attention.

  • Make That Point
    Make That Point 30 minutes ago

    6:00 these ppl are important to the US. They had absolutely NOTHING to offer. All Hill did was Run Her Mouth, and the other Run His Mouth for 45 mins on an opening statement, all about his great self.

  • geoff pfeiffer
    geoff pfeiffer 30 minutes ago

    Why is corporate media trying to silence Andrew Yang?

  • Joe OWS
    Joe OWS 30 minutes ago

    Dr. Hill has a bigger set of balls than the entire Republican Party combined!... Well done Mam!

  • Iras Brown
    Iras Brown 30 minutes ago

    Trying to draw America into a war with Korea. 👀 Gulliano? For Putin? no credibility. For Trump? Deflecting the American people's attention ,and insulting people's intelligence? 👀Go on and implode. 😏😎😶

  • Jan truitt
    Jan truitt 30 minutes ago

    GOOD GRIEF, WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN TROUBLE! I kinda miss “the good old days” when we didn’t have all of the political correctness, and just fought it out! Everything got put out to the country and, then they could make up their minds. Our ancestors seemed to have done something right! Today not so much!

  • gj Beaudry
    gj Beaudry 30 minutes ago

    John Bolton is a traitor and a coward, and always will be!!!

  • Aaron Weiser
    Aaron Weiser 30 minutes ago

    For every one lie that Trump tells, Joe Scarborough and his Ugly wife tell Ten...........

  • HoshiReed
    HoshiReed 30 minutes ago

    Of Course his father is worried. Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, Alexander Litvinenko and Sergei Skripal all paid the price.

  • The_Flyest_Guy901
    The_Flyest_Guy901 31 minute ago

    Read the transcript lmao, I don't see how investigating Biden's son's possible corruption as illegal. Change my mind

  • sylvester01ful
    sylvester01ful 31 minute ago

    With impeachment going to the Senate where Trump, Moscow Mitch and Graham take charge, expect Democrats to be shut down. Expect testimony from Trump loyalists who care nothing about lying under oath since they won't exactly lie; just equivocate. Sort of like when Clinton once said "that depends on what "is" is. Or as Trump once said "don't believe anything you hear or see."

  • Shirley Ranney
    Shirley Ranney 31 minute ago

    Hey Li n d s ey we need to cleans your office. You own words wh e n a sitting President has gone rouge. Tru m p contacked another. Countryt o get hel p for his running for. president. He doesnt e v en b elei v e i n the CONSTATUTION. HOW DARE HE. HE IS NOT UBOVE THE LAW. NO ONE IS. IMPEACHMENT IS. B ETTER THEN JAIL.

  • C pL
    C pL 31 minute ago

    Excellent walkthrough of the later stages of the quid pro quo shakedown. In the alternative universe the Fox News cut and paste version plays out differently. We were doing Ukraine a big favour going after corruption, making the world safer and helping them find more gas to help their struggling economy.

  • Free At Last
    Free At Last 31 minute ago

    check your calenders and make sure you are not in any gun free zones on Dec 9th. stay out of the cities, malls, and Democrat strongholds.

  • mrcatfish2100
    mrcatfish2100 31 minute ago

    I love micheal moore. He is a good dude.

  • Reality Bytes
    Reality Bytes 31 minute ago

    DEAR WORLD: We SWEAR most of us were bright enough to NOT vote for this vulgar ignorant swine. We may decide to enter a deserving, bright, competent and caring human this time to office so dummies won't bust a blood vessel on a no-brainer. We will find another independent like Washington if we have to but if the ignorant lemmings are still at it we will need help but not from the Kremlin like last time. Help from the mental health community comes to mind...

  • Kim Lowe
    Kim Lowe 31 minute ago

    A good employee is one who will lie, without conscience, about anything the boss wants.

  • Allen C.
    Allen C. 32 minutes ago

    That he has to think about this in the USA. Means the Russian infiltration of our country and government is of paramount concern. If "independent" voters are siding with the Republicans charade of a counter conspiracy, we are in deep doo doo... I don't know any independents not believing this is a corrupt president and needs to be voted out of office, and any other "politicians" helping Russian interest or any foreign interest.

  • Suzanne de Cornelia
    Suzanne de Cornelia 32 minutes ago

    The Grand Old Party of President Eisenhower, a very honorable man that even JFK Democrats could admire; is no more. That any human being could back the evil, corrupt, traitorous Orange Creep-in-Chief is astonishing. Under US Law the punishment for Traitors is Death.

  • Blue Carbon
    Blue Carbon 32 minutes ago

    Michael Moore in Fantasyland.

  • D Man
    D Man 32 minutes ago

    Sorry, DemoRatts, the Kangaroo courts are done, in the Senate we will hear the real truth, FIRST UP, the one I Did not hear from. WHISTLEBLOWER RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND.. sorry I mean " Spy " Whistleblower is first hand knowledge by definition,,, TRUMP 2020.

  • Professor Bhaer
    Professor Bhaer 32 minutes ago

    we do NOT trust Netanyahu!!.........Big time Zionist, NWO shill!!! He played a role in 9-11 imo. + tons of other USA undermining activities and crimes against humanity. I used to like this guy but I’ve subsequently seen plenty of damning evidence of dirty deeds.

    • Blue Sky
      Blue Sky 29 minutes ago

      Satanyahu real last name is Mileikowsky.

  • fake conservatives
    fake conservatives 32 minutes ago

    Tulsi gabbard is a republican mole... Hillary exposed u

  • Ric L
    Ric L 32 minutes ago

    Yesterday it was Sondland. Today is Hill. You have new worst nightmare everyday. Or maybe you have your own worst nightmare. For three years Russia was Trump's worst nightmare. Three years later you switched gear?

  • bonob0123
    bonob0123 32 minutes ago

    1:07 guy behind schiff moved to tears. 😟

  • Ani Avetisyan
    Ani Avetisyan 32 minutes ago

    I do like the way rap is tied in to these segments.

  • mark taylor
    mark taylor 32 minutes ago

    Fiona Hill George Soros open Society puppet.

  • Ernesto Ybarra
    Ernesto Ybarra 32 minutes ago

    Joe and his bimbo wife Mika personify crack'ah's

  • Erica Espinosa
    Erica Espinosa 32 minutes ago

    Fiona Hill is a remarkable woman. Thank you Fiona for your immense courage and patriotism

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley 32 minutes ago

    Unethical , Corrupt, OPENLY Racist, Sham Businessman, Perpetual LIAR . These are just a FEW ADJECTIVES Describing Donald Trump. NUNES, Jordan , MCConnell ETC are all the SAME. Shame on Republicans , Evangelicals and ALL who make excuses for these PEOPLE! ( I use the world people ...LOOSELY ) Look at their FACES! THEY all HEAR TRUTH when it’s SPOKEN. Yet they will still Defend this Horrible Fat Man. Shame on all Republicans

  • Freddrick Criddell
    Freddrick Criddell 32 minutes ago

    so if nothing has happened why they refusing and blocking witnesses from talking

  • fake conservatives
    fake conservatives 33 minutes ago

    Why should I pay my tax money for healthcare ... For fat drugie Americans.

  • Sancho Ditherson
    Sancho Ditherson 33 minutes ago

    Bolton has lost his deep state military industrial complex mind!

    SMZ ZMS 33 minutes ago

    Wanna be NEWS NETWORK of propagandist CLOWNS in action

  • J Russ
    J Russ 33 minutes ago

    DUH, Yes it was Bribery.

  • Richard Brooks
    Richard Brooks 33 minutes ago

    Here's the whistleblower

  • Richard Henrie
    Richard Henrie 33 minutes ago

    Republicans are not going to convict. Because if Trumps goes. Pompeo, Pence, Mulvaney and others have to go. Pelosi POTUS. Republicans will commit suicide before that happens.

  • Jim Battersbee
    Jim Battersbee 33 minutes ago

    This is why people like Jim Jordan are so hysterical, he's white, male, a Federalist, a Christian, and he see's his kind being outnumbered and becoming increasingly irrelevant in the USA. The GOP, like probably 40% of Americans, are panic stricken at the thought of becoming a white minority in *their* country and they'll stoop to any level to try and prevent it. They may as well try holding back the tide.

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 33 minutes ago

    ...and who cares what Obama says.??? he happens to be radical.

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 33 minutes ago

    ...and who cares what Obama says.??? he happens to be radical.

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 33 minutes ago

    ...and who cares what Obama says.??? he happens to be radical.

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 33 minutes ago

    ...and who cares what Obama says.??? he happens to be radical.

  • Alan Drover
    Alan Drover 34 minutes ago

    Is it just me but Sondland comes across as an absolute snake. he's hiding loads and painted his statement to make himself sound innocent. he knows what he did and he knows it was illegal

  • snoop alert
    snoop alert 34 minutes ago

    The White House is shaken by what I haven't heard anything that they should be worried about

  • NotGivingMy Nam
    NotGivingMy Nam 34 minutes ago

    "Conservatives are good. Conservatives are under attack by Liberals and need to be provided with the weapons they need to fight back." -- Modern, post tea-party conservatism is a *populist* movement, not an ideological one. The GOP will not act to take down Trump because that would be giving in to the enemy. The rule of law is irrelevant in this context. I wonder how long it'll take before those MSM talking heads figure it out?

  • shardbearer 710
    shardbearer 710 34 minutes ago

    4:22 Amy Klobuchar is vibrating with anxiety during her introduction. "...what this impeachment proceeding [is] about...."

  • Richard Brooks
    Richard Brooks 34 minutes ago

    It's not the TRUMP policy it was the diplomatic policy that already existed.

  • Scott Luther
    Scott Luther 34 minutes ago

    "Who put you in charge of Ukraine"? The President! So get over it government employees, who work for the president and are NOT in charge of anything! Do your jobs, don't leak or whine and if you don't like working for the President, quit your jobs!!!!

  • Mance Rayder
    Mance Rayder 34 minutes ago

    Y’know what’s amazing? When Mayor Pete is interviewed on FOX, virtually every comment is positive. The ratio of positive comments to negative comments is 20:1. On FOX. On MSNBC, it’s almost the other way round. The people in the middle, or who maybe lean a little to the right; the people who, in other words, the Democrats *need* to win over to win the Election nearly all love this guy. If we really care about getting Trump out of the White House, then nominating Mayor Pete *should* be an absolute no-brainer. There’s no-one else with his cross spectrum appeal, so there’s no-one else more likely to win. But, predictably, our unappeasable purist base are doing all they can to derail him because he’s not Bernie. Well, I think Bernie’s great, but it’s insane to believe that an 80 year old socialist has more chance of actually winning the election than a 38 year old moderate. Sometimes, it seems our base is more interested in losing perfectly than winning imperfectly. That losing with the right candidate is somehow better than winning with someone who isn’t as good. Well it isn’t. If Bernie gets the nod, he might win, and no-one would be happier than me if he does. But he might also lose. As great as his policies are, the economy is good right now (thanks to Obama, not Trump) and a lot of people might not want to take a chance on someone who wants to essentially remake the economy. Mayor Pete won’t pass Medicare for All. But he’ll *win* and move us closer. That’s better than losing and moving further away, even if our loser passes all the purity tests.

  • Jerry Petterson
    Jerry Petterson 34 minutes ago

    Deplorable behavior by a sitting president. What's this BS. Is this America or SCARFACE movie or the so-called documentary on P.ESCOBAR, is this a SHITHOLE or USA? ✌ ☝

  • Leighton Rose
    Leighton Rose 34 minutes ago

    No question for Mayor Pete about faking black indorsements then. If Bernie, Warren, Tulsi or Yang done what he did. They would have made it at least a quarter of the debate.

  • Jeffery Lee
    Jeffery Lee 34 minutes ago

    What happened? Vote. Get. It.

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 34 minutes ago

    Your clip skipped Sonland's mention of VP Pence.

  • Frédéric Leroux
    Frédéric Leroux 34 minutes ago

    *Gulp* *No* *Sigh* *Gulp* *Phew*

  • Brian Adkins
    Brian Adkins 34 minutes ago

    As much evidence as has been delivered in this inquiry, the actions/commentary of the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee, and most importantly the narrative being peddled by the insulated/developed media arm of the conservative (or as I like to call, the "regressive") base in the United States seems to not be conveying this evidence through what appears to overt and intentional dishonesty by those leading and influencing the U.S. regressive bubble. Many of my conservative family only have seen clips of Jordan, Nunes, and Turner, and have said that the "Dems" are just pounding the table with no evidence, as the "patriots" are "owning the libs." This entire process will embolden the regressive base, and cause a surge (because they legitimately believe that progressives are a physical enemy and threat; and there is no doubt where they get that idea) and cause for a stronger base against the progressive ideas and progress in the nation. *A nation/group rallies, as all tribal/nationalists do, when a real threat is presented. The vitriol, adjectives, and name-calling of the current administration, supported by regressive media, is sowing the most detrimental forms of seeds projected toward and against members of society; a contention that alienates opportunities of compromise or collaboration.

  • Richard Crosby
    Richard Crosby 34 minutes ago

    Sorry theirs no more Republican party, it's the straight up"Trumperist party" - yes it looks bad so what get over it.

  • Don Adams
    Don Adams 35 minutes ago

    Trump's only defense consists of republicans lying for him. That really isn't a defense, that is desperation.

  • Ric L
    Ric L 35 minutes ago

    Any new bombshell today?

  • Sandra Hunter
    Sandra Hunter 35 minutes ago

    No millionaire is going down for Tramp.

  • Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee 35 minutes ago


  • Sapphire9762
    Sapphire9762 35 minutes ago

    I was so sad that i shed a tear, is this really America?

  • Ted371
    Ted371 35 minutes ago

    Fk Buttigieg.

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick 35 minutes ago

    Joe Biden has a son who is working in Ukraine

  • fake conservatives
    fake conservatives 35 minutes ago

    Elizabeth will be honest... But Republicans will sabotage everything.

  • jd2616
    jd2616 35 minutes ago

    I've always said the dems should have always called it extortion, no need to soften it up with the latin vernacular it was bribery and extortion, real underworld style.....

  • Kamal Hossain
    Kamal Hossain 35 minutes ago

    Actually Trump is not only an open and proben corrupt but also a pathological liar, stupid, killer of humanity, justice, democracy and rules of law. For a peaceful world & America of course Trump must be impeach & send him Prison for life time. KAMAL HOSSAIN. Paris, France.

  • Lukasz Gawlik
    Lukasz Gawlik 35 minutes ago

    How many people who worked for trumpet are in the prison now and how many will have to join them 😂

  • Mr. Mark
    Mr. Mark 35 minutes ago

    Vindman and Sondland both did the same thing: told the truth. They did it in different ways...Vindman as a stoic military officer, Sondland as a brilliant businessman who knew he would be safe in America...its still not the cesspool Trump would create if unbridled. PS Isn't it wonderful we can attract heroic rockstars like FIONA HILL...and that her accent here sounds regal. God bless America...we will get PAST THIS. Don't dare expect the senate will budge, there will not be but a few old salty Repubs (if any) who will vote AGAINST Trump, BUT, there will be the tiny FEW voters who actually "get this" and cast their vote to take Trump out of office...and that is what this is all about. Don't fool yourself. There has never been the chance Trump would be impeached.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 35 minutes ago

    Interesting that the FISA report will be released on the 9th and YT new rules go into effect the 10th, anyone see a DS plan in motion?

  • Ben Web
    Ben Web 35 minutes ago

    By the time American Idiots figure out ... Trump with the help of Words more Fierce Dictators and GOP Senators and Fox "news"... is going to setup Totalitarian Dictatorship! You are a couple steps behind ... Who she is going to ask?! The GOP Senators and Fox "News" is fully Corrupted and synchronized with Russia and any other Dictator in the Planet.

  • CarmineFragione
    CarmineFragione 36 minutes ago

    Six Democrat Senators sitting in a Senate Trial for President while they are actively running for President would be a temptation to condemn the President just to gain that advantage to make it easier to win that office and replace the President they just corruptly condemned.

  • Jeannie Winters
    Jeannie Winters 36 minutes ago

    She's my new Heroine!! She's not dancing with those morons. A strong woman with the cajones of a frigging giant!!! You go Girl!!! She should have been a prosecutor.

  • Enrique Florendo
    Enrique Florendo 36 minutes ago

    We have had 20 years to evolve. The next generation of leaders are here and our values have changed. We now understand that we are all connected, as humans, and as inhabitants of the Earth. I'm hopeful because of Tulsi's message and I have met many who share the same vision.

  • Andrew Wilkins
    Andrew Wilkins 36 minutes ago

    I am allergic to republicans and democrats. I am not impressed. Sounds like a bunch of talking turds.

  • Drew - Andres Vogt
    Drew - Andres Vogt 36 minutes ago

    I like you Ari, but stop philosophizing, just report the news and make it worth me sitting through the youtube "commercials" MSNBC allows that I have to "Skip Ad"

  • Blessed Girl
    Blessed Girl 36 minutes ago

    *I want to see Patriot Adam Schiff President of the USA*

  • I wantAvote
    I wantAvote 36 minutes ago

    These representatives will say anything to appease their investors. barr is a crooked politician. A twisted barr looks good in wrought iron..., nowhere else.

  • Grist Mill
    Grist Mill 36 minutes ago

    Every Republican that is up for re-election in 2020 MUST be voted out. They are complicit in endangering our national security by their blind, ignorant loyalty to the most corrupt president this nation has ever had.

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M 36 minutes ago

    XJoe needs to retire!!!! NOW!!!!

  • Autumn Meadows
    Autumn Meadows 36 minutes ago

    With all due respect, he changed his mind because he too got caught. His lawyer advised him to tell the truth. He would have kept going if his lawyer had not advised him to switch sides.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 36 minutes ago

    Joe McCarthy is rolling in his grave - in glee! "Finally!", his ghost says, "We are back to using innuendo to smear people's loyalty!"

  • Thomas Connors
    Thomas Connors 36 minutes ago

    Let me explain this to the Republicans since they are playing way way less dimensions of chess than they think. Every time another witness puts Trump in line to go directly to jail the minute he leaves office, he eats a hamberder to fill the void inside. Somewhere around the 1000th hamberder, he's going to have a stroke. At the rate we're going, this will go the Senate in late January or Early February. If the Senate doesn't shut it down before Super Tuesday, Trump will realize it's too late to primary Republicans who betray him and eat lucky number 1,000 about that time whether the Republicans betray him or not. By that time it will be too late for the Republicans to hold an organized primary, so they'll either have to dance with the horse they rode in on (if i may mix my metaphors for the sake of cleanliness) by running Trump/Pence with the understanding that it's really Pence/whoever the Democrats will confirm after the election, or the RNC can just Hillary someone onto the ticket by super delegate vote and start a civil war in the party. If they don't get their act together by June, they'll fall off the ballot in some states, meaning the only way they can win 2020 is by supporting libertarians in red states where they aren't on the ballot with the goal of causing an electoral tie and kicking the race to House on a one state one vote basis, which will result in a SCOTUS case over whether state delegations are required to vote on who they cast their shared vote for, and basically guarantee that a VP candidate is inaugurated instead of a presidential candidate, meaning that Pence will be president for a few months, then have to give the office to a Democrat and then serve as their VP. But the big problem is that Texas is the first deadline for nominations, meaning they could have to back a libertarian there, and if a libertarian carries Texas, part of their base will STAY with the Libertarians afterwards and Texas will be purple from now on. In other words, they've got about 6 months to take out the trash, then they're only hope is for Trump to neither be removed nor die from the stress- and the later is going to be very very hard to avoid.

  • Henry Peck
    Henry Peck 36 minutes ago

    Amen amen trump four prison

  • BigMug Bob
    BigMug Bob 36 minutes ago

    Was Castor helping Fiona? He certainly didn't help the republicans. It was beautiful!!

  • Mandy Jones
    Mandy Jones 36 minutes ago

    No Jordan...we do NOT know that the process has been unfair. Stop have zero defense for what Trump and his peeps have done. They are crooked and so are you!

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown 36 minutes ago

    i didnt do it even if i did it is not illegal.where is our law enforcement oh barr says its ok to do crimes.

  • Marlowe Dugger
    Marlowe Dugger 37 minutes ago

    He might get impeached, but as McConnell said not removed. I think that impeachment should also disqualify him for running again. Point blank. Impeachment means no good for USA.

  • Victoria Perkovic
    Victoria Perkovic 37 minutes ago


  • p lr
    p lr 37 minutes ago

    Trump drowning in his own Swamp

  • Richie Tattersall
    Richie Tattersall 37 minutes ago

    "Quid Quo Pro" he ADMITTED they broke the law, then he tried to "CYA" and say they didn't.