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MLB | Stealing for the Cycle
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  • Kyle Mathas
    Kyle Mathas 18 minutes ago

    Remember all the cards fans bragging after they beat the braves. Lol they had no chance from the first game

  • Marcos D-R73
    Marcos D-R73 19 minutes ago

    7:44 What’s the song?

  • SirTitou
    SirTitou 2 hours ago

    Thanks so much TrueRGM for these WONDERFUL highlights !! As a Cardinals fan, this is a very sad ending, but congratulations to the Nationals.

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia 2 hours ago

    This shows that next time Cole pitches hes gonna get his tits rocked.

  • 123ABC
    123ABC 3 hours ago

    Anthony Rendon is the real MVP

  • Dan Venables
    Dan Venables 3 hours ago

    As a UK Nats fan this is amazing. Bring on the Yankees or Stros, we can beat either!

  • CoolCat 33
    CoolCat 33 4 hours ago

    How does it feel now cardinals?? You gave up a boatload of 1st inning runs now. You got swept. Is your manager regretting that speech yet? Looks like you were the ones who got "f***ed up" - Sincerely, a Braves fan 2019

  • GW H
    GW H 4 hours ago

    We knew Astros had a good rotation. Now we gotta battle back. Too many LOB’s

  • Mark Housman
    Mark Housman 4 hours ago

    Good to see Nationals/Expos make it to the World Series for first time ever!

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 5 hours ago

    This is what I love about baseball. Watching a team win their first pennant in their franchise's history. I got goosebumps watching the last 3 outs. As a fan of the Seattle Mariners, congratulations Nationals and good luck in the Fall Classic. 👍⚾💥

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 6 hours ago

    Was there ever any doubt? After beating the Dodgers in 5...we actually won 3 of the last 4 games in the series, only to sweep the Cards....the only true ending to this season, SHOULD be the NATS claiming the WS TITLE. IDC in how many games it’d take to do it in. The fairytale isn’t over yet!

  • M Andrade
    M Andrade 7 hours ago

    Kershaw really messed up this time, Dodgers would have a piece of cake in the cardinals.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 8 hours ago

    86 years, that's a long wait. and to get there as a wild card. if this pitching holds up there may be an upset in the world series, should be interesting.

    • CoolCat 33
      CoolCat 33 2 hours ago

      Maybe, but the way Cole and Verlander are pitching right now for Houston, the Nats are gonna be outpitched.

  • BugsBunny93
    BugsBunny93 8 hours ago

    Corbin’s form is very similar to Kazmir with the exception of the high leg kick

  • Adam Jefferson
    Adam Jefferson 9 hours ago

    Yhis game shoulda been blown wide open! Leaving runners on base is not gonna win gms and stop tryna pull everything

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 9 hours ago

    What shape are the Nats in????

  • Itz Bouncy_
    Itz Bouncy_ 10 hours ago

    I’m a nationals fan WE GONNA WIN

    • I Spoil Movies
      I Spoil Movies 9 hours ago

      Itz Bouncy_ Yoi have to face the Astros or Yankees, good luck.

  • Edgar Shakaryan
    Edgar Shakaryan 10 hours ago

    Cole is the best pitcher)

  • Elisa Pena
    Elisa Pena 11 hours ago

    The Cardinals are sad to watch

  • 2016BMWi8
    2016BMWi8 11 hours ago

    Have to win tomorrow and Thursday to have a chance and maybe pull one out in Houston....GO YANKEES!!!

  • paul elliott
    paul elliott 12 hours ago

    Wow, congratulations to the Nationals and their fans - World Series time Thought this would go to longer, didn’t see a sweep coming Great to see Mad Max and the pitching crew get some post season success too ✅

  • Jono Edwards
    Jono Edwards 12 hours ago

    Our Man,, RGM! You Beauty.

  • Landó Orlando
    Landó Orlando 12 hours ago

    Imagine losing Bryce Harper in Free Agency... Then making the World Series

    • Redbug 3
      Redbug 3 4 hours ago

      @Brenden Nichols ----Agreed! It wasn't the first time a Star player outshines his team, got traded, then the Team got much, much better!

    • Brenden Nichols
      Brenden Nichols 8 hours ago

      They were relying too much on Harper's talent to make The Big Dance. Now all of the rest of their talent can be showcased and is allowed to shine more. The pitching even improved. Look at what this decision resulted in. The Washington Nationals, a team notorious for blowing leads and series over the years, finally struck gold.

  • Nickolas Zair-Hanks
    Nickolas Zair-Hanks 12 hours ago

    Congrats to the Nationals. TBS guy in the middle was quick to cut Pedro Martinez off when he mentioned the people in Montreal who should still have a baseball team. I hope moving forward if the Cardinals make the playoffs TBS will have a different announcer other than Brewers announcer Brain Anderson. Nothing is worse than having to listen to your team being rooted against by an announcer for 9 games. Dogshit really

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 13 hours ago

    it's a lot more enjoyable to watch the yankees' at bats against cole with Joe Buck muted and the benny hill theme in the background. Especially Gary Sanchez clueless at bats. It was hard to explain to my co-worker why I was laughing so hard

  • Глеб Виноградов

    first WS appearance for Nats! congrats!

  • Richard Darlington
    Richard Darlington 13 hours ago

    I think it's important to remember, the Nationals were held scoreless for 8 innings. But, I wish them all the best in their first ever World Series!

    • OJ294
      OJ294 12 minutes ago

      they didn't even play the bottom of the ninth so it would be seven, and literally no one is gonna look at this and say "oh well they only scored in the first"

    • SDL
      SDL 5 hours ago

      Don't listen to the other two, you have a point.

    • Real Talk
      Real Talk 9 hours ago

      @jvfred84 Exactly, I don't understand how that's relevant at this moment.

    • jvfred84
      jvfred84 10 hours ago

      Why is it important? That's like saying "it's important to remember, the Cards had bases loaded in the 8th"! So??

  • famine
    famine 13 hours ago

    lets go atros!

  • SDL
    SDL 13 hours ago

    Omg what a disastrous first inning for St. Louis 😱

  • famine
    famine 14 hours ago

    LA Dodgers wearing a different guise to the world series this season 🤔🤔🤔

    • SDL
      SDL 8 hours ago

      Hahaha ouch

  • HoondaJu훈다주
    HoondaJu훈다주 14 hours ago

    wow only if that first inning was different rooting for natioanls but wanted more games lol

  • Alex Adams
    Alex Adams 14 hours ago

    Dear Washington Nationals Thank you so much! With Love Braves fans

    • Redbug 3
      Redbug 3 4 hours ago

      Lol. We'll Chop On next year!

    • CoolCat 33
      CoolCat 33 4 hours ago

      This will be forever remembered as "that one time we Braves fans rooted for the Nats"

  • Neema Fouladi
    Neema Fouladi 15 hours ago

    Im glad Houston won, (partly due to Cole pitching) but I've got a funny feeling that the Yankee offense is about to erupt any game now. They are way too talented of a ball-club to be playing like this so far in the Division Series against the Stros!

    • G. T.
      G. T. 5 hours ago

      They will fall flat just like the Cardinals

    ZERO94AIC 15 hours ago

    1st view, I hate these comments but now I'm blessed and looking down on you pathetic normies

  • TrueRGM
    TrueRGM 15 hours ago

    I'm uploading full game highlights for every single postseason game, subscribe to follow along!

  • Thada Gibson
    Thada Gibson 16 hours ago

    Silly Boone. Homeruns or nothing vs. the ASTROS.

  • Yosrick Alvarez Avalos

    Holy shit Gary and Edwin are trash asf now, when they bat you know it’s an easy out

  • Глеб Виноградов

    These baseballs just doesnt fly as usual. Didi and Maldonado should run home on that shots! Bullshit

  • Grigoryshaw
    Grigoryshaw 16 hours ago

    Good game

  • mjmbiker
    mjmbiker 17 hours ago

    Joe buck is terrible

  • Jonathan Goliath
    Jonathan Goliath 17 hours ago

    what on earth is with the blown out bright spots??

  • Adorn the Wicked Official

    La Machine was the only consistent hitter. They look scared, not savages. So sad a great team that is losing because of their own fear.

  • joe 01225
    joe 01225 17 hours ago

    Great game. Curt schilling was asked about his best memories in baseball. He said “You mean like as in happiness?” Yes! “Happiness is making 55,000 Yankee fans shut the hell up, that’s my definition of real happiness” (after beating the Yankees with the Red Sox in the 2004 alds)

  • G. T.
    G. T. 18 hours ago

    Hey Yankees, Cole is your daddy

    • Jennifer Duncan
      Jennifer Duncan 12 hours ago

      He is insane. Doesn't have his best command and still pitches 7 scoreless v the yankees. I think they were intimidated and psyched themselves out.

  • 10 and 12
    10 and 12 18 hours ago

    as someone who never watched the Astros really outside of Verlander starts, how tf does Alvarez have such a good slash line. He's been a total chump this postseason so far.

    • Jennifer Cloud
      Jennifer Cloud 18 hours ago

      10 and 12 I said the same thing! It’s like the minute that the post season started he hasn’t gotten hits. I hope he’s having a Springer moment and come clutch when we need him.

  • Edwin Collazo
    Edwin Collazo 19 hours ago

    It is already a reality, the series returns to our home, HOUSTON ⭐😀💪🚀⚾🎆🎉🎇🎊

  • legolas1601
    legolas1601 19 hours ago

    13:04 Can't stop laughing

  • DJ Doble U
    DJ Doble U 19 hours ago

    This channel makes MLB TV look like a AA team riddled with errors.

  • Tony Zhen
    Tony Zhen 19 hours ago

    15:40 great bait and switch from Astros

  • Peter Amarillo
    Peter Amarillo 19 hours ago

    How do you beat this astros team? shit

    • Chris Bogan
      Chris Bogan 17 hours ago

      Put ever you his name on the mound😂😂...and im from Houston

  • rafa rules
    rafa rules 20 hours ago

    The Yankees are a joke!!

  • Frank Pierce
    Frank Pierce 20 hours ago

    "To view this game in spanish, go back to your own sh#thole country"........

  • David Noriega
    David Noriega 20 hours ago

    Bye bye Yankees!

  • Tripster3
    Tripster3 20 hours ago

    Against the team you played their home stadium...snatching their entire souls...and sending them home...PRICELESS!

    BIGSEM FTW 20 hours ago

    How much did the astro pay the major league to start the game at not a n.y fan but I've never seen a second round play off yankee game start are 4.....the major league really look out for the Astros today be that they are youst to playing in the heat with the sun in there eyes plus yankee stadium was empty i feel like none of the fan were there because all new Yorkers are at work at 4 o'clock........facts but thats American sports for you

    • Mazee Hamilton
      Mazee Hamilton 8 hours ago

      The Astros paid MLB? They are used to playing in the heat with the sun in their eyes? Fans are at work? That is a very idiotic statement due to the fact the Astros play in a roof covered, air-conditioned ball park. You are fishing for any and every excuse. Just suck on this lost and hope that tonight's game isn't rained out because of the Yankees uncovered stadium.

    • Javier Lozano
      Javier Lozano 18 hours ago

      So you’re saying that the Astros won because they played at 4pm and everybody was at work in NYC? Astros won because they played better period.

    • Keith Kubicek
      Keith Kubicek 19 hours ago

      Yep, the ALeague got dissed by the Nats

      BIGSEM FTW 19 hours ago

      @127BobbyRay whole gives a fuck about the nationals......another team who licked balls to be there......but anyway im a bball fan nba sucks too lol

    • 127BobbyRay
      127BobbyRay 19 hours ago

      The reason the game was played at 4 is because game 4 of the NLCS is on during prime time as the Nationals only need 1 more win to go to the World Series.

  • guitarsANDcars39
    guitarsANDcars39 20 hours ago

    Fuck yeah Josh Reddick

  • victor fraga
    victor fraga 20 hours ago

    I said it back then and ima say it again: Astros in 5

    • G. T.
      G. T. 17 hours ago

      If only Greinke can pitch a stellar game 4, there is a good chance that can happen.

  • TheSameDufus
    TheSameDufus 20 hours ago

    Chad Green, Zack Britton, you're my heroes. Those two runs were Ottavinos.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    As a Yankees fan I relay hate the Astors more i hate the Red sox's

    • Mazee Hamilton
      Mazee Hamilton 8 hours ago

      Speak English much?

    • Heavy Jay
      Heavy Jay 11 hours ago

      Good !Now you know how the other 30 something teams fan bases have felt for all of these years..😁

    • Keith Kubicek
      Keith Kubicek 19 hours ago

      Good, we came to play in the American League to beat the best!

    • AztekWarrior
      AztekWarrior 20 hours ago

      Yea specially With Brocktober last year in the line up Cant beat that

  • BusinessHD
    BusinessHD 20 hours ago

    Astros vs Yankees games 4 & 5 Yankees must go. Astros Must take the lead over Yankees cheer 4 the Astros Beat the Yankees!

    • Jennifer Duncan
      Jennifer Duncan 12 hours ago

      I'll take a 3-2 lead going back to Houston to win it in front of home crowd. Minute Maid will be rocking so hard they may knock the train off the tracks

  • Julius Ulit
    Julius Ulit 20 hours ago

    The highlights ruined by Joe Buck

  • ϻαrlεΥ
    ϻαrlεΥ 20 hours ago

    Boone is to blame for messing up game 2!winning game 2 is the only way to get a championship!they should fire fucking boone!green doing great in game 2 but boone took him out early...wrong move!

  • AztekWarrior
    AztekWarrior 20 hours ago

    13:05 Came up short couldnt fly out of T Ball Park

  • Alisteroid The Cheater Testostereem

    Sad how the Yankees offense couldn’t even hit dingers over that small ass stadium with 310 feet home run fences. 😂

  • William Gee
    William Gee 20 hours ago

    Start spreading the newwwsss Your losing todayyyyyy Houston just kicked the crap out of New York Newww Youuurrkkkkk

  • TC Austin CKY
    TC Austin CKY 20 hours ago

    That pitch that hit Bregman almost looked intentional...... Do it again ass wipe Yankees and watch Bregman crank homers on your ass the next 2 games

  • HuskyGramps
    HuskyGramps 20 hours ago

    Great content !!!

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 20 hours ago

    damn it. why did boone take out chad! to save him for a different game? to keep his pitch coubt low? damn it! live in the moment

  • George Solano
    George Solano 20 hours ago

    Based on everything I've seen from Houston, they outclass the Yankees. No question about it. They are so much deeper in ALL aspects of the game. Way more brain power in that organization.

    • George Solano
      George Solano 11 hours ago

      @Lou Gehrig Agreed, we're definitely feeling Domingo German's suspension.

    • jan janssens
      jan janssens 17 hours ago

      @Lou Gehrig Maldonado plays if cole play

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 20 hours ago

      It also doesn’t hurt that the Astros have 2 great starters and the Yankees only have 1.

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 20 hours ago

      I agree. AJ Hinch is a better manager than Boone. AJ sees his catcher is sucking so he puts another in Game 3 who almost hits 2 HRs. AJ wants to win more and Boone is worried about hurting egos more.

  • Elijah Blackwell
    Elijah Blackwell 20 hours ago

    We gave up so many opportunities to score🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Edwin Collazo
    Edwin Collazo 20 hours ago


    • Heavy Jay
      Heavy Jay 11 hours ago

      I hear they got a good pitching staff. We need to take care of NYY first though.

    • Luke Carney
      Luke Carney 15 hours ago

      Nats look kinda scary though...

  • Infinit 0
    Infinit 0 21 hour ago

    Them Stros just have them bats. That is stressful when you have to face that many hitters and you know you can't make any mistakes.

    • Blue BLACK
      Blue BLACK 20 hours ago

      Infinit 0 they have bats and Cole and Verlander and Osuna

  • JcJem302
    JcJem302 21 hour ago

    What song starts at 17:10

    • Ricardo ValHi
      Ricardo ValHi 21 hour ago

  • Israel Moreno
    Israel Moreno 21 hour ago

    new yorkers talk all that tough shit gets slapped calls the cops Houstonians have class that new yorker really must of crossed the line

  • Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman 21 hour ago

    It’s over Yanks are done!!!

  • Andres
    Andres 21 hour ago

    Go Astros

    • rafa rules
      rafa rules 20 hours ago

      One of the great teams in baseball history

  • WavyAli
    WavyAli 21 hour ago

    Lmao the Yankees fans were talking big shit after game 2. Glad to see they’ve piped down. Astros are just loaded everywhere you look.

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 20 hours ago

      Randy Noel I would take Maldonado over Gary Garbage Sanchez anyday.

    • ExAL Illusions
      ExAL Illusions 20 hours ago

      Nope I havent been talking shit. I knew itd be a good series and it's far from over. Yankees have great players too

    • randy noel
      randy noel 20 hours ago

      WavyAli lmao loaded ? At catcher ?

    • Infinit 0
      Infinit 0 21 hour ago

      Scary as hell.😵😵😵😵!!!

    RTNANDEZ96 21 hour ago

    So far, everything is going according to my prediction. Once again I'm calling it right now. Yankees win in 6 (yankees in 7 if nessessary) Yankees 4 - 2 Astros for Series. I knew Yankees would win game 1 against Greinke and predicted they'd lose games 2 and 3 against Verlander and Cole. After today it's all Yankees from here and will win the last three.

    • Samuel A
      Samuel A 20 hours ago

      hope you right

    • AztekWarrior
      AztekWarrior 20 hours ago

      Happ on the mound its gonna be a bullpen game and who do they start back in houston ???🤔

    • William Gee
      William Gee 20 hours ago

      Start spreading the news your losing today Houston just kicked the crap out of New York New Yorrrkkkk

    • Redbug 3
      Redbug 3 20 hours ago

      Can't say I agree because the Astros are playing TightTight ball!

    • Infinit 0
      Infinit 0 21 hour ago

      Stop drinking that shit. It's making you delusional. The Astros bats are scary for any pitcher because you never know when they will send your shit into the upper deck as witnessed. Stop with that, and just watch the damn game.

  • Juju N
    Juju N 21 hour ago

    Good, always a pleasure to see NY suffer

  • Isidro Alvarez
    Isidro Alvarez 21 hour ago

    Bye bye, Yankees.!!!

  • Eloy Olivo
    Eloy Olivo 21 hour ago

    H Town baby 💯🤘🏽 NY we coming for that ass!!!! #Astros

  • Mattington
    Mattington 21 hour ago

    13:54 FUCK!!! "Kahnle reacted and he thought that ball might leave"

  • legolas1601
    legolas1601 21 hour ago

    Yankees deffense sucks

  • Aiden S
    Aiden S 21 hour ago

    It’s fine Yankees are favorites to win tomorrow and if they do win it’s all tied so guys chill everyone’s like saying Houston won

    • AztekWarrior
      AztekWarrior 20 hours ago

      With Happ on the mound for game 4 its gonna be a bullpen game

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 21 hour ago

      Yes but on the best case scenario the Yankees go to Houston up 3-2 and face Verlander in game 6 and Cole in 7. Not a good chance to win a game there.

  • 개씹극혐실화충

    Go suicide now. sanchez, edwin, gardner.

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 21 hour ago

    Another great playoff game. ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️lol Everyone knows the YANKEES has the much, much, much better team over the Astros to win the W. Series. I'm just saying. lol lol lol FREE artist

  • Dane Perry
    Dane Perry 21 hour ago

    notice how many times the hitters this game and whole postseason have hit deep fly ball outs and reacted as if they had just gone 6 rows deep? 🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨

    • Wes 4511
      Wes 4511 15 hours ago

      @robert kilgore that's because it's the postseason and team are facing 3 man rotations rather than 5 man rotations.

    • June Amarillo
      June Amarillo 19 hours ago

      It's rumored the baseballs have been de-juiced

    • Dane Perry
      Dane Perry 20 hours ago

      robert kilgore not surprised! Blatantly obvious imo

    • robert kilgore
      robert kilgore 20 hours ago

      I read a study from the cardinals anylitics that the balls are flying shorter this post season than the regular season said about 4 1/2 feet on average

  • Lou Gehrig
    Lou Gehrig 21 hour ago

    I think Ottovino wanted zero on the back of his jersey to remind Yankee fans that he has a zero percent chance of not giving up a run each appearance he makes in the playoffs. Cesspool is looking like he should be in there for Agent 0.

    • ExAL Illusions
      ExAL Illusions 16 hours ago

      @Lou Gehrig My team got eliminated so ima go root for the winning team and buy there merch. You are not a true fan

    • ExAL Illusions
      ExAL Illusions 16 hours ago

      @Lou Gehrig You cant just like teams that will win the title every year unless you are a bangwagoner

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 18 hours ago

      No it’s because the Yankees will never win a title with Gary Garbage Sanchez. I’d consider coming back when he and Cashman are gone.

    • ExAL Illusions
      ExAL Illusions 19 hours ago

      @Lou Gehrig Literally just admitted to switching teams because his "team" lost a game or 2

    • ExAL Illusions
      ExAL Illusions 19 hours ago

      @Lou Gehrig Bandwagon pos, I dont think the astro fans want you. You'll switch back to whatever team, if another team or the yankees beat them.

  • LOELCO 81
    LOELCO 81 21 hour ago

    The SKANKEES SUCK !!!!LETS GO ASTROS🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱!!!!

  • Greenfield2034
    Greenfield2034 21 hour ago

    This is how they won the world series.

  • Dane Perry
    Dane Perry 21 hour ago

    13:28 Judge “f*ck” Also judge *immediately looks directly into the camera, realizes more than a few people saw him, tries to play it cool*

  • MLP88
    MLP88 21 hour ago

    UPLOADER TrueRGM is the gold standard!

  • monotonesarcasm
    monotonesarcasm 21 hour ago

    From a braves fan, it's exciting to watch the Nationals and their fans have so much fun in beating the sh!t out of the Cardinals.

  • Lou Gehrig
    Lou Gehrig 21 hour ago

    I have the same amount of HRs and RBIs as Gary Garbage Sanchez in the playoffs!! And he has six games on me!!!

    • 2016BMWi8
      2016BMWi8 12 hours ago

      Yup, Munson and Posada flourished in moments like these.

    • Phil Leotardo's Ghost
      Phil Leotardo's Ghost 19 hours ago

      Lou, I did 20 fuckin' years and you're still The GOAT.

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 20 hours ago

      X you have as many as Sanchez as well this postseason!

    • X
      X 20 hours ago

      Lou Gehrig Mr Gehrig, you're the goat, you have waaaaay more sir

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 21 hour ago

    Damn do I love this Washington team! Their pitching is so damn good! Their hitters are also fire! What a team!

  • culam nguyen
    culam nguyen 21 hour ago

    If only the Astros could hit with RISP game 1 might’ve been different

    JEFF JACK 21 hour ago

    Stros play a lot better when the crowd isnt in the game. I think the main reason they struggled against the rays is because their fans where so loud. NYs crowd isnt really in the game. Go STROS!

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 21 hour ago

      I’ve noticed that too. The Yankees fans are loud at certain times but not as loud as the fans in Houston and Tampa on an overall basis.

  • Lou Gehrig
    Lou Gehrig 21 hour ago

    Was Gary Garbage’s nickname Kraken or Krakhead? Kraken doesn’t really go well with a guy that is an automatic out.

    • Lou Gehrig
      Lou Gehrig 21 hour ago

      Could be but I think Gary Garbage is too stupid to be a spy. I just love how Boone keeps playing him hoping and praying he does something.

    • 개씹극혐실화충
      개씹극혐실화충 21 hour ago

      Gary is not yankees player. He is houston's spy. what a fuck

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 21 hour ago

    #GoStros #TakeItBack Thank you for uploading.

  • Ale Aguirre
    Ale Aguirre 21 hour ago

    13:04 was the true failure for the yankees