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  • Stephanie Williams
    Stephanie Williams 2 hours ago

    Poor baby, prayers for all

  • estrellafugaz4321
    estrellafugaz4321 3 hours ago

    4:36 😂😂😂 le cogió la diarrea

  • ALBERTO Fernandez
    ALBERTO Fernandez 4 hours ago

    Does it have cocaine or heroin in it.

  • Upendar Herath
    Upendar Herath 6 hours ago

    God luck .maga babla 2t Ada.shabagi una

  • Maria Robles
    Maria Robles 8 hours ago

    Royals? What is that? Ohh th europeans like to support a bunch of sanguijuelas y llamarlos Reales Zánganos jajajaja jajajaja jajajaja

  • x x
    x x 9 hours ago


  • Justmyopinion
    Justmyopinion 10 hours ago

    LFC came, played and conquered.... back to the Premiership title race.

    COP COP 11 hours ago

    The piquancy is that fifth-generation F-35 aircraft are considered invisible. And they are seen over thousands of kilometers! And from the territory of Russia.

  • charles the entertainer 2

    Must got yayo in it lol

  • Dipping dots
    Dipping dots 11 hours ago

    Vapid creature

  • rannierunsfast
    rannierunsfast 13 hours ago

    Jessica, only child, Illinois Chicago.

  • Alessandra Botelho
    Alessandra Botelho 14 hours ago

    Deserved! Parasite best movie 2019.

  • Yoona Park
    Yoona Park 14 hours ago

    Honestly, until now I still don't understand the hype around parasite movie. But people can have different opinion.

    • ATB FIFA
      ATB FIFA 5 hours ago

      It's a refreshing movie with great cinematic scenes. You can predict some things but not everything which is pretty rare in movies these days. Also the metaphors and symbolism used are really well thought of. There are youtube videos that explain every detail. But sure, if its not your taste it's totally fine because I dislike movies like Dunkirk while its supposed to be a master piece. It's all good, if we all had the same opinion on movies the movie world would be boring.

    • Daisy diamond
      Daisy diamond 14 hours ago

      Exactly. Yes we definitely can have different opinions honey!

    AURORA MARIE 17 hours ago

    William & Katherine..❤💙

  • S. Skippy
    S. Skippy 18 hours ago

    Feita la niña

  • Eddie Cesegna
    Eddie Cesegna 20 hours ago

    La podrida, mantenida y ridícula monarquía española, infestada de infieles, delincuentes y vividores, que pena que aún haya tontos que crean en esas patrañas!

  • santanawhite
    santanawhite 20 hours ago

    People who knock the concept of a monarchy don't understand how much love, adulation, and patriotism it can inspire in people. Yeah, it's antiquated and a drain on public funds, but c'mon , how can you not love this shit?

  • Valerie Gerke
    Valerie Gerke 21 hour ago

    You go Brad! I loved ya from the days of Legends of The Fall~

  • PH_Fan_SMfandomaniac HeartHeart

    So pretty 😍

  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir 21 hour ago

    Such a great lady and future Queen

  • ลําดวน ยืนประโคน

    This pollution is criminal because the levels are unnecessary!!!!

  • æø ۍۍ
    æø ۍۍ Day ago

    الآن هذه البنت القِديسة المستقبلية. ولاكن مَا يعملون مثل البابا عندنا. خَاص فقط الخِتَان هو من مُشكِل بَسِيط

  • Cris
    Cris Day ago

    We LOVE Princess Kate. She is the epitome of class, grace, and elegance. Just beautiful!

  • Wendy Singleton

    Ha ha that’s one way to get William to say yes to just 1 more baby .... That little girl hasn’t a clue who she is now but will be in awe one day x

  • Dymon Yo
    Dymon Yo Day ago

    Wow Nicole breathtaking.

  • Elizabeth Glass

    She is a real person, not a meghalomaniac empty thing.

  • Evidelia Gomez


  • sylvia isreal
    sylvia isreal Day ago

    GOD grant you wisdom.

  • Sam Schilling
    Sam Schilling Day ago

    Less weed Elon Musk, less weed.


    Thats the problem with south americans..they don know very well their opponents..they only believe that they are the best soccer players.😂

  • Babysisdolls333

    well well, they chased Meghan out of Great Britain! is the press proud? or haters glad? they are losing a cash cow..will they shut up and leave them alone.? please.

  • Renny R
    Renny R Day ago

    She still bland and boring

  • Skeptical Chris

    Have not seen the last of you? No surprise, since you haven't been doing anything besides give pointless speeches to crowds who already agree with you.

  • RodrigoJ Pineda

    Guillotine to the king!! ✊🏻✊🏻 Long live the Republic!! ❤️💛💜 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • mata hari
    mata hari Day ago

    She is gorgeous . Beautiful family 😍 mom looks a little possessive .unpleasant looking woman. 👿

  • Poppy Cohen
    Poppy Cohen Day ago

    Keep showing off your pearly-white-teeth Kate and pretend you're having a good time, same goes for the egg-head William ! Such FAKES !!

  • rosa lina
    rosa lina Day ago

    Thank you for this sharing 👍😉 a full vidéo is better than what de could see in others channels !!! I suscribe 🌹

  • Foebe Reginaldo

    They're complementing each other , not one pushing herself over her prince :)

  • Socorrita Carvalho

    Veja no TVclip TVEvangelizar é preciso TV Canção Nova padre Jonas WebTV690 Rádio Shalom padre Antônio

  • Kay Davis
    Kay Davis Day ago

    I love Meghan and Harry forever!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Paola Hernández

    Se ve que ella es linda de alma, ojalá que cuando crezca no cambie 🤗

  • Julie Pearce
    Julie Pearce Day ago

    I love and respect what yall are doing. May God bless all of you, and especially the wildlife.

  • octoberapple
    octoberapple Day ago

    ugh. will this one never fade off the scene? charles' sycophant, monarchy apologist. go away.

  • Manuel Lemos
    Manuel Lemos Day ago

    Spain wooooowwww superclasss

  • Royal Tanya
    Royal Tanya Day ago

    How awkward, maybe she should leave people's children alone- what stranger comes in, lifts up and shakes a baby about? Crazy woman.

  • Shiyito
    Shiyito 2 days ago

    Her sister is so beautiful too

  • Jocelyn Farmer
    Jocelyn Farmer 2 days ago

    Nice of the queen to say it, but Meghan figured in nicely? What??? In any case, whatever this woman is on - I want some!

  • maria cristina carozze

    DUquesa de Cambridge é formidável e super amorosa !😉😍😍😘

  • Qzyrztuwreno
    Qzyrztuwreno 2 days ago

    These were Nazi German soldiers werhmacht made Leningrad blockade my grandmother was inside the leningrad blockade just as you came out you were shot right away they were Nazi German werhmacht soldiers.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 2 days ago

    Rest in peace for all the heroes who fight for our country and our people! 🙏🇷🇺

  • brisa guillen
    brisa guillen 2 days ago

    She'll be an actual true queen because she's kind, educated, knows more than one language, AND the strength it takes to hold such a title is very honorable.

  • Ackerman99
    Ackerman99 2 days ago

    I'm here from Runaway de Waratte. They really don't wear anything inside there😁

  • Tally Paige
    Tally Paige 2 days ago

    She reminds me of Diana.Pity you know who doesn't have the common touch.Kates a coal miners granddaughter.William dated her for years before marriage.Theres nothing unapproachable about her.Loved her with Mary Berry at xmas.Its a shame William and Harry wont see each other once he leaves tomorrow for Canada.This trio were so close.

  • Ana Saldana
    Ana Saldana 2 days ago

    Catherine is very good with kids. Beautiful and very lovely🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Re Publish
    Re Publish 2 days ago

    So Iranian military was so skared about beeing bomb that they shoot down a civilian airliner. What a BAD story dudez, what a shitty story. The only reason why all this shit is happening is because Iranian regime NOT THE IRANINA POLULATOIN is not willing to be a part of the NORMAL world while willing to become a regional leader BY FORCE. What a mess!! I'm sorry for those who was killed in the airplain, all the rest is just SHIT, LIES and MEDIA.

  • grand theft ana
    grand theft ana 2 days ago

    They don't bow or curtsey to them?

  • Pablo Fernández
    Pablo Fernández 2 days ago


    • MISSELO27
      MISSELO27 2 days ago

      She is gorgeous!!! Most beautiful princess ever!

  • leila lalala
    leila lalala 2 days ago

    do ppl plant the trees these babies need to eat? can everyone plant a tree in Australia?

  • Sharon Anderson
    Sharon Anderson 2 days ago

    notice how princess Catherine had her back to the camera? ..she is a true humanitarian and dosent need to be in front of the camera all the time....she is a all her good work

  • Eric Mccool
    Eric Mccool 2 days ago

    Helal sana Türk kızı

  • John W
    John W 2 days ago

    He is so angry his mouth is contorted into a sphincter.

  • Arzu Cıvak
    Arzu Cıvak 2 days ago


  • F. Y
    F. Y 2 days ago

    They aren’t black like Antonio banderas WTF

    • Isabella 2110
      Isabella 2110 5 hours ago

      Not everyone in Spain is black 😆 also not everyone one in África is black!

  • Cory Teodorascu
    Cory Teodorascu 2 days ago

    De todo de-l discurs me gusto [MI ABUELA SOFIA)Ohala Leticia era 2% como Majesta SOFIA .Soy extranjera y Leticia no mersese ni las patas de la sila.

  • 4& UA
    4& UA 2 days ago

    Брехлива коняка.

  • Agbaje Monsoor
    Agbaje Monsoor 2 days ago

    Martin Lawrence 🙌...ICON

  • BroncoBillieBeastie

    James Bond should not be "picked on" cause he is male. Who next? John Wick, Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne?!

  • Peter Ang
    Peter Ang 2 days ago

    Pitty she didn't do this in English, Subs are crappy..

    • Matheus d'Andrigues
      Matheus d'Andrigues 10 hours ago

      @Peter Ang no. Most people were spanish speakers. She is right.

    • Peter Ang
      Peter Ang 11 hours ago

      @Matheus d'Andrigues First of all, you need to learn to read, i say that youtube transelate is crappy and she can speak English, she thanks the gasts in English, what i mean is that she didn't do all of her speech in English...Our Princess Amalia don't do her speeches in Dutch but all in English...when there are people of other country's presents..

    • Matheus d'Andrigues
      Matheus d'Andrigues 11 hours ago

      Wtf man, she is princess of a spanish speaking country. Her speech was very simple and easy. You should learn spanish. She does not have to speak in english

  • Owjan Shah
    Owjan Shah 2 days ago

    Happy to marry such clever brave lady and get her out of that stupid country.......

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 2 days ago

    puyin & puton

  • M V_N
    M V_N 2 days ago

    I adore the authenticity of their love, & respect for each other. It radiates through their eyes. I love that the Spanish Royals are comfortable showing affection with one another in public.

  • Marcos Brasil
    Marcos Brasil 3 days ago

    Flamengo is Vice again. KKKKKKKKKK

  • Mantis
    Mantis 3 days ago

    They are so innocently stupid creature. The probably ran right into fire 😪😪

  • Brad Wallin
    Brad Wallin 3 days ago

    Pig slop nothing more

  • Jill-dog lover
    Jill-dog lover 3 days ago

    it is so sad....Harry and Meghan are treating people exactly opposite of what Diana would have wanted.....

  • Leila Farahani
    Leila Farahani 3 days ago

    actually iran said they were tracking not only F-35 near western border but also US F-22s and F-15s over Persian Gulf over Arab states. and the Air-defenses were ready to engage them if they decided to cross the air-space border.

  • Lorraine Mohsen
    Lorraine Mohsen 3 days ago

    You are so lovely Mr Edwards take care

  • Anton Anton
    Anton Anton 3 days ago

    Donc l'Espagne aura une reine si d'ici là la république ne finit pas par s'imposer. En tout cas elle est mignonne. N'oublions pas qu'elle descend de Louis XIV et même de Henri IV.

  • Anne Leonard
    Anne Leonard 3 days ago

    Fabulous!! There’s nothing that Kate won’t do.

  • Rebeca Casado
    Rebeca Casado 3 days ago

    A ademas, el ingles de la población española es muy deficiente...

  • Rebeca Casado
    Rebeca Casado 3 days ago

    Que fuerte que la monarquia española sea así, y el pais en la mierda. No hay empleo, sueldos bajos, explotacion...

    • Rebeca Casado
      Rebeca Casado 2 days ago

      @Full Engine ellos deberían controlar a toda persona que este en el gobierno. Para eso son la maxima autoridad del REINO de España, no GOBIERNO de España

    • Full Engine
      Full Engine 2 days ago

      Eso es culpa de los políticos que son unos corruptos

  • Sing Singapor
    Sing Singapor 3 days ago

    Thanks Iran

  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh 3 days ago

    Incandescent! Who really wants to know what the hell this word means? Simmer down and describing this situation with words that sound like its the end of humanity. We get it, you have a wide vocabulary🙄😏😏

  • The Otherme
    The Otherme 3 days ago

    I like literally want to move to Spain and swear my allegiance to the King and future Queen LOL

  • The Otherme
    The Otherme 3 days ago


  • The Otherme
    The Otherme 3 days ago

    I feel like I'm in NARNIA !

  • The Otherme
    The Otherme 3 days ago

    the sweetest royal family ever!!!

  • Shirley Berry
    Shirley Berry 3 days ago

    Well said

  • Montecristo
    Montecristo 3 days ago


  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh 3 days ago

    This is something they've been dealing with for months as a family, to lie to the public that the Queen had no idea is a complete and utter nonsense. This same reporter used to appear on national tv making unwaranted criticism towards the couple especially towards Harry's wife. The only criticism that was fair was offcourse the money on the renovations of their home, has to so that she can accomodate her family. The other was private jets. But the rest was just unwaranted.

  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh 3 days ago

    There they go, reporting on this as if they raped an underage. And yet the actual suspected criminal Randy pedo Andy is driving around smiling. What bullshit.

  • Jetski Archi
    Jetski Archi 3 days ago

    I remember Trump signed the Prison Reform in the beginning of 2019. Looks like Jay-Z is following action. Bless.

  • Regina Bangura
    Regina Bangura 3 days ago

    For kate everything is ok and fine. When megan was singing and dancing people criticizes her that she has broke royal rules

    • Regina Bangura
      Regina Bangura 3 days ago

      @Leisurelady So u want to say royals are hypocrite because if they knew harry is not the real father or megan is not carry a real stomach why did they not say it out instead keep her till birth and now u people are talking about doll child. But as u see Archie u see Harry in him in that the royals hv to tell we the people something about harry and megan pregnancy we should blame them not to say anything about the child please because he knowns anything .

    • Regina Bangura
      Regina Bangura 3 days ago

      @Leisurelady Thanks to God she rented a child nor steal one. But u people were saying she was having a child before now u the same people are saying she does not know how to handle/carry a child. U hate megan so much that end all she has made up her mind to live so let her be and let her fight her battle .

    • Leisurelady
      Leisurelady 3 days ago

      Regina Bangura never seen MM ever hold a child except rent a baby Archie and she didn’t know Dow to hold him!!!

  • Muhammad Faisal Farooq

    ❤️ Sada salamat raho 🌹

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio 3 days ago

    Somebody tell this chick to shut up already the wealthy don't care

  • Risma Peggy
    Risma Peggy 3 days ago

    Duchess Catherine so humble and genuine, always loves children. She is surely will be an awesome Queen ❤❤❤

  • Glynis Beaumont-Terry

    Catherine is awesome: makes me proud to be British 😊

  • OkayAngel
    OkayAngel 3 days ago

    So cute!! It just amazes me all the drama that’s went on between Kate and William since they met, and they always seem to ignore it and move on to serving the public... yet some can’t!!??

  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh 3 days ago

    Oh! There it comes, the tears and sniffling is about to start😃 this man thinks Harry is still 10 years old. As if he cant make up his own mind, which is quiet very disrespectful. Sorry sir go photograph Will and Kate, they are more fun🙄🙄🙄😏

    • ojo anao
      ojo anao 13 hours ago

      Well said. We are looking forward to what African or Commonwealth country will invite William and Kate to a state visit. This couple are thinking way ahead of all if us as it concerns them. With Scotland seeking another referendum Britain is chipping away and will be too small for all royals.

  • Bazinga !!!
    Bazinga !!! 3 days ago

    One day this girl will grow up and comment on this video saying "this is meeeee " 😄