Bleecker Street
Bleecker Street
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  • Tony DiDomenico
    Tony DiDomenico 11 months ago

    Misleading Info has been reported. Same vids about a NASA warning just changing dates daily...FAKE VIDEOS! Classic Fear Mongering...shame on you.

    • venomdrake
      venomdrake 8 months ago

      waaaaaahh waaaaaahh "im reporting you" wahhhhh

    SANTOSH SINHA Year ago

    Your channel is great :) I would be happy if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • paw praint
    paw praint Year ago

    cute dog you used for the trailor of the movie comeing out :D

  • Hick Rarrison
    Hick Rarrison 2 years ago

    fuck off becker cunts.

    • Hick Rarrison
      Hick Rarrison Year ago

      Hah kidding fuck those faggot cunts. No one wants to see shitty movies that these cunts show on trailer commercials on youtube. I'm trying to enjoy some videos on youtube and I see these shit stains posting the most awfulest movies i've ever seen like Holocaust deniers lol.

    • Hick Rarrison
      Hick Rarrison Year ago

      Sorry my dude but one of my friends got on my account and commented on this video(account). Forgot to delete it. Lol good times