Great Big Story
Great Big Story
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  • falktheboss
    falktheboss 5 seconds ago

    The funny thing is, that most countrys in West-Europe, I‘m talking about Germany and Scandinavia especially, have these rehabilitation programs implemented in every prison. And the prison population there is way lower. Also the resocialising rate is higher.

  • StepOne
    StepOne 3 minutes ago

    He's that strong that he can fight against Chuck Norris

  • Vladan Lazarevic
    Vladan Lazarevic 3 minutes ago

  • Xryptez
    Xryptez 6 minutes ago

    When I read the title of the video, it said ‘’Fortnite’’.

  • That Insane RC Drifter
    That Insane RC Drifter 6 minutes ago

    That's a BBC

  • TheWashingMashineYou DidntTurnOff

    Keanu reaves

  • Erin Johann Distor
    Erin Johann Distor 8 minutes ago

    me:*calls 911* um hello? Oh hi! Someone is being a flex creature. Please help me, this is like killing me self. 911: *mkay*

  • Patrick Kroll
    Patrick Kroll 11 minutes ago

    It looks like old ciking cause I think I saw the ruin of Frey

  • Albino Art
    Albino Art 14 minutes ago

    Plot twist the animals are in prison too !

  • 인공지능로봇
    인공지능로봇 14 minutes ago

    0:10 찌리찌리찌리찌리

  • KarMa CañQuints
    KarMa CañQuints 17 minutes ago

    Wow....cheese for self defense. 😜

  • mrswoper
    mrswoper 17 minutes ago

    Can't even make a dirt hut in minecraft smh

  • Sutej Som
    Sutej Som 18 minutes ago

    In India it's known as kadaknath chicken

  • Argus Night Stalker
    Argus Night Stalker 18 minutes ago

    I can wipe out all of you in one slash if you guys are ganking

  • Soli ProdigalCreators
    Soli ProdigalCreators 22 minutes ago


  • Fighter Boss X
    Fighter Boss X 23 minutes ago

    At first point I thought that he was thanos’s voiceover,like literally he has the voice of thanos

  • cbdoc225
    cbdoc225 24 minutes ago

    I want to have some!

  • maximillianMus
    maximillianMus 26 minutes ago

    "inspired by" great way to say "a shill for a chinese corporation"

  • Gabriel Esteban
    Gabriel Esteban 26 minutes ago

    Now he got more ring's than melo westbrook and harden

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric 26 minutes ago

    I need more cheeese

  • Bubbles YT
    Bubbles YT 30 minutes ago

    Why can't you taste anything

  • Lostato
    Lostato 30 minutes ago

    95 degree Fahrenheit

    RAJAT AGARWAL 32 minutes ago

    Price bhi bata diya hota...

  • The bruhest bruh In all of bruh

    2:29. YEET

  • Tuugii
    Tuugii 34 minutes ago

    These are first introduced in Mongolia.Not here.

  • Prabhat kiran
    Prabhat kiran 34 minutes ago

    Not just local milk, from yak milk.

  • The bruhest bruh In all of bruh

    0:07 YEET

  • Sjin Sabio
    Sjin Sabio 36 minutes ago

    So this is how Nokia was made?

  • EN VY
    EN VY 36 minutes ago

    Jawbreaker of cheese

  • The bruhest bruh In all of bruh

    0:08 YEET

  • Adventures of a Geek
    Adventures of a Geek 39 minutes ago

    Yeah, putting on a wig to get in the mood. I got you 😉

  • abam kuchai
    abam kuchai 41 minute ago

    i don't know why..but i feel this is very funny flight... oh my...easy job to the pilot...haha

  • Plootia Österreich
    Plootia Österreich 41 minute ago

    ollie's father gonna love this

  • kristie and ahmad
    kristie and ahmad 42 minutes ago

    I’m a Tasmanian I’ve seen devils

  • Сергей Ильичев

    А у нас мамаши от него детей бы своих прятали.. - чтоб не заразил

  • san san
    san san 43 minutes ago

    me going downstairs to eat cereal at 3am: every single step I take: 1:03

  • SMSM
    SMSM 44 minutes ago

    انا جدتها والله ☻🙄

  • Matthew Creigh
    Matthew Creigh 47 minutes ago

    Sadly it's only available as a dog chew in the West, so looks like I'm going to Nepal

  • Weirdo Kitty
    Weirdo Kitty 49 minutes ago

    Stupid. All religions was created to make money or control people. And this idiot builded cathedral. Ahaha, such a mentaly retarded moron

  • freaking noob
    freaking noob 49 minutes ago

    Sana all hangang duun nalanh yung pilipinas sana all

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 50 minutes ago

    I’m still sure the cheese at the local markets harder

  • Mirza9000 .-.
    Mirza9000 .-. 50 minutes ago

    Wow! Very interesting

  • Cheese Burgers
    Cheese Burgers 55 minutes ago

    Imagine if someone got lices

  • Torradas _
    Torradas _ 55 minutes ago

    I'm a ballerina and let me just say this: These girls don't have what it takes to dance in pointe. They are going to hurt themselves. And, btw, who said black girls can't do ballet??

  • Fighter Boss X
    Fighter Boss X 57 minutes ago


  • rowzeeistyra
    rowzeeistyra 57 minutes ago

    Why does this remind me of Junji Ito's comic-

  • Maximus Gigantos

    That lady is like supervillain

  • ourorboros2
    ourorboros2 Hour ago

    My first experience of the brand "genesis" has been these videos, my initial impression is bad simply because you keep saying its inspired by at the beginning. Fuck off with that bullshit and call advertising and sponsorship exactly what it is. Fuck genesis. I'm glad you paid to make someone new to your brand automatically dislike you.

  • Zynary Zaidi
    Zynary Zaidi Hour ago

    Did they mention about hammer? That cheese is the hammer

  • UniQ
    UniQ Hour ago

    Vegans: But all long living healthy people ate plant-based...

  • Dave O
    Dave O Hour ago

    How come most indigenous people aren’t vegans?

  • Dave O
    Dave O Hour ago

    Darn now I want to try some chauri. It sounds delicious.

  • GenKun
    GenKun Hour ago

    We he was young he looks like the joker..

  • edmund blackadder coc

    Could have nailed cold fusion on the way tbf.

  • The Joker
    The Joker Hour ago


  • starbung375
    starbung375 Hour ago

    I never forget you

  • AvocadoBeige
    AvocadoBeige Hour ago

    Great Big Propaganda is at it again!

  • A Z Z Y Y
    A Z Z Y Y Hour ago

    I can feel the back pains already 😩

    LTRETARD Hour ago

    Jesus, i thought it was gonna say "This great big story is inspiried by : Genocide"

  • Vespelian
    Vespelian Hour ago

    Que corporate buy out of whole product as the next yuppie health fad inflating the home price to astronomical levels in the process and crashing the Nepalese economy.

  • Butiti
    Butiti Hour ago

    When you pull your foreskin back after not showering for 14 fortnights.

  • Maximus Gigantos

    So it’s not cucumber or pickle?

  • Jagori Mukherjee

    She IS a sweetheart! Her personality's so sweet & warm:)

  • Maximus Gigantos

    You know what? We need a record label Waffle waffle

  • Hello
    Hello Hour ago

    This actually is rehabilitation, people are becoming better and have a positive outcome. This is how it should be done.

  • Willem Jansen
    Willem Jansen Hour ago

    2:00 they are all looking like they are regretting some life choices they made.

  • Gabriel Miguel
    Gabriel Miguel Hour ago

    6:11 is he closing his mouth or sticking his tongue out?

  • Navvye Anand
    Navvye Anand Hour ago

    My name is Navvye Oooooof....

  • M A
    M A Hour ago

    My neck

  • Kenn's Instagram At: i000

    4:18 Where the white folks steal all of others money. All this shows is the big gap and unfairness between major white and black prisons! One gets more freedom behind bars than the other.

  • MisterMilo Paws
    MisterMilo Paws Hour ago

    Where is Ajay Ghale?

  • subscribers without video

    I have won these game many times but in keypad phone lol🤣

  • Noone
    Noone Hour ago

    Nepali haru yeta hajir garau haiii👇👇

  • Rajai Bsaibess
    Rajai Bsaibess Hour ago

    The hardest yoghurt is found in Jordan, it is called Jamid

  • Aarav Dev
    Aarav Dev Hour ago

    I ama Bangladeshi person..and I understood him almost 90./. Of the time..wht the hell😂😂so similar bengali language

  • Kiibxbyy
    Kiibxbyy Hour ago

    So basically I can kill someone with it, and eat it? Good too know.

  • wonder boy
    wonder boy Hour ago

    He PROTECC He ATTACC But most importantly He BRECC

  • Jesse Jet
    Jesse Jet Hour ago

    Are the eggs black?

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze Hour ago

    Wouldn’t mind eating Eels but why is it jellied, why not instead eat eels with some hot sauce instead

  • QU4Ntum beast
    QU4Ntum beast Hour ago

    Good they didn't mention from she belonged .other wise western people would have ruined pronunciation of her placr

  • tiptopper da grasshopper

    This cheese must drain all happiness, nobody seems to be enjoying there smoked yak cheese. BTW Epstein was killed!

  • Merrill George
    Merrill George Hour ago

    Do not die, Tie

  • Patrick Builds It

    They didn’t show “the next generation.” Probably in another tent playing their iPads.

  • Merrill George
    Merrill George Hour ago

    Watching this before the cops come

  • Merrill George
    Merrill George Hour ago

    Good, now i know which prisions to request.

  • Ankita
    Ankita Hour ago

    So happy to see this. Even in India in West Bengal churpi is famous as a candy though🤪❤️

  • Alain Sadun
    Alain Sadun Hour ago

    Fascinating people

  • mikaishi me
    mikaishi me Hour ago

    You know what's harder than that cheese?... *Math.*

  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill Hour ago

    He looks like a guy thats a waste of life judging by how much he eats

  • LX Murphy
    LX Murphy Hour ago

    We will lose so many traditions and wonderfull handcrafts.. for what.. 🤔😔

  • The Endleader
    The Endleader Hour ago

    Half Man, Half Lego. The Future is here!

  • that one asian dude
    that one asian dude 2 hours ago

    Trying the sofftest cheese in the world Aka milk

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie 2 hours ago

    Your technically still eating cookie but wet cookie

  • Stalin Is Disappointed in your recent decisions

    Thought the title of the the video said "trying the hardest Chinese in the world"

  • Toxichammertoe
    Toxichammertoe 2 hours ago

    1:09 Big dude is eating too much of his own product

  • E L
    E L 2 hours ago

    Smells nothing like rotting onions or raw sewerage. I actually love the smell.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 hours ago

    He's gonna bank off that cheese now!

  • Burrito Master
    Burrito Master 2 hours ago

    I've heard that Nepalese people dont eat meat...

  • Kenneth Hicks
    Kenneth Hicks 2 hours ago

    Good job Richard! And may you keep educating : )

  • Yasir Ahmad
    Yasir Ahmad 2 hours ago

    Scientist Lucius Fox designed this for Bruce Wayne.