Patriot Act
Patriot Act
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  • Anica Hasanat
    Anica Hasanat 25 minutes ago

    I just love u two together like the two south Asians who rock. damn, you guys are awesome love form Pakistan.

  • Aksel
    Aksel 26 minutes ago

    Fortnite is dead and buried

  • DJ
    DJ 28 minutes ago

    Broooo I was in Germany and they had the Japanese washlet toilet thing!!! In my hotel room I spent like an hour on the toilet watching TVclip because the seat had everything!!

  • Umme Hossain
    Umme Hossain 38 minutes ago

    Why did the female Indian reporter look like Lilly Singh? 👀😂

  • P
    P 44 minutes ago

    You never overcame the racism. If you don´t reform you whole school system. You all are just teached what you are supposed to know, not what you need to know!

  • Schon-Ray Joseph
    Schon-Ray Joseph 48 minutes ago

    I believe you mean "Gwen Stefani's bhindi face, goat yoga, henna tattoos and Dhalsim from Street Fighter."

  • Rosalind Snyder
    Rosalind Snyder 48 minutes ago

    Honestly, as a Canadian, I welcome and appreciate this in depth look into the darker side of Canada the world doesn't really know about. It's important to celebrate our accomplishments and the good things we are known for, however it is important to be held accountable as well. Environmental issues are incredibly important to me and I thank you for pointing out the disparity on JT's stance on the pipeline, our failure to achieve Paris Accord goals and the disrespect to indigenous groups during the process, he needs to be called out. Thank you for the fair assessment of Canada and our current government. You are always welcome back to Wakanada Hasan!

  • Priya Kakati
    Priya Kakati 49 minutes ago

    Okay but ZACCCCHHHH

  • SA Elhamdulillah
    SA Elhamdulillah 50 minutes ago

    "Why so dark? I used to work in human rights, it's dark every day man. "

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 54 minutes ago

    There's a cuatro leches cake too

  • Stephen Song
    Stephen Song 56 minutes ago

    #yang2020 you in?

  • Christian Bender
    Christian Bender 58 minutes ago

    ...I'm trying to think of something funny or clever to write but I am just so disappointed. I'll be sticking with John Oliver from now on.

  • Tarkan Yilmaz
    Tarkan Yilmaz Hour ago

    TURKEY has 4.5 MILLION refugees.!!

  • Kanza S
    Kanza S Hour ago

    The billie eilish/lorde joke was so unexpected yet true...I'm weak 😭

  • Kairen Jamieson
    Kairen Jamieson Hour ago

    Trudeau sincerity runs as deep as a crushed cookie sheet. He like a desperate corner crack whore who would say anything or do anything just to get a vote. As for the climate--we have better parties like the Green Party. And it has already been proven that the statement about Canada heating up was just another one of Trudeau's lie...that man spent more fossil fuel for vacation in one trip than Canada as a country used in an entire month. And what about all the refugees he let in-do a follow up-go to Toronto and see just how many are now as homeless as our vets. because of lack of housing/money or ability to house them

  • lemarx
    lemarx Hour ago

    thats just painful to watch

  • P
    P Hour ago

    Too serious topic for pampered americans...

  • Gabi Adrião
    Gabi Adrião Hour ago

    in the ""Brazilian equivalant"" of the SAT, I mostly just awnsered "B is for Bible, C is for Christ, D is for Deus (God) and E is for Holy Spirit (Espírito Santo)" lmfao

  • Fauzan Permana
    Fauzan Permana Hour ago

    Dude democracy's bout to die in Indonesia. There's a new law about to be passed. I know u guys got sexier issues on the line but ya just letting u guys know. Fyi, with the new law, a rape victim can go to prison for having extramarital sexual intercourse. Thanks if you're reading this. Thanks a lot. The world needs to know.

  • maina hassan
    maina hassan Hour ago

    How many people came here expecting Hasan to troll some kids through the head phones...👇

  • Sofia white
    Sofia white 2 hours ago

    He literally took time to read ppl’s name 🤤

  • Philippe De Clerck
    Philippe De Clerck 2 hours ago

    Conclusion: before you buy, sleep on it. ...Wait.

  • Laksh P
    Laksh P 2 hours ago

    Lilly on late night! I didnt know until now. Feel like my heart is going to explode!

  • Kirtal Patel
    Kirtal Patel 2 hours ago

    5:48 I’m pretty sure that “True Heart” dance is “As if it’s your last “ choreo by BLACKPINK 🤔

  • Rif lit
    Rif lit 2 hours ago

    Why play a dead game

  • Raihan Chowdhury
    Raihan Chowdhury 2 hours ago

    Love you brother ❤❤❤🇧🇩🤙🇧🇩

    TOUGHTATERTOT 2 hours ago

    I for one like middle eastern hipster John Oliver! 😁

  • Varun Jaiswal
    Varun Jaiswal 2 hours ago

    Aah you don't have depth in your content, it's just like an overwiew to the reality. That's gonna be there as media is your source. Doesn't sound much funny. Reality is different here in.

  • Srinath Blaze
    Srinath Blaze 2 hours ago - Check this out (only for the ones who care about facts)

  • Edgar Quinones
    Edgar Quinones 2 hours ago

    HASAN ruins everything.

  • Crushi! .Music, Art & Love.

    Fuh, if you have time to play fortnife you really aren't taking your career serz.

  • Bad Karma
    Bad Karma 2 hours ago

    This guy educate you while making you laugh

  • Crushi! .Music, Art & Love.

    Micheal Jackson played Fortnight to capture and groom little boys... think I'm lying? Have you seen the documentary? Just saying... 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  • Afroj Ansari
    Afroj Ansari 2 hours ago

    great wrk.. appreciated ❤️

  • Oreo Potter
    Oreo Potter 2 hours ago

    I´m sooooooo happy I´m from Germany. We don´t have tuition bills that high and ofc not that amount of student loans.

  • Violeta Brdar
    Violeta Brdar 2 hours ago

    Great show.

  • Crushi! .Music, Art & Love.

    I'm playing Gears 5 on Xbox. 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  • Haiti LeBlanc
    Haiti LeBlanc 3 hours ago

    Out of 1600 or 2400

  • benjamin peterson
    benjamin peterson 3 hours ago


  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 3 hours ago

    Negro is just black in Spanish. The US has a horrific (and ongoing) history of racism and the word negro was used to harm to the point to where it's racist to use it still today. I lived 11 years in Puerto Rico and now 4 years in México and I love how they use the term nego or negra (feminine conjugation) with love most often as a term of endearment and relatively extremely rarely as a racist slur. #MakeBigotryShamefulAgain

  • Khawar 07
    Khawar 07 3 hours ago

    Love the show man I've a question have u ever been judged by ur religion

  • fangirlvstheuniverse

    I cannot stand for people hating on imagine dragons, but the show is good hhh

  • Riel Roussopoulos
    Riel Roussopoulos 3 hours ago

    So painful listening to Trudeau squirm

    INJAMAMUL HAQUE 3 hours ago

    Chaddy utar di bhai good job keep it up

  • TheBlackHawk
    TheBlackHawk 3 hours ago

    "That's John Stewart" 😂😂 That was awesome!

  • benjamin peterson
    benjamin peterson 3 hours ago

    this show is best political comedy show on earth...sorry oliver john u r second now .... @hasan_bhai

  • Ellma Rahman
    Ellma Rahman 3 hours ago

    Information provided on Hassan's show is not new. The facts and information are already out there as head lines, facts and figures. We do read and notice them but being the demure public that we are, we don't acknowledge them. Hassan and his team does a great job of presenting the content in a very interesting and comedic way. I always wondered why he never got into trouble. Truly speaking, once I started to watch and listen closely I realized he just shares the information in a "controversial way" when they are not something taken off of say FBI. Probably the reason why he didn't and won't get into trouble. This is not a criticism. I really enjoy his show!

  • The one
    The one 3 hours ago

    You are an Indian in India good You are an Muslim in India,still good You are an Indian "NRI" no good

  • 6 !
    6 ! 3 hours ago

    Can’t stand her. She’s made transphobic “jokes” and is not funny. Sorry, but you joke about trans people and I’m no longer gonna be your fan. We deal with this so much, especially as non-binary trans folks. It’s not okay

  • The one
    The one 3 hours ago

    Lol,they are making this sound like Russian politics but it's kinda getting there

  • The Michelle Chronicles

    A lot about Trudeau and the effects of his terrible policies were really missed in this video. It's easy to demonize things like our "dirty oil" in Alberta, but the reality is the Alberta economy is majorly influenced by our natural resource sector and Alberta is the financial backbone of Canada. We are forced to pay equalization payments to provinces like Quebec that are way more heavily populated then Alberta because our economy is the most successful. Meanwhile, the past four years of Trudeau has left almost 200 000 Albertans unemployed and has chased a lot of our Canadian owned oil companies out of the country and down to Texas. Trudeau has zero intention of building that pipeline which has been shown in the passing of anti-pipeline legislation since the purchasing of the pipeline. His carbon tax does nothing to reduce emissions and only makes it harder for low and average income families to survive. It's ridiculous to make families pay more to keep their homes heated when it literally gets to -40 degrees C and colder in some places in Canada in the winter. It's also ridiculous to make families pay for more for food that has to be trucked into the country because we only have a single, short growing season which means buying locally grow produce isn't possible year round. The reality is oil is not going away anytime soon. If you use a vehicle to get around and you purchase any type of plastic product, then you are an oil consumer. Wouldn't is be better to use Canadian oil rather than shipping in Saudi oil especially if you take issue with their human right problems?

  • strawberryshortcake
    strawberryshortcake 3 hours ago

    0:14 his laugh is so creepy

  • cat lover
    cat lover 4 hours ago

    Cows are not holy for all Hindus. I'm a Hindu from Kerala. We eat beef. Almost all keralites do

  • Ivy Haynes
    Ivy Haynes 4 hours ago

    Eddie must be a giant... hot giant

  • Charlyn F.L
    Charlyn F.L 4 hours ago

    No matter what humanity will do and try in fixing nature.... it will fail. This earth as we know it will be in ruins! JUST SEE WHAT THE FALSE TRINITY (dragon, beast and false prophets) WILL DO. And see the vials being poured out in Revelation 16. No matter what each government will come up with... this earth is doomed due to evil and the wrath of God Good news is, the ruined earth is not the end of the story... for the goodness, peace and love to prosper... the evil on earth has to be destroyed & burn up... so then the NEW earth will be able to come down. Humans can't stop this from happening because it's already a prophecy. As much as God promised Eve that a manchild will come to break the neck of the snack... is also sure that the new earth will conquer the old earth and prosper forever and ever. (So now... just try to live a day at a time, and get a good seat to witness the end of the earth as we know it... that or... you breathe our last breath) 😭

  • MuzzstepTV
    MuzzstepTV 4 hours ago

    Not gonna call out the husband of the woman you voted for, flying on the private jet of that same paedophile multiple times?

  • joseph birrenkott
    joseph birrenkott 4 hours ago

    People on both extremes of this issue just auto condemn the other side and assume they are guilty. Minority gets abused or killed by corrupt cop... cop is defended - some know better while others don't. On other side, cop gets severely injured or killed trying to "give the suspect the benefit of the doubt". Or they get socially destroyed for pulling a gun on an unarmed suspect and it's even on film. But the part the news and public don't cover is that the suspect refused to cooperate, the officer was told that the suspect is probably armed, and the suspect (or person matching said description who isn't cooperating so that their innocence can be quickly determined) has a history of violence against officers. And thus unnecessary violence happens to both sides - reinforcing and coloring people's perceptions. This continues the history of neither side in general wanting to trust the other and continues to see decent people on both sides caught in the cross fire and paying the price. The price caused by people on both sides who go to the extreme.

  • Mike Tovar
    Mike Tovar 4 hours ago

    The professor in the interview claimed the US police was the best trained in the world! This is only a joke, Professor? On US average, the training there lasts 19 weeks. That is ridiculous. What do you want to learn in this short time? Come to Germany Professor. The cops in Germany have to undergo a thorough psychological, health and sports examination. They are tested in German and English and mathematics as well as general education. Only when they have passed all the tests are they allowed to go to the police school and are trained there for 3 years. Think again, professor!

  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta 4 hours ago

    That last line, "In India vs Pak, British won", is dead-center.

  • boss is back
    boss is back 4 hours ago

    you will forget navika the day you meet arnab goswami

  • Cleg s
    Cleg s 4 hours ago

    Ha.. wha. He.. da..fa.. *I have no words* *how could you betray us like this* THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES

  • Frank Bitcoin
    Frank Bitcoin 4 hours ago

    Btc trading at $10241,48 when I watched this

  • Joydeep Sarkar
    Joydeep Sarkar 4 hours ago

    going left is fine until it's a bit too much and you hit a wall

  • Merrsharr
    Merrsharr 4 hours ago

    My bush stays where it is, Koch And if you got a problem with that, at least admit you've been staring at my crotch, gayboi

  • Skyler Hall
    Skyler Hall 4 hours ago

    I like angry birds movie

  • Zazo Dream
    Zazo Dream 5 hours ago

    🤣😂🤣 at&t deserves a special place in hell too

  • Tajofalltrades
    Tajofalltrades 5 hours ago

    I wouldn't get lasik

  • El Pablito Rodriguez Harrera

    Hey Hasan, please do Indonesia, shits happen here, and the main different than Saudi & China, Indonesian don’t even know what the goverment is doing, 90% of people are idiots here

  • rashmi menon
    rashmi menon 5 hours ago

    Hustlers ❤️ My brown soul is so happy right now!

  • Elementary Watson
    Elementary Watson 5 hours ago

    I am all for changing the racist names, but leave Horney Lake alone. That name is too precious

  • Lane arndt
    Lane arndt 5 hours ago

    this guy's jokes are just. not. funny! groooan!

  • Priyanka Raghu
    Priyanka Raghu 5 hours ago

    Section 377 being decriminalized is one step forward buttttt a new medical bill that is called Transgender People (Protection of Rights) is probably two steps back. A horrible invasion of privacy I'd say.

    • Priyanka Raghu
      Priyanka Raghu 5 hours ago

      Like, they have to apply for a certificate to be recognized as Transgender? That makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  • Mike Skellington
    Mike Skellington 5 hours ago


  • Matthew Tong
    Matthew Tong 5 hours ago


  • harlequin
    harlequin 5 hours ago

    Never watched anybody play fortnite in my life, just watched this entire video cause of Hasan

  • IamThe Problem
    IamThe Problem 5 hours ago

    OMG...that coffee almost spilling out of that beautiful cup was giving me anxiety!! Zero waste policy on coffee! P.S. Go Aggies!

  • Mohammad Arshad
    Mohammad Arshad 5 hours ago

    Meanwhile that guy in canadian black and white movie looks like wasim akram🤔😅

  • vengui Diaz
    vengui Diaz 5 hours ago

    Can you please make an episode about SUNPASS!!.

  • Swapnil Sagar
    Swapnil Sagar 5 hours ago

    ajeet sounds so frickin cute

  • Jullian Del Rosario
    Jullian Del Rosario 6 hours ago

    I love how this dude has the body language of a rapper

  • IamThe Problem
    IamThe Problem 6 hours ago

    Mangoes from Honduras eaten in Honduras as they fall off the tree are the best. Sorry Hasan, you're wrong on mangoes..but you're still awesome!!

  • Ankit Shah
    Ankit Shah 6 hours ago

    Hassan Bhai ... TUMSE NA HO PAEGA! Best episode ever👌you guy made Ajit a happier man😂

  • its esozaaa
    its esozaaa 6 hours ago


  • Kartoffel Pommes
    Kartoffel Pommes 6 hours ago

    I'm not going to dislike with the thumb button, but uuuuuhg. ok. So gaming is a leach on even my favorite people. Perhaps I'm too bitter with it all. Yeah, just have your fun. And call your mom.

  • mehhh.
    mehhh. 6 hours ago

    You didn't train her good Hasan

  • Umar Ashraf
    Umar Ashraf 6 hours ago

    Meanwhile here in Germany, you would find the cops to be the most polite and helpful people. I just love this country.

  • divya tiwari
    divya tiwari 6 hours ago

    You really fun.. Man😂 but in really true way...😉😂

  • guzel beshbaliq
    guzel beshbaliq 6 hours ago

    This is the funniest episode of patriotic act.

  • Marador Gold
    Marador Gold 6 hours ago

    "Everyone is addicted to the Internet!" "Not everyone has Internet!" Go and make everyone addicted to it! ;-)

  • Xeperu
    Xeperu 7 hours ago

    "Dude, it's THE PyssPapa" "-- oh, my gaaaaaawd" (highlight of Zach's life)

  • Amina Zahid Majeed
    Amina Zahid Majeed 7 hours ago

    I cannot believe i watched this for 40 minutes instead of studying. I have an exam in 10 days. I too was gonna quit at the exact time drone addict joined. 😐

  • Pushkar Raj
    Pushkar Raj 7 hours ago

    media reports ke jageh ...facts nikal ke baat kar bhosdike

  • The open sandbox
    The open sandbox 7 hours ago

    I love the ad trying to show their diversity, showing 4 shades of men. Good job CIA ;D

  • mxechx
    mxechx 7 hours ago

    I need an alien episode now

  • IamThe Problem
    IamThe Problem 7 hours ago

    Hispanic people do that as well with their names. They mispronounce it to match how others (white/non-white) are pronouncing it. That's bizarre behavior to me. It's YOUR name and it should be pronounced the way it's meant to (roll the Rs, pronounce the double LLs, etc.). Be proud of that is the coolest thing you possibly own.

  • Great indians
    Great indians 7 hours ago

    Fucking minhaj why you are behind Hindus..for your knowledge population of Muslim increased in India ..but in Pakistan population of Hindus fucking Hassan don't talk anytime which don't know.... through out full show you talk everything bad about Hindus....and about 2002 what modi did in Gujarat that also you don't know why this all IAM advising you first Google everything or don't do that know iwas following you from last few years....IAM from India tell me any incident what RSS DID....but I can tell you more than thousand incident what Muslim please do your comedy don't try to tell wrong story about Hindus.....

  • Sister Lilia's Armoury

    were it not for my internet being too slow to stream along with my lacking the money for the hardware i'd be live-streaming

  • Pectoralis Minor
    Pectoralis Minor 7 hours ago

    Play Rumbleeeeeee!!!!!!

  • bunty patil
    bunty patil 7 hours ago

    when he will ask real Indians about talking stuff Hasan:I am gonna talk about politics here People:Many are talking about it, what's new in that and by the way why did you come to our house get lost

  • Sriharsha C V
    Sriharsha C V 7 hours ago

    Don't worry. India will be safe as long as the core of the country retains Hindu identity. If that is shattered, it will very quickly slide into violence similar to Middle-east and Africa. Hindus in general are very accommodating people irrespective of what Hassan Minaz wants you to believe. Even my uneducated Hindu maid says "Bakrid is to Muslims what Diwali is to us". Hindus at the heart are very tolerant people. Only when vested interests promote their religious/political goals at Hindus' expense do they turn violent. This guy Hassan Minaz is presenting heavily one-sided narrative. Please do some independent research before choosing to swallow this guy's 'insights'. EDIT: This guy is talented. The talk show as such is interesting. Keep it up.