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Patriot Act
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  • Jeremy Bardelas
    Jeremy Bardelas 7 minutes ago

    I'm wondering why they don't seek asylum in any other neighboring countries though?

  • vj21oq 2
    vj21oq 2 26 minutes ago

    There is no such thing as Right Wing party in India... BJP has increased taxes and allegedly increased regulations on private companies... that's a socialist work

  • Eduardo Ochoa
    Eduardo Ochoa 27 minutes ago

    Hassan’s right about all of this, and he didn’t even talk about the history of American interventionism in Central America. The US government armed and trained them and installed governments that were authoritarian & corrupt.

  • H S
    H S 27 minutes ago

    Eid al fitr is actually more like easter

  • Sumair Bawa
    Sumair Bawa 33 minutes ago

    1:22 that transition though

  • Avinash Tripathi
    Avinash Tripathi 44 minutes ago

    India pakistan topic was not good Rss topic was not good And yogi ji topic was not good Hasan may Allah bless you with correct knowledge.

  • Keshav Nathoo
    Keshav Nathoo 50 minutes ago

    Hasan's parents are soo cute 😋

  • Apoorv Mehrotra
    Apoorv Mehrotra Hour ago

    Lol, did absolutely no one realize that they played the trailer for Koi... Mil Gaya instead of Krrish?

  • Neo Moro
    Neo Moro Hour ago

    Golden shower ? i had to tool it up .ahahaha Kinky

  • juice ginner
    juice ginner Hour ago

    Guess what though....... The "migrants" are in Mexico. Not our problem.

  • Fred Fredricksen
    Fred Fredricksen 2 hours ago

    He should get a different day job.

  • melvina628
    melvina628 2 hours ago

    2:14 Because she wants to be better than the person she is today. 15:55 Yes, he does. LOL.

  • Mellie Chovexani
    Mellie Chovexani 3 hours ago

    >>; why does Hasan look high af when he's imitating Tucker?

  • Lou Gutti
    Lou Gutti 4 hours ago

    Sorry Mr. Minhaj, but your writers got it wrong. President Carter has too much class and humility to give the finger to President Reagan with his solar panels. Why do you need to pick on the good guys just to get a losu laugh? Whose next? Mother Teresa? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? You have so many other deserving political figures to choose from. Even if this is a political comedy, attacking one of the nicest people to lead our country as its president just does not seem patriotic. Here's an idea for the writers and producers of this show. Go and interview President Carter and get to know him, learn about the great and noble things he has done and then do a piece to show others because the truth is who knows how long we have him with his advance age. I don't think its is much to ask that after doing so many thought-provoking shows and making fun of others you might actually take the time to recognizing one of the good guys especially since that is how some political comedy shows like yours try to portray yourselves to be. I'm a fan of the show, but a little tactfulness and good manners might go a long way. Oh and can you please stop taking the Lord's name in vain. The word God for those of us who are believers across the entire spectrum of denominations can be a holy term for the one we love, pray and worship. Mr. Minhaj seems like a caring, insightful and open minded person, so I wonder how his parents might feel that he took the Lord's name in vain especially when they know he is smart enough to use another word to express himself and get his point across. Thank you for your time best of luck with the show.

  • Sing king
    Sing king 4 hours ago

    There are alot of reasons to love trump and take his side but the best one, is because of how many people will get triggerred by it for no actual reason

  • Sing king
    Sing king 4 hours ago

    There is a wait on everything in America; why should we give people from other countries more credit or benefit of the doubt than our own citizens?

  • Saksham Jaiswal
    Saksham Jaiswal 4 hours ago

    the sole purpose of a recording studio is to prevent other sounds to interfere with the recording process, I think Hasan's subconscious isn't aware that studios are soundproof

  • Ewart Smith
    Ewart Smith 4 hours ago

    22:14 "Representative, representative! You don't speak Spanish!"

  • Alwin Mathew
    Alwin Mathew 5 hours ago

    Hi Hassan, if you read this, could consider global warming, causes and solutions for an episode, lots of love , Alwin

  • Xavier Fonollosa
    Xavier Fonollosa 6 hours ago

    I think I'll join army , no money 😭😭 😭

  • jaysper
    jaysper 6 hours ago

    How can they be asylum seekers? They have already escaped their own countries. They are economic migrants.

  • Goodtohave Inajam
    Goodtohave Inajam 6 hours ago

    I am 64 years old, and the buses in Los Angeles SUCKS so bad, I ride my bike 200 miles a month instead! FOR YOUR SAFETY WATCH YOUR STEP WHEN EXITING THE BUS. Times 10 million fucking times.

  • Deepak Karunakaran
    Deepak Karunakaran 7 hours ago

    So true! There is no evidence that Saudi Arabia violated human rights. No evidence that middle east perennially is trouble and is in trouble. Of course, no evidence that asylum has been conned.

  • Hamza Awan
    Hamza Awan 7 hours ago

    Dota 2 had the highest prize pool of 22m dollars and you didn't even mention it

  • E1V1A
    E1V1A 7 hours ago

    To be fair, asylum systems are exploited. If you at look at Australia, the number of asylum seekers arriving by plane have increased from 3,000 per year to 27,000 from 2003 to 2019 per year. A lot of these people are doing so to enter and work in Australia. - For example, a person may arrive by plane on a tourist visa, which is generally valid for three months and does not allow a person to work. - That person then applies for a protection visa, which is only granted to those found to be refugees. - While awaiting the outcome of that application, the person will be issued with a bridging visa, which in many cases allows them to work in Australia. Many of these who lodge a protection visa do so purposely to work and earn money, knowing their claim for asylum will be unsuccessful. This is clogging up the tribunal system that makes these determinations.

  • Lakshman Miriyam
    Lakshman Miriyam 7 hours ago

    Check out 2019 election ......... nothing happened like this

  • GenericUser 9
    GenericUser 9 7 hours ago

    Northern European countries do this too, if you came via Italy, you should have applied there. So asylum seekers throw their smartphones which are very important in their situation when they apply for asylum. Although European countries are much more humane when you do asylum.

  • Mehul Agarwal
    Mehul Agarwal 8 hours ago

    So the wrong done by some country's government will be handled by US? Thats also not right i believe. Governments of those countries should take more appropriate actions so that those people can live in their own country instead of seeking asylum.

  • yamin khan
    yamin khan 8 hours ago

    No cap, I have a speech presentation in a week and I'm using all of his speech

  • Shantanu Gadgil
    Shantanu Gadgil 9 hours ago

    Dark times just like US of A did in 1939 ... Huh, looks like Hypocrite Hasan picks up convenient facts by starting at 1947/1948.

  • jessie penouilh
    jessie penouilh 9 hours ago

    the louisiana in me cringed when he said praline

  • Marianne Joyce
    Marianne Joyce 10 hours ago

    The relationship between healing providers and managed care companies are diametrically opposed, and exactly why we need a healthcare system, with no loopholes for people with money, and no pitfalls for people with little to no money. Everyone needs and deserves essential healthcare services. And by healthcare services, I mean who body, physical, mental, and social healthcare services. There will always be private insurers happy to take your money to provide other boutique amenities. This is a no brainer for all parties involved.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 11 hours ago

    I'm in the shitty Liberal part of TVclip again.

  • Nonne B
    Nonne B 11 hours ago

    This guy is the most racist...

  • Vishnu Simha
    Vishnu Simha 11 hours ago

    11:45 Thank God the redesign doesn't look like it'll pop out of your closet in the middle of night.

  • Jacob Prim
    Jacob Prim 11 hours ago

    Hey man you can be president and a pedophile

  • Dark Cloudzz
    Dark Cloudzz 11 hours ago

    Thank you for crunching. This isn’t a joke. Thank you very much for working this hard

  • Manav Gajera
    Manav Gajera 12 hours ago

    That breaking of flask. Lol it was on point!

  • blitzwaffe
    blitzwaffe 12 hours ago

    All I can think of now is The Incredibles where Bob and his boss discuss company policy on covering people.

  • MOiAM
    MOiAM 13 hours ago

    He is the media we always talk about, showing and saying what they want you to believe. You are stupid/blind followers, and they make you think you have the right to free speech and free beliefs. What a blind people!

  • Cheyenne B
    Cheyenne B 13 hours ago

    this was my favorite segment so far. you're doing great work, Hasan. Thank you!

  • Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

    Reality is fuxx up! 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  • David Okoro
    David Okoro 13 hours ago

    I mean, technically undocumented immigrants *are* criminals because they're BREAKING THE LAW. Just saying.

    • David Okoro
      David Okoro 13 hours ago

      Oh, you actually made some pretty good points; I hadn't even watched the full video when I made that comment.

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 14 hours ago

    So. Many. Callbacks. I'm dead XD

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 14 hours ago

    To start, my problem is not with asylum seekers. We should totally let more in. Hire more judges, or whatever it takes to vet and clear people to come in. That said: Around 18:30 Hasan is talking about the gymnastics of the Republicans. Yes, they should be embarrassed. He tends to argue on behalf of the Left view though and there's a bit of gymnastics here himself. Several times he and others have given trump crap for saying that Mexico and South America is full of rapists and gangs and so on. Now they're saying that these countries can totally not keep the asylum seekers because they're totally filled with gangs and rapists and so on. Again, my point is not that those places are safe but that we need to make our arguments more consistent and more accurate. Also, to those blindly cheering him on, please do take a moment for reflection. Laugh at the jokes. This show is hilarious and I love it and I am so glad Hasan and the team at Patriot act bring up the issues they do but please, please don't follow ideas just because someone made you laugh. Please make sure you keep thinking and making credible and consistent arguments. If your arguments become less consistent then please announce which facts you've been made aware of and adjust the total argument. There is nothing wrong with learning something new and adjusting your opinion based on new info.

  • yo lo
    yo lo 15 hours ago

    are u kidding me? kids are getting raped and mother beaten, trump is trying to get migrants to seek asylum in there home country instead of making the horrible journey !!!!! Stop this propaganda!!!!! look at GERMANY CRIME HAS WENT UP! ASK ANYONE! MY FRIEND WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED AT A TRAIN STATION MY A SYRIAN MALE REFUGEE . LET KIDS AND MOTHERS IN !!!!

  • Jason Cai
    Jason Cai 15 hours ago

    Just finished watching the episode on Netflix and came to TVclip just to leave a comment - I love you Hasan!

  • Paul Makinson
    Paul Makinson 16 hours ago

    Doing the right thing takes courage. Many people on the right are dominated by fear, fear of that what is different, fear of change. That is why they need to have guns and cower behind walls and a huge military.

    • yo lo
      yo lo 15 hours ago

      are u kidding me? kids are getting raped and mother beaten, trump is trying to get migrants to seek asylum in there home country instead of making the horrible journey !!!!! Stop this propaganda!!!!! look at GERMANY CRIME HAS WENT UP! ASK ANYONE! MY FRIEND WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED AT A TRAIN STATION MY A SYRIAN MALE REFUGEE . LET KIDS AND MOTHERS IN !!!!

  • Leila R
    Leila R 16 hours ago

    "She's like, 'Ali I have a pepsiiiii!" Hasan you are killing me.

  • DenimBrawl
    DenimBrawl 16 hours ago

    Great jacket. I want one.

  • ultimate videos 24/7
    ultimate videos 24/7 16 hours ago

    27k bjp bhakts🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Philip
    Thomas Philip 16 hours ago

    The only PERMANENT SOLUTION to the global menace of ISLAMIC TERROR is a secular Arabian peninsula, and in particular, a secular Saudi.

  • Shakira Coye
    Shakira Coye 17 hours ago

    They are all beautiful✊

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim 17 hours ago


  • shafee noor
    shafee noor 18 hours ago

    This young man wat he doing is totally wrong.backbiting pple might lead to you to hell.A real believer don't opt wat he's doing

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar 18 hours ago

    Dude you have no idea how worst it is in India. In a bus with capacity of 40 people at a time, more than 100 people travels in a single bus .

    THE ONEE 18 hours ago

    Wow this is so sad seems to me like Mexico and central America need to care for one another and stop all corruption. FACT most of this people al economic asylum seekers nothing like what he mentioned.

  • Anemoi Yang
    Anemoi Yang 18 hours ago

    I’m pretty interested in how these asylum seeker who is fleeing from Cartel got into trouble at first place .Also people , States is not the only answer , there are plenty other countries

  • Murtaza Shamsi
    Murtaza Shamsi 19 hours ago

    You take a swipe at Trevor noah...

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 19 hours ago


  • Alisha
    Alisha 19 hours ago

    jokes on you I drink chai

  • TABerz Plays
    TABerz Plays 19 hours ago


  • Usman Shaukat
    Usman Shaukat 19 hours ago

    Middle name Biryani

    INDIAS TOP 5 19 hours ago

    These are not just bunch of though u r telling . Im from the state of up where the monk is cm and i can tell that this man is true on some point of view but also wrong on many thing .

  • SquareB0t
    SquareB0t 19 hours ago

    The thing Hasan is holding at the beginning is called a Clapperboard. They are used to ensure proper syncing of the audio and video tracks during editing. Took me like 10 minutes trying to search "film director time card slam-thing."

  • Tim Manning
    Tim Manning 20 hours ago

    I lost it with the Tucker Carlson bit 😂

  • Ozzie Powell
    Ozzie Powell 20 hours ago

    This is the funding the Jim Jefferies show needed for their graphics department, Netflix could easily keep this show and also add the Jim Jefferies show, they'd both thrive together, I've seen so many people comment that Jim is better or Hasan should be canceled and Netflix should pick up Jim's show, but they can have both and people would still watch both

  • TZ Nyein
    TZ Nyein 20 hours ago

    Wait, why did US should help Mexican people? How much unsafe in Mexico is not a problem for US right? So why he's portraying trump as bad guy for not allowing migration?

  • kuntreegal87
    kuntreegal87 20 hours ago

    Chaney lotion 😭

  • DeathManAhad
    DeathManAhad 21 hour ago

    10:45 Disgust and dread have always been the hallmarks of bigots.

  • Hossain Md Jihad Turjo

    This is turning into John Oliver 2.0: covering the stuff an episode a week on HBO just doesn't cover. And I love it.

  • DeathManAhad
    DeathManAhad 21 hour ago

    1:50 reminds me of Rohingya camps in Cox Bazar

  • Duk Moktan
    Duk Moktan 21 hour ago

    No one: Hasan: 👁️👁️

  • Medico
    Medico 21 hour ago

    Should've included Cillian Murphy & Sean Pean as well.. many people mess these up.

  • Zx U
    Zx U 21 hour ago


  • Sas Ali
    Sas Ali 22 hours ago

    I couldn’t follow anything he said cause I’m focusing on which hand going in his pocket next.right right left,left right left

  • giraffemush
    giraffemush 22 hours ago

    That was really funny! But I wish there was a bit more diversity, like interviewing Sri Lankan American kids, kids who are Brown and Christian too, kids who are Brown but don't speak their mother tongue... not that I'm talking about anyone in particular..heh. But what I mean is, the ABCD community has diversity within it that often gets summed up into one type of group when there's so many different kinds of us.

  • amimi eli
    amimi eli 23 hours ago

    Plants produce CO2 (Carbon dioxide) all the time as a metabolic product of respiration, but when light is available, they can use and fix some of this CO2 as a substrate in photosynthesis. When light is available, they also take up additional CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere, and one of the the end products of photosynthesis is O2 (molecular oxygen), so when light is available, on net balance they use/fix more CO2 into other molecules than they produce, and so produce more O2 than CO2. When light is not available, i.e. when it is dark, they do not have an energy source for photosynthesis, and so cannot fix CO2 and produce O2, but of course they must continue to respire to stay alive (and hence continue to produce CO2), so they become net producers of CO2. Depending on the species of plant and the environmental conditions, most plants are net fixers/users of CO2 and producers of O2 when averaged out over the course of a light/dark photoperiod (usually 24 hours).

  • Jason Yorlang
    Jason Yorlang 23 hours ago

    Dude you're so funny. The sarcasm is always getting me laughing 😂

  • mallikahd
    mallikahd 23 hours ago

    The presidents currently in power all over the world... 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jason Yorlang
    Jason Yorlang 23 hours ago

    Hey you should cover parmacutical drugs. Because most of the drugs distributed to the public, has so much side effects that leads to mental health issues or death. I mean like, one drug will cure one certain illness at the cost of 5 to 8 different unhealthy, unsafe, and deadly side effects. It's just too ridiculous. Anyway, Thanks for all the Current Social issues' discussions and enlightenment. I Love it all and the Mediocre Humor chasers. Lol, Great Coverage Bro!! Shout out from Seattle Washington 👍😄

  • Shreya Joshi
    Shreya Joshi 23 hours ago

    shoutout to the graphics/animation team on patriot act

  • Shaunjoy Sehanobish
    Shaunjoy Sehanobish 23 hours ago

    It's even weirder growing up half Indian in America. I never could fully relate to anyone I knew. I know they exist but, in my entire life, I've never met another half Indian, besides my brother, in person. When I hear Hasan talk about his Indian childhood it makes me feel like there are people out there who I can relate to, but then he mentions something that I have no idea about because I wasn't fully emerged in the culture and I feel like an outsider again. Same thing happens when I hang out with my white friends. It's weird having one foot in two different cultures.

  • chelsea _sar3246
    chelsea _sar3246 23 hours ago

    "He hates protection...that's why Eric was born" 🤣🤣🤣 I'm deeeaaad!!!

  • Ipsita Biswas
    Ipsita Biswas 23 hours ago

    Can’t believe Americans elected this garbage

  • sungu23
    sungu23 Day ago

    HI feel a little disappointed that you did not mention Indian Hip Hop. They have some really good artists. I wish they were around when I was a teen. Check em out Hasan. Hope you like em.

  • Sami Hakim
    Sami Hakim Day ago

    new wave comedians making more sense than all the politicians combined.

  • Akash Srivastava


  • Aish 18
    Aish 18 Day ago

    Personally I don't like Modi . He's somewhat uneducated, a lil extremist, doesn't attend parliament often, does some fake promises, playin with economy n his team is bizarrely unbearable but here Yu failed to connect all the dots. Cause you don't know where they are located.

  • Lavina Karuwani

    I was reaped, depressed, tried to kill myself and my parents told me to stay away from the rest of their children. I live alone now under a different name. Cultures are different

  • Aish 18
    Aish 18 Day ago

    When standup comedians leave Yu anxious...

  • Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin

    Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™ is the example of the worst humanity can offer; he is Shithole personified.

  • Ish XD
    Ish XD Day ago

    Lee gelernt literally has Legal in his name, comeon hasan you could've picked up on this

  • Hina Majeed
    Hina Majeed Day ago


  • neha john
    neha john Day ago

    It would have been so funny if hasan said it was a drone and then it cuts to eddie standing on his tiptoes and filming from as high as he could get

  • Nanu Pillai
    Nanu Pillai Day ago

    God Bless America! Feeling bad for USA, major superpower but now worldwide joke!

  • Pein-Tech
    Pein-Tech Day ago

    5:55 you gotta be one to know one

  • Algernop Krieger

    lmao at that lawyer trying not to laugh when they do the Faux News parody :D

  • The Wandering Aristotle

    Hasan, do you accept second marriage proposal bcoz i wanna marry you while you keep going on with your already married life? ♥


    Nothing but respect, it's fucking crazy to see, that a stand-up comedian started a show and is doing a better job than the journalists out there. Nothing but respect.