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$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit
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I Tried DIY Nail Extensions
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We Try 10-Second Foundation
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  • Leila M
    Leila M 3 hours ago

    Omg the first one happened to me too. I was on a flight from London to Milan when the pilot told us there was going to be some turbulence, we almost did not have the time to buckle our seatbelts that the plane dropped for a whole 10 seconds twice. Luckily it was a small flight and it wasn't crowded, but I had been reading a huge book (hard cover and at least 500 pages) that flew out of my hands and ended up falling on my head. The flight attendants were kind to me, they gave me a ice bag and told me that if I needed it they could call an ambulance ad have it wait for me at the airport which I fortunately did not need.

  • Bubble Pop
    Bubble Pop 3 hours ago

    This how body positivity original started not being obese.i wish this was the main point of it but people rather focus on large or obese people. Being larger is something you can change.

  • SoyLaEll3
    SoyLaEll3 3 hours ago

    Oh my God what do u use in your hair. I love how it's not crunchy. Thank you for the video, I was afraid of the laser

  • Yolo
    Yolo 3 hours ago

    they are just not normal and that is the true beauty. not being what everyone one else is and standing out. PS she totally rocks that acne XD was really new experience.

  • Jillian H.
    Jillian H. 3 hours ago


  • Chiro 01
    Chiro 01 3 hours ago

    Philippines: Rice + Dinner Leftover

  • Phoebe Sanders
    Phoebe Sanders 3 hours ago

    I hate my insecurities. They take a toll on people around me too because I cant deal with myself well sometimes.

  • Hanan Bedane
    Hanan Bedane 3 hours ago

    I thought Nina was really comfortable abt her boobs ..she even made me strong. All of you are beautiful just the way you'll are .

  • Myrto p
    Myrto p 3 hours ago

    I'm so glad to be able to say that I actually have no insecurities..

  • 1000 subs With no videos

    Cool 😎

  • Hailey Kay
    Hailey Kay 3 hours ago

    In my school pretty much everyone swears like all the time :P

  • Alisa Namakawa
    Alisa Namakawa 3 hours ago

    This video content really helps me to boost my confidence in myself, because first of all, I am plus size.. considered fat here in my country, 2nd my pimples, acne and acne scars and skin tags, 3rd acanthosis nigricans.. and I deal with this everyday and getting depressed until I don’t care anymore, I lost almost that 1% remaining booster of confidence in myself.. but now I watched this video, #IamNotAlone I love every video content they have especially when they talk about insecurities.. ❤️ so much love here from japan.. thank you 🙏🏼

  • Artem Aesthetics
    Artem Aesthetics 3 hours ago

    Like to say sorry to say sorry to gig 455B times

  • Alessandra Leigh
    Alessandra Leigh 3 hours ago

    Biggest insecurities: Stretch marks Hip dips Wanting a sharper jawline Lack of high cheekbones Shape of eyelids Eybrows Nose Stomach Having to dye my hair dark Light lashes Self harm scars Freckles Ears Upper lip Being in between bra sizes Having to have reconstructive breast surgery

  • John Secret Spirit
    John Secret Spirit 3 hours ago

    All those rude evil cops,managers,employees,staff,guards,nurses,doctors who have murderd and threat and hurt and harrassed me and many other young and old innocents will be killed by me and my baby god . cause revenge is justice and good!😱😇in real life i was a victim just like those the girls in this film Even Lambs Have Teeth and Savaged 2013 and I Spit In Your Grave. Even if im dead my spirit is always back for revenge and to protect those good people. Its different from freddy krueger and jason vorhees,Oh soon people gonna make a movie out of me. There will be rituals to make me appear!I won't stop until it's peace

  • Fiona Marie
    Fiona Marie 3 hours ago

    It's so weird to see Lindsey with long hair!!

  • Hrithika Shetty
    Hrithika Shetty 3 hours ago

    I wish my mom was like cheska's mom

  • rishita parmar
    rishita parmar 3 hours ago

    I'm in a relationship with the same guy for 2 and a half years and I cried so much watching this because I know this could be me too and I'm so afraid of losing my guy because I love him so much,I hope ours turns out to be a happy ending together

  • Jessica Huang
    Jessica Huang 3 hours ago

    My biggest insecurity is how flat chested and skinny I am. Ppl are always calling me flat and how I look like a stick. I’m naturally skinny and I’m not anorexic even though ppl think that I am. It’s so hard to ppl a rlly thin girl when the world wants curves. It’s not my fault I don’t have boobs or a butt. I’m not as “thicc” as the media wants me to be. All of my friends have boobs and curves and I look like a 10 year old boy next to them. I fell like it’s so hard to feel feminine or sexy since I don’t have qualities that are considered sexy.

    • Cherryne
      Cherryne 3 hours ago

      I have literally the same problem! Man if only I was born in the 80s

  • Tiffany Pierce
    Tiffany Pierce 3 hours ago

    I don't mind it when people make fun of my physical insecurities because I know I'm not like the 'plastic' people. I'm me for a reason. If people make fun of me because I'm not like them... I'm glad. I'm glad I'm not like *them*

    QQQ QQQ 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who finds out I have my period only by the smell like. Like idk how many times I was just sitting around and I smelled that gross smell and then quickly rushed to the bathroom. It saved me a lot of embarrassing incidents

  • G. J.
    G. J. 3 hours ago


  • IndianaJosephine
    IndianaJosephine 3 hours ago

    Psalm 139:13-18 13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. 17 How precious to me are your thoughts,[a] God! How vast is the sum of them! 18 Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand- when I awake, I am still with you.

  • Hiba Usman
    Hiba Usman 3 hours ago

    I can totally relate to this video

  • *_ ʎɐ lıʞǝ j⃣a⃣z⃣z⃣_*

    Plot twist Megan and Chantel are twins

  • Janeth Garcia
    Janeth Garcia 3 hours ago

    Anyone who 2019 ?.Its weird seeing saf in theese vids

  • Lou Sketches
    Lou Sketches 3 hours ago

    This is literally my friend and I

  • Jessica
    Jessica 3 hours ago

    Shiquita is so pretty? Like omg

  • Patrick Hickson
    Patrick Hickson 3 hours ago

    Y'all are STUNNINGGGGG

  • Tiddles Jr
    Tiddles Jr 3 hours ago

    Oh gawwwddd🤣🤣🤣

  • Berlin 1007
    Berlin 1007 3 hours ago

    she’s so gorgeous but her fashion style ... :( why did she chose this outfit

  • Serian
    Serian 3 hours ago

    This whole video is just beautiful and empowering

  • D. O.
    D. O. 3 hours ago

    My insecurities are my whole body. I have severe cystic acne. I have 7 huge surgery scars and twisted legs. And i have hyperpigmentation also i'm really really tall. So i have to go a long way to get to a point where i accept myself but i know one day i be there ❤.

    • Judy
      Judy 3 hours ago

      Sorry about the cystic acne.. Please use DIM supplement.It will clear up the acne...

  • Well Hunter Did It!
    Well Hunter Did It! 3 hours ago

    I have been having these pains for almost 8 months and i finally see a specialist next week. Your not alone. It is one of the hardest things i have had to deal with. It has effected my career where it is male dominant and it is so hard to get them to believe you some times. I get how you feel. Power through!

  • shining star
    shining star 3 hours ago

    Who else feeling like skipping a heart beat,when the suddden flashes are coming with some information Yeah I felt it , probably because I'm using earphones

  • ouma
    ouma 3 hours ago

    Thank you ladies, I struggled with low self-esteem since I was 15, I missed going to international meetings in countries I dream to visit, I missed many important events because I didn't feel good enough despite all the effort I was doing, I was so cruel on myself, never loved what I look like. Now I am 23 I am learning to love myself , please don't let your insecurities make you away from the life you want to live!

  • Oogly Unicorn
    Oogly Unicorn 3 hours ago

    Me:*searches for videos with my country* *Scrolls* *Finds this* Video:*ends* Me:Oh,are you kidding me!? Slovak rebulica doesn't exist!?!?Flip you youtube

  • Dania Batool
    Dania Batool 3 hours ago

    Excuse me Pakistan also exists in the world...

  • sarah butler
    sarah butler 3 hours ago

    Anybody else think she’s really pretty?

  • gardevoir_ vixi
    gardevoir_ vixi 3 hours ago

    *I was weirded out when the one grandma was cursing- she looked so pure.*

  • Mya Molli
    Mya Molli 3 hours ago

    when she said there something wrong with her boobs I was like wah there are girls who will just cover them she was a badass to show them who cares there is nothing wrong with the way you look you all look beautiful.

  • Bosanka Iz Bosne
    Bosanka Iz Bosne 3 hours ago

    I have acne and since I have a pretty pale face, the sections covered in acne are constantly red even if for a few days there are no pimples so.. I just always look sunburned 😂

  • emilyplaysbass
    emilyplaysbass 3 hours ago

    toxic masculinity? never knew her, never met her but now, for sure, she dead.

  • Little Sparrow
    Little Sparrow 3 hours ago

    Literally I only just noticed Cheska's arm! Good for you though ladies - it shouldn't need bravery to accept 'imperfections', but unfortunately in this world it does, which makes it all the more impressive x

  • KENNEDY Hollins
    KENNEDY Hollins 3 hours ago

    I feel Nina I am insecure about my chest too

  • CherryJuli
    CherryJuli 3 hours ago

    Is the girl with lymphedema not getting proper treatment? She should be wearing flat knit custom made compression, getting manual lymphdrainages and she should also have a machine at home that does drainages.

  • Red Bisou
    Red Bisou 3 hours ago

    I would be modelling with my body.... Like... The whole thing 😂💪

  • MoonZam-Studios !
    MoonZam-Studios ! 3 hours ago

    Sweden was pretty accurate. Buuuuut i mostly eat fruit yoghurt and bread.

  • Michael Feddersen
    Michael Feddersen 3 hours ago

    Not sure if this is serious or just a really bad ironic joke.

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 3 hours ago

    Maybe black women should spend less time sowing in other people’s hair in their heads and be natural for once. Rarely do you see women with Afros nowadays, and I personally think they are far more attractive that way.

    1OFGODSOWN 4 hours ago

    Obvious that you have no class when you will wear anything with the Florida Gators on it for the whole world to see. Yes I have lived here in Florida all of my life and I would not be caught dead wearing anything from the school of losers.GO DAWGS!

  • Jessica Hurling
    Jessica Hurling 4 hours ago

    I have really bad exema and I can't wear a dress in summer I'm always covered for the whole year and I'm 14...

  • Chutraram prajapati
    Chutraram prajapati 4 hours ago

    Beautiful ap

  • phantom bunny
    phantom bunny 4 hours ago

    I don’t get how people could eat sausage and bread everyday like that and remain thin 😢

  • Daphnie Tudor
    Daphnie Tudor 4 hours ago

    I could not stand people touching my stomache

  • xX Isabell Xx
    xX Isabell Xx 4 hours ago

    *South Korean make up is the best for me*

  • Cassondra Webb
    Cassondra Webb 4 hours ago

    OMG all three of these ladies are absolutely gorgeous! It makes me mad and sad that people have been mean to them. They have no reason to be insecure because they are perfect how they are! ❤❤❤

  • Gay Af
    Gay Af 4 hours ago

    When i think abt it,i don't really have any insecurity.i love my body they way it is,with its flaws and imperfection. I hope one day everyone feels this way abt their body bc believe it or not,we all have flaws and we should embrace them instead of being ashamed of them. :) Love you my beautiful girls you are all amazing❣

  • moochimichimoo
    moochimichimoo 4 hours ago

    I swear they do these kinda photoshoots and videos all the damn time

  • Kathleen Lanigan
    Kathleen Lanigan 4 hours ago

    I am 1 of 4 girls, sooo............

  • Soumya Ranjan Nayak
    Soumya Ranjan Nayak 4 hours ago

    These clothes aren't Indian they're red indians

  • Alana Noa
    Alana Noa 4 hours ago

    Give Me The Necklace, And Yes I Am Crazy But I Love Haunted Things So Give It To Me So I Scare So Family Loved Ones “ cough cough “ TOTALLY NOT MY BROTHER “ cough cough “ 💜🤣

  • JeVGamer
    JeVGamer 4 hours ago

    Tell the acne girl to get on retin-A asap

  • Monserrath Ruiz
    Monserrath Ruiz 4 hours ago

    Girl you look good

  • lfutrell82
    lfutrell82 4 hours ago

    Awesome photographer

  • Samurai X
    Samurai X 4 hours ago

    Number 7 and 8 is totally me when I'm alone

  • Cree Strong
    Cree Strong 4 hours ago

    This video made my heart explode with joy!!!💖🖤💖🖤💖🖤

  • Soulsnake
    Soulsnake 4 hours ago

    I'm a high school and college student and i really don't have time for food so my diet is so poor 😂😂😂

  • esther hi
    esther hi 4 hours ago

    manicures are cheap there?? we paying more than that amount here with just extensions.. not including colour.

  • ruchi manglunia
    ruchi manglunia 4 hours ago

    To be honest, i clicked on the video because i couldn’t find an “insecurity” being highlighted on the thumbnail. So i was curious and then i watched the video, it made me realise how similar we all are to each other, despite our different backgrounds

  • おやすみ Sachi
    おやすみ Sachi 4 hours ago

    I have acne from my face all the way down to my legs, I'm literally covered in it. My back and shoulders are the worst parts, I have so much acne scarring there aswell as acne in general. I always see these girls in cute tank tops and tshirts and I'm always like "damn I wish I could wear that". I've been so insecure about it and it keeps getting worse and worse. Recently I had to have surgery on my back and I was so scared that the surgeons would be disgusted because of my acne. I know acne is normal and stuff, yet I feel so different.. I just wanna be like everyone else, I wanna go to beach and swim in the sea, I wanna be able to wear tshirts or tank tops during the hot summers and I wanna feel comfortable with my body. I'm very proud of you guys for being so courageous, you guys are an inspiration. I hope to be as strong as you one day 💖

    • nagham berrou
      nagham berrou 3 hours ago

      I had the same problem back and shoulders acne once i start drinking alot of water they faded away plus if u expose yourself to the sun it helps to give your back a nice tan . Do forget your beautiful just the way you are everything will be gone nothing stays so until they fade away enjoy life and be happy ❤

  • L A
    L A 4 hours ago

    The girl with the acne is so me ! I’ve kindda been through Everything she mentioned. I did finally come to peace with it and started wearing foundation daily for like 2 years. But im back again at being so insecure about it because people always comment about the way my face look and i just cnt do it anymore 😅

    • John Conner
      John Conner 3 hours ago

      L A I struggle with acne too ://

  • gdlywom
    gdlywom 4 hours ago

    The "connect the dots" joke is SO LAME 🙄. I would have been like, "Seriously? That's SO 1990. Do better."

  • Tyja Traore
    Tyja Traore 4 hours ago

    ugh. especially when people tell you it's "frizzy" like that's a compliment

  • Abood Ashoor
    Abood Ashoor 4 hours ago

    You forgot about humus in egypt

  • kpopchop
    kpopchop 4 hours ago

    My ex said he could play connect the dots on my face and I'm very self consious about it and he knew that and he still made a joke. He was so mentally abusive.

  • Dugan!
    Dugan! 4 hours ago

    Ambie is an amazing human. Go follow her on Instagram!

  • Holly
    Holly 4 hours ago

    Just found out that I’m going to be an aunt and I’ll only be fourteen when they’re born. Terrified but excited😅

  • Samantha Collins
    Samantha Collins 4 hours ago

    Wish you guys had English subtitles:((((

  • jeongguksthighs_ 97
    jeongguksthighs_ 97 4 hours ago

    Ok, but she SNAPPED-

  • Hey, it's Kimberlee!

    The acne story is soooo relatable ♥️

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle 4 hours ago

    I'll be honest her cleavage looks great.... could just be cause I have none and I love how her saggy boobs cause more cleavage. But it doesn't look bad at all.

  • Zoe Tooze
    Zoe Tooze 4 hours ago

    Her: Pe stands for physical education Me: POInTLESS EDuCATIn.

  • Anastasiia Levch
    Anastasiia Levch 4 hours ago

    We're trying to make them less insecure, but we'll use a freaking ton of makeup... no comment

  • Heather Rose
    Heather Rose 4 hours ago

    Big relate.

  • A Random Dude
    A Random Dude 4 hours ago

    “Why does it matter if I’m gonna have kids or not?” Because if let’s say half the earth were gay, and they influenced their kids to be gay, humanity would die. I’m just worried for everyone’s safety.

  • Delany David
    Delany David 4 hours ago

    Follow me on tik tok @ Delany.david

  • Tessy
    Tessy 4 hours ago

    They are all absolutely gorgeous tbh

  • Mochiminie Abratasas

    You guys should see my legs and my butt.

  • lilla banhalmi
    lilla banhalmi 4 hours ago

    im so happy that buzzfeed brings people to be confident about themselves. insecurities are somethings that more people should help others with!

  • Sabna Raifa
    Sabna Raifa 4 hours ago

    I always had gay best friend .. They're so kind, sweet, and adorable

  • Green screen Attack helicopter

    Umm not all I don’t get confused my sister is 9 years older and we are so different

  • R
    R 4 hours ago


  • Green screen Attack helicopter

    I am tall

  • ItzMeZoeyy
    ItzMeZoeyy 4 hours ago

    3:54 me when there's no school

  • Super Animations
    Super Animations 4 hours ago

    mike r sounds like my car XD

  • Danny
    Danny 4 hours ago

    Where can I find Ulysses?

  • Kathryn Whitbeck
    Kathryn Whitbeck 4 hours ago

    Why are most of them (all of them?) wearing make-up in every shoot?... doesn’t that defeat the purpose of this project?...

    • Kathryn Whitbeck
      Kathryn Whitbeck 4 hours ago

      “Hey, Ladies. We want you to be confident in your own skin, but not before we primp your hair and color your face.”

    • Hey, it's Kimberlee!
      Hey, it's Kimberlee! 4 hours ago

      Baby K they didn’t put foundation on her I’m pretty sure, just makeup around her acne

    • Baby K
      Baby K 4 hours ago

      Sydney Mosby they did for the black girl tho...her face

    • Kathryn Whitbeck
      Kathryn Whitbeck 4 hours ago

      Sydney Mosby I’d beg to differ...

  • Elif Çorumluoğlu
    Elif Çorumluoğlu 4 hours ago

    You should try the Turkish breakfast. Thats so delicious💖💜

  • Rainbow Finchers
    Rainbow Finchers 4 hours ago

    This should be a series. With people of all walks of life, supporting all the differences and helping people with their confidence. All these women are beautiful and strong.