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The AAF Is Officially Over...
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What Happened to Greg Hardy?
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  • Ray Ray Dewitt
    Ray Ray Dewitt 36 seconds ago

    Good Video

  • Tramaine Holloway
    Tramaine Holloway 3 minutes ago

    Let’s go Malik

  • Jessie
    Jessie 9 minutes ago

    2019 anyone

  • Alan Romero
    Alan Romero 11 minutes ago

    Al Davis was stupid to not resign him and instead resign Stanford routt. Dude was ass.

  • Maso.nMadeHim
    Maso.nMadeHim 12 minutes ago

    The Dislikes are from salty razorback fans...

  • Namer
    Namer 12 minutes ago

    uh what about option 3? he's a pothead, as a fellow pothead i can see myself in his situation being lazy and doing nothing to cultivate your talent just as he did. we do enough to get by, just so happen he had insane athletic ability that few have

  • Ralph Wesson
    Ralph Wesson 24 minutes ago

    Flem Lo did you know they are going to make a Last Chance U in Basketball

  • Dave wave
    Dave wave 25 minutes ago

    Matt Jones was trash from the start. He could only run straight

  • Manasse Moreau
    Manasse Moreau 34 minutes ago

    i took Foster serious on the wolf thing until he said "ive studied the wolf. He can're read" LMAO

  • Gogeta
    Gogeta 35 minutes ago

    What the beat in the video of nnamdi

  • Jack Mahadder
    Jack Mahadder 35 minutes ago

    I'm glad u said he had no weaknesses WHILE PLAYING lol then as I was typing this u brought up the migraines lol

    • Jack Mahadder
      Jack Mahadder 34 minutes ago

      My sister used to get bad ass migraines growing up...she would puke and everything they were bad...as she got older ..shes 24 now I dong think she has really had a problem with them since maybe 18? She may get one every once in a while now. But growing up she would get them like atleast once a week

  • Brian Grimmett
    Brian Grimmett 36 minutes ago

    i dont care what anybody says Bony Tony is still one of my favorite WR

  • Hector Estrada
    Hector Estrada 40 minutes ago

    That first highlight of rakeem boyd in highschool was when he was playing against my high school Temple, Tx in the Playoffs, I was there and remember that game real well, We won ( Temple) but it was a real close defensive game.. we could not stop rakeem boyd not until a decesive 4th down when it mattered that basically ended the game..but rakeem had hurt his ankle earlier in that game got helped off the field and got taken out and a few plays later almost a quarter.. came back into the game on fire, this guy sure is a warrior and a beast I knew from that night that he was going to go into the next level and do great things and maybe even in the NFL.. no reason he shouldnt

  • Paxton Parrott
    Paxton Parrott 52 minutes ago

    This painful being a panthers fan😢

  • Pedro Martinez
    Pedro Martinez 58 minutes ago

    Just found your channel. Better late than never. Great videos.

  • John Sullivan3
    John Sullivan3 Hour ago

    Vick didn't call The Eagles "A dream team" it was Vince Young that called the Eagles A dream team!

  • Mula mafioso
    Mula mafioso Hour ago

    So Malik finally got his start? Bout time, Kaepernick 2.0... his game was really exceptional for his first D1 START... could’ve threw another TD, but again first game

  • Lukas Schiesser
    Lukas Schiesser Hour ago

    How is the Intro Song called?

  • wolfie Gaming
    wolfie Gaming Hour ago

    He is a second string WR in the Kansas City Cheifs I think

  • andrew logan
    andrew logan Hour ago

    He obviously was on Steroids during his time at Baylor. Especially, during his junior year. It's an expensive habit, and explains why he physically regressed his senior year. He was off the juice his senior year. Just a 💭

  • Patrick Rasnake
    Patrick Rasnake Hour ago

    8:35 I’m punching shaq in the face. Can’t get help with a place to stay? That’s just crazy

  • Fhezi
    Fhezi Hour ago

    He’ll make it.

  • Game Review
    Game Review Hour ago

    Can you do what happened to deandre Francois, his story is kinda similar to Shawn oakmans but, he can get drafted hopefully his ex was a complete liar

  • K G Warren
    K G Warren Hour ago

    this story is a movie hit if it gets made, perseverance is something most of us want to believe in, and can relate to , the struggle for a better life, I m rooting for him to succeed, even though I root against the browns in football

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann Hour ago

    ab is just dirt! human dirt! you have to take it out, before it stinks!!! rotten to the core!

  • Tyler Heckler
    Tyler Heckler Hour ago

    it could also be due to his injury

  • Jeffrey Rose
    Jeffrey Rose Hour ago

    I'M A FUCKING SOLDIER!!!!! best interview ever

  • Roshelle 91
    Roshelle 91 2 hours ago

    Make this into a movie.

  • Hungry Panda Studios


  • Frosted /
    Frosted / 2 hours ago

    Dude could’ve been one of the greatest of all time, shame

  • spydermonkey212
    spydermonkey212 2 hours ago

    So what exactly happened

  • Thatkiddadreamer 3528

    What ever happened to Jay Ajayi?

  • Freddy G
    Freddy G 2 hours ago

    I don't understand how you can go entire videos without even looking at the camera.....so distracting watching someone face a camera, talk at it, but look off screen the entire time 😂😂😂

  • Fhezi
    Fhezi 2 hours ago

    so like why can’t he still go to the NFL?

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK 2 hours ago

    Dude some of those Championship snubs were so Gosh Darn ridiculous. Like this Auburn 1 with that backfield and ND after beating FSU, that was F’n stupid. Made no sense. Both had 1 loss but ND beat FSU heads up. There’s 2 other terrible 1’s I can’t think of right now but the playoff is so much better. @ least give a couple more teams the actual chance. They should add a game & double it up though so that there’s really no doubts. Starts to put a lot of games on the kids but if they actually paid the kids then it could be worth it @ least.

  • Namer
    Namer 2 hours ago


  • Deviin Mayweather
    Deviin Mayweather 2 hours ago

    Ravens LoL 😁

    KANIUS MAJORIS 2 hours ago


  • Patrick Rasnake
    Patrick Rasnake 2 hours ago

    How the hell did they not make the national championship? Undefeated SEC champ??

  • HZGaming4U
    HZGaming4U 2 hours ago

    FlemoLo Raps is so smoothy with his Storytelling that he can give me a story about the "Importance of a Hammer" and I would watch it with my full attention til the end... lmao :)

  • Shannon Turner
    Shannon Turner 2 hours ago

    He still won my seminoles a championship, that all that matters to me.. Go Noles!

    TRUTHxCJ 2 hours ago

    Basically he was too stupid for academics and didn’t have good DNA to physically be a force haha sad life

  • Jonathan Rosser
    Jonathan Rosser 3 hours ago

    Boyd actually gave BAMA problems last year ...

  • Super Sports Plays
    Super Sports Plays 3 hours ago

    Ayyy I go to Arkansas we suck but but Boyd has been balling.

  • Drew Harris
    Drew Harris 3 hours ago


  • PrincessXDevonny
    PrincessXDevonny 3 hours ago

    I hate when family thinks you owe them but didn't do no reps

  • BJ Worrell
    BJ Worrell 3 hours ago

    Yooooo flemlo can you please do what happened to Jeremy Maclin

  • realitycheck2001
    realitycheck2001 3 hours ago

    Dan Marino sees this vid and drops to his knees to thank God

  • Corey
    Corey 3 hours ago

    The classic example of luck: Luck = Opportunity + Preparation Damion prepared, prepared and kept preparing. When that opportunity came knocking he was ready.

  • StaTiC MaJoR 20/20
    StaTiC MaJoR 20/20 3 hours ago

    That a boy Malik .. keep pushing my dude!

  • Joey Spagnuolo
    Joey Spagnuolo 3 hours ago

    Antonio clown

  • irateyoda ondeck
    irateyoda ondeck 3 hours ago

    You stories are great you make amazing and informative content but I have to disagree with you on addicts have a harder time to get off drugs and get clean sometimes people cannot beat that substance because THEY CHOOSE TO FAIL you have to know your triggers recognize those and you can definitely stop yourself from doing drugs and I'm speaking as an addict that's been clean for the past 10 years yes sometimes I wanna get high but as an adult you gotta weigh the pros to the cons the reactions to you actions and the consequences for your choices people dont get clean until THEY choose to get clean

  • Benjamin Gains
    Benjamin Gains 3 hours ago

    This story fkn crazzyyyy. Those hs coaches are trash. Never heard of some shit like that

  • Ghosst182
    Ghosst182 3 hours ago

    Hilarious, I said "damn man" at the same time FlemLo said it at 16:24. That seriously was a left-field moment, from Kelvin.

  • OSG3
    OSG3 4 hours ago

    Frank Gore or Calvin Ridley at my flex this week in fantasy. I can’t decide, help me brothers

  • O'Neal Jones
    O'Neal Jones 4 hours ago

    Y’all leave this man alone about his nails... this man is grown n can do exactly what he wants! It’s 2019 bro watch the video n mind ur business lmao

  • Giants/Mets/Blazers
    Giants/Mets/Blazers 4 hours ago

    XFL is gonna work this time and I bet you the refs won’t be ass like the NFL. They are straight trippin’ this season.

  • Jimmy Gingo
    Jimmy Gingo 4 hours ago

    Arkansas is garbage. Arkansas has NOT won a SEC game in 2 seasons. Boyd is the real deal, no doubt.

  • Alexander Leonard
    Alexander Leonard 4 hours ago

    Give this man a tv show

  • Brice Morgan
    Brice Morgan 4 hours ago

    What team do you rep for College and NFL?

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 4 hours ago

    Devin Hester?

  • Mighty Eye
    Mighty Eye 4 hours ago

    im so happy for this dude man....had me on Kodi watching buffering ass Nevada football lmao.

  • RickeYah Yisrael
    RickeYah Yisrael 4 hours ago

    Seriously this thought me to have faith matter the odds of failure.

  • Jute Wilson
    Jute Wilson 4 hours ago

    Good analogy. Enjoy your content 👍

  • Miles Snoddy
    Miles Snoddy 4 hours ago

    Dude your videos are awesome.... can u do a what happened to Everett Golston?

  • Kerry Perry
    Kerry Perry 4 hours ago

    Flem killing my Razorbacks 🐗😩

  • Ja Kite
    Ja Kite 5 hours ago

    Wow, that pick-6 is damning. Great video, as usual.

  • SWRve
    SWRve 5 hours ago

    This is unrelated, but did EA officially take down the Teambuilder website?

  • BlackWallStreet
    BlackWallStreet 5 hours ago

    '' There's not a whole lot of people that i know, that i grew up with who has not had an altercation a security guard. '' bruh 😂 🤣

  • Donovan Wisdom
    Donovan Wisdom 5 hours ago

    Webster's Dictionary defines "hackneyed cliché" as "Starting any essay, speech or prepared statement with the phrase "Webster's Dictionary defines..."" Sorry, Bro. Love ya, but I could't help myself.

  • T SiPP
    T SiPP 5 hours ago

    Good work fam

  • Long Life
    Long Life 5 hours ago

    Colt fans are garbage

  • Jeremy Torres
    Jeremy Torres 5 hours ago

    You did a great job with this video.

  • call of duty ruined my life

    Im a steelers fan and none of this surprises me and i honestly was happier clowntonio left. What fan would be happy when the best wide receiver in the last 10 years leaves your team? although he has done nothing for the steelers in the playoffs. Hes about that money and fame.

  • Tanner Woods
    Tanner Woods 6 hours ago

    Arkansas stinks and Henry had 2 picks and 1 TD against fucking San Jose State. Very few if any Last Chance U players that are actually worth a damn.

  • Oscar Peña
    Oscar Peña 6 hours ago

    He didn't lie. Cam has a cannon for a harm but not accurate look at his interception record. Steve Smith is my favorite panther of all time and was let go because of Cam

  • Mr Brad
    Mr Brad 6 hours ago

    Malik Henry doesn't even belong in the same sentence and Rakeem Boyd.

  • 4FIVE HD
    4FIVE HD 6 hours ago

    Buddy you fat shame every body 😂😂😂

  • Roland Moffett
    Roland Moffett 6 hours ago

    He moved into the hood in br

  • Roland Moffett
    Roland Moffett 6 hours ago


  • Roland Moffett
    Roland Moffett 6 hours ago


  • Warning. I Speak the Truth.

    The start of the vid had me dying 🤣

  • ezzy wachsstock
    ezzy wachsstock 6 hours ago

    You missed part of the Deeestroying story. He did demonetize his videos. But UCF told him he still couldn’t have the channel. Then he chose TVclip over football

  • 4FIVE HD
    4FIVE HD 6 hours ago

    You a whole man 😂😂

  • nnevelo
    nnevelo 6 hours ago

    Boyd has been great for my Hogs..... He's getting banged up behind this average/bad OL.... HAd to bring up SJSU..... Thanks FlemLo

  • Sam Frank
    Sam Frank 6 hours ago

    the Mountain West has been pretty decent this year. Makes me happy to see that my guy.

  • rontam06
    rontam06 6 hours ago

    I remember Martavis made a catch with His Ass in the End zone. Now look at him

  • kidphresh2000
    kidphresh2000 6 hours ago

    Not for nothing...that was an inspirational story and all, but id go balls deep in the white girl with the grey shorts at th 10:14 mark. She dumb thick👀

    CRAZY GAME 7 hours ago

    Do you think malik can go in nfl

  • Arcidz
    Arcidz 7 hours ago

    Gotta feeling he MIGHT come back out of retirement after taking a break to live life with his wife and kid

  • Dylan
    Dylan 7 hours ago

    I wouldn’t say Malik was going off when he threw 352 yards with only 1TD and 2INTs. That’s a trash ass stat line

  • Justin Warwick
    Justin Warwick 7 hours ago

    Say Nevada right my guy

  • Danny Todd
    Danny Todd 7 hours ago

    Malik is hella good

  • Jasen Rizak
    Jasen Rizak 7 hours ago


  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin 7 hours ago

    This is the dude that makes excuses for all the failed NFL hopefuls.....

  • Ellen Allen
    Ellen Allen 7 hours ago

    Malcolm will forever have a special place in my heart! I was his Algebra I teacher at Longview HS when he was a freshman. I knew then he was a super kid and would become a great man! He changed the way I see the kids in my classroom.

  • Deven DeCoste
    Deven DeCoste 7 hours ago

    Just found your channel yesterday, man. Loving the content I've checked out thus far. Keep up the great work Flemlo

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 8 hours ago

    These people that have made many millions ARE WALKING away to enjoy life AND showing the NFL & ROGER Fartdell the middle finger !!!

  • Sitizen Kane
    Sitizen Kane 8 hours ago

    Fresno State will beat them. Boise will demolish them.

  • Jochy Lin
    Jochy Lin 8 hours ago

    Malik should be in the nfl , he has the talent I just hope he keeps his head straight