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100 Years of Updos | Allure
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100 Years of Mascara | Allure
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  • I do Weird stuff
    I do Weird stuff 20 minutes ago

    As a violin player, my violin told me, those guys killed its family members. Also as a piano player, it said it feels sorry for the violin (aka it’s bestie)

  • 팜팜
    팜팜 21 minute ago

    1940 looks like Peggy Carter

  • katyperguntou
    katyperguntou 46 minutes ago

    I had a teacher in high school with the most BEAUTIFUL hands I've ever seen in my life, her fingers were long and thin but not too thin yk? just perfect and she did basically everything that a human needs to do on a day and had pretty hands.... I don't understand the woman of this video with average hands being so lazy :/

  • katyperguntou
    katyperguntou 54 minutes ago

    I looove a good skin rather than putting make up on! SHE'S GORGEOUS

  • Дабуди Дабудай

    She looks much better with natural hair color. Even her facial expession doesn't look so scary as usual.

  • Jonathan LR Khiangte

    she could also try she never try that before

  • *Stephanie* *YOUTUBE*

    I love Nina

  • borahae paved the way

    Why is nobody talking about jaehyun?!!!

  • Agirl123 123
    Agirl123 123 2 hours ago

    Shes so pretty its not fair.

  • Anshika Chaudhary
    Anshika Chaudhary 2 hours ago

    Last expression was the funniest 😂😂

  • Sanjana (Student) SINGH

    Are these actually real tattoos. Did the 'models' actually have to remove them afterwords.

  • Olivia SHARKEY
    Olivia SHARKEY 3 hours ago

    Do her eyes ever sting cause I’d need goggles 😂

  • Antig Tanting
    Antig Tanting 3 hours ago

    The blonde one reminds me to Taeyeon 😂 no no you must be know her Tiff

  • Gibbo_101
    Gibbo_101 3 hours ago

    8:44 dont drop that hydroflask!

  • iguana girl
    iguana girl 4 hours ago

    she’s so strong and so hot 😍

  • Tina Kirks
    Tina Kirks 4 hours ago

    what about ro b*tches

  • GiovannaxBear
    GiovannaxBear 4 hours ago

    She sounds so boring

  • aaliyah
    aaliyah 4 hours ago

    she sounds like a robot

  • Marlo Lox
    Marlo Lox 5 hours ago

    Ok but she’s beautiful

  • Meg Dools
    Meg Dools 5 hours ago

    She is not a good remodel ANTM she shined her real self and she is not all butterflies she is mean and fake

  • xaanaaxi
    xaanaaxi 6 hours ago

    2:40 Hyuck really said “AUUHEAGH” 🤣

  • AestheticCola
    AestheticCola 6 hours ago

    i hate flying. It scares the crud outta me. Just... being up that high terrifies me.

  • Danny Castro
    Danny Castro 6 hours ago

    I cry :(

  • t perez
    t perez 6 hours ago

    she’s the love child of lilli collins and demi lovato

  • The Joia Channel
    The Joia Channel 6 hours ago

    Lace Fronts, Full Units and weaves still exist.. also no ponytails??

  • Lenny
    Lenny 7 hours ago

    Wow, you go girl, you are amazing! I’m terrified of swimming in open waters.

  • sabrina berriez
    sabrina berriez 7 hours ago

    Lizzo is so pretty 💕

  • Cecília Novaes
    Cecília Novaes 7 hours ago

    5:20 WTF?

  • Amy Franklin
    Amy Franklin 7 hours ago

    This gives me anxiety

  • sophie rose
    sophie rose 7 hours ago

    sagittarius ♐️

  • sophie rose
    sophie rose 7 hours ago

    why is this my crack lmaooo

  • Anna Polonus
    Anna Polonus 7 hours ago

    I've always been really skinny, but I don't like looking in the mirror for too long because then I look too skinny to myself. And even though I'm skinnier than everyone I know, I still feel fat.

  • Emily Stanage
    Emily Stanage 8 hours ago

    Who knew that Chris Pratt and Will Arnett narrating a makeup tutorial was what we needed in our life.

  • Jane Vlogs
    Jane Vlogs 8 hours ago

    I love her period

  • Poppy Farrar
    Poppy Farrar 8 hours ago


  • Emilie Berger
    Emilie Berger 8 hours ago

    Her jolyn collection 😍

  • Nothing But Trash
    Nothing But Trash 8 hours ago

    why can’t we just be Blawbes, still a female, but not having a cycle 😂 then again, i want children

  • Code 2004
    Code 2004 8 hours ago


  • Tara Versackas
    Tara Versackas 8 hours ago

    I love this women 🌞🌞🌞😍

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Y’all need to be more historically accurate if you’re gonna be making these videos. Like did y’all just buy that Liz Taylor costume from a Halloween store ?

  • Sister Weir
    Sister Weir 9 hours ago


  • ItzTootman
    ItzTootman 9 hours ago

    I literally would fake drownfor help just so she can give me mouth to mouth 😭

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 9 hours ago

    Kayla kills Laura Clint is dead killed by huntress black canary Renee montoya

  • Sarah Harvey
    Sarah Harvey 9 hours ago

    I literally don’t care because I sit there for two hours making my legs have no hair on them give me like a day later it looks like I haven’t shaved in two years so

  • Sloth Stars
    Sloth Stars 9 hours ago

    Guys Idk how but I have a group chat called “I put my d*ck in a bag of Doritos”

  • Husqvarna Inc
    Husqvarna Inc 9 hours ago


  • Rose McDonald
    Rose McDonald 9 hours ago

    I mean I play the violin

  • Alexandra Baginski
    Alexandra Baginski 9 hours ago

    you don't use niacinamide and vitamin c together!!

  • GuidedByAngels
    GuidedByAngels 9 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing, love how you let your personality shine through! Good luck and I hope all your dreams come true!

  • Diane Stevens
    Diane Stevens 10 hours ago

    Brows were not bushy in the 60s, they were very thin

  • Jane the hegehog
    Jane the hegehog 10 hours ago

    I guess

  • Jane the hegehog
    Jane the hegehog 10 hours ago

    I wony call u ugly

  • Retrogirl08
    Retrogirl08 10 hours ago

    Me in 7th grade in the bathroom: tries to open a pad carefully 7 year old girls in 1st grade:WhATs ThAT NoiSe???

  • gate joe
    gate joe 10 hours ago

    she’s beautiful

  • Kpop Tingz
    Kpop Tingz 10 hours ago

    Write NCT127 with lipstick Taeyong: *puts it on*

  • MJ P
    MJ P 10 hours ago

    bruh. cool video but green fairy? snow princess?

  • Kpop Tingz
    Kpop Tingz 10 hours ago

    not even one second into the video Johnny and Taeil: Pizza Pizza Pizzzza Pizza Me: I have no words

  • Vanadita Aurora
    Vanadita Aurora 11 hours ago

    ☝ Mengapa harus ada adiknya MJ disini?

  • Human Potato
    Human Potato 11 hours ago

    Joey's favorite Sentence:tHat Is EVErYthInG

  • fifi thedeity
    fifi thedeity 11 hours ago

    Vsco girls: *sees the Mario Badescu spray* Also vsco girls: AND I OOP- AND I OOP- SKSKSKSKSK

  • adrx
    adrx 11 hours ago


  • Craccckerr
    Craccckerr 11 hours ago

    You know Bianca is old because she called the movies a “Movie Cinema” 😂

  • juan Romero
    juan Romero 12 hours ago

    Elizabeth olsen very beatiful😍😍

  • Shaylee K
    Shaylee K 12 hours ago

    y tf is the edited putting the blush in her eye

  • Carla Amelia
    Carla Amelia 13 hours ago

    I mean good for those girls but I could never. I also would want my boyfriend to care about how I look idk just can't relate

  • Christie Tedesco
    Christie Tedesco 13 hours ago

    can i please give all these girls hugs cause i’ve been there 🥺💛

  • Rita Johnson
    Rita Johnson 13 hours ago

    I love how fenty made it mark in this video

  • ItzDelilahLightning
    ItzDelilahLightning 13 hours ago

    You may think your ugly on the outside but on the inside I can’t look at you cuz it’s too nice and beautiful to think of! 🥳😁

  • Elysia :}
    Elysia :} 14 hours ago

    nahhh south african punks look more like the russians and russians were more dramatically hidden behind their gear

  • is dve
    is dve 14 hours ago

    i wish i stan omg 😂😂😂

  • Eric Hah
    Eric Hah 14 hours ago

    what mixing medium did she use for the foundation

  • Ren Bx
    Ren Bx 14 hours ago

    She so pretty

  • Ashley Dyer
    Ashley Dyer 14 hours ago

    Pisces get no love

  • Lea Riol
    Lea Riol 14 hours ago

    "It's the only face you have hunnie" Has I love her She seems like 72 or something

  • Sarah Fidelis
    Sarah Fidelis 14 hours ago

    Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie pls can I tell to you I can to take a turn my skin 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Kizami chan
    Kizami chan 15 hours ago


  • Sip da RM's Tea
    Sip da RM's Tea 15 hours ago

    How tf she can live like tht

  • Kelli Kocha
    Kelli Kocha 15 hours ago

    Men can’t and don’t get periods.

  • MissCat _Yum
    MissCat _Yum 15 hours ago

    juntos e shallow now da shangela kkkkk

  • Ryan S.
    Ryan S. 15 hours ago

    *sees Joan Crawford* 😳

  • Nazreen Bhamjee
    Nazreen Bhamjee 15 hours ago

    Oh man she’s so cute!

  • Aleksandra Mącznik
    Aleksandra Mącznik 15 hours ago


  • Evie Goddess
    Evie Goddess 16 hours ago

    Waiting for Elizabeth Olsen shoe lickers.

  • marshmallow w
    marshmallow w 16 hours ago

    What an idol 👏

  • enniemeanieminnie
    enniemeanieminnie 16 hours ago

    I love her! She seems really sweet and is probably really good at her job.

  • Gabriela Grandales
    Gabriela Grandales 17 hours ago

    He is sooo cuteeee

  • unAbated
    unAbated 17 hours ago

    #Banitsa Squad anyone? :))

  • gloria Martínez
    gloria Martínez 17 hours ago

    1920 and 1950 are the best.

  • Barbara T.
    Barbara T. 17 hours ago

    are danseurs allowed to wear long hair on stage?

  • Thais Ferreira
    Thais Ferreira 17 hours ago

    I love Keke 😍💖

  • Nuvolaa
    Nuvolaa 17 hours ago

    Everyone is just so beautiful on their own way. Some can find you beautiful and some can find you ugly but it doesn’t matter, what matters is what you think of you and it maybe hard to accept that but as long as you listen to people more than you listen at yourself, your never gonna think your beautiful. For most, this is just gonna sound silly, but let me tell you, it’s not.

  • Gacha NK
    Gacha NK 18 hours ago

    Btw my mum wore extentions since she was young

  • Kyle Choy
    Kyle Choy 18 hours ago

    0:05 (begins having Vietnam flashbacks)

  • xoxo _sharon
    xoxo _sharon 18 hours ago

    Im gonna go with my second sign... aquarius! Yasssss who else is Aquarius

  • Lydia Peacock
    Lydia Peacock 18 hours ago


  • mrs.lucifer mrs.lucifer

    Me: shaves legs My leg hair 2 days later: i guess you wonder where ive been~

  • pramudya laknat
    pramudya laknat 18 hours ago

    the thumbnail really look like a meme

  • Koczo !
    Koczo ! 18 hours ago

    Thank You for what u doin <3

  • Jalebi Milk
    Jalebi Milk 18 hours ago

    Love Kyle's makeup!

  • GirlYouAlreadyKnow
    GirlYouAlreadyKnow 18 hours ago

    I love these videos so much. They're really motivating.