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Snow Tha Product - Hola
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    STOP STOP 4 minutes ago

    I feel STP is trying ti explain herself to a bunch of (nobodies). Life is short. Keep having fun. You are A STAR, muchacha.

  • Cynthia Tavarez
    Cynthia Tavarez 12 minutes ago

    This one hit home

  • KOmento Bo tak
    KOmento Bo tak 53 minutes ago

    Dobre w chuj... Bass za tłusty.

  • Layla G
    Layla G Hour ago

    how many people relating to this? like...or not .

  • Creature RyuJin
    Creature RyuJin 2 hours ago

    This is a slapper!!!! Ya'll got some shit go'in

  • K Flombay
    K Flombay 3 hours ago

    "I'm a liquor pourin sippin never borin little mama. I kill the baddest bitches whether thriftin or designer"

  • Ebra_Ai_haji
    Ebra_Ai_haji 4 hours ago


  • Charles McClellan
    Charles McClellan 4 hours ago

    Go to famousbirthdays and click boost on snow's profile people!

  • Zain sh
    Zain sh 5 hours ago

    Juju 😍😍😍😍😍 Snow 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Hazel Daze
    Hazel Daze 5 hours ago

    Anyone ever seen the female gremlin? I think it's from the 2nd Gremlins movie @3:27 and @3:06

  • John GT
    John GT 6 hours ago

    Good Job Ju!!

  • GP M
    GP M 7 hours ago

    Better late then never I don't never mever mind

  • Sweet Rotten Cotten Candy

    My fave!!! She killed it!♡

  • Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer

    Is there really dudes out there that act like those foos Lol ladies?

  • Kasey Edwards
    Kasey Edwards 12 hours ago

    My, Intro to work!!

    • Kasey Edwards
      Kasey Edwards 12 hours ago

      Bumpin JUJU FROM 252 TA 504!! YA HERD!

  • Gregory Mendoza
    Gregory Mendoza 13 hours ago

    All my brain blood is now in my boner

  • Michelle Guerrero
    Michelle Guerrero 13 hours ago

    Listening to this song while driving late to work and it got me in that sassy vibe walking in all like", I ain't late you just came 30 min early to your shift" 😒🤦‍♀️😂.

  • Humberto Vasquez
    Humberto Vasquez 14 hours ago

    Juju killed killed it love this video

  • Bo Young
    Bo Young 14 hours ago

    Thank you for your song

  • Raco Moore
    Raco Moore 14 hours ago

    It's good to see these young ladies living their life the best that they can music is dope the mood is dope proud of you around Applause

  • rivera F
    rivera F 14 hours ago

    I love her style!!

  • Arrianna Payne
    Arrianna Payne 14 hours ago

    Her voice was deep as hellllllllllll

  • rivera F
    rivera F 14 hours ago

    I first herd her on a mr kee cd

  • Achraf MC lmerdi
    Achraf MC lmerdi 16 hours ago


  • diego bautista
    diego bautista 16 hours ago

    Purooooo mexaa 🇲🇽🇲🇽.. Snow Tha product la mejor.. Desde Michoacán.. 🤙🤙🇲🇽

  • Emilse J Rosas pizano
    Emilse J Rosas pizano 16 hours ago

    This how many people like this song like it up 👇🏼

  • OneSinChic
    OneSinChic 16 hours ago

    Words cannot describe how much I love this song and video!

  • Shanice Nez
    Shanice Nez 16 hours ago

    I love it!! 💋🔥

  • Devon Omega Marciano XXVIII

    I have a song written that will KILL your competition.

  • Devon Omega Marciano XXVIII

    2fly3 205 7224

  • Devon Omega Marciano XXVIII

    So cold Yall do me. This song is deeply diverse shes improving.

  • Anton Ujkic
    Anton Ujkic 17 hours ago

    These dudes are hilarious 😂😂🤮🤮

    ELIUD CRUZ 18 hours ago

    My ex put me Down On u chicks I done heard this OVER AND OVER. an plus ur other videos But dawn JUJU 😜🥰

  • Crazy Coins
    Crazy Coins 18 hours ago

    Madden 17 memories

  • brittany x
    brittany x 19 hours ago

    im chillin in the Ruby Tuesday's parking lot rn bangin tf outta this til my foods ready to b picked up hah damn right!!!!!!!

  • Emm Rami
    Emm Rami 19 hours ago

    Living for Juju!! Snow too but I’m happy Juju rapped too lol

  • jess Sexton
    jess Sexton 19 hours ago

    daddie juju i love her voice i would buy her album lol

  • Ali R
    Ali R 20 hours ago

    Y’all are SO flippin adorable I can’t even!😂💞

  • Kayla Elliott
    Kayla Elliott 20 hours ago

    I'm so proud of you @juju

  • Dani Mother of Dragons

    Wtf is a snow the product

  • Mad Mitten
    Mad Mitten 21 hour ago

    awww mexbian mmm ff yes

  • chargrill8019229
    chargrill8019229 21 hour ago

    She just got even hotter

  • DEMO
    DEMO 21 hour ago

    Gud job , girl !

  • Suzie🤷‍♀️
    Suzie🤷‍♀️ 22 hours ago

    Havent seen an artist so great in years. Proud to be a new fan as of this year.

  • Pouranan
    Pouranan 22 hours ago

    I did not expect that voice from her

  • Suzie🤷‍♀️
    Suzie🤷‍♀️ 22 hours ago

    I thought I liked pt 2 better but listening to this without ArcAngels voice is soooo much better!

  • DAVINCHO Martinez Mesa

    A alguna mujer de otro país que no sea Colombia,le gustaría tener un hijo con migo para pasar el charco y visitar snow the product...👽

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker 23 hours ago

    we be to rap what key be to lock

  • nakaa
    nakaa Day ago

    where tf did the mud come from

  • Lena Hinojoza
    Lena Hinojoza Day ago

    Perfect song when my ex accused me of shit that wasn’t true.

  • king Adil
    king Adil Day ago


  • Brittinaey Rivera

    This is the shit. Pure 🔥

  • Mervamp 666
    Mervamp 666 Day ago

    My official get ready song from now until forever

  • Genny C
    Genny C Day ago

    Juju needs to make more music she’s so fire 🥰🥰🥰

  • Lakers Laguneros213

    Yeah buddy

  • Brandon Bartlett

    Let's ride I need you back

  • Эвфемизм настоящего

    👍👍👍 🇦🇿

    FAYT FlOW Day ago


  • redwan Mountassir

    Beiiiiiiiin beiiiiiin 🤣🤣🤣💟

  • Tk Trejo
    Tk Trejo Day ago

    Wait when tf did Juju start rappin? Lol she actually killed it😍 can anyone tell me how tf Snow can kill a video just in a room.... and "famous" rappers spending thousands for videos and still can't kill it like snow🤔😍💯 lol just sayin

  • Marilyn M.
    Marilyn M. Day ago

    boutta be 2020 and I’m still here 😌

  • B C
    B C Day ago

    Look at them curves 💜

  • Victoria Castro

    Just found you through a comment on CardiBs IG. “I’m a little late, I’m on my way”😉😘 I love your music!! Already have faves (Til death, Petty, Ayayay, On my way)❤️❤️❤️

  • arianna jim
    arianna jim Day ago

    Eekk juju is awesome!!!

  • Sly HAX
    Sly HAX Day ago

    Snowwy's so pretty and talented 2:06 🔥

  • Chantia Whissell

    I had this on repeat for 2 hours fuck wrong with them? Fucks wrong with me lmao! This is 💣💥💣💥

  • Snow.G
    Snow.G Day ago


  • Dempsey Fau
    Dempsey Fau Day ago

    Maaan 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Priscilla Baca

    I asked my friends and family to go to the Facebook Instagram and Snapchat to like you I never asked my family or friends for anything for me to ask them that it's a big deal check out my Facebook to know that I'm telling the truth I'm not a liar you're a real big inspiration I've never liked any rapper the way that I like you 😎😁🤪😍🥰

  • Central Coast Girl


  • Samantha Gilbert

    I listen to this song every day while I get ready and I rap to JuJu verse every time. Can’t wait to hear more music from Snow & JuJu💕💕

  • Angela Fender
    Angela Fender Day ago

    Yo I have to sit an translate this Haha it would help if you posted the lyrics. For the real ones who want to learn. Iv actually learned the language from you thanks

  • Southern California

    Juju got some hips on ha!

  • Thomas Marrujo


  • Hector Ramirez


  • Hector Ramirez


  • Dalicia Puente

    I love juju's voice please do more songs together! 😍

  • Sarah Bussanmas


  • Caleb Michael
    Caleb Michael Day ago

    Yo girl got barz too 😏

  • Priscilla Aldaco

    Put this on Spotify 🙏

  • Chicano Enforcer Gaming

    Why does snow still look 21

  • Damian Louis
    Damian Louis Day ago

    Bruh Like FR Is That Tana???

  • NeikoLuvv
    NeikoLuvv Day ago

    🎶 imma mile away 🎵

  • Christopher Cabrera

    Heeeyyyy u is sick af🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱😱😍😍😍💯

  • Steven S
    Steven S Day ago

    Wish it was snow raping dont want to hear juju she sounds horrible wanna hear snow kill it

  • April Richards


  • G_o7
    G_o7 Day ago

    This video on a brand new huge oled tv 😁

  • Sierra D Zamora

    I wanna hear from juju again another song I know ya can do It👌👌👌👌👌👌👆👆👆👆👆🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • deez
    deez Day ago

    Snow is beautiful but i don't like her style. She would look way better if she dolled up

  • Leiana Boyce-Galase

    I have literally listen to this every single day since you guys posted it! Multiple times a day. Any chance i get, i show this video to someone whos never heard of you. You guys are awesome! Keep doing what you do 💚

  • Sam Daniele
    Sam Daniele Day ago

    Hey.. I spotted a man in that car at 3:29/30.. .

  • Platano Pelado

    Cabrona estas chula

  • Michelle Lockett

    The absolute baddest chick I have ever heard rap!!!! And fine as f****** HELL!!!

  • Gnarlyzude
    Gnarlyzude Day ago

    New Fave from Snow ❄️

  • Kat Miner
    Kat Miner Day ago


  • sad ie
    sad ie Day ago


  • sad ie
    sad ie Day ago


  • Juliane Fleischer

    Einfach unvergleichlich 💓💪 ❤️

  • natosha candelaria


  • Clarissa Roberts

    damnnnn JUJU got bars! Love this 🖤