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Hugh Jackman's Wife ★ 2019
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    ROMLEB 2 hours ago

    Michael Jackson is ugly idk

  • Kids wikipedia
    Kids wikipedia 3 hours ago

    Ronaldo face in 4 minutes

    TSB BLADES 4 hours ago

    I knew Ray and Nora were married irl I just didn't know their names

  • Hruaitei Chhangte
    Hruaitei Chhangte 4 hours ago

    Me, pausing and looking them up on Instagram to see if they're all still together.

  • Fuad Alfares
    Fuad Alfares 4 hours ago

    Neymar Junior=Super Justi Bieber=Like

  • Rose Vlogs
    Rose Vlogs 4 hours ago

    I want 2 be rich 🍀

  • Qamar Zaman
    Qamar Zaman 4 hours ago

    Thease kind of celebrities will go hell,, remember

  • Musuljuif
    Musuljuif 5 hours ago

    Hi Who wrote the songs of the album "saturday night fever" please ?

  • yanis_ Reinhardt_
    yanis_ Reinhardt_ 5 hours ago

    That shit is so Bad Made like the have of it is not Even Nicki

  • Hafid Lutfiansyah
    Hafid Lutfiansyah 5 hours ago

    Great kali pantat dan kaki tepos leter x

  • una persona normal En el planeta tierra

    De 16 parece mi padre jejej

  • FazeBugha6235 thats me epic

    Them showing jadens abs vs xxxtentacion abs

  • Claudia De Carvalho
    Claudia De Carvalho 5 hours ago

    Pq as unicas q ñ colocaram nomes foi o casal de lésbicas ???

  • Channpreet Dhaliwal Dhaliwal sab

    Kevin, batista, aj style khali, Hardy thise superstars wife's so beautiful and cute.

  • Nawah Rawchaa
    Nawah Rawchaa 5 hours ago

    None of those kids look like Mike! The Most High is going to repay America for the atrocities they have done to his children the children of Israel!

  • Nawah Rawchaa
    Nawah Rawchaa 5 hours ago

    Michael has a huge nose at birth she has no resemblance to Michael period all lies

  • Nawah Rawchaa
    Nawah Rawchaa 5 hours ago

    This ain’t no Jackson! They planned the murder and family. To give his inheritance to white people wake up people! Even the Jackson family got a peace of the pie

  • zura zura
    zura zura 6 hours ago

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  • Carolina Melany Medina

    Ustedes la repiten alas fotos y eso me arta

  • Oziel Bráz Silva
    Oziel Bráz Silva 7 hours ago

    Moto lander 2020.

  • Remix Music
    Remix Music 7 hours ago


  • Salim Dawood
    Salim Dawood 7 hours ago


  • Storm
    Storm 7 hours ago

    Stallone é como o vinho. Quanto mais velho , melhor ... Esse eu pego :p

  • Eli Borges
    Eli Borges 7 hours ago

    El Amor es uno de los sentimientos mas bello y hay q vivirlo no importa cuando como donde o con quien ,Viva el Amor❤❤👏👏

  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic
    Sandra Pisu-Jocic 7 hours ago

    The Hospital dirty, sporki and and and uni.

  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic
    Sandra Pisu-Jocic 7 hours ago

    This look out how psychopart. Think you on aliens. How much wander star give it. What think you??? I see yesterday one big. From 2003 I see so much little plans, fly opjekt whis the dynamics an spider. In the hood a Pyramide orange whis borte in gold. And, and, and. In this community gives a Haus whis much little children we are privat Haus, like a scholl, it us privat. The prister is are jung, jung, jung,. Gallier, Wäller, Müller.

  • Lieselotte Blubberblubb

    Rich people don't age 💰💉

  • Tara Vachova
    Tara Vachova 8 hours ago

    I love you

  • MOLFO Gameplays
    MOLFO Gameplays 8 hours ago

    Re mal las hedades con las fotos jajaja a los 22 tiene tatuaje y a los 30 no xddd

  • carol matthews
    carol matthews 8 hours ago

    Hes a billionaire just in cars wow

  • Yazareth derek Rodríguez salas

    Las mejores riana y kyeli

  • carol matthews
    carol matthews 8 hours ago

    My goodness Barron is so like his Dad

  • The time gamer
    The time gamer 8 hours ago

    Justin is better then jaden

  • Franck Monteiro
    Franck Monteiro 8 hours ago

    Linda d+ tem os olhos do pai e o charme da mãe. Kiss lady Demi

  • Μαρια Σπυρου

    Το καλυτερο σκυλι ειναι του μεσι

  • Rath D.E
    Rath D.E 9 hours ago

    Selena looks better cuz she is taller and have a nice figure than ariana and have a high sense of fashion even in simple dress

  • Reinan Santos
    Reinan Santos 9 hours ago


  • Frfoljek
    Frfoljek 9 hours ago

    Finally someone who thinks RTL is the best 🤘

  • Marilyn Juarez
    Marilyn Juarez 9 hours ago

    Minuto 2:23 la bebé que sostiene Bruce Jenner se parece a stormi

  • Jac Aver
    Jac Aver 9 hours ago

    Gym4u..your the big fucking know.go to hell.fuck you!!

  • Tea Jackson
    Tea Jackson 9 hours ago

    This is like Extrovert vs Introvert

  • Megan Laurențiu
    Megan Laurențiu 9 hours ago

    Wow68888 DE MI

  • Claire Orellan
    Claire Orellan 10 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves breathtaking =P

  • aaron 5
    aaron 5 10 hours ago

    Jaden Smith at 8 ahh 😍😍 , pursuit of happiness

  • Claire Anna Marie Gruenberg

    This is the stupidest video comparison ever. Why on earth would you compare this two legends to each other?? Two of the most people who are different from each other, they are great in there own ways you can't compare tgem to each other! So disrespectful to put bruce lee's open casket picture in this video!

  • Nazar Nazar
    Nazar Nazar 11 hours ago


  • Марат БАНЕНКОВ

    Арнольд - триумф воли, олицетворение арийского характера! Долгие лета тебе!!!

  • prakash 7
    prakash 7 11 hours ago


  • Shaam 007
    Shaam 007 11 hours ago


  • Yahman Free Man
    Yahman Free Man 12 hours ago

    The last 2 photos of Easy E was not Easy E.

  • NP_SAURAV Basnet
    NP_SAURAV Basnet 12 hours ago

    after becoming celebrity all are cute and handsome them before they are much I know that in the age of 17 and 18 ..all girls crush used to be Justin bieber ...and according to this video there is no any sense that Charlie is handsome than Justin..look the Justin personality and Charlie guys..don't judge that Charlie is generous and Justin is rude.. if Charlie has achieve as Justin then I can fully said that Charlie should will not leave any space to show rude to fans due to more irritation😬😬 by fans

  • ❶ Xor nasseR
    ❶ Xor nasseR 12 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves extraterrestre

  • ابراهيم حسن
    ابراهيم حسن 13 hours ago

    كذب الصور

  • Ismail Maill
    Ismail Maill 13 hours ago

    Walaupun sttus janda klau romantis bnget

  • Ismail Maill
    Ismail Maill 13 hours ago


  • VC VJHurley
    VC VJHurley 13 hours ago

    this isnt in 2019 but i past that year im in the future youll enjoy 2019 👇🏼

  • John Bar
    John Bar 13 hours ago

    I seen that guy the show it's called anteater Abu blue Farooq do the Keke thank you for making the show again

  • John Bar
    John Bar 13 hours ago

    Ladies and gentlemen I present to you mother of goat

  • TheStalkerAnims
    TheStalkerAnims 13 hours ago

    What's the music? please tell me pls!

  • dirtyjew1974
    dirtyjew1974 13 hours ago

    That definitely is not Tyson's body, he has never been near that big.

  • Nze Okoye
    Nze Okoye 14 hours ago

    2010 was really a 'maleficient' year for her!

  • Bristy Zaz
    Bristy Zaz 14 hours ago

    How he chnged the face wd thumbnail 6 55

  • Ma Win Mar
    Ma Win Mar 15 hours ago

    Donnie good fritng Good family

  • Pocoyo5983
    Pocoyo5983 15 hours ago

    Nice Video! Edit: Spot the mistake! Don't look at the answer in the replies!

  • Allan Legend
    Allan Legend 15 hours ago

    What’s the song name??

  • RajN Batra
    RajN Batra 15 hours ago

  • cool boy
    cool boy 15 hours ago

    I am waiting to see in which age both started losing their hair 🙃🙃🙃

  • Steven
    Steven 16 hours ago

    why are the pictures of the 1900's is black and white?

  • milena sanchez
    milena sanchez 16 hours ago


  • Malick Ndiaye
    Malick Ndiaye 16 hours ago


  • GQ Rugged
    GQ Rugged 17 hours ago

    Born with a silver spoon and will never know what its like to hustle for yourself.

  • Bradpitts 76
    Bradpitts 76 17 hours ago


  • Exequiel Alvarado
    Exequiel Alvarado 18 hours ago

    Canal racista .. ponen las mejores fotos del niño blanco... por que no ponen cuando escupia a la gente o le pegaba a los reporteros o los fans .. eso no ponen racistas ...

  • bernice canty
    bernice canty 18 hours ago

    Gay and Hollywood? Who would have thought !

  • clerk Bennett
    clerk Bennett 18 hours ago

    Parecen Aliens ambos

  • Milano Martins
    Milano Martins 18 hours ago

    Muit bom vidio o filmi

  • FaReeS
    FaReeS 18 hours ago

    10:01 why is Mickey Mouse there

  • Awol Nur
    Awol Nur 18 hours ago

    Wow i am proud of him

  • Louie Folch
    Louie Folch 19 hours ago


  • sWrOoPY W0ah hell0
    sWrOoPY W0ah hell0 19 hours ago

    0:10 wait is Steph hold on

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 19 hours ago

    Anyone notice the stalk image

  • Germinator
    Germinator 20 hours ago

    3:53 antonio banderas is now .... kevin costner?? :o

  • D4V1 :D
    D4V1 :D 20 hours ago

    Quem acha q o xxxtentacion tá vivo da like Quem acha q ele tá morto comenta

  • world view
    world view 20 hours ago 2020 facts

  • KLAYVER esqui
    KLAYVER esqui 20 hours ago

    Forever sthepen

  • APG jobjob
    APG jobjob 20 hours ago

    Idol me 🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭

  • Carlos Robles
    Carlos Robles 21 hour ago

    These video stinks.

    MAX BASEM 21 hour ago

    Tom Cruise and Eric Roberts are still look young

  • Shakima Martin
    Shakima Martin 21 hour ago

    He’s having a great life 👌🤘🏻

  • Merczelyn feim bergonia

    They look better then not now

  • Al Demon
    Al Demon 21 hour ago

    Dont you guys see how big is great khali it would just throw john cena around like a carpet

  • metal fox 913 ITA
    metal fox 913 ITA 22 hours ago

    He went from a football player spearing others to WWE chairman. Lol

  • Sharvenea Brooks
    Sharvenea Brooks 22 hours ago

    I want 3 million dollars my name is makyle

  • James Mijo
    James Mijo 22 hours ago

    4:09 x was not 16 on the song moonlight

  • Emmanuel Sapeur officiel

    Je pense que vous pouvez m’aider mon rêve c’est 1k d’abonnés pour l’instant

  • Deandra Parker
    Deandra Parker 22 hours ago


  • Deandra Parker
    Deandra Parker 22 hours ago

    We love x😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 celebrate his birthday

  • Franck Monteiro
    Franck Monteiro 22 hours ago

    Uma vês Stallone sempre Stallone

  • Chelsea Welsea
    Chelsea Welsea 23 hours ago

    Great slideshow and pictures

  • juanita torres
    juanita torres 23 hours ago

    el hijo de cristiano es mi novio ermoso