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Hugh Jackman's Wife ★ 2019
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Celine Dion's Sons ★ 2018
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  • Ken Badiane
    Ken Badiane 8 minutes ago


  • Kalina Cruz
    Kalina Cruz 19 minutes ago

    That’s a whole lotta house !!

  • Alex Agueria
    Alex Agueria 27 minutes ago


  • Roger Martin
    Roger Martin 48 minutes ago

    To bad Arnold couldn't put his terminator in side his pants !!

  • bilbo baggins
    bilbo baggins Hour ago

    Rutger is deceased

  • ali mac
    ali mac Hour ago


  • James Fife
    James Fife 2 hours ago

    Stephen Fry is definitely "punching above his weight "! Good on him, Elliott is a cutie.

  • Daniel Tellez
    Daniel Tellez 2 hours ago

    Eso si ya es demasiado exagerado con tantas propiedades y varios autos no mamen también

  • Martyna Milišauskaitė

    Awwww his favourite artist is Niall. THAT IS SOOO FREAKINGGGGG CUUUUUTEEEE

    ROCKET MAN 3 hours ago

    Jeez he should have auditioned to be the hulk at 28

  • luisvega666
    luisvega666 3 hours ago

    Last 25 years passed like crazy. Here iam watching them as young actors and now they grandpas

  • luisvega666
    luisvega666 3 hours ago

    Take. Otice while we young. Now i drink smoke. I shoukd do it when iam old not whilemy body can train

  • Johannes
    Johannes 3 hours ago

    Even if most people have a good live in brunei his behaviour is just disgusting

  • Krystian Łączkowski

    The best one...No one bether Forever

  • Isaac Innocent
    Isaac Innocent 4 hours ago

    Ce7 for ever

  • Joseph Galla
    Joseph Galla 4 hours ago

    I like Dolph Lundgen his movies were just great and it doesn't matter to me about how he looks at the end of the video.

  • Tina Silva
    Tina Silva 4 hours ago

    Michelle Yeoh linda 🤩

  • Сергей Юзиков

    Как его люблю безумно, я Ирина Ирина Юзикова,пишу с другой почты

  • Fisherman290
    Fisherman290 4 hours ago

    They should make the day of his death a holiday

    MENTİS MONROE 5 hours ago

    I ❤️💚💙 ROCKY 💚❤️💜 I 💛❤️💚 DRAGA 💜💚💛

  • Greek Alex/polis
    Greek Alex/polis 5 hours ago

    Finally an patriot who beats the Free Mason's in ass!!!!

  • Md Babo
    Md Babo 5 hours ago


  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 5 hours ago

    Where is his other dog? *RAMOS*

  • Maria Jose Diaz
    Maria Jose Diaz 5 hours ago

    Gym4U son unos mentirosos! !!!

  • Tracy Johnson
    Tracy Johnson 5 hours ago

    She looks like a right laugh - she's always smiling - i can see why Hugh went for her - he seems like a really positive, fun guy himself and he obviously loves that in his partner too. I love her fun dress sense too - splashes of colour and interesting shapes to frame those bangin' curves. They seem really well suited - good for them 😊

  • Artur Bacaltchuk
    Artur Bacaltchuk 5 hours ago

    Ele era muito fofo

  • JD ForThree
    JD ForThree 5 hours ago

    The idol of body building

  • Ibrogim Gasanov
    Ibrogim Gasanov 5 hours ago


  • Kaden Tefertiller
    Kaden Tefertiller 5 hours ago

    So it was 1998 was when he became overweight and then got bigger and bigger as he got older. Damn

  • Cristiano Diniz
    Cristiano Diniz 5 hours ago

    Trocaria minha vida por algumas horas conversando com ele. Deve ter uma história de vida fantástica. Coragem superação e sucesso.

  • KABİL 1
    KABİL 1 5 hours ago

    He Died 32 ...that's what I call it to leave at the top :)

  • Hanumant Navale
    Hanumant Navale 6 hours ago

    Ioveyoumichael Miss you

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph 6 hours ago

    Justin my boy you have won😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😇

  • playmaker 101
    playmaker 101 6 hours ago

    Leo Messi fashion sense is better

  • shelia rouch
    shelia rouch 6 hours ago

    Luke Evans !!

  • DPlyrics
    DPlyrics 6 hours ago

    idk I still love her haha

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris 6 hours ago

    Look's like he's still WANTED, Dead or Alive!

  • Marek Nm
    Marek Nm 6 hours ago

    2:10 Hogwart

  • Fátima Guerreiro
    Fátima Guerreiro 6 hours ago

    Ambos estão bem, dentro do possivel. Parabéns.

  • Imelda Dian
    Imelda Dian 7 hours ago

    OMG they're so handsome, but I am so sad 😢😢😢

  • Cameron Boyce memories

    He was not 7 on Jessie or grown ups

    BLACK KENNEDY BLK 7 hours ago

    Even in the picture Vin Diesel looks pissed by Dwayne being above him on the list 😂😂

  • Muktdir Khan
    Muktdir Khan 7 hours ago


    YOXYO 7 hours ago

    4:52 i have seen that pic on a fortnite thumbnail!!!

  • Mike C
    Mike C 7 hours ago

    Who runs this fuckin channel. So much shit wrong in this. Toolbag

  • Ach dib
    Ach dib 8 hours ago

    Gay couples Is a huge lie , i've been a gay for ages , then i realized that gay Community is the fakest thing in the existence

  • sahli Jied
    sahli Jied 8 hours ago

    Niki minaje is butch do you best

  • Kelly Thompson
    Kelly Thompson 8 hours ago

    I'm sorry but I'd take Charlie any day over Justin...I'm not saying Justin isn't good-looking or anything it's just I personally think Charlie is hotter....also he seems more down to earth whereas Justin seems to have one hell of an ego on him which turns me away...

  • ahamad fbbalairung
    ahamad fbbalairung 8 hours ago

    Editan.... Fuck

  • Elly Raborn
    Elly Raborn 8 hours ago


  • JP ChAuDaRy
    JP ChAuDaRy 8 hours ago

    Simple,Sober yet a very Rich Hearted Man Bill Gates...Salute & Respect 👮🤘

  • nomore3666
    nomore3666 8 hours ago

    Health is the # 1 and the plus , will be the Zeros on the righ .🙏

  • Holly Couture
    Holly Couture 8 hours ago

    I only wanted this video because I thought he had the golden car and the puppy and I think he is rich

  • Kimmyree _
    Kimmyree _ 8 hours ago

    I like bill’s house more

  • clemence claro
    clemence claro 8 hours ago

    01:00 i love you Ariana

  • Init Best Compilation

    They used Arnold's head on a wrong body LMAO!

  • Katherine Silard
    Katherine Silard 8 hours ago


  • Javier Leonardo Carlos Cespedes Lopez

    Rip Cameron Boyce 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Javier Leonardo Carlos Cespedes Lopez

    Rip Cameron Boyce

  • Rajiv Murkejee
    Rajiv Murkejee 9 hours ago

    Doubt he could do any better

  • Mahid Aslam
    Mahid Aslam 9 hours ago

    off course eminem's daughter.

  • ViralNation
    ViralNation 9 hours ago

    I wonder what they use Vaseline or baby oil

  • Jesus Alberto
    Jesus Alberto 9 hours ago

    A los 16 años ya parecía un señor de 30 años jajajaja 😂

  • Damien King
    Damien King 9 hours ago

    2020 hulk

  • TTT Nguyễn Thắng

    Subscribe Vietnamese

  • Richard Gilman
    Richard Gilman 10 hours ago

    Get to da choppa

  • Zack Gamer
    Zack Gamer 10 hours ago

    7:35 that child is star from Philippines hahahahahahah his nickname is Baste

  • Gina Antrobus
    Gina Antrobus 10 hours ago

    Man shoulders man legs manly face this is a man who had a baby ? Come on wake up fools !

  • Damo Mc
    Damo Mc 10 hours ago

    And he’s not got a good car

  • Damo Mc
    Damo Mc 10 hours ago

    That’s picture is not Micheal house what a shit video

  • Monkeyboytjw Jamie
    Monkeyboytjw Jamie 10 hours ago

    Me rip

  • Napoléon Bonaparte
    Napoléon Bonaparte 10 hours ago

    Forever young - Alphaville must be here😭😭😭

  • Syifa Fauziah
    Syifa Fauziah 11 hours ago

    what hailey?

  • Ava Plays Roblox
    Ava Plays Roblox 11 hours ago

    Cameron Boyce we all have you our hearts you will be missed a lot but never forgotten

  • Maureen Wagg
    Maureen Wagg 11 hours ago

    I call Bullshit on this video. Hunter was Ted Nugent, not James Hetfield. Hunter with bear also not James. We are fans so I think we know James on sight. This is BS.

  • Mohd arbaaz
    Mohd arbaaz 11 hours ago

    I love Jackie Chan

  • Melan Meilan
    Melan Meilan 11 hours ago

    21 Savage ???

  • Aldin Susa
    Aldin Susa 11 hours ago

    #xxx tentacion 😥😪😭

  • 9 years Old
    9 years Old 11 hours ago

    they both looks so match

  • Nu Đặng Hoàng
    Nu Đặng Hoàng 11 hours ago

    helo nice to meet you

  • Patrizia Meneghetti
    Patrizia Meneghetti 12 hours ago

    Nn mi fanno pena..

  • Itz ya Boi Tristan
    Itz ya Boi Tristan 12 hours ago

    He Makes 120k A Week And J Lings Is His Best Freind

  • Icosium Algesiras
    Icosium Algesiras 12 hours ago

    andy died in 1988!! maurice in 2003!

  • THEDPOGI zxc
    THEDPOGI zxc 12 hours ago

    When i watch this video i suprised i dont know why im crying😅😍😭😭😭😭! I miss him!😗

  • Ehan Asif
    Ehan Asif 12 hours ago

    Link of the sound track please😍

  • Marko Males
    Marko Males 12 hours ago

    This legend will never die

  • Olivier-Laurent Baltimore


  • Biang Lhuid
    Biang Lhuid 12 hours ago

    Wow Ariana looks very cute and sweet

  • Ha Alfred
    Ha Alfred 12 hours ago

    Ant vs elephant

  • Chirayata Chatterji
    Chirayata Chatterji 12 hours ago

    wheres goldberg, batista, lashley, big show, undertaker, brodus clay, ezekiel jackson, cesaro, big e ?

  • EasyTonganSniper
    EasyTonganSniper 13 hours ago

    This list is fake. How was she dating LeBron when he’s been married and in a committed relationship with the same woman since he was 18?

    CENTIPEDE 13 hours ago

    pls dont put fake muscles of john cena you will lose respect young men

  • ibra_hus show
    ibra_hus show 13 hours ago

    Phottors are not true xxx was 20 when the moonlight track was

  • DR. DEDA
    DR. DEDA 13 hours ago

    Legend for ever ❤❤

  • Khalifa Boutique
    Khalifa Boutique 13 hours ago

    East or west messi is best

  • HINDIAN bounce BACK
    HINDIAN bounce BACK 13 hours ago

    No words..............

  • Batman Justice League
    Batman Justice League 13 hours ago

    He died already

  • Joost van der Lee
    Joost van der Lee 13 hours ago

    Laurel is the black canary Sara is the white canary

  • Ragini Kumari
    Ragini Kumari 14 hours ago

    Please Shout Out

  • chetan patil
    chetan patil 14 hours ago

    What a beautiful great car 🚗🚗🚗man