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Victorian Farm Episode VI
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Victorian Farm Episode III
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Victorian Farm Episode II
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Victorian Farm Episode I
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  • Taran Whyte
    Taran Whyte Day ago

    I'm sure I just heard Ruth say "bladders pigs" instead of "pigs bladders! Did anyone else notice that? Anyhoo, it gave me a little chuckle. I really love these historical series. They're brilliant!

  • Daniel McCallon
    Daniel McCallon 3 days ago

    There are people in the Appalachians of the US who insulate their houses with newspaper and use kerosene ( highly flammable) for heating and lamps. It's not uncommon for them to only travel into " civilization" once a month to get their government checks from the post office and pick up staple supplies. Then they travel back to their ( hollow) pronounced holler which are treacherous unpaved dirt roads that wind up the mountain. The make their own alcohol called moonshine. And when the weather gets cold they bring their animals into their house with them. They live like a large clan and when you enter into their hollow you have to be careful because they have signs warning- shotguns. I don't know why they haven't done a series on these pockets of families at least a book perhaps. I think it would be sad to film. Those generational families have been there since at least mid 1800's. We have Amish of course but they aren't as secluded from the outside world. The amish have their own doctors , communities, accessibility, and schools etc. The folks in the hollows do not.

    KRIS SCHNEIDER 4 days ago

    This was a FAN-TAS-TIC series! I loved it!!!!

  • Deborah Muniz
    Deborah Muniz 4 days ago

    Loved the way they made bricks for everything, and there sence of unity among each other,great!🍲🐓🎍🍗🍜🔥

  • Paladin 06
    Paladin 06 5 days ago

    Ruth: "Mushrooms like to grow somewhere damp and dark" England, right Ruth?

  • Mel Flo
    Mel Flo 7 days ago

    I watch this because of the team, Ruth, Alex, and Peter.

  • homesteader fifty w/ ricky & martha

    Mr Acton seems more welcoming and cheerful

  • pahrahinc
    pahrahinc 7 days ago

    The MRS. SAYS. My Father was a good animal husbandry Man, we had a ranch in California and we were forever doing something for the horses, sheep and cows my parents owned, always doctoring them, looking for any injuries, and caring for their hooves, as my Father said "NO HOOF, NO HORSE" always, always look at the bottoms of their hooves, it's imperative to know how painful a hoof injury can be, Dad was always caring a bottle of Jensens Blue, a wound dressing to dab on scratches and cuts, a big ill tempered mare bit a young filly so hard she tore off some flesh, wow Dad was walking through the pasture looking for that kind of problem, good thing he did she was bleeding and had blood all the way down her leg, damn we got her out of there fast and called the vet to sew her up and kept her isolated and gave her sugar-water and plenty of grain and apples and just stayed close to her to let her know she's going to be safe, Dad said I think she might have died if we hadn't found that nasty gash. It never ends when you have animals, so be diligent and care for your stock.

  • Mikaela
    Mikaela 7 days ago

    I quite enjoyed this series! Does anyone know if you can get this on DVD?

  • Paladin 06
    Paladin 06 8 days ago

    What's compelling to me about this and the Wartime series is that Victorian farmers ate much better.

  • Another Person
    Another Person 10 days ago

    Peter looked so sad when the tamworth pigs needed to go. T.T

  • Karin Reck
    Karin Reck 13 days ago

    I adore Ruth, Peter and Alex, they're my spirit animals lol.

  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor 13 days ago

    The 2 of them are a bit much for that poor little donkey to pull about!🤨

  • Mona J
    Mona J 14 days ago

    This has been edited to remove some bits.

  • Darlene Lopez
    Darlene Lopez 14 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this lady cooking should clean her damn fingernails before starting to prepare food?

  • Darlene Lopez
    Darlene Lopez 14 days ago

    Clean fingernails are important grooming. Just saying. Especially if you plan to stick your hands in something you'll eat later.

  • musicguy20
    musicguy20 14 days ago

    At 56:50 you can see the bee showing off it’s twerking skills 🐝

  • Patricia Mesa
    Patricia Mesa 17 days ago

    I loved this program . Then I looked in the description box and it pt.2 Well I'm going to find pt.1 and any other parts because this is really interesting BBC is the best

  • cyndimills0
    cyndimills0 17 days ago

    People keep talking about Peter being hot, and they’re not wrong, but Alex is super cute too and they get along so well. They’re a perfect poly fantasy!

  • kymetah wilson
    kymetah wilson 17 days ago

    i am so fascinated by this. i have been watching this series for the last couple days and love it. i am now really interested on cooking on a Victorian range and i have an appreciation for the basket man! what a beautiful craft. i am 24 and want to try living like this at least once in my life

  • TreeTrout
    TreeTrout 18 days ago

    Luca: " It gives me a heart pain..." I smile now but when he first said it, when I first viewed it, I mean, I bust a gut laughing. Great guy.

  • Jayknee Garner
    Jayknee Garner 18 days ago

    Bit of a over exaggeration on the shoeing bit! Driving the nail in the wrong way will lame a horse but it won’t be for life! Usually if a nail starts going the wrong way the horse will react and pull the foot away. It’s damn near impossible to drive a nail so far into the foot the wrong way to cause a serious bony infection! A hoof abscess is sure to form but they very very rarely lead to lifetime lameness. The nail would be removed and the resulting hole would be treated with a antiseptic preparation of the time.

  • Jane Mann
    Jane Mann 18 days ago

    Alex,Peter and Ruth well done.I remember as a child our grandmother gave us in a small paper bag an orange,apple,nuts,stick candy an other candy for Christmas,Tjat was my favorite part

  • MrMulrine83
    MrMulrine83 18 days ago

    talks about dairymaids being scrupulously clean - cuts to a view of her dirty fingernails :D

  • TreeTrout
    TreeTrout 19 days ago

    I've watched these series many times, from Green Valley to Wartime Farm, and now I'm back for another viewing. A few years ago I had a housekeeper and she'd sit and watch with me. She called Ruth her " Hero " because of her stalwart, dutiful ways. As a widower, it was nice to share the series' with someone who enjoyed it as much as I. ( Alex can condescend to Peter a bit too much for my taste).

  • TreeTrout
    TreeTrout 19 days ago

    I had a Gloucester Ol' Spot when I was a child - about 70 -71. I, being 7- 8 used to ride her like a horse. Great animal, but, as the man says 'nothing as obstinate as a pig'.

  • Ev Palfy
    Ev Palfy 22 days ago

    So lovely

  • Vicki Vrbanek
    Vicki Vrbanek 26 days ago

    Ruth has the BEST laugh EVER!

  • Peter Cofrancesco
    Peter Cofrancesco 26 days ago

    Great educational traditional video! Thank you so much!

  • Fadenwerkerin Bonn
    Fadenwerkerin Bonn 26 days ago

    A resident woodworker named Wool and making butter compared to planet formation......I love these guys!!!!

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 26 days ago

    Ugh.... Professor Hutton.

  • Narcisa Menegazzi
    Narcisa Menegazzi 26 days ago

    wow I love victorian life

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    30:07 Alex looks like he might turn into Mr.Hyde.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    That white team of horses are so beautiful.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    Do you think the sight of the new copper made up for the garden being seeded over with grass?

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 27 days ago

      And how do you empty that copper anyway? It looks like it weighs a ton.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    Senior Acton looks like he belongs back in the Victorian age.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    26:57 That pig is so satisfied it actually looks like it's smiling.🐷☺

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    Playing the Laurel and Hardy music when they are chasing the sheep. LoL☺☺

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    I bought a singer just like this one 5 years ago. I still haven't tried to sew on it yet. I need to get going!!!

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    All those baby animals.💖

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    I don't want to see Ruth taking a bath.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    Nowadays the only ones making baskets are Cambodians and people in the funny farm.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    44:09 Alex cut down that poor birdies home, me thinks.🍀

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 27 days ago

    37:04 To hell with Ruth's comfort, as long as the pigs are warm. LoL😋

  • Matt Michalak
    Matt Michalak 27 days ago

    Very interesting, however I watched it looking forward to cool recipes... I was a little disappointed.

  • Leslie Beckwith
    Leslie Beckwith 29 days ago

    so they needed bricks to make bricks. i wonder who made the first brick.

  • kodomotachi1
    kodomotachi1 Month ago

    Ahhh! Professor Hutton, yes!

  • kodomotachi1
    kodomotachi1 Month ago

    I was actually impressed by Mr Acton's active involvement in the seeding process with the horse, Smiler.

  • Xeidasx
    Xeidasx Month ago

    "I have her, I have her, I have her!" "What hast thee, what hast thee, what hast thee?" "A mare, a mare, a mare!" I think that guy just made that up on the spot for the cameras HAHAHA it sounds too silly to be true.

    • kodomotachi1
      kodomotachi1 Month ago

      Nope, he didn't. It's not even the weirdest tradition around...

  • Cathy Solorzano
    Cathy Solorzano Month ago

    I love the movie it was awesompliease make movies like this one

  • Xeidasx
    Xeidasx Month ago

    When Peter split his trousers LMAO

  • Xeidasx
    Xeidasx Month ago

    That bike shearing is cheating.... the bike came from the 1950s

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 27 days ago

      @Xeidasx I will have to go back and watch the segment again. I didn't pay attention to the make of the bike.

    • Xeidasx
      Xeidasx 27 days ago

      @Sheila T. i get that but every equipment they used was from the victorian period and it would just have seemed fitting for the bike to have also been from then. It just keeps with the authentic theme.

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 27 days ago

      Bikes were invented in 1817.

  • Nikki Schoessow
    Nikki Schoessow Month ago

    I would tatoo that little baby butnota big brand like is on him or her

  • Elizabeth Bush
    Elizabeth Bush Month ago

    Oh poor peter 🤣

  • Angelica Eklund
    Angelica Eklund Month ago

    throwing clay is another way to release your anger

  • Dr. Tobias Fünke

    52:52 Unfortunate timing withe the music.., makes it seem like he's farting XD

  • tubeyhamster
    tubeyhamster Month ago

    After years of seeing farriers shoe my horses with ready-made shoes, seeing one make all four out of bars of steel seems like an incredible amount of work.

  • Audrey West Holtz

    When are they going to start working on the castle again?

  • Angela Suzette
    Angela Suzette Month ago

    The aristocratic, old landowner completes the show, especially during the cider making episode. He seems entirely comfortable in this environment.

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 27 days ago

      It's so much fun to watch him being pompous. LoL😋

  • Iridescent Aurora

    Seems to me like Christmas Puddings were the precursors to Fruit Cake in the US. Fruit cake was more popular a few decades ago. It’s seen as a stereotypical Christmas dessert now (in movies) but I don’t know of any family that actually has fruit cake at their family dinner.

  • Living Life with Momma Wendy Waeghe

    In the US pudding is a custard type of dessert.

  • abeautifulmess 36

    Ruth looks lovely with her hair down.

  • Laura Lowder
    Laura Lowder Month ago

    Richard -- Please. It's not placenta, it's amnionic sac covering that lamb's face.

  • Kimmy Queen
    Kimmy Queen Month ago

    Smiler: Bitch I'm retired!

  • Kimmy Queen
    Kimmy Queen Month ago

    Lamb: Bitch why dragging my kid?

  • Kimmy Queen
    Kimmy Queen Month ago

    Daphuq with the dog!

  • Kimmy Queen
    Kimmy Queen Month ago

    10 years ago!

  • Sandra Long
    Sandra Long Month ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed this series

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    That’s why i don’t like milk

  • Kimmy Queen
    Kimmy Queen 2 months ago

    13:35 Ugh... open a window!

  • 2006athena
    2006athena 2 months ago

    Richard Spencer is so awesome

  • jeremy booth
    jeremy booth 2 months ago

    What is a pantry cold stone and how does it work... American asking?

  • hot pepper
    hot pepper 2 months ago

    Are the books mentioned available for sale ?

  • BillQuag -
    BillQuag - 2 months ago

    Outstanding...and I do love the sound of this woman's laughter...

  • James cash
    James cash 2 months ago

    I have enjoyed this series so much,thank you for sharing

  • Filip Tereszyński
    Filip Tereszyński 2 months ago

    Are people in shropshire living in victorian era?

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 27 days ago

      The Actons were turning the property into a living history farm I believe

  • reta strong
    reta strong 2 months ago

    Peter, mines wrapped with the wee wee ribbon 🎀 lol 😆

  • reta strong
    reta strong 2 months ago

    It was hard to see the end of this I wish it would go on and on.

  • Alida Hall
    Alida Hall 2 months ago

    If this was on dvd id buy them

  • PCplays99
    PCplays99 2 months ago

    Reality series such as this are more than just entertainment. They're history, they're basically real, they're valuable and in other words they are so worth watching. It would be hard to find better things to watch than BBC and British productions.

  • flametree74
    flametree74 3 months ago

    I love and enjoy these series enormously. It's hard to imagine a time when all the animals in on the land, rivers and birds belonged to the landowners and the tenants could be hungry and it be illegal to hunt game or fish.

  • Megan Elise
    Megan Elise 3 months ago

    Anyone else get a little heart broken that Peter isn’t more excited about his Christmas present from Ruth after she spent hours in the freezing cold embroidering every inch by hand?? 😭

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 27 days ago

      They must not realize the time and effort. He wanted a toy!!

  • brcmano
    brcmano 3 months ago

    I could watch Ruth talk for hours at end about anything, she has a natural way of explaining things with so gracefulness and knowledge.

  • Clara Derrick
    Clara Derrick 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed this series. Being an American and my ancestry is in England, Wales, Irish, and Scottish. I enjoyed this immensely. I knew the Victorian Farmers worked hard. I now know why in my parents ranch why we worked hard. It is in our blood. My husband and I have a ranch in Texas. We worked hard. Now it’s up to our sins and their families. We oversee everything now. Here in Texas our weather is very unpredictable. In winter it can be mild to cold weather. Mainly rain. Hardly no snow or sleet. Summer sweating heat. I can’t imagine back in the old days coping with the heat. Winter yes heat no. Now I know where I get that drive for working hard in our ranch. It’s in my blood.

  • Another Person
    Another Person 3 months ago

    Richard Spencer kills me every time. I love the guy.

  • Eliana Robinson
    Eliana Robinson 3 months ago

    impressive, also love how you presented the video - different.

  • Thomas Stevens
    Thomas Stevens 3 months ago

    I like Ruth because I think she really puts her ❤ in it

  • Gerardo Enriquez Ramos

    I love these type of shows! they're just wonderful. thank you for sharing. subscribed and loved

  • Miche Campbell
    Miche Campbell 3 months ago

    I'll admit I'm wondering what they did with the maggotty fleeces. There's no way that wool didn't go for sale, but how did they get the maggots out?

  • Marige OBrien
    Marige OBrien 3 months ago

    Eh-eh. I found a discrepancy. Around 38:00, Peter says that during the Victorian period there was no fixed idea of St. Nicholas and that it wasn't until the 1930's when Coca-Cola... etc. (you can go to that point for the rest.) No, no. And I'm very surprised to find such a glaring error. Clement C. Moore first published "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (or, Twas The Night Before Christmas) in 1823, even before the Victorian era began. And it was immediately a big hit. In it, there is a very detailed description of St. Nicholas, from his clothes to his pipe and beard, even his sleigh and his reindeer. Though Coca-Cola did have a famous campaign in the 1930's, that was long after St. Nicholas was firmly established in his traditional wear... and even though it was "only" an American poem, I believe it was popular throughout Christendom. Where Peter got this nonsense about Coca-Cola I don't know. He really should have checked his facts.

  • Paul Stovall
    Paul Stovall 3 months ago

    This brings back so many memories from reading Charles Dickens as a young child. You good folk have done a wonderful job. Thank you.

  • She Who Knows All
    She Who Knows All 3 months ago

    🤢 *(**55:10**)* 🤮

  • Paul Stovall
    Paul Stovall 3 months ago

    EXCELLENT and so very well done historical series. Thank you. I love the period recipes.

  • suzanne guiho
    suzanne guiho 3 months ago

    Ruth seems to hate all what is qualified as domestic shores!

  • chevalvivant
    chevalvivant 3 months ago

    Clumper is lame at 3:06 and looks due to this careless and ill fitting harness set up, it breaks and falls striking his left hind pastern, Clumper lifts his leg in pain on the first stride. The wood is almost touching his legs at a halt when Alex reacts to it coming unhitched. Check your horse after such an accident!! This would be devastating for a true farmer losing his power source. I love this show but for the lack of competent horse management and maintenance. They don't take care of themselves in this environment and work load.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 3 months ago

    How do they empty that huge copper?

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 3 months ago

    Finally, she browns the meat first!

  • chevalvivant
    chevalvivant 3 months ago

    I love this show, but...someone should have schooled these two men about horse care and handling...ridiculous and clumsy!

  • Misha C
    Misha C 3 months ago

    If you infuse the alkanet in oil for week, shaking the bottle daily, you get a better result

  • nathan110063
    nathan110063 3 months ago

    anyone else love Ruth's enthusiasm.