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  • IzzyLand
    IzzyLand 7 minutes ago

    Just make sure you don’t run out 😅

  • Aakier
    Aakier 13 minutes ago

    well dont crack the fucking shells on the bottom of the container you're emptying them into - I thought you actually had some mediocre skills in the kitchen? apparently you do NOT

  • Tracy Hart
    Tracy Hart 43 minutes ago

    Sam, The Cooking Guy....a shirt that says "Frijoles" is all good and well...but a shirt that would say "Frijolero" is that shirt on 10...."Frijoles" just says beans...but "Frijolero" is a "Hoarder of Beans" or "Beaner" in Spanish..which makes a 100x funnier shirt...just saying as an "American of Mexican heritage"...There is a song about being a "Frijolero" Trust me dude, way better shirt as "Frijolero" least to the Spanglish of us out here...Please listen to Max on this one, I know he will listen to reason......

    • Tracy Hart
      Tracy Hart 35 minutes ago

      Do Frijolero...and then "Ba ba bum ba bum bum ba ba FRIJOLES...that would be much better...or Chiles...or Tacos...or all of the are welcome for the advice

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas 46 minutes ago

    That dough was terrible. No colour and looked like it needed another few minutes. No olive oil on it either?

  • DARTHeeek
    DARTHeeek 52 minutes ago

    That's a burger. Not a sandwich. The chicken is in a burger bun. Not two slices of bread. If it was in two slices of bread, it would be a sandwich. But it's in a burger bun...

  • Cristopher Orellana
    Cristopher Orellana 57 minutes ago

    Did anyone actually make this ? Cuz my chicken is in the cooler as I type this lmao

  • sanchezproductions87

    Sam The Cooking Guy hears a plane; transforms into SAM THE YELLING GUY! lol

  • Peppita Chips
    Peppita Chips Hour ago

    I can’t do cheese with Sea food

  • Chris
    Chris Hour ago

    Sausage roll from The Ginger Pig is where you go for it

  • Chris
    Chris Hour ago

    You aren't going to get a full English that good anywhere else so don't get your hopes up

  • David london
    David london Hour ago

    I'm hungry 😋

  • Michael Pewtress

    All I see with that trim is BROTH!!!!111!!!!1!!!!!!

  • AvocadoSmoothie
    AvocadoSmoothie Hour ago

    Maybe there is so much shell because your SLAMMING THE EGGS IN THE BOWL TO OPEN THEM 😭😭😭 such a great moment to watch you SLAM eggs so hard to open them 😭

  • Dan Nobles
    Dan Nobles Hour ago

    Thanks for another fun video, I am enjoying your channel more and more

  • Elon Pope
    Elon Pope Hour ago

    When Cain killed Abel, God asked Cain where is his brother. Cain said I do not know, am I my brother's keeper? God said his blood is crying out to me from the ground. Then God cursed Cain for murdering his brother. Sam murdered the steak and the comment section is cursing Sam the same way because the blood was screaming for more hot oil. The potatoes looked bomb though!

  • hibachi1415
    hibachi1415 Hour ago

    that shirt is so dope

  • Dennis Johnston
    Dennis Johnston 2 hours ago

    Lol these ads suck balls. I hope the people who use smule get caught in a house fire, obv kids die first

  • Rich Pav
    Rich Pav 2 hours ago

    A native speaker of Japanese would lay out the text on your shirt differently. It looks off because the word "cooking" is awkwardly divided in the wrong place. It looks like "Engrish," but it's Japanese. Japlish?

  • fo22est gump
    fo22est gump 2 hours ago

    I have loved everything of yours I had made, but does anyone else vouch for the kewpie mayonnaise? I'm wanting to order some but just want some other opinions. Thanks!

  • RJ
    RJ 2 hours ago

    I would like to see a Chicago style pizza. I would also like to know WTF to use canola oil in. WTF is a canola anyways? That shit got on my hands and now they are waterproof.

  • Rick Martin
    Rick Martin 2 hours ago

    Ok, I guess I live in a hick town 😳 I can’t buy fucking Japanese mayo! So, I guess I got to make it myself? Do I use plain old chicken eggs or maybe pterodactyl eggs or something, and call it Mayo de ‘merica!

  • ChevyPhil
    ChevyPhil 2 hours ago

    ok sam and fam, I want to see you deliver to Niagara falls new york lol

  • Girl Andhermakeup
    Girl Andhermakeup 2 hours ago

    I dislike crunchy fried chicken. It’s not my jam. Crispy is another story.

  • Neftaly
    Neftaly 2 hours ago

    Soy sauce ? Might as well eat this with noodles chomein lol

  • Osama hakami
    Osama hakami 2 hours ago

    Thats real burger.. will done 😍

  • Neftaly
    Neftaly 2 hours ago

    Skip the soy sauce I never met a Mexican or Mexican America that adds soy sauce

  • robscot971
    robscot971 2 hours ago

    Monte Cristo sandwhich please

  • Fraket
    Fraket 2 hours ago

    FYI that "cajun seasoning" looked to be Tony Chachere. Good stuff

  • Eddie3067 yikes
    Eddie3067 yikes 2 hours ago

    Dude.. you eat half the stuff before you start cooking.

  • HappyMV
    HappyMV 2 hours ago

    Pure yummy goodness!! Oh, and about the partaking of the "ganja" - I would think your followers are the more enlightened folk. Do not apologize Sam, for what you believe in. HEAR ME????? OK - old lady "out". Now - gonna try to follow this recipe......

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 2 hours ago

    I have a rotisserie I’ve used it a few times since I got it on Mother’s Day but I can’t get the forks placed right and I can’t find rotisserie seasoning like the deli uses .. I butter and salt pepper and garlic itgere good but it’s not the same...

  • Mad Guru
    Mad Guru 2 hours ago

    this is by far your laziest video. thus no caps at start of sentences in my response

  • Mad Guru
    Mad Guru 2 hours ago

    WTH are you doing Max??

  • Nathan Foley
    Nathan Foley 2 hours ago

    Sam is inebriated

  • Mad Guru
    Mad Guru 2 hours ago

    realness at 1:32

  • Mad Guru
    Mad Guru 2 hours ago

    You had me at, "You make it bitch!" LOL

  • Terry Hale
    Terry Hale 2 hours ago

    This video came up in my Google News feed on my phone, and I am eternally grateful. I fell in love within the first minute. I was thoroughly entertained and engrossed the whole time. Your presentation style reminds me of myself, and your ad lib cooking style reminds me of my wife. I rarely subscribe to channels and I *never* turn on notifications, but I did both in this case. Really looking forward to watching more of your videos. You have a slightly Canadian accent. Interesting. I want that t-shirt!

  • responsiboul
    responsiboul 3 hours ago

    banh mi with no jalapenos???

  • rjrotermund
    rjrotermund 3 hours ago

    can't get enough watching your shows. i don't want to get political, but it is so clear you are inquisitive about other cultures and religions. wish there wan't a vein of racism against Jewish people. Not many people these days are so open about other cultures. definitely going to make those peppers!!!!!! Keep up the great entertainment and getting us all to MACA! You're awesome!

  • Tajrian Jahan
    Tajrian Jahan 3 hours ago

    That Pronunciation Of ¨Maggi¨ Tho Was Horrendous.

  • Ivan Dykeman
    Ivan Dykeman 3 hours ago

    Why is the kitchen different!!?? Did you move.. tell us

  • eric echols
    eric echols 3 hours ago

    Salmonella man🤢🤮 but that chicken sandwich looks, mmmm....mmmm....good!😋

  • Chris Handley
    Chris Handley 3 hours ago

    Oh yeah...Tony Chachere's

  • rixogtr
    rixogtr 3 hours ago

    Hi Sam. Please make some roasted or grilled OCTOPUS recipe. There is one freshly opened restaurant in Brisbane where I live and it is mixed African and Mediterranean cousine. I've tried the octopus with salad and it was awesome but I've been following you long enough to know that you can do much better. Please teach me how to cook octopus! Your loyal subscriber Richard

  • rixogtr
    rixogtr 3 hours ago

    I'm dying to get those buns in Australia!! Any ideas someone ? Also what type of bun is it ? Thanks

  • Brianna Amber Elizabeth

    Hey Sam! I went to this Asian grocery store with my sister called “H-Mart” and while walking down the isle I seen this bottle with a red top and it was the famous Japanese mayo you use! I was so shocked and went “that’s what Sam the cooking guy uses!!” My sister thought I was crazy lol 😂 I look up to you and your videos I must say the Mayo was amazing! Make a kitchen must haves video please! -Writing from Maryland! Brianna :))

  • bigmoslim
    bigmoslim 4 hours ago

    This has quickly become my favourite channel on TVclip

  • cnate3
    cnate3 4 hours ago

    Sam I love you brother but there is no color to that crust. Fail city dawg. The bottom is more pale than my backside.

  • Ayden MVP
    Ayden MVP 4 hours ago

    Is this from California??? You'll never know. Hawaiian pizza is from Canada 🤯

  • BigJG 504
    BigJG 504 4 hours ago

    no way its better than Popeyes.

  • Jewel Atkins
    Jewel Atkins 4 hours ago

    That was fun!

  • frank ingram
    frank ingram 4 hours ago

    The bread you use is too dense to be a Vietnamese banh mi.

  • lookbackatit
    lookbackatit 4 hours ago

    Hey Sam can you make a Subway sandwich? Maybe a meatball sub?

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong 4 hours ago

    If you dont use the over-sweet, baby vomit tasting bun Popeyes used for this over-hyped sandwich, it's going to be better right out the gate!

  • Eliemanuel Rodriguez

    Dosent matter dude is cooking !!!!! Keep up the good flavor

  • JustLiveInPeace
    JustLiveInPeace 4 hours ago

    On the giveaway page you can select your country but the small print say US residents only. Then why the choice of country?

  • Marcus White
    Marcus White 4 hours ago

    I would love to see you make several different types of egg-rolls, like fusion egg-rolls, similar to what you do with tacos. Pizza egg-roll, Mexican egg-roll etc.

  • Julian Chavis
    Julian Chavis 4 hours ago

    He feels exactly how I feel about the Popeyes sandwich

  • Howard Guess
    Howard Guess 4 hours ago

    Looks interesting but personally not a bologna fan. I prefer Taylor Pork Roll (aka Taylor Ham). It's a South Jersey thing. It fries up nice and tastes good too. Something a little different.

  • LifeisaGamble
    LifeisaGamble 4 hours ago

    Can you do this without sugar? I hate sugar

  • YaBoi Rob
    YaBoi Rob 4 hours ago

    Sam, can I get a plate?

  • Danny Bernabel
    Danny Bernabel 4 hours ago

    “Sam! your freaking awesome thank you for being you and entertaining” you always deliver :)

  • mach51
    mach51 4 hours ago

    Did anyone actually get an email saying that they won the Chosen Avacado Oil?

  • bedlamatic
    bedlamatic 4 hours ago

    You asked so I will suggest......Make a Steak Gatsby .... its a All-in steak roll with salad, chips and big roll...its generally shared between 2-3 people. (South African lunch time meal)

  • David Dockstader Sr.

    I always delete my emails. Have to do it 👍

  • Young C
    Young C 5 hours ago

    Ight look I got another idea for you my guy - you should start a culture food series (Japs-Blacks-Browns & Whites - and anything in between - maybe 20 Episodes first and see how that does - Research - Experiment - Results - make a Lasagna Frita ( Off the Olive Garden Menu next though please ) but add the Sam The Cooking Guy twist because you are really upping my culinary skills 🔱

  • M Good
    M Good 5 hours ago

    Chicken Piccata please

  • Wayne Lyles
    Wayne Lyles 5 hours ago

    Ohh it rained in san diego..youll be ok buttercup..😀🌷

  • brandon thompson
    brandon thompson 5 hours ago

    Dude just get a spoon 😂 for the egg shells

  • Juan Medina
    Juan Medina 5 hours ago

    so many ads my guy... :(

  • R D
    R D 5 hours ago

    Glad you do your research before making the Best versions of them

  • Dan T
    Dan T 5 hours ago

    Wet your finger with water and you can get egg shells out easily.

  • Robin Browne
    Robin Browne 5 hours ago

    Viny finds this whole thing weird. Sam better not become a hit-man or he shoot himself in the foot.

  • Young Dabber
    Young Dabber 5 hours ago

    15:13 LOL

  • Selleck Anderson
    Selleck Anderson 5 hours ago

    Deep fried stuff bell peppers

  • B-Mal
    B-Mal 5 hours ago

    Shout out to Sam and the crew for using Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning. I'm from Louisiana and use it on everything. Lol. Good vid.

  • Frank Tedesco
    Frank Tedesco 5 hours ago

    love you, Sam. but you gotta NOT use sugar or paste. Let the lycopene form. replace the dried oregano with dried basil. give it all a try...

  • Sadie Courtney
    Sadie Courtney 5 hours ago

    100 out of fucking 10!!!! Thank u so much, paired withcreamy garlic sauce and its delicious, even though i messed up the batter a little lol

  • Steve Dirks
    Steve Dirks 5 hours ago

    That is perfect! My butcher has beef loin at $ 35.00 a lb!!! I need to find yours t $14.99 HELP!!!

  • Madison Baldwin
    Madison Baldwin 5 hours ago

    What happened to the bacon? Was that for someone's order?

  • Amanda Walker
    Amanda Walker 5 hours ago

    Put the mayonnaise in the sriracha sauce.😋😋😋

  • Scott Riley
    Scott Riley 5 hours ago

    This is great cooking and just as much comedy, much needed, thank you.

  • Scott Riley
    Scott Riley 5 hours ago

    Ok I subbed, great cooking and cussing.

  • docsspot
    docsspot 5 hours ago

    Made these tonight. Only thing I did different way grilled my chicken breast and marinated it in Ortega fajita seasoning and used a 3 cheese Mexican blend (local grocery it was on sale), they were delicious. Best compliment I got was my son said taste like "Don Ringo", a local Mexican restaurant. Best part was made the whole batch for less than what one plate would be there. You rock, what sets you apart, other than making it fun, is it's shit I can get. Some cooking TVcliprs it's like mother fucker I can't go to China to make this shit taste good, you rock

  • j ened
    j ened 5 hours ago

    We love your videos! How about doing Loco Moco?!😯😯😯

  • Pull-Up Then!
    Pull-Up Then! 5 hours ago

    Call that a sandwich Sam, don’t be rude calling that a banh mi

  • Scott Riley
    Scott Riley 6 hours ago

    Yah, that all does look very good.

  • Marjan Tebyani
    Marjan Tebyani 6 hours ago

    Great to see you back in the backyard. Love the Evo ❤️

  • Justin Bradshaw
    Justin Bradshaw 6 hours ago

    Chicken in the long sandwich looks like a penis

  • Samantha Quintana
    Samantha Quintana 6 hours ago

    I've eaten like a thousand fideo recipes from a thousand different people and all of them are different. All of them were also delicious. Fideo seco, Tex Mex fideo, sopa de fideo.... If it's got fideo and tomato in it, it's gonna be good! I'm looking forward to trying this during winter. It looks like a stew. Would be awesome topped with cracked black pepper and fresh cilantro. Some buttered, toasted bolillo to accompany it. Good job!

  • james briggs
    james briggs 6 hours ago

    You need to make a spicy beef burger 80/20

  • DOFA
    DOFA 6 hours ago

    Now this Chef is good!!

  • Whos Zee
    Whos Zee 6 hours ago

    Until today i had never seen a person wipe their mouth with a whole roll of paper towels.

  • Kim Davis
    Kim Davis 6 hours ago

    Sam, try fried macaroni and cheese, please.

  • zeillion
    zeillion 6 hours ago

    Beef liver recipe. Had a buddy butcher a cow and I got the liver because he didn't want it.

  • Chick fila
    Chick fila 6 hours ago

    Dam, give this guy a break and stop getting offended because he called this is New York pizza or because the crust was undercooked you little annoying shits

  • Tom Glass
    Tom Glass 6 hours ago

    I've made this twice over the past few weeks. And I did get the exact brand of ramen that Sam used. I didn't find it nearly as hot as he described it. It was good, but not nearly that hot. I do like the chili paste to use for other dishes. That thick stuff has a TON of flavor and some heat. Enjoy these videos.

  • DOFA
    DOFA 6 hours ago

    I would love to know how to make the Vietnamese Pork Roll...please...please

  • Bryan Roney
    Bryan Roney 6 hours ago

    So Sam... did the wife finally kick you out? What's this hide a way all about with the 1960s white bathroom tiled kitchen?

  • DOFA
    DOFA 6 hours ago

    You made my mouth water, you are simply a pro, i have nothing more to say.