That YouTub3 Family - The Adventurers
That YouTub3 Family - The Adventurers
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The DollMaker S2 Movie 2
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The DollMaker S2 Movie 1
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  • Adna Cumar
    Adna Cumar 4 hours ago

    TVclip a please don't do that

  • Hanel William
    Hanel William 4 hours ago

    This vid is so sad give a like if you don’t want this to happen

  • Kavita Devi
    Kavita Devi 4 hours ago

    I used to be so beautiful now look at me mac

  • Hanel William
    Hanel William 4 hours ago


  • Danni-rae Taylor
    Danni-rae Taylor 5 hours ago


  • Heidi Dial
    Heidi Dial 6 hours ago

    Exploding kittens!

  • Milo Pearson
    Milo Pearson 7 hours ago


  • kuvam Maurya
    kuvam Maurya 7 hours ago

    Are you guys shifting ?

  • aryn
    aryn 8 hours ago

    I am so sorry but I can’t because my mom’s phone is not logged on to goggle so I can’t agin so sorry but I hope you will be able to film and do TVclip in January 2020

  • Chanel Sleiman
    Chanel Sleiman 8 hours ago

    Love you guys soo much

  • Rhett Beattie
    Rhett Beattie 8 hours ago

    Like to save family friendly content👍👍 save family friendly content save family friendly content save family friendly content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geovani Camacho
    Geovani Camacho 8 hours ago


  • Rhett Beattie
    Rhett Beattie 8 hours ago

    Save family friendly contact!! without family-friendly contact my life would be a lie. I am crying thinking about it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Azaillia Le
    Azaillia Le 9 hours ago

    I love you guys please do not leave TVclip

  • Azaillia Le
    Azaillia Le 9 hours ago


  • Azaillia Le
    Azaillia Le 9 hours ago


  • Andrea Romero
    Andrea Romero 9 hours ago

    Pokemon cards and plzzzzzz give me a shout outttttttttttt 😁

  • Azaillia Le
    Azaillia Le 9 hours ago


  • Stephan Sonthra
    Stephan Sonthra 9 hours ago


  • Samantha Arce
    Samantha Arce 9 hours ago

    Hey when Audrey said the master villain has more villains

  • Cordova HAVEN
    Cordova HAVEN 10 hours ago

    The one that I like is pictionary air

  • Giovani Juarez
    Giovani Juarez 10 hours ago

    Is video was so much fun

  • Kayla Hernandez
    Kayla Hernandez 10 hours ago

    Audrey is always granny why can’t anybody else be granny😒🤷‍♀️

  • Kaniaha Mack
    Kaniaha Mack 10 hours ago


  • FlipFlop Friday
    FlipFlop Friday 10 hours ago


  • Amy C
    Amy C 10 hours ago

    I like family family contacts because it’s so fun and then you won’t get in trouble because if you watch like videos with Swearwords you won’t say then and maybe like people drinking alcohol is it right in like kids eight all those type of numbers they really liked videos so maybe you shouldn’t watch those type of videos and let Anne sign the form and put in your voice

  • Samantha Figueroa
    Samantha Figueroa 10 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • Lexi Ormsby
    Lexi Ormsby 10 hours ago

    You should toilet paper there house

  • Amzad Khodabux
    Amzad Khodabux 10 hours ago

    I love that youtube family,just jordan33,Jake and ty,the Williams,jordan may williams,aud vlog,all around audrey, and logan the adventure dog. if you agree like

  • Emillyn Woodruff
    Emillyn Woodruff 11 hours ago

    Get a parakeet AKA love bird

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 11 hours ago

    SHE DID A TIKTOK SONG 😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀

  • madison coleman
    madison coleman 11 hours ago

    Audrey is the best granny

  • Isabela Gutierrez
    Isabela Gutierrez 11 hours ago

    I saw audrey tiktok

  • Lyndon Pitter
    Lyndon Pitter 11 hours ago


  • Warisa’s Play
    Warisa’s Play 11 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • Koroua Baker
    Koroua Baker 11 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • Braylynn Gassett
    Braylynn Gassett 11 hours ago

    Trunk this blue if you saw the crowbar under David's office desk

  • Braylynn Gassett
    Braylynn Gassett 11 hours ago

    Under the office desk

  • Jordin Martin
    Jordin Martin 11 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • Yamira
    Yamira 11 hours ago

    Jordan I love your hair

  • Yuri Mena
    Yuri Mena 11 hours ago

    Boys AND girls both roll

  • Gina Lapointe
    Gina Lapointe 11 hours ago

    dog man

  • Erika Lopez
    Erika Lopez 11 hours ago

    You look like you're in 2nd ty grade but you're so smart 🤯😇

  • Kate Scott
    Kate Scott 11 hours ago

    Yes yes yes

  • Douglas Peters
    Douglas Peters 11 hours ago

    That TVclip family is the best because it makes me laff and if people just adols shows kids will be Forst to wach kid shows that we love if ty3f w what to have adols shows only then you guys are crazy.

  • Noreli Arellano
    Noreli Arellano 11 hours ago

    5:58 my actions are unbeautiful its clear to see im addicted to tik tok

  • Josie Stein
    Josie Stein 11 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • Nicole Tones
    Nicole Tones 11 hours ago

    You should do a curse video

  • Amarilis Leon-Figueroa

    My dad Keeps on say that Granny in my closet.

  • Brett Hubbard
    Brett Hubbard 12 hours ago

    my fav peat was "im so beautiful now look at me"

  • Douglas Peters
    Douglas Peters 12 hours ago

    Hi yes

  • Elizabeth Aguilar
    Elizabeth Aguilar 12 hours ago

    Hi Jordan I love all your guises doll maker videos

  • Martin Taylor
    Martin Taylor 12 hours ago


  • Lisbeth Garcia
    Lisbeth Garcia 12 hours ago


  • Chilton Owens
    Chilton Owens 12 hours ago

    What happened to your basement\game room

  • FaithFinch
    FaithFinch 12 hours ago

    are you guys moving because all the games are gone or are you getting rid of them?

  • Bella Santiago
    Bella Santiago 12 hours ago

    I want draw on air game

  • ETK7809
    ETK7809 12 hours ago

    Can I have some merchandise available for tomorrow afternoon

  • Rochelle Flowers
    Rochelle Flowers 12 hours ago

    when did you get two dogs

  • Bella Samrith
    Bella Samrith 12 hours ago

    I hope they saved it

  • Rochelle Flowers
    Rochelle Flowers 12 hours ago

    dose jake and ty like big nate

  • ETK7809
    ETK7809 12 hours ago

    Can I have some merchandise please send me your email

  • Jason Caudillo
    Jason Caudillo 12 hours ago

    Like this to save that youtub3 family

  • Alana Mclellan
    Alana Mclellan 12 hours ago

    Blue box

  • The Higgs Sisters Gracie & Lexie

    I’m so sorry I did the speaker thing it didn’t say what I wanted to say

  • The Higgs Sisters Gracie & Lexie

    I love your body just like you guys we should watch it sometime

  • Dorothy Mccalop
    Dorothy Mccalop 13 hours ago


  • Jay Perkins
    Jay Perkins 13 hours ago

    Love your videos I love watching them keep it up please sing so well keep it up and I love watching your videos are awesome🤪🤩😋🤗👍😛😍

  • Mary Stolle
    Mary Stolle 13 hours ago

    Jorden you are so nice, Ty you are team shortstuff i am with you because im a so short, Jake you are so funny you make me laugh so hard i almost pee my pants,Audrey you are the world if you were not here it well be boring and thats for all of you make the wrld better

  • Niss S
    Niss S 13 hours ago

    I vote Throw Throw burrito there so cute 🌯

  • gacha love
    gacha love 13 hours ago

    I love you guy's and worried about the ummm save us things 😁

  • Natasha Cruz
    Natasha Cruz 13 hours ago

    I pick Ms. monopoly

    JAZMINE SHAMONNIA 13 hours ago

    I love your videos TVclip family

  • Blaine Boellstorff
    Blaine Boellstorff 13 hours ago

    why is there two hand prints on the mirror in the first part

  • bigdickenrgy
    bigdickenrgy 13 hours ago

    I what Monopoly

  • Meredith Moore
    Meredith Moore 13 hours ago

    I miss granny

  • Alma Machado
    Alma Machado 13 hours ago

    I love uno and i "LOVE" your videos so much

  • Grace Hughes
    Grace Hughes 13 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • xiuying he
    xiuying he 13 hours ago

    I like uno

  • Gaming Pwny
    Gaming Pwny 13 hours ago

    the crowbar is the office room guys under the desk

  • Justanother Randomgurl

    That youtube3 family is my first favorite family.

  • Jewell Cochran
    Jewell Cochran 13 hours ago

    I have been a subscriber for three years you are so cool and I can’t fan mail you anything because I do not know how but you guys are so amazing Jordans funny Audreys funny ty crazzy Jakes crazy David I like how you winks his eyebrow And Katie is fine

  • Alexis McCuller
    Alexis McCuller 13 hours ago

    I played that Barito game last night!!!!

  • Angel__ e_
    Angel__ e_ 13 hours ago

    Why TVclip

  • Paul Augustyn
    Paul Augustyn 13 hours ago


  • Derek Beresford
    Derek Beresford 14 hours ago


  • Alexis Colbert
    Alexis Colbert 14 hours ago

    My youth Has returned😂😂

  • Brenda Ramos
    Brenda Ramos 14 hours ago

    your the best family on youtube right now i love your videos

  • Jimmy Medeiros
    Jimmy Medeiros 14 hours ago


  • Scott Fall
    Scott Fall 14 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • bill Landry
    bill Landry 14 hours ago

    I like uno.

  • Avery Earner
    Avery Earner 14 hours ago

    I love watching thisbtype of content because it has no swears or adult stuff and me and my family find cool games to play! And friends! So lets keep this going and keep this type of content(kid friendly) going!

  • Jaden Baker
    Jaden Baker 14 hours ago

    The crowbar was in the first room you went in under the desk by Logan

  • Emilie’s Slime and fun123

    Hi can I have a like or comment

  • CJ D.
    CJ D. 14 hours ago

    theres nutcrackers every where

  • Kk 6
    Kk 6 14 hours ago

    Nope 😂Jhan

  • Crippled Bean
    Crippled Bean 14 hours ago

    Remember when they played freeze tag and and everybody got hurt

  • Yeet
    Yeet 14 hours ago

    Yes yes

  • angel carreon
    angel carreon 14 hours ago


  • Strongblackwoman M
    Strongblackwoman M 14 hours ago

    Play Baldy’s basics in real life