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  • asddf asdqwe
    asddf asdqwe 2 months ago

    whats next? Virtuous Pedophiles meet children?

  • 分享新鲜事 /娱乐新闻

    thx for video give me happy

  • KuplaAnni
    KuplaAnni 3 months ago

    100 years of beauty Finland, because Finland is turning 100 years old 6th of December 2017! Please!

  • Grubb Characters
    Grubb Characters 3 months ago

    I have a question for you. Would any girls date a skinny short guy?

  • starsfellonme
    starsfellonme 3 months ago

    100 Years of Beauty please and thank you.

  • Vicious Zero
    Vicious Zero 3 months ago

    Changed to just "Cut"? Hmm. Clean.

  • leanorah T
    leanorah T 3 months ago

    Why don't you guys do an adult version of describing something to an illustrator? I think it would be cool if you could touch on subjects that can't really be explained as well as seen. For example, mental illnesses or how minorities feel among other bigger groups, or really anything really.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 3 months ago

    Hey, what happened to all the 100 years of beauty videos? They're all gone...

  • your girl squirtina bollocks

    what is nats instagram

  • Gabriela Sakata
    Gabriela Sakata 4 months ago

    great videos!!!

  • Tamas Pataki
    Tamas Pataki 4 months ago

    How do I enter the Paxx contest ?

  • Thomas McQueen
    Thomas McQueen 4 months ago

    who is the guy at the end of the beer pong video, he looks so familiar but i cant seem to place him in anything else? what do you guys think?

  • Koda Joie
    Koda Joie 4 months ago

    It would be interesting if you did videos like the Blind and Deaf ones, asking questions and debunking stereotypes, for various autistic individuals.

  • Royal Frog
    Royal Frog 4 months ago

    I need more fear pong blind dates

  • Sarah Jarvis
    Sarah Jarvis 4 months ago

    You need to bring back the "Would You Rather" episodes! Those were hilarious!

  • Charles Feddeman
    Charles Feddeman 4 months ago

    Hey Hi Ho you know what whould realy be if youu can ask the kids whats thier favorit food and super size it now that whould be funny.

  • Jon Stauffer
    Jon Stauffer 4 months ago

    jewtube at it's finest involve preteen kids in sexual content. not one but two times. these kids are like barely 10. (EXTRA GHOULISH) the clear-cut creepy attitude of the parents of sickening. this channel is sickening, jews are sickening. FUCK JEWTUBE.

  • James Fry
    James Fry 4 months ago

    You guys should do (unless its already been done & I didn't see it) a video, if not multiple videos, to really show people the truth about mental illness & living daily through a distorted self image or view of life in general. Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, OCD, Schizophrenia, things of this nature. We are more than the stereotypes that are given to us, we are not our diagnosis. I am not BPD, I have BPD. Its like having a cold, but for your entire life. You take dayquil or nyquil to take away the symptoms & help get through the days until the illness is gone. We have meds that do the same things, the only difference is that this is a lifetime of trial & error to find what works the best. But we are human like everyone else, just with extreme emotion, or in other occasions a lack of emotion. Hopefully you guys see this!

    • James Fry
      James Fry 4 months ago

      Okay, i just saw the cutting video which I found extremely interesting for the fact that I cut for many years.

  • sackitoome
    sackitoome 4 months ago

    For the love of GOD what is that song in 'Blind people describe what scares them'?

  • Raptor: Kilo
    Raptor: Kilo 5 months ago

    You should do 100 years of beauty for: 1) Netherlands 2) Mongolia (outer and inner) 3) Thailand 4) Finland next

  • AK Shane
    AK Shane 5 months ago

    I find the blind and the deaf videos very interesting and informative. I would like to see a Blind person and a Deaf person meet for the first time. My grandson is deaf and i don't know how to handle that situation. Thank you.

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • All Fake
    All Fake 5 months ago

    go to hell fucking satanic jewish rats

  • The Travel Vlogger
    The Travel Vlogger 5 months ago

    Awesome work!

  • TimeWarpDrive 77
    TimeWarpDrive 77 5 months ago

    how about 100 years of the Beaty of pedophiles

  • TimeWarpDrive 77
    TimeWarpDrive 77 5 months ago

    The sad thing is is that google is full of liberal assholes and won't take this shit down but they will take someone who disagrees with them. and P.S. google you've ruined youtube

  • Sharky Dog
    Sharky Dog 5 months ago

    What the actual fuck? Seriously? Why would you make videos like this. The world is a beautiful place and all you are doing is making it ugly. You're not making kids understand why pedos do what they do. And really, why should they have to? Because you can't find another subject to make a video on? That's just nuts. What are you thinking? I mean, seriously? Really? REALLY? Come on... try to make the world a BETTER place. Not a worse one. You can do better. You should know better. You must act better. Why would you not want to? Get better. Be better.

  • dan k
    dan k 5 months ago

    Sick cunts at this channel. Bunch of fucking pedophiles

  • MMOJunkie
    MMOJunkie 5 months ago

    here's an idea for keep it 100 ask 100 non americans what they think of america

  • Dominic Perez
    Dominic Perez 6 months ago

    Your channel should be taken down.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 6 months ago

    Hmm another peado channel youtube hasnt demonetized...

  • Loca
    Loca 6 months ago

    What the fuck you're upload? I subscribed on you because of awesome videos "100 years of beauty", but you drop this theme and i see in my feed awful bullshit. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  • Jackson Welday
    Jackson Welday 6 months ago

    Your channel is cancer

  • culversketch
    culversketch 6 months ago

    What is the point of this channel? If you could summarize what your goals are posting videos in one sentence, do it.

  • Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting

    No bullshit sent me here, this channel is bullshit, you taught children how to fuck themselves and lots of your videos are about sex. What I'm pissed about is the kids. You told their shit faced parents to tell them to take sex toys and go fuck yourself, most people don't even masturbate until they are teens. Did you not hear the kids uncomfortably laugh? This probably scarred them for life, and all because you wanted some views on TVclip damn it. Andare a cazzo i tuoi dannati stronzi d'auto!

  • CloudGR
    CloudGR 6 months ago

    This channel definitely has some interesting stuff. But there's a limit and a thing called consent. If they haven't hit puberty, they shouldn't be talking about the details of sex on camera. On the other hand, it's interesting to see what adult people really think about other adult people. Maybe you should see what these people think about the disabled community. And vice versa.

  • Follower Of Christ
    Follower Of Christ 6 months ago

    These sick demented pedophiles blacklist negative comments on their videos. They even shadowban certain people. But they know their fate, and they are terrified of it.

  • HeadPhoneGamez
    HeadPhoneGamez 7 months ago

    americans a really weird

  • Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe 7 months ago

    Buzzfeed clone.

  • CrackerJacksAeg
    CrackerJacksAeg 7 months ago

    New video idea: Immunologists listen to (or watch) pro anti-vaccination stories.

  • gofookyourself
    gofookyourself 7 months ago

    flagged for child abuse. sick fucks. this is what liberals are doing to children. disgusting.

  • Speeding Atheist
    Speeding Atheist 7 months ago

    Just two letters more would perfect your channel name: an N in the middle and an S at the end.

  • davey1602
    davey1602 7 months ago

    Your channel is disgusting! You are nothing more than rapists of children. How dare you inflict the world with your propaganda, you sick individuals!

  • Bill Cutting
    Bill Cutting 7 months ago

    Degenerate sick fucks. In civilized times we would hang your sorry asses and let the birds gouge your eyes out.

    SPEED WEED 7 months ago

    yo i got a video idea for you Watchcut just hear me out. middle aged men take off the bra of young five year old boys. you see to hit on the trans gender'd trap market. so then the old man picks up a dog and jerks it off so it cums on his face, i hope your reading this, then the old man cuts off his pubic hair and covers his face with it, you see the dog jizz acts like glue for the pubs. so then you old man rips off his shirt and looks straight at the camera and shouts "I AM THE GORILLA MASTER! HEAR ME SCREAM!" the old man starts jerking off with one hand and tugging on his nipples with the other. until he busts a fat nut all over the camera lens. it will be the ultimate click bait material. hit me up if you think its a good idea.

    • Noon
      Noon 5 months ago


  • whomee2
    whomee2 7 months ago

    what a morally bankrupt channel

  • Jaydon S
    Jaydon S 7 months ago

    What in the fuck is wrong with you freaks? A video automatically played when I clicked your channel, and this video was you explaining the birds and the bees to a child that was clearly 6 years old, 7 at best. That's not okay, nor is your video teaching 9 year olds how to masturbate and use sextoys, you make me sick, and the fact that BuzzFeed and BuzzFeed blue are in your related channels list is no fucking surprise to me, as you're clearly the pedophiles BuzzFeed, no matter how you try to defend yourself won' tucking Cut it, simillarly, there's something that you need to Cut, whether it's your wrists or your internet connection, I'll leave up to you.

  • science reason
    science reason 7 months ago

    you guys make me sick... degenerate scum

  • Sam Ouerghi
    Sam Ouerghi 7 months ago

    So TVclip shuts down truthers video who only speak the truth about society and have values, while pedophile videos like this one, perverting children, abusing children, is being flagged by so many people but TVclip keeps it on as if they are promoting this agenda. Everyone, we need to stop coming on TVclip, TVclip is sick !!!

  • Easein
    Easein 7 months ago

    psychopaths or liberals. Your choice. Neither is a good option.

  • RhythmOvPain
    RhythmOvPain 7 months ago

    Yo I don't go out of my way like I am right now but seriously, fuck you assholes and all the shit you're putting out right now. I'm not a religious freak, social justice retard, or any kind of extra bullshit. I'm a giant fucking asshole. But you guys are seriously fucking insane. I hope Anonymous hits you up.

  • Ox Bone
    Ox Bone 7 months ago

    inappropriate. this channel should get 3 strikes. Everyone Strike the Channel.

  • Claw Box
    Claw Box 7 months ago

    this channel is shit! Teaching kids how to masturbate! WTF! And watch Cut Videos If your reading this Fuc* off like how those parents teach kids and I reported your SHITTY Vid You Pieces of shit!!!!!

  • 18stohrc
    18stohrc 7 months ago

    This channel is a prime example of Cultural Marxism.

  • Official Fire
    Official Fire 7 months ago

    Your videos are disgusting, I reported all of the ones involving children and sexual conversations. These should not be put on youtube.

  • Lager
    Lager 7 months ago

    What's next, WatchCut? A video instructing kids how to perform fellatio and cunnilingus? I wonder how far WatchCut will go before they're finally deleted. EVeryone should stay on the look out for WatchCut making a video justifying pedophilia. Don't think it won't happen. You WILL eventually see WatchCut make a video on how sex between adult and kids is ok. WatchCut is probably run by pedophiles.

  • TRRkosay
    TRRkosay 7 months ago

    Your content is bad, and you should feel bad.

  • Rappy Mcrapperson's Fun Shack

    commie cancer

  • Justin Medlin
    Justin Medlin 7 months ago

    TVclip needs to face prosecution, if this continues. They've virtually eliminated free speech for those *critical* of disgusting child abuse like this, and Strike/Demonetize their videos to push them off of the only game in town. . . and meanwhile, they shove this type of content down our throats, completely without shame. Consider calling your Rep or Senator, if this continues. . . this is how the tactic of normalization works, if they get away with this for a year or two, our culture will have been permanently changed for it. STOP SEXUALIZING CHILDREN, TVclip (and 'watchcut'. . you're absolutely despicable)

  • Avon Barksdale
    Avon Barksdale 7 months ago

    Reported. I am also contacting any company I see anywhere near that video. You are sick people. Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received from you: Issue reported: Sexual content > Content involving minors

  • RightAway87
    RightAway87 7 months ago

    Your channel has no honor. You pussies would crumple if faced with death. You're poisoning our youth.

  • Roman Warrior
    Roman Warrior 7 months ago

    You are a disgrace.

  • Lazy Lauren
    Lazy Lauren 7 months ago

    That "teaching kids about masturbation" has an age restriction. So much irony. This channel is fucking insane. Reported.

    • TimeWarpDrive 77
      TimeWarpDrive 77 5 months ago

      lazy Lauren in the beginning it wasn't age restricted but it got flagged a lot and was demonetized

  • Canadian Owl
    Canadian Owl 7 months ago

    Kind of pathetic that you're deleting comments.

  • DrDreggs1
    DrDreggs1 7 months ago

    Channel for perverts and weirdos.

  • JackDinn
    JackDinn 7 months ago

    fking disgusting pedos , ALL the creators must be arrested and charged. The children also need to be taken into proper un-harmful care.

  • Mr Meeseeks
    Mr Meeseeks 7 months ago


  • HaroldBishop21
    HaroldBishop21 7 months ago

    This is child abuse. Most of these kids don't seem to be willing participants in this and ITS ON THE FUCKING INTERNET AND HAS ALREADY BEEN VIEWED MILLIONS OF TIMES! I would never forgive my parents if they did this to me. Imagine the bullying!!!!! Also paedophiles will masturbate to this. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

  • Ultranoetic
    Ultranoetic 7 months ago

    Since this channel has a Seattle WA PO Box, try reporting it to Seattle police. I tweeted the masturbation video to @SeattlePD to start.

  • drpepperdirigible
    drpepperdirigible 7 months ago

    Why is this channel still a thing? Shut it down.

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt 7 months ago

    I'd like to know who is funding you to make these pro-pedophillia videos sexualizing children? What is the name of the company funding you? Do you operate in a country with a Freedom of Information Act? If so, I expect to get to the bottom of this so you might as well make a video addressing your sponsor forthwith and save me the subpoena's.

  • Big O
    Big O 7 months ago


  • Jelly
    Jelly 7 months ago

    These comments make me laugh so fking hard xD

  • Link MEME
    Link MEME 7 months ago

    How is this shit allowed on TVclip, but not some of the other stuff they remove from the site.

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 7 months ago


  • John Mullee
    John Mullee 7 months ago


  • Ignignokt Err
    Ignignokt Err 7 months ago

    Delete your Channel you sick Fucks! Your transparent social engineering has finally been revealed to the world. You've jumped the shark with you Parents teaching Kids to masturbate video...

  • Dr. CisScum Shitlord III, Esq.

    Sick fucks. There's a special place in hell for people like you.

  • TSBJunkie
    TSBJunkie 7 months ago

    If you want to do sex related videos, knock yourself out. Just leave the kids out of it. If they aren't of legal age to consent to sex, they certainly don't need to be forced into appearing on camera and talking about masturbation with their shitty excuses for parents. If this is today's liberalism, it's gone off the fucking deep end.

  • Nieznane Nieznane
    Nieznane Nieznane 7 months ago

    Are you pedophiles?

  • Mick jagermeister
    Mick jagermeister 7 months ago

    get fucked

  • Spazzboy911
    Spazzboy911 7 months ago

    you people are some seriously sick fucks you are the shit that needs to be taken down from the internet fucking child abusers

  • Kangaroo Shorts
    Kangaroo Shorts 7 months ago

    you taught children who were too young to even understand the concept of "liking another boy or girl" HOW TO MASTURBATE. They haven't even hit their first growth spurt yet and you're already trying to sexualize them. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELVES? This is some seriously wretched behavior. I hope you develop a sense of morality, for your own good and the good of the people you produce your "content" for.

  • George Washington
    George Washington 7 months ago

    Reported your shit video. Hope you all get investigated and shut down. Pedophilia will never be welcome here.

  • oswald cobain
    oswald cobain 7 months ago

    nice content , keep it up , lol

  • JustMexi
    JustMexi 7 months ago

    Delete your piece of shit channel.

  • Kimberly Greenland
    Kimberly Greenland 7 months ago

    This channel makes my skin crawl.

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed 7 months ago

    You will burn, we will watch.

  • Roger Lam
    Roger Lam 7 months ago

    Perverts. Watch some gross pedo with a record be running the channel or something. Freaks.

  • Isaak Rozenkranz
    Isaak Rozenkranz 7 months ago

    You should hang, pedophiles.

  • 1212Trololo
    1212Trololo 7 months ago

    This channel is fucked up

  • drpepperdirigible
    drpepperdirigible 7 months ago

    Reported. Hopefully the entire channel will get shut down.

  • A. B. Larson
    A. B. Larson 7 months ago

    Watch Cut, I wasn't aware of your channel until you decided to videotape adults teaching little kids how to masturbate and play with sex toys. There are other videos you've made, also involving children, which ought to stay in the privacy of one's home...not exploited for a higher media view count. Your channel is *CHILD ABUSE*.

    • TimeWarpDrive 77
      TimeWarpDrive 77 5 months ago

      MMOjunkie are you aware of these things called terrorists they live among civilians until they blow you up. when they kill civilians its to protect morons like you and level head people like me alive. personally I want to be alive but seems to me you do not want to be alive . you can't save all the people in the world theres billions of them. kill a few terrorists and a few civilians so those terroists don't go and kill even more civilians than where killed

    • MMOJunkie
      MMOJunkie 5 months ago

      lol fat load of good this comment made, they are still alive and kicking, unlike all the civilians the US keep bombing...just sayin

  • Gaaxure
    Gaaxure 7 months ago

    You should STAHP!

  • Cuddles
    Cuddles 7 months ago

    You people are sick. This is grooming children for abuse. But, let me guess, you probably consider my comment hateful. You are filth.

  • joe user
    joe user 7 months ago

    So this is what Social Engineering with a budget looks like...

  • CardioRac
    CardioRac 7 months ago

    Do Jamaica! Caribbean!

  • Jacob Claassen
    Jacob Claassen 7 months ago

    How is there no verification?

  • Дмитрий Мозго

    Здесь есть русские? Is there russians in here?

  • Alex B
    Alex B 7 months ago

    druid here, wanna smoke withe a rabbi, priest, muslim, + athiest,: lets films it + pla; im game!

  • M1 Hellcat
    M1 Hellcat 7 months ago

    when i first found your website, it put in next to one of your videos (the first one i watched) buzzfeed, so i was worried you were connected, then i looked at your subscriptions and saw lt. corbis

    • Cuddles
      Cuddles 7 months ago

      Buzzfeed. That makes sense. As of today this channel released a video grooming children for sex abuse.

  • But Why
    But Why 8 months ago

    please make a video of marina speaking japanese!!

  • Nicole Dormido
    Nicole Dormido 8 months ago

    i love you guys

  • marwa ibnorachiid
    marwa ibnorachiid 8 months ago

    hey guys ! well im super impressed by all the videos that u make especially "100 years of..." but i wish you will do the moroccan version if it's possible thank you

  • starsfellonme
    starsfellonme 8 months ago

    What happened to 100 Years of Beauty? I don't really care about 100 people eating a banana or 100 people saying the word "moist," or whatever. That's content without any substance or gravitas. I really enjoy watching the YOB vids and the research behind the looks.

  • Rb F
    Rb F 8 months ago

    I see all these videos about weed but none bout any other drugs. You should do a video where people snort crystal meth for the first time.

  • Philip Wulke
    Philip Wulke 9 months ago

    When come to next "100 years of beauty" 38???? I MISS THIS!!!

  • Karina Villalobos
    Karina Villalobos 9 months ago

    Could ya'll 100 of years beauty from Greece?

  • Nicole Cruz
    Nicole Cruz 9 months ago

    Kids Try is by far my favorite series from you guys. I like how it's just as much about the food as it is about the kids. Five and a half stars! (If There were more stars this would be six! :p)

  • ptranbos likeskpop
    ptranbos likeskpop 9 months ago


  • PokeDJX
    PokeDJX 10 months ago

    what is the name of the black girl in the "taking bra off" videos?

  • oziel abraham hernandez martinez

    New episodes of the 100 years of beauty, please.

  • エモリー
    エモリー 10 months ago

    Dominican Republic? :'D

  • megaphor
    megaphor 10 months ago

    Will the rest of the individual Roommates Truth or Drink videos ever be released?

  • One Hundred Years
    One Hundred Years 10 months ago

    100 Years of Beauty- Nigeria please! West Africa needs representation!!!

  • Jennifer Nguyen
    Jennifer Nguyen 10 months ago

    Give a like to see MADDOX :D

  • Erica M
    Erica M 11 months ago

    100 years of cuban beauty would be fantastic if you're looking for suggestons :)

  • Marlon Clark
    Marlon Clark 11 months ago

    Do some more weed series! I find the so funny and heartwarming

  • ForZe Oussama
    ForZe Oussama 11 months ago

    Hey guys please can i use these videos on my channel ? i really like them and i will always put a referral link to this channel

  • Sastra Srihabhak
    Sastra Srihabhak 11 months ago

    100 Years of Beauty Thailand, please!!!

  • Shomari Turner-Gallagher

    Please do a one word video for teacher!!

  • pierrebe4492
    pierrebe4492 Year ago

    Vous avez pas respecté la bouff française bande de batard!!!!!!! Vous irez en enfer pour ça!! ET PUTAIN DE MERDE LE FROMAGE C'EST PAS UN DESSERT!!!!!!!!!

  • Cory Matsumoto
    Cory Matsumoto Year ago

    Please make more ex's videos (truth or drink) etc. They are so cringe worthy, but also so satisfying!

  • gimnazija geo
    gimnazija geo Year ago

    Endless racism of BLM. And yet no teaching black kids to stop killing each other, assaulting, looting... Police may be bad but BLM and its supporters are far worse.

    IHATEPOPER Year ago

    Kids Try "More" Thailand Food

  • Zenia Poonawala
    Zenia Poonawala Year ago

    hey can youll make the kids try indian food

  • Vinul
    Vinul Year ago

    Wait... WatchCut is in Seattle? .o. i live in seattle!

  • Arthur HAS
    Arthur HAS Year ago

    Hey WatchCut, you should make a collab with @funhaus. It would be really fucking awesome :D

  • Soukaina Saidi
    Soukaina Saidi Year ago

    can u guys do 100 years of Moroccan beauty

  • Annick?
    Annick? Year ago


  • Judita Vlahović

    Can you do Cratia? We have an interesting past, although it's short compered to others. I'd love to see it.

  • Matthew Basler
    Matthew Basler Year ago

    the videos you guys make are quality! keep it up!!

  • Anna Briley
    Anna Briley Year ago

    Can you do a one word with intersex people?

  • Maysa Pratt Pratt

    give them a thailand soup tumyum it is very yummy #out

  • Alexia Katryn
    Alexia Katryn Year ago

    Kids should try all Argentinian foods x)

  • Kim Mendoza
    Kim Mendoza Year ago

    Could they try to eat some Korean dishes :) love watching ur channel :)

  • RoMeow 儸密貓

    1 Million!

  • Annaliza A
    Annaliza A Year ago

    Your channel is genius!

  • tur daf
    tur daf Year ago

    Hello watchcut, I am really interested on your videos of 100 years of beauty. I want to make a request of making for Indonesia. That's really interesting because we have dynamic history from dutch colonialism until full democration (now). And this country also represents 4th most populous people and also 1st most populous moslem in the world. My suggestion that you can add bonus scene like hijab style from 90s or 2000s. Because Indonesian islamic fashion and beauty have been developing very well. Thank you

  • Billie Dawn Greenblatt

    I love these videos! Please do Israel

  • Lina V.
    Lina V. Year ago

    Please do Chile!!!!!

  • Jen LaFayette
    Jen LaFayette Year ago

    After having made a 100 years of Beauty video on the Diné, I'd love to see the Lakota or the Iroquois confederation respresented. I know the Diné are the largest tribe, but one would always like to see more of their own tribes :D Wonderful job on the series by the way, they give me much inspiration for art

  • ByKinimod ByDust

    Vietnamese food or poutine

  • Hannah Cullen O'Donovan

    could you do a kids react to Irish food/ snacks or 100 of Irish Beauty etc? I love your videos so much!

  • Dimitra
    Dimitra Year ago

    WatchCut someone can you please let me know if I can participate in the video of Greece when you make it, and where do I contact. Greece is the oldest civilazation and I would be proud to represent my country.

  • Katherine D.
    Katherine D. Year ago

    I would like to see 100 years of beauty Peru. how can I volunteer? D:

  • Dimitra
    Dimitra Year ago

    Can I apply somewhere to do one video 100 years of beauty for Greece? Im greek living in USA.

  • Lukas Macalik
    Lukas Macalik Year ago

    love this channel, you should do 100 y. of czech republic, we have some interesting history :)

    • Makaila
      Makaila Year ago

      yes! and slovakia!!

  • Latricia D. Fletcher

    100 years of carbbean/jamaica

  • 21Ohiane
    21Ohiane Year ago

    :D 100 year of beauty spanish plissss :'( (andalucia, aragon, galicia, vascos, catalanes, canarios etc you choose jajaja)

  • Kz3er0
    Kz3er0 Year ago


    EH2 YOUTUBE Year ago

    whoever runs this channel is stupid, putting a video out of parents telling their kids santa isn't real! are they stupid?! that could ruin kids childhoods and upset them the stupid mongs

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien Year ago

    TRUTH AND SMOKE, series of cards with questions, if you dont answer, take a shot, if you do answer, get to take a hit

  • May Filipino
    May Filipino Year ago

    Can I request Iraq?

  • BTS
    BTS Year ago

    Can you make loads of American Kids try; videos a lot please I LOVE YOUR CHANNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please reply

    • TimeWarpDrive 77
      TimeWarpDrive 77 5 months ago

      why american kids are you from islam where if your white its off with your head?

    • Trickeye museum
      Trickeye museum Year ago

      Mine too! Love those videos!

  • tur daf
    tur daf Year ago

    Hello watchcut, I hope you can make 100 YOB of Indonesia. Because this country has dynamic history from 1910s-2010s. From ethic politic from dutch colonial, the javanization and the effect, Indonesian movement to Independence, Japanese occupation (ww2), revolutionary war, anti west policy, pro west authoritarian, bloody revolution (90s) until full democration. it also represents for 4th most populous people and also 1st populous moslem in the world. I'll be waiting for it. Thank you

  • kazoosc
    kazoosc Year ago

    how do you NOT have playlists for series like Truth or Drink (couples, parents + kids)??

  • melissa o'neill
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